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Navigating the Net, Wandering the Web

DESCRIPTION: The second of three pages comprising the "binnacle" of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources about the World-Wide Web, including navigation tools and resource guides. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources about the Internet in general (including starting points and guides), and links to resources for finding and evaluating new sites.

KEYWORDS: World-Wide Web; WWW; web; guide; cyberspace; navigation; tools; resources

We have come up from the caves; predatory and primitive ages drift behind us. With almost the suddenness of a nova's burst to glory we have entered a new dimension of thought and awareness of Nature.... We hold the future in a delicate and precarious grasp, as one might draw a shimmering ephemerid from the clutches of a web....

Ansel Adams

There is a potential large benefit from the integration of a variety of systems in a way which allows a user to follow links pointing from one piece of information to another one. This forming of a web of information nodes rather than a hierarchical tree or an ordered list is the basic concept behind HyperText.

Tim Berners-Lee & Robert Cailliau (November 1990)
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  1. Holding the Helm: The Internet

    Starting Out
    Travel Guides

  2. Spinning in Cyberspace: The Web

    Tools for Travelling: Maps and Metaphors
    Into the Deeps: Internet Resources

  3. The Farther Shore: Travellers' Tales

    New Sites -- Primary Sources
    Other Sources


Spinning in Cyberspace: The World-Wide Web

Tools for Travelling: Maps and Metaphors
Into the Deeps: Internet Resources

Soon, the Web will be us, and we will be the Web... There are talents out there the web will release that have been suppressed for centuries because we just didn't have the systems that would let those talents express themselves. This is Pandora's box....
James Burke

An Overview of the World-Wide Web (CERN)
Overview of the Web (W3C)
-- US Mirror
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
-- Conferences in Hypertext, Networking and IR
-- Technical Reports and Publications
W3J: World Wide Web Journal
Whois (Network Solutions)
BetterWhois Domain Search (Amy Rice)
Domain Tools: Whois Lookup and Domain Suggestions
(Name Intelligence, Inc.)
Whois Finder
World-Wide Web Servers: Summary

About-the-web Internet Guide (Garth Catterall-Heart)
The applicance of science: Web 2.0 (Michelle Perry, Information World Review, 3 Dec 2008)
Archival Perspectives on Web Archiving (Maureen Pennock, ARK Group Workshop, London, 28 Sep 2006)
A Complete Web Guide
Babbage's Guide to the World Wide Web
Becoming WebWise (BBC)
CA*net WWW Home Page
Center for Web Research (University of Chile, Santiago)
ClassZone - Web Research Guide (McDougal Littell)
Clickprints on the Web: Are There Signatures in Web Browsing Data? (Baladji Padmanabhan & Yinghui Yang, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Sep 2006) PDF
Conducting Research Surveys via E-mail and the Web
(Matthias Schonlau et al., RAND, 2001)
Consumer WebWatch (Consumers Union)
Creating a Science of the Web (Tim Berners-Lee et al., Science 313(5788):769-71, 11 Aug 2006)
Daedalus's Guide to the Web (Martin Irvine & Deborah Everhart)
The Educator's Guide to the Web (Siva Kumari)
The Emerging Science of the Web (Web Science Workshop, British Computer Society, London, 12-13 Sep 2005)
Exploring the Web: Learning Goals (U of Georgia)
FAQs by Category: WWW (Oxford LAS)
Finding It on the World Wide Web
The Future of the Internet (Susannah Fox et al., Pew Internet & American Life Project, 9 Jan 2005)
The Future of the Internet II (Janna Anderson & Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 24 Sep 2006)
The Future of the Internet III (Lee Rainie & Janna Anderson, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 14 Dec 2008)
-- The World In 2020: The Mobile Device Will Be The Primary Connection Tool To The Internet (Mobile Libraries, 27 Jul 2009)
The Future of the Web (Sir Tim Berners-Lee , Oxford Internet Institute, 14 Mar 2006)
The future of the World Wide Web (Tim Berners-Lee, Royal Society, London, 22 Sep 2003)
Harnessing the Power of the Web: A Tutorial (GSN)
IBM Research | Research Areas | Web
The ICYouSee Guide to the World Wide Web (John Henderson)
info URI Scheme (OCLC Research)
Inside the semantic Web with Sir Tim Berners-Lee (video of interview by David Berlind, ZDNet, 7 Jun 2007)
International Web Archiving Workshop
Internet Tutorial - What Is the World Wide Web?

Internet Web Text: Index (John December)
Introduction to the Web (Harry Payne, STScI, 16 May 1996)
Introduction to World Wide Web: Overview (UC Berkeley Library Web)
Introductory WWW Bibliography (SLAC)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: World Wide Web
Knowledge Management and the Semantic Web: From Scenario to Technology (Paul Warren, IEEE Intelligent Systems 21(1):53-9, 2006)
A Large-Scale Study of the Evolution of Web Pages (Dennis Fetterly et al., Software: Practice and Experience 34(2):213-37, Feb 2004) PDF
Learning the Web (TeachersFirst, NITV)
The Library Web Manager's Reference Center
(Roy Tennant, DL SunSITE)
Life on the Internet: World Wide Web - WWW (Berit Erickson)
-- PBS Online Guide
Links2Go: Web
Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality (Tim Berners-Lee, Scientific American 303:6:80-85, Dec 2010; posted 22 Nov 2010)
Mindswap (Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab Semantic Web Agents Project, University of Maryland)
Nerds 2.0.1 - Spinning the Web

Newbie-U's Web Stadium: Home of Web 101
OneWebDay - 22 September (dir. Susan Crawford & Mary Hodder et al.)
Ontology and the Semantic Web (Jane Zhang, dLIST, 5 Jun 2007)
OOHAY (Object Oriented Hierarchical Automatic Yellow Page) Project: Visualizing the Web (Artificial Intelligence Lab, University of Arizona)
Open Directory - Computers: Internet: WWW
Opening Keynote at The Emerging Technologies Conference
(Tim Berners-Lee, MIT, 29 Sep 2004)
The Open Web Application Security Project
O'Reilly Web & Internet Center
Programmable Web: The Web As Platform (John Musser)
Public Interest Registry (Edward G. Viltz et al., Reston, Virginia)
The Role of Ontologies in Teaching and Learning
(Ruth Wilson, JISC, Aug 2004)
Scholars' Guide to WWW (Richard Jensen)
School Web Clubs (SupportNet Online)
The Semantic Web (Tim Berners-Lee et al., Scientific American 284:5:34-43, May 2001)
Semantic Web Advanced Development for Europe (SWAD-Europe)
SemanticWeb.org The Semantic Web Community Portal
Semantic Web Technologies (Brian Matthews, JISC Technology and Standards Watch, 2005) PDF
SIRS Web Guide: Just for Kids
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Interview with (Mark Frauenfelder, Technology Review, Oct 2004)
Student World Wide Web Home Page
Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology (Michael Stephens)
TechCrunch: Tracking Web 2.0 (Michael Arrington, Manhattan Beach, California)
Thinking about the Future (Paul Miller)
The Third-Generation Web is Coming (Nova Spivack, KurzweilAI.net, 18 Dec 2006)
Tim Berners-Lee (W3C)
TimBL's blog | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs
(Tim Berners-Lee)
UK Web Archiving Consortium
Understanding the World Wide Web (Laura Cohen)
We Are the Web (Kevin Kelly, Wired 13.08, Aug 2005)
Web Awareness: Knowing the Issues (Media Awareness Network)

Web Characterization Project (Online Computer Library Center)
Web Design and Web Use: Hopes and Fears (Webcast of Tim Berners-Lee, Snyder Presidential Lecture, Tufts University, 28 Mar 2006)
Web Documentation/Resources (Robert Lentz)
Web Guides: Your Key to the Internet (Bowling Green)
Web Index Report 2013 (World Wide Web Foundation) PDF
--- Press Release PDF
Web Information Guide (Tony Sanders)
Web Intelligence Consortium
WebLens: Bringing the Web into Focus (Pam Blackstone)
Webmonkey Guides
Webology (ed. Alireza Noruzi et al.)
Web Presence and Impact Factors for Middle-Eastern Countries
(Alireza Noruzi, Online 30(2):22-8, Nov 2006)
Web Science (Web Science Research Initiative, MIT/University of Southampton)
Web Science: Studying the Internet to Protect Our Future (Nigel Shadbolt & Tim Berners-Lee, 'Web Science Emerges,' Scientific American 299:4:76, Oct 2008)
WebServices.Org - The Web Services Community Portal
Web Surfers Digest Interactive Guide to the WWW and Beyond...
WebTango Project: Improving Information Interactions Online
(Melody Y. Ivory-Ndiaye & Rod Megraw et al., U Washington)
webTeacher Tutorial
WebTeach: Supporting the Use of the World Wide Web in Teaching
(Rosalind Coleman et al., Lancaster University)
Web 2.0 Blog (Dion Hinchcliffe)
Web 2.0: Building the New Library (Paul Miller, Ariadne Issue 45, Oct 2005)
Welcome to the Web (Mark Warner, UK)
What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software (Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Network, 30 Sep 2005)
Whole Web Catalog (ZDNet)
William Peace's Students' Guide to the World Wide Web
Working the Web for Education (Tom March, Ozline)

World Wide Web (Digital Library SunSITE)
World Wide Web (Galaxy)
The World Wide Web (LivingInternet)
The World Wide Web (Oxford LAS)
World Wide Web (ResearchIndex)
World Wide Web (WWW Journal Website)
World Wide Web (Yahoo)
World-Wide Web and Internet Information (ICE)
World Wide Web FAQ (Thomas Boutell)
World Wide Web FAQs and Guides
-- Frequently Asked Questions on WWW
-- World Wide Web FAQ

The World Wide Web for the Clueless
World Wide Web Foundation (Geneva & Boston)
World Wide Web Help Index (Lancaster University)
The World Wide Web Index (World Wide Web Foundation)
WorldWideWebInfo.com - World Wide Web Resource Center
World-Wide Web/Internet Links (Victoria Telecommunity Network)
The World-Wide Web: Origins and Beyond (Lenny Zeltser)
World Wide Web Research (Liam Relihan)
WS-I | The Web Services-Interoperability Organization
W3C Semantic Web (Eric Miller et al., W3C)
WWW8 Conference Refereed Papers (Toronto, 1999)
WWW: Beyond the Basics (Virginia Tech CS)
WWW Hotlist (Stale Schumacher)
WWW2003 Refereed Papers (Budapest, 20-24 May 2003)
Yahoo! How-To: A Tutorial for Web Surfers
Yale Library WWW Workshop (Sarah Prown)
Zeal.com - Internet - World Wide Web (WWW)

Planet Earth
Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace (Kevin Hughes)
Association for Internet Researchers
The attention economy: What is the real cost of your online attention? (Tom Chatfield, Aeon Magazine, 7 Oct 2013)
The Berkman Center for Internet & Society (Harvard Law School)
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture (Virginia Tech)
CMC Studies Center
From Counterculture to Cyberculture: The Rise of Digital Utopianism (webcast by Fred Turner, MediaBerkman, 1 Dec 2006)
Creating Usability and Sociability in Online Social Spaces (Jenny Preece, Oxford Internet Institute, 8 Jun 2006; webcast)
Cyber Behavior Research Center (CIO.com)
Cyberculture (Voice of the Shuttle)
Cyberpsychology: Principles of Creating Virtual Presence (Leon James)
CyberReader Web Site (Victor J. Vitanza)
Cybersoc: Internet Research, Consultancy, and Design (Robin Hamman)
Cybersoc: Sociological and Ethnographic Research of Cyberspace
-- Cybersociology Magazine

The Cyberspace and Critical Theory Overview (George P. Landow)
CyberStudies WebRing
Cybertheology - Theology In, Of and For Cyberspace
(Debbie Herring)
Digital Environment Guide (Caslon Analytics)
EFF Net Culture & Cyber-Anthropology Archive
(Electronic Frontier Foundation)
ElectroNetwork: The Electromagnetic Internetwork (Brian Thomas Carroll)
The End of Cyberspace (blog by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang)
Frontline: Digital Nation - Life on the Virtual Frontier (Rachel Dretzin & Douglas Rushkoff et al., PBS, 2 Feb 2010)
Home Page Architecture: Social Psychological Principles (Leon James)
HyperMedia Research Centre - Home Page
Imagining the Digital Future: Libraries and Museums in the Digital World (WebWise 2010, Denver, Colorado, 3-5 Mar 2010)
International Journal of Internet Science (ed. Ulf-Dietrich Reips & Uwe Matzat et al.)
The Internet as a Diversion (Aaron Smith, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 10 Sep 2009)
Internet Culture (Martin Ryder, University of Colorado at Denver)
Internet - How Much Information? (Peter Lyman & Hal R. Varian, et al.)
Internet Indexes, Guides, Utilities, and Culture (Robert Teeter)
The Internet: Is It Changing the Way Canadians Spend Their Time?
(Ben Veenhof, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Aug 2006)

The Internet Society and Its Struggle for Recognition and Influence (Raymund Werle & Volker Leib, MPIfG: Working Paper 99/12, Nov 1999)
Internet Studies Center - U of MN
Journal of Online Behavior (Behavior OnLine)
Life Online: Teens and technology and the world to come (Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 23 Mar 2006) PDF
MediatedCultures.net (Michael Wesch et al., Kansas State University)
The mentality of Homo interneticus (Michael H. Goldhaber, First Monday 9:6, 7 Jun 2004)
Net Culture (Donna Howell, About.com)
Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford)
Pew Internet and American Life Project
PIP | Research Engine (Pew Internet Project)
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (David Silver)
The Revolution Will Be Tweeted (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 6 Oct 2009)
Social Science Hub - Cyberspace
The Social Side of the Internet (Lee Rainie et al., Pew Internet, 18 Jan 2011)
Sociology of Internet/Cyberspace (Carl Cuneo, Sociology 4JJ3, McMaster U)
Sociology of the Web - Part I (William W. Bostock, ed., Webology 3:4, Dec 2006)
Sociology of the Web - Part II (ibid., 4:1, Mar 2007)
Through the Network (of Networks) - the fifth estate (webcast of Inaugural Lecture by William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute, 15 Oct 2007)
Toward a Social Framework for Information Seeking (Eszter Hargittai & Amanda Hinnant in Amanda Spink & Charles Cole, eds., New Directions in Human Information Behavior, New York, 2006) PDF
Trust in Web-based Social Networks: A Project in Social AI
(Jennifer Golbeck et al., University of Maryland)
UCLA World Internet Report (UCLA Center for Communication Policy)

AIP's WorldWide Web Navigator
Brigitte Jellinek's Web Navigator
CyberTimes Navigator: A Selective Guide to the Internet
(Rich Meislin, New York Times)
Internet--Navigating (CMC Information Sources)
Internet Navigation and the Domain Name System (Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC)
Martin Irvine's Home Page
Navigating the Internet (Melissa Lee Price)
Navigating the Net: Frequently Asked Questions (Delphi)
Navigating the Web (Webmonkey)
Navigator: A Selective Guide to the Internet
(Rich Meislin, New York Times)
Signposts in Cyberspace: The Domain Name System and Internet Navigation (Roger Levien et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 31 Mar 2005)
UF Libraries: Navigating the Internet
Web Navigation (Ben Shneiderman et al., IT&Society 3:1, Winter 2003)
Web Navigation - Lists, Searches, and Maps (ICE)
What Can Searching Behavior Tell Us About the Difficulty of Information Tasks? A Study of Web Navigation (Jacek Gwizdka & Ian Spence, dLIST, 12 Mar 2007)
World Wide Web (WWW) Entry Points (UCSD InfoPath)

See also History of the Internet, Telecommunity, Timelines, and Web Weaving


Tools for Travelling: Maps and Metaphors

Where the Web was once a map for finding useful information in the "real world," it is now a territory where that information, ever changing, resides.
Paul Wallich

CyberStrategy Initiative: Empowering Citizens through the Web
(John Pike, Federation of American Scientists)
Digital Research Tools: DiRT (ed. Lisa Spiro, Rice University)
Hypothes.is | The Internet, peer reviewed (Dan Whaley et al.)
The Scout Toolkit Homepage
-- Web Tools
Web-Based Tools (ResourceShelf)

Annotating the Web: An Exploratory Study of Web Users's Needs for Personal Annotation Tools (Xin Fu et al., Proceedings 68th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST) 42, 2005) PDF
Archive-It.org (Internet Archive)
Ask Dr. Internet Index (Pietro Di Miceli)
AskERIC Toolbox
An Atlas of Cyberspaces (Martin Dodge)
-- European Mirror
Atlas to the World Wide Web
Babelplex Bilingual Search Service
CentralOps.net Free Online Network Utilities (Hexillion)
CiteULike: A free online service to organize your academic papers (Richard Cameron)
Clipmarks (Amplify LLC, New York)
CMC Information Sources (John December)
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Connotea Online Reference Management Service
(Nature America, New York)
Curt's Comprehensive Resource Tools (Curt Davis)
CyberAtlas: Internet Statistics and Market Research
Cyberspace Geography Visualization (Luc Girardin)

CyberTours (Information Searcher)
Cynbe's Humongous Hotlist (Jeff Prothero)
December Communications Works
Deep Web Technologies' Federated Search (ScienceResearch.com, Los Alamos)
Duncan Long's Web Tools
eHub (Emily Chang, San Francisco)
Free Online Translation Services (Bigben)
Free On-Line Translation Services (WinDi On-Line Service)
Free Translation Online
Furl - Your web page filing cabinet
The Geography of Cyberspace Directory (Martin Dodge)
-- European Mirror
A Guide to Tools and Software for the Internet
(Frank Marrero, The All-in-One-Site)
Headcount.com: Internet Usage Around the World
HTTrack Website Copier - Offline Browser
(Xavier Roche et al.)

Inet-Toolbox : Toolbox Resource Kit
InfoGrid Master Internet Index Map (R. Lee Heath)
InterCat WebZ Server
The Internet Courses: Web Browsing Tools
(Laurel Anne Clyde, Univ of Iceland)
Internet Enabling Tools INFOMINE Search Screen
Internet Research -- Matrix.net
Internet Research Tools
Internet Research Tools - A Training Workbook for Library Staff
(Jacqueline Bradshaw et al., Open Learning Agency)
Internet Tools (Internet Prospector)
Internet Tools and Background Info (MFIRC)

Internet Tools and Information (Internet Sleuth)
Internet Tools of the Profession (ed. Hope N. Tillman)
Internet Tools Summary (John December)
Internet Tools Taxonomy - CAIDA
(Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis)
Internet Weather Report (Jon S. Stevens)
Internet Web Text: Cyber Atlas (John December)
IP World Map Project
Jesse's Bookmarklets Site (Jesse Ruderman)
Kidtools: Home Page
Language Translation of Web Sites - Pangaea ITC
Libraries & the Internet Toolkit (American Library Association)
Locale Website Archive (Martin Aignesberger, Attnang-Puchheim, Austria)
Loki Location-Based Internet Search & Navigation
(The Loki Group, Spring Grove, Illinois)
Mapping Cyberspace (Martin Dodge & Robert Kitchin)

Mapping The Global Web (Miguel Angel Centeno et al.)
MIDS Internet Weather Report (IWR)
-- Canada
NetGuide: InternetGuide: Tools
NetSquirrel.com -- Patrick Douglas Crispen's Personal Web Site
Net Tools Page (The Voice of the Shuttle)
Netvibes (San Francisco)
Network Nuggets: Internet Tools, Hints, and Announcements
Nexcerpt Briefing Service
Nextaris Universal Medium for Information Exchange
(SurfWax, Menlo Park, California)
NoodleTools Home Page
OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the WWW (Rainer Wolcke)
Online Translation (Omniglot)
PC/Computing's Web Map
Pluck: Your Personal Web Information Center...
(Dave Panos & Andrew Busey, Austin, Texas)
ProxyTrack (HTTrack Website Copier)

ReadWriteWeb - Web Apps, Web Technology Trends, Social Networking & Social Media (Richard MacManus, New Zealand)
Road Map to the Internet for Educators (T.H.E. Journal)
The Roadmap Workshop (Patrick Crispen)
Search the best scientific and technical portals directly from your browser (Deep Web Technologies' Federated Search, Los Alamos)
Site Seeing On the Internet: A Consumer's Guide to Travel in Cyberspace (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)
Site24x7 - Website Monitoring Service (AdventNet)
Skloog.com - Visual bookmarking
StumbleUpon (eBay; created by Geoff Smith, Calgary)
TOM (Typed Object Model) Server (CMU)
Toolkit (Library and Archives Canada Learning Centre)
Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher (Pat Ensor, American Library Association)
Trackle (Marc Fest)
Translation Wizard (Fagan Finder)
Transportation for the Mind (Margaret Riel, AT&T)
URLinfo (Fagan Finder)
Virtual Reality Comes to the Web--Maybe for Real This Time (Susan Kuchinskas, Scientific American, 29 Dec 2014)
Webaroo (Rakesh Mathur et al., Sunnyvale, California)
WebSite-Watcher (Martin Aignesberger, Attnang-Puchheim, Austria)
Web-Style Multimedia Annotations (Ryan Shaw & Erik Wilde, UC Berkeley School of Information, 1 Aug 2007)
Wiki (Bo Leuf & Ward Cunningham)
WikiBibliography (Gerry McKiernan, SandBox)
Wikispaces - Wikis for Everyone (Dominick Bellizzi et al., Tangient, San Francisco)
Wiki Wiki Web (Ward Cunningham, Portland, Oregon)
World Map -- Matrix.Net
WriteTheWeb: News for Web Users Who Write Back
(ed. Edd Dumbill et al.)
WWPing Form Page (Jonathon Fletcher)
Zoho (Sunnyvale, California)
Zooknic Internet Geography Project

See also Internet Connectivity and Web Weaving


Into the Deeps: Internet Resources

Resource Selection and Evaluation

At the consortium [W3C] today, no one can mention a document in a meeting unless they can give a URI [Universal Resource Identifier] for it. Our policy is "If it isn't on the Web, it doesn't exist" ...
Tim Berners-Lee

ACRL | Internet Resources (ALA Association of College & Research Libraries)
BUBL Information Service (Glasgow)
Freebase (Cyberkix, UK)
International Internet Preservation Consortium (Paris)
Internet Resources Newsletter (Heriot-Watt, UK)
Internet Scout Project
-- UK Mirror
Internet Scout Weblog
Intute (UK)
Isaac Network - Home (Scout Research)
LANL Research Library: New Web Resources
MINERVA | Mapping the INternet Electronic Resources Virtual Archive (Library of Congress Web Archiving)
PINAKES: A Subject Launchpad (Heriot-Watt University)
Resources for Research (The British Library)
The Scout Report
Scout Report Archives
Top of the Web--Quick Access (John December)
URI Resource Pages (IFLA/CDNL Alliance for Bibliographic Standards)
Web Archive (Internet Archive)
Web Archives (California Digital Library)
Web Capture (Library of Congress)
The Web Library: Building a World Class Personal Library with Free Web Resources (Nick Tomaiuolo, 2004, updated)

Academic Info: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
(Mike Madin)
Academic Resources Net Online Research and Reference
Alice's Virtual Restaurant - A Little Food for Thought (Alice Kehoe)
All.info (ed. Ian Lenzen et al., UK)
Andilinks Information Sector Database (Andrea Silver)
Avoiding Information Overload: Knowledge Management on the Internet
(Adam Bostock, UK Joint Information Systems Committee, Jun 2002)
Best Information on the Net (O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose University)
Best of ResourceShelf (Gary Price, Computers in Libraries 2007, Arlington, Virginia, Apr 2007)
Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web
BNA's Web Watch (Laura Gordon-Murnane, Bureau of National Affairs, US)
Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things (Mark Frauenfelder)
Boxmind - Academic Excellence, Online (UK)
British Library Net - Internet Resources
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Selected Internet Resources
-- Backup Server
Budapest Open Access Initiative (Open Society Institute)

Cardhouse Weblog
Cataloging Internet Resources (ed. Nancy B. Olson, OCLC)
Cataloging Internet Resources (OCLC Institute)
Co-Citer (Cogitum LC)
Collections of expert-reviewed resources - Textop Wiki
(Digital Universe Foundation)
Content Creation Online (Amanda Lenhart et al., Pew Internet, 29 Feb 2004)
Content Literacy Information Consortium
(Thomas Estes & Kathie Burgess)
Cool Science -- Research Pages (Randall J. Warner)
CRUISE: The Cranfield University Internet Site Explorer
Curt's Corner in Cyberspace (Curt Davis)
The Cyberlibrarian's Rest Stop: Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting
(Angela Elkordy)

Deep Web Research Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Marcus P. Zillman)
Dewey Browse (Gail Shea Grainger)
The Digital Universe (Digital Universe Foundation, Scotts Valley, California)
Digital Universe Foundation (ManyOne Networks)
DocuBase (DocuTicker)
DocuTicker (ResourceShelf)
Docuticker's GreyGuide (Gary Price et al., eds.)
Educational Online Sources: EOS Web List
eGroups : LIBNETCAT (Robert J. Tiess)
The Electric Eclectic - Jim's Word / Writer's Links (Jim Eccleston)
Electronic Resources | Info Guides
(Multnomah County Library)
ENC Resource Finder
eTour - Surf Without Searching
Exploring the Academic Invisible Web (Dirk Lewandowski et al., E-LIS, 16 Apr 2006)
Filamentality (PacBell)
Findability.org (Peter Morville)
Find | Internet Resources/Search Tools (Lowell J. Greenberg)
42eXplore (Annette Lamb & Larry Johnson)
Free Pint Guide
Gary Price's List of Lists (SpecialIssues.com)
Geometry.Net Online Learning Center
Gray literature: Resources for locating unpublished research
(Brian S. Matthews, C&RL News 65:3, Mar 2004)
Guide to Internet Information Sources for Australian Journalists
(Belinda Weaver, OzGuide)
HerHomePage.com Where the Web Starts for Women
Educational Hotlists (Franklin Institute)
Great Web Sites for Kids (American Library Association)
Honest Intellectual Inquiry (Carol De Priest)
How to Create Web Resources (Labyrinth)

Important Sites by Major Field of Study (Best Information on the Net)
An Index of Online Resources
InfoGrid Master Internet Index Map (R. Lee Heath)
Information Resource Guides (UNC-Chapel Hill Center for Instructional Technology)
The Info Service
IngentaConnect Home (UK)
Institutional Repositories: Hidden Treasures (Miriam A. Drake, Information Today Searcher 12:5, May 2004)
Internet Archive: Building a Digital Library for the Future
(San Francisco)
-- What's New at the Internet Archive
The Internet Archive: Building an 'Internet Library'
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
The Internet as an Academic Research Tool
(Oliver Baptiste et al., Sept. 1996)
The Internet as a Research Tool: Dispelling the Myths
(14th Computers and Writing Conference, May 1998)
Internet Learning Resources (NetLearn, Iain A. Middleton)
Internet MiniGuides (Marcus P. Zillman)
Internet Prospector Reference Desk
Internet Resource Centre (Heriot-Watt University Library)

Internet Resource Directory Updates Page (Elizabeth B. Miller)
Internet Resources (Anthony Beal, West Cheshire College)
Internet Resources (Association of College & Research Libraries)
Internet Resources (Joe Barker, UC Berkeley Library Web)
Internet Resources (Midwest Book Review)
Internet Resources (Trailblazer)
Internet Resources Channel (Internet.com)
Internet Resources Directory (Kirk W. Smith, CWGH)
Internet Resources Guide (Maricopa)
Internet Resources Meta-Index (NCSA)
Internet Resources Metamap (NCSA)

Internet Resources on the Web (Neil Enns)
Internet Scout Weblog
The Internet Sleuth Bulletin Board (Information Research Forum)
Internet Sources (Andrew Harnak & Eugene Kleppinger, Online!, 2000)
Investigative Journalism on the Internet (Julian Sher)
The InvisibleWeb
Invisible-web.net | The Invisible Web Directory
(Chris Sherman & Gary Price)
The Invisible Web: Where Search Engines Fear to Go
(Ian Smith, PowerHomeBiz.com)
IPL Pathfinder: Organizing the Web -- Resources for Librarians
(Carrie Preston, Internet Public Library)
Journalism and Research Related Bookmarks
(Rachel E. Stassen-Berger)

JournoList: Internet Resources and Tips for Reporters, Researchers, Writers and Editors (John Morrish)
JumpList Link Manager
Just-In-Time Recovery of Web Pages (Terry L. Harrison & Michael L. Nelson, HYPERTEXT 2006, Odense, Aug 2006) PDF
Keeping Found Things Found: A Project of the Information School at the University of Washington (William Jones & Harry Bruce et al.)
KIPlog - Knowledge is Power: A Weblog Exploring the Repository of All Human Knowledge (Paul McCann, Evanston, Illinois)
Kottke.org - Home of Fine Hypertext Products (Jason Kottke)
LearningChannel.org (ed. Geeta Sharma)
The Legend of Lost Links (Alan T. Schroeder, Jr., Darwin Magazine, Jun 2004)
Librarians' Index to the Internet (Carole Leita)
Library Explorer on the World Wide Web (University of Iowa)
Life Beyond Yahoo: Finding Information on the WWW
(Sandra M. Wittman, Oakton Community College)
Lightspan Learning Search
Links to Learning and Searching - Bergen County Internet Tutor
(Jay Gerard)
Locating Internet Resources (S. D. Stein, ESS)
Managing Web Resources for Persistent Access
(National Library of Australia)
ManyOne Networks (Joe Firmage et al., Salt Lake City)
Meeting the Challenge: Saving the World Wide Web (Digital Preservation. Library of Congress)

MINERVA: Mapping the Internet Electronic Resources Virtual Archive
(US Library of Congress)
MrKnowItAll! (Stephen Ashworth et al., UK)
Neptune ~ Culling the Depths of the Internet for the Best Information Online (Robert J. Tiess)
Neat New Stuff on the Net - Weekly Reviews of New Sites
(Marylaine Block)
NetarchiveSuite (Netarchive.dk)
NetFirst | The Authoritative Directory for Internet Resources
(OCLC Online Computer Library Center)
-- Hot Topics
Net-Gold (Don Leon & David P. Dillard, Yahoo! Groups)
NetGuide: InternetGuide: Resources
NetHappenings @ Educational CyberPlayGround (Karen Ellis)
netTrekker Subject Search
The New Athenaeum: Internet Resource Guides Developed by Libraries (Robert J. Tiess)
Nexcerpt Briefing Service
Niche Resource Directory (Paul Siegel)
NISS Directory of Networked Resources
NSTA Webwatchers' Web Guides (US National Science Teachers Association)
Nueva Library Research Goal (Debbie Abilock)
The Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research
(ONGIR, Jill Nystrom & Tara Calishain)
Onfolio (Onfolio, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Online! A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources
(Andrew Harnak & Eugene Kleppinger, 2000)
On The Net - The Changing Information Cycle (Greg R. Notess, Information Today Online 28:5, Sep-Oct 2004)
Ontologies, Different Reasoning Strategies, Different Logics, Different Kinds of Knowledge Representation: Working Together (Mela Bosch, Knowledge Organization 33(3):153-9, Mar 2007) PDF
Open Stacks - Best Bet Internet (Shirl Duglin Kennedy, ALA)
Open WorldCat (OCLC Online Computer Library Center)
Pathfinders (Internet Public Library)
Penn Library - Web Sites by Subject
(University of Pennsylvania)
PiNet Library (David F. Warlick, The Landmark Project)
Pluck RSS Feed of the Day (Dave Panos & Andrew Busey et al.)
Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR)
Power Reporting: Resources for Journalists (ed. Bill Dedman)
Project Aristotle: Automatic Categorization of Web Resources
PURLs - Persistent Uniform Resource Locators
(OCLC Research)
R and R Railway, Resource Services Station
Research and Documentation Online (Diana Hacker & Barbara Fister)
Research Central (Gary Gach, writers.net)
The Researcher's Companion (University of Surrey, Roehampton)
A Research Guide for Students (I. Lee)
Research Links (Constitutional Rights Foundation)
RES-Links - The All-in-One Resource Page (Sylvain Provencher)
Resource Central (ResourceHelp.com)
Resource Central (ResourceHelper.com)
Resource Discovery Network (RDN) Virtual Training Suite (UK)
The Resource Room (MSU EMuseum)

Resources by Subject (UW Libraries Information Gateway)
The ResourceShelf: Resources and News for Information Professionals (ed. Gary D. Price, GWU)
ResPool (Robert J. Tiess)
The ResPool Internet Guide
Robot Wisdom Weblog (Jorn Barger)
Rutgers Research & Reference Gateway: Research Guides
Safari | Skills in Accessing, Finding, and Reviewing Information
(Open University)
Searching Top Resources of the Web (John December)
Selected Internet Resources: Internet (BARD)
Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS)
SOFWeb's Resource Centre
Sources: Their Use and Acknowledgement
(Gary Johnson et al., Dartmouth College)
The Spire Project (Davik Novak)
-- Australia Mirror
-- UK Mirror

Statistical Resources on the Web
(University of Michigan Documents Center)
Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web - Home Page
Student Advantage: Academic Research Engine
Student Research Resources on the Internet (Marcus Zillman) PDF
Study WEB: Researching on the 'Net
Suite 101
TERENA Guide to Network Resource Tools
THOR - The Internet Gateway (Purdue University Libraries)
Those Dark Hiding Places: The "Invisible Web" Revealed
(Robert J. Lackie)
The Top of the Web (John December)
Tutorial: Web Information Retrieval (Monika Henzinger)
The Union Institute Research Engine -- Global Resources
(The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio)

The University of Iowa Libraries: Gateway to Online Resources
UniXL Online University Education (Peter Fiasco)
Untangling the Web, UCSB, 26 April 1996 (ed. Andrea L. Duda)
URLinfo (Fagan Finder)
Using Primary Sources on the Web (American Library Association)
Van Pelt Library - Research Guides
(University of Pennsylvania)
Virtual Sites Index -- A Web Surfer's Guide...
The Virtual Technical Reports Center: EPrints, Preprints & Technical Reports on the Web (University of Maryland)
VRML Home Spaces by Category (IAIR)
The Wayback Machine (The Internet Archive)
webArchivist.org (Internet Archive)
WebExhibits Catalogue
Web Index
WebIR | Web IR & IE - Information Retrieval & Information Extraction on the Web using Hypertext Meta-data and Structure (Einat Amitay)
Weblinks (Sheffield College)
Web Reference Sources (University at Buffalo Libraries)
The Webresearch Guide of ScienceDirect (Elsevier Science)
Web Search Guide (Gwen Harris)
Web Search Guide Canada (Gwen Harris)
WebShed.com Center of Web

What good is information?: The problem with too much information (Dougald Hine, Aeon Magazine, 6 Mar 2014)
Where to Do Research (Saguee Saraf, Research Unlimited)
Will Research Sharing Keep Pace with the Internet? (Richard K. Johnson, Journal of Neuroscience 26(37):9349-51, 18 Sep 2006)
Windows to the World: A Resource for Students, Teachers, & Parents
(Joan Berger)
Wired Source
World-Wide Web Resources (Larry Schankman)
W3C Resource Description Framework
-- RDF Model and Syntax Specification
WWW Resources for Librarians... (FIS, U of Toronto)
WWW Virtual Library
Zeal.com - Search. Rate. Review. Discover.
ZineZone Home
Zyra (UK)

See also Meta Links and Digital Libraries


Resource Selection and Evaluation

Before thee lies the open sea;
Beyond it is the wished-for shore;
The route that seemeth best to thee
Select, and hesitate no more!
John L. Stoddard

The ABCs of Web Literacy: An Interactive Tutorial
(UPenn Van Pelt Library)
Assess the Quality of Information at a Web Site
(Genie Tyburski, The Virtual Chase)
Atlantis Quest: A WebQuest for 9-12 Grade English or Social Studies (Carolyn O'Burleson)
The AWArds: Awesome WebSites Evaluated By Kids...For Kids!
(K1-5, Ruth Small & Marilyn Arnone)
Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources (Nicole J. Auer)
Big6 Matrix: Information Literacy Standards and Internet Research
(Janet Murray)
Centre for Information Quality Management (UK)
Comparing & Evaluating Web Information Sources
(From Now On, June 1997)
Conducting Research on the Internet (Laura Cohen)
Credibility: A Multidisciplinary Framework (Soo Young Rieh & David Danielson, Annual Review of Information Science and Technology 2007, pp 307-64; DLIST, 30 May 2007)
Criteria for Evaluating Information Resources (Julie Kwan)
Critical Literacy: The WWW's Great Potential (Paul Mather)
Critically Analyzing Information Sources
(Joan Ormondroyd et al., Cornell University)
Critical Thinking and Internet Resources (McREL)
Critical Thinking in an Online World (Debra Jones)
Death by Wikipedia: The Kenneth Lay Chronicles (Frank Ahrens, Web Watch, Washington Post, 9 Jul 2006)
DisinfoJournal (Jurgen Lubke et al.)
Doing Research on the Internet (Rohan Exton)
An Educators' Guide to Credibility and Web Evaluation
(Toni Greer et al., CTER)

Encouraging Critical Thinking Online (Intute, UK)
Evaluating Digital Libraries: A User-Friendly Guide (Thomas C. Reeves et al., Digital Library for Earth System Eduction, 2005, updated)
Evaluating Educational Web Sites (Tracey Patterson et al., Bowling Green)
Evaluating Electronic Information: Criteria and Guidelines
(Mike Gerhard, TCOM 101)
Evaluating Health Information (MEDLINEplus)
Evaluating Information on the Internet (D. Scott Brandt)
Evaluating Internet-based Information: A Goals-based Approach
(David F. Warlick)
Evaluating Internet Health Information: A Tutorial
(U.S. National Library of Medicine)
Evaluating Internet Information (Elizabeth E. Kirk, JHU)
Evaluating Internet Information (Kathi L. Vanderbilt)
Evaluating Internet Research Sources (Robert Harris)
Evaluating Internet Resources (Trudi Jacobson & Laura Cohen)
Evaluating Internet Sites (Janet Bell, 2Learn)
Evaluating Internet Sources (Abbie Basile)
Evaluating Internet Sources (M. O'Conner)
Evaluating Medical Information on the Internet: How Good Are Your Sources? (AARP Webplace)
Evaluating Quality (Walt Howe)

Evaluating Quality on the Net (Hope N. Tillman)
E-valuating the Web (Kathy Schrock, CIC Magazine, Jul 2001)
Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask
(Joe Barker, UC Berkeley)
Evaluating Web Pages: A WebQuest (Joyce Valenza)
-- Student Page
Evaluating Web Resources (Bruce Leland)
Evaluating Web Resources | Home Page
(Jan Alexander & Marsha Tate)
Evaluating Web Sites (Charles L. Dreveskracht)
Evaluating Web Sites (ECB Surf Report)
Evaluating Web Sites (Sandra M. Wittman)
Evaluating Websites (William M. K. Trochim)
Evaluating Websites (Yahooligans! Teachers' Guide)

Evaluating Web Sites: Criteria and Tools (Michael Engle)
Evaluating Web Sites for Educational Uses: Bibliography and Checklist
(Carolyn Kotlas, Institute for Academic Technology)
Evaluating World Wide Web Information (Ann Scholz)
Evaluation and Citing of Internet Sources (P. A. Gantt)
Evaluation of Information Resources (Alastair G. Smith)
Evaluation of Selected Internet Information Resources on the Internet (Northwestern University Library)
Evaluation Rubrics for Websites (Tammy Payton)
Evaluation Techniques for Community Information Websites
(Community Connector)
EvaluTech (Southern Regional Education Board)
Finding Quality Information On the World Wide Web (Adrienne Franco et al., 14 Oct 1999, updated)
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly; or, Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Resources (Susan E. Beck)
Government Resources on the Internet: Information Quality on the Internet (Cindy Pitchon & Genie Tyburski)
-- Verification in Information

Guidelines for Evaluating Internet Information (WLU)
Guidelines for Medical and Health Information Sites on the Internet (Margaret A. Winker et al., AMA)
Hoax? Scholarly Research? Personal Opinion? You Decide!
(Esther Grassian et al., UCLA College Library)
HONcode: HONcode Site-Checker (Health On the Net Foundation)
How Do People Evaluate a Web Site's Credibility?
(B.J. Fogg et al., Stanford University, 29 Oct 2002)
How To Evaluate a Web Source (Wendy Boswell, About.com)
ICONnect - Evaluator (American Association of School Librarians)
ICYouSee: T is for Thinking (John Henderson)
INCORE - Internet Content Rating for Europe
InfoGuide World Wide Web Site Evaluation for Information Professionals (Susana Alves)
Information Evaluation and Knowledge Management
(Eric Lease Morgan)
Information Quality WWW Virtual Library
(T. Matthew Ciolek & Irena M. Goltz)
The Internet as a Research Tool: Dispelling the Myths
(14th Computers and Writing Conference, May 1998)
Internet Content Rating Association

Internet Detective (RDN Virtual Training Suite, Resource Discovery Network)
Internet Information Evaluation Material and Sites
(Kathleen P. King)
Internet Instructor (Sue Welsh, RDN)
Internet Research: How to Evaluate Internet Resources
(Helen Laurence, FAU Libraries)
Internet Resource Evaluation: A Discussion of Review Sites
(Kurt W. Wagner)
Internet Source Validation Project
Judge: Web Sites for Health (UK)
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators : Critical Evaluation Surveys
Netscape Bookmarks Tutorial (Carole Leita)
Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)
Practical Steps in Evaluating Internet Resources (Elizabeth E. Kirk)
Putting the Squeeze on the Information Firehose (James R. Rettig)

QUICK: The QUality Information ChecKlist
Rating the Net (Jonathan Weinberg, Hastings Journal, March 1997)
The Reliability of Medical Information on the Internet: Ethical and Legal Aspects (Anton H. Vedder et al.) PDF
A Report on the Evaluation of Criteria Sets for Assessing Health Web Sites (ConsumerWebWatch, 30 Sep 2003)
Resource Selection and Information Evaluation
(Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe)
RSACi (Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet)
Six Quests for The Electronic Grail (T. Matthew Ciolek)
A Student's Guide to WWW Research: Web Searching, Web Page Evaluation, and Research Strategies (Craig Branham)
Student Web Page Evaluation (Wilmette Public Schools District 39)
Teachers' CyberGuide (Karen McLachlan, CyberBee)
Teaching Students to Think Critically about Internet Resources
(Andrea Bartelstein & Anne Zald, University of Washington)
Teaching Web-based Research Skills
(Genie Tyburski, The Virtual Chase)
Techniques for Evaluating Native American Web Sites
(Elaine M. Cubbins)

Testing the Surf: Criteria for Evaluating Internet Information Resources (Alastair G. Smith, PACS Review 8:3, 1997)
Thinking Critically about Discipline-Based WWW Resources
(Esther Grassian, UCLA College Library)
Thinking Critically about WWW Resources
(Esther Grassian, UCLA College Library)
Tips for Developing Effective Web-Based Library Instruction
(Nancy H. Dewald, ACRL)
Untangling the Web: Guidelines for Researching on the World Wide Web (Alexander R. Jonas & Darren W. Minarik, 22 Nov. 1997)
Using Cyber Sources (Nancy L. Stegall)
Verifying Information Online: A Lesson Learned from the Great Britney Spears Fiasco (Jennifer Ellis, The Internet Lawyer)
The Virtual Chase: Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Internet (Genie Tyburski)
The Web Credibility Project (B. J. Fogg et al., Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab)
The Web Impact Factor : A Critical Review (Alireza Noruzi, The Electronic Library 24(4):490-500, 2 Sep 2006)
Web links as analogues of citations (Alastair G. Smith, Information Research 9:4, Jul 2004)
Web Evaluation and Citation Resources (Tracy Marks)
Web Site Evaluation (Manal El-Tigi)
Who Cares About Information Quality? (Mary Ellen Bates, SearchDay, 17 Jun 2003)
WikiMatrix Wiki Feature Comparison (CosmoCode, Berlin)
WYSIWYG: Web Site Reliability WebQuest
(Kenton Letkeman)

See also Critical Thinking, Education and the Internet, and Web Style: Writing for the Web

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