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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources for Recreation. The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure (including Recreation), Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: adventure; cruise; fun; leisure; living; outdoors; play; recreation; travel

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Local Information

Global Community
Regional Administration and Information

Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
[Up] Global News

World News
Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
Science News
Space News
Sky and Weather

The Sky
Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data
Weather Equipment
[Up] Reference

Special Topics
Books On-line
Encyclopaedias On-line
Time and Times

Child Safety
Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers
[Up] Life and Leisure

Food and Drink
Consumer Services
Health and Medicine
Home and Garden
Home Computing

Help and Technical Support
Antivirus Resources
Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
GNU/Linux and Open Source
Microsoft Windows
Internet Connectivity
History of Personal Computing
Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes
[Up] Internet Forums

Mailing Lists

Web Rings
Web Weaving

Hypertext and HTML
Web Style: Writing for the Web

Life and Leisure (cont.)

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Adventure Travel
Amateur Astronomy
Animal Companions
Arts and Crafts
Books On-line
Children's Literature
Collecting (Nature)
Exploring: Earth, Sea, & Sky
Film (Movies)
Home Connectivity & Electronics
Multimedia (CD, DVD, Video)
Music On-line
Personal Computers
Scientific Exploration
SF (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
TV (Television)
Weather Equipment



For adventure travel (including Elderhostel, expedition cruises, and what Arthur Frommer calls "learn boats"), see Adventure Travel below.

ABC News.com: Dangerous Places (Robert Pelton et al.)
Abe's Travel Safety Guide
Access-Able Travel Source
Accessible Traveler's Database (Project ACTION)
Accessing Flight Info on the Web (Gary Price, SearchEngineWatch, 28 Oct 2005)
Access Place Travel (ed. Bryce W. Westover)
Accommodation Search Engine Home Page (ASE)
Air Brokers International
Air Canada
Air Couriers - Marco Polo Magazine
AirDisaster.Com (Chris Kilroy & Darryl Morrell)
AirfareWatchdog.com (George Hobica, New York)
Airline Accident and Airline Safety and Security Information for Passengers and Aviation Professionals (Todd Curtis, AirSafe.com)
Airline Information On-line on the Internet FAQ (John R. Levine)
AirNav (Morganville, New Jersey)
AirportIQ 5010: Airport Master Records and Reports (US)
Airports, Airlines, And Airplanes (Ask Bob Rankin)
Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide (TravelPost.com, US)
AirSafetyOnline.com - Beyond the Statistics
Air Traffic Control System Command Center (FAA)
Alsaka's Inside Passage Travel Planner (SE Alaska Tourism Council)
Altis: The Guide to Internet Resources in Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism (Resource Discovery Network, UK)
Amtrak's Tool Tips (Amtrak Technical Training NewsLetter)
Anchors Away Cruise Agency - Cruises and Discount Cruise Vacations Guide

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Online
Ask.com Maps & Directions
Assistance for Canadians Abroad (Consular Services - DFAIT)
Aviation Accident Database & Synopses
(US Nat'l Transportation Safety Board)
Aviation Consumer Protection Home Page
(U.S. Department of Transportation)
Aviation Health Institute
Baggage X-Ray Pre-scans (Kodak)
The Bathroom Diaries (Mary Ann Racin, Lynchburg, Virginia)
Beautiful British Columbia Magazine
Bell's Alaska Travel Guide (Bell's Mile by Mile Travel Guide for Alaska, Yukon & British Columbia)
BestPlaces.net - City Info, Data, Stats
Blogabond.com - Travel Blogs, Maps and Resources for World Travelers (Jason Kester)
Border Information Service (Canada Border Services Agency)
-- Border Information Service (BIS) Online
British Columbia Travel and Tourism Guide (BeautifulBC.net)
British Columbia Travel - BC Travel Planner (BC Adventure Network)
British Columbia WorldWeb Travel Guide: Tourism and Travel Information for British Columbia
The Busy Person's Guide to Travel
Buying Travel Services (Consumer Services, BC)
Buzzle.com Travel and Tourism
Canada.com | Travel

Canada for Visitors (Elke Mairs, About.com)
Canada WorldWeb Travel Guide: Tourism and Travel Information for Canada
Canadian Tourism Commission
-- Official Travel Site (TravelCanada.ca)
CanDo.com Travel
CBC News Indepth: Airport Security (CBC News Online)
CBC News Indepth: Mexico Murders (CBC News Online, 1 Mar 2006)
CDC Travelers' Health
-- Yellow Book
Celebrity Cruises
Centre for Tourism Policy and Research (SFU)
Cities Databases Search Engines
Cities Guide (Economist.com)
CityOrganiser - Travel, Airport, Hotel Information... (Europe)
The Civilized Explorer Travel Information Page
Climate Change and Tourism (World Tourism Organization)
Clinnix Healthcare TravelAdvice
Communicable Disease Outbreak News (CSR)
Country Codes and International Resources (David Bell et al.)
CrashDatabase.com - Commercial Aviation Accident Database
(Air Safety Online)
CruiseHunt.com Cruise Vacation Search Site
CruiseOpinion Cruise Review Site
The Cruise Web
Cruise Week News $

Destination Guide (National Geographic)
Digital Librarian: Travel
Disability Travel and Recreation Resources
Disability Travel Links (Global Access)
The disABLED Traveler (Yahoo! Clubs)
Doctor Travel (James Feldman)
DogFriendly.com - Pet Travel Guides and City Guides for Dog/Pet Owners (Canada and US)
DoHop.com [Air] Travel Search Engine
Do Travel Search Engines Deliver?: An Examination of the Leading Sites (William J. McGee, Consumer Reports WebWatch, Consumers Union, 20 Dec 2005) PDF
Epicurious Travel
Eurotrotter Travel Guide
Excite Travel
-- Excite Canada Travel

Expedia Travel
-- Expedia.ca
Family Travel Forum
Family Travel Guides
Farecast | Airfare Predictions... (Hugh Crean et al., Seattle)
511 America's Traveler Information Telephone Number
(U.S. Federal Highway Administration)
FlightArrivals.com: US & Canadian Flight Arrivals, Departures, Delays and Cancellations
FlightAware Flight Tracker (North America)
Flight Explorer
FlightNetwork.com - Cheap Flights (Oakville, Ontario)
Flight Search (Executive Travel SkyGuide)
FlightStats.com | Track Flight Status (North America)
FlightTracker (North America)
Food and Water Precautions and Travelers' Diarrhea Prevention (CDC)
Foreign Currency Exchange (Smart Currency Exchange, London)
Foreign Languages for Travelers (Michael C. Martin)
Free Travel Tips
FXConverter - OANDA's 164 Currency Converter
GasPriceWatch (Canada & US)
GeekTools - Hotels

Geniusfind Travel
GeoSentinel: The Global Surveillance Network of the ISTM and CDC
Getting There By Car
Global Access Disabled Travel Network
Global Outbreak Alert & Response Network (WHO)
The GNN/Koblas Currency Converter
Going Canadian (Bill & Lisa Broadbent, T-Shirt King)
Google Maps
Great Education and Travel Links (Royce Shook)
Greyhound Canada
Gulf Islands Tourism and Travel Guide (BeautifulBC.net)
Have Web Will Travel (Go-Direct World Travel Club)
Health and Medical Advice for International Travel (Mark Wise)
Health Information for Canadian Travellers (CSIH)
Help for World Travelers (Steve Kropla)

Herman's Discount Airlines (Herman Koops)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Official Earth Edition
(Douglas Adams et al., h2g2, BBC Online)
Holiday Expeditions
The Hotel Guide - An International Hotel Directory and Guide
Hotel Hotline - Cheap Hotels and Discount Hotel Reservations
Hotwire.com | Discount Travel Deals (San Francisco)
IAMAT - International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers
ICBC Travel Advisory Web (BC Road Conditions & Weather)
IHateTaxis.com: An International Travelers' Transportation Guide (Todd & Steve Romaine, Edmonton, Alberta)
i-Métro Mobile Global Subway Routes and Data
"I'm Okay" Message Center
Improving Global Road Safety (World Health Organization, 14 Aug 2007)
Independent Travel (UK)
Information & Assistance for Canadians Abroad
(Consular Affairs Bureau)
Information for Travellers (Health Canada)
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers
International Civil Aviation Y2K Information Review (U.S. DOT)
International travel and health (World Health Organization)

Internet for Travel and Tourism (Philip Rowe, Intute Virtual Training Suite)
Internet Resources: Travel Links Index (Kirk W. Smith, CWGH)
ISTM | International Society of Travel Medicine
ISTM News Service (International Society of Travel Medicine)
Journeywoman - An Online Travel Magazine Just for Women
(Evelyn Hannon et al.)
Kasbah - The Destination Directory
Kayak.com (Norwalk, Connecticut)
Laptop Travel: The On-Line Mobile Computing Source for the Laptop Traveler
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Travel Topics
Links to Great Railroad Sites (Amtrak Technical Training Newsletter)
Lonely Planet Online
Luxury Link (Diane McDavitt et al., Los Angeles)
Lycos City Guide
Lycos Travel
Maplesquare - Travel
Maporama.com (Paris)
Mappy - Road Guide (Europe)

Map24 - Maps and Driving Directions for Canada, USA and Europe (Eschborn, Germany)
MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus ATM Locator (MasterCard International)
MedicinePlanet.com - The Premier Health Resource for Travelers
Michelin - Travel Publications
Microsoft's Expedia
MSNBC Travel Bulletin Board
Multimap.com - Online Maps to Everywhere (London)
MyTravelGuide.com - The Internet's Travel Portal
National Geographic Traveler
National Public Toilet Map (Australian Government)
National Tourism Database (Michigan State University)
Non-Physician Altitude Tutorial (International Society for Mountain Medicine)
OANDA.com, The Currency Site

OfficialTravelInfo.com: Official Tourism Organizations Around the World
(Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus)
One-Click Currency Conversion
1000Tips4Trips.com | Over 1000 Travel Tips and Hints
(Kathy Steinemann, Hinton, Alberta)
Online Travel (Vic Stathopoulos, Dialashop.com)
Online Travel Usability Study (TechSmith Corporation, Okemos, Michigan, 3 Nov 2005)
Open Directory - Recreation: Travel
Open World - Hotels Worldwide...
Opodo - Find Cheap Flights (UK)
Outdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injuries
(Rick Curtis)
PlaneCrashInfo.com (Richard Kebabjian)
PlanetRider: Internet Travel Resources
Pleasure Break Vacations - Plan, Price and Purchase Online!
Preview Travel
RadRoadtrips.com | Road Trip Ideas & Games (Mark Masterson)
RailServe: The Internet Railroad Directory
RealHHG - The REAL Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
(ed. Dave Hodges)
Rec.Travel Library

Renaissance Cruises - Cruise Deals, Destinations and More
Retreats Online Directory
-- Canadian Retreats Online
-- Gulf Islands
RoadNews.com - Tips & Tricks for the Computer Equipped Traveler
(Chuck Blethen)
Road Trip Guide (Rand McNally)
Routes International - People Transportation
(Heinz Hammer & Kim Knights)
Salon Travel
Salt Spring Island Travel & Tourism
(WorldWeb.com Travel Guide)
The SeaLetter Cruise Magazine
Search Tools for Air Travelers (Chris Sherman, SearchEngineWatch, 2 Aug 2006)
SearchtheWeb.com - Travel
SelectSurf -- Travel/World
SeniorCom Travel
ShawGuides, Inc. | Cultural Travel

Single Parent Travel (Brenda Elwell)
SmarterTravel.com (Smarter Living, Inc., Boston)
The Smart Traveler's Guide to Identity Theft (GuestDoor)
Take a break | Currency converter (National Archives, UK)
TANN Travel Advisory News Network
Third World Traveler
Time Out: The World's Living Guide
Tiny Travelers (Family Travel Forum)
TrafficStation.com -- QuickCheck
TransitSecurityReport.com (Lead-Gen Inc, US)
Travel (About.com)
Travel Advice (UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
Travel & Leisure Magazine
Travel at Women.com: Discounts, Planning Advice, and More
Travel Channel -- Home Page (Discovery Online)
TravelClassics.com - The Best Writing about the Best Places on Earth
Travel Destination Magazines (International Regional Magazine Association)
Travelers' Health (CDC)
Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions
(U.S. Transportation Security Administration)
TravelExpertGuide (New York)
TravelGram Newsletter
Travel Guides for Tourists with Disabilities (Europa Enterprise)
Travel Health (Public Health Agency of Canada)
Travel Information (Third World Traveler)
Travel Information and Advisory Reports (DFAIT, Canada)

The Traveling Woman - Travel Guide to Safe and Healthy Trips Around the World (Catherine Comer & Lavon Swaim)
The Travelite FAQ : Packing Tips for CarryOn-Only Trips
(Lani Teshima)
Traveling Light Recommendations (Mark Verber)
TravelJungle Air Fare Comparison System (UK)
Travelling in Canada and Abroad (Government of Canada InfoCentre)
Travel Links (Judith Sylte)
Travel News (WorldNews.com)
Travelocity Canada
TravelPets Online Directory to Pet Friendly Hotels
The Travel Site (Rand McNally)
Travel Talk Forums
TravelTerrific (Toby Saltzman)
TravelTidingsUSA.com Gateway to Destination Links in the USA
Travel Tips: Just for Women (Kathy Steinemann)
Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets
(US State Department - Services)

Travel with Kids (Teresa Plowright, About.com)
Travlang (Michael C. Martin)
The Ultimate Trip Planner (Scott Martin)
Understanding Diarrhea in Travelers (David R. Shlim)
The Universal Currency Converter (Xenon Labs)
The Universal Packing List (Mats Henricson)
Vancouver Island Tourism and Travel Guide (BeautifulBC.net)
Vancouver WorldWeb Travel Guide: Tourism and Travel Information for Vancouver
Veggie Vacations
Victoria WorldWeb Travel Guide: Tourism and Travel Information for Victoria
Vindigo: Location-specific Content Delivered to Mobile Devices
Vintage Labels - The Lost Art of Travel and the History of the Luggage Label
The Virtual Tourist (Brandon Plewe)

Virtual Tours
Visa ATM Locator (Visa International)
Web Travel Tips
WhichBudget European Budget Airlines Directory
(Martino Matijevic & Isabelle de Cato)
WillGoTo World Travel Guide and Directory (Belgium)
Women Travel Tips (Marybeth Bond, US)
World Sites Atlas (Michael Borop)
World Travel & Tourism Council
World Travel & Tourism On-line
The World Traveler Hepatitis Information Center US only
World Travel Guide
WorldWeb.com | A WorldWeb Travel Guide for Canada and USA
Y2K Country Statements (UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
Y2K Information (US State Department - Services)
Yahoo! Seniors' Guide - Travel
Yahoo! Travel
Yapta Air Fare Alerting Service (Seattle)
Zeal.com - Recreation - Travel

See also Geography


Adventure Travel

The wilderness has a mysterious tongue
Which teaches awful doubt, or faith so mild,
So solemn, so serene, that man may be,
But for such faith, with nature reconciled...
Percy Bysshe Shelley

They say travel broadens the mind; but you must have the mind.
G. K. Chesterton

For conventional travel (including luxury travel and the so-called "love boats" or "glitter" cruises, where the emphasis is on luxury, pomp and posture, and trivial entertainment), see Travel above.

Accessible Journeys: Wheelchair Travel & Accessible Tourism
ACE Computer Camp
ACIS Educational Tours
Active & Adventurous Travel on GORP
(Great Outdoor Recreation Pages)
Adventure (National Geographic)
Adventure Associates (Sandy Braun et al.)
Adventure Forum on Expedia
Adventure Learning Foundation (ALF)
Adventure Life South America (Brian Morgan)
Adventure Quest Disabled Adventure Travel
Adventures Abroad (Chris Boycott et al., Richmond, BC)
AdventureSeek Home
Adventures in Good Company - Adventure Travel for Every Woman (Marian Marbury)
AdventureSmith Explorations: Expedition Cruises & Wilderness Adventures (Todd W. Smith, Tahoe City, California)
Adventure Travel, Eco Tours and EcoTourism
(The Green Travel Network)

Adventure Travel for Women over 30
Adventure Travel, Gear, and Fitness (OutsideOnline.com)
Adventure Travel | iExplore with National Geographic
Adventure Travel on the Green Tortoise Bus
Adventure Travel Society - Adventuretravel.com
AdventureTV.com - The Natural World of Adventure
Africa-Adventure Company-Safaris-Travel in Africa
African Horizons - Safaris and Tours to Africa (dir. James Blesius)
AITO - Association of Independent Tour Operators
Alaska Discovery
Allen's Guide: Kids and Teens Summer Camps and Travel Progams
Altis : The Guide to Internet Resources in Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism
Amazon Interactive (David Schaller, Educational Web Adventures)
AMNH Discovery Tours
Anchorage Cove Bed and Breakfast (Betsy Johnston & Derek Hill, Ganges Harbour)
Antarctic Adventure (Hobart, Tasmania)
Arbutus Point Oceanfront Bed & Breakfast (Simon Banister, Long Harbour, Salt Spring Island)
Arctic Odysseys
Armchair World: Handicapped-accessible Tours

Backpackers Hostels Canada - The Source for Hostels In Canada
The Bed & Breakfast Channel
BedandBreakfast.com - Worldwide Directory of Bed and Breakfasts and Inns
Bed and Breakfast Inns and Lodges in the USA/Canada
Bed and Breakfast Online Canada (BBCanada.com)
Be World Wise - Around the World for Education
Bicycle Tours and Walking Tours in Italy - Charnes Tours
(dir. David Charnes)
BigAnimals.com (Amos Nachoum)
Bill Brewer: Personal Homepage (Bill & Ellen Brewer)
British Columbia Adventure Network
The British Columbia Outdoors (BC Adventure Network)
British Columbia Travel and Tourism Guide (BCTravelAdventure.com)
Bush Homes African Wildlife Photographic Safaris
The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia Vacation Guide)
Canada By Rail
CanadaTourism.com (Canadian Tourism Commission)
Canadian Arctic Holidays (Richard Weber et al., Aylmer, Quebec)
CanuckAbroad.com | A Resource for Expats, Backpackers and Travellers
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Cape Breton National Park - Cabot Trail (Great Canadian Parks)
Caribbean Bike & Adventure Tours (Bill Foley)
Center for Sustainable Destinations (National Geographic Society, Washington, DC)

The Center of Travelology
Centre for Responsible Tourism
C.E.R.T. The Centre for Environmentally Responsible Tourism
Chix in the Stix (Banff Alpine Centre)
Clearwater River Chalet (Wells Gray Park, BC)
C.O.A.A. Homepage (Centro de Observação Astronómica no Algarve, Portimão, Portugal)
Collette Tours
CoolAntarctica (Paul Ward)
Coopersmith's One-of-a-Kind Garden Tours
Cosmonaut and Astronaut Training Program in Star City, Russia with Zegrahm Expeditions
Country Walkers
Destination Cape Breton
Destinations & Adventures International
Destination Scorecard: National Parks (Jonathan B. Tourtellot, National Geographic Traveler)
Destination Space (SpaceTours Homepage)
Diddit (Ludic Labs, San Mateo, California)
Discovery Online -- Expedition/Adventure Guide
Dolphin & Whale Adventures (Penelope Smith, Animaltalk)

Dolphin Cove (Key Largo, Florida)
EarthFoot Ecotour Posterboard - Nature Travel
Earth Science Corps
EclipseChaser Home Page (Jeffrey R. Charles)
Eclipse Chasers (Bill Kramer)
Eclipse Edge Expeditions (Tom Van Flandern)
Eclipse Safaris (Rick Brown)
Ecotour - Ecotourism at Conservation International
(Washington, DC)
Ecotourism (The Nature Conservancy)
Ecotourism Electronic Directory (Ecotourism Society Pakistan)
Ecotourism: The Promise and Perils of Environmentally-Oriented Travel (Heather E. Lindsay, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)
Ecotourism Resource Centre (Big Volcano)
Eden Project Accommodation (Martin Smith, Cornwall)
Educational Travel Review (ACIS Travel Center)
Elderhostel: Adventures in Lifelong Learning

Elderhostel Notebook (Jim Olson)
-- Elderhostel Notebook Reviews
ElderTreks: Adventure Travel for People Fifty and Over
(Gary Murtagh et al., Toronto)
Emerging Horizons - Accessible Travel News
European Walking Tours
Europe Express: Premier European Tour Operator
Expedition Cruises (Society Expeditions)
Expedition Link (2111 Foundation)
Expedition News (ed. Mike Diggles)
Explore | Adventure Sports : Extreme Travel
Explore BC by Region (BC Adventure Network)
The Explorers Club (Karen A. Brush)

Explorers Club, Northern Calif. Chapter (Michael F. Diggles)
Explorers Club - Polish Chapter (Jerzy Majcherczyk)
ExplorersWeb (New York)
Explorica : Educational Tours (Boston, Massachusetts)
F5! Tornado Chasing Safaris (Widespread Weather Services, Inc.)
Field Guides: Birding Tours Worldwide
50plus Expeditions: Adventure Travel for People Over 50
Fire and Ice Photography (Mark Dornblaser)
The Foliage Network (US)
The Frontier Club: Work & Travel Opportunities
Galapagos.com - Galapagos Islands
The Gardens of Europe
Geek Cruises
Geographic Expedition's Worldwide Adventure Tours, Treks and Safaris
Glenora Inn & Distillery (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)
Global Museum Travel
Global Volunteers: Partners In Development
Grand Canyon Association

Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets (National Geographic Society, Washington, DC)
The Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park Home Page (NPS)
Grand Canyon Official Tourism Page
Grand Canyon Skywalk: The Glass Bridge (Grand Canyon West)
Grand European Tours
The Grand Tour: Is today's travel better than the Grand Tour? (Ted Scheinman, Aeon Magazine, 12 Sep 2014)
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Online
The Great Wall: A Virtual Tour
Greenland Guide Index
The Guided Tour: Travel for People with Developmental and Physical Challenges
Gulf Islands Tourism and Travel Guide (BCTravelAdventure.com)
Gulf Islands Travel & Tourism
(WorldWeb.com Travel Guide)
Hawk, I'm Your Sister: Women's Adventure Travel (Beverly Antaeus)
History Channel - Traveler

HistoryTravel.ca (HistoryTelevision.ca)
Hole in the Sky Tours
The Hostel Handbook Online
Hostelling International - Canada
-- BC Region
Hostels Americas
Hostels.com / The Internet Guide to Hostelling
IAATO - International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators
IBN International Booking Network (IYHF)
Incredible Adventures - Adventure Travel Around the World
(Sarasota, Florida)
The Innkeepers' Register - Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Directory/Guide
Interglobal Space Tourism Web Site

International Expeditions, Inc. - World Leader in Nature Travel
The International Ecotourism Society (Burlington, Vermont)
Internet Resources for Tourism and Hospitality
(Pamela Good, University of South Australia)
The Intersea Foundation - Alaska Whale Research Expeditions
Island Escapades (Jack Rosen et al., Salt Spring Island)
IST Cultural Tours
IYHF International Youth Hostel Federation
Journeys International: Worldwide Nature & Culture Explorations (dir. Will & Joan Weber, Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Kalmbach Trips and Tours
Kiwi Kaboodle's Nova Scotia Tours & Travel
(Greg & Trudi Inglis, Mader's Cove)
Kool Space Science (Carmelita Miranda & Charles Morris)
Kruger National Park
Lake District, Cumbria, England: A Tourist Information Guide
LatinTrails.com | South American Eco Tours (Marcel Perkins)
Legends of America - A Travel Site for the Nostalgic and Historic Minded (Kathy Weiser, Lenexa, Kansas)
Lindblad Expeditions
Lindblad Special Expeditions - Home page
The Living Edens: Yellowstone, America's Sacred Wilderness
(PBS Online)
Lost Worlds

Maple Leaf Adventures (Victoria, BC)
Mex-Eco Adventures
Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter
National Geographic Expeditions @ nationalgeographic.com
National Parks: Weird and Wild Map (National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Jun-Jul 2006)
Natural Habitat Adventures - Home
Nature Travel - Ecovolunteer
Nearctica - Commercial - Adventure
Northwest Recreation Page (Richard Chamberlain)
Oceans Blue Foundation - Environmentally Responsible Tourism
111 Travel Directory - Bed and Breakfasts
(Kathy Steinemann, Hinton, Alberta)
One World Journeys: Nature Photography and Online Wilderness Expeditions
Online Expedition Home | webExpeditions.net
Online Expeditions (Lightspan.com)
On-Line Expeditions (Wendy Stack et al.)
Orcas, Expeditions (Center for Whale Research)
Orient Lines - Cruise Travel to The World of Marco Polo
OuterQuest.com Adventure Planning and Recreation Guide
(Burke, Virginia)
Ozzie's SpaceLaunch Viewing FAQ (Robert Osband)

PAL Home Page (Preferred Adventures Ltd)
Park East Eco-Tours Africa Safari and Adventures
The Parker Company - Italian Villa Rentals
Planeta.com: Eco Travels around the Globe
Planet Curiosity: Travel Guide to the Curious Corners of Our World
(ed. Sharon West)
Polar Mist Expeditions
Pro-Poor Tourism (Overseas Development Institute)
Rainbow Tours : Eclipse Tours (UK)
Pure Travel Adventure Holidays (North Walsham, Norfolk, UK)
Rainforest and Reef: Field Courses in Rainforest and Marine Ecology
The Realm of Sequoia: Explore British Columbia's Coast Mountains (Stephen Hui)
Reflections: Adventures in British Columbia's Coast and Mountains
(Stephen Hui, Aqua Pulse)
REI Adventures Home Page: Journeys for Active Travelers
(Recreational Equipment Inc.)
Remote Rivers Expeditions (East Africa)

Research Ship Information and Schedules (OCEANIC)
Ring of Fire Expeditions (Paul D. Maley)
Routes to Learning Canada (formerly Elderhostel Canada)
RusAdventures (Sergey Abramov)
Sacred Destinations Travel Guide (Holly Hayes)
Saga Holidays
Sahara Meteorite Prospecting (Richard & Roland Pelisson)
SATH - Society for the Advancement of Travelers with Handicaps
SEA - Sea Education Association (Woods Hole)
Searching for Solitude: Exploring British Columbia's Coast and Mountains (Stephen Hui, Aqua Pulse)
Sea Wolves, Unlimited Squid Tours (Scott Cassell et al.)
Senior Summer School | The Education Vacation
Senior World Tours - Active Travel for Mature Adults
Siberia Diary (Robert G. Kaiser & Lucian Perkins, Washington Post, Aug 2001)

Sirius Travel - Total Solar Eclipse & Astronomical Tours
Solar Eclipse Tours (J. Lynn Palmer)
Solar Eclipse Tours (T.S. Travel)
Southwind Adventures: Andes, Amazon & Galápagos
Space Adventures, Ltd.
Space Future - Space Tourism (Patrick Collins et al., Space Futures Foundation, UK)
Space Tourism (CBC News In Depth)
Space Tourism Society
Space Travel and Tourism (Space Transportation Association)
Specialty Tours
The STARS Academy
StarSail Cruises - Pacific Northwest Tall Ship Sailing Vacations
(Redmond, Washington)
Student Travel Information & Discounts (International Student Travel Confederation)
StudyZone (Hothouse Media)
Sustainable Development of Tourism (UNEP, Paris)
Sustainable Development of Tourism (World Tourism Organization, Madrid)
Sustainable Tourism (WWW Virtual Library)

The Sustainable Tourism Resource Database (Commission for Environmental Cooperation, Montreal)
Swan Hellenic Cruises
Thistle Dew Guest Cottage | Bed and Breakfast (Pauline McDonald, Salt Spring Island, BC)
Thyme & Tide Bed and Breakfast (Gary Sheridan)
Total Solar Eclipse Tours from TravelQuest International
Tourism Concern - Campaigning for Ethical & Fairly Traded Tourism (UK)
The Trail Database
Transitions Abroad: The Magazine of International Travel & Life
Travel & Cultures (National Geographic)
TraveLearn Home Page
The Traveling School | Education and Adventure for Young Women
A Travel Philosophy (Arthur Frommer)
TravelSmith: International Travel Clothing and Gear
Travel the World and Teach English
UNEP Tourism
U.S. Space Camp

Vagabond Globetrotting: State of the Art (Marcus L. Endicott)
Vancouver Island Tourism and Travel Guide (BCTravelAdventure.com)
Victor Emanuel Nature Tours - Birding and Nature Cruises
Victoria Cruises (Yangtze River)
Virgin Galactic (Richard Branson et al., London)
Walk BC Online V2N3
Walk the Great Wall of China: A Black & White Odyssey (Peter Danford)
Walking Britain (ed. Lou Johnson)
Walking Club -- Homepage (Healthy Ideas)
Walking Resources on the Web
Walking the World - Outdoor Adventures for People 50 and Over
Walk Softly Adventures (Duncan, BC)
Whale Watching Cruises and Adventure Travel
Whale Watching in B.C. (BC Adventure Network)

The Whale-Watching Web: Canada
Wilderness Travel Online
Wildlife Viewing (BC Adventure Network)
Woodswomen - Adventure Travel for Women of All Ages
World Challenge Expeditions (UK)
World Explorer Cruises
World Heritage Site - Travel to the entries on UNESCO's World Heritage List (Els Slots, The Netherlands)
World Tourism Organization (UNWTO, Madrid)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Whale-Watching Web
(Rauno Lauhakangas)
Zegrahm DeepSea Voyages
Zegrahm Expeditions
Zegrahm Space Voyages
ZERO-G Zero Gravity Experience - Parabolic Flights
(Zero Gravity Corporation, Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Zeus Tours
World Tourism News: Tourism Industry News (European Union)

See also Astronomy Travel, Earth, Sea, and Sky, Global Positioning System (GPS), Polar Studies, and Scientific Equipment and Exploration

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