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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a group of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is the first of three comprising a list of links to on-line resources giving information about telecommunity: information infrastructure; The Grid, Internet2, & NGI; networking & development; internet access & service; the digital divide; and broadband. The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure, Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: community; telecommunity; information infrastructure; Grid; Internet2; NGI; social networking

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Local Information

Global Community
Regional Administration and Information

Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
[Up] Global News

World News
Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
Science News
Space News
Sky and Weather

The Sky
Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data
Weather Equipment
[Up] Reference

Special Topics
Books On-line
Encyclopaedias On-line
Time and Times

Child Safety
Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers
[Up] Life and Leisure

Food and Drink
Consumer Services
Health and Medicine
Home and Garden
Home Computing

Help and Technical Support
Antivirus Resources
Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
GNU/Linux and Open Source
Microsoft Windows
Internet Connectivity
History of Personal Computing
Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes
[Up] Internet Forums

Mailing Lists

Web Rings
Web Weaving

Hypertext and HTML
Web Style: Writing for the Web

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General Resources
Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Service
The Digital Divide

We do not have enough members in our set of mankinds for a fair sampling.
J. T. Fraser (1975)

Uniqueness... haunts all inquiries into the affairs of the family of man, if that family is taken to include all people on earth. Comparative perspectives cease to be valid for a world-wide society. ... Unlike for tribes whose imagined destinies could be tested against the destinies of other tribes, there is no other humanity against which the collective self of all man could be defined.
J. T. Fraser (1978)

A unique difficulty arises when it comes to the identity of mankind: there are no other mankinds with respect to which our own could establish its identity. There are no cohorts that could wake us from collective fantasies and help us identify the boundaries of global possibilities.
J. T. Fraser (1987)

... It is only with the establishment of a global present that one may begin talking about humanity as a single social entity, and only from the epoch when such a global present becomes established can mankind as a social unit begin its history.
J. T. Fraser (1999)

Perhaps that late-night surfing is not such a waste of time after all: It is just the Web dreaming.
Tim Berners-Lee


The Acacia Initiative: Communities and the Information Society in Africa
ACT | Alliance for Community Technology (Daniel E. Atkins et al.)
AFCN Home Page (Association for Community Networking)
-- AFCN Community Network Database
Alliance for Community Media
APdirectory.com Wireless Access Point Directory
The Association for Progressive Communications
An Atlas of Cyberspaces (Martin Dodge)
-- European Mirror
The AT&T Learning Network Community Guide
Athena Alliance (Washington, DC)
The attention economy: What is the real cost of your online attention? (Tom Chatfield, Aeon Magazine, 7 Oct 2013)
Aum Communications Network (Conrad Zirkwitz et al., Vancouver)
The Australian Community Networking Alliance
Beyond Email! Wikis, Blogs and Social Networking Software
(Brian Kelly, UKOLN)
The Blacksburg Electronic Village
Bootstrap Institute (Douglas Engelbart et al.)

Building Learning Communities (Frank Odasz)
Canadian Free-Nets and Community Networks
Canadian Internet Project (Charles Zamaria & Fred Fletcher et al., Ryerson University, Toronto)
Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
CCN: The Center for Civic Networking
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (UK)
Center for Social Informatics (Indiana University)
CIRA | Community Informatics Research and Applications Unit
(University of Teesside)
CitySlide (Sunny Hirai et al.)
Civic Networks: Building Community on the Net (Scott London)
The Cluetrain Manifesto (Rick Levine et al.)
Communication Agents Initiative - Official Home Page
(Robin Good)
The Communication Initiative (Warren Feek et al.)
Communications for a Sustainable Future
Community Builder Corner (Forum One)
CommunityBuilding.com (Jim Wilson)

Community Computer Networks & Free-Net{R} Web Sites
(Victoria Telecommunity Network)
The Community Connector (University of Michigan)
Community Experiences with Information and Communications Technology-Enabled Development in Canada (Nordicity Group, 14 Feb 1997)
Community Internet Access
Community NET-Workers (I*EARN-Canada)
The Community Network Movement (Doug Schuler, Seattle Community Network)
Community Networks (Malabika Das, NLC Network Notes #28, 31 Mar 1996)
Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet)
Community Technology Review
The Community Telecentre Cookbook for Africa: Recipes for Sustainability
(Mike Jensen & Anriette Esterhuysen, UNESCO, Paris, 2001)
CommunityZero (Alfred Jay et al., Ottawa)
COMNET-IT | The Commonwealth Network of Information Technology for Development

Connecting the Globe: A Regulator's Guide to Building a Global Information Community (US Federal Communications Commission, Jun 1999)
Contact Consortium HomePage (Nancy Zuidema)
Contentbank.org | The Community Content Bank
CORDIS: Community Research & Development Information Service (Europe)
Creating Usability and Sociability in Online Social Spaces (Jenny Preece, Oxford Internet Institute, 8 Jun 2006; webcast)
Cyberculture (Voice of the Shuttle)
Cyberpsychology: Principles of Creating Virtual Presence (Leon James)
Cyberspace Geography Visualization (Luc Girardin)
CyberStrategy Initiative: Empowering Citizens through the Web
(John Pike, Federation of American Scientists)
Digital Clubhouse Network (Warren Hegg et al.)
Digital Quality of Life: Understanding the Personal & Social Benefits of the Information Technology Revolution (Robert D. Atkinson & Daniel D. Castro et al., Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, Oct 2008) PDF
Digizen.org (Childnet International)
EarthTIES - Creating Learning Communities by Gaian Design
E-Canada: The Great Wired North (CBC News)
The Effects of New Technologies on Political Participation
(Ben Kennedy & Brian Stempel, Web of Politics, Duke U)

Electric Communities
ElectroNetwork: The Electromagnetic Internetwork
(Brian Thomas Carroll)
Electronic Learning Communities (Georgia Tech)
E-Teen Community
European Alliance of Civic Networks
European Association for Community Networking
European Community Networking Organisations
(UK Communities Online)
The Evolving Role of Information Technology in Community Development Organizations (Seedco, February 2002) PDF
An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Across the World (Beevolve, Oct 2012)
eXpress It! (James Ryan et al., Mobileplay, Los Angeles)
First Monday: Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet
(ed. Edward J. Valauskas et al., Denmark)
The FOAF Project (Friend of a Friend)
Freebase (Cyberkix, UK)
FreeNet: The Free Network Project
Free-Nets (Malabika Das, NLC Network Notes #29, 30 Apr 1996)
Free-Nets & Community Networks (Los Angeles Free-Net)
Free-Nets and Community Networks (Peter Scott)

FreeNetwork - BC Wireless
Friends and Partners (Natasha Bulashova & Greg Cole)
Friends:Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University Library)
The Future Community Center - Virtual Community for Future Research and Social Progress (Planet-TECH Associates)
The Gateways Community Voice (New York)
Generations CanConnect - Index
The Geography of Cyberspace Directory (Martin Dodge)
-- European Mirror
GIP - Global Internet Project
GlobalHood Connections for Life
Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC) Homepage
Global Internet Policy Initiative (Center for Democracy and Technology)

Global Network Initiative
Global Networking Timeline (T. Matthew Ciolek)
Global Public Media (Julian Darley et al., MetaFoundation)
Global Voices Online (Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School)
GLOCOM Web (Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan)
The Good Neighbor's Guide to Community Networking (Frank Odasz)
Heiner Benking
History of Social Media | History of Social Media Bookmarking (Skloog blog, Nov 2010)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Official Earth Edition
(Douglas Adams et al., h2g2, BBC Online)
Inferring Trust Relationships in Web-based Social Networks (Jennifer Golbeck & James Hendler, University of Maryland Computer Science Department, 2006) PDF
Informal (Julian Priest et al., London)
Information Society (European Commission)
InterGOV International (Peter Hampton)
International E-mail Accessibility (Olivier M. J. Crepin-Leblond)
-- Internetology
-- World Map
International Internet Connectivity Map
(Lawrence H. Landweber)

The International Symposium on Wikis (WikiSym)
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Home Page
The Internet and Social Capital (Rose Hochner, Web of Politics, Duke U)
Internet Democracy Project
INTERNETionalisation (Lars Björk)
Internet NonProfit Center (Cliff Landesman et al.)
Internet Policy Institute (Washington, DC)
The Internet Society (ISOC)
The Internet Society and Its Struggle for Recognition and Influence (Raymund Werle & Volker Leib, MPIfG: Working Paper 99/12, Nov 1999)
Inter/Sections - The Journal of Global Communication and Culture
JOHO - Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization (David Weinberger)
The Journal of Community Informatics (New York)
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Mapping The Global Web (Miguel Angel Centeno et al.)
Media Visions Journal (Ken Freed)
MediaWiki (Mediawiki Foundation)
MetaFilter | Community Weblog
Native Networking: Telecommunications and Information Technology in Indian Country (Benton Foundation)
Neighborhood Networks (U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)
Networking (ResearchIndex)
Network Notes - Library and Archives Canada
New Library: The People's Network (Mary Johnson)
New Networks Institute: Home Page (Bruce Kushnick et al.)
NS2: Niche Social Network Sites (Friends: Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services and SciTechNet)
Observatory of the Information Society: An International Gateway
Onion Patch: New Age Public Access Systems (Gerry McKiernan)
Online Communities: Networks that Nurture Long-Distance Relationships and Local Ties (Pew Internet, 31 Oct 2001)
OurGrid: a Web-based Community Grid (Miranda Mowbray, HP Laboratories Bristol, 27 Feb 2006) PDF
Organization For Community Networks (John M. Kurilec)

People's Network Online (UK)
The People's Network: A Turning Point for Public Libraries
(Peter Brophy, Resource UK, Dec 2002)
The People's Network: Evaluation Summary (Ned Hardie-Boys, Big Lottery Fund, Nov 2004) PDF
PIP | Research Engine (Pew Internet Project)
Positionw@tch Internet Recruitment
Psiphon (FW, Michael Hull et al., Citizen Lab, Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto)
Public Netbase t0 (free.netbase.org)
PUBNET Free Wireless Internet Access
(Public Networks Australia)
Quora (Adam D'Angelo & Charlie Cheever et al.)
Research Institute for Internet Strategies, Inc.
The Resource Center (Community Networks)
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (David Silver)
A Resource Site for Analysis of Virtual Communities
(Storm A. King)
Resources of the Week: Internet and Social Networking Stats (ed. Shirl Kennedy, ResourceShelf, 3 Aug 2009)
The Revolution Will Be Tweeted (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 6 Oct 2009)
Rheingold's Brainstorms (Howard Rheingold)
Rhythms of social interaction: messaging within a massive online network (Scott Golder et al., cs/0611137, 27 Nov 2006)
SciTechNet: Science and Technology Social Networking Services (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University, Ames)
Seattle Community Network
A Sense of Community or Networked Individualism? (Shu-Fen Tseng & Meng-Hao Li, Proceedings 2007 Social Informatics Pre-conference Research Symposia at ASIST, Milwaukee; dLIST, 31 Aug 2007)
Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World: A Report to the OCLC Membership (Cathy De Rosa et al., Online Computer Library Center, Dublin, Ohio, Oct 2007)
Social media -- A guide for college and university libraries (Andy Burkhardt, ACRL College & Research Libraries News 71:1, Jan 2010)
Social Media or The Impact of Us (webcast of presentation by Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Oxford Internet Institute, 19 Feb 2007)
Social Networking Literacy Competencies for Librarians: Exploring Considerations and Engaging Participation (Joe Murphy & Heather Moulaison, ACRL 14th National Conference, Pushing the Edge: Explore, Engage, Extend, 14 Mar 2009) PDF
The Social Side of the Internet (Lee Rainie et al., Pew Internet, 18 Jan 2011)
Swicki (Eurekster)
TCN: Technology for Nonprofits (Telecommunications Cooperative Network)
Tech aesthetics: What tech offices tell us about the future work (Kate Losse, Aeon Magazine, 3 Jul 2014)
The Tikiwiki Community Portal (Tiki Wiki/CMS/Groupware)
Too much information: Do we have an instinct for privacy? (Ian Leslie, Aeon Magazine, 7 Aug 2013)
Toward a Social Framework for Information Seeking (Eszter Hargittai & Amanda Hinnant in Amanda Spink & Charles Cole, eds., New Directions in Human Information Behavior, New York, 2006) PDF
Tree (Shaun Davis-Gluyas)
Twitter (Obvious Corp., San Francisco)
Twitter Search
Twitter Social Networks (Educational CyberPlayGround)

UCLA World Internet Report (UCLA Center for Communication Policy)
UCSC Wiki Lab (Baskin School of Engineering, UC Santa Cruz)
UK Communities Online
UNESCO and the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
-- US Mirror
Virtual Communities Conference (Infonortics)
The Virtual Community (Howard Rheingold)
Virtual Community Center (Electric Minds)
Virtual Community Home Page
Virtual Compassion Corps
VUN.org - Virtual United Nations
WACC World Association for Christian Communication
Warchalking / Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking (Aaron Swartz)

Wiki (Bo Leuf & Ward Cunningham)
WIKINDX (Sourceforge)
WikiMatrix Wiki Feature Comparison (CosmoCode, Berlin)
WikiMindMap (Felix Nyffenegger
Wikis, Webs, and Networks: Creating Connections for Conflict-Prone Settings (Rebecca Linder, Center for Strategic & International Studies, Washington, DC, 15 Oct 2006)
Wired Seniors (Susannah Fox et al., Pew Internet Report, 9 Sep 2001)
The Wireless Foundation
Women's Political Participation and the Internet
(Carrie Anne Hayes, Web of Politics, Duke U, 3 May 2000)
The World (WWWeb to X.500 Gateway)
World Community Grid
World Email Directory (WED)
World Information Society Report 2006 (International Telecommunication Union/UN Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Aug 2006) PDF
World Information Society Report 2007: Beyond WSIS (ITU/UNCTAD, Geneva, May 2007) PDF
World Internet Project (Sweden)
World Systems Network
(Communications for a Sustainable Future)
The World Wide Web Index (World Wide Web Foundation)
Web Index Report 2013 (World Wide Web Foundation) PDF
--- Press Release PDF
World-Wide Web Servers: Summary
WSIS | World Summit on the Information Society (Geneva 2003 - Tunis 2005)
-- Geneva 2003
-- WSIS-Online (Community Platform)
YearlyKos Convention (dir. Gina Cooper et al., Netroots Arts and Education Initiative)
Young Canadians in a Wired World (Media Awareness Network)

See also Education and the Internet, Telecommunity (Canada), and Hackers and Hacktivism


Information Infrastructure

There are two crucial missing elements in the global Internet: last-mile bandwidth and undersea fiber.
George Gilder (2000)

Advanced Networking Infrastructure (CISE)
Africa's Internet Infrastructure (webcast of discussion with Eric Osiakwan & Ethan Zuckerman, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University, 12 Apr 2007)
All About The Internet: Infrastructure (ISOC)
The Availability and Affordability of Internet Infrastructure in Rural Areas of Canada and its Implications for E-Commerce Development (DMA Consulting, 15 Dec 2000) PDF
Bandwidth Estimation Project (CAIDA)
Battle for the internet (The Guardian, Apr 2012)
The CAIDA Web Site (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis)
Caslon Analytics: Internet Research, Analysis, Strategies
(Bruce Arnold et al., Australia)
CDT's Digital Infrastructure Issues Page
CEIDS | Consortium for Electric Infrastructure to Support a Digital Society
Center for Technology in Government Home Page
(University at Albany)
The Coming Revolution in Scholarly Communications & Cyberinfrastructure (Introduction by Lee Dirks & Tony Hey, CTWatch Quarterly, Aug 2007)
Committee on Computing, Information, & Communications R&D
The Cook Report on Internet (Gordon Cook)
Critical Information Infrastructure Protection and the Law: An Overview of Key Issues (ed. Stewart D. Personick & Cynthia A. Patterson, US National Research Council, 2003)
Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (U.S.)
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges and Efforts to Secure Control Systems (U.S. General Accounting Office, Mar 2004) PDF
CRTC Forum (Newmedia-Forum)
CTV & Sympatico NewsExpress: Fencing the Frontier
Cyberinfrastructure, 7 things you should know about... (Educause, 17 Aug 2007) PDF

eG8 Forum (Paris, 24-25 May 2011)
EMC Center (Center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page (U.S.)
-- FCC Index of News Releases
-- FCC Internet Audio Broadcast Home Page
Fiber Optics Online
Fight for the Future (Tiffiniy Cheng & Holmes Wilson et al.)
The Framework for Global Electronic Commerce (White House)
The Future of the Internet (Susannah Fox et al., Pew Internet & American Life Project, 9 Jan 2005)
The Future of the Internet II (Janna Anderson & Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 24 Sep 2006)
The Future of the Internet III (Lee Rainie & Janna Anderson, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 14 Dec 2008)
-- The World In 2020: The Mobile Device Will Be The Primary Connection Tool To The Internet (Mobile Libraries, 27 Jul 2009)
The GENI Initiative (Directorate for Computer & Infromation Science & Engineering, National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia)
GIIC - Global Information Infrastructure Commission
(Center for Strategic & International Studies)
Global Forum on Internet Governance (Sixth Meeting of the UN ICT Task Force, United Nations, 25-27 March 2004)
Global Information Infrastructure (Jeff MacKie-Mason)
Global Information Infrastructure Commission
The Harvard Information Infrastructure Project (IIP Homepage)

How Much Information? (Peter Lyman & Hal R. Varian, et al.)
IETF Home Page (The Internet Engineering Task Force)
-- IESG (The Internet Engineering Steering Group)
Information Analysis & Infrastructure Protection | U.S. Department of Homeland Security
The Information Highway (Andy Carvin)
Information Infrastructure Task Force (U.S.)
Information Renaissance
InfraGard: Guarding the Nation's Infrastructure
Integrated Energy and Communications System Architecture
The Intermemory Project Homepage
Internet Architecture Board Home Page (ISOC)

The Internet Defense League
The Internet Economy Indicators
-- Measuring the Internet Economy (Jan 2001) PDF
The Internet Governance Forum (UN)
Internet Governance Forum - Greece 2006 (Athens, 30 Oct - 2 Nov 2006)
Internet Governance: A Grand Collaboration (Don MacLean, United Nations ICT Task Force, 16 Sep 2004)
Internet Governance - Issues, Actors and Divides (Eduardo Gelbstein & Jovan Kurbaliza, Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, University of Malta)
Internet Governance Project (Milton Mueller et al.)
Internet Intelligence Bulletin (Public Sector Internet Use)
The Internet Is Broken (David D. Clark, Technology Review, 19-21 Dec 2005)
Internet: An Overview of Key Technology Policy Issues Affecting Its Use and Growth (Marcia S. Smith et al., U.S. Library of Congress Congressional Research Service, 13 Apr 2005) PDF
The Internet: Power and Governance in a Digitised World (webcasts from STAIR conference, Oxford Internet Institute, 6 Dec 2006)
The Internet Report (IETF)
Internet Research Task Force (ISOC)
The Internet's Coming of Age (Eric Schmidt et al., NRC Committee on the Internet in the Evolving Information Infrastructure, Washington, DC, 2000)
Internet Societal Task Force (ISOC)
The Internet Telephone: Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP (Matthew James, Commonwealth of Australia Parliamentary Library Research Note 2004-05, No. 29, 8 Feb 2005)
The Internet Under Crisis Conditions: Learning from September 11
(US National Research Council, 2002)
ITAC Information Technology Association of Canada
Jefferson Rebuffed - The United States and the Future of Internet Governance (Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger & Malte Ziewitz, John F. Kennedy School of Government, May 2006)
Light Reading - The Global Site For Optical Networking
Mobile Communications Internet - Links2Mobile.com

Net Dialogue - Clearinghouse on International Net Governance
(Harvard and Stanford Law Schools)
net.SCIENCE (Reinhold Grether)
NIPC (National Infrastructure Protection Center, FBI)
NORMOS: Internet Engineering Standards Repository
NSI and other INTERNET Links (NASA Science Internet)
NTIA (U.S. National Telecom & Information Administration)
OCIPEP | Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness, Canada
On-line Governance (UNESCO/COMNET-IT)
Online News about the Internet (MFIRC)
Open Code and Open Societies: Values of Internet Governance (Lawrence Lessig, 1999 Sibley Lecture, 16 Feb 1999) PDF
PCCIP Report (President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection)
PFIR - People For Internet Responsibility
Report of the Working Group on Internet Governance
(Chateau de Bossey, Jun 2005)
Request for Comments (RFC) Editor Homepage
Revolutionizing Science and Engineering through Cyber-infrastructure: Report of the National Science Foundation Blue-Ribbon Advisory Panel on Cyberinfrastructure (Daniel E. Atkins et al., Alliance for Community Technology, Jan 2003)
Robustness and Internet (Caltech Networking Lab)
Roger Clarke's Information Infrastructure (Canberra)

Self-Organizing Internet Industry (Valdis Krebs)
States Inventory Project
Terrorism and Internet governance: core issues (Maura Conway, UN Institute for Disarmament Research, 4 Sep 2007) PDF
Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP): A Global Initiative
Transmitter & Receiver Architectures (Andrew Bateman, Avren Wireless)
2100 Planetary Telecom
US National Information Infrastructure Virtual Library
A Virtual Internet Architecture (Joseph D. Touch et al., USC/Information Sciences Institute, 24 Mar 2003) PDF
WAP Forum (Wireless Application Protocol)
Web Intelligence Consortium
What Is... the speed of...
Wired News Tech Report: IS/IT Infostructure (Lycos News)
Wireless Networking in the Developing World (Limehouse Book Sprint Team, Jan 2006)
The Wireless Web (ed. Mark Alpert & George Musser, Scientific American 283:4:38-57, Oct 2000)
Working Group on Internet Governance (UN)
ZDNet: Inter@ctive Week Infr@structure

See also Networking and Development


The Grid, Internet2, and NGI (Next Generation Internet)

Given the inherent difficulty of sublight-speed travel as a way of exploring the galaxy, most technological cultures eventually settle for an expanding grid of von Neumann machines that costs nothing to maintain and generates a trickle of scientific information that expands exponentially over historical time.
Robert Charles Wilson

Abilene (UCAID)
Abilene Backbone Network (Internet2 Project)
Abilene Network Traffic
Access Grid (Argonne National Lab)
Access Online (NCSA)
Advanced Network & Services, Inc.
All Hands Meeting (National E-Science Centre, Edinburgh)
The Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations (Ian Foster et al., 2001) PDF
ANIR/NSFNET High Performance Connections
ARDNOC - Advanced Research & Development Network Operations Centre (CANARIE)
ASCI Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes
AstroGrid Portal (UK)
The AstroGrid Project (UK)
Backbone Network Infrastructure Home Page (Internet2 Project)
BCNET: Developing BC's Advanced Networks
The β-Grid Project: Building a National Computing Systems Research Grid
Bill St. Arnaud's Publications and Articles
CAIRN (Collaborative Advanced Internet Research Network)

Clean Slate Design for the Internet (Stanford University)
Computational Grids: The Clipper Project
ComputingPortals.org (Grid Information Services Working Group)
Condor: High Throughput Computing
(The Condor Project Homepage)
Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
Creating Internet2 Virtual Seminar (CREN)
The DataGrid Project (HEPCCC Grid Initiative)
Data Management in an Internatonal Data Grid Project
(Wolfgang Hoschek et al., 2000)
DataSpace - A Web for Data
DataTAG (Data TransAtlantic Grid
DEISA - Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications (Paris)
DeskGrid - Grid Computing On Desktop PCs (Info Designs)
DILIGENT Project (DIgital Library Infrastructure on Grid ENabled Technology, EU)
Discovery Net (Yike Guo et al., Imperial College London)
The Dutch DataGrid Project
Earth System Grid
E-conomy Project (University of California)
EGI - European Grid Initiative (EU)
EGRID - The European Grid Forum
Enabling Applications on the Grid -- A Gridlab Overview
(Gabrielle Allen et al.)
Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)
ESA GRID (European Space Agency)
European Commission IPv6 Task Force
European Grid of Solar Observations (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, London)

Foster, Ian (GRIDS Center)
Future Internet (Basel)
GENI | Global Environment for Network Innovations (NSF)
The GIOD Project (Globally Interconnected Object Databases)
GLIF | Global Lambda Integrated Facility
The Globus Alliance
-- The Data Grid
GLORIAD Program Development (US-Russia-China Global Ring Network for Advanced Science & Education Cooperation)
The God Particle and the Grid (Richard Martin, Wired 12.04, Apr 2004)
GrADS | Grid Application Development Sofware Project
Grid Canada (National Research Council)
Grid Computation: the Fastest Supercomputer in the World (CSA Discovery Guide, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Nov 2006)
Grid Computing (Mark Baker, IEEE Distributed Systems Online)
Grid Computing Info Centre: GRIDInfoware
Grid Computing: Making the Global Infrastructure a Reality
(Fran Berman et al., Mar 2003)
Grid Computing Planet (EarthWeb)
Grid Forum Home Page
GridLab: A Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed (EU)
The Grid: A New Infrastructure for 21st Century Science
(Ian Foster, Physics Today 55:2:42, Feb 2002)
Grid.org (United Devices Global MetaProcessor)
Gridpoints Quarterly Magazine (NAS)
GridPP - The UK Grid for Particle Physics
Grid Resources Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Marcus P. Zillman, Virtual Private Library)
GRIDS Center (NSF Middleware Initiative)
Grid X1: A Canadian Computational Grid
GriPhyN -- Grid Physics Network
The GriPhyN Project (Paul Avery)
GSC - UK Grid Support Centre
HOPI | The Hybrid Optical Packet Infrastructure Project (Internet2)
HPC at SFU (Simon Fraser University)
HPC News at U of C (University of Calgary)

I2: Next Generation Internet Initiative
(DRAFT - NGI Initiative Concept Paper)
IBM Grid Computing
IBM Internet2
iCAIR - International Center for Advanced Internet Research
(Northwestern University Information Technology)
ICFA Network Task Force Requirements Report
Information Power Grid (NASA)
Information Power Grid - Numerical Aerospace Simulation Systems Division
The Intelligent Wireless Web: The Next Generation Web
The International Grid (iGrid): Empowering Global Research Community Networking Using High-Performance International Internet Services
Internet Computing and the Emerging Grid
(Ian Foster, Nature, 7 Dec 2000)
Internet II (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Internet 2 at the University of Hawaii: High Performance Network Information
INTERNET 2 : Briefing Paper (Norman Wiseman, JISC April 1999)
The Internet2 Commons (Internet2 Project)
Internet2 Distributed Storage Initiative (I2-DSI)
Internet2 End to End Performance Initiative (Internet2 Project)
Internet2 K20 Initiative (Internet2 Project)
Internet2 Land Speed Record (Internet2 Project)
Internet2 Mailing Lists Service
The Internet2 Project
Internet2 Security (Internet2 Project)
Interplanetary Internet (SpaceRef)

IPG Hotlist Page (NASA Information Power Grid)
IPN - InterPlaNetary Internet Project (Internet Society)
IPv6 Forum (Internet Protocol version 6)
IPv6: The Next Generation Internet
Is the Future of the Internet the Future of Knowledge? (Webcast of panel discussion with Lawrence M. Sanger & Andrew Keen, Oxford Internet Institute, 27 May 2008)
iSGTW - International Science Grid This Week
IST IPv6 Cluster : European IPv6 Research and Development Projects (Information Society Technologies)
i2-news@internet2.edu (Internet2 Mailing Lists Service)
i2x - internet2 x/change
iVDGL - International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory
Legion: A Worldwide Virtual Computer (U Virginia)
Metropolitan Research and Education Network (MREN)
Mithral - The Cosm Project
NAREGI | National Research Grid Initiative
(Center for GRID Research Development, Japan)
NASA Integrated Services Network (NISN)
NASA Research & Education Network (NREN)
National e-Science Centre (UK)
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR)
-- The Advanced Applications Database: Query/Search
National LambdaRail (US)
NAV6TF | North America IPv6 Task Force
NDGF - Nordic DataGrid Facility (Copenhagen)
The Need for Speed: The Importance of Next-Generation Broadband Networks ( Stephen Ezell et al., Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, 5 Mar 2009) PDF
NEESgrid | National Virtual Collaboratory for Earthquake Engineering (US)
NERC Data Grid (National Environment Research Council, UK)
NewArch Project: Future-Generation Internet Architecture
(University of Southern California)
The New Net: Grid Services for Distributed System Integration
(Ian Foster et al., IEEE Computer Journal, Jun 2002)
Next-Generation Implications of Open Access (Paul Ginsparg, CTWatch Quarterly 3:3, Aug 2007)
Next Generation Internet (DARPA ITO NGI Home)

Next Generation Internet (NCO)
-- NGI Initiative Concept Paper (Jul 1997)
-- NGI Implementation Plan (Feb 1998)
Next Generation Internet (NGI) Initiative
Next Generation Internet Mailing List Archive: By Thread
Next Generation Networks (Business Communications Review)
The Next Internet: Broadband Infrastructure and Transformative Applications (CANARIE, 19 Jan 2001) PDF
NextGRID: Architecture for Next Generation Grids
(University of Edinburgh)
NGI Workshop (13-14 May 1997): Accepted White Papers (CRA)
NPACI | National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (US)
-- NPACI HotPage Grid Computing Portal
NSF Fact Sheet
NTII National Tele-Immersion Initiative
(Advanced Network & Services, US)
Object Oriented Data Technology - OODT (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
The OceanStore Project (UC Berkeley)
The Office of the Future and Tele-Immersion
(Henry Fuchs et al., UNC)
The 100x100 Project (Carnegie Mellon University)
Open Science Grid Home page (Fermilab)
ORBIT | Open-Access Research Testbed for Next-Generation Wireless Networks (WINLAB, Rutgers University)
OurGrid: a Web-based Community Grid (Miranda Mowbray, HP Laboratories Bristol, 27 Feb 2006) PDF
Pacific Northwest Gigapop (Seattle)
Particle Physics Data Grid
The Physiology of the Grid: An Open Grid Services Architecture for Distributed System Integration (Ian Foster et al., Argonne National Laboratory, 2002) PDF
PlanetLab Home Page (PlanetLab Consortium)
PRAGMA | Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (San Diego)

Prototyping the Future (NCSA)
RealityGrid (UK)
Research Challenges for the Next Generation Internet
(ed. Jean E. Smith & Fred W. Weingarten, CRA, 1997)
SCPS Home (Space Communications Protocol Standard)
SDSC GridPort Toolkit
The Second Coming -- A Manifesto
(David Gelernter, Edge 70, 15 Jun 2000)
Semantic Grid and Autonomic Computing Programme
(Nicole Harris et al., JISC, UK)
STAR TAP: An International Proving Ground for High Performance Networking
(Science, Technology and Research Transit Access Point)
Teaching Music Through Advanced Network Videoconferencing
(Brian K. Shepard)
Tele-Immersion Research at EVL-Electronic Visualization Laboratory
The TeraGrid: A Primer (Charlie Catlett, Sep 2002) PDF
TRIUMF Grid Computing (Tri-University Meson Facility, Vancouver)
UK e-Science (GRID) Core Programme
UK e-Science Grid Support Centre (UK Grid Engineering Task Force)
UK Grid Engineering Task Force
UltraLight: An Ultrascale Information System for Data Intensive Research (California Institute of Technology)
University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID)
UVic Grid Testbed | Home (University of Victoria)
vBNS+ Very High Performance Backbone Network Service +
Web ProForum Tutorial: Next-Generation Networks (IEC)
WestGrid : The Innovation Grid (Canada)
What, exactly, is the Grid? (Holly Korab, NCSA Access, 20 Jan 1999)
What Is Internet 2? (CNET Builder.com)
World Community Grid
Yahoo! Internet 2 - Abilene Project

See also Advanced Computing and Supercomputing, Broadband, and Timelines

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