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The Solar System

DESCRIPTION: The third of four pages on The Solar System (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources related to the study of the Earth as a planet (including Earth observation and lunar science). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to on-line resources for the study of the solar system in general (including solar physics and planetary science), of the other planets, and of small bodies (asteroids, comets, and meteors).

KEYWORDS: Earth; earth observation; remote sensing; webcam; Moon; selenology; selenography

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  1. The Solar System - General

  2. The Sun

  3. Origin and Evolution of the Solar System

  4. The Planets of the Solar System

  5. Earth as a Planet
    Earth Observation
    The Moon

  6. Small Bodies
    Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud
    Meteors and Meteorites
    NEOs, SB Impact, and Astroblemes


Earth as a Planet

Earth Observation
The Moon

Would you know our planet's value?
View the star-strewn dome of night!
In that shoreless sea of splendor
What is one faint wave of light?

Worlds by millions are revolving
Through that vast, unfathomed main;
Should our tiny orb make shipwreck,
Worlds by millions would remain...

John L. Stoddard

Mostly harmless
Ford Prefect (entry for 'Earth' in Douglas Adams, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Search only in Earth and Planetary Sciences

Earth Moon Menu (ASU)
The Blue Planet (The Tangled Web)
Center for Earth and Planetary Studies (CEPS/NASM)
CEPS Earth Research (Center for Earth and Planetary Studies)
Cluster and Double Star Symposium - 5th anniversary of Cluster in space (ESA Science & Technology, 28 Sep 2005)
CRONUS - Earth Project (Cosmic-Ray Produced Nuclide Systematics on Earth Project, Purdue University)
Earth (Bill Arnett, The Nine Planets)
Earth (JPL Welcome to the Planets)
-- McGill EPS Mirror
Earth (MSSS)
Earth (NASA Solar System Exploration)
-- JPL Mirror
Earth (NSSDC)
The Earth as a Planet (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)

Earth Introduction (Calvin J. Hamilton)
-- LANL Mirror
The Earth Orientation Department, U.S. Naval Observatory
Earth Screen Saver for Windows (John Walker)
Earthshine Project (Philip Goode & Steven E. Koonin et al., Big Bear Observatory)
Earth's Seasons: Equinoxes, Solstices, Perihelion, and Aphelion, 1992-2020 (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Earth System Query Page (NASA's Planetary Photojournal, JPL)
-- DLR Mirror
-- USGS Mirror
Earth Today: A Digital View of Our Dynamic Planet
(Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)
Expanding Universe: Earth
The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere
(David P. Stern & Mauricio Peredo)

EXPLORES! World Headquarters (EXPloring and Learning the Operations and Resources of Environmental Satellites, Florida State University)
Exploring The Planets - Earth
Gaia (M. Alan Kazlev)
A geoneutrino experiment at Homestake (Nikolai Tolich et al., physics/0607230, 25 Jul 2006)
Global Analysis, Integration, and Modelling (GAIM, International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme)
Home Planet (John Walker)
Institute for the Study of Planet Earth (University of Arizona)
International Earth Rotation Service (IERS)
-- IERS Earth Orientation Centre (Paris Observatory)
-- IERS Rapid Service/Prediction Center for Earth Orientation (USNO)
International Year of Planet Earth (Planet Earth, Earth Sciences for Society)
ISPEC: Virtual Learning Center - Earth
JPL Earth (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
The Lab for Terrestrial Physics Homepage (NASA Goddard SFC)
The LAGEOS Program (NASA Destination Earth)
The NGS GEOID Page (U.S. National Geodetic Survey)

NuclearPlanet.com (J. Marvin Herndon)
OneGeology: Mapping the geology of the planet (International Year of Planet Earth)
Our Amazing Planet
Pale Blue Dot Documentary Project (Kasranov)
PDS Geosciences Node Data and Services: Earth
(NASA's Planetary Data System)
The Planet Earth (USGS Flagstaff)
Planet Earth, Earth Sciences for Society (International Union of Geological Scientists)
Planet Earth Guide (Discovery Channel)
PSRD Archive: Earth Articles
The Revolution of the Earth Around the Sun (Chapter II of Simon Newcomb, Elements of Astronomy, 1900)
Space Physics at the U. of Washington
Space Physics Interactive Data Resource (NGDC)
USGS Astrogeology: Earth
Welcome to Planet Earth: The Planet Earth Hotlist
(NASA/Rice University)
World Data Center System (Chilton, UK)
The World Data Center System (Moscow)
World Data Center System (USA Home, NGDC, Boulder)

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Earth Observation

Web Cameras

Once a photograph of the Earth, taken from the outside, is available -- once the sheer isolation of the Earth becomes plain -- a new idea as powerful as any in history will be let loose.
Fred Hoyle, 1948 (NB The Home icon in the upper and lower left corners of this and other pages on this site is a GIF image based on a photograph of the whole Earth taken from Apollo 17, outward bound, in December 1972.)

When you look out the other way toward the stars you realize it's an awful long way to the next watering hole.
Loren W. Acton (STS 51/F, Challenger 8, July 1985)

There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world.
Carl Sagan (on the image of Earth -- "a pale blue dot in a sunbeam" -- taken by Voyager 1 from beyond the orbit of Neptune on 14 February 1990)

For current weather satellite imagery, see Satellite Images.

AARG Aerial Archaeological Research Group
ACRES (Geoscience Australia)
Advanced Earth Observing Satellite (ADEOS)
The Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR): A Brief Reference Guide (David A. Hastings & William J. Emery)
Aerial Images of September 11 Disaster Locations (GlobeXplorer)
Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images (USGS, Sep 1997)
Aerosonde Global Robotic Observation System
AIM (Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere) Mission
(James M. Russell III et al., Hampton University)
Airborne Remote Sensing Projects at NASA Wallops Island Va
Airborne Science at NASA Dryden
The AIRSAR Mission (JPL Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar)
AIRSAR Missions (Laboratory for Global Environmental Science Information)
AIRS - Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
-- Overview
The Alliance for Earth Observations (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies)
ALOS | Advanced Land Observing Satellite "Daichi" (JAXA)
Aqua Project Science (NASA)
Aquarius (NASA)
Aquarius/SAC-D Mission (JPL)
Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data: A Guide to Good Practice (Robert Bewley et al., Arts and Humanities Data Service)
Arctic Observing Network (AON): Toward a U.S. Contribution to Pan-Arctic Observing (US NSF - NSF 08-42, ed. Martin O. Jeffries et al., Arctic Research of the United States, Vol. 21, 2007)
Argo: A Global Array of Profiling Floats (UC San Diego)
The Argo Information Centre (London)
ARGOS Webpage (Advanced Research and Global Observation Satellite)
ASTER: Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model (METI/NASA)
ASTER Imagery (NASA, 29 Jun 2009)
The ATSR (Along Track Scanning Radiometer) Project (UK)
Aura Earth Observing Mission (NASA)
AVHRR (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) Sensor Overview (David A. Hastings, NOAA)
AVHRR Oceans Pathfinder (JPL)
AVIRIS (Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer, JPL)
AVISO/Altimetry - Site Map

Basics of Remote Sensing from Satellite
(Jim LaDue & Ken Pryor, NOAA)
The Best NASA Satellite Photos from the Last 50 Years (Discover Magazine, May 2009)
Biomarkers in disk-averaged near-UV to near-IR Earth spectra using Earthshine observations (Slim Hamdani et al., astro-ph/0609195, 7 Sep 2006)
Blue Marble: Next Generation (NASA Earth Observatory Newsroom)
BrightEarth (Declan Butler et al.)
Browser for Earth Observations from Shuttle
CALIPSO | Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CNES)
CALIPSO | Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (NASA)
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Home Page (CCRS)
-- CEOCat (CCRS Data Holdings)
Canadian Group on Earth Observations (CGEO)
Canadian Observing Systems (Canadian Group on Earth Observations)
Casting a Wide Eye (Cristina Luiggi, The Scientist, 1 Feb 2012)
Center for Earth Observation Science (CEOS, dir. David G. Barber, University of Manitoba)
Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing
(CSTARS, Susan Ustin, UC Davis)
Centre for Polar Observation & Modelling (CPOM, National Environment Research Council, UK)
CEONet Central Services (Canadian Earth Observation Network)
-- CCRS Earth Observation Catalogue
CEOS | Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (EU)
CEOSR | Center for Earth Observing and Space Research
(George Mason University)
CERES Homepage (Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System)
Cities at Night: The View from Space (Cynthia A. Evans & William L. Stefanov, NASA Earth Observatory)
CLAMS (Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites)
Cloudsat (NASA/Colorado State University)
Cloudsat (NASA Missions)
Coastal Oceanography from Space (JPL Air-Sea Interaction & Climate Team)
Code 935 Navigation Page (NASA/GSFC)
The Colors of Life (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Commercial Satellite Imagery and National Security: Declassified Documents Trace U.S. Policy Shifts on Use of Commercial Satellite Imagery from 1970s to Today (Jeffrey T. Nicholson, ed., National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 404, 27 Nov 2012)
Committee for Earth Observation Satellites (ESA CEOS Homepage)

Connected: Earth Views of Space and Space Views of Earth
(Patricia Reiff et al., Rice University)
CORONA (U.S. National Reconnaisance Office)
CORONA Satellite Photography: Search Criteria
COSMIC | Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, & Climate (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado)
Crop Explorer for Major Crop Regions (USDA)
CReSIS - The Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets
(University of Kansas)
The CryoSat Mission (ESA)
The Cryosphere Today (William Chapman, Polar Research Group, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
CRYSTAL-FACE Home (The Cirrus Regional Study of Tropical Anvils and Cirrus Layers - Florida Area Cirrus Experiment, NASA)
CRYSYS (Ross Brown)
DataONE: Universal Access to Data about Life on Earth and the Environment (Data Observation Network for Earth)
Data @ NASA GISS: Dataset Index (Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York)
Declassifying the "Fact of" Satellite Reconnaissance (Jeffrey T. Richardson, ed., NSA Electronic Briefing Book No. 231, 1 Oct 2007)
Deep Carbon Observatory Portal
Deep Space Climate Observatory (DISCOVR) Project (Patrick Minnis et al., NASA Langley Research Center)
-- Deep Space Climate Observatory (Wikipedia)
-- Who Killed the DSCOVR Project?: A DeSmogBlog exclusive investigation into NASA's DSCOVR climate station (Mitchell Anderson, DeSmogBlog, 27 Aug 2007)
-- NASA Satellite Sandal Exposed by Climate Muckrakers (Richard Graves, It's Getting Hot In Here, 28 Aug 2007)
-- Uncover DSCOVR Part 3: Digging for Answers from NASA (Mitchell Anderson, DeSmogBlog, 12 Sep 2007)
DSCOVR: Deep Space Climate Observatory (NOAA Satellite and Information Service)
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
(US National Geophysical Data Center)
Dennis Chesters' Home Page
DEOS - Department of Earth Observation and Space systems, Delft University (Technische Universiteit Delft, Nederlands)
DigitalGlobe | An Imagery and Information Company
(Earthwatch, Longmont, Colorado)
Distributed Active Archive Center (Goddard SFC Earth Sciences)
Drought (NASA Science Visualization Studio)
Earth and Moon Viewer (John Walker)
-- Earth View
Earth & Space Week (EUROPA/ESA)
Earth at Night - APOD: 2000 November 27
(C. Mayhew & R. Simmon)
EarthBrowser (Matt Giger, Lunar Software)

Earth From Space (Calvin J. Hamilton)
-- LANL Mirror
Earth from Space (Smithsonian Institution)
Earth from Space: An Astronaut's views of the Home Planet
(NASA Johnson Space Center)
Earth Images (EOS)
Earth Info (U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
The Earth in Near Real Time (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)
EarthKam Data System (NASA KidSat)
EarthKAM LaunchPad
Earthnet Online (ESA Earth Observation)
EarthNow! Landsat Image Viewer (USGS Center for Earth Resources and Observation and Science)
Earth observation enters next phase (Declan Butler, Nature News & Comment, 8 Apr 2014)
-- Look back in wonder (Editorial)
The Earth Observation Handbook (ESA Committee on Earth Observation Satellites)
Earth Observation Magazine
Earth Observation Resources (AstroWeb, STScI)
Earth Observations (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
Earth Observations from Space
(Kimberly Strong, PHYS 499S/1499S, UT)

Earth Observation Summit (Washington, DC, 31 Jul 2003)
Earth Observation System Policy Forum
(American Meteorological Sociey)
Earth Observatory: Reference (NASA)
Earth Observing 1 (EO Library)
Earth Observing One (Goddard SFC)
Earth Observing 1 (EO-1) Remote Sensing Satellite/Home Page (USGS)
Earth Observing System (EOS) Aura (NASA Goddard SFC)
Earth Right Now | NASA
The EarthRISE Homepage
-- EarthRISE Search by Feature
EarthSat | Earth Satellite Corporation (Rockville, Maryland)
Earth Scan Laboratory (Coastal Studies Institute, Louisiana State University)
Earth Science Applications Directorate (NASA John C. Stennis Space Center)
Earth Science Branch, Johnson Space Center (James Heydorn)
Destination Earth (NASA Earth Science Enterprise)
Earth Science and Applications from Space: National Imperatives for the Next Decade and Beyond (Richard A. Anthes & Barrien Moore et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 16 Jan 2007)
Earth Science Image Gallery (NASA)
Earth Science Missions (NASA Destination Earth)
Earth Science Pages: Remote Sensing (Paul D. Farrar)
Earth Science Photographs (USGS DDS21 Photographs)
Earth Sciences & Image Analysis (NASA Johnson Space Center)
Earth Sciences Portal: Earth Observing Systems and Science
(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change
(USGS EROS Data Center)
EarthSLOT: Earth Science, Logistics, and Outreach Terrainbases
(Matt Nolan, University of Fairbanks, Alaska)
Earth Space 4-D; Visualizing the Ionosphere using Google Earth (Space Environment Technologies Space Weather Operations)
Earth System Science Pathfinder Project (NASA)
Earth Watching (ESA Earth Observation)
Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network
(Environment Canada)
ECSInfo - EOSDIS Core System (Earth Observing System Data and Information System)
Eduspace | The European Earth Observation Web Site for Secondary Schools (European Space Agency)
-- EURISY Mirror
Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene
El Niño Watch from Space (JPL Air-Sea Interaction & Climate Team)
Enabling Ocean Research in the 21st Century: Implementation of a Network of Ocean Observatories (Robert S. Detrick, Jr. et al., U.S. National Research Council, 2003)
Envisat (European Space Agency)
Envisat Results Page (ESA)

EO-1 (Earth Observing 1)
EOC | Earth Observation Center (JAXA)
EO Data and Images: Drought and Vegetation Monitoring
(NASA Earth Observatory)
EO Natural Hazards (NASA Earth Observatory)
eoPortal | Earth Observation Portal (ESA)
-- Directory Resources
EORC | Earth Observation Research and application Center (JAXA)
EOS Data Gateway (Earth Observing System)
EOS Data Gateway Locations
EOSDIS | Earth Observing System Data & Information System
(Earth Science Enterprise, NASA)
EROS Data Center (Sioux Fall, SD)
EROS Image Gallery Collection (USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science)
ERSDAC (Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center of Japan)
ERSi - IKONOS High Resolution Image Products
(Earth Resource Surveys Inc.)
ESA/ESRIN Map Server Client for Earth Observation Data (eoPortal)
ESA's Living Planet Programme
EUMETSAT - European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
European Remote Sensing Satellites: The ERS Missions
(European Space Agency)
Exploring Earth from Orbit (Exploring The Planets)
Exploring The Planets - Earth Imagery Index
Exploring the Environment (NASA Classroom of the Future)
Exploring our Planet for the Benefit of Society (NASA Earth Science and Applications from Space Strategic Roadmap, 20 May 2005) PDF
Eye in the Sky (National Geographic Society)

FAO GeoNetwork (UN, Rome)
Federation of Earth Science Information Partners | Knowledge Center
Fire Detection Around the World (NOAA NGDC)
Flash Earth ...Google Local and Windows Live Local in Flash
(Paul Neave)
Forest on the Threshold (Hollie Riebeek, NASA Earth Observatory, 18 Apr 2006)
40+ Years of Earth Science - The Landsat Program (NASA Destination Earth)
From A Distance: An Introduction to Remote Sensing/GIS/GPS
(NASA John C. Stennis Space Center)
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing)
GAGE Landsat 7 (Geospatial Analysis of Glaciated Environments)
The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth (Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson SC)
-- Clickable Map Search
GENESIS | Global Environmental & Earth Science Information System (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
GeoEye (Orbimage Corporation, Dulles, Virginia)
Geography From Space (CEPS/NASM)
GeoGratis - Home Page (Natural Resources Canada)
GeoICT Lab (Vincent Tao et al., York University)
GeoMapApp (Marine Geoscience Data Management System, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
GeoMatrix® Gateways (GeoMatrix® ActiveX Viewer)
Geomorphology from Space: A Global Overview of Regional Landforms (ed. Nicholas M. Short, Sr., & Robert W. Blair, Jr., NASA, 1986)
GEONETCast (GEO, Group on Earth Observations, Geneva)
Geoportal (National Geographic Institute, France)
GeoSAR: Geographic Synthetic Aperture Radar (JPL)
GeoSAR: A Radar Based Terrain Mapping System
Geospatial Engine (NIMA)
GEOSS | Global Earth Observation System of Systems (EPA)
Geostationary System (NOAA Office of Systems Development)
GeoTango International Corporation (Vincent Tao et al., Toronto)
German Remote Sensing Data Centre (Oberpfaffenhofen)
GFZ's Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment (GRACE) Home Page
(GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam)
GLIMS: Global Land Ice Measurements from Space
(Jeffrey S. Kargel et al., USGS)
Global Agriculture Monitoring (IPA Online, USDA)
Global Atmosphere Watch (WMO)
Global Atmosphere Watch (WMO, Tokyo)
Global Climate Change: NASA's Eyes on the Earth (JPL)
Global Climate Observing System (GCOS Home Page)
A Global Eye on Tropical Rainfall (TRMM Web Site)
-- Images for Download (FTP)

Global Fiducials Library (U.S. National Imagery Systems, USGS)
Global Fire Monitoring (NASA GSFC)
Global Hawk (NASA)
Global Hydrology Resource Center (Bruce Beaumont)
Global Inventory Modeling & Mapping Studies
(GIMMS Group, NASA Goddard SFC)
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
(European Space Agency)
Global Near Real-Time Significant Wave Height Data Host
(Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research)
Global Observation Information Network (Japan Marine Science and Technology Center)
The Global Observing Systems Information Center
(University of Delaware)
Global Ocean Observation System (GOOS Project Office Home Page)
Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GEWEX)
Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission
(NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center)
Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS)
A Global View from Space (NASA Goddard SFC)
GLOBE Student Data Server (NOAA/Forecast Systems Lab)
GlobeXplorer Image Gallery
-- GlobeXplorer Viewer (US)
GMES - Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
(European Commission/European Space Agency)
The Goddard DAAC
GOES Project Home Page (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)
GOES Project Science (Dennis Chesters)
GOME - Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (ESA)
Google Earth
Google Earth Blog (Frank Taylor)
Google LatLong Blog (Google Earth and Maps)
GOSAT | Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite (JAXA)
GPS/MET Experiment (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado)

GRACE | Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
(Center for Space Research, UT Austin)
GRACE - Measuring Earth's Gravitational Field
The GRACE Mission (Christoph Reigber et al., GFZ Potsdam)
GRACE Tellus (JPL)
-- NASA Mission Takes Stock of Earth's Melting Land Ice (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2012-036, 8 Feb 2012)
The Great Globe Gallery
A Grid Upon the Earth: Photographs by Jim Wark (Tom Huber, NRDC Amicus Journal, Spring 2001)
GRIP: Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (NASA)
-- TC-IDEAS (JPL Tropical Cyclone System)
Group on Earth Observations (GEO)
Hazards Data Distribution System (USGS Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science)
Hazards Watch: Reducing the Impacts of Disasters Through Improved Earth Observations -- Summary of a Workshop, October 22, 2003 (US National Research Council, 2004)
Healthy Planet: Satellites as Sentinels for Health & Environment
(NASA Goddard SFC)
HistoricAerials.com (NETROnline, US)
HobbySpace - Space Eyes
HoloGlobe Project
Hotmap: The Use of Virtual Earth (Danyel Fisher, VIBE Group, Microsoft Research)
-- Hotmap: Looking at Geographic Attention (Danyel Fisher, Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Informaiton Visualization (InfoVis 2007), Nov 2007)
HyspIRI Mission Study Website | Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
ICE: The Image Composite Editor (NASA Earth Observatory)
ICESat (Ice, Cloud, & Land Elevation Satellite) Home Page
(NASA Goddard SFC)
IEIS - NSF Geosciences Unidata Integrated Earth Information Server
(Sally Bates & Ben Domenico)
IGOS Integrated Global Observing Strategy (UNESCO)
ImageLinks.com - Linking Earth Image Information
Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE)

Imagery Intelligence [IMINT] Gallery
(FAS Intelligence Resource Program)
Images of Earth and All Available Satellites
(NASA Planetary Photojournal, JPL)
IMSAT : Image Satellite : Satellites MAPS
Institute for Marine Remote Sensing (University of South Florida)
Interagency Working Group on Earth Observations (NASA)
International Argo Project Home Page (Argo.net)
International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" (Charter on Cooperation to Achieve the Coordinated Use of Space Facilities in the Event of Natural or Technological Disasters, 1 Nov 2000)
International Environmental Data Rescue Organization (IEDRO, Deale, Maryland)
-- The Quest to Scan Millions of Weather Records (Rose Eveleth, The Atlantic, 25 Aug 2014)
International Earth Rotation Service (IERS)
International Laser Ranging Service (NASA)
International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (NASA)
ISIS - Intelligent Satellite Data Information System
(German Remote Sensing Data Center, DFD)
ISS EarthKAM Datasystem (UCSD)
ISS EarthKAM for Students
ITC - International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
JPL Airborne Snow Observatory
-- NASA Opens New Era in Measuring Western U.S. Snowpack (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2013-154, 2 May 2013)
JPL-GPS Networks and Ionospheric Systems Development
JPL Physical Oceanography DAAC
JPL's Scatterometer Projects, NSCAT and SeaWinds
JPL Tropical Cyclone Information System (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)
Keyhole Software (StarryNight.com)
Keyhole 3D Digital Earth (John Hanke et al.)
KidSat (JPL)
-- Retinex Applications to Kidsat Images
Kite Aerial Photography - Home Page
Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry (NOAA)
Land Cover Visualization and Analysis Tool
(U.S. Geological Survey)
Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (EOS)
Landsat Data Continuity Mission (USGS)
Landsat.org Home Page
Landsat-5 Scene Centres (CCRS)

Landsat 7 (USGS)
Landsat 7 Home Page (Goddard SFC)
Live Weather Images
Look At Earth (NASM)
Looking at Earth (NASA Life on Earth)
Looking at Earth (NASA Popular Topics)
Map Machine (National Geographic)
Marine Geology & Geophysics Images (NGDC/WDC A for MGG)
MESSENGER Earth Flyby: MDIS Image Highlights (Center for Planetary Sciences, Northwestern University)
MESSENGER: Earth Flyby Pictures and Animations (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging)
Meteosat Second Generation (ESA)
MetOp (ESA Living Planet Programme)
Millennium Coral Reefs: Landsat Archive (NASA SeaWiFS)
MIRAVI - Meris Image Rapid Visualization (ESA Envisat)
MISR Home (Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer)
Mission to Planet Earth (JPL)
Mission to Planet Earth (NASA)
Mission to Planet Earth: NASA's Earth Science Enterprise
(Exploring The Planets)
MLS | Microwave Limb Sounder (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer, EOS AM-1)
MODIS Land Discipline Web Site (NASA)
MODIS Land Image Gallery
MODIS Land Rapid Response System (University of Maryland)
MODIS Rapid Response System (NASA)

NASA Airborne Science Program
The NASA Balloon Program Office (Wallops Flight Facility)
NASA Distributed Active Archive Centers
NASA Earth Missions (ed. Dennis Armstrong, NASA Missions)
NASA Earth Observatory
-- EO Observation Deck
NASA Earth Science and Applications from Space Strategic Roadmap: Exploring our Planet for the Benefit of Society (SpaceRef.com, 26 May 2005)
NASA Earth Science Applications (NASA Destination Earth)
NASA Earth Science Project Office (NASA Ames Research Center)
NASA Eyes Effects of a Giant 'Brown Cloud' Worldwide
(Rob Gutro, Goddard Space Flight Center, 15 Dec 2004)
NASA Images of Hurricane Earl (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
-- NASA Images Dissect Hurricane Earl (Alan Buis, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 1 Sep 2010)
The NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Home Page
NASA Observatorium Image Gallery -- Earth
NASA Oceanography
NASA Scatterometer Climate Record Pathfinder
(BYU Center for Remote Sensing)
NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) Home Page)
-- MPTE/EOS Data Products Handbook (Volume 1, ed. Stephen M. Wharton & Monica Faeth Myers, 1997) PDF
-- EOS Data Products Handbook (Volume 2, ed. Claire L. Parkinson & Reynold Greenstone, Oct 2000) PDF
NASA's Visible Earth: A Searchable Directory of Images, Visualizations, and Animations of the Earth

NASA SVS | Scientific Visualization Studio (Horace Mitchell et al., NASA Learning Technologies)
NASA Wallops Flight Facility Observational Science Branch
NASDA Earth Observation Center
National Air Photo Library (Natural Resources Canada)
National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) Satellite Data Services (NOAA)
The National Collection of Aerial Photography (Scotland)
National Critical Zone Observatories (U.S. National Science Foundation)
National Earth Orientation Service (USNO)
National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON, Washington, DC)
--New NEON Resources Available (US National Science Foundation Discoveries, 11 Jun 2013)
National Geospatial-Intelligency Agency (NIMA)
National Reconnaissance Office (U.S. Department of Defense)
National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center
(U.S. National Weather Service)
National Scientific Balloon Facility, NASA (Palestine, Texas)
National Virtual Data System (NOAA Satellite and Information Services)
Natural Areas Atlas (Victoria Capital Region)
NCDC Historical GOES Browse Server (Doug Ross & Axel Graumann)
NCDC Satellite Resources
Near-UV to near-IR disk-averaged Earth's reflectance spectra
(Slim Hamdani et al., astro-ph/0510611, 20 Oct 2005)
NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network, Boulder, Colorado)
NEO: NASA Earth Observations (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
NERC Data Grid (National Environment Research Council, UK)
NESDIS Home Page (NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service)
Next Generation Precipitation Radar (JPL's TRMM)
Nighttime! Earth Lights on Google Maps (Peter Pesti)
Nighttime Lights of the World (SPIDR)
NIMA Home (U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
NOAA Great Lakes CoastWatch
NOAA Home Page - Satellites (US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)
NOAA NESDIS Direct Services Division (NOAA's National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service)
NOAA Operational Significant Event Imagery Server

NOAA's Geostationary Satellite Browse Server
NOAA Satellite Services Division (NESDIS)
NOAAWatch: NOAA's All-Hazard Monitor (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
NOVA | Earth From Space (Iain Riddick et al., PBS, 13 Feb 2013)
NPOESS (National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System, NOAA)
NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP)
The NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) Declassified
(Jeffrey T. Richelson, NSA Electronic Briefing Book No. 35)
NSSDC Photo Gallery: Earth (Edwin V. Bell II, NASA/GSFC)
Observational Science Branch (NASA)
Observations of Forest Fires
Observing Earth (The Planetary Society)
Observing the Earth (European Space Agency)
Ocean Observing (OOI, The Ocean Observatories Initiative)
-- A New Look Beneath the Waves: Ocean Observatories Initiative Gets Underway (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-183, 5 Oct 2009)
Ocean Surface Topography from Space
(Jason-1/TOPEX/Poseidon, JPL)
Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason-2 (NASA)
Ocean Tracking Network (Michael Stokesbury et al., Dalhousie University, Halifax)
OCO Orbiting Carbon Observatory (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
-- Satellite maps global carbon dioxide levels (Richard Monastersky, Nature News & Comment, 18 Dec 2014)
OCO Orbiting Carbon Observatory (NASA Missions)
The Official GOES/POES Site (Goddard Space Flight Center)
OnEarth (WMS Global Mosaic, JPL)
Operation IceBridge - Studying Earth's Polar Ice (NASA)
Orbimage, Inc. | Global Imaging Information
(Orbimage Corporation, Dulles, Virginia)
Orbital Monitoring of Burned Areas (Eduardo Caputi, NMA, Brazil)
ORNL DAAC for Biogeochemical Dynamics (Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
The OSEI Image of the Day (NOAA Operational Significant Event Imagery)
OSO - Operations (NOAA)
Our Earth As Art (Landsat-7, USGS/NASA)
Out of the Black: The Declassification of the NRO (Jeffrey T. Richelson, ed., National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 257, 18 Sep 2008)
The Passive-Microwave Earth Science Information Partner Website
(NASA Marshall Space Flight Center)
Photographs of Planet Earth from Space (SpacePix)
PIXIE | Polar Ionospheric X-ray Imaging Experiment
(Michael Schulz et al., Lockheed Martin Corp.)
POES Home Page (Polar Operational Environmental Satellites)
POES - Polar Operational Environmental Satellite
(NOAA Office of Satellite Operations)

Polar Visible Imaging Investigations/Visible Imaging System
POST - Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project
(CoML, Census of Marine Life)
PROBA - Project for On-Board Autonomy (ESA)
Project Argo in the Gulf of Alaska (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
QinetiQ 1
QuikSCAT: Ocean Surface Winds Derived from the SeaWinds Scatterometer (NOAA/NESDIS)
RADARSAT (Canadian Space Agency)
RADARSAT Interactive (MDA Geospatial Services, MacDonald Dettwiler)
RADARSAT-1 (Canadian Space Agency)
RADARSAT-2: A New Era in Remote Sensing (MacDonald Dettwiler)
Real-Time Magnetopause and Bow Shock Model (S. M. Petrinec, PIXIE)
Real-time monitoring of the Earth's magnetic field (USGS National Geomagnetism Program)
Realtime Satellite Images (Bernhard Mühr)
RedOrbit - Images and Photos (Red Nova, Tyler, Texas)
Reflections On Earth: Exploring Planet Earth from Space (CEPS/NASM)
Reflections on a Mote of Dust (Carl Sagan)
Regional Planetary Image Facility (Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC)
Remote Sensing (Geology Virtual WWW Library)
Remote Sensing (Science Tracer Bullet - Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
Remote Sensing and Geoscience Home Pages (Analytical Imaging and Geophysics LLC, Boulder, Colorado)
Remote Sensing and GIS WWW Resource List (Wuchang Wei)
Remote Sensing & Image Analysis (Peng Gong, UC Berkeley)
Remote Sensing Basics (Wageningen University)
The Remote Sensing Core Curriculum (UMBC)
Remote Sensing Division: Recommended Servers
(Department of Geography, University of Zurich)

Remote Sensing Data and Information
(Fritz Hasler et al., NASA Goddard SFC)
Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs (NASA Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth)
Remote Sensing: The Online Guides (WW2010)
Remote Sensing Resources on the Web (Bill Corner)
The Remote Sensing Tutorial: An Online Handbook (Nicholas M. Short, Sr. et al., NASA Code 935, 2003; updated)
Remote Sensing Tutorials (University of Arizona)
Resources of Earth Observation (ESA eoPortal)
RESTEC (Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan)
Retinex Image Processing - Remote Sensing (NASA)
RGPS Home Page (RADARSAT Geophysical Processor System)
Rove.to/ (Roving Mouse)
SAFORAH | System of Agents for Forest Observation Research with Automation (Grid Canada)
SAGE III Ozone Loss and Validation Experiment
(SOLVE Home Page)
SAGE III Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (NASA)
Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World: Glaciers of Asia (ed. Richard S. Williams, Jr., & Jane G. Ferrigno, USGS Professional Paper 1386-F, US Geological Survey, 25 Aug 2010)
-- Glaciers Retreating in Asia (USGS Release, 25 Aug 2010)
Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World: South America (ed. Richard S. Williams, Jr., & Jane G. Ferrigno)
Satellite Image Collection by Kontempa International Inc.
Satellite Imagery (ISPEC)
Satellite Imagery Available through the Internet (UMBC)
Satellite Imagery FAQ

Satellite Images (ESA Earthnet)
Satellite Images (GEsource World Guide)
Satellite Images (Intute World Guide)
Satellite Images of the USA (NASA's Observatorium)
Satellite Images: QuickBird, IKONOS, LANDSAT
(Satellite Imaging Corporation, Houston)
Satellite Meteorology Module Library (EuroMET)
Satellite Monitors Rains that Trigger Landslides (Laura Naranjo, NASA Earth Observatory, 12 Jun 2007)
Satellite Observations of the Earth's Environment: Accelerating the Transition of Research to Operations (Richard A. Anthes et al., US National Research Council, 2003)
Satellite Oceanography Laboratory
Satellite Photographs of Israel and the Middle East
(Israel Science and Technology)
Satellite Research (USDA, NASS, Research Division)
Satellite Research Group (Gary A. Wick, NOAA/ETL)
Satellite's Eye: Art Galleries (NCDC)
Satellite Telemetry in Rehabilitation and Research
(Project MASTER, Alaska SeaLife Center)
Satellite Interpretation Tutorials / Image Examples (NOAA/NESDIS)
SCIAMACHY on Envisat (IUP/ife, University of Bremen)
Scientific Value of Arctic Sea Ice Imagery Derived Products (Stephanie Pfirman et al., U.S. National Research Council, 2009)
Sea and Space (ESA/ESO/EAAE)
Seamless Data Distribution System (USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science)
Sea Surface Temperature Images (MCSST Gridded Fields Display)
Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Image Archive
(James Gallagher et al.)
SeaWiFS Project (Gene Carl Feldman, GSFC)
SeaWiFS Project - SeaWiFS Ocean Color Gallery
Secrecy and U.S. Satellite Reconnaissance, 1958-1976 (Jeffrey T. Richardson, ed., NSA Electronic Briefing Book No. 225, 13 Jul 2007)

Seeing the Earth in a New Way (SIRCED03 CD-ROM)
Seaflux from Space (JPL Air-Sea Interaction & Climate Team)
Sensors for Environmental Observatories (Report of the NSF Sponsored Workshoped, Dec 2004, ed. Peter Arzberger et al., World Technology Evaluation Center, 17 Jan 2006) PDF
Servers With Satellite Data and Information (GCMD)
SERVIR | An Environmental Monitoring and Decision Support System for the Mesoamerican Region (NASA)
Single Room, Earth View (Sally Ride, Air & Space, Jul 2012; SpaceWatchtower, 24 Jul 2012)
SkylineGlobe (Skyline Software Systems Inc., Chantilly, Virginia)
SMAP Soil Moisture Active Passive (NASA)
SMAP Mission Site (JPL)
SOLVE Images (NASA Goddard SFC Scientific Visualization Studio)
SOLVE II Home (Sage III Ozone Loss Validation Experiment)
SORCE | SOlar Radiation and Climate Experiment (LASP)
Sources of Earth and Planetary Photography (comp. Rose Steinat, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, Apr 1995, update)
Space Available: Learning from Satellites
Space for Species
SpaceImaging.com (Space Imaging, Inc., Thornton, Colorado)
Space Imaging Home Page Contents
Space Monitoring Information Support (SMIS IKI RAN)
Space Shuttle Earth Observations Project
Space Shuttle Photographs (CEPS/NASM)
Space SIR-C/X-SAR Space Radar Images of Earth
Space-Track: The Source for Space Surveillance Data
(USAF Space Command)
SPECTRA - Surface Processes and Ecosystem Changes Through Response Analysis (ESA Living Planet Programme)
SPOT Image (SPOT Image Corporation, Satellite Pour l'Observation de la Terre)
-- US Mirror (SICORP, Chantilly, Virginia)
SPURS (Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean Regional Study, JPL)

SRTM - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (JPL)
Studying Earth's Environment from Space (Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia)
TagMaps - World Explorer (Yahoo! Research Berkeley)
TEMIS (ESA Tropospheric Emission Monitoring Internet Service)
Terra (EOS AM-1): The EOS Flagship
-- EOS Direct Broadcast
Terra (NASA/CSA)
TerraFly (Naphtali Rishe et al., Florida International University)
TerraLook: Satellite imagery to view a changing world (USGS)
TES | Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer
(NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
THEMIS (NASA Missions)
THEMIS | The History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (UC Berkeley)
-- Calgary Mirror
TIMED Home Page (JHU Applied Physics Laboratory)
TOMS Home Page (Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer)
TOPEX/Poseidon Project | Ocean Surface Topography from Space
Tour Canada from Space: CCRS Images of Canada
Tracking Threatened Birds and Animals by Satellite
(Space Today Online)
TRMM Website | NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
(Institute for Global Environmental Strategies)
Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (JPL)
TruEarth Global Satellite Imagery (TerraMetrics, Littleton, Colorado)
TruEarth TruViewer (TerraMetrics, Littleton, Colorado)
UAE2 - 2004 United Arab Emirates Unified Aerosol Experiment (AERONET Sunphotometer, NASA Goddard SFC)
UAVSAR - Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Sythetic Aperture Radar (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
The Ultimate Field Trip: An Astronaut's View of Earth
(Kathryn D. Sullivan)
Universal Viewer (Space.com)

UNOSAT | UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Operational Satellite Applications Programme (CERN, Geneva)
UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal (United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response)
USGS Global Land Information System
USGS Global Visualization Viewer (EROS)
US National Fire Maps (NIFC)
US Satellite Images (Hobart M. King, Geology.com)
U.S. Satellite Imagery, 1960-1999 (Jeffrey T. Richardson, NSA Electronic Briefing Book No. 13, 14 Apr 1999)
VDADC | Virtual Domain Application Data Center (CEOSR)
View from Satellite (John Walker)
Virtual Earth (MSN)
Virtual Earth For Government (Microsoft)
Visualization of Remote Sensing Data (NASA Goddard SFC)
Volcano Sensorweb (JPL Artificial Intelligence Group)
Volcano Watch Satellite Images (SSEC)
The Water Planet - Meteorological, Oceanographic, and Hydrologic Applications of Remote Sensing (Nicholas M. Short, Sr., et al., Remote Sensing Tutorial, Section 14)
WebEarth (Mark Pesce)
Where In the World Gallery (Bigelow Aerospace, Las Vegas)
Wide-Area Ice Detection Using Time-Domain Reflectometry (Norbert E. Yankielun et al., US Army, Oct 2002) PDF
Windows Live Local (Live Networks, Inc., Mountain View, California)
WINDS: Measuring Ocean Winds from Space (JPL)
WINDS: Missions - SeaWinds on QuikSCAT (NASA/JPL)
WISPAR (Winter Storms and Pacific Atmospheric Rivers, NASA)
World Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images (California Geographical Survey)
The World From Above (Arnon Medzini)
World Sunlight Map (Aaron Hopkins, Torrance, California)
The WorldWatcher Project (Daniel C. Edelson & Louis M. Gomez, et al.)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Remote Sensing
(Mikael Holm)
World Wind (Chris Maxwell et al., NASA Learning Technologies)
-- Introduction to World Wind (Dan Sanders, iFied.ca)
-- Introduction to World Wind (Dan Sanders, iFied.ca) PDF
World Wind Community Blog (World Wind Central)
World Wind Forums (NASA)
World Wind Hotspots (World Wind Central)
World Wind Wiki (World Wind Central)
X-SAR/SRTM Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (DFD)
YaWah - Blue Marble Next Generation Viewer (Århus, Denmark)
Zoom Views (Space.com)

See also Global Change, Global Positioning System (GPS), Satellite Tracking, Satellite Images (Weather), and Remote Imaging (Weather)


Web Cameras

AfriCam (Peter Armitage)
Ambit NASA LIVE Cams and Mission Displays
(Ira Brickman)
Around the World in 80 Clicks (Steven Fuchs)
AuroraWebCam.com - Aurora borealis
(Troy Birdsall & Stachu Stryzewski)
CamSafe (Den Ferrera, KidSafe Group)
Cam's Eye View
Canada's Regional Webcams Coast to Coast (CBC News Photo Galleries)
Crittercam (National Geographic Society)
The Digital Camera Network
Discovery Online -- Live Cams!
EarthCam for Kids - Webcam Search Engine
Free Webcam List (Alex Baldwin)
Gates96 - Live Cams
GLOVISION: The Web Cam Station
Hancock Wildlife (Surrey, BC)
Kathy's Video Cam Links (Kathy E. Gill)
Kat's Home Page - Live Cameras from Around the World

Leonard's Cam World (Len Evancic)
Live Weather and Tower Cams
Miraflores Locks Camera (Panama Canal Authority)
Museum of Animal Perspectives (M.A.P.): Dwelling Cam Gallery (Sam Easterson)
-- Critter cams (blog entry posted by Alla Katsnelson, The Scientist, 11 Sep 2009)
New Live Cameras (Gates96)
123cam.com All Cam Live in the World
Orcacam.com (Center for Whale Research)
OrcaLive (Paul Spong, Nature Network)
Race Rocks MPA (Marine Protected Area)
Russian Livecams
Teleport Mini-Feature: Web Spy-Cams
Traffic Cameras Worldwide (TrafficLand.com)
Tundra-Cam (Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research)
UM Weather: Weather Cams (Canada & US)
Virtual Cams

WebCam Central (Jim Holley)
Webcam Collection (ResourceShelf)
Webcam FAQ (Krosnoff.com)
Webcams of the World
Webcam Views of the World (Camcity)
WebWinds: Your Web Cam Tour Guide of Live Scenic Images
(Tracy Marks)
WildCam AFRICA (National Geographic Magazine)
WildCam: Brown Bears @ nationalgeographic.com
WildCam: Otters @ nationalgeographic.com
World Map of Live Webcams
World Webcam Directory Homepage
Worldwide Webcam Sites
WunderCam Directory (Weather Underground)
Yahoo! Web Cams
Zeal.com - World Wide Web (WWW) - Web Cams


The Moon

Lunar Exploration

A.L.P.O. Lunar Section
An alternative hypothesis for the origin of the Moon (Robert J. de Meijer & W. van Westrenen, arXiv:1001.4243v1 [astro-ph.EP], 24 Jan 2010)
The American Lunar Society
BAA Lunar Section (Alan E. Wells et al., British Astronomical Association)
Apollo Image Atlas (LPI)
Celebrated Moon Rocks (Linda M. V. Martel, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 21 Dec 2009)
CEPS Moon Research (Center for Earth and Planetary Studies)
Chuck Wood's Moon: Compendium of Lunar Science & History
(Charles A. Wood, Tucson, Arizona)
Clementine Lunar Image Browser (CLIB)
-- CNES Mirror
Clementine Lunar Map (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
Clementine UVVIS 750-nm Basemap (Clementine Basemap Mosaic)
Common source for Earth and Moon water (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 9 May 2013)
Compositional Balancing Before Moon Formation (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 22 Feb 2008)
Composition of the Moon's Crust (Linda M. V. Martel, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 10 Dec 2004)
Consolidated Lunar Atlas (LPI)
Did the Moon Come From Earth? (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 27 Mar 2012)
Earth and Moon: Sharing a Drink (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 9 May 2013)
Earth's Childhood Attic (Bernard Foing, Astrobiology Magazine, 23 Feb 2005)
The Earth's Moon (Windows to the Universe)
Exploring the Moon (Lunar and Planetary Institute)
The Face of the Moon: Galileo to Apollo (Linda Hall Library, Kansas City)
A Farside Geochemical Window into the Moon (Linda M. V. Martel, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 29 Apr 2008)
Finding Basalt Chips from Distant Maria (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 30 Apr 2006)
Gamma Rays, Meteorites, Lunar Samples, and the Composition of the Moon (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 22 Nov 2005)
Geologic History of the Moon (Don Wilhelms, US Geological Survey Professional Paper 1348, 1987; PDF, 2004)
Global distribution of olivine from the lunar interior and its origin revealed by SELENE/KAGUYA (JAXA Press Release, 5 Jul 2010)
Google Moon
High-Resolution Simulations of a Moon-Forming Impact and Post-Impact Evolution (Keiichi Wada et al., astro-ph/0601094, 5 Jan 2006)
Historical Lunar Data Archive: Assorted Lunar Images and Data from 1965 to 1992 (USGS Astrogeology)
History of the Moon (Lunar Prospector)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon (Akkana Peck et al.)
How Young is the Lunar Crater Giordano Bruno? (Linda M. V. Martel, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 17 Feb 2010)
Huge Moon-Forming Collision Theory Gets New Spin (Mike Wall, Space.com, 17 Oct 2012)
Ian's Lunar Pages (Ian Sanders)
Inconstant Moon: Multimedia Tours of the Lunar Surface
(Kevin Clarke)
If We Had No Moon (Bernard Foing, Astrobiology Magazine, 29 Oct 2007)
Interview: The New Moon (interview with Arlin Crotts by Caleb A. Scharf, Life, Unbounded, Scientific American Blog Network, 21 Oct 2014)
ISPEC: Virtual Learning Center - Moon
JPL Moon (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Keith's Moon Facts, Moon Phases, Moon Photos & Moon Folklore Page (Keith Cooley)
A large lunar impact blast on 2013 September 11 (Jose M. Madiedo et al., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 23 Feb 2014)
-- A Meteorite Lights up the Lunar Night (Shannon Hall, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 24 Feb 2014)
LROC Northern Polar Mosaic (LNPM, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera)
-- First Interactive Mosaic of the Lunar North Pole (Emily Poore, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 21 Mar 2014)
Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)
Lunar Atlas (Charles A. Wood)
Lunar Atlas (Chris Johnson, Lunar Prospector)
Lunar Atlas (NASA ARC)
Lunar Atlases (Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, Texas)
The Lunar Cataclysm Hypothesis (LPL Space Imagery Center)
A Lunar Debate: Dry or Wet? (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 11 Aug 2010)
Lunar Meteorites (Randy L. Korotev, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri)
Lunar Meteorite SaU169 | New Lunar Meteorite Provides its Lunar Address and Some Clues about Early Bombardment of the Moon (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 31 Oct 2004)
Lunar Meteorites and the Lunar Cataclysm (Barbara A. Cohen, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, Jan 2001)
Lunar Meteoritic Impacts Search (Brian Cudnik et al., ALPO)
Lunar mission [LRO] sheds light on early solar system (Nicola Guttridge, Physics World, 21 Sep 2010)
The Lunar Navigator: Interactive Maps of the Moon (The Full Moon Atlas, Lunar Republic Society)
Lunar Observations with the Boston University Imaging System
Lunar Orbiter Digitization Project (USGS Astrogeology Extranet)
Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon (LPI)

Lunar Outgassing, Transient Phenomena and The Return to The Moon, I: Existing Data (Arlin P. S. Crotts, arXiv:0706.3949v1 [astro-ph], 27 Jun 2007)
Lunar Outgassing, Transient Phenomena and The Return to The Moon, II: Predictions for Interactions between Outgassing and Regolith (Arlin P. S. Crotts & Cameron Hummels, arXiv:0706.3952v1 [astro-ph], 27 Jun 2007)
Lunar Outgassing, Transient Phenomena and The Return to The Moon, III: Observational and Experimental Techniques (Arlin P. S. Crotts, arXiv:0706.3954v1 [astro-ph], 27 Jun 2007)
Lunar Palaeoregolith Deposits as Recorders of the Galactic Environment of the Solar System and Implications for Astrobiology (Ian A. Crawford et al., arXiv:1008.4027v1 [astro-ph.EP], 24 Aug 2010)
Lunar Photo of the Day: Daily Images of Earth's Moon
(Charles A. Wood)
Lunar Prospector Archives (ARC)
-- Ames Mirror
-- Kennedy Mirror (KSC)
-- PDS Geosciences Node
Lunar rock chemistry supports big-smash theory (Alexandra Witze, Nature News & Comment, 5 Jun 2014)
Lunar Seismology: Apollo Lunar Seismic Experiment
(University of California at San Diego)
Lunar Transient Phenomena (ALPO)
Lunar Transient Research Program (David O. Darling)
The Lunascan Project (Francis Ridge)
Millions of Tons of Water Ice Found at Moon’s North Pole (Tia Ghose, Wired Science, 1 Mar 2010)
The Moon (Bill Arnett, The Nine Planets)
The Moon (Calvin J. Hamilton)
-- LANL Mirror
The Moon (Jack Troeger)
The Moon (LPL Space Imagery Center)
Moon (MSSS)
The Moon (NASA Solar System Exploration)
-- JPL Mirror
The Moon (Nature Special, Aug-Sep 2006)

The Moon (NSSDC)
The Moon (USGS Flagstaff)
The Moon, As seen from the Northern Hemisphere
(Michael Myers)
The Moon, by Thomas Gwyn Elger, 1895 (Project Gutenberg)
Moon Crater Map Reveals Early Solar System History (Jess McNally, Wired Science, 16 Sep 2010)
Moon Daily - News About Our Moon (The Daily Network)
The Moon: Gateway to the Solar System - Teacher's Resource Guide
(G. Jeffrey Taylor)
Moon Mineralogy Mapper (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Moon Rocks through a Microscope: A Web Gallery of Images
(Jeffrey G. Ryan, University of South Florida)
The Moon Society
The Moon's Sodium Tail and the Leonid Meteor Shower
(Boston University Imaging System)
The Moon Through LRO's Eyes (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 17 Sep 2010)
Moon View (John Walker)
Moon-Watch - The Site for Moon Enthusiasts
The-Moon Wiki (Chuck Wood et al.)
Moon Zoo (Ryan Balfanz et al.)
NASA Lunar Science Institute (NASA Ames Research Center)
NASA's LRO Exposes Moon's Complex, Turbulent Youth (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2010-303, 16 Sep 2010)
NASA's LRO Reveals 'Incredible Shrinking Moon' (Nancy Neal-Jones et al., Goddard Release No. 10-072, 18 Aug 2010)
-- The Incredible Shrinking Moon (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 20 Aug 2010)
NASA's Moon Mineralogy Mapper (Catalog Page for PIA11727, Planetary Photojournal)
NASA World Wind and The Moon (Chris Maxwell et al., NASA Learning Technologies)
-- Moon (World Wind Wiki)
Nearside Directory & Lunar Sections (Lunascan Project)
New Evidence For Young Lunar Volcanism! (Mark Robinson, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, 12 Oct 2014)
-- (Geologically) Recent Volcanoes on the Moon? (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope, 14 Oct 2014)
A New Moon for the Twenty-First Century (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 31 Aug 2000)
New Views of the Moon
Night Sky Observer (LunarPhase Pro)
Observatorio ARVAL - Moon Map
Origin of the Moon (Online University)
The Origin of the Moon (William K. Hartmann & Donald R. Davis, Planetary Sciences Institute, 1975)

Origin of the Earth and Moon (H. J. Melosh, LPL)
PDS Map-A-Planet Moon (USGS Astrogeology Research Program)
Photographic Moon Book (Alan Chu, Hong Kong)
Primitive Attraction: Magnetized Moon Rock Points to Lunar Core's Active Past (John Matson, Scientific American, 26 Jan 2012)
PSRD Archive: Moon Articles
Radar Echoes From the Moon (Jack Mofenson, Evans Signal Laboratory, Belmar, New Jersey, Jan 1946)
Richard Evans Lunar Homepage
RITI | Reading Information Technology Inc. (Lunar Map Pro)
Sayh al Uhaymir (SaU) 169 (Edwin Gnos et al.)
Selenology Today (ed. R. Lena et al., Geological Lunar Resources Group)
Torricelli B (Wilfried Tost, Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte Lunar Section)
The Totally Lunar Page (Vic Winter)
Transient Lunar Phenomena: Regularity and Reality (Arlin P. S. Crotts, arXiv:0706.3947v1 [astro-ph], 27 Jun 2007)
Two Views of the Moon's Composition (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 3 Apr 2007)
Unraveling the Origin of the Lunar Highlands Crust (Linda M. V. Martel, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 30 Sep 2010)
Uranus, Neptune, and the Mountains of the Moon (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 21 Aug 2001)
USGS Astrogeology: Earth's Moon
A View of the Moon (Lorenzo Pasqualis)
Virtual Atlas of the Moon (FW, Christian Legrand & Patrick Chevalley)
Volcanism on the Moon (Robert Wickman, VolcanoWorld)
Yahoo! - Moon, The

See also The Sky: Sun and Moon


Lunar Exploration

Apollo Chronicles 1: Dark Shadows (Tony Phillips, Science@NASA, 3 Jan 2006)
Apollo Chronicles 2: Jack Skis the Moon (Tony Phillips, Science@NASA, 17 Jan 2006)
Apollo Chronicles 3: The Smell of Moondust (Tony Phillips, Science@NASA, 30 Jan 2006)
Apollo Chronicles 4: Wide Awake on the Sea of Tranquillity
(Tony Phillips, Science@NASA, 20 Jul 2006)
American Experience | Race to the Moon (Kevin Michael Kertscher, PBS, 31 Oct 2005)
Another giant leap for mankind (Paul D. Spudis, Physics World, 2 Mar 2009)
Apollo 11 Lunar Samples and Site Geology Overview
(Walter S. Kiefer, LPI)
Apollo Expeditions to the Moon (ed. Edgar M. Cortright, NASA SP-350, 1975)
Apollo 40th Anniversary (NASA)
Apollo Image Archive (Arizona State University)
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ed. Eric M. Jones, NASA)
Apollo to the Moon (Smithsonian NASM)
Back2Moon Web Archive
Chandrayaan-1: India's First Scientific Mission to the Moon (Indian Space Research Organization)
China's Lunar Exploration Activities (China National Space Administration)
Clementine Mission (USGS Astrogeology)
Clementine Project Information (David R. Williams, NSSDC)
The Clementine Mission (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)
Dateline Moon: The Media and the Space Race (Newseum)
Dead Spacecraft Walking (Tony Phillips, NASA Science News, 27 Oct 2010)
Destination Moon: A History of the Lunar Orbiter Program (Bruce K. Byers, NASA, 1977)
Dust-busting, Lunar Style (Interview with Daniel Winterhalter, Astrobiology Magazine, 26 Mar 2007)
The Earth-Moon CR3BP: A full Atlas of low-energy fast periodic transfer orbits (Alejandro M. Leiva & Carlos B. Briozzo, astro-ph/0612386, 14 Dec 2006)
Exploring the Moon (Charles A. Wood)
Exploring the Moon (Lunar and Planetary Institute)
"A Giant Leap for Mankind" (Life Magazine)
Google Lunar X Prize (X Prize Foundation)
-- Google sponsors $30 million Moon landing prize (Matthew Busse, Reuters, New Scientist, 13 Sep 2007)
-- The New Moon Race (Ralph Buttigieg, The Discovery Enterprise, 14 Sep 2007)
-- X Prize: 'We like the moon' (Daniel Cressey, The Great Beyond, 14 Sep 2007)
-- Google Shoots for the Moon (Andrew Lawler, ScienceNOW Daily News, 14 Sep 2007)
GRAIL - Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (NASA Missions)
GRAIL - Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (NASA Solar System Exploration)

History of Lunar and Planetary Flight Missions (Wesley T. Huntress, Carnegie Institution of Washington)
Ice on the Moon (DefenseLINK)
Ice on the Moon (NSSDC)
Ice on the Moon (Paul Spudis, The Space Review, 6 Nov 2006)
International Lunar Exploration Working Group
-- WWW Sites of Interest
International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) Forum (ESA)
Jim Scotti's Apollo page
Larry Russell Kellogg
LCROSS (NASA Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite)
-- Strange Brew at LCROSS's Crash Site (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 3 Nov 2009)
-- LCROSS Impact Kicked up Lunar Water (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 13 Nov 2009)
LCROSS Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (NASA Mission Pages)
LRO Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment (UCLA)
Luna Gaia: A closed-loop habitat for the moon (Final Report) (SSP 2006 Team Project, International Space University, Strasbourg, 7 Sep 2007) PDF
-- Luna Gaia (Carolyn Barry, The Discovery Enterprise, 12 Oct 2007)
Lunar Exploration (David R. Williams, NSSDC)
Lunar Exploration History (Paolo Ulivi)
Lunar Exploration Timeline (NSSDC)
Lunar Explorers Society (LUNEX)
Lunar Explorers Society (UK)
Lunar Ice (Leonard David, Space News, 13 Feb. 1995)

The Lunar Ice Discovery Initiative (Robotics Institute)
LunarImpact.com (Science@NASA)
Lunar Landing Sites (Google Moon)
Lunar News Network
Lunar Orbiter Mission (USGS Astrogeology)
Lunar Plant Growth Chamber (NASA Engineering Design Challenge)
Lunar Prospector (NASA Spacelink)
Lunar Prospector Homepage (NASA ARC)
-- Ames Mirror
-- Goddard Mirror (GSFC)
-- Kennedy Mirror (KSC)
Lunar Prospector Impact Page (David Golstein et al.)
Lunar Prospector Information (David R. Williams, NSSDC)
Lunar Prospector Spectrometers (Los Alamos)
The Lunar Reclamation Society
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
-- New moon vistas revealed (Alan Boyle, Cosmic Log, 2 Jul 2009)
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Acquisition Homepage
(NASA Langley Research Center)
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (Arizona State University)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 24 Jul 2014)
Lunar Republic Society (New York)
Lunar Resources (R. Mark Elowitz, Las Cruces, New Mexico)
The Lunar Resources Company
Lunar Rover Initiative Home (Carnegie-Mellon University)
LunarSat (TU/Munich. Germany)

Lunar Underground Web Ring (Artemis Society International)
lunar-update Info Page (Larry Kellogg's Lunar Update List)
Lunokhod 2 Panoramas (Laboratory for Comparative Planetology, V. I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistr RAS)
Mapping the Moon's Resources (Frank Sietzen Jr., Aerospace America, Apr 2005) PDF
Modelling long-term trends in lunar surface charging by the Earth's plasmasheet (Michael Hapgood, arXiv:0705.0873v1 [physics.space-ph], 7 May 2007)
Moon Base Clavius
Moonbase why (Jeff Foust, The Space Review, 11 Dec 2006)
The Moon is a Harsh Witness (Trudy E. Bell, Science@NASA, 26 Jan 2007)
The Moon is a Junkyard: A Catalogue of Lunar Detritus
(Kevin S. Forsyth, Chicago)
Moonlink - A Space Education Program for NASA's Lunar Prospector Mission to the Moon
The MoonMars Workshop Initiative (Douglas K. R. Robinson et al., Space Generation Forum)
The MOON Project (Benjamin J. Britton)
Moonrise.org (Timothy Bailey, Seattle)
Moon Today (SpaceRef)
The "Moon Trees" (David R. Williams, NASA Goddard SFC)
Moon Water - Our Ticket to the Solar System
(Jamie Love, 12 Mar 1998)
NASA Ames Contributions to the Apollo Moon Missions
(NASA Ames Research Center)
NOVA Online | To the Moon (PBS, 13 Jul 1999)
On the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 17 (Andrew Chaikin Sky & Telescope News Blog, 14 Dec 2012)
PDS Geosciences Node Data and Services: Earth's Moon
(NASA's Planetary Data System)
Peaks of Eternal Light (Bernard Foing, Astrobiology Magazine, 24 Nov 2005)
The Project Apollo Archive (Kipp Teague)
Race To The Moon with Richard Furno, Part 1 (Nathaniel Vaugn Kelso, Kelso's Corner, 21 Jan 2009)
Race To The Moon with Richard Furno, Part 2 (Nathaniel Vaugn Kelso, Kelso's Corner, 26 Jan 2009)
Revisiting the Moon (Interview with Harrison Schmitt, Astrobiology Magazine, 15 May 2006)
Science vs. Exploration: A Piggyback Solution? (David Tenenbaum, Astrobiology Magazine, 29 Mar 2007)
The Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon: Interim Report (U.S. National Research Council, 19 Sep 2006)
The Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon: Final Report (U.S. National Research Council, 5 Jun 2007)
SELENE (JAXA Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan)
SELENE(Kaguya)/H-IIA F13 (JAXA SELenological and ENgineering Explorer)
SELENE | SELenological and ENgineering Explorer "KAGUYA" (JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Selene: Trip to the Moon (NASA Classroom of the Future)
Shooting for the Moon, Once Again (John Johnson Jr., Los Angeles Times, 12 Feb 2006)
SMART-1 (ESA Science)
SMART-1, Europe's First Lunar Spacecraft
(Swedish Space Corporation)
The Smart One: Exploring the Other Globe (Bernard Foing, Astrobiology Magazine, 21 Feb 2005)
SMART-1 Lunar Impact (ESA Science & Technology)
Spudis Lunar Resources (Paul D. Spudis, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston)
Surface Views of the Apollo 11 Landing Site
To the Moon and Beyond (Charles Dingell et al., Scientific American 297:4:62-8, Oct 2007)
To the Moon: Education for A New Era of Lunar Exploration
(wiki, Charles Wood et al.)
To a Rocky Moon: A Geologist's History of Lunar Exploration (Don E. Wilhelms, 1993)
The VSM: Lunar Probes (Alexander Chernov, Virtual Space Museum)
We Choose the Moon: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing (John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum)
Where No Man Has Gone Before: A History of Apollo Lunar Exploration Missions (William David Compton, NASA, 1989)
Why the Moon? Human survival! (Robert Shapiro, Lifeboat Foundation Special Report, 1 Aug 2007)

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