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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources giving information on the sky (celestial events), including sky charts, observer's weather, sun and moon, and the visible planets. The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure, Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: sky; night sky; celestial calendar; celestial events; astronomy; weather; forecast; prediction; WX; sun; moon; planet

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Local Information

Global Community
Regional Administration and Information

Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
[Up] Global News

World News
Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
Science News
Space News
Sky and Weather

The Sky
Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data
Weather Equipment
[Up] Reference

Special Topics
Books On-line
Encyclopaedias On-line
Time and Times

Child Safety
Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers
[Up] Life and Leisure

Food and Drink
Consumer Services
Health and Medicine
Home and Garden
Home Computing

Help and Technical Support
Antivirus Resources
Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
GNU/Linux and Open Source
Microsoft Windows
Internet Connectivity
History of Personal Computing
Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes
[Up] Internet Forums

Mailing Lists

Web Rings
Web Weaving

Hypertext and HTML
Web Style: Writing for the Web

Sky and Weather

Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data

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The Sky

The Night Sky
Sky Charts and Data
Observer's Weather
Sun and Moon
The Planets
Visible Comets
Meteors and Meteor Showers
Satellite Tracking
GPS/GLONASS Constellation Status

When I arose and saw the dawn,
I sigh'd for thee;
When light rode high, and the dew was gone,
And noon lay heavy on flower and tree,
And the weary Day turn'd to his rest
Lingering like an unloved guest,
I sigh'd for thee.
Percy Bysshe Shelley

O holy Night! from thee I learn to bear
What man has borne before!
Thou layest thy finger on the lips of Care,
And they complain no more.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


(The ATM Page)

Astronomy Now | The Night Sky
Astronomy-Watch.com (John Anthony Garcia)
Astronomy - What's UP This Month ?? (Bruce Dale)
CalSKY Astronomical Calendar (Arnold Barmettler)
Celestial Delights Online (Francis Reddy & Greg Walz-Chojnacki)
Celestial Events (AstroNet)
The Celestial Times (Kevin Clarke)
Current Sky Information (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
eNature.com - Sky Guide
Fels Planetarium Sky Report (Derrick H. Pitts)
The Galactic Core - Observer's Guide (Timothy J. Finucane)
Google Sky
Hal Kibbey's StarTrak : Monthly Viewing Tips for the Night's Sky
Heavenly Details

Ivan's Universe (Ivan Semeniuk, EXN)
Monthly Sky Facts (USNO)
NightSkyLive.net | The Night Sky Live (Robert J. Nemiroff et al.)
Night Sky This Week (Emil Neata, NightSkyInfo.com, Craiova, Romania)
North American Skies
Northern Skies: Astronomy highlights and information
(Royal Astronomical Association of Canada)
Observer's Handbook Resources (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)
Observing the Sky: Your Skyblog for Astronomical Observations
(Jay Brausch et al.)
The Orrery Sky (Science U)
Project Skywatcher: Objects of the Night (David & Wendee Levy, Jarnac Observatory)
ScienceNet - Night Patrol - Information for Amateur Astronomers
(Duncan Copp & Duncan Franklin)
Shadow & Substance (Larry Koehn, Antioch, Tennessee)
Sky Watch (H. R. MacMillan Space Centre, Vancouver)
Sky and Space Update (SJI)
Sky & Telescope - Observing
Sky Calendar (Abrams Planetarium)
Sky Events (Astronomy Magazine)
SkyEye (David Harper & Lynne Marie Stockman)
Skyhound: What's Up in the Sky? (Greg Crinklaw, CapellaSoft)
Skylights (Jim Kaler)
Sky Maps & Notes (BBCi)

SkyNotes (Jay Respler, Freehold, New Jersey)
The Sky This Month (Morrison Planetarium)
SkyTonight.com (Sky & Telescope)
Sky Views (Jay Respler, Freehold, New Jersey)
Sky Watch - Discovery Channel School
Skywatcher's Page
Skyway (Joe Rao)
Spacewatch: Your Sky Tonight (Space.com)
STARcast (Intellicast)
StarDate Online | Stargazing
The Stargazers' Newsletter (Robert Young)
Tonight's Sky (Amazing Space)
Tonight's Sky (Deborah Byrd, Earth and Sky, NPR)
Tonight's Sky (HubbleSite)
Tonight's Sky (Mark Casazza, Mountain Top, Pennsylvania)
What's Up Now: A Virtual Planisphere (Ernie Wright)
Your Sky (John Walker)

ASSA Observing (Astronomical Society of South Australia)
Astronomical Information (AUSLIG)
Astronomical Sky Events -- Southern Skies (Astronomy Magazine)
The Sky from Southern Latitudes (John Caldwell, SAAO)
Southern Sky Guide (Auckland Observatory, NZ)
Sydney Observatory Sky Guide

Constellation Guide (BBCi)
Constellation Guide (Planetarium.Net)
Constellation Names (Bruce Perrault)
The Constellations (Frank's Astronomy Page)
The Constellations (Ken White)
The Constellations by Alphabet (Hawaiian Astronomical Society Deepsky Atlas)
The Constellations: A Summary List (William C. Demmery)
The Constellations and Their Stars (Chris Dolan)
StarDate Online | Constellation Guide

Astronomy Without a Telescope (Nick Strobel, Astronomy Notes)
-- Naked Eye Astronomy Index
Cosmic Bird Watching: Visual Observation of the Deep Sky
(Jay Reynolds Freeman)
Izzy's Skylog (Ken White)
Knowing the Sky (CASS/UCSD Public Outreach, Bill Baity)
New Star Gazers Home Page (Dan Murray)
Observational Astronomy (Megan Thomas & Kristi Carver)
The Recreational Astronomer (Jon-Stewart Taylor)
Sky Tour (Wes Stone)
STARMAN by Jay Ryan
Stars: Portraits of Stars and Their Constellations (Jim Kaler)
Visual Astronomy (Mel Bartels)
Visual Deep-Sky Astronomy Site (Bert Dekker)

See also The Far Country: Amateur Astronomy


Sky Charts and Data

3-D Starmaps (Winchell Chung, Project Rho)
AJ's Cosmic Thing (Andrew Milne)
Aladin Java: A Sky Atlas (CDS)
The Astronomical Almanac Online (UK)
The Astronomical Almanac Online (US)
Binocular Charts from Lake Afton Public Observatory
Constellations (Christine Kronberg, Munich Astro Archive)
Down Under Star Charts (ASSA, AU)
GalacticSky Charts (Mike C. Harvey)
Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Deepsky Atlas

Heavens-Above GmbH (Chris Peat)
Interactive Sky Chart List (Chris Dolan)
The Mag-7 Star Atlas Project: Free Mag 7 Star Charts
(Andrew L. Johnson)
The Munich Archive Astromaps (Christine Kronberg, MAA)
MWO · Services · StarMap
Polaris: Starchart Map Server
Qué tal in the Current Skies (Bob Riddle)
Sky & Telescope's Interactive Sky Chart
Skymaps.com (Kym Thalassoudis)
Star Names (Steven Gibson)
Taki's Star Atlas (Toshimi Taki)
Views of the Sky (Alan Cairns, SciEd)
WikiSky (Konstantin Lysenko & Sergei Goshko, Sky-Map.org, Oakville, Ontario)

See also The Far Country: Stargazing

ADC for Amateur Astronomers (NASA Astronomical Data Center)
AstroAlert (Sky & Telescope)
Astro Deep Sky Field Guide
The Astronomer's Telegram (ed. R. E. Rutledge)
Astronomy Calculator (Russ Back)
Center for Backyard Astrophysics (Jonathan Kemp et al.)
Centre for Backyard Astrophysics, Alberta (Brian Martin)
Chasing the Shadow: The Complete Guide to Observing Lunar, Grazing and Asteroid Occultations (IOTA Occultation Observer's Manual, ed. Richard Nugent, 1994 revised)
Electra: The List Generator (Mikkel Steine, Messier45.com)
Ephemerides and Orbital Elements
(CfA Planetary Sciences Division)
Interactive Observing Tools (SkyandTelescope.com)
International Occultation Timing Association
IOTA Asteroidal Occultation, Mid-Atlantic Occultation, Eclipse, and Lunar Impactors Page (David W. Dunham, Johns Hopkins University, Laurel, Maryland)
IOTA/ES | International Occultation Timing Association - European Section (Hans-Hellmuth Cuno, Germany)\
IOTA | International Occultation Timing Association, Inc.
(Topeka, Kansas)
JPL's HORIZONS System (Alan Chamberlin)
Local Apparent Sideral Time (USNO)
Morel Astrographics: Stellar Data and Information Centre
(Mati Morel)

Netastrocatalog - Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog
(Lew Gramer)
-- IAAC Deep-Sky Observing Log Entry
-- Search the IAAC Deep-Sky Observing Logs
Occultation Maps for North America (Charlie Ridgway)
Occultations by Solar System Objects (Douglas J. Mink, SAO)
Online Resources (The Silicon Sky)
PlanetDiary Calendar
SkyMorph Home Page (Thomas McGlynn et al., GSFC)
Sky View Café (Kerry Shetline)
StarDate (Christine Kronberg, MAA)
S.T.A.R. Online: StarLink (San Antonio Astronomical Association)
TCAEP.co.uk Astronomy (Jonathan Stott)
Vargas Home Page - Data Archives and Sky Atlases Online
(Stefano 'Vargas' Padovan)
The Virtual Sky (VirtualSky.org)
VOEventNet: Real-Time Astronomy with a Rapid-Response Telescope Grid (Caltech)
Web MICA (Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac)

See also Astronomy Data and Sky Surveys


Observer's Weather and Space Environment

Primary WX Sites Satellite Images Other WX Resources The Sun

Local WX: Rad | NEXRAD | Sat | IR4 | SEA FX | Solar | STARcast | World
Obs WX: Astronomical Sky Forecast | Clear Sky Clock (DAO | YVR)

ACE Real Time Solar Wind (Kent A. Doggett, SEC)
A.L.P.O. Solar Section (Richard Hill et al.)
-- Recent Observations
-- SolNet
APanel (Astroweather Panel) - 7Timer Numerical Weather Forecast (Ye Quanzhi, China)
Astro-USON WebTV (Universidad de Sonora, Mexico)
AstroWeather (The Silicon Sky)
Aurora Forecast (Geophysical Institute, Fairbanks)
-- Aurora Predictions (Custom Longitude Maps)
Auroral Activity (Solar Terrestrial Dispatch)
Auroral Activity Observation Network
-- Hourly STD DMSP/POLAR Auroral Activity Report
-- Near-Real-Time MUF Map

Auroral Activity Extracted from NOAA POES (SEC)
Auroral Forecast (Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks)
AuroraWatch (Lancaster University)
Australian Space Weather Agency
Big Bear Solar Observatory - Latest Images
Big Bear Solar Observatory - Solar Activity Reports
Butteflydiagrams of the Sun
(Bob van Slooten, Amateur Solar Observatory)
CANOPUS - Real Time Auroral Oval
CAPS - Communication Alert Planning System (Space Environment Technologies Space Weather Operations)
CDAW Data (Center for Solar Physics and Space Weather)
ClearSkyAlarmClock.com (Mark Casazza, Mountain Top, Pennsylvania)
The Clear Sky Clock Homepage (Attilla Danko)
-- Clear Sky Clocks in British Columbia
-- Dominion Astrophysical Observatory Clear Sky Clock

Clouds Forecast for Astronomical Purposes
(Allan Rahill, Canadian Meteorological Centre)
CLUSTER CSDSweb Quicklook Plots (Rutherford Appleton Lab)
Coronal Mass Ejection Estimated Time of Arrival Predictions
(Solar Terrestrial Dispatch)
Current Digitized H-alpha Video Image of the Sun
(Sacramento Peak)
Current MLSO Movies (Mauna Loa Solar Observatory)
Current Solar Forecast (Space Environment Center)
Current Space Weather (Spaceweather Canada)
Current Space Weather (SOHO)
-- NASA Mirror (Goddard SFC)
Current Space Weather Forecast (Bernard Jackson, CASS)
Current Space Weather Status (Andrew L. Urquhart)
Cycle 23 - Millennia Monitor (John Pike, FAS)
DRAO 10cm Solar Radio Noise Patrol
Earth Space 4-D; Visualizing the Ionosphere using Google Earth (Space Environment Technologies Space Weather Operations)
EOS Solar Data (Universidad de Sonora, Mexico)
ESA Space Weather Site (European Space Agency)
ESO Observatories Ambient Conditions Database

The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere
(David P. Stern & Mauricio Peredo)
First "Solar Weather Maps" Show Changing Wind Patterns on a Star
(Craig DeForest, 3 Jun 2002)
FSL's Turbulence Data Display (Experimental)
Geospace Environment Data Display System
GOES Solar X-Ray Imager (NOAA National Geophysical Data Center)
GOES Solar X-ray Imager (NOAA Space Environment Center)
Guide to High Altitude: Acclimatization and Illnesses (Rich Curtis)
HAARP Data Index
Haleakala MSO White Light Telescope
Hiraiso/CRL Online Information
HLMS Magnetometer and Riometer (Poker Flats Research Range)
Image Index (NSO/SP)
International Living With a Star (ILWS) Program
International Space Weather Information Clearinghouse
Is the Sunspot Cycle About to Stop? (Jay M. Pasachoff & Alan MacRobert, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 14 Jun 2011)

Kanzelhöhe Solar Observatory - Latest Images
Latest Space Weather (Space Environment Center)
Living With a Star (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Living With a Star (NASA Science)
Lund Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division
Magnetic Activity Review and Forecast (GSC)
Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (Tony Darnell)
Mees Solar Observatory Most Recent Images
Mees White Light Telescope (Haleakala)
Meteorological Information (AstroWeb, NRAO)
Meteorological Information (AstroWeb, WWW-VL)
Meteorological Information Resources (AstroWeb, STScI)
Most Recent MIDI Far-side Image

NASA Sun Earth Media Viewer: Live Solar Images
(NASA/UC Berkeley)
Natural VLF Radio - Sounds of Space Weather (Stephen P. McGreevy)
NOAA's Space Weather
NOAA's Space Weather Scales
Non-SEC Sources of Space Weather Data (NOAA Space Environment Center)
NSO Digital Library Recent Images
NSO/KPVT Latest Solar Images
(National Solar Observatory - Kitt Peak)
Ottawa Astronomy Weather (Attila Danko)
Raben Systems - Space Weather Software Applications
Real Time Dst Estimate Web Page (ACE)
Real-Time Magnetopause and Bow Shock Model (S. M. Petrinec, PIXIE)
Real-time Space Weather Plots (Solar Terrestrial Dispatch)
Report of the Assessment Committee for the National Space Weather Program (Louis J. Lanzerotti et al., FCM-R24-2006, Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology, Silver Spring, Maryland, Jun 2006)
SDAC - Solar Data Analysis Center
(Joseph B. Gurman, NASA Goddard SFC)
Severe Space Weather Events--Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts: A Workshop Report (Daniel N. Baker, Chair, et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, Jan 2009)
-- Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe (Michael Brooks, New Scientist, 23 Mar 2009)
SOHO Daily Images, List of (ESA)
-- NASA Mirror (Goddard SFC)
SOHO EIT synoptic GIF images (SDAC)

SOHO Realtime Images (Pål Brekke)
SOHO Real Time Images Screen Saver
SOHO Summary Database (ESA)
-- NASA Mirror (Goddard SFC)
SOHO Synoptic Database (ESA)
-- NASA Mirror (Goddard SFC)
Solar Activity (GEDDS)
Solar Activity Monitoring and Forecasting
(Astronomical Institute, Czech Republic)
Solar Images at SDAC (Solar Data Analysis Center)
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report (Jan Alvestad, DX-Listeners' Club)

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch Homepage
-- Current Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Image
-- Noteworthy Events (AstroAlert - Sun-Earth Reports)
-- SWARM (Solar Warning and Realtime Monitor)
Solar Wind Conditions (Andrew L. Urquhart)
SPACE.com Space Weather...
Space Environment Center Home
-- Gopher Plots
-- SEC Data Library
-- Space Environment Lab Solar Image Index
Spaceflight Meteorology Group (Johnson Space Center, Houston)

Space Weather (Windows to the Universe)
Space Weather Advisories (Viola Raben, SEC)
Space Weather Alerts and Displays (NOAA Space Environment Center)
Space Weather Canada (Natural Resources Canada)
Space Weather Center (Space Science Institute)
SpaceWeather.com (Tony Phillips, NASA)
Space Weather Current Conditions (Andrew L. Urquhart)
Space Weather Now (SEC)
Spaceweather PHONE (Spaceweather.com)
Space Weather: A Research Perspective (NRC)
Space Weather Resources (Patricia H. Reiff & Andrew L. Urquhart)
Space Weather Resources at the NSSDC
Space Weather: Selected Resources (Gene R. Major, Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, Fall 2014)
STARcast (Intellicast)
Storms from the Sun: The Emerging Science of Space Weather
(Michael J. Carlowicz & Ramon E. Lopez, 2002)
Sun Flares & Prominences (Catania Astrophysical Observatory, Italy)

The Sun from Space (Yohkoh Public Outreach Project)
Sunspot and Space Weather Information Pages of the SIDC
(Solar Influences Data analysis Center, Royal Observatory of Belgium)
SXI Latest Images (GOES Solar X-ray Imager)
SXT Home Page (Lockheed Palo Alto Research Lab)
Today's Space Weather (ESA Space Weather Site)
Today's Space Weather (Viola Raben)
Todd Gross' Weather/Astronomy Page
Tracking Solar Cycle 23 (Belgian Solar Observers)
Upper Air Observations
-- Atmospheric Soundings for Canada
The Very Latest SOHO Images (ESA)
-- NASA Mirror (Goddard SFC)
Weather Forecast for Astronomy
(Allan Rahill, Canadian Met Centre)
Weather Underground: Wunderground.com Sky
What if a solar super-storm hit? (Ashley Dale, Physics World, 7 Aug 2014)


Sun and Moon


Astronomical Sky Calendar (John Thorstensen & Brian Casey)
Stig's Sky Calendar (Stig Ottosen)
Interactive Astronomy Pages: The Eternal Dance of the Sun and Moon (David Harper & Lynne Marie Stockman)
Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day (USNO)
Sun and Moon Rise/Set Tables (Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics)
Sun or Moon Altitude/Azimuth Table (USNO)
Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table (USNO)
Sunrise/Sunset/Twilight and Moonrise/Moonset (USNO)

Analemma (Robert Urschel)
Jarmo's Solar Calculator (Jarmo Lammi)
Compute Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight for Cities & Airports
NOAA Solar Calculators
StarDate Online | Sunrise/Sunset Calculator
SunAngle (Christopher Gronbeck)
Sun Locator (Alan Eliasen)
SunPosition (Christopher Bronbeck)
Sun Rise and Set Calculator
Sunrise and Sunset (David Harper)
Sunrise, Sunset Calendars and Local Time (Steve Edwards)
Sunrise/Sunset/Sun Angle Calculator (NRC-HIA)

A.L.P.O. Lunar Section
Current Representation of the Moon (Moonlink)
Fraction of the Moon Illuminated (USNO)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon (Akkana Peck et al.)
Inconstant Moon (Kevin Clarke)
IOTA - The International Occultation Timing Association
Lunar Crescent Visibility (Dave Laney, South African Astronomical Observatory)
Lunar Outreach Services (Chris Osburn)
Lunar Perigee and Apogee Calculator (John Walker)
Lunar Phases Web Tool (Lawrence A. Molnar)
Lunar Photo of the Day: Daily Images of Earth's Moon
(Charles A. Wood)
The Lunascan Project (Francis Ridge)
The Moon, As seen from the Northern Hemisphere
(Michael Myers)
Moon Calendar (NASA ARC)
The Moon Illusion Explained (Don McCready)
Moon Locator (Alan Eliasen)
Moon Phase (Aaron Hopkins, Torrance, California)
Moonphase Calendar (The Observatory)

Moon Phases (Chris Dolan)
Moonphases Calendar (Christine Kronber, MAA)
Moonrise and Moonset (David Harper)
Moonsighting with Astronomy (Khalid Shaukat)
Moon View (John Walker)
Moon-Watch - The Site for Moon Enthusiasts
Nearside Directory & Lunar Sections (Lunascan Project)
Observatorio ARVAL - Moon Map
Phase of Moon (Chris Osburn)
Phases of the Moon 1990-2000 (USNO)
The Robinson Lunar Observatory (Rob Robinson, Bonner Springs, Kansas)
StarDate Online | Moon Phase Calculator
The Totally Lunar Page (Vic Winter)
A View of the Moon (Lorenzo Pasqualis)
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures (USNO)

See also The Sun and The Moon



Of all natural phenomena, total solar eclipses are the most spectacular.
Donald H. Menzel

What you see in an eclipse is entirely different from what you know.
Annie Dillard

A Catalogue of Eclipse Cycles (Robert H. van Gent)
Dale Ireland's ECLIPSE page
Earth View ECLIPSE Network (Bryan Brewer)
Eclipmania Homepage (Matthew Cook)
Eclipse! (Phil Harrington, Star Ware)
Eclipse (USNO Index)
Eclipse 1999 (BBC)
The Eclipse Café | Eclipse Discussions & Information (Tim Harincar)
EclipseChaser Home Page (Jeffrey R. Charles)
Eclipse Chasers (Bill Kramer)
Eclipse Chasing with Maria Mitchell (Vassar College)

Eclipse Edge Expeditions (Tom Van Flandern)
Eclipse Reference List (USNO)
Eclipses (Patrick Curran, Sky Router)
Eclipse Safaris (Rick Brown)
Eclipses in Europe (Cees Bassa)
Eclipses Online (HM Nautical Almanac Office, UK)
The Eclipse Zone (Worachate Boonplod)
Espenak's Eclipse Home Page (Fred Espenak, Goddard SFC)
Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000 (Fred Espenak & Jean Meeus, NASA TP-2006-214141, Oct 2006)
-- Catalog
Geometry.net | Eclipses
Goddard Space Flight Center Eclipse Page
Hermit Eclipse (Ian Cameron Smith)
Hole in the Sky Tours
IAU Working Group on Solar Eclipses (Williams College, Williamstown, Maine)

Live! Eclipse (Masami Okyudo)
Lunar Eclipse Computer (USNO)
Lunar Eclipse Observer
(Byron W. Soulsby, Calwell Lunar Observatory, Australia)
Lunar Eclipse Photometric Modeling and Imagery (Anthony Mallama)
Museum Eclipse (Berkeley SSL)
NASA - Eclipse 99
Planetary Transits Across the Sun (Fred Espenak)
Professor Parkinson's Eclipse Website (John H. Parkinson)
Rainbow Tours : Eclipse Tours (UK)
Ring of Fire Expeditions (Paul D. Maley)
SDAC Eclipse Information (Joseph B. Gurman, SDAC)
-- NASA Eclipse Bulletins
Sirius Travel - Total Solar Eclipse & Astronomical Tours

Solar Eclipse Javascript Calculator (Chris O'Byrne)
Solar Eclipse Maps - Bureau des Longitudes, Paris (FTP)
Solar Eclipse Newsletter (Patrick Poitevin)
Solar Eclipse: Stories from the Path of Totality (Exploratorium)
Solar Eclipse Tours (J. Lynn Palmer)
Solar Eclipse Tours (T.S. Travel)
Solar Eclipse WebPages (Patrick & Joanne Poitevin)
Solar Observing (Peter Meadows)
Solar Observing FAQ (Jeff Medkeff)
Total Eclipse of the Sun (Olivier R. Staiger)
Total Solar Eclipses (Piero Massimino)
Total Solar Eclipse Tours from TravelQuest International
Upcoming Eclipses of the Sun and Moon (USNO)

See also Astronomy Travel


The Planets

Minor Planets

ALPO Homepage (Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers)
Paul Schlyter, Home Page of
Planetary Alignments in 2000 - Griffith Observatory (John Mosley)
Planetary Conjunctions (Brian Monson)
Planetary Highlights (The Observatory)
Planetary Magnitude Almanac (Eye on the Sky)
Planetary Phenomena (Arturo Ramírez-Montesinos Krogulski)
Planetary Phenomena (David Harper)
The Planets (Chris Dolan)
Planet's Visibility (Rainer Lange)
Planet Watch (The Galactic Core - Observer's Guide)
Position of the Planets

Seeing the Solar System (Bill Arnett, The Nine Planets)
The Shallow Sky (Akkana Peck)
StarDate Online | Planet Viewing
The Inner Solar System Today (VRML)
Mercury Chaser's Calculator (John Walker)
JUPOS.org - Database for Object Positions on Jupiter (Hans-Jörg Mettig et al.)
International Jupiter Watch
International Jupiter Watch Satellites Discipline (Robert Howell et al.)
Galilean Satellite Eclipse Timings (Anthony Mallama)
Satellites of Saturn (David Harper)

See also The Planets of the Solar System


Minor Planets

A.L.P.O. Minor Planets Section
Asteroid Occultation Predictions, Current
(Stephen Preston, Medina, Washington)
Asteroid Orbital Elements (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Asteroid Watch (JPL)
Ephemerides of the Largest Asteroids (James L. Hilton, USNO)
International Occultation Timing Association
Minor Planet Mailing List (Richard Kowalski)
The Minor Planet Observer (Brian Warner, Palmer Divide Observatory)
Minor Planets (The Silicon Sky)
MPC Orbital Elements for Software Packages
NEAR Project's Eros Star Chart (Clark R. Chapman)
Observable Unusual Minor Planets (CfA Planetary Sciences)
Sky Coverage Plots (Minor Planet Center)

See also Asteroids



A.L.P.O. Mars Section
International MarsWatch (David R. Klassen, Rowan University)
MarsNet Home Page
Mars Today (Howard Houben)
MarsWatch Home Page (Astronomical League)
The MarsWatch Home Page (JPL)
-- CTC Mirror
-- JPL Mirror
MarsWatch Images, Latest (JPL)
-- CTC Mirror
-- JPL Mirror
MarsWatch Public FTP Site

See also Mars and Mars News

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