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Internet Search

Tools for Finders and for Wanderers

DESCRIPTION: Subordinate to Internet Search (the main search page of The Telson Spur), this page contains links to special search tools (image search, library search and telnet, software, and WAIS) and to other search pages. (The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to the primary search engines and to other search tools.)

KEYWORDS: search index; search page; search tool; graphic; image; library; Hytelnet; multimedia; news; phone; software; telephone; telnet; WAIS; white pages; yellow pages

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Search Engines

Primary Search Engines
Other Search Engines
Web Search
Special Search Tools

Archie and FTP
Finding People
Forum Search
Image Search
Library Search and Telnet
Multimedia Search
News Search
Phone Search
Other Search Pages and Indices

Special Search Tools (cont.)

Library Search and Telnet
Multimedia Search
News Search
Phone Search

Image Search

AAA Free Clip Art
ACDSee Picture Viewer and Digital Imaging Software
(ACD Systems)
Aerospace Image Gallery (NASA Retinex Image Processing)
Aha-soft ArtIcons
AICT | Art Images for College Teaching (Allan T. Kohl, University of Minnesota)
All About Content Based Image Retrieval (Gary Price, SearchEngineWatch, 5 May 2005)
Allwall.com Posters & Prints
Altavista Image Search
The Amazing Picture Machine
American Field Guide (PBS)
Animal Photo Gallery (Smithsonian National Zoological Park)
The AP Photo Archive (Associated Press)
Archaeology Photography Media Archive - Sites & Photos
(Shmuel Magal, Israel)
The Archive of Early American Images (Brown University)
ARKive - Images of Life on Earth (Wildscreen Trust, UK)
Around the World (1965-1970): The Photographs of Charles Elbert
(Curriculum Resource Center, Montclair State University)
Arriba Vista - The Image Searcher
Arthur (ART media and text HUb and Retrieval System)
The Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO)
ARTstor (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, New York)
ARTstor (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)
Ask Search Pictures
Awesome Clipart for Kids

Awesome Icons
BBC Wild
BIG Search Engine Index : Images Search
Bioimages (Steve Baskauf, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee)
BioMed Search - Biomedical Image Search Engine
Bristol Biomedical Image Archive
British Library Images Online
Cameo's Animal Hut Clipart Directory
CanPix Gallery Image Base
Can Stock Photo Stock Photography Images (Foto Search Stock Photography, Waukesha, Wisconsin)
CERN Document Server Posters
ClassroomClipart - K-12 Picture Database
Clip Art (Pat Elliott, EdSelect)
Clip Art Clubhouse
The Clip Art Connection
Clip Art Central
The Clipart Directory

Clip Art | DT&G | The Design & Publishing Center
Clipart for Teachers
The Clipart Place
Clip Art Review (WebPlaces)
Clip Art Searcher (WebPlaces)
Clip Art Warehouse (UK)
Clips Ahoy! Free Clip Art Island (Adrea Satre)
Colossal | An art, design, and visual culture blog. (Christopher Jobson)
A Community-Indexed Copyright-Free Photo Archive (GIMP-Savvy.com)
Cool Archive Free Clip Art and Fonts
Corbis: Stock Photography and Digital Pictures (Seattle) $
Dennis Kunkel Microscopy and Stock Photography Image Gallery
The Digital Doctor's Photo Links
Digital Image Collections (Cambridge University Library)
Digital Imagery, Royalty Free Stock Photography and
(Paul Cooklin, UK)
Digital Librarian: Images
Digital Saskatchewan (Kenton Letkeman, Tisdale)

Discovery School's Clip Art Gallery
DLS: National Image Library (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)
Download Thousands of Free Animated Images and Clip Art
(Webmasters Mall)
Earth Index - Free Graphic Resource
Earth Science World ImageBank
(American Geological Institute)
EDINA Education Image Gallery (Edinburgh Data & INformation Access) $
Educational Clip Art (Shayni Tokarczyk)
Educational Pictures Online Photo Library for Students and Teachers
Environment Australia Image Database Home Page
EveryStockPhoto.com (Vancouver, BC)
FAMSF-Imagebase (Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco)
The FILTER Project | Focusing Images for Learning & Teaching - an Enriched Resource (Jill Evans et al., University of Bristol)
Finding Images Online (Technical Advisory Service for Images)
Finding Images Online: Directory of Web Image Sites
(Paula Berinstein)
Finding Images on the Web (Ruth S. Thomas)
Find Videos, Audio and Images on the Web: Search Tools (Cindy Shamel, FUMSI, May 2009)
Fire and Ice Photography (Mark Dornblaser)
Footage.net - The Stock, Archival, and News Footage Network
(Greg Owen, Newsplayer Group, London)
Forestry Images: The Source for Insects, Weeds, Wildlife and Silviculture Images
Foto Stock Image Search Engine (Fotosearch, Waukesha, Wisconsin)
Fractal Pictures & Animations
Free Clip Art

Free Graphics Resources (The Free Site)
Free Images - Free Stock Photos (FreeImages.co.uk)
Free Pictures from FreeFoto.Com
Freshwater and Marine Image Bank (University of Washington)
The Geo-Images Project Home Page (G. Donald Bain, UC Berkeley)
Getty Images (Seattle, Washington)
Gif.com Shop for GIF and JPEG Graphics
GoGraph: Stock Photography, Vectors, Royalty Free Illustrations, and Stock Video Footage (Daniel S. Bolens)
Google Image Search
Graphics Library Index (J's Magic)
GRIN - Great Images in NASA
GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery (Marcin Wichary)
Harpers Ferry Center: NPS Historic Photo Collection
(US National Park Service)
HistoricAerials.com (NETROnline, US)
How to find images on the mighty internet
(Kurt Buyse, Ubanex, 12 Jun 2006)
Image Collection Samples (Berkeley Digital Library Project)
Image Databases to Find "Visually Similar" Imagery and More
(Gary Price, SearchEngineWatch, 24 Aug 2005)
Image Gallery for Geology (Allen F. Glazner, UNC Chapel Hill)
Images (Chemistry Technical Services, UMCP)
Images Canada - Picturing Canadian Culture
Images for Education (JISC)
Images.MD | The Online Encyclopedia of Medical Images
Images 1 Documentary Image Collection
(National Library of Australia)
Image Surfer
Index Stock Photography $
Internet Archive: Movie Collection

IPL Ready Reference Collection: Images
Jet Propulsion Lab Images
KidsClick!: Image Search Tools
Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site
LAVA Home Page (Langley Animation & Video Archive, NASA LaRC)
Liam's Pictures from Old Books (Liam Quin, Toronto)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Images
Looking for Good Art: Web Resources and Image Databases, Part 1
(David Mattison, Searcher 12:8, Sep 2004)
LTSN Bioscience ImageBank
Lycos Image Gallery
Math Image Library (Gisele Glosser, Math Goodies)
Medical Images & Illustrations (Karolinska Institutet)
MedPix Medical Image Atlas and Database (Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland)
MedPix Medical Image Database (Uniformed Services University)
Mike Johnson Marine Natural History Photography
morgueFile Public Image Reference Archive
(Michael Connors, Brooklyn)
Moving Image Collections (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Moving Image Gateway (British Universities Film & Video Council)
MPTV Hollywood Stock Photo Resource
MyNaturePhotos.com | Nature Photos, Wildlife, Animal Pictures

NASA's Visible Earth: A Searchable Directory of Images, Visualizations, and Animations of the Earth
National Science Foundation Image Library (US)
Nature Picture Library
NBII Digital Image Library (National Biological Information Infrastructure, Oak Ridge, Tennessee)
NEO: NASA Earth Observations (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
NIH Image Home Page
NOAO Images Search (US National Optical Astronomy Observatories)
NOAA Photo Library Home Page (Janet Ward & Skip Theberge et al., U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery (Russell Stevens et al.)
NPS Digital Image Archives (U.S. National Park Service)
NYPL Digital Gallery (New York Public Library)
1Foto.Net - Stock Photography and Fine Art Photographers Referral Network (Royce Bair)
Okaboo! Free Pictures of Everything on Earth
Openup2images (London)
PanImages: Cross-Lingual Image Search (Turing Center, University of Washington)
PhotoGraphicLibraries.com Education Resource
Photo Metadata (IPTC Photo Metadata White Paper, International Press Telecommunications Council, Jun 2007) PDF
PhotoMuse.org (George Eastman House/International Center of Photography)
Photo Search - The Stock Solution Photography Agency $
PicFindr: Free stock photo and image search
Picsearch - The Search Engine for Pictures
Pics4Learning Image Library for Teachers and Students (PhotoShare)
PictureAustralia (National Library of Australia, Canberra)
Picture Library Search (National Portrait Gallery, UK)
Picture Resources (Paula Berinstein)
piXlogic | The Visual Search Company
Pixsy: Visual Search (Menlo Park)
Portfolio Project (Princeton University Library)
Princeton 3D Models Search Engine
(Princeton Shape Retrieval and Analysis Group)
Public Domain Image Collections on the WWW
(Rosalind Tedford, College and Research Library News)
Public Domain Images (Scott Tambert)
Public Health Image Library, CDC, Atlanta, GA

The QBIC Project (IBM's Query by Image Content)
Rad Graphics
Resources for Icons, Images, and Graphics (Susan Brumbaugh)
RLG Digital Image Access Project at Duke University
(Steve Hensen et al.)
Room 102 Slide Show Search Engine
SaFe: SpAtial/FEature Query Tool
Science and Society Picture Library (National Museum of Science & Industry, London)
Science Photo Library (London)
Science Visualization Studio Images (NASA Goddard SFC)
Search for Visuals (JournalismNet)
Smithsonian Images (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)
SmithsonianImages.SI.Edu (Public.Resource.Org)
Smithsonian Photography Initiative (Smithsonian Institution)
Snap Image Search
SPIRO Database
SpringerImages (Springer Science & Business Media)
Stocktrek Images - Royalty Free Space and Military Stock Photography
Stock.xchng - Free Stock Photography Site (Peter Hamza)
SuperClipart.com - Free Clipart
Technical Advisory Service for Images (TASI, UK)
Tiltomo Content Based Visual Image Search (UK)
Time Life Photo Sight
Time Life Pictures
Trove.net -- Reflecting the world's cultures
(The Research Libraries Group)
UNESCO Photobank Online Image Gallery Database
U.S. National Park Service Geologic Resources Photo Search Form

VADS Search Page (Visual Arts Data Service, UK)
Victoria & Albert Museum Images Online
Visual Collections: Images of Art, History and Culture
(Cartography Associates)
VisualSEEk content-based image retrieval system (John R. Smith)
Web Clip Art - Internet Resources
(Bobbie Peachey, About.com)
WebCom Guide - Icons Index
WebSEEk: Content-based Image and Video Search and Catalog Tool for the Web
WebSeer (U of Chicago Info Lab)
Wellcome Images (Wellcome Trust, London)
WiseGorilla (Susan Metalis)
WWF International | Mulitimedia | Canon Photogallery
Xcavator image search using interactive image recognition (CogniSign, San Francisco)
Yahoo! Advanced Image Search
Yahoo! - Clip Art
Yahoo! - World Wide Web:Page Design and Layout:Graphics
Yotophoto | Find free photos... (M. Thomason, Vancouver, BC)

See also Images (Astronomy), Earth Observation, Maps and Atlases, Satellite Images, and Remote Imaging (Weather - PC)


Library Search and Telnet

Academic Search (Microsoft Windows Live Academic)
-- Windows Live Academic Search Blog
Access AMICUS (Library and Archives Canada) $
BIG Search Engine Index : Electronic Text Search
Blue Web'n Applications Library Search
Canadian Directory of Special Collections (NLC)
CARL/ABRC OAI Harvester (Canadian Association of Research Libraries, SFU)
CiteXplore (FW, European Bioinformatics Institute)
Cornucopia (UK Collections)
Critiquing Microsoft Live "Academic Search" (Dean Giustini, UBC Google Scholar Blog.folio, 9 Apr 2006)
Current Cites (ed. Roy Tennant, California Digital Library)
EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet - Telnet
Find It! (UK)
Finding Libraries on the Net (ILSL)
Find Libraries (JournalismNet)
Find Your Library (US)
Free Bibliographies and Bibliographic Databases on the Web
(Marten Hofstede, Leiden University)
Google Scholar
-- Google Scholar Counts (AT&T Labs Research)
Google Scholar Versus Metasearch Systems (Tamar Sadeh, HEP Libraries Webzine 12, Mar 2006)
Hytelnet (KUfacts)
HYTELNET on the World Wide Web (Peter Scott)
HyTelnets (Spencer W. Hunter)

Hytelnet - Telnet Access to Library Catalogs (UK)
Index Morganagus: A Full-Text Index of Library-Related Electronic Serials (Eric Lease Morgan)
InterCat WebZ Server: Logon (OCLC)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Telnet
LibDex - The Library Index
Library Catalogs and Information Servers
LibraryLand: Index to Resources for Librarians
The Library of Congress Catalog
Library of Congress WWW/Z39.50 Gateway
LibWorm: Librarianship RSS Search and Current Awareness (Frankie Dolan & David Rothman)
Life on the Internet: Telnet (Berit Erickson)
-- PBS Online Guide

Links2Go: Telnet
OAI Registry at UIUC
On-Line Library Catalogs (Galaxy)
-- Other Telnet-accessible Resources
Open J-Gate (Informatics India, Bangalore)
Open WorldCat (OCLC Online Computer Library Center)
Periodicals.net - Search Online
-- Search E-Journals
Research | University Library, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Rutgers Research & Reference Gateway: Library Catalogs
Searchable Bibliographies (Gary Price, Direct Search)
Search All HyTelnet Entries (Galaxy)
Search Full-Text US Internet Government Periodicals
(Paul A. Arrigo & Dee Barker)
Search Hytelnet (Inter-Links)

Search Library of Congress Finding Aids
SearchLight (California Digital Library)
Silkeborg Public Library's NetNavigator
Smithsonian Institution Research Information System (SIRIS)
SunSITE Library SuperSearch (Jerry Kuntz)
Telnet WWWBoard (Matt Wright)
UBC Google Scholar Blog (Dean Giustini, University of British Columbia)
UF Smathers Libraries: Library Catalogs & Web Sites
VRL - Library Resources - The Virtual Reference Library
(Toronto Public Library)
WebCat (National Archives, UK)
WebLUIS (UF Libraries)
Welcome to HYTELNET (Galaxy)
WorldCat.org (OCLC)
ZPortal (Fretwell-Downing Group)

See also Documentation and E-Text


Multimedia Search and File Exchange

For books and music search, see Books On-line and Music On-line.

AltaVista Photo & Media Finder
-- Amazon UK
Annodex.net | Open Standards for Annotating and Indexing Networked Media (CSIRO Australia)
Archive Films | Archive Photos Stock Photography and Stock Footage
ArtSearch - A Search Site for the Arts
Audio Archives (JournalismNet)
Audio Browser: Sound Files (WebPlaces)
Audio Mining, Let's Hear It for (Neal Leavitt, Oct 2002) PDF
Audio Searcher (WebPlaces)
Audio Services (Gary Price)

BearShare - The World's Most Powerful Gnutella Client
Bitbop Tuner Home Page (AudioMill)
BitTorrent (Bram Cohen, San Francisco)
BitTorrent FAQ and Guide (Brian Dessent, El Cerrito, California)
Blinkx TV Video Search
Bluestring (AOL)
Cadensa - National Sound Archive Catalogue (British Library)
CNN Media Search
Critical Mention TV Search Engine (New York)
-- The Ultimate CuteMX Guide (ZDNet Music)
The Darknet and the Future of Content Distribution (Peter Biddle et al., 2002) PDF
Digital Media Locator (OverDrive, Cleveland, Ohio)
Direct Connect (NeoModus)
Ditto.com Visual Search Engine
Divvio: The Personal Guide to Video & Audio (Hossein Eslambolchi et al., Menlo Park, California)
EarthStation1.com - The Internet's Original Multimedia Museum
(James Charles Kaelin)
Easy CD-DA Extractor (Shareware, Poikosoft)
EtreeWiki - Lossless Digital Audio
-- Etree.org Archives (The Internet Archive)
EveryZing (Henry Houh, Lexington, Massachusetts)
FastTrack P2P Stack
FilePool ezAttach - Unfied Internet Storage

The Filter - Your Ultimate Music Companion (Peter Gabriel & Martin Hopkins et al., Bath, England)
Finding Murphy Brown: How Accessible are Historic Television Broadcasts? (Jeff Ubois, Journal of Digital Information 7:2, 2006) PDF
FindSounds.com - Search the Web for Sounds
Find Videos, Audio and Images on the Web: Search Tools (Cindy Shamel, FUMSI, May 2009)
FreeNet: The Free Network Project
The Free Network Project (Freenet)
The Freesound Project (Barcelona)
From Multimedia Retrieval to Knowledge Management (Pedro J. Moreno et al., Compaq Computer, Mar 2002) PDF
-- Guide to Using Gnutella (ZDNet Music)
Google Advanced Video Search
Grokster for P2P or Person to Person File Sharing
GUBA (San Francisco)
Harvard Internet TV: Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Client (Harvard University)
HMVdigital.ca | Music Downloads, MP3 Downloads, MP3 songs (HMV Canada, Etobicoke, Ontario)
-- PureHMV.ca (Rewards, loyalty, earn points, redeem for cool stuff & discounts)
Hollywood Online: Search
Imagination: Image-based Navigation in Multimedia Archives
(EU Specific Targeted Research Project)
Index to Multimedia Information Services
(Simon Gibbs & Gabor Szentivanyi)
Internet Moving Image Archive (Internet Archive)
iMesh.com User-to-User Exchange Community
iPod 101 (Apple Support)
Jones Telecommunications & Multimedia Encyclopedia

KaZaA Media Desktop
-- Usability and Privacy: A Study of Kazaa P2P File-sharing
(Nathaniel S. Good & Aaron Krekelberg)
Kerbango Tuning Service
KidsClick!: Sounds Search Tools
LimeWire: The Best Gnutella Client Software
Lycos Pictures & Sounds
Lycos RichMedia Search
Mactella (CXC)
MAMI: Musical Audio-Mining
Mindquarry Open Source Collaborative Software
(Mindquarry GmbH, Potsdam)
Mojo Nation (Jim McCoy et al., Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow)
Morpheus (MusicCity.com)
Motionbox: Videos

Multimedia File Formats on the Internet - How to Download Files
(Allison Zhang)
Multimedia/Hypermedia (The English Server)
Multimedia Search (ResourceShelf)
Multimedia Spy (David Nice)
Music... and File Sharing (Shirl Kennedy, Resources of the Week, ResourceShelf, 8 Feb 2007)
MusicIP | The Global Music Relationship Engine
NameBase Book Index (Daniel Brandt)
Napigator - Your Navigator to Nap Servers and Internet Audio
Napster (Shawn Fanning)
-- All Things Napster - ZDNet Music's Ultimate Napster Guide
The Napster Protocol (David E. Weekly)
JISC Digital Media - Still images, moving images and sound advice
Ourmedia (J. D. Lasica & Marc Canter et al.)
PBS Online: Search!

PicShare: A Capture-Centric Remote Collaboration Tool (Maurizio Pilu, HP Laboratories Bristol, 5 May 2007) PDF
Pixsy: Visual Search (Menlo Park)
Podscope Audio/Video Search Engine (TVEyes)
Pointera Sharing Engine
PureTracks.com (Canada)
PureVideo Search
Quaero, the European Developed Multimedia Engine, Gets Press Attention (Gary Price, SearchEngineWatch, 11 Jan 2006)
RedLasso Media Search (Philadelphia)
Savantium Content Source for Users of NOMAD
ScienceCinema (DOE and CERN multimedia)
Science Videos Search Engine (ScienceHack.com)
Scour Exchange
-- The Ultimate Scour Exchange Beginner's Guide (ZDNet Music)
Search By Media
Search for Visuals (JournalismNet)
SearchVideo (AOL)
Senduit File Sharing (David Karp, New York)
ShadowTV (Joachim Kim et al.) $
SingingFish - Search for Audio and Video (AOL)
SpeechBot: Audio Search Using Speech Recognition (Compaq.com)
Spinfrenzy Xchange
Streaming Audio Advanced Search (Kerbango)
StumbleUpon Video
The THESEUS Program (German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Berlin)
TinyTube: Mobile Video
TVEyes Video Search

The Underground Internet (Heather Green, BusinessWeek Online, 15 Sep 2003)
UnWrapper.com, Home of Wrapster and UnWrapper
Video Search (SearchForVideo.com)
Video Search Engine (AltaVista & Virage)
YouTorrent Real-Time Torrent Comparison Search Engine
Wav Central: Wav Files and Sound Files Database
(Brian White, Delaware, Ohio)
WebSEEk: Content-based Image and Video Search and Catalog Tool for the Web
Web Video Cheat Sheet (Telecom Blog)
What Is...every file format in the world
Wikimedia Commons
WindowsMedia.com Audo-Video Guide
WinMX - The best way to share your media
WISDOM - Literary Search
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet: Multimedia
Yahoo! Events - Broadcast (Audionet)
Yahoo! Video
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself (Chad Hurley & Steve Chen et al., San Mateo, California)
ZDTV | SG Downloads (SuperGuide)
Zeal.com - Internet & Computers- Multimedia

See also Media and Multimedia


News Search

Altavista | Ananova | Daypop | Google | Newswise | Rocket
SurfWax | Topix.net

AideRSS (Waterloo, Ontario)
Altavista - News
Ananova Search Page
Ask.com News Search
Awasu Windows News-Reader
BBC Search, How to use (BBC, London)
BIG Search Engine Index : News And Media
Blastfeed (Patrick Ferran et al., Paris)
blinkx (Kathy Rittweger et al.)
BottomFeeder - Cross-platform RSS/Atom News Aggregator
(Cincom Systems, Cincinnati)
Canadian Newspaper Association CNA
Chipwrapper - Search UK newspapers
CompleteRSS: Find and Subscribe to RSS Feeds
(CompleteKey Corporation)
Convergence Tracker Search Page (American Press Institute)
Crayon (My Daily News)
Daypop - A Current Events/Weblog/News Search Engine
Go Get News - The News Search Engine (CNet News.com)
Ecola Newsstand: Searchable Newspaper Archives
EMM News Explorer (Europe Media Monitor)
ENewsBar (FW)
FeedDemon RSS Newsfeed Reader for Windows
(Nick Bradbury, Bradbury Software)
Feed-Directory.com | A complete directory of syndicated feeds
(Dennis Pallett)
Feedmarker (Bruno Bornsztein)
FeedReader Open-Source Aggregator (SourceForge.net)
Feedster RSS Search Engine (Scott Rafer et al.)
FeedSweep (Howell Developments)
Financial News - StreamSearch.com

Finding News Faster (Genie Tyburski, The Virtual Chase, 6 Jan 2005)
Find Newspapers (JournalismNet)
Findory News: Personalized News (Greg Linden, Seattle)
Find Radio News (JournalismNet)
Find TV News (JournalismNet)
Footage.net - The Stock, Archival, and News Footage Network
(Greg Owen, Newsplayer Group, London)
FT.com (Financial Times) Global Archive
Funnelback Search on ABC (Australia)
GeoSearch News (MetaCarta)
Global Change Media Directory Search (Earth Observatory)
Google News Archive Search
Google News Canada
Google News Search
-- Google Advanced News Search
Hermes: an Ontology-Based News Personalization Portal (Jethro Borsje et al., Munich Personal RePEc Archive, 11 Jan 2007)
How to Search in Feedster (Jessica Baumgart, Feedster, Inc.)
The Industry Analyst Reporter (Tekrati)
InfoJump - The Magazine & Newspaper Article Search Engine
Inform.com (Stanford, California)
INfoSNorkel - Customizable News Aggregator and Headline and RSS Reader (Blue Elephant Software)
ITN Archive - Search (Independent Television News, London)
JNet Canadian News Searches (JournalismNet)
Jyte Download
LinkMaster Search: NEWS
Medical and Health RSS News By MedWorm
(Frankie Dolan & David Rothman)
MSN Newsbot
MultiCrawl Parallel Search and Free Auctions
NetNews Tracker (Kevin Savetz)
News Archives with Search Engines (Peter Milbury)
NewsBlip - The News Search Engine

NewsBot (Wired)
News Bots Search (BotSpot)
News Index
NewsIsFree (NewKnowledge)
NewsLibrary Search (US newspapers)
Newslookup.com News Lookup Service
-- Canada News Headlines
Newsmap (Google News News Aggregator)
NewsNow: NewsFeed (UK)
News Search ... The News Beat
NewspaperARCHIVE.com (Heritage Microfilm, Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Newsplorer (Florin Duroiu, Toronto)
News Search Portal (Wim Wylin, Flanders)
News Sources & Serials (Gary Price, Direct Search)
Newstation.com: The News Portal
Newstex: Newsfeeds and Commentary (Larry Schwartz & Steve Ellis et al.)
NewsTracker Home (Excite)
NewsTrove.com - News Search Engine
Newswise -- Search Tools for Reporters
Newsy | The News With More Views (Columbia, Missouri)
Nowsy.com - your news and information dashboard (Utrecht)

On This Day (BBC)
On This Day In History... (dMarie Time Capsule)
Open Directory Project - Custom RSS Feeds (XMLhub.com)
Pandia Newsfinder
Paper of Record - Searchable Archive of Historical Newspapers
Red Herring Technology Business News, Analysis, and Research
Rocketinfo Desktop Software
Rocketinfo - Search Engine
RocketNews - Breaking News and Weblog Search Engine
RSS Locator (Iomation, Morgan, Utah)
SciencePORT.org | Scientific NewsFeed Directory
(O. A. Schmitz & A. Foelske)
Search for News (JournalismNet)
Searching News Databases (Greg R. Notess)
Search News (Internet Sleuth)
Search Newspaper Columnists Pages and Op/Ed Pages from Around the World (Montgomery Kersell)
Search Newspaper Editorials Pages and Op/Ed Pages from Around the World (Montgomery Kersell)
SearchtheWeb.com - News
SharpReader RSS Aggregator (Luke Hutteman)
Slider Search - News
Snarfer RSS Reader (Snarfware)
StepNewz News Feeds (Nicolas Bussard)
SurfWax News Accumulator (Menlo Park, California)
TextBlog - The Blog Search Engine - Blog Analysis
(Steven Skiena et al., SUNY)
TextMap - The Entity Search Engine - Newspaper Analysis
(Steven Skiena et al., SUNY)
Topix.net - News organized by topic and location
TV News Search & Borrow (Internet Archive)
TVEyes Video Search
Urchin RSS Aggregator
Wikio (Luxembourg)
World News Connection (Dialog)
XMLhub.com - RSS News, Tools and Resources
Yahoo! News

See also World News


Phone Search

White Pages
Yellow Pages

AllAreaCodes.com (Canada & US)
Area Code Locations (NA)
Area Code Look-Up
Area Codes (North American Numbering Plan)
Argali White & Yellow (US)
BT PhoneNetUK - UK Online Phone Directory
CCSO Phonebook - Server Lookup
Country Codes (Chrissy Clark)
Country Codes and International Resources (David Bell et al.)
Country Codes for International Calling & Area Codes (Clon Communications, Hamilton, Bermuda)
Craig's Phone Finder (Craig D. Ball)
Directory Assistance Plus - Reverse Phone Search, White & Yellow Pages(infoUSA)
Finding People on the Internet (Inter-Links)
Find Phone Books (JournalismNet)
Fone Finder (Primeris, Inc., Las Vegas)
Free Area Code Search (AreaCodeDownload.com)
Get The Phone!
Gumby.Net Phone Search

HowtoCallAbroad.com International Calling Guide (Dan Popescu, Romania)
International Country Calling Codes and World Time Zones
International Dialing Codes (Steve Kropla)
Internet Business and Telephone Directories
International Phone Book Server
International Phone Book Search | International People Search (Mary Ann Rosenthal)
International White and Yellow Pages
NALENND Online - NPA NXX Lookup (Quentin Sager Consulting)
192.com UK Directory Enquiry Service (London)
The Phone Book (BT.com, London)
Phone Number Search Engines (Greg R. Notess)
Phone Validator - Reverse cell phone and non-published and unlisted phone numbers (Crime Time Publishing Co., Beverly Hills, California)
Ready Reference: Interesting & Useful Telphone Numbers and Telephone Services (ResourceShelf, 14 Jan 2007)
Reverse Directory Lookup
Reverse Look Ups (Black Book Online)
NumberInvesigator.com - Reverse Phone Number Database
Shortcode.info - The Global Shortcode Directory
(SayMedia LLC)
SuperPages.ca (Dominion Directory Information Services, Burnaby, BC)
Tel Dir - Telephone Directories (Infobel World, Brussels)
Telephone Directories on the Web
Telephone Directories on the Web
Telephone Directories On The Web
Telephone MetaDirectory Index
Telephone Numbers Plus
U.S. Blue Pages (U.S. Government)
White Pages | Yellow Pages| Email Addresses (Addresses.com)
WhoWhere? Phone Numbers & Addresses (Lycos)
World Telephone Numbering Guide (Ottawa)


White Pages

Four11 White Page Directory
Netscape Guide: Whitepages
The Ultimate White Pages (Scott Martin)
Web.com White Pages
WhitePages.com - International Sites
White Pages Directories (The Kelsey Group)
White Pages Listings on Lycos People Search
The Women's White Pages

See also Finding People


Yellow Pages

Amazon.com Yellow Pages
BC Yellow Pages
British Columbia Yellow Pages
The Child Abuse Yellow Pages (Linda Chapman)
The Directory - Yellow Pages
Electron Microscopy Yellow Pages (Pierre-Henri Jouneau)
First WorldWide Yellow Pages
GetHuman Database (Paul English et al., US)
GTE SuperPages: Interactive Yellow Pages
Help FindIt
International Yellow Pages Index
The Librarian's Yellow Pages
MacRae's Blue Book: Industrial Directory of YellowPages.com (Toronto)
Media Online Yellow Pages
MyYP.com Yellow Pages & Online Phone Directory - US (Fresno, California)
New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
Prevention Yellow Pages

The StarPages - Astronomy Yellow Pages on the WWW
UK Yellow Web
The Ultimate Yellow Pages (Scott Martin)
Video Game Yellow Pages (Unified Gamers Online)
The Virtual Yellow Pages
Web.com Yellow Pages
Women's Yellow Pages Online
World Wide Yellow Pages
World Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages around the World (International Directory of Design)
YellowPages.ca (Montreal)
YellowPages.com (BellSouth)
Yellow Pages Directories (The Kelsey Group)
Yellow Pages Group (Prescott, Arizona)
Yellow Pages on the Internet: Launch Page (U.S.)
Yellow Pages Superhighway

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Software easily rates among the most poorly constructed, unreliable, and least maintainable technological artifacts invented by man.
Paul Strassmann (former CIO for Xerox and for the U.S. Defense Dept.)

ABC Software's Global Download System
Association of Shareware Professionals
ASU File Transfer Server (On-line Software)
Bad Software - UCC Index (Cem Kaner)
The BASIC Archives (W. M. Bergmann Triest)
BetaNews - A Part of The eFront Network
Benchin' Software Review
BHS 32 Bit Download Center (Beverly Hills Software)
BIG Search Engine Index : Software Search

BugNet Home Page (Bruce Brown) $
Bugs! (ZDNet Help Channel: Bugs, Viruses, Patches)
Business Software Directory - The Software Network
Buster! Software Archives
ChezMark's MacPicks (Mark Malowan)
Children's Software Revue
Chumbo - The Ultimate Source
Clear Night Software
CNET.com Webware
Codase - Source Code Search Engine (Huihong Luo et al.)
The Code Project - Free Source Code and Tutorials
Completely Free Software
CompuMentor Software Redistribution Program
CompuSmart Online - Canada's Computer Store

Cool Tool of the Day
Dave Central Shareware, Freeware, Demos and Betas
(Dave Franklin)
DBMS World (J. Arjan van Gameren)
DevX Source Code Library
Discount Software Catalogue
Distributors of Shareware
Driver Finder (Windows Sources)
Dr. Webster's Amazing Free Stuff Newsletter
The Easter Egg Archive
Easy Desk Software | Windows Registry Repair Tools and Information
Educational Software (Lee Vick, About.com)

Educational Software Directory
Educational Software in Physics and Space
Enfish Onespace
Extreme `Net Toolz
FAQ Finder: Software
File Mine (TechWeb)
Filez - File Search Engine
FilePile Freeware
Font Guy
The FontSite: A Magazine for the Digital Typography & Design Professional
Fourmilab: Index Librorum Liberorum (John Walker)
-- North American Mirror

Free Download Manager (SoftDeluxe, Inc., Washington, DC)
The Free-Dynamic Link Library
Free-programs.com - The Best Freeware on the Net
The Free Software Bazaar (Axel Boldt)
Free Software Writers Web Ring
Free-Stuff (alt.consumers.freestuff TNG)
Freeware and Shareware Sites (Rene Guerrero)
Freeware Connection (Terry & Angela Brandon)
Freeware Favorites
Freeware Publishing Site for Windows 95/98
Free Yourself! Freeware Site

Galt Shareware Zone
Garbo Anonymous FTP Archive
Girl's Interactive Resource Library (GIRL)
GNU's Not Unix! - The GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Guide: Computers & Internet: Software (Netscape)
Henk's Windows 95 Freeware page (Henk Hagedoorn)
HENSA for Microcomputers
Info-Mac Home Page
-- Mirror: Info-Mac HyperArchive

Internet Freeware
The Internet Goodies
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Computer Software
IrfanView (Irfan Skiljan)
Jumbo Archive
Kids Freeware - Free Software and Internet Services for Kids
KidSource OnLine Software
KillerDownloads (ZDNet AnchorDesk)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Software
LinkMaster Search: SOFTWARE
Links2Go: Software

Linuxberg World Wide Affiliate Site Locations
Linux Software Encyclopedia (Steven K. Baum)
The Linux Software Review (Andreas Schiffler)
Lycos Search for Software
MalekTips (Andrew Malek)
M&M Software
MedPDA.net - Medical PDA Software reviews, articles, guides
MindSpring Computing Links - Download Software
Moochers Freeware
MOREplus Information Management System (Software Market)
Multimedia File Formats on the Internet - Software
(Allison Zhang)
Nerd's Heaven: The Software Directory Directory

Netscape Software SmartUpdate
NONAGS Freeware Shareware World Center (Jim Asikis)
Nonlinear Nonsense: Free Stuff
npsoft.org | Software Discounted for Schools and Non-Profit
NSTL Online (National Software Testing Laboratories)
OAK Software Repository
Only Freeware for Windows 95 (Alan Sawicki)
Open Directory - Computers: Software
Open Source GIS
The Otis Index - Software
PalmGear H.Q.
Papa Winsock-L FTP Site
PC Magazine InternetUser

PC Soft Land - The Largest Software Archive on the Internet
Picasa (FW, Google)
Pitsco's Launch to Software Download Sites
PortableApps.com (John T. Haller, New York)
PriceScan - Computer Software
A Programmers Heaven (Bjorn Fogelberg)
Programmers Resource Center (Larry Dietz)
QAConvert.com | Converting to and from Symantec Q&A
(C I Corporation, Arlington, Virginia)
QBasic.com - The Home of QBasic on the Internet (David Zohrob)
QBasic News - The QuickBasic Webguide
Readerware Corporation - Tools for Book Lovers and Collectors
RegSoft.com Shareware
Resource Central - Hardware and Software

Rocket Download
The SDN Project (Shareware Distribution Network)
Search CICA Windows Archives
Search Computers - Software (Internet Sleuth)
Searching for Software (Inter-Links)
Search Software (Internet Sleuth)
Shareware / Freeware - MACs / PCs
(Mike Desanto, About.com)
SilkMoon Downloads - Shareware and Freeware Site
SimDesk Technologies, Inc.
Simtel.Net - Keith Petersen's Worldwide Shareware Distribution Network
Snoopie Internet File Finder

SoftSeek.com - The Source for Software
-- Internet Software
Software (Community Learning Network)
Software (The English Server)
Software Age
Software Age (George H. Heilborn)
Softwarebots (BotSpot)
-- Software Bots Search
Software BuyinGuide
Software Databases @ Internets

Software Downloads & Reviews (Mike Bell et al., The Download Superstore, Santa Barbara, California)
Software - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Software Online - Canada's Online Computer Superstore
Software Reviewer
The Software Sharing Resource Library
Software Sleuth - Software Location Service
Software Wire Press Releases (Xpress)
SoftWatcher | New PC Software & Upgrades
Sources for Reviews of Educational CD-ROMs and Software
(Sarah Ivey & Carolyn Kotlas)
Spadix Software for Windows
StarOffice Application Suite (Sun Microsystems)

Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps Software
Sun SITE Home Page
SuperKids Educational Software Review
TechShopper (CMPnet)
TechWeb Download Center (CMPnet)
ThinkFree Office
32bit.com: Software Downloads
Top Software Archive (Topsoft.com)
Top Software Resources of the Web (John December)
Top 20: Most Popular Downloads (ZDNet)
TUCOWS - The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

TUCOWS World Wide Mirror Site Locations
-- Local Mirror (Canada Internet Direct, BC)
-- Local Mirror (Shaw WAVE, Alberta)
TUKIDS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations
-- Canada Region
The Ultimate Industry Connection
UNESCO Free Software Portal
Useful Things (Ben Cooper)
VersionCheck Home Page
Virtual Shareware
Virtual Software Library (SHAREWARE.COM)

Voodoo Files
Vopt (Golden Bow Systems)
WebGEMS: Software
WiNDeX - The Windows Index
Windows Software (CICA)
Winsock-L FTP Listings
World File Project
Yahoo! Widgets
ZDNet Downloads
ZD Net Software Library - Top 100 Free Downloads

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Internet Now: WAIS
NCSA Mosaic WAIS Interface
Search of Multiple Sources (WAIS)
WAIS (UCSD InfoPath)
WAISes (UMN Gopher)
WAIS Information (PEHP)
What's New (WAIS)
WorldViews Wide Area Information Server


Other Search Pages and Indices

3W Online's NetSearch
A1 Directory
The Big Search
BRHS Information Retrievers
Click Here Search Page
The Cosmix Mother Load
Cosmix Mother Load - Insane Search
CyberU Search Page
Difee - Searching Starts Here
Discovery Channel Online

Duncan Long's Tool Page
eDirectory: Menu Page
The EntireNet
Fagan Finder
Find It (WebSpace Zone)
FlashLIGHT: Information in a Flash (David Futrelle)
FlashLIGHT: Looking for Clues
Focus Search (David G. Bancroft)
Gumby.Net Ultimate Search Page
The Guide to Searching the Internet (Anadas)

Humanities HUB Resources - Research Indices
Humanities HUB Resources - Search the Internet
iLor Search
Index of Search Tools (Louis Stein)
InfoGuys Internet Search Page (William D. Shelton)
The Internet HitList of Search Engines (Fathering Magazine)
Internet Now: Search Engines
Internet Research Tools (Alan & Dawn Brue)
Internet Search Almanac (Hamo Vassilian)
Internet Search & Find (StoryNet)
Internet Search Engines
Internet Searching (UK Online User Group)
Internet Search Tools (Microsoft Library)

Internet Sleuth
Ira Strerbakov's All-in-One Search & Link Page
Jacob Hausauer's Home Page for Wayward Surfers
Janis II / AsiaNet's Search Engines
JumpCity: Search Page
The List of All Search Engines and Online Directories (Linklang)
Math Forum Search Page
Needle in a CyberStack (John Albee)
Netscape Net Search
Netsearch (Jim Heinzman)

Net Search (Netscape Destinations)
Net Shepherd Family Search
NlightN Home Page
Northwestern College - SearchIt (Floyd H. Johnson)
The Obscura Tool (Jon Winters)
Power Search
Redgie's Reliable Netsearch (Don Redgwell)
The Re:Search Centre - Internet Search Resource (Nick McCann)
Resource Central - Search Engines
Rusty's Ultimate Search Tool
The Search Center

Search Center (NedSite, NL)
Search Engine Page (Andy Walker)
Search Engines (Alan Sawicki)
Search Engines, Links, Directories, and Info
Searching the Internet (Internet Literacy)
Searching the Internet (Roy Tennant)
Search-It-All: The Ultimate Reference Tool (Andrey Polyakov)
SearchPoint (Ken M. Smith)
SeeknFind (Alan Harrell)
STILE Utilities (Steven Hayles, Leicester U)

Tom Mendelson's Search Spot (Seattle)
Tractatus CyberNauticus (Denys Duchier)
UK Cyber~Search
The Ultimate Internet Search Index (Nick Sparks)
Ultimate Search Page (Strage Page)
The URL Spider's All-in-One Search Page
The Way: Search Sites
WebPlaces Internet Search Guide
Wired Source
World Search from LastMinuteSearch.com

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