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Internet Search

Tools for Finders and for Wanderers

DESCRIPTION: Subordinate to Internet Search (the main search page of The Telson Spur), this page contains links to secondary search engines, web directories and indicies, and special search tools. (The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to the primary search engines and to other search tools.)

KEYWORDS: search; search directory; search engine; search index; search tool; web search

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Search Engines

Primary Search Engines
Other Search Engines
Web Search
Special Search Tools

Archie and FTP
Finding People
Forum Search
Image Search
Library Search and Telnet
Multimedia Search
News Search
Phone Search
Other Search Pages and Indices

Search Engines (cont.)

Web Search
Special Search Tools

Other Search Engines

Primary Search Engines

ALIWEB (Indiana Mirror)
ALIWEB (Munich Mirror)
All 4 One MetaSearch
All Internet Searches (MSN)
AllTheWeb Livesearch (Yahoo!)
Anywhere.ca - Canada Search Engine & Directory
(Sarah Desmeules et al.)
Azoos.com - Internet Search Engine (Joanna Heth)
BananaSlug (Steve Nelson)
Bingo! the Meta Search
BrainBoost - Question Answering Search Engine
(Assaf Rozenblatt, Brooklyn)
Buzz Notes Personalized Find Engine
Chantry WBBS: Pattern Spider Search Routines
Chris Crawler (Chris Knight)
Click2UK - The UK Search Engine
CognitionSearch (Cognition Technologies, Santa Monica, California)
cRANKy Age-Relevant Search Engine
CUI W3 Catalog
-- List of W3Catalog Mirrors
-- Canadian Mirror Site

CUSI Services
CUSI-R Unified Search Index
CyberU Search Page
Datavor Search Engine
Dipsie (Jason Wiener et al.)
Edison! Search and Find... (David F. Broer)
EgoSurf: Current Competitve Intelligence and Online Research
The Engine Rooms - UK (Chris Wood)
ERIC Query Form
eTools.ch: The fast metasearch engine from Switzerland
(Stephan Schmid, Basel)
Eurekster Search
Eurekster Swicki
ez2Find Global Meta Search Engine
Fazzle.com (Anvil Development Group)
FirstsFind International Search Engine (Matthias Schmid, Germany)
Fossick Meta Search (FMS)
Freesearch (UK)
Gada.be Metasearch (Chris Pirillo)
Gimpsy - Active Sites for Active People
Govmine: The Alternative Search Engine (Convera)
Grokker (Groxis, Inc., San Francisco)
Hakia Search for Meaning (New York)
HighBeam Research (Chicago)
Human Search Engine (Ajeet Khurana, Mumbai)
Information SuperLibrary SuperSeek page

Internet Wizard (Compuserve)
iZiTO Personalized Human Intelligence Search (Amsterdam)
Kapow! Search Interface (Australia)
Kids.Net.au - Search Engine Just for Kids...
KillerInfo (UK)
KillerInfo (US)
KnowItAll (Oren Etzioni et al., University of Washington)
KooQoo Personal Real-Time Information Center
Kozoru (John S. Flowers et al.)
LinkStar Internet Directory
MacroNet Search Page
Mahalo.com: Human-powered Search (Honolulu)
Mamma: Mother of All Search Engines
Meceoo Metasearch
MetaEureka - Text Based Metasearch Engine
Metasearch (Scott Banister)
MetaSearch at Highway 61
MonkeySweat - The Worlds Hardest Working IT Monkeys
MSN Search
Multimeta: The Meta Search Engine
MuseSearch (MuseGlobal)
My Canada Search Engine
MySearchEngines.com (Darren Collins)
Navigate dot Net: Search Page
Nokodo Search
Northern Light $
The Nuggets Mobile Search Engine (Linguit, UK)

1Banana Metasearch
Powerset Natural Language Search (Palo Alto)
Qelly (Qelix Interactive)
Quintura (Alexandria, Virginia)
RankLink Internet Rank Engine (Yanhong Li)
SavvySearch (Daniel Dreilinger)
SavvySearch Home
SavvySearch Query Form
Search Engine Marketing Info (Aaron Wall)
Search Engines (Telstra, Australia)
SearchEzee Power Search Engine (Anil Nath)
Searchling (Search Buddy)
Search Them All
SearchToFeed -- Help Us End World's Hunger!
Search Unlimited (Philip Sung)
Searchy UK Metacrawler: Search 15 top UK Search Engines
Seek123.com - Search Multiple Search Engines
Seekport UK (Seekport Internet Technologies)
SimpliFind Search

Snap (San Francisco)
Snooz Metasearch
Sproose - Social Search (Danville, California)
Subjex - Explore with Diaogue
SuperSearch (Stockholm)
Supersearch (WebTaxi)
SuperSeek (Macmillan Information SuperLibrary)
Surfer's Edge Monster Search Engine
Tribal Voice Search
Turbo10 Search Engine
20search.com Search Engine
The Ultimate Search Tool
Variety Search
WebFeat Federated Search Engine
WhatUseek Search Engine
Yep (WebSideStory)
ZapMeta.com - All Results, One Engine


Web Search

Abacus Mega Web Search Directory
ABC Startpage
Academic Search (Microsoft Windows Live Academic)
-- Windows Live Academic Search Blog
ACE-Directory.com (UK)
Aereal Serch (VRML Links Database)
Ajdee Internet Directory
Alba36.com - The Wings of the Web
AlCanSeek Alaska/Canada Search Engine
Alexa Traffic Rankings
Alexa Web Search
All the "Best" Cool Sites on the Web
All.info (ed. Ian Lenzen et al., UK)
All Known Web Search Engines - Web Search Engines (Rick Johnson)
AllSearchEngines.co.uk Index of Internet Search Engines and Web Directories
All The Web

AltaVista Subject Search
AltaVista Translation Service
ALVIS - Superpeer Semantic Search Engine (ALVIS Consortium, Europe)
Amnesi: The Internet Name Search Engine
Ampleo (Kiran Modak & Mukund Joshi)
A9.com Home Page (Udi Manber et al., Amazon.com, Palo Alto)
Annotated Guide to WWW Search Engines
(ed. T. Matthew Ciolek, Asian Studies WWW VL)
Another Web Directory
ANZWERS (Australia & New Zealand Web Enquiry Research System)
ASEAN Internet Search
Australian Internet Directories - Australia's WWW Directory
An Awesome List of All Internet Search Engines and Online Directories
(Web Promotion Spider)
Ay-Up.com (Geo Sync Search, Vancouver)
Babelplex Bilingual Search Service
Babieca Web Search Engine (Babieca Metasearch)
Bare Bones 101: A Basic Tutorial on Searching the Web
(Ellen Chamberlain, USC Beaufort Library)

Best Links from A to Z (Informatrix)
Best Search (Soprano)
BetterWhois Domain Search (Amy Rice)
Beyond General Web Searching: Advanced Approaches to Finding Information on the Web (Joe Barker, UC Berkeley Library Web)
Beyond Surfing: Tools and Techniques for Searching the Web
(Kathleen Webster & Kathryn Paul)
The BIG EYE Search Center
BIG Search Engine Index : Web Search
BigWhat.com Search Portal
BizKid GateWay WebSite
Blakkat Station's Best of the Web (Kathleen Gay)
blinkx (Kathy Rittweger et al.)
Business 2.0 - Web Guide
CA Domain

CANLinks Directory
Categorizing Web Search Results into Meaningful and Stable Categories using Fast-Feature techniques (Bill Kules et al., University of Maryland, Jun 2006)
The Center of the Web
ChaCha Search (Carmel, Indiana)
Choosing a Web Search Engine or Subject Guide (UF Libraries)
CIRA.ca - Canadian Interent Registration Authority
Clusty the Clustering Engine
-- Clusty Labs
-- Clusty Cloud Creator
CNET Search.com - The Web
CompWisdom (Australia)
Congoo.com (Branchburg, New Jersey)
Critiquing Microsoft Live "Academic Search" (Dean Giustini, UBC Google Scholar Blog.folio, 9 Apr 2006)
The Cyberlibrarian's Rest Stop: Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting
(Angela Elkordy)
DataparkSearch Engine - Open Source Search Engine
DC2net Internet's Best Web Search
The Deep Web (CompletePlanet)
DevSearch - The Web Developer's Search Engine
Direct Hit
The Directory (International Marketing Suite)
Direct Search - Web Search Tools and Directories
(Gary Price)

Directory of Directories (The Kelsey Group)
Directory Resources Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Virtual Private Library)
DNS Resources Directory (András Salamon)
Domain Name Essentials (Web Host Industry Review)
Domain Name Registries Around the World (NORID)
The Electric Library
Electric Library Canada
Electronexxus - Human Edited Directory & Search
(Michael Galle, Richmond Hill, Ontario)
Emerging Semantic Communities in Peer Web Search (Ruj Akavipat et al., Indiana University, 25 Sep 2006) PDF
Enhancing Search and Browse Using Automated Clustering of Subject Metadata (Kat Hagedorn et al., D-Lib Magazine 13:7/8, Jul/Aug 2007)
Essential Links
eTour - Surf Without Searching
Etronica Search Pyramid
Evaluation of Peer Based Web Search (Ruj Akavipat et al., Indiana University, 5 Jan 2006) PDF
Evaluation of Web Search Engines (The Repository Web, Grupo de Tecnologías de la Información, Universidad de Murcia)
Exalead (Paris)
Exploring the Academic Invisible Web (Dirk Lewandowski et al., E-LIS, 16 Apr 2006)
Factbites (Rapid Intelligence, Sydney, Australia)
Femina Web Search For Women
Filangy | Search ActiveWeb (Chirag Chaman, New York)
Findability.org (Peter Morville)
Finding the Flow in Web Site Search (Communications of the ACM 45:9:44-9, Sep 2002) PDF
Finding information on the free World Wide Web (Yaffa Aharoni et al., First Monday 10:12, 5 Dec 2005)
Finding Information on the Web (David Jakob)

Finding It Online: Web Search Strategies (Debbie Flanagan)
FindWhat.com (Pay for Position)
First-Search, Search the Web at a Glance
FirstStop WebSearch Desktop Software
Flipper.com Deep Web Search
FluffyMoose.com - Search Engine and Web Directory
The fMRI Network (Richard Warp, Durham, North Carolina)
Foreign Language Translation Services Available Free on the Internet
Fossick WebSearch Alliance Directory
4anything.com - A Network of Web Guides...
4INFO Search (Mobile Search Service, San Mateo, California)
Free Online Translation Services (Bigben)
Free On-Line Translation Services (WinDi On-Line Service)
The Free Site (Mary McDonald)
Free Translation Online
The Future of Web Search (Workshop, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 19-20 May 2006)

Gigablast (Matt Wells)
Gnosh Meta-Search Tool (Mike Richwalsky, Meadville, Pennsylvania)
Gomeo Home Page (Rome)
Google Accessible Web Search for the Visually Impaired
UBC Google Scholar Blog (Dean Giustini, University of British Columbia)
Google Language Tools
Google Scholar Versus Metasearch Systems (Tamar Sadeh, HEP Libraries Webzine 12, Mar 2006)
Google Web Directory
GoshMe - The Web Search Assistant (Daniel Santos Murta de Oliveira, Salvador, Brazil)
GoTo.com - Search Made Simple (Pay for Position)
Grub's Distributed Web Crawling Project (Looksmart, San Francisco)
GTE SuperPages: WWW Directory
GuideBeam (Peter Bruza et al.)
Guide To Web Site Search Tools (Avi Rappoport)
Gumby.Net Web Search
HerDirectory.com - The Women's Directory for Women's Sites
HerHomePage.com Where the Web Starts for Women
Heritrix Web Crawler Project (Internet Archive)
HOME TEAM: Advanced Search Site
HotLinks - The Online Search Community

How to Find Information on the Web (Academic Resources)
How to Search the Web (Terry A. Gray)
How to Search the World Wide Web (David P. Habib & Robert L. Balliot)
How to Use the New Google Web Search RSS Feeds (Marshall Kirkpatrick, ReadWriteWeb, 30 Oct 2008)
Hypersearching the Web (Soumen Chakrabarti et al., Clever Project, Scientific American 280:6:54-60, Jun 1999)
IceRocket Search
iDoFind Web Finder
ilectric Info Portal : Metasearch & Directory
Indexes & Search Engines (Learning@Web.Sites)
InfoJump : Web Directory
Information Research: Searching the Web (Spire Project)
The Informant
InfoSpace - Find Businesses, People, Places, Products & Events (InfoSpace.com, Bellevue, Washington)
Intelliseek Web Search
Intelways Web Search Aggregator (Juan Camilo Sosa, Woodstock, Georgia)

The Internet Courses: Web Browsing Tools
(Laurel Anne Clyde, Univ of Iceland)
Internet Search Engines: How to Find What You Want on the World Wide Web (University at Buffalo Libraries)
The InvisibleWeb
Invisible-web.net | The Invisible Web Directory
(Chris Sherman & Gary Price)
Invisible Web Gateways - Portals to the Deep Web
The Invisible Web: Where Search Engines Fear to Go
(Ian Smith, PowerHomeBiz.com)
IPL Web Searching
Iran BB Persian & World Dir
ITS WWW Search Tools
Jeteye : Search, Package and Share The Digital World (San Francisco)
JournalismNet Home Page (Julian Sher)
Just the Answers Please: Choosing a Web Search Service
(Susan Feldman, Searcher Magazine, May 1997)
Kanoodle.com - The Search Rocket [Pay for Position]

KidsClick! Worlds of Web Searching
KidsClick! Web Search for Kids by Librarians
-- Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
KidSearch! The Web Guide for Kids (BVSD)
Kids Web Index
Kosmix (Jason Zien)
LANL Research Library: Web Search Engines
LexiBot (CompletePlanet) $
Life Beyond Yahoo: Finding Information on the WWW
(Sandra M. Wittman, Oakton Community College)
Lightning Web - Search the Web
Lightspan Learning Search

LinkMaster Web Search

Search for kingdoms using:
Java VRML Audio Video ActiveX Chat

The Linkcentre Internet Directory and Search Engine
Links2Go: Surf the Web Sideways
Links2Go: Web Catalogs and Search
LinksValley.com Web Directory and Links Portal
(SEOValley.com, India)
Loki Location-Based Internet Search & Navigation
(The Loki Group, Spring Grove, Illinois)
LookAhead Dynamic Search Navigation (SurfWax)
A Look At... Web-Based Databases and Search Tools (Charles G. Doe, Information Today Multimedia & Internet@Schools 11:5, Sep-Oct 2004)
LookDirectory.com - Comprehensive Human-Edited Web Directory
Look It Up: Search Tools on the World Wide Web (Lorna Kropp)
LookSmart Australia
LookSmart Canada
LookSmart UK
Lost in WebSpace 2000 (Glen Warner)

Lycos Web Guides
Maple Square - Canada's Internet Directory $
Marc Najork's Homepage (Microsoft Research)
Matthew Zook's Page of Domain Name Data
Matilda AAA World Announce Archive Search Engine
The Matrix (Matt Slot)
Metaplus (John Lewell)
The Meta Search Engines: A Web Searcher's Best Friends
(Daniel Bazac, 9 Sep 2002)
Microsoft Academic Search
Middle East Directory - Guide to Middle East Web Sites
Mind-it (Netmind)
MK Directory to the Internet
MoMiNIS | Modelling and Mining of Network Information Systems (Jeannette Jenssen)
Monarch Search: The web site investigation & tracking tool
(FirstStop WebSearch)
Mooter - Web Search (Australia)
Ms. Dewey
MSN Web Search
my.OAI (Open Archives Initiative)
MySpiders (Gautam Pant et al.)
My Way
Navigational Directories (The Kelsey Group)
Navisso Web Search (Amsterdam)
NebulaSearch (Bryan Johnston et al.)
Netcraft Web Site Finder
Net Crawler (James West)

NetFirst | The Authoritative Directory for Internet Resources
(OCLC Online Computer Library Center)
-- Hot Topics
NetPages - World Wide Web Version
Netscape Open Directory
Nextaris Universal Medium for Information Exchange
(SurfWax, Menlo Park, California)
NovaSeek Internet Search
Nutch Open-Source Web Search Engine (Mike Cafarella et al.)
Objects Directory (Objects Search)
Objects Search
OmniGet (Lior Porat et al.)
Omniseek Web Directory
One-Minute Web Guide (Jerry Bowles)
118118.com (Bromma, Sweden)
One2Seek Directory
On-line Canada - Search Engine and Internet Directory
Online Research Browsers (Marcus P. Zillman) PDF

Open Directory Project (ODP)
-- Axie
-- DMOZ Blog
-- Searching the Web
-- Search Open Directory (SearchBug.com)
-- WebBrain
Open WorldCat (OCLC Online Computer Library Center)
Orbitz Web Guide
Orientation: The Regional Search Directory
Pandia Plus - The Web Search Directory
Pandia Search World
PANDORA Archive - Preserving and Accessing Networked DOcumentary Resources of Australia (National Library of Australia, Canberra)
The Password
PlanetK-12 - Your Web. Your Way
PMPCS Links to Other Sites

Precision among World Wide Web Search Services
(H.V. Leighton & J. Srivistava)
Présence Web: The Domain Name Search Engine
QueryTracker Home (Gabriel L. Somlo)
-- qbSelections
QuickSearchit Engine
QWho Domain Name Look-Up
Raper's Web Search Corner (H. Leon Raper)
Reading the Future of Web Search (Dan Giancaterino, The Legal Intelligencer, 25 Sep 2008)
Reference.com Web Directory
Register.com - Domain Name Registration Services
Register Domain Names
The ResourceShelf: Resources and News for Information Professionals (ed. Gary D. Price, GWU)
-- ResourceShelfPLUS
RoboGen Visual Robots Exclusion File Editor
Scholarly Web Searching: Google Scholar and Scirus (Greg R. Notess, Information Today Online 29:4, Jul-Aug 2005)
Scrub the Web
The Search Beat ... The One-Stop Web Directory
SearchCactus.com [Paid to Surf]

Search Engine Showdown: The Users' Guide to Web Searching
(Greg R. Notess)
Search Engines and Web Directories (Mike Guertin)
Search for Files on the Internet (Findthatfile.com)
SearchHound.com [Pay for Position]
Searching the Deep Web (OSTI, U.S. Department of Energy)
Searching the Internet (Southam@Canada)
Searching portal from Liolia
Searching the Web (Charles W. Boley)
Searching the Web (Daniel LaLiberte, NCSA)
Searching the Web (Yahoo)
Searching the Web Tutorial (Eisenhower National Clearing House)
Searching the World Wide Web (Carolyn Kotlas, IAT)
Searching the World Wide Web (Inter-Links)

Searching the World Wide Web (Joe Barker, UC Berkeley Library Web)
Searching the World Wide Web (Susan Gaer)
Search Internet - Web: Directories (Internet Sleuth)
Search Internet - Web: Search Engines (Internet Sleuth)
SearchLynx Web Guide
SearchMash (Google)
SearchMob.com - Search Engine and Directory
(John Battelle)
Search Portfolio (Rita Vine et al., Toronto)
Search Spaniel
Search Tools on the Web (NLC)
Search-22 Web Search Engines
Search the Web (David A. Craig)
Search the Web (ZDNet)
Search the Web by Domain Name

Search the Web More Efficiently: Tips, Techniques and Strategies
(Daniel Bazac, 15 Oct 2003)
Search Wikia (Jimmy Wales)
Searchwise Search Engine & Invisible Web Consulting (Chris Sherman)
Search the World Wide Web (Yuri Quintana)
Seekers WebLink Express
Seeking Better Web Searches (Javed Mostafa, Scientific American 292:2:66-73, Feb 2005)
Self-Help Web Sites Database
Signpost Information Service Home Page
Similarities and Differences between Web Search Procedure and Searching in the Pre-Web Information Retrieval Systems (Yazdan Mansourian, Webology 1:1, Aug 2004)
SiteLines - Ideas About Web Searching (Rita Vine)
Six Great Ways to Search the Web (Investintech.com)
Slider Search
Sources in the Deep Web (CompletePlanet Help)
Speegle Speak Perfect Web Search (UK)
SRU: Search and Retrieve via URL (Standards, Library of Congress)
Starship Search!
StumbleUpon (eBay; created by Geoff Smith, Calgary)
Suite 101 Advanced Search

Surf Central Dot Net
Surf the Wave Internet Directory
SurfWax Advanced Web Searching
Tageru (SurfWax LookAhead)
Teachersweb Search Tutorial
Teaching Web-based Research Skills (Genie Tyburski, The Virtual Chase)
TEK | Time Equals Knowledge (Saman Amarasinghe & Libby Levison)
Teoma Search
Thagoo Tagged Search Engine
Those Dark Hiding Places: The "Invisible Web" Revealed
(Robert J. Lackie)
TIG Internet Domain-Name Database
Tips for Searching the Web [Steve Lawrence &C. Lee Giles, NECI)
TKM's Education Web Search
Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher (Pat Ensor, American Library Association)
Top Level Domains (HotBot Help)

Top9.com - The Popularity Search Directory
Top of the Web--Quick Access (John December)
Top 25 Web 2.0 Search Engines (OEDb)
The Total Web Search Guide (Strange Pages)
Trailfire (Willco, UK)
Trovando (Francesco Passantino)
Turtilla.com Online Search Service
Tutorial: Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet (Mata Hari)
Tutorial: Web Information Retrieval (Monika Henzinger)
12 GO Web Directory indexed by Subject (Richard Bode)
UK Cyber~Search / WWW Search
UK Plus: Review Guide of United Kingdom Web Sites
Understanding and Comparing Web Search Tools (Karen Campbell)
Understanding WWW Search Tools (Jian Liu)

Union Institute Research Engine -- Web Search Engines
Using Google for African Studies Research: A Guide to Effective Web Searching (Hans M. Zell)
Vancouver Webpages - SearchBC
Virtual Learning Resources Center (Michael Bell)
Voila - The International Search Engine
Wandex, the W3 Wanderer Index
Web-Based Whois + NSlookup
WebBrain.com (ODP)
Web Catalogs and Search Tools (PC Magazine)
Web Central

Webdex, The Ultimate Web Index
WebFetch Form
WebFountain (IBM Almaden Research Center)
WeBidz Online Directory (Yakima, Washington)
The Webinator Web Index & Retrieval System (Thunderstone)
Web Index
Webindex - Your Guide to the Internet Worldwide
Web Information Seeking and Interaction (WISI), First Workshop on (SIGIR 2007 WISI Workshop, held in conjunction with the 30th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference, Amsterdam, 27 Jul 2007)
Web IR, topical crawlers, and InfoSpiders
(Filippo Menczer et al., Indiana University)
WebIR | Web IR & IE - Information Retrieval & Information Extraction on the Web using Hypertext Meta-data and Structure (Einat Amitay)
WebLens: Bringing the Web into Focus (Pam Blackstone)
The WebLinks Project (René Brehmer)
Web Links to Search Engines, Shareware, Internet Resources
A Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines
(Danny Sullivan)

Webnames.ca (John Demco et al.)
WebPlaces Internet Search Guide
The Webresearch Guide of ScienceDirect (Elsevier Science)
The Web Robots Pages (Martijn Koster)
Web Search (About.com)
Web Search (ResourceShelf)
Web Search (Web.com)
Web Search Cheat Sheet (Richard J. Smith)
Web Search Engines Cheat Sheet (UF Libraries)
Web Search Engines FAQS: Questions, Answers, and Issues
(Gary D. Price, Searcher 9:9, Oct 2001)
Web Search Engines -- General Bibliography
(L. Anne Clyde, University of Iceland)
Web Search Environments (Dave Beckett, Bristol)

Web Search Guide (Gwen Harris)
Web Search Guide Canada (Gwen Harris)
Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting (Sage Colleges)
Web Searching Tips (Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineWatch)
Web Searching Tools (FSU)
Web Searching "Tools" (Weller Media)
Web Search Strategies (Bernie Poole & Beckie Randall)
Web Search Tools (Glen Kuban)
Web Search Tools (TERENA GNRT)
WebSearch University (Information Today)
WebSitez - Search Engine for Domain Name Addresses
Web Sitings (FamilyPC)
Web Spam Taxonomy (Zoltán Gyöngyi & Hector Garcia-Molina, 14 Mar 2004) PDF
Web 2.0 Search Engine
What's the Big Deal With Social Search? (Chris Sherman, SearchDay, 15 Aug 2006)
Whois (Network Solutions)
Whois Finder
Whois Report - Domain Name Search Engine
Who's Who in Social Search (Chris Sherman, SearchDay, 16 Aug 2006)
WhoWhere? Personal Home Pages Directory (Lycos)

Windows Live Search (Microsoft)
Wink Tag Search (Los Altos, California)
Wired Source: Indices
Wireless Web and Search, Archive for (ResourceShelf)
Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine (Wolfram Research)
-- Fast Facts Anyone? A Brief Users Guide to Wolfram|Alpha (Gary Price, ResourceShelf Resource of the Week Blog, 17 May 2009)
WoList.com Pay-Per-Click Search and Distribution Network
WordIQ Web Search Directory
World Aid Web Directory
World Search Center
WorldWideWebInfo.com - World Wide Web Resource Center
970 World Wide Web Search Engines & Directories
World Wide Web Search Tools (Rutgers Research & Reference Gateway)
WSDM 2008 Home Page (First International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, Stanford University, 11-12 Feb 2008)
WWW-Accessible Search Tools (EMLS)
WWW Searches (Internet Now)
WZ.com The Busy Person's Guide to What You Love to Do
Zeal.com - Search. Rate. Review. Discover.
Zeal.com - World Wide Web (WWW) - Searching the Web

WWWomen: The Premier Search Directory for Women Online

[WWWomen] Search for:

Yahoo! Searching the Web
Yahoo! Search the Web
-- Advanced Web Search
Your WebScout - Index
Zenome Homepage (Szigetvari, Montreal)
01WebDirectory.com - Best of Web Directory
The Zeus Collective


Special Search Tools

Archie and FTP
Books On-line
Consumer Services
Finding People
Forum Search
Image Search
Library Search and Telnet
Multimedia Search and File Exchange
Music On-line
News Search
Phone Search
Scientific Equipment and Exploration

AAUP Search by Subject (University Presses)
Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources (Marcus P. Zillman)
Academic Search (Microsoft Windows Live Academic)
-- Windows Live Academic Search Blog
AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics (University of Minnesota)
All Academic: The Guide to Free Academic Resources On-Line
(Stephen Stolp et al.)
Anthro.Net Research Engine (Eric J. White)
ArticleFinder (Infotrieve Online)
Astrobiology: Search (NASA Astrobiology)
Astronomy Center (American Astronomical Society)
Athenus - The Engineering and Science Search Engine
Authority Finder (Knowledge Ventures)
BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (University of Bielefeld, Germany)
Big List of Blog Search Engines (AriPaparo.com)
BIG Search Engine Index (Andrew Rigby, UK)
Biomedical Search - Medical Research and Health Resources (BioMedSearch.com)
BioMed Search - Biomedical Image Search Engine
BIOME: The Hub for Internet Resources in the Health and Life Sciences
BIORESEARCH: The UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in Biological and Biomedical Research
BioText Search Engine (University of California at Berkeley)
Blog Search Engine (Loren Baker, Search Engine Journal, Queenstown, Maryland)
ChemGate Spectroscopy Search Engine (EMolecules, Inc., Del Mar, California)
ChemRefer Open Access Chemistry Literature Database
ChemxSeer Project (C. Lee Giles et al., Pennsylvania State University)
CiteSeerX: Scientific Literature Digital Library and Search Engine (Penn State University)
A Collection of (Mainly) Special Search Engines
(Marten Hofstede, Universiteitsbibliotheek, Leiden)
Conference Alerts - Academic Conferences Worldwide
Country Search Engines and Regional Search Engines (Phil Bradley)
Country Specific Search Engines (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Creative Commons Search
Credo Reference
Critiquing Microsoft Live "Academic Search" (Dean Giustini, UBC Google Scholar Blog.folio, 9 Apr 2006)
Database Central
Digital Earth: GeoWeb (SRI International)
Discussion Search (Lycos Discussions Web Search)
Distributed Digital Library of Mathematical Monographs Search (Cornell)
Eccelltio Science Miner
EEVL | EEVL's Ejournal Search Engines
EEVL's Ejournal Search Engines
Electronic Journal Miner
eMolecules Chemical Search (eMolecules, Inc., Del Mar, California)
Engineering Repository Cross Search Demonstrator
(PerX Project, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)
EQNDB Online Equation Search Engine
(Eric Lic Hang Lee)
ESE | Economics Search Engine (RFE)
Europe PubMed Central
Find-It: A Guide to Specialized Search Facilities on the Net (Walt Howe)
GENIE | A General Internet Search Engine for Atomic Data
(International Atomic Energy Agency)
GeoIndex: A Search Engine for Geo-environmental Professionals
Google Scholar
-- Google Scholar Counts (AT&T Labs Research)
Google Scholar Versus Metasearch Systems (Tamar Sadeh, HEP Libraries Webzine 12, Mar 2006)
GoPubMed Search Engine
Guides To Specialized Search Engines (Paula Dragutsky)
The Human Nature Review Internet Explorer Search Toolbar for Scientists and Philosophers

Infotrieve Online
IngentaConnect Home (UK)
INIST - Search with ArticleSciences (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, France)
Internet Enabling Tools INFOMINE Search Screen
Ithaki Metasearch Directory
-- Ithaki Canada
-- Ithaki for Kids Metasearch
JNet Story Beats (JournalismNet)
KnowIT - IT Search Engine (KnowledgeStorm, Alpharetta, Georgia)
LigerCat: Literature and Genomics Resource Catalog
The Linguist's Search Engine (University of Maryland)
LookSmart Science (San Francisco)
Melissa Data Free Online Lookups
Metor Targeted Information Search
NARCIS: The gateway to Dutch scientific information
Natural Selection: The UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in the Natural World
NetSearcher: The Search Engine for Internet Professionals
Newswise -- Search Tools for Reporters
Noesis: Philosophical Research On-line (ed. Anthony Beavers et al.)

Oingo, Home of Meaning-based Search
OJOSE.com | Scientific Search Engine (Online JOurnal Search Engine)
OmniMedicalSearch.com - A MetaSearch Engine for the Medical Search Engines (Jason L. Morrow, Rogers, Arizona)
Online Scientific and Technical Search Engines
(USC Science Library)
Open Database Project
PangaVista | PANGAEA Information System
Phibot Physics Index
Philosophy Portal: Search Multiple Databases of Philosophy Web Sites (Kenneth F. T. Crust)
PhilosophySearch.com - Philosophy Resources on the World Wide Web
(Brian Alt)
Power Reporting | Resources for Journalists
Precision and Recall of Five Search Engines for Retrieval of Scholarly Information in the Field of Biotechnology (S. M. Shafi & Rafiq A. Rather, Webology 2:2, Aug 2005)
PsychSpider - Psychology Search Engine (ZPID, Zentralstelle fuer Psychologische Informationen und Dokumentation, Germany)
Quora (Adam D'Angelo & Charlie Cheever et al.)
ResearchIndex: The NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library
(Steve Lawrence et al., NEC Research Institute)

Scholarly Web Searching: Google Scholar and Scirus (Greg R. Notess, Information Today Online 29:4, Jul-Aug 2005)
Science Accelerator (Office of Scientific and Technical Information, U.S. Department of Energy)
Science and Research
Science.gov : FirstGov for Science - Government Science Portal (US)
Science Research Portal (Deep Web Technologies, Los Alamos)
Scientific Search Engines (B. Wickermeier, LLEK Bookmarks)
Scientopica: Search Categories
Scirus Search Engine for Science (Elsevier Science)
-- Searcher (Scirus)
Scirus -- for Scientific Information (Review by Sara R. Tompson, Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship 49, Winter 2007)
SciTech Connect (U.S. Department of Energy)
Scitopia.org Search Portal (US)
Searchable Databases (Lycos Directory)
Search AtoZ.com : Find AtoZ.com Online Directory of General, Parallel, Metasearch, Multimedia Audio, Video and MP3 Search Engines
Search the best scientific and technical portals directly from your browser (Deep Web Technologies' Federated Search, Los Alamos)
Search/Browse the Argus Clearinghouse
Search Open Archive Initiative Data in Science and Engineering (Grainger Engineering Library at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Search Systems - Public Records Database Collection
(Pacific Information Resources)
Search Wikipedia (WikiWax)
Seek123.com - One-Stop Searching
SOSIG: Social Science Search Engine
Specialized Directories & Search Engines (Nancy Picchi, Cyward)
Specialized Search Engine FAQs: More Questions, Answers and Issues
(Gary Price, Searcher 10:9, Oct 2002)
Specialized Search Engines (InfiniSource, Inc.)
Specialized Search Engines (JournalismNet)

Sphere (Tony Conrad et al., Sphere Software Corporation, Columbia, Maryland)
Sphere: A New Approach to Blog Search
(Chris Sherman, SearchDay, 25 Apr 2006)
SPIN Web | Searchable Physics Information Notices
(Online Journal Publishing Service)
Study Navigator - Student Search Engine (Christopher Adams)
A Study of Blog Search (Gilad Mishne & Maarten de Rijke, 28th European Conference on Information Retrieval, Apr 2006) PDF
TaxonSearch: Database for Suprageneric Taxa & Phylogenetic Definitions (Paul C. Sereno et al.)
TechXtra (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)
Textpresso (Caltech)
UBC Google Scholar Blog (Dean Giustini, University of British Columbia)
The Ultimates (Scott Martin)
Understanding WWW Search Tools (Jian Liu)
UCSTRI (Unified Computer Science TR Index)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Electronic Databases
VADLO (Life in Research)
Vascoda Initiative - Entdecke Information (Germany)
WebPlaces: Country-Specific Searches
What do you want to know today? (Ross Scaife, U Kentucky)
WolframAlpha Computational Knowledge Engine (Wolfram Research)
World Search from LastMinuteSearch.com

AdFlip.com Archive of Classic Print Ads
Aeroseek - Aviation Search Engine and Directory
AGRIFOR: The UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in Agriculture, Food, and Forestry
Alba36.com - The Wings of the Web
All-in-One Biblical Resources Search (Mark Goodacre)
AltaVista Tools: Email, Tools & Search Centers
AnimalSearch (Galganov)
AnyCollege.com College Search Engine (US)
APA PsychCrawler Search Engine

ARRLWeb: FCC License Data Search (American Radio Relay League)
Artcyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine
ASAE -- Gateway to Associations Online Search Directory of Association Web Sites (American Society of Association Executives)
ASE - Airport Search Engine (Christian Segor)
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (Project Bartleby)
BC Government Search
BetterWhois Domain Search (Amy Rice)
Biographies PolySearch Engine (Péter Jacsó, University of Hawaii)
BiotechFind Search Engine
BlackTracka: Indigenous Australian Internet Search Engine (KooriNet)
Bloogz The Blogs Search Engine
Britannica Sample Search (Encyclopaedia Britannica)
BrokeScholar Scholarships Search Engine
BusinessWeb - The Source for Business Knowledge

Camcity Camsterdam Webcam Search Engine
Canada Jobs (JobStar Canada, Calgary)
Careerclick.com (Canada)
CareerOwl (Canada)
Carefinder.Com - Nationwide Child Care Guide and Preschool Directory (US)
ChemIndustry.com Chemical Industry Search Engine
Church Locator Network
CIAC Bulletins (Computer Incident Advisory Capability)
Cinemachine: The Movie Review Search Engine
CIPO - Copyright Data Dissemination Search (Industry Canada)
CitySearch.com (Ticketmaster Online)
-- Triangle
Codase - Source Code Search Engine (Huihong Luo et al.)
College and University Search - Degree and College Searches Online
CollegeConfidential.com College Admissions, Search, and Financial Aid (US)
College Finder: College Search Engine
College Toolkit: Free Scholarship Search, College Search, & Career Exploration (Mark Rothbaum et al., Brooklyn, New York)
Compare-Stuff.com - Compare Things Using the Web
The Contact Center Network Home Page
ContentScan (Dome Information Service) $

CopSeek Directory and Police Search Engine
CPIC Stolen Vehicle Search (Canadian Police Information Centre)
CruiseHunt.com Cruise Vacation Search Site
Daypop - A Current Events/Weblog/News Search Engine
DevSearch - The Web Developer's Search Engine
The Directory of Professional and Trade Associations and Non-Profit Organizations
Disability Search
Disinformation Subculture Search (ed. Alex Burns)
DIY Search (Do It Yourself)
EarthWeb.com: The IT Industry Portal
Educator's Net Education Search Engine
EduHound - The Engine for Everything Education K-12
ENC: Search

Entrez, The Life Sciences Search Engine (NCBI)
EUN National Networks Search Engine (European Schoolnet)
Eurobarometer Interactive Search System
(EUROPA Public Opinion Analysis)
EuroFerret -- European Search Engine
European Patent Office
EuroSeek - English
EventJAR.com | Cultural and Entertainment Event Search Engine (Boston)
Event Seeker: The World Events Calendar
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
FERRET (Federal Electronic Research and Review Extraction Tool)
FastWeb Scholarship and College Searches
FindArticles.com - A LookSmart Service
Find-Arts Galleries
FindGuru: Search engine for product specifications and company information (Advantage Business Media)
FindHow - The How-To Search Engine
Findthatfile File Search

FlipDog.com Job Search
Focuss.eu (Development Gateway Foundation)
Freeality Internet Search Engines
Free MEDLINE - Search Advanced PubMed Medline
Free Patents Online Database (US)
FT.com (Financial Times) Global Archive
Funnelback: Enterprise search engine
FxSignals: Financial Search Engine (John Scott)
GEM (European Information Network Services) $
Geospatial Engine (U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
Getblogs.com Blog Search Engine (Paul Short, Whitby, Ontario)
Get a Map (Rand McNally)
GlobalSpec: The Engineering Search Engine
(The Engineering Web)
Google Microsoft Search
Google Patents
GraduateResumes.com (Steven Zussino)
Healthline - Connect to Better Health
History and Politics Outloud (HPOL): A Searchable Archive of Politically Significant Audio Materials
Howdy Howdy Ag and Farm Search Engine
Hygiene Finder
iBegin Local Search (Michael Giannopoulos, Norwood, Massachusetts)
iBionet.com: Symptoms & Self-Assessment Search Engine
Indeed.com Job Search (Stamford, Connecticut)

InfoJump - The Magazine & Newspaper Article Search Engine
The International Lyrics Server
IPEDS College Opportunities On-Line (COOL)
Ivy's Search Engine Resources for Kids
Job Bank (Human Resources Development Canada)
Job Search Canada (Indeed)
Job Searching (Alison Doyle, About.com)
Jobshark.com (Canada)
KidsNook.com - The Search Engine for Kids
Kid's Tools for Searching the Internet (Jerry Kuntz)
Kilima.com - An Online World of Art, Film, Literature, Music and News
Kindness Search-Engine (Dale Edward Friesen)
KnowAll (Worldfree.net)
KnowledgeStorm - Your IT Search Starts Here
KnowPlay? Local Stuff
Koders - Source Code Search Engine (Darren Rush, Santa Monica)
Learning Search (Lightspan.com)
Legal Engine
Lesson Plan Search - Free Lesson Plans
Lightspan Learning Search
The LitEngine: A Literary Guide to the Internet (Paris Belletric)

LookUp! Directory Services
Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes: How to Find a Novel, Short Story, or Poem Without Knowing its Title or Author (Peter Armenti, Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)
Lyrics Search Engine
Macinstein's Mac Only Search Engine
MagPortal.com - Magazine Article Search Engine
Manufacturers Search Engine (North America)
MavicaNET - Multilingual Search Catalog
Medical Dictionary Search Engines
Medical World Search
Mediwarp Health Search
Medstory Intelligent Search for Health & Medicine
(Burlingame, California)
MetaCarta: Geographic Text Search Systems (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
MetaCarta GeoIntel for Petroleum: Geographic Search for the Energy Industry
Metrobot - Map Based Search Engine and City Guide
Mom Seek - The Search Engine for Moms (BabyLounge)
Monster.ca Job Search and Career Centre (Canada)
MultiCrawl Parallel Search and Free Auctions
The Muslims Directory : Quran : Translations
MyJobSearch: The Jobseeker's Supersite

netTrekker Subject Search $
Network Explorer - Server Search
NexTag, The Search Engine for Shoppers (San Francisco)
Official Find - The Official-Site Searcher (InstaNav)
OMNI: The UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in Health and Medicine
Pandia Radio Finder
Panoptic: Enterprise Search Engine (CSIRO)
ParentSmart.com -- The Best Search Engine for Parents
Patent Fetcher (US)
Patent Lens (CAMBIA, Canberra)
PCgame Search Engine
PedagoNet - Learning Resources Search Engine
Political Information - A Search Engine for Politics & Policy
Positionw@tch Internet Recruitment
Print-Art | The Guide to Fine Art
PublicRecordFinder.com | Your Source for Free Public Records
PubMed Tutorial (US National Library of Medicine)
Query Interface to Home Pages Harvest Broker

RBSE Spider Simple Search
Recipe Search - Martha Stewart Living
Red Herring Technology Business News, Analysis, and Research
Retrevo Consumer Electronics Reviews (Sunnyvale, California)
ReviewFinder - The Best Source for Finding Reviews on the Web
Revolution Health (Washington, DC)
Roost.com - Homes for Sale and MLS Listings (US)
SchoolAtlas.com: The Academic Supersite
School Search Engine
Search Adobe PDF Online
Search Arts & Humanities - Literature - Online Texts (Internet Sleuth)

Search AskERIC
A Search Engine for Information About Music
(Worldwide Recordings)
Search Engine for Proposal Writing... (Deborah Kluge)
Search ERIC Wizard (Educational Resources Information Center)
Searches for Internet Related Investigations (Black Book Online)
Search Europe
Search for an Event (Worldwide Events Database)
Search for Computer, Engineering, and Business Publications
Search For Schools, Colleges and Libraries
(US Nat'l Center for Education Statistics)
Searching with The Online Educator

SearchMill.com $
Searchopolis Education Resource Center (N2H2)
Search Researchpaper.com
Search the SDSC Web Pages
Search the Smithsonian Web
Searchspell: Spellcheck Portal to Search Engine Sites
Search Systems - Free Public Records Database Collection
Search Tools for Kids (PLCMC, Charlotte, NC)
Semiseek - Semiconductor Industry Search Engine

SeniorsSearch Canada
SimplyHired.com Job Search (Dave McClure, Mountain View, California)
SnoopStation.com - Instant Background Check [US] (Ian Armstrong)
Sourcebank Search Engine for Programming Resources
SpeechBot: Audio Search Using Speech Recognition (Compaq.com)
Stock Search International: Stock Certificate Research and Scripophily
Student Advantage: Academic Research Engine
Summize - Find user and expert reviews across the web
-- Summize Blog
Swicki (Eurekster)
Teaching & Learning on the WWW (Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction)
Terrorist Attacks, International, Search ICT Database for
TESS (U.S. Trademark Electronic Search System)
Trove (National Library of Australia)
Trovetopia (Yahoo!)
Trulia - Real Estate Search (San Francisco)
TurboLook - Employer Services Search Engine
TutorialFind (Taryn Green)

UK Index Search Form
University of Minnesota Human Rights Meta Search Engine
U Seek U Find - Search Engine for Families and Kids
VETGATE: The UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in Animal Health
Video Addict Collectors Search Engines (Dave Madding)
Wazap! The Game Search Engine
Web-Agri Agricultural Search Engine
web5000gw: A WWW-LDAP/X.500 Gateway
Wildlife Tracker
Workopolis.com (Canada)
World Biographical Index (Dierk Höppner, Braunschweig University)
ZapTXT (San Francisco)
ZDNet Webopædia

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