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The Way of the Intellect

DESCRIPTION: Insofar as it is a search for understanding, the search for meaning is a search for knowledge. Knowledge understood is obtained by the intellect, by reason and observation, and concepts are the means by which it is expressed. The first of three pages on Concepts (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in philosophy. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in science studies and in the history and philosophy of science, and to resources in the dialogue of science with religion and in palaetiology, (i.e., historical science, broadly construed). For Ideas, see Ideas: The Record of Homo sapiens.

KEYWORDS: philosophy; logic; ethics; aesthetics; knowledge; epistemology; metaphysics; ontology; being; truth; reality; concept; Weltanschauung; world-view

No man, even the most learned in his discipline, can progress farther along the road to perfection than the point where he is found most knowing in the very ignorance that characterizes him; and he will be the more learned, the more he comes to know himself for ignorant.

Nicholas of Cusa

The penalty of knowledge is doubt.

Edward Harrison
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  1. Philosophy

  2. Science Studies
    History and Philosophy of Science
    History and Philosophy of Mathematics
    History and Philosophy of Physics
    History/Philosophy of Astronomy/Cosmology
    History and Philosophy of Earth Sciences
    History and Philosophy of Life Sciences
    History and Philosophy of Social Sciences
    Religion and Science

Science Mathematics Cosmos Earth Life Mind Man Ideas
Tools Space Art Rhetoric Power Evil Hope Faith

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Gnothi seauton.
(Know thyself!)
Inscription above the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi
(Pausanias 10.24.1; Juvenal 11.27)

The unexamined life is not worth living.
Socrates (from Plato's Apology)

Lacking coherence with our own past we frequently feel marooned in present time. Lacking a continuum of identity we are compelled, by daily challenges, to reinvent ourselves on the spot. This offense against memory would be shameful enough if it were merely due to laziness; but it is also due to something darker: a terror of self-knowledge as quiet and subtle as our terror of the unconsious.
Robert Grudin

The function of philosophy in human life is to help man remember. It has no other task. And anything that calls itself philosophy which does not serve this function is simply not philosophy.
Jacob Needleman


AAPT Australasian Association for Process Thought
AAPT Homepage (American Association of Philosophy Teachers)
Academic Info: Philosophy (Mike Madin)
A.C. Grayling (Anthony Grayling, New College of the Humanities, London)
Adler On: Topical Index to the Works of Mortimer J. Adler
(Center for the Study of The Great Ideas)
Aeon Magazine | the digital magazine of ideas and culture
Alan Sondheim: Internet Philosophy and Psychology
ALEXANDRIA on the Web (David Fideler)
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts (Eric Lease Morgan)
All About Immanuel Kant: Andy's Carpenter's Kant World
(Andrew N. Carpenter)
The American Philosophical Association (apaOnline)
-- Guides to Philosophy on the Internet
-- Sites Dedicated to Philosophers
The American Philosophical Society
American Society for Philosophy, Counseling, and Therapy
(Warrensburg, Missouri)
American Transcendentalism Web (Ann Woodlief)

Ancient Europe: Philosophy (Hanover College)
The Ancient Philosophy Society (dir. Jill Gordon & Christopher Long)
Andy Carpenter's World of Philosophy (Andrew N. Carpenter)
The Apology (Plato)
Applied Ethics in Professional Practice
Applied Ethics Resources on WWW (UBC Centre for Applied Ethics)
ARIADNE : Search
Arisbe: The Peirce Gateway (Joseph Ransdell)
The art of attention (Sven Birkerts, Aeon Magazine, 24 May 2013)
Ask a Philosopher! (Geoffrey Klempner)
AskPhilosophers.org (Alexander George, Amherst College)
ASP Home Page (Archives of Scientific Philosophy)
Astrolabe: Ethical Navigations through Virtual Technologies (ACCAD)
Augustine of Hippo (James O'Donnell, Georgetown University)
Australasian Philosophy Network: Home Page
Back to Socrates (Daoud Rofail Khashaba)

Beauty is truth? There's a false equation (Philip Ball , Aeon Magazine, 19 May 2014)
Bear Mountain Institute (Boulder, Colorado)
The Bertrand Russell Archives (McMaster University)
Best Information on the Net - Philosophy (O'Keefe Library)
Beyond true and false: The logic of Buddhist philosophy (Graham Priest , Aeon Magazine, 5 May 2014)
Björn's Guide To Philosophy (Björn Christensson)
Blackwell Publishers' - Guide to Online Philosophy Resources
Bob Carroll's Philosophy Links (Robert Todd Carroll, Sacramento City College)
A Brief History of Time: From Thales to Callippus (Chris Weinkopf)
British Columbia Philosophy Articulation Committee
The British Society of Phenomenology
BUBL LINK: 100 Philosophy
Buzzle.com Philosophy and Religion
Cafe Philosophy (Michael Picard et al., Victoria, BC)
Canadian Philosophical Association
Canadian Philosophy Departments (CPA)
Canadian Society for Philosophical Practice
(Michael Picard et al., Victoria, BC)
Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology
(Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton)
Center for Process Studies (Jeff Sanders)

The Centre for Applied Ethics (UBC)
Centre for Meaning and Metaphysical Studies
(University of Hertfordshire)
Centre for Reasoning (Jon Williamson et al., University of Kent, Canterbury)
The Clearing Institute (dir. Jean Champagne)
-- Jean's Home Page
Codes of Ethics Online (Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions)
CompletePlanet - Directory Philosophy
The Connection Philosophy Archive (Christopher Lydon, WBUR, Boston)
Contretemps: An Online Journal of Philosophy (John Dalton et al.)
Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy
(ed. Arran Gare et al., Swinburne University, Australia)
The Crisis of Philosophy (Jason Stanley, Inside Higher Ed, 5 Apr 2010)
-- What Crisis of Philosophy? (Steve Fuller, Making the university safe for intellectual life in the 21st century, 5 Apr 2010)
Critical Rationalism Study Page (Matthew Dioguardi)
CSSPE - Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics
CyberDewey Class 100: Philosophy
Cybermind: An Electronic Mailing List about Cyberspace
Daoist Studies Home Page
David Hume Links

The death of my father (Julian Baggini, Aeon Magazine, 5 Jul 2013)
Dialectic, Cosmos, and Society
DialogNet (Kent D. Palmer)
A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names (Garth Kemerling)
Digital Librarian: Religion & Philosophy
Digital Locke Project (Paul Schuurman et al.)
DiText | Digital Text International (Andrew Chrucky)
Dr. Z's Philosophy Page (Gordon Law Ziniewicz)
DynaWeb's Guide to Philosophy
Early Modern Europe: Philosophy (Hanover College)
Early Modern Philosophy Initiative (Stephen H. Daniel & Michael LeBuffe, Texas A&M University)
Early Modern Texts: Some Texts from Early Modern Philosophy
(ed. Jonathan F. Bennett, Bowen Island, BC)
Eastern and Western Philosophy (Prakash Arumugam)
Edge (ed. John Brockman)
Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics (Harvard University)
Ektopos | Online Philosophy Community (Matthew S. Mullins)
Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education
(ed. Paulo Ghiraldelli Jr & Michael A. Peters et al.)
Endgame: Ethics & Values in America
(Scott Goldstein, PBS, 18 Sep 2002)
Environmental Ethics (Ron Epstein)
Environmental Ethics Case Studies (APSArchive.org - General Collection, American Physiological Society)
Environmental Ethics Resources on WWW
(UBC Centre for Applied Ethics)
Environmental Ethics Web Site (Josh Knauer)

EPAC - Ethics Practioners' Association of Canada
Episteme Links: Philosophy Resources on the Internet
(Thomas Ryan Stone)
Ephilosopher | Philosophy News, Research, and Discussion
(Shannon La Duke, East Greenwich, RI)
Ergo, an Open Access Journal of Philosophy (ed. Franz Huber & Jonathan Weisberg et al., University of Toronto)]
Ethical Perspectives: Journal of the European Ethics Network (ed. Bart Pattyn et al., European Centre for Ethics, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium)
Ethics and Philosophy (MFIRC)
Ethics CORE (Collaborative Online Resource Environment)
Ethics Institute (Dartmouth College)
Ethics on the World Wide Web
Ethics Resource Center (Washington, DC)
Ethics Updates (ed. Lawrence M. Hinman, University of San Diego)
European Society for Early Modern Philosophy
Evolution and Philosophy: A Revolution in Philosophy
(Kent Van Cleave)
The Examined Life On-Line Philosophy Journal (Amarillo, Texas)
Experimental Philosophy (blog by Adam Feltz et al.)
Factasia Logic (Roger Bishop Jones)
Feminist Philosophers
The Flight of Curiosity (Justin E. H. Smith, Opionator, New York Times, 22 May 2011)

FOLDOP | Free On-Line Dictionary of Philosophy
(ed. Gian Paolo Terravecchia et al., SWIF)
Forum for European Philosophy (London)
Foundations of Temporal Logic - The WWW-site for Prior-studies
(Per F. V. Hasle & Peter Øhrstrøm, Aalborg University, Denmark)
The 4th Tetralogy: Exploring Plato's Middle Dialogues
(Anthony F. Beavers et al.)
Frequently Asked Questions about the Meaning of Life
(Eliezer S. Yudkowsky)
From Knowledge to Wisdom (Nicholas Maxwell et al., Friends of Wisdom, London)
FU-Berlin PHILOSOPHY-WEB (Frank Wulf)
Gaining Meaning and Purpose from Seven Aspects of Reality (Allen Tough, Ultimate Reality and Meaning 9(4):291-300, Dec 1986) PDF
Gateway to Philosophy (Paideia Project, Boston University)
Geometry.net | Philosophers
Geometry.net | Philosophy
Geometry.net Students Subsite - Philosophy
Geometry.net | Temporal Logic
The Glass House Philosopher - A Philosophical Notebook
(Geoffrey Klempner)
The Golden Mean: A blog about a novel [11 Aug 2009] about Aristotle (by Annabel Lyon, New Westminster, BC, Canada)
Graphing the history of philosophy (Simon Raper, Drunks&Lampposts, 13 Jun 2012)
Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon | Grand strategy and geopolitics from the perspective of the Pacific Northwest (J. N. Nielsen)
-- Grand Strategy Annex
The Great Ideas: A Syntopical Approach to the Great Books and Practical Philosophy (Center for the Study of The Great Ideas)
Great Thinkers and Visionaries on the Net (Alexander Chislenko)
Great Voyages: The History of Western Philosophy from 1492 to 1776
(Bill Uzgalis, InterQuest)
A Guide to Africana Philosophy and Philosophers of African Descent
(University of Pennsylvania Library)

Guide to Internet Resources on Philosophy and Theoretical Perspectives in the Social Sciences (S. D. Stein, ESS)
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Peter Suber)
Gustavus Adolphus College Philosophy References Gopher
Here-Now4U - Online Magazine
High Existence (Jordan Lejuwaan et al.)
Hippias: Limited Area Search of Philosophy on the Internet
(ed. Peter Suber, Evansville University)
History of Modern Philosophy (George MacDonald Ross, Leeds School of Philosophy)
The Hopkins Philosophy Pages (Dennis Des Chene)
How wonder works (Jesse Prinz, Aeon Magazine, 21 Jun 2013)
h2so4 magazine (ed. Jill Stauffer, San Francisco)
Humanities HUB - Philosophy (Anita Greenhill & Gordon Fletcher)
The Human Nature Review Internet Explorer Search Toolbar for Scientists and Philosophers
Humbul : Philosophy
IAPH - International Association of Women Philosophers
The Increasingly Official Mary Midgley Webpage
(Nicholas Matzke)
Index of BC Philosophers (BC Philosophy Articulation Committee)
Index to Philosophy Resources on the Web (Ken Yasenchuk)
Infinite Ink's Philosophy Page (Nancy McGough)
Institute for Logic at the University of Vienna (Boris Piwinger)
Institute of Philosophy (University of London)
Institute of Practical Philosophy (Bob Lane)

Institute of Practical Philosophy (Malaspina University-College)
Intercultural Philosophy Resources (Polylog)
The International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP)
International Congress on Philosophy of Culture and Inter-Cultural Philosophy
The International Directory of On-Line Philosophy Papers (Joe Lau)
The International Process Network
International Society for Philosphers (Geoffrey Klempner)
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (James Fieser)
Internet Services for Philosophers (Arno Wouters)
InterPhil: Mailing List on Intercultural Philosophy
(Polylog, Munich)
InterPhil (Intercultural Philosophy List)
-- Intercultural Philosophy List (InterPhil) Archive
InterPhil: Mailing List on Intercultural Philosophy
(Polylog, Munich)
Internet Philosopher (Stig Hansen, RDN)
IPL Pathfinder: Western Philosophers
(Aimee Strittmatter, Internet Public Library)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Philosophy
Islamic Philosophy Page
ISPE -- The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry
I still love Kierkegaard (Julian Baggini, Aeon Magazine, 6 May 2013)

Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts (ed. Brent Dean Robbins et al., New York)
Je regrette: Why regret is essential to the good life (Carina Chocano, Aeon, 16 Oct 2013)
Jobs for Philosophers (Vincent C. Mueller)
Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy (ed. Mark Textor et al., University College London)
Julian Baggini
Kant on the Web (Stephen Palmquist, Hong Kong)
Karl Jaspers Forum: An Electronic Journal for Target Articles
(ed. Herbert F. J. Muller)
The Karl Popper Web (Ray Scott Percival)
Kids Philosophy Slam (John Davis, Lanesboro, Maine)
Kierkegaard, D. Anthony Storm's Commentary on
The kindness of beasts: Animal morality (Mark Rowlands, Aeon Magazine, 24 Oct 2012)
Knowledge Home Page - John Henry Newman
(Sister Teresemarie McCloskey)
Know thy selfie: Can you have self-worth without self-love? (Simon Blackburn, Aeon Magazine, 28 Jul 2014)
Learning-To-Be: Reflections on Bernard Lonergan's Transcendental Philosophy of Education Towards An Integral Human Existence (Jeffrey Centeno, Global Spiral, 3 May 2007)
Leaves: Primary Source Philosophy Texts on the World Wide Web
(Gordon Law Ziniewicz)
Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog (Brian R. Leiter, UT Austin)
The Leo Strauss Center (University of Chicago)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Philosophy
Life and Death: The Society for the Elimination of All Truth
Links2Go: Philosophy
LogicAL : Logic, Philosophy and Artificial Life Resources

Logic Primer (Colin Allen & Michael Hand, Texas A&M)
Logic Software from CSLI (Jon Barwise &John Etchemendy)
LookSmart - Exploring Philosophy
LTSN Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies
(UK Learning and Teaching Support Network)
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosopher (Handprint)
The McGill Philosophy Web Server (Andrew Burday)
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (Santa Clara University)
Mathematical Logic around the World (Boris Piwinger)
MeaningofLife.tv (ed. Robert Wright)
The meanings of life: Do you want a meaningful or a happy life? (Roy F. Baumeister, Aeon Magazine, 16 Sep 2013)
Medieval Europe: Philosophy (Hanover College)
Mediaeval Logic and Philosophy (Paul Vincent Spade)
Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Andrew Chrucky)
Minerva - History of Ideas Online
(John Clarke & Jonathan Irving, Kingston University)
Models of Time (Roberto Ciumi, ed., Humana.Mente 8, 31 Jan 2009) PDF
Modern Europe: Philosophy (Hanover College)

The Monist: An International Quarterly Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry (ed. Barry Smith)
The Monthly Aspectarian (Guy Spiro et al., Lightworks)
My Virtual Reference Desk - Philosophy and Religion
Naturalism.org (Thomas W. Clark)
New APPS: Art, Politics, Philosophy, Science (Jeff Bell et al.)
Newsgroup: talk.philosophy.misc
Nick Bostrom's Thinking in Analytic Philosophy
Nicholas Maxell (papers, UCL Discovery)
Noema: Women in Philosophy
Noesis: Philosophical Research On-line (ed. Anthony Beavers et al.)
North American Kant Society (UCSD)
NY/NJ Consortium in the History of Modern Philosophy
(Princeton Group)
One Window to Philosophy (Sandro Reis)
Online Resources for the Teaching and Study of Philosophy
(Dan Werner, Indiana University)
On Truth & Reality (Karene Jade Howie & Geoff Haselhurst, SpaceandMotion.com)
Open Directory - Society: Philosophy
The Paideia Project On-Line: The Paideia Archive
Parrhesia : A Journal of Critical Philosophy (ed. Alex Murray et al., University of Melbourne)
Pathways to Philosophy Distance Learning Project
(Geoffrey Klempner, Philosophical Society of England)
PatternLanguage.com | The Center for Environmental Structure
(Christopher Alexander et al.)
Paul Wong's Home Page (SFU)

The Peirce Edition Project (Nathan Houser et al.)
PhiloKings (Grant Alan Friedline et al.)
Philo Online (Society of Humanist Philosophers)
The PHILOSOP List (István Berkeley, UL Lafayette: Philosophy)
The Philosopher: Journal of the Philosphical Society
(Philosophical Society of England)
-- American Mirror (ZyWeb, California)
Philosophers (Peter King)
Philosopher's Almanac (Shannon Sullivan)
Philosophers' Carnival (Richard Chappell et al.)
Philosophers' Corner (UWO Philosophy)
Philosophers' Imprint (University of Michigan)
The Philosophers' Mail (Alain de Botton et al., London, Amsterdam and Melbourne)
-- The Philosopher's Mail (The School of Life, 29 Jan 2014)
-- The Philosophers' Mail launches (Mark Sinclair, Creative Review, 30 Jan 2014)
-- The Philosopher's Mail: Presenting An Antidote To The Daily Mail With A Positive Spin On News (Poorna Bell, Huffington Post, 3 Feb 2014)
Philosopher's Zone (presented by Alan Saunders, ABC Radio International)
The Philosophical Counseling Web Site
(Shlomit C. Schuster, Center Sophon)
A Philosophical Counselling Website (Peter B. Raabe, North Vancouver, BC)
Philosophical Elists Online (Kent D. Palmer)
The Philosophical Gourmet Report: A Ranking of Graduate Programs in Philosophy in the English-Speaking World (ed. Brian Leiter, Blackwell Publishing)
Philosophical Resources (The Vienna Web)
Philosophical Services Philosophy Portal
The Philosophical Society of England

Philosophical Weblogs (David Chalmers)
Philosophical Writings - A Journal for Postgraduates and New Academics
(University of Durham Philosophy)
PhiloSophos.org (Geoffrey Klempner)
Philosophy (Anders Sandberg)
Philosophy (The English Server)
Philosophy (Frederic Giacobazzi, Suite 101)
Philosophy (Galaxy)
Philosophy (Leeds PRS-LTSN)
Philosophy (Mitchell Porter)
Philosophy (NISS Directory of Networked Resources)
Philosophy (Purely Academic...)
Philosophy (Roger Bishop Jones)
Philosophy (UCSB InfoSurf)

Philosophy (Voice of the Shuttle)
Philosophy (Yahoo)
Philosophy Alcove
Philosophy and Computing - A Webliography (Luciano Floridi)
Philosophy and Ethics, The Universal Ethics Project
Philosopy & Religion (Leigh Denault, Rivendell)
PhilosophyArena (Routledge)
Philosophy around the Web (Peter J. King)
-- US Mirror
Philosophy at Durham: External Links and On-Line Resources
(University of Durham Philosophy)
Philosophy at Large (University of Liverpool)
Philosophy @ Leeds (Leeds School of Philosophy)
Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire
Philosophy: "Change is All" --Heraclitus

Philosophy Chat Room (Richard Jones, LisThink)
Philosophy Collections Page (Blake Landor, UF Smathers Libraries)
Philosophy, Cosmology, & Consciousness (Richard Kahn et al., California Institute of Integral Studies)
Philosophy Documention Center (Charlottesville, Virginia)
Philosophy Electronic Library (UWELib)
Philosophy, et cetera (Richard Chappell)
Philosophy Football T-shirts
Philosophy for Children on the World Wide Web
Philosophy for Everyday Life (Sam Keen, Sonoma, California)
Philosophy Forums (Paul Knierim)
Philosophy - A History of Ideas
Philosophy Hot Links (MCLI)
Philosophy in Cyberspace (Dey Alexander)
-- Indiana Mirror

Philosophy Indexes, Abstracts, Bibs, and TOCS
(Nancy Buchanan & Jennifer Atkinson, U Houston Libraries)
Philosophy Internet Resources (Academic Resources)
Philosophy Internet Resources (Blair Library)
Philosophy Library (Gordon Law Ziniewicz)
Philosophy Links (Frederik Boven)
Philosophy Links (System of Life Institute)
Philosophy Lists (Anthony Cole)
PhilosophyNews.com - Philosophy News Service (Richard Jones)
-- PNS-List, the Philosophy News Service List (eGroups)
Philosophy Now: A Magazine of Ideas (UK)
Philosophy of A-Z (Geoffrey Klempner)
Philosophy of Information (Luciano Floridi)
Philosophy of Love in the Western World (Irving Singer, MIT OpenCourseWare, 2004)
Philosophy of Psychiatry Bibliography (Christian Perring)
Philosophy on the Internet
Philosophy on the Web (Arno Wouters)

Philosophy on the WWW (Gordon Law Ziniewicz)
Philosophy on the WWW (Syracuse Philosophy)
The Philosophy Page Incarnate (Angelo Caiazzo)
Philosophy Pages (ed. Dieter Koehler)
-- German Subject Catalogue (Virtual Library)
Philosophy Pages (Garth Kemerling)
The Philosophy Portal (Wikipedia)
Philosophy Portal: Search Multiple Databases of Philosophy Web Sites
(Kenneth F. T. Crust)
Philosophy Radio (T. Hancock)
Philosophy Research Base (Danne Polk)
Philosophy Research Resource List (Joseph Jones, UBC)
Philosophy Resource Guide (Charles D'Aniello, UB Libraries)
Philosophy Resources (David Suiter, BU School of Theology)
Philosophy Resources (Education Index)
Philosophy Resources (New School Libraries)

Philosophy Resources on the Internet (UMKC)
Philosophy Resources on the Internet (VT)
The Philosophy Resources Page (Gene R. Thursby)
PhilosophySearch.com - Philosophy Resources on the World Wide Web
(Brian Alt)
Philosophy Services
The Philosophy Shop (Karene Howie)
Philosophy Shop (Michael Picard, Pyro Philosophical Services, Victoria, BC)
Philosophy since the Enlightenment (Roger Jones)
The Philosophy Site of Rafe Champion
Philosophy Sites on the Internet (Yossi Mamroud, Tel-Aviv)
Philosophy Sources on the Internet (Fiona Steinkamp)
Philosophy Talk: The Blog (John Perry & Ken Taylor et al.)
Philosophy Timeline (Garth Kemerling)
Philosophy Times (Cheng Ping)
Philosophy Webliography (Stephen Harris)

The Philosophy Webring ("Frommy", a.k.a. "Kyrene Ariadne")
-- Forum (VOiCE)
-- List of Sites
Philosophy Web Sites (Leslie E. Jones)
Philosophy WWW in Japan (K. Nagasaki)
Philosphere Publishers (Gary David & Brian Rothery, Belfast)
PhilPapers: Online Research in Philosophy (David Bourget & David Chalmers, Institute of Philosophy, London)
PhilWeb Home Pages
PHIS - The Danish Research School in Philosophy, History of Ideas and History of Science (Vincent F. Hendricks et al., University Center of Roskilde)
Plain Philosophy Centre (Mark Plain, Richmond, B.C.)
Plato's Footnote (Massimo Pigliucci)
Polish Philosophy Home Page (ed. Francesco Coniglione)
POLYHYMNIA Map of Web Philosophy (David Horacek)
Polylog | Forum for Intercultural Philosophy
(ed. Bertold Bernreuter)
Popular-Science: Philosophy
The Possible World Machine (Geoffrey Klempner)
Practical Philosophy (Gerald Rochelle, UK)
Practical Philosophy (Society for Philosophy in Practice)
The Pragmatism Cybrary (John Robert Shook)

The Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series
(ed. Kelley L. Ross)
Process Studies (Barry-Thor L. Whitney)
Project Orbikron
Prolegomena to Any Future Philosophy (Mark Alan Walker, Journal of Evolution and Philosophy 10, Mar 2002)
Provocations: Spiritual Writings of Soren Kierkegaard
(ed. Charles E. Moore)
PRT-LIBN: The Philosophy, Religion, & Theology Librarians' E-mail Discussion Group (ed. Gary Klein & Daniel Lester)
Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans (Hanover Historical Texts Project)
Pythagoras of Samos - A Resource Document (P. R. F. Brown)
The Research Group for Mind, Science & Culture: An Interdisciplinary Think-Tank (Stephen Asma et al., School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Columbia College, Chicago)
The Reasoner (ed. Jon Williamson et al.)
Research Institute for the Humanities - Philosophy
Resource Central - Philosophy
Resources and Problems in Whitehead's Metaphysics (William Grassie, Global Spiral 10:9, 4 Feb 2010)
Resources for Philosophers (Andrew D. Irvine, UBC)
Resources for Philosophy (Jonathan B. Jeffery, University of Delaware)
Resources in Philosophy (VSU)

Resources in Philosophy and Women's Studies (Noël Parrish Hutchings)
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Philosophy
Rock Ethics Institute (Pennsylvania State University)
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Login Screen $
Russell: the Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies (The Bertrand Russell Research Centre, McMaster University)
Russell Archives Home Page
Rutgers Guide to Philosophy Resources (Marc Meola & Michael Craven)
SAAP Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy
Scholars & Rogues (blog by Sam Smith et al.)
Sean's One-Stop Philosophy Shop (Sean Cearley)
Seeking Truth in a World of Competing Narratives (William Grassie, Huffington Post, 30 Apr 2012; Metanexus, 1 May 2012)
Selected Internet Resources: Philosophy (BARD)
Selected Links (Wayne C. Myrvold)
Sex and Philosophy: Evolution and Human Sexuality
(John A. Hewitt)
Shibboleths: Journal of Comparative Theory
(ed. Richard L. W. Clarke)
The Ship of Theseus (WVU Philosophy)
The Society for Continental Philosophy and Theology
(Wheaton College, Illinois)
The Society for Empirical Ethics Homepage
Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
The Society for Philosophy in Practice (UK)
Society of Christian Philosophers (Southern Illinois University)
The Society of Consultant Philosophers (UK)

Sophia: The Philosophy List (Jim Pierce)
SOSIG: Philosophy
SOSIG: Women and Philosophy
The Source: Philosophy Page (Mary Long)
Square of Opposition
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (ed. Edward N. Zalta)
Stephen Asma (Stephen T. Asma, Columbia College, Chicago)
The Stoic Place (Jan Garrett)
Strange life: Colin Wilson, the permanent outsider (Ken MacLeod, Aeon Magazine, 23 Dec 2013)
Studia UBB. Philosophia (Romania)
Studies in Critical Thinking: Philosophical Materials for High School Teachers and Students (Alan Sanders)
Studies in the History of Ethics: A peer-reviewed electronic journal and research portal
Subject Bibliographies in Environmental Ethics
(ed. Timothy C. Weiskel, Harvard Seminar on Environmental Values)
SWAP (The Society for Women's Advancement in Philosophy)
The SWIF - Servizio Web Italiano per la Filosofia
(ed. Gian Paolo Terravecchia et al.)
SWIP: The Society for Women in Philosophy
Talk with me: Without conversation, philosophy is dogma (Nigel Warburton, Aeon Magazine, 22 Sep 2013)
Tanner Philosophy Library (Sara A. Memmott)
Taoism Information Page (Gene R. Thursby)
The Ten Big Questions (Geoffrey Klempner)
Texts & Contexts (Haakon Sorensen)
Timesmith.net | J. T. Fraser

TPM Online: The Philosophers' Magazine on the Internet
(ed. Jeremy Stangroom, London)
The Tree of Philosophy (Stephen Palmquist)
UBC Philosophy Resources (University of British Columbia)
UCB Philosophy and Religion Collections
The UC Irvine Directory of Philosophy Gophers
Ultimate Reality Bibliography (Hyung S. Choi, Canyon Institute)
The Unbounded Level of the Mind: Rod Macdonald's Legal Imagination - A Symposium (McGill University Faculty of Law, 7-8 Feb 2014)
The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (Brooklyn, New York)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Philosophy
University and College Departments (EpistemeLinks.com)
University of Chicago Philosophy Project
URAM: Journal of Ultimate Reality and Meaning
Urbanomic: Philosophical Research and Development (UK)
Useful Philosophy Links on the Internet (Edinburgh)
Using the Internet in the Philosophy Classroom (Andrew N. Carpenter)
The Vienna Web (U Vienna, Dept of Philosophy)

Voltaire Foundation
Waldzell Institute (Gundula Schatz & Andreas Salcher et al., Vienna)
WebGEMS: Philosophy
Wes's Philosophy Page (Wes Morriston, University of Colorado)
Why I Am Not a Postmodernist (Edward R. Friedlander)
Why We Wonder Why (Tania Lombrozo, interviewed by Steve Ayan, MIND Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 8 Sep 2014)
Wikipedia: Philosophy
William James (Frank Pajares, Emory University)
The Window - Philosophy on the Web (Chris Marvin & Frank Sikernitsky, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut)
Wisdom as Orchestration of Mind and Virtue (Paul B. Baltes, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, 2004) PDF
The wisdom of gardens (Damon Young, Aeon Magazine, 14 Jun 2013)
The Wisdom Page --- A Site Devoted to Wisdom Resources
(Copthorne Macdonald, Charlottetown, PEI)
WLH - Philosophy
Wood Paths (Geoffrey Klempner)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Philosophy (Dan Brickley)
Worried well: Why anxiety is the secret of feeling good (Charlie Kurth, Aeon Magazine, 12 Feb 2015)
Yale Library Selected Internet Resources: Philosophy
Zeal.com - Philosophy

See also Bioethics and Science Policy, Critical Thinking, and Science Studies

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