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The Way of the Heart

DESCRIPTION: The tenth of ten pages on Traces (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in rhetoric (including critical thinking, or cognitive competence, and science writing). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contains links to resources in the study of art (four pages, including art history and prehistoric art, collections, music, and space art and other science-related themes) and links to resources in the study of literature (including electronic texts and archives, the Western tradition, children's literature, and speculative fiction).

KEYWORDS: critical thinking; criticism; ethics; fallacy; judgement; logic; morality; persuasion; reason; rhetoric; suasion; value; writing

Whether arguments command assent or not depends less upon the logic that conveys them than upon the climate of opinion in which they are sustained.

Carl Lotus Becker
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  1. Art
    Art History and Prehistoric Art
    Space Art and Other Themes

  2. Literature
    Western Tradition
    Children's Literature
    Speculative Fiction

  3. Rhetoric
    Critical Thinking
    Scientific and Technical Writing



Critical Thinking
Scientific and Technical Writing

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.
Ayn Rand

The creation of the world -- said Plato -- is the victory of persuasion over force. The worth of men consists in their liability to persuasion.
Alfred North Whitehead

Aardvark's English Forum: Resources for Students and Teachers of English (ESL, EFL)
ABC's of the Writing Process (A. E. Lipkewich & R. S. Mazurenko)
Ace Writing (K-5, Michelle Bergey)
Adbusters' Culture Jammers Headquarters
American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United States
(Michael E. Eidenmuller, UT Tyler)
The Art of Speech (ThinkQuest)
AskOxford.com Home Page
Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication: An Exploration of Faculty Values and Needs in Seven Disciplines (Diane Harley et al., Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley, Jan 2010)
The Association for Media Literacy (Etobicoke, Ontario)
Author Online! (Aaron Shepard)
Authors on the Internet (Kristyn Rose, Suite 101)
Basic Guide to Essay Writing (Kathy Livingston)
BC Min. of Ed. - English Language Arts 11 and 12
Big Dog's Grammar: A Bare Bones Guide to English
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
(Jane Straus, Mill Valley, California)
BUBL LINK: 808.0 Rhetoric general resources
Can I Have A Word? (The Barbican Centre, London)
Center for Digital Storytelling (Berkeley, California)
Center for Media Literacy (Los Angeles)
The Centurion Chronicles
Changing Minds and Persuasion (ChangingMinds.org)
The Chicago Manual of Style Online $

Coffeehouse for Writers - Aspiring Writers' Resource
Clear Language and Design (CLAD)
The College Writer's Resource Site
Common Errors in English (Paul Brian)
Communicating Using Technology (Dave Paradi)
Communication Skills Writing Program (Northern Illinois University)
Computers and Composition Instructors' Resource Page
Computer Writing and Research Lab (University of Texas at Austin)
Creative Writing Process (Allan Kirby)
Curricular Resources in Writing (CLN)
Cyber English: An Internet Project (Ted Nellen)
Daily Grammar (Bill Johanson)
Dave's ESL Cafe (Dave Sperling)

Deep Media Literacy (Ken Freed, Media Visions Webzine)
Dennis G. Jerz
Developing Internet Literacies (Denis Donohoe)
Dissertations & Theses - Help with all Dissertation and Thesis Topics
Douglass: Archives of American Public Address
Dramatic Storytelling in the English Classroom
(Dianne Pizarro & Ruth Buchanan)
The Economist Style Guide (John Grimond)
The Editorial Eye
Educational Resources in English/Language Arts (CLN)
Effective Writing Resources (Terry Hawkins, USAF Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, Jan 2006, updated)
The Electric Eclectic - Jim's Word / Writer's Links (Jim Eccleston)
An Elementary English Grammar Book (Chris Poust)
EnglishCompanion.com (Jim Burke)

English Grammar (Jennifer Frost)
English Grammar for ESL Students (EnglishClub.com, Cambridge)
English Grammar 101 (M. L. Van Horne)
Englishjet - Educational English Courses at Language Schools
(David Snaddon, UK)
English/Language Arts Department (Learning@Web.Sites)
English Language Teaching Web
English Links (Microfusion, Australia)
English Mentor (Candy Zhang)
English-Portal (Chris Berman)
English Pro (Daniel J. Brimm, ESL Pro Systems)
English Resources (alt.usage.english)
English Resources - Free Teaching & Revision Resources
(Teresa & Hastings McKenzie, UK)
English Spelling Reform
EnglishStudent.com The Internet English School (Andy Hunt et al.)
The English Teachers' Web Site (Mark Dobbins)

English-To-Go (Reuters News Stories)
Englishtown.com: The Place to Learn English
English Writing Software (Doreen Luzano)
English-Zone.Com (Kaye Mastin Mallory)
ERIC Reading, English & Communication
(Educational Resources Information Center)
ESLgold: Free English teaching materials for ESL
ESL Magazine Online
EverythingESL.net (Judie & Chas Haynes)
FNORD (The Unofficial Robert Anton Wilson Homepages)
FreeENGLISH (Daniel J. Brimm, ESL Pro Systems)
Freelance Writing (ed. Bev Walton-Porter, Suite 101)
Free Online English Learning - Movie News Drama
Free TOEFL Preparation Exams, Tests, and Lessons
Free Vocabulary Trainer (Silvia Bassetti)
FRET: Free Resources for English Teaching (Chantel Mathias et al., UK)

Frizzy University Network (FUN) Home Page
GATES, Global Access to Educational Sources - Language Arts (J. Kasper)
Global Studies English Language Training (UK)
Gloria's Web Site: The Writing Process (Gloria Antifaiff)
A Glossary of Literary Terms and A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
(Robert Harris)
Google Directory - Style Guides
Grammar Base Instant Grammar Checker
GrammaCheck.net (Jennifer Frost)
The Grammar Doctor (Carl Perrin)
The Grammar Lady (Mary Bruder)
-- English Grammar
Grammar NOW! (Linda DeVore)
The Guide for Electronic Theses and Dissertations (UNESCO)
Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal (S. Joseph Levine)
Guide to Grammar and Style (Jack Lynch)
Guide to Grammar and Writing (Charles Darling)
Guide to Writing Successful Press Releases (Randall Hansen)
The Harper Index: Analyzing persuasion techniques of Canada's Conservatives (ed. Ish Theilheimer, Golden Lake Institute)

The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing and How Writing is Taught in Schools (Kristen Purcell, Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 16 Jul 2013)
Incommensurability.com (ed. Randy Allen Harris)
Indispensable Writing Resources Site
Influence at Work: The Psychology of Persuasion
(Kelton Rhoads)
Interesting Things for ESL Students
International Directory of EST Programs
Internet Connections | Language Arts (McREL)
Internet for English (Stuart Lee & Grazyna Cooper, RDN)
The Internet Grammar of English (The Survey of English Usage)
Internet Resources for Voice and Speech Professionals (ed. Amy Stoller, VASTA, Voice And Speech Trainers Association)
The Internet TESL Journal (For ESL/EFL Teachers)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Writing
The Jesuit Communication Project (John J. Pungente et al., Toronto)
John's ESL Community: An On-line Community For Teachers and Students of ESL (John Erskin)
Kairos | A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
(ed. Douglas Eyman & James A. Inman)
Kidscribe: A Bilingual Site for Kid Authors (Dianne E. Folkerth)
KU Writing Center (Kansas University)

Language Arts (Sheri Rose)
Language Sites on the Internet (Richard Lederer)
Learn English (Jacob Richman)
Learn English, etc. (Marc Guggenheim, Vocabulix, Zurich)
Learning English (BBC World Service)
Learning Lab - A Proposal Writing Short Course (The Foundation Center)
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun (Jacob Richman)
The Linguistic Funland TESL Page: Resources for Teachers of English as a Second Language (Kristina L. Pfaff-Harris)
Links for Screenwriters (Lynne Pembroke, Coverscript.com)
Listen & Write (BBC Education)
The Literary Machine (Gunnar Sommestad)
Lore: An E-Journal for Teachers of Writing
(ed. Christopher Rugger, New York)
Love, Hate and Propaganda (six-part documentary series hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos, CBC/Radio-Canada, Mar-Apr 2010)
LTSN Subject Centre for English
(UK Learning and Teaching Support Network)
Making Light (Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden)
Media Literacy Clearinghouse: Resources for K-12 Educators
(Frank W. Baker, Columbia, South Carolina)
Media/Media Literacy (Dennis Boals)
MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies
The National Commission on Writing (The College Board)
National Forensic League (Ripon, Wisconsin)
National Research Center on English Learning & Achievement (US)
National Writing Project (US)
NCTE Homepage (National Council of Teachers of English)
Nellie's English Projects (Nellie Mueller)
Network Nuggets: English/Language Arts
Non-Sexist Language (Purdue OWL)
The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing (Michael Harvey)

1-language.com ESL (Korea)
Online Directory of ESL Resources (NCBE ERIC/CLL)
On-Line English Grammar (Anthony Hughes)
Online Resources for Writers
Online Writing Guide (University of Northern Iowa)
Online Writing Materials (Dartmouth Writing Program)
Open Directory - Arts: Writing
Open Directory - Writers Resources: Style Guides
The OWL Family of Sites (Online Writing Lab, Purdue University)
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant (Chuck Guilford)
PEAVI Home Page (Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island, Victoria, BC)
PETA On-Line
Peter's Place of Freelance Journalism (Peter D. A. Warwick)
Plain English Campaign (Chrissie Maher et al., UK)
PLAIN | The Plain Language Action and Information Network
(U.S. Government)
PlainTrain - Plain Language Online Training
Poets & Writers Online Homepage
Professional Writing Supersite (Richard N. Côté)
Presenters Online
Presenters University (InFocus Corporation, Wilsonville, Oregon)
Punctuation Made Simple (Gary A. Olson)
Purdue On-Line Writing Lab Web Server Home Page

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab (Randall S. Davis)
The Reading Matrix (Irvine, California)
Reporting, Writing & Editing (Poynter Online)
Resources for Working Journalists (Karla Tonella)
Resources for Writers (Dennis Boals)
Resources for Writers (Roxianne Moore, Suite 101)
Resources for Writers (New School Libraries)
Resources for Writers (University Writing Center, George Mason University)
Resources for Writing (Linda L. Stein, University of Delaware)
Resources for Writers & Teachers (CSU Writing Center)
RhetNet: A CyberJournal for Rhetoric and Writing (Eric Crump)
Rhetoric and Composition (The English Server)
The Rhetorica Network: Analysis of Rhetoric, Propaganda, and Spin in Politics and Journalism (Andrew R. Cline)
Road Map to the Internet - Language Arts
Robert Einarsson - Classic English Language Arts (Edmonton, Alberta)
Robin's Nest for Writers and Web Surfers (Robin Nobles)
Ross's English Sites (Ross Manson)

SCORE Language Arts
SearchEnglish Engine (British Council)
Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric (Gideon O. Burton)
Speakers' Spotlight (Farah & Martin Perelmuter, Toronto)
SpeechTips.com - Public Speaking & Speech Writing
Story Arts | Story Arts Online! (Heather Forest)
Study WEB: Grammar & Composition
Study WEB: Writing & Writers
Susan Sontag (New York)
Talk and Learn - Learn English Online (English Portal Community)
Teachers & Writers Collaborative HomePage
Teaching That Makes Sense! (Steve Peha, Seattle)
Teachit's English Teaching Resources (UK)
Teach Online - The Internet for Language Teachers (Eva Easton)
Technology of Writing Page (Voice of the Shuttle)
Tell me a story: Live storytelling packs a powerful punch (Richard Hamilton, Aeon Magazine, 19 Dec 2013)
Thoth's Place Language Arts Home Page (Peter Smith)
Tools for College Writing (Joseph McNeilly)

Ultimate Book List and Writer's Page
The Ultimate Resource Guide List for MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE (GuidetoOnlineSchools.com)
The unearned gift: How it feels when writer's block dissolves (Sven Birkerts, Aeon Magazine, 4 Nov 2014)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Creative Writing
Union Institute Research Engine -- How To Write a Research Paper
University College Writing Workshop (University of Toronto)
UsingEnglish.com - Learning English (ESL) Online
(Resources for English as a Second Language)
U.S. Naval War College Writing Guide PDF
The UVic Writer's Guide
Vocabulary University (Vocabulary.com)
Washington Independent Writers
Web English Teacher (Carla Beard)
Webgrammar (Judy Vorfeld)
Western/Pacific Literacy Network/CNN SF Learning Resources
Wired Style: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age
The Word Detective (Evan Morris)

Words: Woe and Wonder (Blair Shewchuck, CBC News)
World Wide Web Resources for the Study of English (Paul Brians)
The Writer - Advice and inspiration for today's writer
The Writer's Café
The Writer's Desk: Resources for Writers on the Web (John Adcox)
The Writer's Edge
Writers' Guidelines Database (Rachel Stassen-Berger & Dana Nourie)
Writer's Handbook (Writing Center Home Page)
WritersManual (WebSeed Network)
Writers Resources Style Guides (UK)
The Writer's Ring
Writer's Toolbox - Internet Resources for Writers (Brian Pomeroy)
Writers' Window K-8 (Raewyn Smith, NZ)
Writers Write: The Write Resource
Write with Joy | Creative Writing Workshops for Students and Teachers
(Cynde Gregory)
Writing Across the Curriculum (National University, California)

Writing and Humanistic Studies (MIT OpenCourseWare)
Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation (S. Joseph Levine)
Writing Argumentative Essays (Bill Daly)
The Writing Center (Harvard University)
Writing Center @ SchoolAtlas.com
The Writing Center (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Writing Center (Vassar College)
Writing Community - MSN
Writing in College - A Short Guide to College Writing (Joseph M. Williams & Lawrence McEnerney, University of Chicago)
Writing Instruction in the Disciplines (Western Illinois University)
Writing Life (host David Tracey)
Writing Next: Effective Strategies to Improve Writing of Adolescents in Middle and High School (Steve Graham & Dolores Perin, Alliance for Excellent Education, Washington, DC, Oct 2006) PDF
The Writing Process on the Internet (Ted Nellen, WCE)
Writing Resource Center (Empire State College, SUNY)
Writing Resources (Princeton University)
Writing-World.com (ed. Moira Allen)
Your Article Online Resource for Journalistic Copy
Zeal.com - Arts & Entertainment - Literature - Writing

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Critical Thinking

Cogito ergo sum.
(I think, therefore I am.)
René Descartes

I am, therefore I think.
Ayn Rand

What am I, that I can think about my existence?
Rodolfo Llinaás

Who am I? They mock me, these lonely questions of mine.
Whoever I am, Thou knowest, O God, I am thine.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer


AdCritic.com - All Ads, All The Time.
Ad Dissection 101: Exposing Media Manipulation
After Sept. 11: Competing Narratives
(Daniele Archibugi et al., SSRC)
Against All Reason (ed. Ian Pitchford)
Alt.Atheism FAQ: Constructing a Logical Argument
Analysis for Bias (Lowell J. Greenberg)
An Anarchist Guide to Critical Thinking (Infoshop.org)
Archimedes' Laboratory (Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie J. Waeber, Genova Centro, Italy)
ARTIST | Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking (University of Minnesota)
The art of attention (Sven Birkerts, Aeon Magazine, 24 May 2013)
The Art of the Hoax (U.S. News, 26 Aug 2002)
Atlantis Quest: A WebQuest for 9-12 Grade English or Social Studies (Carolyn O'Burleson)
AusThink - The Australian Thinking Skills Institute
(Tim van Gelder et al.)
Balance as bias: global warming and the US prestige press (Maxwell T. & Jules M. Boykoff, Global Environmental Change 14:125-36, 2004) PDF
-- Journalistic Balance as Global Warming Bias (Jules & Maxwell Boykoff, FAIR, Nov-Dec 2004)
Barry Yeoman: Journalist (Durham, North Carolina)
Basic Steps in the Research Process (Holly Samuels, CRLS Research Guide, Cambridge Rindge & Latin School)
Beyond Belief (Michael Hanlon, Aeon Magazine, 11 Mar 2013)
Big Picture Science, radio show & podcast (Molly Bentley & Seth Shostak et al., SETI Institute)
Big6 eNewsletter (ed. Susann L. Wurster et al.)
Big6 Matrix: Information Literacy Standards and Internet Research
(Janet Murray)
The Big Six Skills (Michael B. Eisenberg & Robert E. Berkowitz)
Bill Maher
-- Real Time with Bill Maher
Bonfire of the humanities: How history forgot its role in public debate (David Armitage & Jo Guldi, Aeon Magazine, 2 Oct 2014)
Bootstrap Institute (Douglas Engelbart et al.)
Butterflies and Wheels (ed. Ophelia Benson & Jeremy Stangroom)

Center for Inquiry Transnational (Barry Karr et al., Amherst, New York)
Center for Inquiry On Campus
The Center for Public Integrity (Charles Lewis et al., Washington, D.C.)
CentreBlog (Iain T. Benson, Centre for Cultural Renewal, Ottawa)
Centre for Inquiry Canada (Toronto)
Centre for Reasoning (Jon Williamson et al., University of Kent, Canterbury)
Chris Hedges, Columnist (Truthdig)
ChristianLogic.com (Nathaniel & Hans Bluedorn)
A Christian Thinktank (Glenn M. Miller, Leland, Mississippi)
ClickThinking: Personal Safety on the Internet
(Centre for Europe's Children)
Climate change and media, science and policy: is time on our side? (Maxwell T. Boykoff, Climate Feedback, 11 Jun 2007)
Climate Change Denial (blog by George Marshall, Climate Outreach & Information Network, Oxford)
Climate change: A guide to the information and disinformation (Society of Environmental Journalists)
Climate Change Skeptics (David Suzuki Foundation)
Climate change special: State of denial (Fred Pearce, New Scientist, 4 Nov 2006)
Closeminded Science (William J. Beaty)
Closer to Truth (Robert Lawrence Kuhn et al.)
Closer to Truth: Science, Meaning and the Future
(Robert Lawrence Kuhn et al., PBS)
CogNexus Institute (dir. Jeffrey Conklin)
Comments and Corrigenda in Scientific Literature (Joseph Grcar, American Scientist 101(1):16, Jan-Feb 2013)
Committed to the Truth: Religion, Philosophy, and High School Debate
Committee of Concerned Journalists (Washington, DC)
The Common Sense Movement (Miklos N. Szilagyi, The Tucson Institute)
Concept Mapping Directory and Concept Mapping Metasearch
Concept Mapping Resource Folder (Educational Development Resource Centre, Hong Kong)
Concept Mapping Software (Robert J. Beck, Center for Teaching Excellence, Tufts University)
Consultant Debunking Unit (Fast Company Magazine)
Council of Canadian Academies | CCA | Independent Scientific Advice, Assessments & Publications

Creating Preferred Futures (Sandra Burchsted et al.)
Credibility: A Multidisciplinary Framework (Soo Young Rieh & David Danielson, Annual Review of Information Science and Technology 2007, pp 307-64; DLIST, 30 May 2007)
Critical analysis has its benefits (Stephen Strauss, CBC News Viewpoint, 15 Sep 2006)
Critical issues deserve a higher standard (David Suzuki, Science Matters, 31 Oct 2013)
Critical Issues Forum - A Multidisciplinary High School Curriculum
(Rick Alexander, Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Critical Literacy: The WWW's Great Potential (Paul Mather)
Critical Media Literacy in Times of War
(Megan Boler et al., Virginia Tech)
Critical Reading (Daniel J. Kurland)
Critical Reflections (Tim van Gelder, AusThink)
Critical Resources In Teaching with Technology
(Paula Mathieu & Ken McAllister)
Critical Society (ed. Barry Kew, UK)
Critical Texts for Critical Times (Patrick Jennings)
Critical Thinking (anon. blog)
Critical Thinking (The Illinois Loop, Chicago)
Critical Thinking about the Paranormal (Robert T. Carroll, Sacramento City College)
Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum Project
Critical Thinking & Technology Assessment
(Bryan S. Jeun et al., University of Virginia)
CriticalThinking.com | The Critical Thinking Company
Critical Thinking Consortium (Foundation for Critical Thinking)
Critical Thinking Home Page (David Peterson)
Critical Thinking in an Online World (Debra Jones)

Critical Thinking in Biology: Case Problems
(Peter Ommundsen, 1999, revised Dec 2005)
Critical Thinking (in the Classroom)
Critical Thinking Materials (Robert A. Harris, VirtualSalt)
CriticalThinking.net (Robert H. Ennis, Illinois Critical Thinking Project)
Critical Thinking on the Web (Tim van Gelder, University of Melbourne)
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Writing, Definitions and Assessment Methods for (NPEC Sourcebook on Assessment, Volume 1, Jul 2000)
Critical Thinking Web (Joe Lau & Jonathan Chan, Hong Kong University)
Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why It Counts (Peter A. Facione) PDF
Cross-check: critical views of science in the news (blog, John Horgan, Scientific American)
Cultic Studies: Critical Thinking Study Topics
(AFF Cult Information Service)
Cultural Oasis (Gail L. Zellman et al., RAND Review, Winter 2012-2013)
Dark side of the moon: Why set store by missives from on high? (Fraser MacDonald, Aeon Magazine, 15 Nov 2013)
DarwinAwards.com: Evolution in Action - The Official Darwin Awards
David Acer
Deadly rhetoric: Do guns save lives? (Venkat Srinivasan, Aeon Magazine, 29 Aug 2014)
Debate Central (US National Center for Policy Analysis)
Debate Central (University of Vermont)
DebateLinks.com -- Online Reference for High School Policy Debate
(Robert Lawrence)
Decisions, Decisions® Online (Tom Snyder Productions)
The Decline of Reason? (Jere H. Lipps)
Defenders of Reason: A skeptical look at the world, because critical thinking is not optional (Lloyd Macalpine, Australia)
Denialism (Wikipedia)
Denialism Blog (Mark & Chris Hoofnagle)
Denialists' Deck of Cards: An Illustrated Taxonomy of Rhetoric Used to Frustrate Consumer Protection Efforts (Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic, UC Berkeley School of Law, 9 Feb 2007; SSRN, 11 Feb 2007)
DeSmogBlog | Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science (Jim Hoggan et al., Vancouver, BC)
Diagnosing Delusions: Debunking Common Medical Myths Through Education (Georgia Scurletis & Tanya Yasmin Chin, New York Times Daily Lesson Plan, 7 Oct 2003)

Diversity Watch (John Miller & Krishna Rau)
Divine Inspiration [Marshall McLuhan] (Jeet Heer, The Walrus 8:6:63-7, Jul/Aug 2011)
Doceo (James S. Atherton)
Don't Buy It | PBS Kids (KCTS Television)
The Dorothy Jemison Foundation (Mae C. Jemison et al.)
Doubt and About (Chris Mooney, CSICOP Web Column)
A drop in the sea: Don't believe in miracles (Lawrence Shapiro, Aeon Magazine, 1 Nov 2013)
The Earth is more than 6000 years old (Pamela L. Gay, Star Stryder, 2 Sep 2007)
EGR - Entropy Gradient Reversals (Christopher Locke)
The eJournal (Patrick Jennings)
Encouraging Critical Thinking Online (Intute, UK)
Entitled Opinions (about Life and Literature), with Robert Harrison (KZSU - 90.1, Stanford University)
Essays and Arguments: A Handbook on Writing Argumentative and Interpretative Essays (Ian Johnston)
Ethics Updates (Lawrence M. Hinman)
Evaluation of Information Sources (Purdue University)
Extracting the Discussion Structure in Comments on News-Articles (Anne Schuth et al., University of Amsterdam, 9th ACM International Workshop on Web Information and Data Management, 5 Sep 2007) PDF
Facing History and Ourselves: Examining History and Human Behavior
(Brookline, Massachusetts)
FactCheck.org - Annenberg Political Fact Check (Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania)
FAIR Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting: The National Media Watch Group
Fallacies (Diana Mertz Brickell)
Fallacies (Nizkor Project)
A Few Things Ill Considered: A layman's take on the science of Global Warming featuring a guide on How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic (Coby Beck)
FFFBI Headquarters | The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation
(Bill Shribman et al.)
Filling the Toolbox: Classroom Strategies to Engender Student Questioning (Jamieson A. McKenzie & Hilarie Bryce Davis, 1986)
Free Minds Online: Responsible Journalism on the Internet
(Anitra Freeman)
Game Plan - Strategy Games for Kids of All Ages (Carolyn I. Gundrum)
GlobalAware Canada
The Global Aware Cooperative
The Global Site: Critical Gateway to World Politics, Society and Culture (University of Sussex, Brighton)

The Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes (Paul Cox)
Golshan Society | Islam Unveiled with Rational Thinking
Gross violations: Does disgust have any place in moral reasoning? (Carol Hay, Aeon Magazine, 19 Nov 2014)
The History of Propaganda (Surveillance-Video.com, 15 Jun 2009)
Hoax? Scholarly Research? Personal Opinion? You Decide!
(Esther Grassian et al., UCLA College Library)
Honest Intellectual Inquiry (Carol De Priest)
How Does Climate Denial Persist? (EarthTalk, Scientific American, 22 Dec 2014)
How To Be a Skeptical News Consumer (Donna L. Halper, Skeptic 17.4, 2012; eSkeptic, 12 Jun 2013)
How to choose: If you can't choose wisely, pick at random (Michael Schulson, Aeon Magazine, 14 Jul 2014)
How To Deconstruct Almost Anything: My Postmodern Adventure (Essay by Chip Morningstar, Jun 1993)
How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic (Coby Beck, Gristmill)
ICMPA | International Center for Media and the Public Agenda (University of Maryland)
ICYouSee: T is for Thinking (John Henderson)
Idea Wave (Victoria, BC)
Identifying Arabic-Language Materials for Children That Promote Tolerance and Critical Thinking (Gail L. Zellman et al., RAND National Defense Research Institute, Mar 2011) PDF
If We Assume (blog, James Davenport)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 25 Oct 2012)
The Importance of Skeptical Scholarship (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 22 Jun 2010)
In Denial on Climate Change (Peter Hart, FAIR, May/Jun 2007)
-- Blame the media for climate woes: analysis (Mike De Souza, CanWest News Service, 6 Aug 2007)
Independent Argument (UK)
Informal Fallacies (Michael Connelly)
Infrequencies (Michael Shermer, Skeptic, Scientific American, Oct 2014)
Innovation House
Inquiring Minds (CSICOP)
Inquiry and Problem Solving (ENC Focus)
Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines
Insight Assessment | California Academic Press
Institute for Critical Thinking (Montclair State University)
Institute of Ideas: Expanding the Boundaries of Public Debate (London)
Intellectum Interdisciplinary Journal: a Journal of Generating Understanding (Thessaloniki, Greece)
Intel's Seeing Reason - Mindful Mapping of Cause and Effect
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
(The Center for Public Integrity)

An Introduction to Critical Thinking (Steven D. Schafersman)
Introduction to Logic for Liberal Arts and Business Majors
(Stefan Waner & Steven R. Costenoble
Is Debating Pseudoscience a Good Idea? Carl Sagan Weighs In (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 3 Feb 2014)
I type, therefore I am: Language and digital identity (Tom Chatfield, Aeon Magazine, 27 May 2013)
James Randi Educational Foundation - Education
Jo Cool or Jo Fool: An Online Game about Savvy Surfing
Junior Skeptic (Skeptics Society)
Just a Usual Day at Unusual School (MegaMath)
Just Think Foundation
Kids Express: The Students' Point of View (ThinkQuest Junior)
Lesson Plan: The Debate Over Teaching Intelligent Design
(Doug DuBrin, PBS NewsHour Extra)
Lift the Matrix from Your Life (Conrado Salas Cano)
The Linguistic Olympics (Thomas E. Payne)
A List of Fallacious Arguments (Don Lindsay)
Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy Files (Gary N. Curtis)
Logical Paradoxes (Barry Hartley Slater, The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

The Logic QuizMaster (Christopher Menzel & Colin Allen)
Logic Software from CSLI (Jon Barwise &John Etchemendy)
Mancala Web Home (Brian Casey)
Media Criticism (JournalismNet)
Media Matters for America (Darrin Bodner et al., Washington, DC)
"Mediarology": The Role of Citizens, Journalists, and Scientists in Debunking Climate Change Myths (Stephen Schneider)
Medicine and Madison Avenue (Nancy Tomes et al.)
Michael Shermer, The Work of (MichaelShermer.com)
Mission: Critical (Critical Thinking Web Page)
Morons.org - Threatening the American Family (Nick Johnson)
My Dinner (and Drinks) with Christopher (Hitchens that is) (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 20 Jul 2010)
The Mystery Master - The Master of Logic Puzzles
(Michael E. Benson)
MythBusters (Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage et al., Discovery Channel)
-- MythBusters (Wikipedia)
-- MythBusters Fan Club (Lisa LaVigne, Oak Park, Minnesota)
-- MythBusters Results
-- Mythbusters UK
-- MythBusters Wiki
Naomi Klein
-- Column archive at The Guardian
-- Column archive at The Nation
-- News and commentary at The New York Times
The New Meme (David Brin, 1993)
New Renaissance (David Moninger)
Nieman Watchdog: Questions the press should ask (ed. Barry Sussman, Nieman Foundation for Journalism, Harvard University)
Nizkor Feature: Fallacies (Michael C. Labossiere)
Not so foolish: We are more rational than those who nudge us (Steven Poole, Aeon Magazine, 22 Sep 2014)

Odyssey of the Mind
-- The Edison OM Creativity Site
Odyssey of the Mind in British Columbia
(Creative Problem Solving Society)
Ohio Center for Critical Thinking Instruction
openDemocracy | Thinking for Our Time
Open Mind (blog by Tamino)
Opinion-Pages (Think: Opinions, Ideas and Commentary) - Montgomery Kersell
Overcoming Bias (blog, Future of Humanity Institute)
People Like to be Fooled (Michael Shermer, interviewed by Peter Moon, "EPOCA," 16 Jan 2012, trans. Michael Silva; eSkeptic, 25 Jan 2012)
Personal Development and Problem Solving Tools (JournalTech)
Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking
Philosophy: How-To-Do-It Guide (Geoffrey Klempner)
Philosophy Shop (Michael Picard, Pyro Philosophical Services, Victoria, BC)
Plot twist: How a hero narrative can transform the self (Will Storr, Aeon Magazine, 2 Sep 2014)
Point of Inquiry, with DJ Grothe (prod. Thomas Donnelly, Center for Inquiry, Amherst, New York)
Polling and Statistics (Annenberg/CPB)
PollingReport.com - Public Opinion Online (US)
Portrayal of Diversity (Media Awareness Network)
Practical Skepticism (Jim Norton)

Primetime Spin: Media Bias and Belief Confirming Information
(Jeremy Burke, Social Science Research Network, 9 Aug 2006)
Problem-Based Learning (University of Delaware)
The Problem Site (Virtu Software)
Promoting Undergraduate Critical Thinking in Astro 101 Lab Excercises (Michael L. Allen & Diane Kelly-Riley, Astronomy Education Review 4:2, 24 Oct 2005)
Propaganda Critic (Aaron Delwiche)
Propaganda Exhibit (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)
Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (Father Jerome)
Question Factory (William Sims Bainbridge)
Questioning (Jamie McKenzie)
QuIRK (Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge Initiative (Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota)
A Rare and Beautiful Thing (Daniel Loxton, eSkeptic, 23 Jul 2014)
rbutr - Rebuttals, Debunkings and Counter Arguments to misinformation on the internet - Think Again (Shane Greenup & Craig O'Shannessy)
-- Critical Thinking on the Internet (eSkeptic, 21 Aug 2013)
Reality Check Home
The Reality Distortion Field: Steve Job's Modus Operandi of Ignoring Reality is a Double-edged Sword (Michael Shermer, Skeptic 17.4 2012; eSkeptic, 13 Jul 2013)
Reason!Able: Enabling Better Reasoning (Tim van Gelder et al.)
The Reasonableness of Weird Things (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 26 Jul 2010)
The Reasoner (ed. Jon Williamson et al.)
Reason in the Balance and Why Fundamentalists are Beyond Reason (Lewis Loflin)
The Reasoning Page (Bruce B. Janz)
Reason Over Hate Series
The Reason! Project: Improving Informal Reasoning Skills
(Tim van Gelder et al.)
Refuting the Favorite Nonsense of the Right-Wing (Robert Sheaffer)
Report From Yearly Kos: The Intersection of Science and Progressive Values (Chris C. Mooney, The Huffington Post, 6 Aug 2007)
The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
A right to believe? Why I defend the rights of others to hold stupid beliefs (Mark Rowlands, Aeon Magazine, 20 May 2013)
Science and the Media: A Web Column by Matthew Nisbet (CSICOP)
Science Debate (Shawn Lawrence Otto & Matthew Chapman et al., St Croix, Minnesota)
Science Inquiry Model (NWREL Mathematics and Science Education Center)
Scientists may be reaching a peak in reading habits (Richard Van Noorden, Nature News & Comment, 3 Feb 2014, cor.)
Search Ten...
Skeptical Science: Examining Global Warming Skepticism
(John Cook, University of Queensland)
Skepical Software Tools (Time Farley)
Skeptico: Critical Thinking for an Irrational World
(Richard Rockley)
Skeptic's Dictionary Topical Index: Logic, Science & Philosophy
(Robert Todd Carroll)

Social Criticism Review: Selected Readings
Societas (ed. Thom Haslam)
The Sokal Affair (Jason Walsh)
Sokal, Alan, 'A Plea for Reason, Evidence and Logic' (30 Oct. 1996)
Spinsanity - Countering Rhetoric with Reason (ed. Ben Fritz et al.)
Statistics Every Writer Should Know (Rober Niles)
Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies (Stephen Downes)
Studies in Critical Thinking: Philosophical Materials for High School Teachers and Students (Alan Sanders)
The sun does not rise: How fossilised ideas live on even in science (Andrew Crumey, Aeon Magazine, 23 Jun 2014)
Super excited: Generation TED and the power of positivity (Julian Baggini, Aeon Magazine, 8 Oct 2014)
SuperThinkers (Peter H. Reynolds et al.)
Tailored Beliefs (Sigfried Gold)
Talk about science and science teaching (NSTA Blog)
Talk Reason
TeachableMoment.org | Topical Activities for the K-12 Classroom
(Educators for Social Responsibility Metropolitan Area)
Teacher to Teacher: Critical Thinking in the College Classroom (University of Texas at Austin)
Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science
(Donald Kennedy et al., National Academy of Science)
Teaching Critical Thinking (Karen Gocsik, Dartmouth College)
Teaching Critical Thinking (Ken Penner, UBC))
Teaching Students to Think Critically about Internet Resources
(Andrea Bartelstein & Anne Zald, University of Washington)
Thanks for the Facts. Now Sell Them. (Matthew C. Nisbet & Chris Mooney, Washington Post, 15 Apr 2007)
A theory of jerks: If everyone's an idiot, guess who's a jerk? (Eric Schwitzgebel, Aeon Magazine, 4 Jun 2014)
Think for Yourself, a Drug Policy Reading Room on the Drug War
(Jim Rosenfield)

Thinking and Writing Clearly (Jon Shemitz)
Thinking Critically (UVic Learning Skills Program)
Thinking Critically about Discipline-Based WWW Resources
(Esther Grassian, UCLA College Library)
Thinking Critically about WWW Resources
(Esther Grassian, UCLA College Library)
THINK-L (Bill Klein)
Thinknet Resource Center (Kent D. Palmer)
The Third International Conference on the Learning Sciences (ICLS-98)
Thought Crime
Tools for Thinking (David Brooks, Op-Ed, New York Times, 28 Mar 2011)
-- What scientific concept would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit? (The Edge World Question Center, Question 2011)
Topics Online
TrueFacts.co.uk | Knowledge and Information for Everyone
Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines (pub. Zuade Kaufman, Santa Monica, California)
TruthTeller | The Washington Post (Cory Haik et al., Washington Post Digital News)
The Truth Tree, a Forum for Rational and Scientific Debate and Discussion (Bob Scott & Ron Savori)
2think.org (Orin Ryssman)

UnCritical thinking during the fog of war (Carla Binion, Online Journal, 16 Feb 2001)
The Unlikeliest Cult in History (Michael Shermer, from Skeptic, 1993)
U-Study Library Instruction Guide - Critical Thinking
(Chris Adams, University of Saskatchewan)
Values: Making Choices for Life (ThinkQuest)
Wake Up Magazine Online (UK)
The Walrus Magazine (ed. David Berlin et al., Toronto)
-- The Walrus Magazine Interviews @ Writer's Café
What are the chances: How to crack improbability and win the lottery (David Hand, Aeon Magazine, 16 Jun 2014)
What Have Climate Scientists Learned from 20-Year Fight with Deniers? (Scientific American, Gayathri Vaidyanathan, ClimateWire, Scientific American, 22 Dec 2014)
What, If Anything, Can Skeptics Say About Science? (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 22 Dec 2009)
What's So Great About Kant? A Critique of Dinesh D'Souza's Attack on Reason (Michael Dahlen, eSkeptic, 17 Aug 2011)
Why Critical Scrutiny of Islam is an Utmost Necessity!
(Syed Kamran Mirza)
Why I Am Not a Postmodernist (Edward R. Friedlander)
Why Rush Limbaugh Is Wrong (Michael Rahman)
-- PDF Showcase for Nov. 4 1998
Why Slopes: Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and Reason
(Alan Selby)
Wielding Humor as a Tool (Josh Rosenau, NCSE Blog, 24 Oct 2014)
Wikipedia Watch (Daniel Brandt)
Wonderful Phenomena Demand Wonderful Evidence (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 11 Dec 2012)
WWW Links to Resources for Teaching Reasoning and Critical Thinking (William Pierce)
Zoma's Land O'Logic (Zoma Denise Stern)

See also Resource Selection and Evaluation (Internet), Confusionism, Skepticism and Related Views, Mensa and Other High IQ Societies, and Web Style


Science Writing and Technical Communication

Alex Brett - Science (Alexandra Brett)
AlphaGalileo | The Internet Press Centre for European Science, Medicine and Technology
American Medical Writers Association
APA Style (American Psychological Association)
The [US] Army Writing Style
The art of science blogging (Mark Trodden, Physics World, 27 Sep 2012)
ASC (Australian Science Communicators) Home Page
(David Wansbrough)
Association of British Science Writers
Association of Health Care Journalists
ASU Cosmos (Paul Davies, Arizona State University)
Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC, Adelaide)
Avoiding repetitive-stress injuries: a guide for the technical communicator (Geoffrey J. S. Hart, TECHWR-L)
The Benshi: Essays from Scientist-turned-filmmaker Randy Olson (ed. Ryan Mitchell)
The Bibshare Project Website (José H. Canós et al., University of Valencia)
BioScience Writers
Boffin (Roger Highfield, Daily Telegraph, London)
Brian Switek: Investigating Evolution, the Fossil Record, and the History of Science (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Business Writer's Free Library (Free Management Library)
Call for Papers (PapersINVITED, Southfield, Michigan)
Canadian Science Writers' Association
CarlZimmer.com (Carl Zimmer, American science writer)
Center for Science and the Media (Eliene Augenbraun et al., New York)
Chet Raymo
Citing Medicine: The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, 2nd Edition (U.S. National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, 2007)
Citing Sources, Guide to Library Research
(Kelley A. Lawton et al., Duke Libraries)
Clarke: The Rocket Man Emerges (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 3 Apr 2013)
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page
Communicating Science News: A Guide for Public Information Officers, Scientists and Physicians (US National Association of Science Writers)
Communication Skills for Chemists (P. D. Bailey et al.)
Conduct of scientists (and science writers) can shape the public’s view of science. (Janet D. Stemwedel, Doing Good Science, Scientific American Blog Network, 2 Jul 2014)
COS Expertise (Community of Science)
Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (Hedgesville, West Virginia)
Council of Science Editors (US)
David Bradley Science Writer Links File
David Ewing Duncan
Designing Scientific Conference Posters (Donald Rooum, London Evolutionary Research Network)

Directory of Science Communication Courses & Programs in the United States (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
EASE | European Association of Science Editors
Edward S. Lowry
English for Science and Technology
EServer Technical Communication (and Technical Writing) Library (Iowa State University, Ames)
Eugene F. Mallove, 1947-2004 (Memorial Website ed. Ethan Mallove)
EUSJA's Resources for Science Writers
Explorations in Science (Michio Kaku)
Garden Writers Association (Manassas, Virginia)
Going Public: An Introduction to Communicating Science, Engineering and Technology (UK Office of Science and Technology) PDF
Grammai (Jonathan Fowler, El Cerrito, California)
Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization: A Handbook for Technical Writers and Editors (Mary K. McCaskill, Langley Research Center)
A Guide for Writing Research Papers, APA-Style
(Charles Darling)
A Guide for Writing Research Papers Based on MLA Documentation
(Charles Darling)
Guidelines on Science and Health Communication
(Social Issues Research Centre, Oxford)
Guides for Better Science Research and Writing
Health Writer (Linda Wasmer Smith)
Hollywood Math and Science Film Consulting
(Elizabeth Burns & Jonathan D. Farley)
IFEJ.org International Federation of Environmental Journalists
Improving Public Understanding: Guidelines For Communicating Emerging Science on Nutrition, Food Safety, and Health (International Food Information Council, Washington, DC)
Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (UK)
Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences (Raymon H. Mulford Library, Medical College of Ohio, Toledo)
International PCST Network (Public Communication of Science and Technology)
International Science Writers Association
Internet Resources for Technical Communicators (Keith Soltys)
The Inverse Square Blog (Thomas Levenson)
Jeff Hecht's Page
Jennifer Roullette (Los Angeles, California)
John Allen Paulos Home Page
John Gribbin's Home Page
John Horgan
Ken Croswell
Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge)
Knight Science Journalism Tracker (Charles Petit et al., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
KPMG International Survey of Environmental Reporting 1999 PDF

Legal Writing Institute (Susan Hanley Duncan et al., US)
Life Sciences Publishing (Thomas Buckingham)
-- European Mirror
The Many Worlds of Dr. Charles Pellegrino (Charles R. Pellegrino)
Marcia Bartusiak
Mario Livio (Baltimore)
Mathematical Communication (MathDL)
Media Resource Service (Sigma Xi)
The Metaphor, Unchained (Road Hoffmann, Marginalia, American Scientist 94(5):406-7, Sep-Oct 2006)
National Association of Science Writers
Nota Bene: Software for Academic Research and Writing (New York)
Online Technical Writing (David A. McMurrey)
The Open Notebook: The story behind the best science stories (ed. Siri Carpenter & Jeanne Erdmann et al.)
PCST Network -- Links (Public Communication of Science and Technology)
Phenomena - A science salon hosted by National Geographic Magazine (Jamie Shreeve et al.)
Pop science's big bang (John D. Barrow, Physics World, 1 Oct 2008)
Power Reporting | Resources for Journalists
Practical advice for science communicators (STEMPRA)
psci-com: A Gateway to the Public Understanding of Science
Public Understanding of Science (Institute of Physics)
The Ram Researcher: A Resource Guide to Writing Research Papers
(Southern Regional School District)
RefWorks Web Based Bibliographic Management Software (US)
Research and Documentation Online (Diana Hacker & Barbara Fister)
A Research Guide for Students (I. Lee)
Researchpaper.com - Writing a Research Paper
Resources for Science and Technical Writers
Rhetoric for Engineers and Other Practical People (Ron Graham)
Robert A. Metzger (Atlanta, Georgia)
Robert Shapiro (New York University)

Rob Houser's Home Page - Technical Communication
SciDev.Net Dossier on Communication of Science
The Science and Entertainment Exchange (US National Academy of Sciences)
-- Edutainment (post by Victoria Stern, The Scientist, 2 Sep 2009)
Science and the Media: A Web Column by Matthew Nisbet (CSICOP)
Science and Technology Journalism Guide (NASA SpaceLink)
Science Fiction Writers Research Guide (Paul Wilson)
Science in the Pub (Michael Burton, ASC)
Science Media Beset with Gender Gaps (Curtis Brainard, Voices, Scientific American Blog Network, 21 Aug 2014)
Science Media Centre (Royal Institution of Great Britain, London)
Science Media Centre (Wellington, New Zealand)
Science Media Centre of Canada (Ottawa)
Science Notes
Scientific Reports (The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Scientific Writing - Welch Medical Library
Sciphers - Science Communication Interest Group (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication)
Scott Russell Sanders (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Sense About Science (dir. Tracey Brown, London)
Society for Technical Communication
Society of Environmental Journalists
Sources: Their Use and Acknowledgement
(Gary Johnson et al., Dartmouth College)
TheSpacewriter.com (Carolyn Collins Petersen)
Statistics Every Writer Should Know (Robert Niles)
STC Home Page (Society for Technical Communication)
STEMPRA (The Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine Public Relations Association, London)
Steven Berlin Johnson
Style Manuals and Guides for Technical Writing
(ASU Noble Library)

Tackling the physical sciences (Tien Nguyen, The Open Notebook, 15 Jul 2014)
Tagging Practices on Research Oriented Social Bookmarking Sites (Margaret E. I. Kipp, Canadian Association for Information Science, Montreal, 26 Apr 2007) PDF
Technical Communication Ring
Technical Communicators and Digital Writing Risk Assessment (Martine Courant Rife, WIDE Research Center, Michigan State University, May 2006)
Technical Communicators, Web Sites for (M. Carl Drott)
Technical Documentation and Software Documentation Know-how and Services (Indoition Software User Assistance, Nuernberg-Fuerth-Erlangen, Germany)
Technical Report Writing (Carol A. Vidoli, NASA Lewis RC)
Technical Writing (Gary Conroy, About.com)
Technical Writing Resources (Bigben)
TECHWR-L, the Internet forum for technical communicators
Toolkit for New Medical Writers (American Medical Writers Association, Delaware Valley Chapter)
A Tribute to Isaac Asimov (Steve Allen, repr eSkeptic, 2 Jan 2014, from the premier issue of Skeptic magazine, 1992)
Trudy E. Bell, Writer and Editor
Wade Rowland, Official Website of
Worlds Apart: Science and the News Media
(Jim Hartz & Rick Chappell, Freedom Forum)
The Worlds of David Darling
Write Science Right (Ann E. Power et al., Irvine, California)
The Write Stuff! USNA Report Writing Manual On-line
Writing & Presenting Research Work (science.komm)
Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students
(ed. Michael Alley et al., Penn State University)
Writing in the Science Classroom
Writing User-Friendly Documents (Plain English Network)
Young, Robert M., 'A Place for Critique in the Mass Media' (Science as Culture)
Zotero (Firefox)

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