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DESCRIPTION: The sixth of nine pages on Ground (the first of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page comprises a list of links to on-line resources for Science Forums and Periodicals (including programmes), and for Scientific Equipment and Exploration. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to other on-line science resources, and to resources in complexity theory & chaos and mathematics.

KEYWORDS: science; science forums; science periodicals; science journals; science programmes; scientific equipment; scientific instruments; scientific supplies

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  1. Science Resources
    Science and Technology
    Science Centres and Organizations
    Science Education
    Science Forums and Periodicals
    Scientific Equipment and Exploration
    Chaos and Complexity

  2. Mathematics
    Mathematics Education

Physical Sciences Astronomy Earth Sciences Life Sciences
Neurosciences Social Sciences Science Studies Science News

Science Resources (cont.)


Science Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes

Search only by Author

For software programs, see Scientific Equipment and Exploration.

ABC Science Podcasts (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Academic Earth (Richard Ludlow et al.)
Academic Search (Microsoft Windows Live Academic)
-- Windows Live Academic Search Blog
AcaWiki - Democratization of Academic Knowledge
Access to the literature: the debate continues
(Nature Web Focus)
Achenblog (Joel Achen, Washington Post)
Adventures in Semantic Publishing: Exemplar Semantic Enhancements of a Research Article (David Shotton et al., PLoS Computational Biology 5(4), 17 Apr 2009)
African Journal of Science & Technology (African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions, Nairobi)
AIP UniPHY - Scientific Social Networking (American Institute of Physics)
All Hands Meeting (National E-Science Centre, Edinburgh)
AllYouCanRead.com - Magazines / Science & Nature /
AlphaGalileo | The Internet Press Centre for European Science, Medicine and Technology
American Indian Science and Engineering Society - AISES
American Journal of Science: A Full Text Digital Library (Carnegie Mellon University Libraries)
American-Scientist-E-PRINT-Forum: By Thread (UK)
American Scientist Homepage
-- Past Issues Archive
-- Subject Search
AMSER Science Reader Monthly (Applied Math and Science Education Repository)
Analysis of data on scholarly journals publishing
(Research Information Network, UK)
Annual Reviews Inc.
The applicance of science: Web 2.0 (Michelle Perry, Information World Review, 3 Dec 2008)
APS and the Challenge of Open Access (Joseph Serene & Gene Sprouse, The Back Page, APS News, Nov 2012)
The architecture of access to scientific knowledge: just how badly we have messed this up (Lawrence Lessig, CERN Colloquium and Library Science Talk, 18 Apr 2011)
Archives of PAMNET@LISTSERV.ND.EDU: Archive of slapam-l (PAMnet)
(September American Scientist Forum)
Are We Alone? (SETI Institute Science Radio)
ARROW | Australian Research Repositories Online to the World (Monash University)
ARROW Discovery Service
The art of science blogging (Mark Trodden, Physics World, 27 Sep 2012)
arXiv.org e-Print Archive (Paul Ginsparg et al., Cornell University)
-- uk.arXiv.org e-Print Archive Mirror
-- xxx.sissa.it e-Print Archive Mirror
-- European Research Council funds arXiv -- a taste of changes to come (Richard Van Noorden, Nature News Blog, 16 Sep 2013)
arXiview: arXiv for the iPhone (Dave Bacon, University of Washington)
arXiv on Twitter (Robert Simpson, Cardiff University)
arxiv.org Joins the Blogosphere! (Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 24 Aug 2005)
The arXiv preprint server hits 1 million articles (Richard Van Noorden, Nature News & Comment, 30 Dec 2014)
Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication: An Exploration of Faculty Values and Needs in Seven Disciplines (Diane Harley et al., Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley, Jan 2010)
As we may search - Comparison of major features of the Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar citation-based and citation-enhanced databases (Peter Jasco, Current Science 89:9, 10 Nov 2005) PDF
AthenaWeb: A Moving Picture of Science (European Commission)
Australasian Science

Australasian Science
Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC, Adelaide)
AuthorMapper - Scientific Research and Author Locations Globally (Springer)
AweQuest.Net - The Mind and Beyond....
Barschall Site: Gordon and Breach Science v. AIP and APS
(Stanford University)
Barschall Site: Gordon and Breach Science v. AIP and APS
(Yale University)
Bastrop ISD Science Magazine Links
BBC Online - Horizon - Home
BBC Online - Tomorrow's World - Home Page
BBC - Radio 4 - Science Index
BBC Science (BBCi)
BBC Science Message Board (BBC Science & Nature)
BBC World Service - Science Home Page
Bentham Science OPEN (Bentham Science Publishers, Hilversum, Netherlands)
Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities (22 Oct 2003)
Big Picture Science, radio show & podcast (Molly Bentley & Seth Shostak et al., SETI Institute)
Big Science Read (Manchester Literature Festival)
Bioline International
BioMed Central blog
BioOne Online Journals (Association of Research Libraries, Washington, DC)
A Blog Around the Clock (Bora Zivkovic, Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
Blue Collar Scientist (blog, Anchorage, Alaska)
BOTW Blog Directory - Science Blogs (Best of the Web)
Breakthrough! (Sean Morgan)

BreakThrough: Television's Journal of Science and Medicine (PBS)
Café Scientifique (Canada)
Café Scientifique (UK)
Calendar of Scientific Meetings (Newswise, Charlottesville, Virginia)
Calls for Open Access Challenge Academic Journals (Daithí Ó hAnluain, Online Journalism Review, 10 Dec 2004)
Canadian Forum on Religion and Ecology: Revisioning Human-Earth Relationships (CFORE, dir. Heather Eaton et al.)
Carnegie Institution for Science | Multimedia Content
CCNet (ed. Benny Peiser, Liverpool John Moores University)
Center for Information Management (Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science, Garching)
Center for Science and the Media (Eliene Augenbraun et al., New York)
Channel4.com - Science (UK)
Citation Impact Forum (Thomson Scientific)
Citation Statistics (Robert Adler et al., International Mathematical Union, Joint Committee on Quantitative Assessment of Research, 12 Jun 2008) PDF
CiteSeerX: Scientific Literature Digital Library and Search Engine (Penn State University)
CiteULike: A free online service to organize your academic papers (Richard Cameron)
Closer to Truth (Robert Lawrence Kuhn et al.)
Closer to Truth: Science, Meaning and the Future
(Robert Lawrence Kuhn et al., PBS)
-- CTT HyperForums
-- KCET Site
CODATA: Committee on Data for Science and Technology
(International Council for Science)
Cogito: Connecting Young Thinkers Around the World
(Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins U)
The Coming Revolution in Scholarly Communications & Cyberinfrastructure (Introduction by Lee Dirks & Tony Hey, CTWatch Quarterly, Aug 2007)
Comment is free... (James Randerson, The Guardian, London)
Comments and Corrigenda in Scientific Literature (Joseph Grcar, American Scientist 101(1):16, Jan-Feb 2013)
Communication (Sabine Hosselfelder, Backreaction, 28 Sep 2007)
Concentration of the Most-Cited Papers in the Scientific Literature: Analysis of Journal Ecosystems (John P. A. Ioannidis, PLoS ONE 1(1):e5, 20 Dec 2006)
Conference Alerts - Academic Conferences Worldwide
Confessions of a Science Librarian (John Dupuis)
The Connection Science Archive (WBUR, Boston NPR)
Connotea Online Reference Management Service
(Nature America, New York)
Copernicus Group (Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany)
CORDIS: Community Research & Development Information Service
CORDIS | Science Week
Cosmic Variance: random samplings from a universe of ideas
(Sean Carroll et al.)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, Feb 2007)
Cosmos Magazine (Sydney, Australia)
Council of Science Editors (US)
Cream of Science (DAREnet, Netherlands)
The Connection Science Archive (Christopher Lydon, WBUR, Boston)
Creating a Science of the Web (Tim Berners-Lee et al., Science 313(5788):769-71, 11 Aug 2006)
Critiquing Microsoft Live "Academic Search" (Dean Giustini, UBC Google Scholar Blog.folio, 9 Apr 2006)
Cross-check: critical views of science in the news (blog, John Horgan, Scientific American)
CrossRef - The Central Source for Reference Linking

CSA Hot Topics Series (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)
CTWatch (Cyberinfrastructure Technology Watch)
Current Science (Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore)
Daily Planet (EXN)
-- Jay's Journal (Jay Ingram)
Damn Interesting (blog, Alan Bellows et al.)
Dan Falk | Journalist, Author, Broadcaster
David's Blog: On Science and Everything (David Ewing Duncan)
Dealing with Data (Special Online Collection, Science, 11 Feb 2011)
-- Dumped On by Data: Scientists Say a Deluge Is Drowning Research (Josh Fischman, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 Feb 2011)
-- A Scientific Gold Rush: Electronic Mining of Published Research (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11-028, 10 Feb 2011)
Deltoid (Tim Lambert)
Designing Scientific Conference Posters (Donald Rooum, London Evolutionary Research Network)
Digital Broadband Content: Scientific Publishing (John Houghton & Graham Vickery, OECD Working Party on the Information Economy, 2 Sep 2005) PDF
Digital Preservation and Permanent Access to Scientific Information: The State of the Practice (Gail Hodge & Evelyn Frangakis, ICSTI/CENDI, Mar 2004, updated)
DILIGENT Project (DIgital Library Infrastructure on Grid ENabled Technology, EU)
Dimensions (National Research Council of Canada)
Directory of Open Access Journals (Lund University)
-- DOAJ Index (Eric Lease Morgan)
Directory of Published Proceedings (InterDok)
Discover Magazine (New York)
Discovery (David S. F. Portree's Web Page)
The Discovery Channel Canada Online (EXN)
Discovery Channel School
Discovery Online (Discovery Channel Online)

Discovery Online, On TV
DiVA Portal: Academic Archive On-line (Digital Scientific Archive, Electronic Publishing Centre, Uppsala University)
Does the scientific journal have a future? (Bonnie Swoger, Information Culture, Scientific American Blog Network, 18 Jun 2014)
Doing science in the open (Michael Nielsen, Physics World, 1 May 2009)
Double X Science
-- DoubleXScience (DoubleXSci) on Twitter
Dr Reese (Reese Halter, Humboldt State University, California)
Earth & Sky Radio Series (NPR, Austin, Texas)
Earth & Space on Network of the World
An Economic Analysis of Scientific Research Publishing
(Wellcome Trust, UK, 1 Oct 2003)
Economics of Open Access (Catherine Zandonella, The Scientist, 22 Aug 2003)
Economics of scientific and biomedical journals (Haekyung Jeon-Slaughter et al., First Monday 10:3, Mar 2005)
Economics, Real Costs and Benefits of Electronic Publishing in Science (ICSU Press Workshop, Oxford, 31 Mar-2 Apr 1998)
Edge (ed. John Brockman)
EDP Open (EDP Sciences)
EEVL | EEVL's Ejournal Search Engines
EEVL's Ejournal Search Engines
eGroups: Science
Eigenfactor.org - Ranking and Mapping Scientific Knowledge
(Bergstrom Lab, University of Washington)
Electronic Publishing in Science (AAAS)
Electronic Publishing in Science (Richard Smith, Editorial, British Medical Journal 322 (7287): 627-9, 17 Mar 2001)
Electronic Publishing Project (National Academies, Washington, DC)
Electronic Scientific, Technical and Medical Journal Publishing and Its Implications: Proceedings of a Symposium (Laura Abate et al., US National Research Council, 2004)
ELEMENT List - The Best Science Links on the Web
Elsevier Author Gateway
The Emerging Science of the Web (Web Science Workshop, British Computer Society, London, 12-13 Sep 2005)
E-print Network: Research Communications for Scientists and Engineers (U.S. Department of Energy)
Eprintweb (Institute of Physics, based on arXiv.org)
ERC Scientific Council Statement on Open Access
(European Research Council, Dec 2006)
e-Science (Research Councils UK)
eScience (U.S. Library of Congress Science Tracer Bullet 09-1, 19 Feb 2009)
e-Science Centre (CLRC)

ESCIN: European Science Communication and Information Network
(European Science Foundation, Strasbourg)
Essential for Science: Interview with Vitek Tracz (Richard Poynder, Information Today 22:1, 3 Jan 2005)
E-STREAMS: Electronic reviews of Science & Technology References, covering Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine and Science (H. Robert Malinowsky et al.)
EURESCO Conferences (European Science Foundation)
EIROforum: Europe's Research Organisations
(European Intergovernmental Research Org.)
EUREKA Science Journal Watch (wiki)
Euroscience: The Voice of Science in Europe (Paris)
EventOnline.org | The Source for Scientific Event Information
EvoWiki | The Evolution Education Wiki (Joe aka Steinsky et al.)
EXN: The Exploration Network (Discovery Channel) Click Here for Science, Nature, Adventure and Technology
Daily Planet
TV Listings
Discovery Reports Canada
Site Map
Exploration | The Online Research Journal of Vanderbilt University
Exploratorium Magazine Online
The Eyes of Nye (Bill Nye et al., PBS)
EZ Science Newsletter (ed. Robert Roy Britt, Explorezone.com)

FASENet (Foundation for Advancement in Science and Education)
Federal Science eLibrary (Federal Science eLibrary Pilot Project Final Report, Strategic Alliance of Federal Science & Technology Libraries, Apr 2006)
Federation of BC Naturalists
Feed Navigator - Your River of Science - RSS Feeds to Fulltext Articles (Terkko Navigator, Helsinki)
Festival della Scienza (Instituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia, Genova, Italy)
FindAPhD.com (The Science Registry, UK)
Fix Wikipedia (Michael Shermer, eSkeptic, 22 Jul 2009)
Forum on Religion and Ecology: Revisioning Human-Earth Relations (Yale University)
Forum on Science and Technology for Sustainability
(Harvard University)
Fractals of Change: Science (Tom Evslin)
Framing Science (Matthew C. Nisbet)
Free Internet Access to Traditional Journals (Thomas J. Walker, American Scientist 86(5):463-71, Sep-Oct 1998)
Frontiers: The Electronic Newsletter of the National Science Foundation
Frontiers (Frontiers Media S.A.)
Future e-access to the primary literature (Nature web debate)
The future of publishing (Nature special, 28 Mar 2013)
The Future of Science Is Open (Bill Hooker, 3quarksdaily blog, 30 Oct 2006 - 22 Jan 2007)
Galactic Interactions (blog by Rob Knop)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, 3 Sep 2007)
GeekCulture.com (Nitrozac & Snaggy)
Genamics JournalSeek - Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Science Journals
German Information Platform on Open Access (Der freie Zugang zu wissenschaftlichter Information)
The Global Information Commons for Science Initiative (CODATA, The Committee on Data for Science and Technology)
GLORIAD Program Development (US-Russia-China Global Ring Network for Advanced Science & Education Cooperation)
Google Ngram Viewer (Google Labs)
Google Scholar
-- Google Scholar Counts (AT&T Labs Research)
Google Scholar and The Scientist (Peter Jacso)
Google Scholar Versus Metasearch Systems (Tamar Sadeh, HEP Libraries Webzine 12, Mar 2006)
The Harvard Science Review
Henry's Webiocosm Blog
HighWire -- Earth's Largest Free Full-Text Science Archives
-- Free Online Full-text Articles
Hindawi Publishing Corporation (Cairo)
HistCite Bibliometric Analysis and Visualization Software (Eugene Garfield, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania)
-- Papers on Algorithmic Historiography

Holiday Lectures on Science (HHMI)
HoodedHawk (blog, John S. Boswell)
HowOpenIsIt? Open Access Spectrum (PLOS)
Hypography Sci-Tech: Science and Technology for Everyone
(Tormod Guldvog)
Hypothes.is | The Internet, peer reviewed (Dan Whaley et al.)
ICTP Open Access Archive (Science Dissemination Unit, Trieste)
Impact of Data Sources on Citation Counts and Rankings of LIS Faculty: Web of Science Versus Scopus and Google Scholar (Lokman I. Meho & Kiduk Yang, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Nov 2007; online, 17 Aug 2007) PDF
The Implications of Information Technology for Scientific Journal Publishing: A Literature Review (Amy Friedlander & Rändi S. Bessette, NSF, Jul 2003)
INASP | International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications
In-cites.com Citation Analysis (ISI Essential Science Indicators)
In Conversation, presented by Robyn Williams
(ABC Radio National, Australia)
Inflated Impact Factors? The True Impact of Evolutionary Papers in Non-Evolutionary Journals (Erik Postma, PLoS ONE 2(10):e999, 3 Oct 2007)
Information Access: Building a "GenBank" of the Published Literature (Richard J. Roberts et al., Science 291(5512):2318-19, 23 Mar 2001)
Information Culture: Thoughts and analysis related to science, information, data, publication and culture. (Scientific American)
Information-seeking behaviour of physicists and astronomers (Hamid R. Jamali & David Nicholas, Aslib Proceedings 60(5):442-62, 2008; on-line 8 May 2009) PDF
INIST - Search with ArticleSciences (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, France)
Inspiring Science
The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
InTech - Open Access Publisher
Intellectual Property Experiences in the German Scientific Community: A Report by the Project on Science and Intellectual Property in the Public Interest (S. Westerburg et al., American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007) PDF
Intellectual Property Experiences in the United Kingdom Scientific Community: Report by the Project on Science and Intellectual Property in the Public Interest (Michael R. Kiselewski et al., American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007) PDF
Intellectual Property Experiences in the United States Scientific Community: A Report by the Project on Science and Intellectual Property in the Public Interest (Stephen A. Hansen et al., American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007) PDF
Intellectual Property in the Context of E-Science (Dan L. Burk, Minnesota Legal Studies, 18 Aug 2006)
InterAcademy Council (National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC)
The InterAcademy Panel on International Issues (National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC)
International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM)
International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication (Athabasca University)
International Intellectual Property Experiences: A Report of Four Countries (Project on Science and Intellectual Property in the Public Interest, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007) PDF
International PCST Network (Public Communication of Science and Technology)
International Science Editing (Mike Cushley et al.)
The Internet as a Resource for News and Information about Science (John Horrigan, Pew Internet, 20 Nov 2006) PDF
InternetConferences.net (IPSI BgD Conferences and Journals)
Internet encyclopaedias go head to head (Jim Giles, Special Report, Nature, 14 Dec 2005)
Internet Science Journal (ISJ)
The Intersection (Chris C. Mooney)
Interview.com - Science (Ulf Unbehaun)
An interview with Patrick O Brown on the origins of open access (BMC Biology 11:33, 15 Apr 2013)
Introduction to Traditional Peer Review (Hadas Shema, Information Culture, Scientific American Blog Network, 19 Apr 2014)
Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (Discovery Channel)
The Inverse Square Blog (Thomas Levenson)
Iraqi Virtual Science Library (IVSL)
The Irish Scientist
ISIHighlyCited.com (ISI Web of Knowledge)
ISI Web of Knowledge (Thomson Scientific)
ISKO: International Society for Knowledge Organization (London)
The Island of Doubt: Shipwrecked in a Sea of Certainty (blog by James Hrynyshyn)
Is Peer Review in Decline? (Glenn Elison, MIT Economics, Jul 2007) PDF
Issues in Science & Technology Home Page
(US National Academies Press)

JNet Science TV and Radio (JournalismNet)
The Journal of Young Investigators
JoYS | Journal of Young Scientists (Adam Bly et al.)
Journals and Bulletins
JSTOR (Journal Storage)
Jumping Ship: Topology Board Resigns (Allyn Jackson, Notices of the AMS, American Mathematical Society, May 2007) PDF
Just A Theory - good and bad science in the mainstream media (UK)
-- Review (Physics World, 1 Apr 2010)
KLI Theory Lab (Thomas Klemm et al., Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research)
Knight Science Journalism Tracker (Charles Petit et al., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
KnowPost.com: Science & Technology Channel
Labmeeting | Make Science Easier (Stanford University)
-- Labmeeting Blog
Lab Notes (blog, Sharon Begley, Newsweek)
LANL Research Library: Electronic Journals
Leonardo Electronic Almanac
Library Without Walls Project (LANL Research Library)
The Lightcone Institute (Sabine Hossenfelder et al.)
LINK Alert (Springer-Verlag)
LINK: Online First
List of scientific journals (Wikipedia)
Lost in a Sea of Science Data (Scott Carlson, The Chronicle of Higher Education 52:42:A35, 23 Jun 2006)

Machines Like Us | Science at the speed of thought (blog)
Magazine Articles on Science & Technology (MagPortal.com)
Maps of Science (Dick Klavans, Directions Magazine, 10 May 2006)
The Material World (Quentin Cooper, BBC Radio 4)
MathSciJournalWiki (Sunclipse)
MediaResource Media Links (Sigma Xi Media Resource Service)
"Mediarology": The Role of Citizens, Journalists, and Scientists in Debunking Climate Change Myths (Stephen Schneider)
MentalLandscape.com (Don P. Mitchell, Redmond, Washington)
Michael Hanlon's Science blog: From The Cutting Edge (London Daily Mail Online)
Michio Kaku (MySpace)
MInd: The Meetings Index (InterDok)
The Missing Link: A Podcast on the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology (Elizabeth Green Musselman)
MIT World
MSNBC Science Bulletin Board
MythBusters (Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage et al., Discovery Channel)
-- MythBusters (Wikipedia)
-- MythBusters Fan Club (Lisa LaVigne, Oak Park, Minnesota)
-- MythBusters Results
-- Mythbusters UK
-- MythBusters Wiki
The Naked Scientists Online (Chris Smith et al., University of Cambridge)
NASA Quest (Yahoo! Groups)
The National Academies In Focus (U.S. National Academies Press)
National Consultation on Access to Scientific Research Data
(Government of Canada)
-- National Consultation on Access to Scientific Research Data: Final Report (David F. Strong & Peter B. Leach, 31 Jan 2005) PDF
National Science & Technology Week (NSF)
Natural History Magazine (American Museum of Natural History)
naturalSCIENCE Magazine
Nature Blogs
-- Nautilus
Nature Communications, Announcing - a multi-disciplinary online-only journal with an open-access option (press release from the Nature Publishing Group, 22 Sep 2009)
-- Nature to launch OA journal (Bob Grant, The Scientist, 23rd September 2009)
NatureEvents | Science Conferences and Society Events
Nature, History of the Journal (Arran Frood et al., Nature Publishing Group, London)
Nature International Weekly Journal of Science
-- Nature Net Guide
Nature Network (Nature Publishing Group, London)
The Nature of Things (with David Suzuki, CBC TV)
Nature Precedings: Pre-publication research and preliminary findings (Nature Publishing Group, London)
Nature Protocols: Recipes for Researchers
(Nature Publishing Group)
Nature RSS (Nature Publishing Group)
Nautilus: Science Connected
Netsurfer Science Home Page (ed. Judith David)

Network of Emerging Scientists (NES) Homepage (Shaun D. Black)
The Network Central: Updates on the blog network and news from the science blogosphere (Scientific American Blog Network
A New Era in Citation and Bibliometric Analyses: Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar (Lokman I. Meho & Kiduk Yang, DLIST, 19 Dec 2006)
New Explorers (PBS)
-- TV Schedule
New Frontiers in Science
New Scientist
-- The Last Word Science Questions and Answers
-- Keysites (Hot Internet Issues and Cool Sites)
-- NS Plus (Web-only & Web-enhanced Science Material)
Newton's Binomium (Ricardo Azevedo, Houston)
NGS - National Geographic Television
NOD - Dutch Research Database (Amsterdam)
NOISE | New Outlooks in Science & Engineering (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK)
No Sé Nada (Kevin Vranes)
-- TV/Web Schedule
NOVA | scienceNOW (PBS)
NOW with David Brancaccio | Science & Health (PBS)
NS2: Niche Social Network Sites (Friends: Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services and SciTechNet)
NZ Science Monthly OnLine

An Ocean of Changes Online (Mike May, HMS Beagle 100, 13 Apr 2001)
Ockham's Razor (Robyn Williams, ABC Radio National, Australia)
Odyssey Magazine On-Line
Ohio Journal of Science (Ohio Academy of Science)
OJOSE.com | Scientific Search Engine (Online JOurnal Search Engine)
Of Particular Significance | Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 21 Feb 2013)
Older papers are increasingly remembered -- and cited (John Bohannon, Science/AAAS | News, 4 Nov 2014)
OMNI Magazine
101 Community Directory (www.101science.com)
Online Electronic Journals (USC Science Library)
Online Science Journal: Dialogue (Derek Collins)
Only Clouds Exist (mod. John Conway)
On Scientific Information in the Digital Age: Access, Dissemination and Preservation (Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, 15 Feb 2007) PDF
-- Staff Working Paper PDF
Open Access (Public Library of Science)
Open Access and the Case for Public Good: The Scientist's Perspective (Michelle A. Romero, Information Today Online 27:4, Jul/Aug 2003)
Open Access and Global Participation in Science (James A. Evans & Jacob Reimer, Science 323(5917):1025, 20 Feb 2009)
-- Open Access to Scientific Papers May Not Guarantee Wide Dissemination (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-026, 19 Feb 2009)
Open Access and the Progress of Science (Alma Swan, Macroscope, American Scientist 95(3):197-9, May-Jun 2007)
Open Access and the Public Domain in Digital Data and Information for Science: Proceedings of an International Symposium (ed. Julie M. Esanu & Paul F. Uhlir, US National Research Council, 2004)
Open Access and Scientific Publishing (SciDev.net)
Open Access & Science Publishing: International Study on the Acceptance and Use of Open Access Publishing (Thomas Hess et al., Ludwig-Maximilans-University Münich/University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 2006)
Open Access Articles (The Scientific World)
The open-access debate (Rüdiger Voss, Physics World, Jan 2007)
Open Access Directory (OAD)
Open Access: How Can We Achieve Quality and Quantity? (podcast, BioMed Central Open Access Colloquium, Royal College of Physicians, London, 8 Feb 2007)
Open Access News (ed. Peter Suber)
Open Access Now (ed. Jonathan B. Weitzman, BioMed Central)
Open Access - A Panacea? Science, Society, Democracy, Digital Divide (Ulrich Herb, Saarland University and State Library, Saarbruecken, Germany, 3 Nov 2008)
Open Access : Particle physicists push for publishing changes [SCOAP3] (Jens Vigen, Research Information, Oct-Nov 2007)
Open Access: Restoring Scientific Communication to Its Rightful Owners (European Science Foundation Policy Briefing, Apr 2003)
Open Access Science Resources (Matthew Von Hendy, SLA Social Science Division, 23 Oct 2012)
Open Access Self-archiving: An author study (Alma Swan & Sheridan Brown, JISC, May 2005) PDF
Open Access to Knowledge Resources in Science and Technology: The Role of Digital Reference Service to Facilitate Accessing Scholarly Information (Harish Chandra in Sashikala C. Rao, ed., Proceedings Annual 23rd Convention and Conference (SIS2005) Delivery of Information Services Through Distributed Digital Environment, pp. 593-602; E-LIS, 18 Aug 2005)
Open Access to Science and Scholarship (Peter Suber, The SPARC Open Access Newsletter)
Open access to the scientific journal literature (Peter Suber, Journal of Biology 1:3, 18 Jun 2002)
Open Access to Science Under Attack (David Biello, Scientific American, 26 Jan 2007)
An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress Signed by 41 Nobel Prize Winners (November 2009) (Alliance for Taxpayer Access)
The Open Notebook: The story behind the best science stories (ed. Siri Carpenter & Jeanne Erdmann et al.)
Open Science Directory (EBSCO/Hasselt University Library)
Open Science World | The Science Webzine for People All Over The World.
Over Two-Hundred Education & Science Blogs (Richard Hake, Indiana University, 29 Mar 2009) PDF
Pacific Discovery (California Academy of Sciences)
The Pantaneto Forum (ed. Nigel Sanitt)
Patterns of Journal Use by Scientists through Three Evolutionary Phases (Carol Tenopir et al., D-Lib Magazine 9:5, May 2003)
PBS Science
Peer Review : Debate (Nature, London)
Peer Review in Peril? (Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed, 26 Jul 2007)
Peer review: Trial by Twitter (Apoora Mandavilli, Nature News, 19 Jan 2011)
Phenomena - A science salon hosted by National Geographic Magazine (Jamie Shreeve et al.)
PHOAKS Index for science
Physics and Astronomy Chat by PhysLink.com
PISD: Partnership for Integrity in Scientific Dis-semination (PISD Coalition)
Plagiarism Detection in arXiv (Daria Sorokina et al., Cornell University, 6th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDB'06), 2006) PDF

PLOS Blogs Network (Public Library of Science)
PLoS ONE (Public Library of Science, San Francisco)
PLOS profits prompt revamp (Richard Van Noorden, Nature News & Comment, 19 Nov 2013)
Popular Science
Popular-Science (Popular-Science.net)
PoS - Proceedings of Science (SISSA/ISAS, Trieste)
The Power of the Blog (David Secko, The Scientist 19:15:37, 1 Aug 2005)
PRAXIS An Email News Digest Devoted to the Applications of Science (ScienceWeek)
Problem Solving with Smithsonian Experts (Smithsonian Institution)
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online
PrePRINT Alerts (PrePRINT Network)
PrePRINT Network (U.S. Department of Energy)
Preprint Servers and Databases (University of Virginia Library)
Project Millennium: Origins (Chicago)
Prometheus: The Science Policy Weblog (Roger Pielke Jr., Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journals (White Paper, Council of Science Editors, Reston, Virginia)
psci-com: A Gateway to the Public Understanding of Science (UK)
PSI Technical Papers (Perfectly Scientific, Inc.)
PsiVid: A cross section of science on the cyberscreen (Carin Bondar, Scientific American Blog Network)
Public Library of Science (PLoS)
-- PLoS Blog
The Public Library of Science (Helen J. Doyle, C&RL News 65:3, Mar 2004)
Public Praises Science; Scientists Fault Public, Media (Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 9 Jul 2009) PDF
-- Overview
-- Scientific achievements less prominent than a decade ago (EurkAlert, 9 Jul 2009)
-- Commentary (AAAS, 9 Jul 2009) PDF
Public Understanding of Science (Institute of Physics)
-- Introducing PubPeer.com (Guest Post, RealClimate, 25 May 2013)
Push for open access to research (Michael Geist, BBC News, 28 Feb 2007)

QCShow Author Lecture of the Week (AICS Research, Inc., University Park, New Mexico)
The Questionable Authority (blog by Mike Dunford, University of Hawaii, Manoa)
Questions and answers about opening up access to research results (Judy Redfearn, JISC)
Quirks & Quarks, with Bob McDonald (CBC Radio)
-- Blog
Radio Netherlands Science Home
Reading Into the Future (Richard Smith, The Scientist, 1 Apr 2012)
Reality Check (ed. Massimo Pigliucci et al.)
RedOrbit - Space, Science, Technology News & Information
(Red Nova, Tyler, Texas)
Reinventing Science Librarianship: Models for the Future (Proceedings from the ARL/CNI Fall Forum, Arlington, Virginia, 16-17 Oct 2008)
Representing and coding the knowledge embedded in texts of Health Science Web published articles (Carlos Henrique Marcondes et al. in Leslie Chan & Bob Martens, eds., ElPub - International Conference on Electronic Publishing (Vienna, 2007), pp. 33-42; E-LIS, 12 Jul 2007)
Research Blogging (Dave Unger)
-- What is: ResearchBlogging.org (Bora Zivkovic, The Network Central, Scientific American Blog Network, 19 Oct 2011)
Research Blogs and the Discussion of Scholarly Information (Hadas Shema et al., PLoS ONE 7(5):e35869, 11 May 2012)
ResearchChannel (University of Washington, Seattle)
Research Connect (Thomas O'Keefe et al., Boston)
ResearcherID.com: A Global Community Where Researchers Connect (Thomson Reuters)
Researchers' Forum (Office of Science and Technology, UK)
ResearchGATE Scientific Network (Science 2.0)
ResearchIndex (NEC Research Institute)
Research Information (ed. Tom Wilkie et al., Europa Science, UK)
Research Matters at Harvard University
Research Network
Research News at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Research Tool Access in the Age of the IP Society: Results from a Survey of Japanese Scientists: A Report by the Project on Science and Intellectual Property in the Public Interest (John P. Walsh & Hsin-I Huang, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007) PDF
Research Trends (Scopus)
Research-TV (University of Warwick, UK)
Respectful Insolence (Christopher Mims, New York)
Rethinking Peer Review: How the Internet is Changing Science Journals (Eric Cohen et al., The New Atlantis 13:106-10, Summer 2006)
The retraction war: Is science broken? (Aeon Magazine, Jill Neimark, 23 Dec 2014)
Retraction Watch | Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process (Ivan Oransky & Adam Marcus)
-- Why write a blog about retractions? (Ivan Oransky & Adam Marcus, Retraction Watch, 3 Aug 2010)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 14 Jun 2012)
-- Getting Science Right: Fraudulent Scientists (Katja Keuchenius, interview with Adam Marcus, United Academics Magazine, 2 Aug 2013)
The rise and rise of citation analysis
(Lokman I. Meho, E-LIS, 31 Dec 2006)
The Role of RSS in Science Publishing: Syndication and Annotation on the Web (Tony Hammond et al., D-Lib Magazine 10:12, Dec 2004)
The Royal Society (UK) -- journal archive
The Royal Society (UK) -- Video and audio library
Royal Society Open Science (Royal Society Publishing)
Royal Society tests new system of free access to papers
(Jon Boone, Financial Times, London, 20 Jun 2006)
SAIL-eprints Service Provider (Pisa)
Science & Technology Review (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
SciBASE (TheScientificWorld)
SciDev.net (Science and Development Network)

SciDev.Net Dossier on Communication of Science
ScieCom.org | Swedish Resource Center for Scientific Communication (Lund University)
-- ScieCom info
Science and Engineering Television Network (SETN)
The Science and Entertainment Exchange (US National Academy of Sciences)
-- Edutainment (post by Victoria Stern, The Scientist, 2 Sep 2009)
Science and the Media: A Web Column by Matthew Nisbet (CSICOP)
Science & Public Affairs (British Association for the Advancement of Science)
Science & Technology Committee Inquiry into Scientific Publications (ed. Jonathan B. Weitzman, Open Access Now)
Science & Technology | PBS
The Science Archive (OUP Journals, Oxford University Press)
Science@Cambridge: Science Portal for Cambridge Students (Cambridge University Library)
Science Blog
Science Blogging Aggregated
-- What is: ScienceBlogging.org (Bora Zivkovic, The Network Central, Scientific American Blog Network, 4 Aug 2011)
Science Blogs (New York)
Science Café (University of California, San Francisco)
Science Cafés (WGBH Science Unit/Sigma Xi)
Science Careers (Science)
The Science Channel (Discovery Communications)
Science Citation Index Database: Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
Science Commons (Creative Commons)
Science Community (MSN)
Science Conferences (AllConferences.net)
Science Conferences (OSTI Scientific and Technical Conference Proceedings Portal)
The Science Creative Quarterly (ed. David Ng, University of British Columbia)
Science Culture
ScienceDaily Magazine -- Science Newsgroups
ScienceDirect (Elsevier Science)

Science Dissemination using Open Access: A compendium of selected literature on Open Access (ed. E. Canessa & M. Zennaro, ICTP Science Dissemination Unit, Trieste, 2008)
Science Express
Science for People (ed. Scott C. Anderson)
Science Forum - Scientific Discussion and Debate (Phoenix)
Science Friday by ScienCentral (Ira Flatow)
Science Friction (Stephen Strauss, CBC News Viewpoint)
Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies (William Corliss)
Science in Africa, Africa's First On-Line Science Magazine
(ed. Janice Limson et al.)
Science in Public (Niall Byrne et al., Australia)
Science Journals (PubList.com)
The Science Library (Joe Kraus, University of Denver)
Science Library Pad
Science Lists: Science Related Mailing Lists and Newsletters
(R. Caleb Bloom)
Science Literature (The Exploratorium)
ScienceLive: A Weekly Chat on the Hottest Topics in Science (Science/AAAS)
Science Magazine (AAAS) $
-- Hot Papers, News Releases
-- The Press Officer's Guide to SCIENCE (EurekAlert!)
Science Matters (David Suzuki)
Science Media Centre (Royal Institution of Great Britain, London)
Science Media Centre (Wellington, New Zealand)
Science Media Centre of Canada (Ottawa)
Science Multimedia (Science/AAAS)
Science Musings (Chet Raymo)
Science Nation (US National Science Foundation)
ScienceNet (Virtual Science Centre, Singapore)
ScienceNet - Air Time - Science Programmes on TV, Radio and Satellite
ScienceNet - The Sound of Science

Science NetWatch
The Science Network (dir. Roger Bingham)
Science Next Wave: An Electronic Network for the Next Generation of Scientists (AAAS)
A Science Odyssey (PBS)
Science Online Seminars (AAAS)
-- About ScienceOpen (YouTube)
Science Research Portal (Deep Web Technologies, Los Alamos)
The Sciences (New York Academy of Sciences)
Science -- Science Collections: Essays
ScienceSeeker (Dave Unger)
-- What is: ScienceSeeker.org (Bora Zivkovic, The Network Central, Scientific American Blogs, 5 Oct 2011)
Science Shack (Adam Hart-Davis, BBC Online)
The Science Show, presented by Robyn Williams
(ABC Radio National, Australia)
Science Spectra - The International Magazine of Contemporary Science
ScienceStage.com (Berlin)
Science -- Subject Collections (AAAS)
Science Times
Science Tribune
Science 2.0
Science 2.0: Great New Tool, or Great Risk? (M. Mitchell Waldrop, Scholarship 2.0, 15 Mar 2008)
Science 2.0 -- Is Open Access Science the Future? (M. Mitchell Waldrop, Scientific American 298:5:68-73, May 2008)
Science -- Video Portal
Science Update: The Science Radio News Feature of the AAAS
Science Watch (Institute for Scientific Information)
Science Watch (Davie Thomas & Kim Johnson, New Mexicans for Science and Reason, KABQ 1350 AM, Albuquerque)
-- Podcast Archives
Science Watch (Schlumberger SEED)
ScienceWeek: A Weekly Email Digest of the News of Science
-- ScienceWeek Focus Reports
-- ScienceWeek Message Board
-- ScienceWeek SE (Student Edition)

ScienceWise Home
The Scientific Activist: Reporting from the Crossroads of Science and Politics (Nick Anthis, Oxford)
Scientific American
-- Current Issue
-- Past Issues
-- Scientific American Explore!
-- Scientific American: On the Web
-- SciAm Observations: A blog from the editors of Scientific American
Scientific American Book Club (The Library of Science)
Scientific American Digital $
Scientific American Explorations
Scientific American Frontiers, with Alan Alda (PBS)
-- TV Schedule
-- Video Archive
Scientific American Podcast (with Steve Mirsky)
Scientific Blogging (Institute Of Navigation, Fairfax, Virginia)
Scientific Commons | A Community for Scientific Information
Scientific Communication and the Dematerialization of Scholarship (Douglas Brown, Proquest-CSA Discovery Guides, Mar 2007)
The Scientific Communication Life-Cycle model
(Bo-Christer Björk, Helsinki)
Scientific Computing World
Scientific Journals International (Saint Cloud, Minnesota)

Scientific Publication: Policy on Open Access (European Research Advisory Board Final Report, Dec 2006) PDF
Scientific Publications: Free For All? (UK House of Commons - Science and Technology - Tenth Report, 20 Jul 2004)
-- PDF
Scientific publishing: A position statement by the Wellcome Trust in support of open access publishing (30 Sep 2003)
Scientific Reports (Nature)
Scientific Research: The Publication Dilemma (Victoria Shelton, Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, Spring 2005)
Scientific Review - Papers (SciRev.com)
Scientist Live: Articles and news stories for European Laboratory Scientists (Setform, London)
Scientists and Engineers for America (Mike Brown et al.)
Scientists may be reaching a peak in reading habits (Richard Van Noorden, Nature News & Comment, 3 Feb 2014, cor.)
Scientist to Scientist Online (AAAS)
Scientopia science blogging community
Scientopica: Community
SciLInk | Science Connected
SciKron: The Online Chronicle of the Sciences
Scintilla (Nature Publishing Group, London)
SciObs - The Sciencebase Blog
Scirus TopicPages (Elsevier Science)
SciScoop - Exploring Tomorrow
Scitable | Learn Science at Nature (Nature Publishing Group)
SciTalks (Sam Bogoch et al., New York)
Scitation (American Institute of Physics)
SciTech Daily Review
SciTechNet: Science and Technology Social Networking Services (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University, Ames)
Scitopia.org Search Portal (US)
SciTopics: Research summaries by experts
SciX Project Home (Scientific Information Exchange)
SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics)
Scopus Info (Elsevier, Amsterdam) $
-- SCImago Journal & Country Rank
The Scout Report for Science and Engineering
Searcher (Scirus)
Seed Magazine: Science is Culture
(ed. Adam Bly et al., Montreal)
Seizing the Moment: Scientists' Authorship Rights in the Digital Age
(Mark S. Frankel, AAAS, Jul 2002)
Semantic Publishing: the coming revolution in scientific journal publishing (David Shotton, Learned Publishing 22(2):85-94, Apr 2009) PDF
Sense About Science (dir. Tracey Brown, London)
The Shape of the Scientific Article in The Developing Cyberinfrastructure (Clifford Lynch, CTWatch Quarterly 3:3, Aug 2007)
The silences of science (Felicity Mellor et al., Centre for Co-Curricular Studies, Imperial College London)
Six things researchers need to know about open access (Peter Suber, SPARC Open Access Newsletter #94, 2 Feb 2006)
Smithsonian Magazine
Something Similar (Jeff Hodges)
Sorting Out Science (blog by Sam Wise)
SpaceTime TV (US)
SpaceWatch: Space Exploration on Internet TV
SPARC Open Access Newsletter and Discussion Forum
(Peter Suber)
SPARC | The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (ARL)

Special Topics (ISI Essential Science Indicators)
Spiked-Science (Spiked Online)
Spotlight on Science: A weekly electronic newsletter featuring Science at the Smithsonian (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)
Springer Link $
STARnet | NATO Science, Technology and Research Network
(NATO Research and Technology Agency)
The (sci-tech) Library Question (Randy Reichardt & Geoff Harder)
Strategic Alliance of Federal Science and Technology Libraries (Government of Canada)
Study on the economic and technical evolution of the scientific publication markets in Europe (Mathias DeWatripont et al., European Commission, Jan 2006) PDF
Study WEB: Magazines for Science
A Survey of STM Online Journals 1990-95 (Steve Hitchcock et al.)
Tagging Practices on Research Oriented Social Bookmarking Sites (Margaret E. I. Kipp, Canadian Association for Information Science, Montreal, 26 Apr 2007) PDF
Talking physics in the social Web (Martin Griffiths, Physics World, Jan 2007)
Talking physics in the Twittersphere (Brian Clegg, Physics World, 2 Mar 2010)
Talk of the Nation: Science Friday (Ira Flatow, NPR)
TalksPage: Worldwide Scientific Exchange Server
(Konstantin Kladko et al.)
Textpresso (Caltech)
13.7: Cosmos And Culture (NPR blog)
A threat to scientific communication (Zoe Corbyn, Times Higher Education, 13 Aug 2009)
3QuarksDaily (ed. S. Abbas Raza et al.)
Through the Lens - The Nature of Things
(Mike Evans et al., CBC TV A&E)
TLC - The Learning Channel (Discovery Online)
Tomorrow's Professor Listserv (Richard M. Reis)
Top five science blogs (Declan Butler, Nature, 5 Jul 2006)
Top publications - Google Scholar Metrics
Top 10 Science Publications - InfoJump
Towards Open Access Publishing in High Energy Physics: Report of the SCOAP3 Working Party (S. Bianco et al., CERN, Geneva, 19 Apr 2007) PDF
The Truth Tree, a Forum for Rational and Scientific Debate and Discussion (Bob Scott & Ron Savori)

TSN: The Science Network (incorporating CableScienceNetwork)
21st Century Science (UK)
21st Century Science & Technology (Washington, DC)
UBC Google Scholar Blog (Dean Giustini, University of British Columbia)
The UBC Popular Science Book Club (Rosemary Redfield)
Under the Microscope (Feminist Press)
Universe! An Educational Forum
Universities and Libraries Envision a 'Federated System' for Public Access to Research (Jennifer Howard, Wired Campus, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 7 Jun 2013)
Unscrewing The Inscrutable (Brent Rasmussen, Goodyear, Arizona)
Update Magazine (New York Academy of Sciences)
URMA | Magazines (University Research Magazine Association)
Using Web of Science for Citation Studies (Sharon Liegler & Brian Simboli, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
Vascoda - Discover Information (Germany)
The Vega Science Trust - Freeview Video On The Web (UK)
Verification of Citations: Fawlty Towers of Knowledge? (Malcolm Wright & J. S. Armstrong, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, University of South Australia, Jul 2007) PDF
Virtual Journals in Science and Technology (American Institute of Physics/American Physical Society)
The Virtual Technical Reports Center: EPrints, Preprints & Technical Reports on the Web (University of Maryland)
VIVO | enabling national networking of scientists (US)
viXra.org open e-Print archive (Marni Sheppeard et al.)
-- Fledgling site challenges arXiv server (Jon Cartwright, Physics World, 15 Jul 2009)
Walter Benjamin and Biz Stone: The Scientific Paper in the Age of Twitter (Gerald Weissmann, ed., The FASEB Journal 23 (7): 2015-18, Jul 2009)
Washington D.C. Principles for Free Access to Science
Weaving the Web of Science : HyperJournal and the impact of the Semantic Web on scientific publishing (Michele Barbera & Francesca Di Donato, E-LIS, 30 Oct 2006)
Web Access to Traditionally Published Journals
(Thomas J. Walker, University of Florida)
Web-Based Resources in Science and Technology Libraries
(Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, Winter 1998)
Weblogs: Their Use and Application in Science and Technology Libraries (Randy Reichardt & Geoffrey Harder, Science & Technology Libraries, 25(3):105-16, 5 Apr 2005) PDF
Web of Science (Institute for Scientific Information) $
Web of Science (review by Peter Jasco, Peter's Digital Reference, Jan 2007)
Web of Science Citation Indexes (review by Peter Jasco, Peter's Digital Reference Shelf, Aug 2004)
Web Science (Web Science Research Initiative, MIT/University of Southampton)
Web 2.0 in Science (Timo Hannay, CTWatch Quarterly 3:3, Aug 2007)
WGBH Forum Network - Science (WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston)
What are RSS Feeds? (UCSC Science & Engineering Library)
What is not available online is not worth reading? (Hamid R. Jamali, Webology 5(4), Art. 63, Dec 2008)
Why skeptics should pay close attention to Wikipedia (Tim Farley, Skeptical Software Tools, 8 Dec 2008)
Why you should ignore altmetrics and other bibliometric nightmares (David Colquhoun, DC's Improbable Science, 16 Jan 2014)
-- Altmetrics: A "bibliometric nightmare?" (Jason Priem, ImpactStory blog, 20 Jan 2014)
Wiley InterScience
Will Research Sharing Keep Pace with the Internet? (Richard K. Johnson, Journal of Neuroscience 26(37):9349-51, 18 Sep 2006)
Wired Science (PBS)
WISCI - Wisconsin Undergraduate Journal of Science
(University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Wonderfest Home World, A Festival of Science (San Francisco)
World & I Magazine
World Federation of Scientists (Lausanne, Switzerland)
World Science Festival (New York City)
World Scientific Publishing
-- WorldSciNet OPEN Access
WorldWideScience.org | The Global Science Gateway (OSTI)
World Wide Science: The Promise of e-Research Across the Disciplines (webcast with Denis Noble & Martin Kemp, Oxford Internet Institute, 31 May 2007)
Yahoo! Groups - Science
YES Mag, Canada's Science Magazine for Kids
(Dave Garrison & Shannon Hunt)
YourEncore - Accelerating Innovation Through Proven Experience (John Barnard et al., Indianapolis, Indiana)
Your Science Forum (ChatArea.com)
ZineZone: Sciences Zone

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Science Shopping (Mike May, In Situ, HMS Beagle 77, 28 Apr 2000)
Science Software on the Internet (Paul Heelis, Infochem)
Science Stuff: Affordable Science Supplies & Gifts...
Science Suppliers (Alan Cairns, SciEd)
Science Toys (Simon Quellen Field)
Science Universe Shopping Center (Science U)

Science Visualization Studio Images (NASA Goddard SFC)
Scientific American Bookstore
The Scientific Web (Stefan Steinhaus)
Scientopica: Marketplace
SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts Services, Columbus, Ohio $
SciQuest.com - The Internet Source for Scientific Products
SciShop : KS3 Science Resource Database
(Association for Science Education, UK)
SciStore.Com - Software, Computers, and Books
Search the best scientific and technical portals directly from your browser (Deep Web Technologies' Federated Search, Los Alamos)
SelectScience - The Consumer Guide for Scientists
SETI@Home Store (The Exploratorium)
SETI Institute Gift Shop
Shawn's Rocket Page
Shortwave Radio For the Listener (Dan Atkinson)
The Simtel.Net Windows 95 Collection (Keith Petersen)

The Sky in a Room (Giorgio Carboni, rev. Ed Vogel)
SkylineGlobe (Skyline Software Systems Inc., Chantilly, Virginia)
Skymaps.com (Kym Thalassoudis)
Society for Amateur Scientists
SoftSeek - Science Software
Software and Predictive Models (USGS Fort Collins Science Center)
Solarbotics - Your BEAM Robotics Resource (Dave Hrynkiw et al., Calgary)
Spacecraft Model Kits from Space Craft International (Dave Doody)
SpaceStation.com (Space Media, Inc.)
The Space Media Store
The Space Store (for NASA and Kennedy Space Center)
Spectral Calculator (GATS, Inc., Newport News, Virginia)
Spectrum Chemical Chemicals & Laboratory Products (Gardena, California)
SporeTM Video Game (Will Wright et al., Electronic Arts Inc., Redwood City, California, Sep 2008)
-- The Official SporeTM and SporeTM Creature Creator Site
-- Sporepedia
-- SporeWiki (Wikia)
SPSS Science
Standard Model of Fundamental Particles and Interactions
(Large Standard Model Chart)
StarFire Creations Unlimited (Patricia A. Kurtz)
Starship Modeler (John Lester & Rob Caswell)

StatCodes (Eric Feigelson)
Store of Knowledge - Home
Sundials (Tony Moss, Lindisfarne Sundials)
Sundials - The Spectra Sundial (Artisan Industrials)
Telescope-Accessories.net | Information Exchange for Land, Sea, & Sky Watchers (Olivon Scopes & Optics, Richmond, BC)
ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses
3D Glasses - American Paper Optics
Tinker's Guild (Shawn Carlson & Sheldon Greaves)
Transworldradio Gateway to Amateur Radio
Trend Robotics - Industrial Robot Parts, etc. (Columbus, Ohio)
Trilogames Homepage
The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (Brooklyn, New York)
Vector | The Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Books Database (Institute of Physics, Bristol)
Vancouver Museum Gift Shop (Vancouver, B.C.)
Victoria Natural History Society (Victoria, BC)
WeatherBug® (Automated Weather Source)
-- WeatherBug® Labs
The WebWinds Interactive Data System
World History Timeline: Scientific Timeline of Human Evolution, Culture and Knowledge (Tom Schoepen, NL) $
World Wind (Chris Maxwell et al., NASA Learning Technologies)
-- Introduction to World Wind (Dan Sanders, iFied.ca)
-- Introduction to World Wind (Dan Sanders, iFied.ca) PDF
World Wind Community Blog (World Wind Central)
World Wind Forums (NASA)
World Wind Hotspots (World Wind Central)
World Wind Wiki (World Wind Central)
Wow Wee! (Peter & Richard Yanofsky et al., Pawtucket, Rhode Island)
Yours, Mine & Hours: The National Watch & Clock Museum Shop
(NAWCC, Columbia, Pennsylvania)

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