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DESCRIPTION: The fourth of twelve pages on Man (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in the study of political science and economics. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in the social sciences in general (including anthropology and human evolution), the study of human culture and society (including traditions), the study of language and sociology (including population and demography), social and economic policy and development, the humanities, and education.

KEYWORDS: economics; economy; government; political science; politics; state

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  1. Social Sciences
    Social Science Education
    Human Evolution

  2. Human Culture and Society
    First Peoples
    Political Science
    Policy and Development

  3. Humanities

  4. Education
    Primary and Secondary Education
    Student Resources
    Teacher Resources
    Distance Learning & Homeschooling
    Special Education
    Higher Education
    Issues in Education
    Technology in Education
    Education and the Internet

Man Ideas Traces Values Paths Concepts Tools Space Visions


Human Culture and Society

First Peoples
Political Science and Philosophy
Policy and Development


Political Science and Philosophy

Academic Info: Government Documents (Mike Madin)
Academic Info: Political Science (Mike Madin)
AdmiNet - World - Governments
Allophilia: A Framework for Intergroup Leadership (Todd L. Pittinsky, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 23 May 2005)
Almanac of Policy Issues (US)
The Almanac of Politics and Government On-line
American Diplomacy: Foreign Service Despatches and Periodic Reports on United States Foreign Policy
American Political Development (Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia)
American Political Development Home Page
American President (Miller Center of Public Affiars, University of Virginia)
APSA Homepage (American Political Science Association)
Arab Political Systems: Baseline Information and Reforms (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation (Harvard Kennedy School)
Association for Politics and the Life Sciences
Association for the Study of Nationalities
(Columbia University, New York)
The Australia Institute (Australian National University, Canberra)
The Beginner's Guide to Nation-Building (James Dobbins et al., RAND Corporation, 12 Feb 2007)
Best Information on the Net - Political Science (O'Keefe Library)
The Bigger the Better? Evidence of the Effect of Government Size on Life Satisfaction around the World (Christian Bjornskov et al., Social Science Research Network, Oct 2005)
BLEWS: Using Blogs to Provide Context for News Articles (Michael Gamon et al., American Association for Artificial Intelligence, Apr 2008)
Blue Sky: New Ideas for the Obama Administration (Christopher Kutz, UC Berkeley)
BoondocksNet.com (ed. Jim Zwick)
British Columbia Political Studies Association
BUBL LINK: 320 Political science
BUBL LINK: 350 Public administration and military science

Canadian Policy Research Networks
Canadian Political Science Association - Electronic Resources
Canadian Political Science Association WWW Server
(Michael Howlett, SFU)
Canadian Politics (Michael Dartnell, York CISS)
CAPWIP, the Center for Asia Pacific Women In Politics (Quezon City, Philippines)
Cases & Materials on American Federalism, Online Edition
(Douglas G. Amber, Purdue University Calumet)
Center for Digital Government (Folsom, California)
The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
The Centre for the Study of Global Governance
(London School of Economics)
The Central Asia Caucacus Analyst (Central Asia-Cacacus Institute)
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments (CIA)
City Mayors: Running the World's Cities
(ed. Tann vom Hove et al., London)
Close Up Foundation Home Page
Congressional Resources from the RAND Corporation (Shirl Kennedy, Resource of the Week, ResourceShelf, 23 Feb 2009)
Constitution Finder (University of Richmond)
The Constitution Project (Virginia E. Sloan et al., Washington, DC)
Cosmopolitanism (Nigel Warburton, Aeon Magazine, 4 Mar 2013)
Death of the Father: An Anthropology of Ends in Political Authority
(John Borneman & Linda Fisher)
Democracy Now (Vaughan Lyon, Trent University)
Democratic Vistas (William Clyde DeVane Lectures, Yale University)
Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide (2005): A Longitudinal Assessment of Municipal Websites Throughout the World (Marc Holzer & Seang-Tae Kim, E-Governance Institute, Rutgers University, 2006) PDF
DigitalGovernment.org (NSF)
Digital Government Research Center (USC Information Sciences Institute)
Digital Librarian: Government
Digital Librarian: Politics
Documenting a Democracy - Australia's Story
(Commonwealth of Australia)
Eagleton Institute of Politics (Rutgers University, New Jersey)
Elections around the World (ed. Wilfried Derksen)

Electronic Resources for Political Scientists (Columbia U)
Enlarging the Societal Pie through Wise Legislation: A Psychological Perspective (Jonathan Baron et al., Perspectives on Psychological Science, 2006) PDF
Environmental Politics (Michael Dartnell, York CISS)
EPIN | European Policy Institutes Network
Ethics and Public Policy Center (Washington, D.C.)
Eurobarometer Interactive Search System
(EUROPA Public Opinion Analysis)
European Values Study (EVS at Tilburg University)
Evaluating Implementation of Web-Based Teaching in Political Science (G. David Garson, PS Online, Sep 1999)
The Evolutionary World Politics Homepage (George Modelski)
Fabian Society Online Archive (London School of Economics and Political Science)
FACSNET - Journalism Resources and Education
Footnotes to History (James L. Erwin)
FORA.tv - Videos Covering Today's Top Social, Political, and Tech Issues (Brian Gruber et al., San Francisco)
Foreign Policy (Daniel W. Drezner)
Foreign Policy In Focus | A Think Tank Without Walls (US)
Foreign Policy -- The Magazine of Global Politics, Economics, and Ideas
Foundations of Political Theory (Jacob T. Levy, APSA)
Geometry.net | Political Science
Global Power Barometer (PostGlobal, Washington Post)
GOL-IN | Government Online International Network
Government (NISS Directory of Networked Resources)
Government & Law (Argus Clearinghouse)
Government & Political Science Resources (Education Index)

Governmentbots (BotSpot)
-- Government Bots Search
Government Databases @ Internets
Government Documents at Yale
Government Information (USC Researchers Resources)
-- Gopher Resources
Government Information Resources
(Rutgers Research & Reference Gateway)
Government Innovators Network: A Portal for Democratic Governance and Innovation (Ash Institute, Harvard University)
Government, Law and Society (The English Server)
Government Resources on the Internet
(Cindy Pitchon & Genie Tyburski)
Governments on the WWW (Gunnar Anzinger)
GovSpot - The Government Information Portal of the Web (US)

Great Web Sites for Kids: Politics & Government
(American Library Association)
Guide to Political Research On-Line (Richard Jensen)
Guide to Political Resources on the Internet (S. D. Stein, ESS)
The Hannah Arendt Papers at the Library of Congress
Harry Potter and the Half-Crazed Bureaucracy (Benjamin Barton, Michigan Law Review 104, May 2006)
Harvard University Institute of Politics (John F. Kennedy School of Government)
History & Policy (Virginia Berridge et al.)
The History of Freedom (Jon Bennett)
Hoover Institution (Stanford University)
Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
(University of Minnesota)
The Institute for Policy Studies (Washington, D.C.)
Institute for Public Policy Research (UK)
Institute for Research on Public Policy (Montreal)
Institute of Governance Studies (Michael Howlett, SFU)
Institute of Islamic Political Thought (dir. Azzam Tamimi)
An International Architecture for the Post-Kyoto Era (Sheila M. Olmstead & Robert N. Stavins, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Mar 2006) PDF
International Political Data Page (Paul R. Hensel)
International Political Science Association (John Coakley)
International Research Network in European Political Communications (EuroPolCom)
Internet for Government (Heather Dawson, RDN)
Internet Headquarters for Student Governments
Internet Resources for Political Science and Public Administration Students
Inter-Parliamentary Union
The Intersection of Governance and Citizenship in Canada: Not Quite the Third Way (Susan D. Phillips, IRPP Policy Matters 7:4, Aug 2006)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Political Science
Is a Science of Politics Possible? (James W. Skillen, Global Spiral 10:5, 1 Sep 2009)
IssueLab (New Media for Nonprofits, Chicago)
-- Resource of the Week: A Hub for "Third Sector" Research (Shirl Kennedy, ResourceShelf, 2 Aug 2007)
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy
(Rice University, Houston)
The Jamestown Foundation (Washington, DC)
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum (Harvard University Institute of Politics)
The John F. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University)
Kids Web - Government

Kiosk: Journal of Geo-Politics (David Fowler)
Law and Policy Institutions Guide (Randy Roberts)
Left History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Historical Inquiry & Debate (York University)
Legislatures Around the World (C-SPAN)
The Liberal Republic (Richard Reeves & Philip Collins, Demos, London, 12 May 2009) PDF
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Government Topics
LinkMaster Search: GOVERNMENT
Links2Go: Political Science
LookSmart - Exploring Political Science
LTSN Subject Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics
(UK Learning and Teaching Support Network)
Lycos Government Guide
The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Metaphors of Governance (UIA)
Miller Center of Public Affairs (University of Virginia)
Myths and Realities of American Political Geography (Edward L. Glaeser & Bryce A. Ward, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Feb 2006) PDF
Narrow-Tent Democrats and Fringe Others: The Policy Views of Social Science Professors (Daniel B. Klein & Charlotta Stern, Swedish Institute for Social Research, 21 Oct 2005) PDF
National Governments of the World (University of Alberta)
National Pride in Cross-national and Temporal Perspective (Tom W. Smith & Seokho Kim, International Journal of Public Opinion Research 18:127-36, Spring 2006) PDF
Nations in Transit (Freedom House, Budapest)
NCPA - Idea House (US National Center for Policy Analysis)
Nelson Thomson Learning - Political Science Resource Centre
NIRA Policy Research Watch (National Institute for Research Advancement, Japan)
NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks (National Institute for Research Advancement, Japan)
Obama outlines science vision (Michael Banks, Physics World, 27 Apr 2009)
Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry
(Michael Dartnell, CISS, York University)

Open CRS Network - Congressional Research Reports for the People
(Center for Democracy & Technology)
Open Directory - Science: Social Sciences: Political Science
Paul Hensel's Home Page
Paying Taxes: The global picture (PriceWaterhouseCoopers/The World Bank, 7 Nov 2006) PDF
The PBS Democracy Project
Penn Library-Political Science
Pew Global Attitudes Project (Pew Research Center)
The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
PIPA | Program on International Policy Attitudes
(Washington, DC)
Policy.ca | A non-partisan resource for the public analysis of Canadian policy issues (George Hoberg et al., UBC)
Policy.com In the Tanks
Policy.com- Research: Issues Library
Policy Library (UK)
Policy Network (London)
Policy Options (Institute for Research on Public Policy, Montreal)
Policy Review (ed. Tod Lindberg, Hoover Institution, Stanford University)
Political Communication Lab (Stanford University)
Political Database of the Americas (Georgetown University, Washington, DC)
Political Institutions and the Development of Telecommunications (Veneta Andonova & Luis Diaz-Serrano, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Jan 2007) PDF
Political Resources on the Net (ed. Roberto Cicciomessere)
Political Science (Purely Academic...)
Political Science (UCSB InfoSurf)
Political Science Electronic Library (UWELib)
Political Science Indexes, Abstracts, Bibs, and TOCS
(Nancy Buchanan & Jennifer Atkinson, U Houston Libraries)
Political Science Internet Resources (J. Bannister, WCSU)
Political Science: A Net Station (Iza Laponce, UBC)

Political Science Resources (New School Libraries)
Political Science Resources (UF Libraries)
Political Science Resources on the Internet (VT)
Political Science Resources: Politics and Government around the World (Richard Kimber)
Political Studies Association (UK)
Political Theory (Michael Dartnell, York CISS)
Political Theory and Political Philosophy (LSU)
Political Theory Daily Review (Alfred Perez)
Political Theory on the Internet (John Roome)
Politicians of the World - Address Directory (Donald Vermithrax)
Politics & Government (Voice of the Shuttle)
Politics Databases @ Internets
The politics of devolution (The Open University)
Politics Research Group (JFK School of Government)
Polling 101: The basics of public opinion research
(Roper Center for Public Opinion Research)
Poly-Cy: Internet Resources for Political Science
(Robert D. Duval, West Virginia University)
PostGlobal: A Conversation on Global Issues with David Ignatius and Fareed Zakaria (Washington Post)
PRC E-Government Directory (People's Republic of China)
Progressive Geographies | Thinking about place and power (Stuart Elden)
Public Administration Resources (Education Index)
Public Agenda Online: Public Opinion and Public Policy
Public Opinion Pros: An Online Magazine for the Polling Professional [and Everybody Else] (ed. Lisa Ferraro Parmelee & John M. Bateson, LFP Editorial Enterprises, Storrs, Connecticut)
Public Opinion Research Reports (Government of Canada)

Race, Ethnicity and National Identity Resources
(Michael Dartnell, York CISS)
Reclaiming liberalism: Why liberalism must change to keep its ideals (Edmund Fawcett, Aeon Magazine, 30 Jun 2014)
The Reflection Cafe: A Platform for Thought and Humanity
(ed. Engin I. Erdem)
Research Central : Government / Politics (Amer Neely)
Research in Political Science (LSU)
Resource Central - Government
Resources for Political Science and International Relations
(Michael Gutierrez, University of Delaware)
The Rise of Netpolitik: How the Internet Is Changing International Politics and Diplomacy (David Bollier, Aspen Institute, 2003) PDF
The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
(University of Connecticut)
Rulers (B. Schemmel)
Scholars & Rogues (blog by Sam Smith et al.)
Search Government - Politics (Internet Sleuth)
Search Systems - Free Public Records Database Collection
SOSIG: Government and Public Administration
SOSIG: Politics
Study WEB: Government & Politics
A survey of codes of conduct in Australian and selected overseas parliaments (Deirdre McKeown, Parliament of Australia Library, 15 Jun 2006)
Teaching Political Science (APSA)
Teaching Politics: Techniques & Technologies (William J. Ball)
The Think Tank Index (James McGann, Foreign Policy, Jan/Feb 2009)
Think Tanks (Political Science Resources, University of Michigan Documents Center)
Think tanks (SourceWatch)
Think Tanks (University of Michigan Political Science Resources)
Think Tanks & Policy Centers (Lehman Social Sciences Library, Columbia University)
Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive (UVa Electronic Text Center)

Top Government Resources of the Web (John December)
Transitional Governance: From Bullets to Ballots (Beth Cole DeGrasse & Christina Caan, United States Institute of Peace, Jul 2006) PDF
UCB Political Science Information on the Internet
UChannel (Princeton University)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Political Science
United Nations - National Government Information
Venezuela: Hugo Chavez's Revolution (International Crisis Group, Brussels, 22 Feb 2007)
Votes for the future: How to listen to our future citizens (Thomas Wells, Aeon Magazine, 8 May 2014)
Voting Gaps in the 2004 Election (Symposium, PS: Political Science & Politics, American Political Science Association, Jul 2006)
W3C Virtual Library: Political Science
The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
The Web of Politics (Paul Gronke, Duke University))
What to Say about the State (Mathias Risse, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Feb 2006) PDF
WhiteHouseTapes.org (Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia)
Wired Source: Government
World Directory of Parliamentary Libraries
(Deutscher Bundestag Datenbanken)
World Policy Institute
World Political Leaders (Roberto Ortiz de Zárate)
World Public Opinion (PIPA)
World Values Survey (Ronald Inglehart et al.)
Yale Library: Political Science
Zeal.com - Government
Zeal.com - Humanities & Social Sciences - Political Science

See also Ideology and Political Belief and Policy and Development



What the Liberals [British Columbia "Liberals"] inherited is the largest budget surplus in years. [$1.498 billion for the fiscal year ending 31 Mar 2001] It takes a particular kind of talent to turn that into a $3.8-billion structural deficit.
Cristobal Young (from the Times Colonist of 19 Feb 2002)

The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the other way around.
Gaylord Nelson

Search only in Economics Business and Management

Absolute Income, Relative Income, and Happiness (Richard Ball & Kateryna Chernova, Social Science Research Network, May 2005)
Academic Info: Economics (Mike Madin)
Addressing global warming is an economic necessity (David Suzuki & Ian Hanington, Science Matters, 10 Jul 2014)
AgEcon Search: Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics (University of Minnesota)
Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links: Economy
The Alternative School (John Prothero)
American Economic Association
ArgMax.com - Economics News, Data, and Analysis
(John S. Irons, Washington, DC)
AuditNet Home Page (ed. Jim Kaplan)
The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel (Nobel Foundation)
The Baseline Scenario: What happened to the global economy and what we can do about it (blog, Simon Johnson & James Kwak)
The Becker-Posner Blog (Gary Becker & Richard Posner)
BERA: Business & Economics Research Advisor (Business Reference Services, Library of Congress)
Beyond the Dollar: Rethinking the International Monetary System (ed. Paola Subacchi & Joyn Driffil, Chatham House, London, 8 Mar 2010) PDF
Beyond Freakanomics: New Musings on the Economics of Everyday Life (Steven Levitt, webcast, Princeton University, 27 Sep 2006) ASX
Biz/ed (London)
BUBL LINK: 330 Economics
BUBL LINK: 338 Production
BusinessJournalism.org (Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism, Arizona State University)
Business 2.0: New Economy Portal

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education
Canadian Industry Statistics (Strategis)
CBC News Indepth: Economy (CBC News Online)
Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy
(Brian Czech et al., Arlington, Virginia)
Centre for Economic Performance (London)
The Center for Popular Economics | Economics for People, Not Profits
The Centre for Spatial Economics (Milton, Ontario)
CESifo Group Portal (Center for Economic Studies/Ifo Institute for Economic Research, University of Munich)
Citations in Economics (Jose Manuel Barrueco, University of Valencia, Spain)
Climate Indices for the Economy (National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, NC)
Coin & Conscience: Popular Views of Money, Credit and Speculation (Baker Library Historical Collections, Harvard Business School)
A Comparative Chronology of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day (Roy Davies & Glyn Davies)
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (ed. David R. Henderson, Library of Economics and Liberty)
The Conference Board (New York)
Conference Board of Canada
Current Finance and Economics (David Stern)
CyberEconomics: An Analysis of Unintended Consequences (Robert Schenk, Saint Joseph's College, Renssaelar, Indiana, 2011)
Dambisa Moyo
Data Sets and Data Resources (Xavier Sala-i-Martin)
Dialogues in Economics - A Postautistic Economics Forum
(Oxford University)
Didactic Web-Based Experiments in Game Theory
(Ariel Rubinstein & Eli Zvuluny)
Discussion Papers in Economic and Social History
(Tim Leunig, University of Oxford)
The Dismal Scientist: Economic Analysis and Data for the World
Dr. T's EconLinks.com: Your Sole Source for Economics Links
eco5.com | Research Platform for Finance and Economics
(European Business School)
EconData.Net: Your Guide to Regional Economic Data on the Web
EconLit (American Economic Association)
Econoclass: Resources for High School Economics Teachers
(Lori Alden)
EconEdLink (US National Council on Economic Education)

Economagic: Economic Time Series Page
Econometric Links (ed. Marius Ooms, The Econometrics Journal Online)
Economic and Game Theory Page (David K. Levine)
Economic Blog Links (National Association for Business Economics, Washington, DC)
Economic Census (US Census Bureau)
Economic Commission for Africa (United Nations, Addis Ababa)
The Economic Consequences of "Brain Drain" of the Best and Brightest: Microeconomic Evidence from Five Countries (John Gibson & David McKenzie, IZA Discussion Paper No. 5124, International Institute forthe Study of Labour, Bonn, Aug 2010) PDF
Economic Education Web: EcEdWeb
Economic Growth Center (Department of Economics, Yale University)
Economic Growth: Shared Beliefs, Shared Disappointments? (Ricardo Hausmann, JFK School of Government, Harvard University, 20 Jul 2006)
Economic History Services (EH.Net)
Economic Indicators (GPO Access, U.S. Government)
Economic Policy Institute (Washington, DC)
Economic Research Service (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Economics Resources on the Internet (S. D. Stein, ESS)
Economics (Internet University)
Economics (John S. Irons, About.com)
Economics (Joseph Wolfe, Suite 101)
Economics (NISS Directory of Networked Resources)
Economics (Purely Academic...)
Economics (Social Studies School Service)

EconomicsAmerica Online
The Economics Classroom: A Workshop for Grade 9-12 Teachers
(Annenberg/CPB Project)
Economics Education (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Economics Electronic Library (UWELib)
Economics for Tomorrow (Michigan Council on Economic Education)
Economics International (US National Council on Economic Education)
Economics Internet Resources (J. Bannister, WCSU)
Economics Network (Higher Education Academy, York, UK)
Economic Sociology Resources (American Sociological Association)
The Economic Sphere (Adolfo Garcia de la Sienra, Global Spiral 10:5, 1 Sep 2009)
Economics Research Network (Social Science Research Network)
Economics Resources (Education Index)
Economics Resources on the Internet (New School Libraries)
Economic Statistics for Europe and North America
(UN Economic Commission for Europe)
Economics Working Papers in Oxford (Department of Economics, University of Oxford)
Economic Theory and Historical Interpretation (Mary McKinney Schweitzer)
The Economist

Economists Online (NEEO Project, EU)
Economist's View (Mark Thoma)
Economists with Web Pages (John S. Irons)
Econophysics (University of Fribourg Physics)
EconPapers (RePEc)
EconStats : Economic Data, GDP, Inflation, etc.
EconWeb Online Economics Texts
EDIRC - Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (Christian Zimmermann)
EH.Net Encyclopedia (Economic History Services)
Elements of Evolutionary Economics (Esben Sloth Andersen)
Employment Trends (EMP/TRENDS, ILO Economic and Labour Market Analysis)
Encyclopedia of Law & Economics
(ed. Boudewijn Bouckaert & Gerrit De Geest)
Entrepreneurship Research Portal (Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, Missouri)
Environmental Economics: Basic Concepts and Debates (Ethan Goffman, Proquest-CSA Discovery Guides, Apr 2007)
E.S. Andersen's Web Site (Esben Sloth Andersen)
ESA on Evolutionary Economics (Esben Sloth Andersen)
ESA on Schumpeter's Evolution (Esben Sloth Andersen)
ESE | Economics Search Engine (RFE)
ESRC : Economic and Social Research Council (UK)
ESRC Society Today (Economic & Social Research Council, UK)
Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text
(Roger A. McCain)
EurLIFE: Quality of Life in Europe (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions)
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound)
Everything You Need to Know About Thomas Piketty vs. The Financial Times (Neil Irwin, TheUpshot, New York Times, 30 May 2014)
50 Free Ivy-League Lectures on the Economy (ed. Shirl Kennedy, ResourceShelf Resource of the Week, 5 Oct 2009)
Financial Crisis for Beginners (Simon Johnson & James Kwak, The Baseline Scenario)
The Financial Crisis Timeline (Shirl Kennedy, Resource of the Week, ResourceShelf, 2 Mar 2009)
Financial Crisis 2009: The Causes and the Results (Chris Marks et al., New York)
Financial Bubbles - Historical Returns (Harvard Business School)
Financial Engineering News
Finfacts Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2001
Flow of Ideas (Ruth & Glenn Rikowski)
Foundation of Teaching Economics (William J. Hume et al.)
The Foundation on Economic Trends (Jeremy Rifkin et al.)
FRASER - Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research
(St. Louis Fed)
FRED - Federal Reserve Economic Data (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
From Domesticity to Modernity: What was Home Economics?
(Eileen Keating et al., Cornell University)

Game Theory (Ariel Rubinstein, Tel Aviv University)
Geniusfind Economy and Business
Geometry.net | Economics
Global Economic Crisis, Guide to the (Robert J. Tiess, Middleton Thrall Library)
Global Economic Outlook 2007: Is a crisis imminent or are things better than we thought? (Deloitte Research, Hermitage, Tennessee, Sep 2006) PDF
Global Wealth Report 2014 (Anthony Shorrocks et al., Credit Suisse Research Institute, Oct 2014) PDF
A Glossary of Political Economy Terms (Paul M. Johnson)
The good consumer: Higher consumption is the key to a fair society (Florian Schui, Aeon Magazine, 21 Jul 2014)
A good social Darwinism: How evolution can reform economics (David Sloan Wilson, Aeon Magazine, 4 Jul 2013)
Government Failure vs. Market Failure: Microeconomics Policy Research and Government Performance (Clifford Winston, AEI-Brookings Joint Center, Washington, DC, Sep 2006) PDF
Grasping Reality with Both Hands (The Semi-Daily Journal of Economist J. Bradford DeLong, UC Berkeley)
Guide: Using Blogs in Economics (Paul Ayres & Bahgesh Sachania, Economics Network, Jan 2007)
HEARTH | Home Economics Archive: Research, Tradition and History (Cornell University)
The History of Economics Society
History of Economic Thought (Econ 3LL3, McMaster U)
The History of Money (Ellen Terrell, Business Reference Services, Library of Congress, Apr 2006)
Human Capital and Wages in Exporting Firms (Jakob Roland Munch & Jan Rose Skaksen, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Oct 2006) PDF
IDEAS - Internet Documents in Economics Access Service
(Christian Zimmermann, RePEc)
I Dissent: Unconventional Economic Wisdom (a monthly series of commentaries by Joseph E. Stiglitz, Project Syndicate)
IES (International Economic Statistics) Database (Liber8)
An Initial Estimate of the Cost of Lost Climate Regulation Services Due to Changes in the Arctic Cryosphere (Eban Goodstein et al., Pew Environment Group, 5 Feb 2010)
Insights on the Canadian Economy: National and Regional Trends in Business Bankruptcies, 1980 to 2005 (Cindy Lecavalier, Statistics Canada, 12 Oct 2006)
Institute for the Economy and the Future (Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina)
Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)
International Association of Labour History Institutions IALHI
International Political Economy (Michael Dartnell, York CISS)
Internet Connections | Economics (McREL)
Internet Economist (Libby Miller & Martin Poulter, Intute)
Internet Resources: International Finance & Banking
(CUL Lehman Library)

Internet Resources: International Political Economy
(CUL Lehman Library)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Economics
Is the United States Bankrupt? (Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review 88(4):235-49, Jul-Aug 2006) PDF
Joseph Stiglitz (Joseph E. Stiglitz, Columbia University)
The Journal of Economic Perspectives (American Economic Association)
Junior Achievement Inc.
Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM, International Labour Organization, Geneva)
KOF Index of Globalization (KOF Swiss Economic Institute, Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich)
Labor & Economics (J. Todd Chas)
Law and Economics Resources (FindLaw)
Left, Right & Center: Liberals, Conservatives & Libertarians (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 7 Jul 2009)
The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College (Blithewood, New York)
Liber8 (The Research Library of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
The Library of Economics and Liberty (Liberty Fund, Indianapolis)
Links2Go: Economics
Living within Limits & Limits on Living: Garrett Hardin on Ecology, Economy, and Ethics (Interview by Frank Miele, eSkeptic 29 Sep 2010)
LookSmart - Exploring Economics & Business
LTSN Subject Centre for Economics
(UK Learning and Teaching Support Network)
Ludwig von Mises Institute (Lew Rockwell et al., Auburn, Alabama)
METAL - Mathematics for Economics: enhancing Teaching and Learning (Rebecca Taylor et al., University of Nottingham)
Milton Friedman: A Finding Aid (Ellen Terrell & Angela Wilson, Business Reference Services, Library of Congress, Dec 2006)
Morgan Stanley Global Economic Forum $
The Myth of Income Inequality (Michael Shermer, Skeptic, Scientific American 311:1:86, Jul 2014)
NABE Links to Economic Information (National Association for Business Economics, Washington, DC)
NABE Links to Think Tanks and Economic Research Organizations
National Bureau of Economic Research (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
National Council on Economic Education (US)
Nationality and Multinationals in Historical Perspective (Geoffrey G. Jones, Harvard Business School, 2005) PDF
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (Canada)
NEP: New Economics Papers (SUNY Oswego)
Nereus | Networked Economics Resources for European Scholars
NetEc Homepage
New Economics Foundation (London)
On Balance: A Forum for the Academic Accounting Community

On the Origins of Money (Carl Menger, tr. C. A. Foley, Economic Journal 2:239-55, 1892)
Open Budget Index of the International Budget Project (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Washington, DC)
Open Directory - Science: Social Sciences: Economics
Open Source Ecology (Marcin Jakubowski et al.)
-- OSE Europe
The other half: To end inequality we must understand poverty (Claire Melamed, Magazine, 24 Sep 2014)
Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Public Policy Studies (Rockville, Maryland)
Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics
(Washington, DC)
-- Hot Topics in International Economics
The Political Economy of Capitalism (Bruce R. Scott, Harvard Business School, 19 Dec 2006) PDF
Post-Autistic Economics (Nathan J. Nunn)
Post-Autistic Economics Network (Cambridge University)
The Progressive Economics Forum (Marc Lee et al., Canada)
Redefining Progress (Oakland, California)
RePEc (Research Papers in Economics)
Research Guides | Baker Library (Harvard Business School)
Resources for Economics (Pauly Iheanacho, University of Delaware)
Resources on the Internet for Business Journalists
(Ira Chinoy & Philip Merrill, University of Maryland)
RFE: Resources for Economists on the Internet (ed. Bill Goffe)
Return of the oppressed: The history of inequality (Peter Turchin, Aeon Magazine, 7 Feb 2013)
The Rising Burden of Government Debt (Eswar Prasad & Mengjie Ding, Brookings Institution, 1 Nov 2010)
-- Comparing the burden of public debt (Emily Cadman & Steve Bernard, Financial Times, 1 Nov 2010)
-- Rich nations face increased debt burden (Alan Beattie, Financial Times, 31 Oct 2010)
Royal Economic Society Home Page (UK)
Schools of Thought (New School for Social Research, New York)
The Scout Report for Business & Economics
Scout Select Bookmarks -- Business and Economics
Search Social Sciences - Economics (Internet Sleuth)
Selected Internet Resources: Economics (BARD)
SIEPR (Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research)
Social Capital Gateway - Resources for the Study of Social Capital (ed. Fabio Sabatini, La Sapienza, Rome)
Social Market Foundation (dir. Ann Rossiter, London)
SOSIG: Economics
Subprime lending crisis (Financial Times)
The subprime mortgage crisis: Where are we headed? (editorial by Carl Steidtmann, Deloitte & Touche Investment Advisors LLC Economic & Market Review, 17 Aug 2007) PDF
Subprime Mortgage Financial Crisis (Google News)
Supply-Side University (Judy Wanniski)
Sustainable Economics (dir. Greg Buck, Campaign for Sustainable Economices, Indianapolis, Indiana)

Technical Reports and Working Papers in Business and Economics
(Business Reference Services, US Library of Congress)
Theoretical Economics and the State of Scholarly Publishing in Economics (Martin J. Osborne, ARL Membership Meeting, Oct 2006) PDF
Thomas Piketty (EconomicsBlog, The Guardian, 2 May 2014)
-- Piketty's Capital: Economist's Inequality Ideas Are All the Rage (Megan McArdle, Bloomberg Businessweek, 29 May 2014)
Thomas Piketty (The Guardian)
Thomas Piketty (Huffington Post)
Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics)
-- Thomas Piketty: A Lot Of My Critics Haven't Even Read The Book (Alexander C. Kaufman, Huffington Post, 6 Jun 2014)
Thomas Piketty (Salon.com)
A Thousand Years of Work and Money (Christian Science Monitor)
Toward a Stronger Economy (Paul Higgins, ClimatePolicy, 21 Jun 2007)
Tracking Major Economic Indicators on the World Wide Web
Truth and consequences of offshoring (L. Josh Bivens, Economic Policy Institute Briefing Paper #155, 2 Aug 2005)
2007 Subprime mortgage financial crisis (Wikipedia)
UCB Economics Collections
Union Institute Research Engine -- Economics
US, China and the Economics of Climate Negotiations (Carlo Carraro & Barbara Buchner, University of Venice, 12 Nov 2006)
US Society for Ecological Economics

Virtual Learning Arcade Home Page (Biz/ed, London)
Virtual Library: Business and Economics (WWW-VL)
Visualizing Economics (blog, Catherine Mulbrandon)
VoxEU: Research-based policy analysis and commentary from Europe's leading economists (Centre for Economic Policy Research, London)
Wages, Productivity, and Aging (Benoit Dostie, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Dec 2006) PDF
Wall Street Journal Blogs (The Wall Street Journal, Princeton, New Jersey)
Web Browser for OECD.Stat (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris)
-- Resource of the Week: A Convenient Way to Browse OECD Statistics (Stuart Basefsky, ResourceShelf, 25 Jan 2007)
-- User Guide PDF
WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics (Lauri Saarinen)
The Wharton Ethics Program (dir. Thomas Donaldson)
What Is Financial Engineering? (Financial Engineering News)
Why Don't We Tax the Rich? Inequality, Legislative Malapportionment, and Personal Income Taxation around the World (Martin Ardanaz & Carlos Scartascini, Inter-American Development Bank, 30 Nov 2011) PDF
Winners of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
(The Nobel Prize Internet Archive)
The World Distribution of Household Wealth (James B. Davies et al., World Institute for Development Economics Research, 5 Dec 2006) PDF
World Economic Situation and Prospects
(UN World Economic and Social Survey)
Xavier Sala-i-Martin's Home Page
Zeal.com - Humanities & Social Sciences - Economics

See also Global Trade Policy and Economic Security and Policy and Development, below.

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