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The Way of the Spirit

DESCRIPTION: The eleventh of fifteen pages on Values (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is one of seven comprising a list of links to on-line resources related to issues of law and public security, civil and global (including law and justice, crime and criminal justice, corporate crime and accountability, civil peace and security, global peace and security, international law, global trade policy and economic security, space policy and security, and intelligence and security). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources related to the development of human rights and responsibilities (including civil rights, ideology and political belief, and social justice), women's resources, and to resources on private security (including freedom of expression and access, censorship and free speech, copyright and intellectual property, public access and private security, hackers and hacktivism, and noise, i.e., net abuse, junk mail, and spam).

KEYWORDS: authority; international conventions; international criminal court; international justice; international law; international treaties; economic justice; free trade; global business; global economics; global economic security; globalisation; globalization; global trade; international business; international economics; international finance; international investment; international trade; trade; trade expansion; trade liberalisation; trade policy; world economy; world hunger; world poverty; world trade

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  1. Human Rights and Responsibilities
    Disability Resources
    Ideology and Political Belief
    Social Justice: Freedom and Security

  2. Hera: Women and Woman
    Mnemosyne: Women and Learning
    Athena: Women in Science and Technology
    Pronoia: Women in Computing
    Arachne: Women and the Internet

  3. Public Security
    Law and Justice
    Crime and Criminal Justice
    Corporate Crime and Accountability
    Civil Peace and Security
    Global Peace and Security
    International Law
    Global Trade Policy and Economic Security
    Space Policy and Security
    Intelligence and Security

  4. Freedom of Expression and Access
    Censorship and Free Speech
    Copyright and Intellectual Property
    Public Access and Private Security
    Hackers and Hacktivism
    Noise (Net Abuse, Junk Mail, and Spam)

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Public Security

Law and Justice
Crime and Criminal Justice
Corporate Crime and Accountability
Civil Peace and Security
Global Peace and Security
International Law and Justice
Global Trade Policy and Economic Security
Space Policy and Security
Intelligence and Security


International Law and Justice

What is strangest of all is how one is blind in the face of events, how no one has a clue to the real balance of power.
Victor Klemperer (from his diary, Dresden, 21 February 1933)

For social and economic justice, see Social Justice: Freedom and Security, Human Rights and Responsibilities, and Social & Economic Policy and Development. For war crimes, see War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

American Society of International Law (Washington, DC)
American Society of International Law's Wildlife Interest Group
AMICC American NGO Coalition for the ICC (Yahoo! Groups)
Archives of the Security Services of Former Repressive Regimes
(Antonio Gonzalez Quintana, UNESCO)
ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law
(American Society of International Law)
Audiovisual Library of International Law (UN Office of Legal Affairs)
Benjamin B. Ferencz: Writings and Lectures on the International Criminal Court & World Peace
Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law
(David Weissbrodt & Marci Hoffman, UMN Human Rights Library)
Bonn Convention-L (American Society of International Law Wildlife Interest Group Discussion)
Campaign for the Establishment of the International Criminal Court
Canada and the International Criminal Court
Center for Human Rights and Global Justice
(NYU School of Law)
Citizen Submissions on Enforcement
(NA Commission for Environmental Cooperation)
Coalition for the International Criminal Court | Home

CMS - Convention on Migratory Species
(UN Environment Programme)
Convention on Biological Diversity, CBD
CopNet.org - International Law Enforcement
Corruption - A Selected and Annotated Bibliography
(Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation)
Council of Europe - Draft Convention on Cyber-crime
(Draft No. 19, Strasbourg, 25 Apr 2000)
Council on Global Issues
Curia - The Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance of the European Communities
Database of Cooperative Law (International Labour Organization, Geneva)
ECOLEX: A Gateway to Environmental Law (UNEP/IUCN)
EISIL - Electronic Information System for International Law
(American Society of International Law)
Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators Service (ENTRI)
Establishing a System of International Justice to End Impunity
(Amnesty International)
EUR-Lex: Access to European Union Law (Europa)
European Court of Human Rights
European Environmental Law Homepage
(ed. Wybe Th. Douma & Jurgen G. J. Lefevere)
European Judicial Network (European Commission)
Europol (European Police Office)
Fletcher-Ginn International Law (Tufts University)
Fletcher-Ginn Multilaterals Project

Foreign Affairs Online (Robert J. Beck)
Foreign and International Law Resources on the Internet
(Jean M. Wenger, Cornell Law Library)
Foreign Policy In Focus: Internet Gateway to Foreign Policy
Foreign, Transnational & International Law Resources (Daniel Wade et al., Lillian Goldman Library, Yale University)
Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD)
GBOPS - Global Bibliography of Prison Systems
(Philip L. Reichel, UN Crime and Justice Information Network)
Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (Diplomatic Conference for the Establishment of International Conventions for the Protection of Victims of War, 12 August 1949)
Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (Geneva, 12 Aug 1949)
Geneva Convention, Protocol I Additional to the, 1977
The Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949. Commentary (ed. Jean S. Pictet et al., 4v, International Committee of the Red Cross, 1952-59; Library of Congress, 11 Jun 2007)
GlobalIssues.org | International Criminal Court
Global Justice Information Network (Global) Home Page (IIR)
Global Legal Information Network (GLIN, U.S. Library of Congress)
Global Legal Monitor (Law Library of Congress)
GlobalLex: International, Comparative and Foreign Law Research
(ed. Mirela Roznovschi, Hauser Global Law School Program)
Global Policy Forum - International Justice
Global Privacy Enforcement Network: An International Network to Foster Cross-Border Co-operation (GPEN)
HELCOM - Helsinki Commission
The Ilulissat Declaration (Arctic Ocean Conference, Ilulissat, Greenland, 27-29 May 2008) PDF
Independent Student Coalition for the International Criminal Court
Injustice Studies Home Page
International & Foreign Animal Law Research Guide (Georgetown Law Library)
International and National Security Law News

International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy
International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty
International Commission of Jurists
International Constitutional Law (ICL, B. Horstmann et al.)
-- Country Index
International Court of Justice (Cornell Law Library International Resources)
International Court of Justice, The Hague (The World Court)
-- US Mirror (Cornell Law Library)
-- ICJ News
International Criminal Court
The International Criminal Court (Amnesty International)
International Criminal Court (Amnesty International UK)
International Criminal Court (Council of Europe)
The International Criminal Court (Council of the European Union)
International Criminal Court (Women's Caucus for Gender Justice)
International Criminal Court (World Federalist Association)
International Criminal Court - Call to Action (LCHR)
The International Criminal Court Monitor Online
(Coalition for the International Court)

International Criminal Court: Resources in Print and Electronic Format
(Lyonette Louis-Jacques)
International Criminal Court, Rome Statute of the
International Criminal Justice (New England School of Law)
International Criminal Justice Online (OICJ)
International Criminal Law (Diane Marie Amann)
International Criminal Law (Massimo Magagni)
International Criminal Tribunals
International Digest of Health Legislation (WHO)
International Humanitarian Law - Treaties & Documents (International Committee of the Red Cross)
-- Customary IHL (International Humanities Law) Database (International Committee of the Red Cross)
-- National Implementation Database
International Justice Watch Discussion List
International Justice and the International Criminal Court
(Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC)
International Law and Secret Surveillance: Binding Restrictions Upon State Monitoring of Telephone and Internet Activity (Sarah St. Vincent, Center for Democracy & Technology, 4 Sep 2014) PDF
International Law (UN)
International Law Commission (UN)
International Law Treaties and Conventions (Mario Profaca)
International Observatory of Labour Law (ILO, Geneva)
International Space Law (UN Office for Outer Space Affairs)
International War Crimes and Violations of the Rule of Law
(Third World Traveler)
International Water Law Project (Gabriel Eckstein)

Internet Corruption Ranking - Home Page
Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization)
Introduction to Public International Law Research (Vicenç Feliú, GlobaLex, May-Jun 2008)
IPS - International Criminal Court
The Jean Monnet Program (NYU School of Law)
Journalist's Guide to the International Criminal Court
(Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society)
Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy
JuriGlobe - World Legal Systems Research Group (Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa)
LCHR | International Justice Program
(Lawyers Committee for Human Rights)
Legal500.com | The International Centre for Commercial Law
Lex Mercatoria
Making the Treaty Work: International Criminal Court Ratification Campaign (Human Rights Watch)
Map of disputes between WTO Members (World Trade Organization)
Max Planck Institute for International Law - Homepage
Megalawyering in the Global Order: The Cultural, Social and Economic Transformation of Global Legal Practice (John Flood, International Journal of the Legal Profession 3(1-2):196-214, 1996)
Multilaterals Project (Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy)
Multinational Collections Database (U.S. Library of Congress)
Nations of the World (Law Library of Congress)
No Peace Without Justice

OceanLaw.org (Rule of Law Committee for the Oceans)
Oceans and Law of the Sea (United Nations, New York)
Office of International Criminal Justice (U.S. Department of State)
Paul Hensel's International Law Page
Preparatory Commission for the International Criminal Court
The Princeton Principles on Universal Jurisdiction (ed. Stephen Macedo, Princeton Project on Universal Jurisdiction, 2001) PDF
The Project Against the Present Danger (International Relations Center, Silver City, New Mexico)
The Project on International Courts and Tribunals
Redress - Seeking Reparation for Torture Survivors
Refugee Case Law Site (University of Michigan)
Research Guide on International Health Law
(Chenglin Liu, GlobaLex, Aug 2006)
The Responsibility to Protect: Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (Dec 2001) PDF
Rome ICC Conference Home Page (June-July 1998)
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (UN)
Rule of Law Online (U.S. National Institute of Justice)
Search Government - Law - International (Internet Sleuth)
SOSIG: International Law
Terrorism Legislation Database: Electronic Legal Resources on International Terrorism (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Terrorism Prevention Branch)
T.M.C. Asser Institute
'To Boldly Go Where No One Has (Arbitrated) Before': The Star Trek Mythos as an Heuristic Paradigm for Jurisdictional and Arbitration Issues (Antonin I. Pribetic, Social Science Research Network, 28 Jan 2007)
Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (Aaron T. Wolf)
Trans-Lex.org Law Research
Transnational and Comparative Family Law: Harmonization and Implementation (Marylin Johnson Raisch, GlobaLex, NYU School of Law, Jan 2007)

UNICRI - United Nations Interregional Crime & Justice Research Institute
UNCITRAL - UN Commission on International Trade Law
United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime
(Dec 2000)
United Nations Crime and Justice International Network
The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
(UN Oceans and Law of the Sea)
United Nations Resources (Darin Fox, USC Law Library)
United Nations Treaty Collection Web Site
USA for the International Criminal Court - USAforICC.org
U.S. Proposals to Undermine the International Criminal Court Through a U.N. Security Council Resolution (Human Rights Watch Statement, June 25, 2002)
Venice Commission (European Commission for Democracy through Law)
Washington Working Group on the International Criminal Court
World Constitutions Gopher (Wiretap)
World Court Digest
The World Court of Justice: The Alternative to Wars, Terrorism and Politics (Shams Ali)
World Justice Information Network (Rule of Law Foundation)
World Law Bulletin, Law Library of Congress
(FAS Project on Government Secrecy)
World Law Links (Australasian Legal Information Institute)
The World Reports (Lex Mundi)

See also Corporate Crime and Accountability, Law and Justice, The Struggle to Ban Land Mines, and War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity


Global Trade Policy and Economic Security

Ideas, knowledge, art, hospitality, travel -- these are the things which should of their nature be international. But let goods be homespun whenever it is reasonably and conveniently possible; and, above all, let finance be primarily national.
John Maynard Keynes

For social and economic policy and development, see Social and Economic Policy and Development; for social and economic justice, see Social and Economic Justice: Freedom and Security and Human Rights and Responsibilities; for corporate corruption and issues of corporate governance, see Corporate Crime and Accountability.

An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security (Peter Schwartz & Doug Randall, Global Business Network, Oct 2003)
ACCION International (Boston, Massachusetts)
After Sept. 11: Essays on Globalization (Barry Eichengreen et al., SSRC, 2001)
An Agenda for Harnessing Globalization (Ashraf Ghani & Clare Lockhart, The Washington Quarterly 29:4:67-80, Autumn 2006) PDF
Agricultural Trade Preferences and the Developing Countries (John Wainio et al., USDA Economic Research Report, May 2005)
Aid for Trade: A report for the Commonweatlh Secretariat (Joseph E. Stiglitz & Andrew Charlton, Initiative For Policy Dialogue, Mar 2006) PDF
Alliance for Global Business (Global Information Infrastructure Commission)
Alliance for Responsible Trade
Alternatives for the Americas
AmericasCanada.org: The Cyber Hemisphere
APEC | Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
APEC Australia 2007 (Sydney, 2-9 Sep 2007)
APEC CEO Summit 2001, Shanghai, China
APEC China 2001 (People's Republic of China)
-- Host Mirror
APEC Chile 2004 (Santiago, Nov 2004)

APEC Report (The Importance of the Asia Pacific Region for Canada)
APEC Viet Nam 2006 (Hanoi, 12-19 Nov 2006)
ARIC - Asia Recovery Information Center
Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor (Transport Canada)
ASPO News (The Association for the Study of Peak Oil)
Assessment of the World Food Security Situation (FAO Committee on World Food Security, Rome, 23-26 May 2005)
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Australian Coalition for Economic Justice - ACEJ
Basic Info and Online Sources for NAFTA and CAFTA Research (Francisco A. Avalos & Maureen Garmon, GlobaLex, NYU School of Law, Oct 2006)
BBC News | Battle for Free Trade
BC Lumber Trade Council
Beyond Cost Reduction: The Risks and Rewards of Global Services Sourcing (Hitendra Wadhwa et al., Center for International Business Education and Research, Columbia University, 27 Jun 2005) PDF
The Bilderberg group (Mark Oliver, Guardian Unlimited, 4 Jun 2004)
Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory
(BBC News Online Magazine, 3 Jun 2004)
The Biodiversity Economics Library
BRIE | The Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy
(University of California at Berkeley)
CAFTA Analysis: Suppressed DOL-Commissioned Reports In Line With U.S. State Department and International Labor Organization Reports Noting Deficiences in CAFTA Labor Laws (released by U.S. Representative Sander Levin, 3 May 2005) PDF
Canada and the World Trade Organization (WTO) -- Trade Negotiations and Agreements (DFAIT)
Canada: A Macroeconomic Study of the United States' Most Important Trade Partner (Paul Sundell & Matthew Shane, USDA Economic Research Service, 15 Sep 2006) PDF
Canada-U.S. Lumber Trade Disputes (B.C. Ministry of Forests)
Canadian Alliance on Trade and Environment
The Canadian Ecumenical Jubilee Initiative
The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL)

Canadian International Trade Tribunal
Canadian Network on Environment and Security
CanadiansNanaimo (Paul Manly et al., Council of Canadians)
The Canadian Society for International Health
Can The Expansion Be Sustained? A Minskian View (L. Randall Wray, Jerome Levy Economics Institute Policy Notes, May 2000)
Can Extreme Poverty Be Eliminated? (Jeffrey D. Sachs, Scientific American 293:3:56-65, Sep 2005)
Carbon Currency - The Credits and Debits of Carbon Emission Trading
(Alastair Sarre, Australian Academy of Sciences)
The Carbon Trader
CARF - Uniting Against Globalisation (Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, UK)
Cato Institute Center for Trade Policy Studies
Cato Institute Project on Global Economic Liberty
CBC News Indepth: Bilderberg Group
(CBC News Online, 13 Jun 2006)
CBC News In Depth: G8 (CBC News)
CCAFT and David Orchard on NAFTA and MAI
CEC : Environment, Economy and Trade (North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation)
Center for International Business Education and Research
(Columbia University, New York)
Center for International Trade and Security
(Dmitriy Nikonov, U of Georgia)
Center of Studies on Economic Integration and International Trade (Buenos Aries & Miami)

Centre for Research on Globalisation (dir. Michel Chossudovsky)
CEPII | Centre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales
Chazen Institute : The Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business (Columbia University)
Child Poverty in Rich Nations, A League Table of
(UNICEF Innocenti Report Card 1, Jun 2000)
China and the Global Economy: Medium-term Issues and Options - A Synthesis Report (Ricardo Hausmann et al., JFK School of Government, Harvard University, 20 Jul 2006)
China's Trade with the United States and the World (Thomas Lum & Dick K. Nanto, CRS Report for Congress, 14 Mar 2006)
CIA: Handbook of International Economic Statistics
CIBC World Markets (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)
CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
Civil Economy and Civilized Economics: Essentials for Sustainable Development (Neva Goodwin, Global Development and Environment Institute, Jan 2001) PDF
The Coming Global Energy Crisis Home Page (iNet News Service)
The Coming Global Oil Crisis (iNet News Service)
Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy
(William Cran, PBS, Apr 2002)
Competition Bureau Home Page (Strategis)
Comprehensive Report on the Outcome of the World Summit for Social Development (United Nations) PDF
COMTRADE (UN Commodity Trade Statistics Database)
Consumers International

The Corporate Planet (Corporate Watch)
Could It Happen Again? Long-Term Growth as a Sequence of Exponential Modes (Robin Hanson)
The Council of Canadians
Country Data (Business.gov)
Country Insights (globalEDGE, Michigan State University)
Countryrisk.com | The Country Analysis Resource
(ed. Sam Wilkin, Oxford)
CSIS Globalization101.org - A Student's Guide to Globalization (Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC)
Curbing the Epidemic: Government and the Economics of Tobacco Control (World Bank, 1999)
The Current Financial Crisis (Center for Cooperative Research)
Debt Initiative for the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs) - Factsheet (International Monetary Fund)
Defence of Canadian Liberty Commitee - MAI
Defining and Quantifying Globalization (Michele Putko, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 15 Mar 2006) PDF
Development Forum (World Bank)
Development Forum: Globalization, Development and Poverty
The Development Group for Alternative Policies
Development of Surveillance Technology and Risk of Abuse of Economic Information: An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control (EuroParl Scientific and Technological Options Assessment)
DevNews - Development News (World Bank)

DFAIT - Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
(Government of Canada)
Directory of Transnational Corporations (George Draffan)
The Dismal Scientist: Economic Analysis and Data for the World
Dispute Settlement in the World Trade Organization: An Overview (Jeanne J. Grimmett et al., CRS Report for Congress, 16 Nov 2005, updated)
Does Globalization Help or Hurt the World's Poor? (Pranab Bardhan, Scientific American 294:4:84-91, Apr 2006)
Doha Development Agenda (World Trade Organization)
The Doha Round - No Help For America's Trade Deficit?
(Peter Morici, University of Maryland, Apr 2006)
Doing Business (World Bank Group, Washington, DC)
Earth Negotiations Bulletin (International Institute for Sustainable Development)
Economically Viable Alternative Green (EVAG) Home Page
Economic and Social Development (UN)
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Carribean (UN)
Economic Dimensions of Security in Central Asia
(Sergej Mahnovski, RAND Corporation, 2006)
Economic Freedom of the World (Cato Institute)
Economic Globalization (Jim Cook)
Economics International (US National Council on Economic Education)
EIU.com Economist Intelligence Unit (The Economist)
Eldis: The Gateway to Development Information

Engendering Development (PRR Draft, World Bank, May 2000)
Enterprise Development: Marketing and International Trade
Environment and Trade: A Handbook | IISDnet (UNEP)
Euro - One Currency for Europe (Europa)
Europa - External Trade
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
The Expert Panel on Canada's Role in International Science and Technology (Advisory Council on Science and Technology)
ExportSource.ca (Industry Canada)
Fairness, Export Subsidies, and the Fair Trade Movement (Malgorzata Kurjanska &Mathias Risse, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 23 Jun 2006)
Fairness in International Trade (Steven M. Suranovic, International Economic Study Center)
Fair Trade Concepts (Brentwood Bay, BC)
Fair Trade Resource Network (Washington, DC)
Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger: A World Without Hunger (FAO)
Fernand Braudel Center Home Page, Binghamton University
Finance & Development (IMF and World Bank)
Financial Crises in Emerging Markets (dir. Jeffrey Frankel, US National Bureau of Economic Research)
Financial Markets (Baker Library, Harvard Business School)
Financial Markets in a New Age of Oil (World Bank, MENA Economic Developments and Prospects 2006) PDF
Financial Warfare (Paul Bracken, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia, Sep 2007)
First Step on a Long Journey: Putting the G-8 Deal on Debt into Perspective (Debiyani Kar & Neil Watkins, Jubilee USA Network, Jun 2005) PDF
First United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty 1997-2006
Forum on Economic Freedom (Center for International Private Enterprise)

The Foundation on Economic Trends (Jeremy Rifkin et al.)
Free Trade Area of the Americas (IDB/OAS/ECLAC)
Free Trade Lumber Council (Canada)
The Free Trade of the Americas (FTAA) Process (SICE)
Free Trade - 10 Years Later (CBC)
From Marrakesh to Singapore: The WTO and Developing Countries (Magda Shahin, Third World Network)
The Future of the WTO (Sandra Polaski, Policy Outlook No. 28, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Sep 2006) PDF
GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) Digital Library: 1947-1994 (Stanford University)
G-DAE - Global Development and Environment Institute (Tufts University)
GDDS - General Data Dissemination System (IMF)
G8 Activist (Activist Network, Calgary)
G8 Bulletin (UofT G8 Research Group)
G8 Environment Ministers' Meeting 2002 (Banff, 12-14 Apr 2002)
G8 - Evian Summit 2003
G8 Genoa Summit Meeting 2001
G8 Gleneagles 2005 Home (Gleneagles, Scotland, 6-8 Jul 2005)
G8 Global Information Society

G8 Information Centre (University of Toronto)
G8 Kyushu-Okinawa Summit Meeting 2000
G8 NGO-Platform (Heiligendamm near Rostock, Germany, 6-8 Jun 2007)
G8 Online
G8 Online (UofT G8 Research Group)
G8 Research Group (University of Toronto)
G8 Sea Island Summit 2004
G8 Summit Site (Kananaskis, 26-27 Jun 2002)
G8 Summit 2006 (Saint Petersburg, Russia, Jul 2006)
G8 Summit 2007 Heiligendamm (Federal Government of Germany, Jun 2007)
Geometry.net | Sustainability and Sustainable Development
Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce
Global Challenge, Global Opportunity: Trends in Sustainable Development
(UN Johannesburg Summit 2002, 13 Aug 2002)
Global Competitiveness Programme (World Economic Forum)
Global Country Guides (Deloitte WebGuides)
Global Development Center
Global Development Finance 2006: The Development Potential of Surging Capital Flows (Mansoor Dailami et al., World Bank, Jun 2006)
Global Development Gateway (World Bank)

Global Economic Crisis (ZNet)
Global Economic Forum (Morgan Stanley Dean Witter)
Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries: Beyond Financial Crisis (GEP 1998/99, World Bank)
Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 2000
Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 2001
Global Economic Prospects 2014: Coping with policy normalization in high-income countries - Executive Summary (World Bank, Jan 2014) PDF
-- Press Release and links to regional analyses
The Global Emerging Markets Database (University of Pittsburgh)
Global Environmental Change and Human Security Project (GECHS)
Global Environmental Change Programme (ESRC, UK)
Global Exchange
Global Exchange: Free Trade Area of the Americas
Global Imbalances or Bad Accounting? The Missing Dark Matter in the Wealth of Nations (Ricardo Hausmann & Federico Sturzenegger, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 19 Jan 2006)
Global Information Technology Report (World Economic Forum) $
Globalisation For The Common Good (Kamran Mofid et al.)
Globalisation Guide (Australian APEC Study Centre)
Globalisation, Inequality and Poverty Relationships: A Cross Country Evidence (Marcel Neutel & Almas Heshmati, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Jul 2006) PDF
GlobalIssues.org | Trade Related Issues
Globalization (World Bank)
Globalization & Human Rights (PBS)

Globalization In Focus (Foreign Policy in Focus)
Globalization: Key Concepts (Fred W. Riggs)
The Globalization Research Center-Africa (UCLA)
The Globalization Research Group (Duke University)
The Globalization Research Network (US)
GlobalizeThis.org - Speak Justice to Corporate Power
Global Macroeconomics and Financial Policy Site (Nouriel Roubini)
Global Market Place
Global Money, The Good Life and You (Enrique R. Carraco et al.)
Global Monitoring (World Bank)
Global Resource Bank (Global Resource Foundation)
Global Strategy Bulletin (Morgan Stanley Dean Witter)
Global System for Sustainable Development
(Global Accords Consortium for Sustainable Development, MIT)
Global 3.0 (Chris Farrell & John Biewen, American RadioWorks)
Global Trade Expansion and Liberalisation: Gender Issues and Impacts (Marzia Fontana et al.) PDF
Global Trade Negotiations Home Page (Center for International Development at Harvard University)

Global Trade Watch Home Page (Public Citizen)
Governance and private investment in the Middle East and North Africa (Ahmet Faruk Aysan et al., World Bank, 1 Jun 2006)
Governance of Globalization Task Force
(Initiative For Policy Dialogue)
GRA Research Hotlinks (Global Risk Assessments)
Grassroots Globalization Network (Earth Island Institute)
Group of 77
-- Doha
Growth and Responsibility in the World Economy (G8 Summit Declaration, Heiligendamm, 7 Jun 2007) PDF
Growth is Good for the Poor (David Dollar & Aart Kraay, World Bank, Mar 2000) PDF
Growing disruption: Climate change, food, and the fight against hunger (Tracy Carty & John Magrath, Oxfam GB, 23 Sep 2013)
The G-20 Home Page (Finance Canada)
Guide to E-Commerce (Cornell Catherwood Library)
Harvard Institute for International Development
Heading for the rocks. Will financial turmoil sink the world economy? (Economist Intelligence Unit, London, 31 Aug 2007)
The Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative (Finance Canada)

Heifer Project International Homepage
The HIPC Debt Initiative (World Bank)
How to Save Globalization from its Cheerleaders (Dani Rodrik, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 14 Sep 2007) PDF
The Hubbert Peak of Oil Production Home Page (iNet News Service)
Hubley.com: Services for Ethical and Green Investors and Incubators
(Craig Hubley)
Human Capital Formation and Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries (Koji Miyamoto, OECD, Jul 2003) PDF
Hunger Theme Page (CLN)
The HungerWeb (Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University)
IANWeb Resources -- International Political Economy
(International Affairs Network)
ICC International Chamber of Commerce
ICTSD - International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
IFAT (International Federation for Alternative Trade)
IFC - International Finance Corporation

IFIwatchnet (UK)
-- Eyes on IFIs (International Financial Institutions)
IFTI Watch: News About Access to Information in International Financial and Trade Institutions (FreedomInfo.org)
IIED - International Institute for Environment and Development
IISDnet (International Institute for Sustainable Development)
IISD's Linkages Portal to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, 2002 (International Institute for Sustainable Development)
ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and its Follow-up: Home Page (International Labour Organization)
IMF World Economic Outlook Reports List
(International Monetary Fund)
IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO) - Crisis and Recovery (International Monetary Fund, April 2009)
Independent Evaluation Group | World Bank (Washington, DC)
Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group (Interview with Viscount Etienne Davignon, BBC News, 29 Sep 2005)
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (Minneapolois, Minnesota)
The Institute for Economic Democracy (J. W. Smith)

Institute for Policy Studies Global Economy Project
Institutional Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (IDGEC)
Interactive TradeMap Canada Tutorial (ExportSource.ca)
Inter-American Development Bank
International Business Resource Center (U Kansas)
International Business Resources on the WWW (MSU-CIBER)
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - 2000 (UN)
International Development (HRIN)
International Development Research Centre, Canada
International Economic Data Page (Paul R. Hensel)
International Economic Development Council (Washington, DC)
The International Economics Study Center (Steven M. Suranovic)

The International Forum on Globalization
The International Human Dimensions Programme on Industrial Transformation (IHDP-IT)
The Internationalist
International Monetary Fund Home Page
International Reference Desk (Internet Prospector)
The International Regulation Database (OECD)
International Trade and Finance (G-20)
International Trade Centre (WTO/UNCTAD)
International Trade: Issues and Effects of Implementing the Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act [Byrd Amendment] (US Government Accountability Office, Sep 2005) PDF
International Trade Law Monitor (Ralph Amissah)
International Trade Resource Center
(Ass'n for International Business)
International Trade, Security, and Transnational Terrorism : Theory and Empirics (Daniel Mirza & Thierry Verdier, World Bank, 1 Dec 2006) PDF
International Trade Web Resources
(Federation of International Trade Associations)
IoD - Institute of Directors
Is Free Trade "Free?" Is It Even "Trade?" Oppression and Consent in Hemispheric Trade Agreements (Frank J. Garcia, Boston College Law School, 17 Jan 2007) PDF

Jay's Corporate Watchdogs Links
Internet Resources: International Finance & Banking
(CUL Lehman Library)
Internet Resources: International Political Economy
(CUL Lehman Library)
ISBEE International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics
The Jean Monnet Program (NYU School of Law)
JoC Online (Journal of Commerce)
JNet Globalization (JournalismNet)
Jubilee 2000 Charter
Jubilee 2000 Coalition: A Debt-Free Start for a Billion People
Jubilee 2000/USA
Jubilee USA Network (Michigan Jubilee Coalition, Ann Arbor)
The Kimberley Process
Knowledge Broker Site (UNDP)
KOF Index of Globalization (KOF Swiss Economic Institute, Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich)
Land Use and Land Cover Change International Project (LUCC)
Least Developed Countries Report (UNCTAD)

Linkages - A Multimedia Resource for Environment & Development Policy Makers (International Institute for Sustainable Development)
LSMS: Living Standards Measurement Study (World Bank)
Mad Cow: A Case Study in Canadian-American Relations (Alexander Moens & Gregory O'Keefe, Fraser Institute, Vancouver, Mar 2006) PDF
MAI: A Step Backward in International Human Rights
(Elizabeth Drake et al., Harvard)
Markets and data: global economic statistics (The Economist
Monitoring International Labor Standards: Human Capital Investment: Summary of a Workshop, 27 February 2003 (ed. Monica Ulewicz, National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2003)
Multilateral Agreement on Investment (Draft, 13 Jan 1997)
Multilateral Agreement on Investment (Global Policy Forum)
Multinational Monitor On-Line
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
NAFTA 5 Years Report
NAFTA's Chapter on Investor Rights (Biodiversity Economics Library)

The NAFTA Secretariat
Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development
(Berkeley, California)
NCESA - National Center for Economic & Security Alternatives (US)
New Economics Foundation (UK)
The New Economy, Globalization and Regional Trade Agreements
(Richard G. Harris, CIAR, Jan 2001)
The North American Mosaic : A State of the Environment Report
(North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation, 7 Jan 2002)
Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
OECD Economic Outlook 68: Preliminary Edition
OECD Factbook: Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics
(OECD Paris)
OECD Factbook eXplorer for analysing country statistics (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris)
OECD Global Forums (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
OECD/Multilateral Agreement on Investment
The OECD Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)
The OECD Observer
OECD Online - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (Paris)
Offshoring Issue Guide (L. Josh Bivens, Economic Policy Institute, Washington, DC, May 2006)

Online Ethics Center: Ethics in a Corporate Setting
OPIC's Investor's Information Gateway (US Overseas Private Investment Corporation)
OPISNet.com (Oil Price Information Service)
Overcoming Human Poverty (UNDP Poverty Report)
Overseas Development Institute (UK)
Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security (Oakland, California)
Paul Hensel's I.P.E. Page (International Political Economy)
The People-Centered Development Forum (PCDF Home Page)
People For Fair Trade
Peoples' Global Action
Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics
(Washington, DC)
-- Hot Topics in International Economics
POCLAD - Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy
Polaris Institute (Canada)
Policies That Distort World Agricultural Trade: Prevalence and Magnitude (US Congressional Budget Office, Aug 2005) PDF
PovertyNet Home: Resources and Support to Alleviate Poverty
(World Bank)
POV: Life and Debt (Stephanie Black, PBS, 21 Aug 2001)
Power Shift: Do we need better global economic institutions? (Ngaire Woods, Institute for Public Policy Research, London, 26 Jan 2007)
Preferential Trade Agreements and Their Role in World Trade
(Denis Medvedev, World Bank, 1 Oct 2006)
Price Controls, Patents, and Cross-Border Internet Pharmacies: Risks to Canada's Drug Supply and International Trading Relations (Brett J. Skinner, Fraser Institute, Feb 2006) PDF

Ranking of the World's Oil and Gas Provinces by Known Petroleum Volumes (T. R. Klett et al., USGS Open-File Report 97-463)
Reaching Out: Canada, International Science and Technology, and the Knowledge-based Economy(Report of the Expert Panel on Canada's Role in International Science and Technology, 22 Jun 2000) PDF
Researching Corporations (Corporate Watch)
Resource Center of the Americas
Responsible Wealth (United for a Fair Economy)
Revisiting NAFTA: Still not working for North America's workers (Robert E. Scott et al., Economic Policy Institute, Washington, DC, 28 Sep 2006) PDF
Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (UNEP, 14 June 1992)
Rio+20 (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
-- News and information on science at rio+20 for development (SciDev.Net
Rio+20 (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development)
-- C40 Cities (Climate Leadership Group)
-- Rio 20: What Will Come of It? (Kazuhiko Takemoto, Huffington Post, 17 Jun 2012)
Rise of China and India: A U.S.-Japan Study (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, 3 Oct 2006)
The Ruckus Society Website Homepage
SD Gateway (Sustainable Development Gateway)
The Seattle Debacle: What Happened and What Next?
(Third World Network)
Security and Prosperity Partnership (CBC News In Depth)
Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (Government of Canada)
Seeking the Common Good (United Church of Canada)
Seeking the Common Good: Canadian Issues
Selling Canada's Water (CBC News Indepth, 25 Aug 2004)
Seven Unsustainable Processes: Medium-Term Prospects and Policies for the United States and the World (Wynne Godley, The Jerome Levy Economics Institute, 1999)

SICE - Foreign Trade Information System (OAS Trade Unit)
Sierra Club - Responsible Trade Campaign Home Page
Slashdot | The Corporate Republic
Society for International Affairs (Arlington, Virginia)
Softwood lumber dispute (CBC News Indepth, 7 Dec 2005)
The Softwood Lumber Dispute, NGO Statement on (Sierra Club)
Softwood Lumber Home Page (B.C. Ministry of Forests)
SourceOECD (OECD Paris)
State of the Cities 2000 (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)
The State of Food Insecurity in the World 1999 (FAO) PDF
The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2003 (FAO) PDF
The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2005 (FAO) PDF
The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2006
(FAO, Rome, 30 Oct 2006)
The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2013
(FAO, Rome, 1 Oct 2013)
The State of Food Insecurity in the World: Addressing food insecurity in protracted crises (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, 2010) PDF
-- FAO publication page
Stockholm Environment Institute
Stockholm Environment Institute - Boston Center
Stop the FTAA (Freedom Rising Affinity Group)

Summit of the Americas Information System
Sustainability within a Generation: A New Vision for Canada
(David R. Boyd, David Suzuki Foundation, 2004)
Sustainable Development Dimensions (FAO)
Sustainable Development/Economics Homepage (Tom Tietenberg)
Sustainable Development Reference Link
The Take (Avi Lewis & Naomi Klein, National Film Board of Canada, 2004)
Taking Credit: Canada and the Role of Sinks in International Climate Negotiations (Darwin Anderson et al., David Suzuki Foundation, 9 Jul 2001)
The Ticking Debt Bomb (Robert A. Blecker, EPI, June 1999)
The Top Ten Financial Risks to the Global Economy: A Dialogue of Critical Perspectives (Brookings Institution, Sep 2005) PDF
Trade and the Environment (Håkan Nordstrom & Scott Vaughan) PDF
Trade and Environment Database (James R. Lee)
Trade and Globalization (Economic Policy Institute, Washington, DC)
Trade and Human Rights: An Exchange (Ulrich Petersmann et al., Jean Monnet Program, 2002)
Trade Information Center (International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce)
Trade Knowledge Network (IISDnet)
Trade Liberalisation and Poverty (Maurizio Bussolo & Henri-Bernard Solignac Lecomte, Overseas Development Institute, Dec 1999) PDF
Trade Liberalisation and Poverty (L. Alan Winters, London School of Economics, Aug 1999) PDF

Trade on Human Terms: Transforming Trade for Human Development in Asia and the Pacific (Asia-Pacific Human Development Report 2006, UNDP Regional Centre Colombo, 29 Jun 2006)
Trade Organizations (GATT, NAFTA, WTO) -- The Heritage Foundation Publications Library Subject Index
Trade Resource Center (The Business Roundtable, Washington, DC)
Trading Democracy? Documents from NAFTA's Secret Tribunals (National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 65, ed. Thomas Blanton & Michael L. Evans, 5 Feb 2002)
-- Bill Moyers Reports (PBS, 5 Feb 2002)
Trading on Time (Simeon Djankov et al., World Bank, 26 Jan 2006) PDF
Trading Post (Weathervane)
TRAFFIC Wildlife Trade Monitoring Programme
Transnational Corporations & World Trade (Third World Traveler)
The Truth About NAFTA: NAFTA Didn't Cause The Trade Deficit or the Big Manufacturing Job Loss (National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, DC, Jul 2005) PDF
Two Centuries of Softwood Lumber War between Canada and the United States (Les Reed, Free Trade Lumber Council, 19 Sep 2001)
The UnCapitalist Journal: Commentary and Perspective on International Economy, Trade, Corporations, Labor, Poverty, & Social Justice (Orem, Utah)
UN Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects (9-20 Jul 2001)
UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
-- Human Development Report Office (HDRO)

The UN Global Compact
United for a Fair Economy (Boston, Massachusetts)
The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development [Rio, June 1992 ]: Process and Documentation (Shanna L. Halpern, UNEP, Jan 1993)
United Nations Division for Sustainable Development - Home
United Nations: Johannesburg Summit 2002 (26 Aug - 4 Sep 2002)
The United States and the Rise of China and India (The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, 11 Oct 2006)
United States Court of International Trade
United Students for Fair Trade (Washington, DC)
USA *Engage (National Foreign Trade Council, Washington, DC)
USATrade.gov (US Commercial Service)
U.S.-Canada Trade Dispute (Random Lengths)
U.S.-Canada WTO Corn Trade Dispute (Randy Schnepf, CRS Report for Congress, 31 Jan 2007) PDF
US-China Trade in Perspective: Asia's Emerging Union and Implications for the United States (Edward Gresser, China Business Forum, Washington, DC, Jun 2005) PDF
U.S. Food Policy (blog by Parke Wilde, Tufts University)
USIA: The United States and APEC
U.S. Trade Strategy: Free Versus Fair (Daniel W. Drezner, Council on Foreign Relations, New York, Sep 2006)
The Viability of Advanced Welfare States in the International Economy: Vulnerabilities and Options (Fritz W. Scharpf, MPIfG: Working Paper 99/9, Sep 1999)
Victorian WTO Watch (Australia)
Virtual Library on International Development - Home Page (CIDA)

Web Browser for OECD.Stat (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris)
-- Resource of the Week: A Convenient Way to Browse OECD Statistics (Stuart Basefsky, ResourceShelf, 25 Jan 2007)
-- User Guide PDF
The Weight of Nations: Material Outflows from Industrial Economies
(Emily Matthews & Christian Ottke, WRI, 2000)
What's Driving India's Rise as an R&D Hub? (Knowledge@Wharton, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Aug 2005)
(UNU World Institute for Development Economics Research)
WILPF US: Disarm: Dismantling the War Economy
Women, Poverty and Canadian Public Policy in an Era of Globalization
(Marika Morris, CRIAW, 29 May 2000)
The World Bank Group
World Bank Institute
World Bank/WTO Trade and Development Centre
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization
(International Labour Organization)
World Competitiveness Yearbook (International Insitute for Management Development)
A World Connected: Globalization, Opportunity, and Human Freedom
(Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University)
World Development Reports (World Bank)

World Economic Forum - Homepage
-- World Link Online
World Economic Forum - Annual Meeting 2007: The Shifting Power Equation (Davos, Switzerland, 24-28 Jan 2007)
The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Ends With Concrete Proposals to Tackle Global Issues (Davos, Switzerland, 28 Jan 2007)
World Economic Outlook and International Capital Markets -- Interim Assessment, December 1998 (International Monetary Fund)
World Energy Project - World and Regional Assessment Summaries
(USGS Central Region Energy Resources Team)
World Hunger Year (New York)
World Links for Development (WorLD)
World Oil Transit Chokepoints (U.S. Energy Information Administration)
World Oil Market Events, Chronology of
(U.S. Energy Information Administration)
World Policy Institute
World Publics Welcome Global Trade -- But Not Immigration (Pew Global Attitudes Project, Pew Research Center, 4 Oct 2007)
World Stewardship Institute
World Summit on Sustainable Development (International Institute for Environment and Development)
World Summit on Sustainable Development
(Johannesburg, 26 Aug - 4 Sep 2002)
World Summit on Sustainable Development
(UN Development Programme)
The World Summit on Sustainable Development
(UN Economic Commission for Europe)

The World's Water (Pacific Institute)
World Trade & Food (Germanwatch, Bonn)
WTO (World Trade Organization)
The WTO and the Proposed Multilateral Investment Agreement: Implications for Developing Countries and Proposed Positions
(Martin Khor)
The WTO and Global Trade (PBS Online NewsHour)
WTO Documents Online
WTO Doha (4th WTO Ministerial Conference in Doha, 2001)
The WTO Doha Development Round: Where next for world trade? (Ian Townsend, House of Commons Library, UK, 21 Sep 2006) PDF
WTO | The Fourth WTO Ministerial Conference
(Doha, Qatar, 9-14 Nov 2001)
WTO/Gatt Research (Jeanne Rehberg, LLRX.com, 3 Sep 2001)
WTO History Project
WTO Watch (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)
Yale Center for the Study of Globalization (Yale University)
ZNet Global Economic Crisis

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