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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a group of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is the second of three comprising a list of links to on-line resources giving information about telecommunity: information infrastructure; The Grid, Internet2, & NGI; networking & development; internet access & service; the digital divide; and broadband. The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure, Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: community; telecommunity; networking; development; internet access; internet service

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Local Information

Global Community
Regional Administration and Information

Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
[Up] Global News

World News
Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
Science News
Space News
Sky and Weather

The Sky
Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data
Weather Equipment
[Up] Reference

Special Topics
Books On-line
Encyclopaedias On-line
Time and Times

Child Safety
Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers
[Up] Life and Leisure

Food and Drink
Consumer Services
Health and Medicine
Home and Garden
Home Computing

Help and Technical Support
Antivirus Resources
Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
GNU/Linux and Open Source
Microsoft Windows
Internet Connectivity
History of Personal Computing
Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes
[Up] Internet Forums

Mailing Lists

Web Rings
Web Weaving

Hypertext and HTML
Web Style: Writing for the Web



General Resources
Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Service
The Digital Divide


Networking and Development

We have founded such great social structures to pyramid our exploration upon that those at the base often do not get to see the stars shine above the apex. This problem we will step by step come to solve.
Philip Morrison

AccessWorldWide Cultural Access Group
Advanced Network Research Group (Cambridge Security Programme)
Africa's Internet Infrastructure (webcast of discussion with Eric Osiakwan & Ethan Zuckerman, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University, 12 Apr 2007)
Africa: Technology & Networking (ed. Ali B. Ali-Dinar)
Alliance for Global Business (Global Information Infrastructure Commission)
Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth
Ars Portalis
Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme (UNDP)
An Assessment of Telecommunications Reform in Developing Countries (Randeep Rathindran et al., World Bank, 11 Oct 2002)
Athena Alliance (Washington, DC)
Battle for the internet (The Guardian, Apr 2012)
BCNET: Developing BC's Advanced Networks
The Bellanet Initiative: Global Development Connections
Benton Foundation Homepage
Berkeley China Internet Project (UC Berkeley Journalism)
Berkeley WEBS (Wireless Embedded Systems)
The Bluetooth Resource Center (PaloWireless)
The Bluetooth Weblog
Bookmarks.emerging (ISOC, OnTheInternet)
Breaking Network Logjams (Michell Effros et al., Scientific American 296:6:78-85, Jun 2007)
Bytes for All (Frederik Noronha & Partha Pratim Sarker et al.)
Canadian Internet Project (Charles Zamaria & Fred Fletcher et al., Ryerson University, Toronto)
CA*net Institute
The Center for the Digital Future (Jeffrey I. Cole et al., USC Annenberg)
Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (UCLA)
The Center for Networking and Distributed Systems
(Johns Hopkins University)
The Changing Faces of Virtual Education
(ed. Glen Farrell, Commonwealth of Learning, Jul 2001)

China Digital Times (ed. Xiao Qiang et al., UC Berkeley Journalism)
The Chord Project (MIT)
Cities Online: Urban Development and the Internet
(Pew Internet Project, 20 Nov 2001)
Coalition for Networked Information (Paul Evan Peters et al., Washington, DC)
Collective Intelligence 2.0 (Nova Spivack, Minding the Planet, 24 Jan 2006)
Common Information Environment (Paul Miller et al., UK)
Communication for Development (SD-Dimensions, FAO)
The Communication Initiative - Communication Interventions for Sustainable Development (Canada)
Community-based Networks and Innovative Technologies: New models to serve and empower the poor (Seán Ó Siochrú & Bruce Girard, UNDP, 2005)
Community Experiences with Information and Communications Technology-Enabled Development in Canada (Nordicity Group, 14 Feb 1997)
The Community Telecentre Cookbook for Africa: Recipes for Sustainability (Mike Jensen & Anriette Esterhuysen, UNESCO, Paris, 2001) PDF
COMNET-IT | The Commonwealth Network of Information Technology for Development
Content Village (EU)
CREN - Home Page (Corporation for Research and Educational Networking)
CyberStrategy Initiative: Empowering Citizens through the Web
(John Pike, Federation of American Scientists)
CyPRG Government Internet Public Policy Technology Research (Cyberspace Policy Research Group, U Arizona)
Developing the Internet for Development (ELDIS)
Developing Media in Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations (Yll Bajraktari & Emily Hsu, United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC, 12 Oct 2007) PDF
The Development of Virtual Education: A Global Perspective
(ed. Glen M. Farrell, Commonwealth of Learning, 1999)
The Digital Divide Guide to Digital Opportunities: Measuring Infostates for Development (ed. George Sciadas, Orbicom, University of Quebec at Montreal, Nov 2005) PDF
The Disappearing Computer Initiative (EU ISTweb)
Disco Lab - Laboratory for Network Centric Computing
(Liviu Iftode et al., Rutgers University)
Discovery Net (Yike Guo et al., Imperial College London)
Disseminating health information in developing countries: The role of the internet (Tessa Tan-Torres Edejer, WHO, British Medical Journal 321 (7264): 797-800, 30 Sep 2000)
Dust Inc. -- Ultra Low Power Wireless Networking (Kris Pister et al.)
E-Commerce and Development Report 2001
(UNCTAD, Geneva, 20 Nov 2001)
E-Communications Household Survey (Special Eurobarometer 249, European Commission, Jul 2006) PDF
Economics of Networks (Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University)
EIF Online | European Internet Federation

802.11b Community Network List
802.11b Networking News
802.11 Planet - The Source for 802.11 Business and Technology
Eldis: The Gateway to Development Information
The End of Cyberspace (blog by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang)
An Evaluation of Current High-Performance Networks
(Christian Bell et al., 2003)
Fahamu - Learning for Change
Farsite - Federated, Available, and Reliable Storage for an Incompletely Trusted Environment (Microsoft Research)
FierceWireless - Wireless Industry and Wireless Technology News
(FierceMarkets, Washington, DC)
The First Mile of Connectivity
(ed. Don Richardson & Lynnita Paisley, FAO)
FUNREDES: The Funredes Information System
(Networks and Development Foundation)
The Future of the Internet (Susannah Fox et al., Pew Internet & American Life Project, 9 Jan 2005)
The Future of the Internet II (Janna Anderson & Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 24 Sep 2006)
The Future of the Internet III (Lee Rainie & Janna Anderson, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 14 Dec 2008)
-- The World In 2020: The Mobile Device Will Be The Primary Connection Tool To The Internet (Mobile Libraries, 27 Jul 2009)
The Future of the Web (Sir Tim Berners-Lee , Oxford Internet Institute, 14 Mar 2006)
The future of the World Wide Web (Tim Berners-Lee, Royal Society, London, 22 Sep 2003)
Gates Center for Technology Access (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
Gates Learning Foundation
GDNet Home Page (Global Development Network, UK)
Geekcorps: The World Wide Web for the Whole Wide World
Generative Internet (Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard Law Review, 2006)
GENI | Global Environment for Network Innovations (NSF Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering)
The GENI Initiative
Getting Connected: Your Home and the Internet (BobVila.com)
Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce
The Global Computer (Alan H. Karp, HP Laboratories, Palo Alto, 12 Jan 2006) PDF
Global Internet Policy Initiative (Center for Democracy and Technology)
Global Network Initiative
Global Networking Timeline (T. Matthew Ciolek)
Global Summit of Online Knowledge Networks

Greenstar: Solar Ecommerce and Community Center
GSM World (Global System for Mobile Communications)
Guide to IPsec VPNs: Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Sheila Frankel et al., NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Dec 2005) PDF
High-Performance Wireless Research and Education Network
(HPWREN, UC San Diego)
Hojmark.NET (Asbjorn Hojmark)
How Access Benefits Children (NTIA)
How Many Online? (Nua Internet)
How WiFi Works (Marshall Brain & Tracy V. Wilson, Howstuffworks)
ICT Use in the Developing World: An Analysis of Differences in Computer and Internet Penetration (Menzie D. Chinn & Robert W. Fairlie, Research Connect, Boston, 19 Jun 2006) PDF
IEEE CAS Workshop on Wireless Communications and Networking
(Pasadena, 5-6 Sep 2002)
IEEE Communications Society Online
IEEE LMSC, LAN/MAN Standards Committee (Project 802)
INA: International Networks Archive
InfiniBand® Trade Association
Informal (Julian Priest et al., London)
Information Economy Report 2006: The Development Perspective (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 21 Nov 2006) PDF
INFO 21: Information and Communications Technologies for Development
InterConnection - Website and Technology Assistance for Non Profit and Non Governmenal Organizations in Developing Countries (Charles Brennick et al., Seattle)
The International Institute for Communication and Development
International Journal of Internet Science (ed. Ulf-Dietrich Reips & Uwe Matzat et al.)
The Internet Defense League
Internet Development and Information Control in the People's Republic of China (Thomas Lum, CRS Report for Congress, 10 Feb 2006) PDF
Internet Governance for Development (webcast, Oxford Internet Institute, 31 Aug 2006)
The Internet is for Everyone (Vint Cerf, ISOC, 7 April 1999)
Internet: An Overview of Key Technology Policy Issues Affecting Its Use and Growth (Marcia S. Smith et al., U.S. Library of Congress Congressional Research Service, 13 Apr 2005) PDF
The Internet's Growing Role in Life's Major Moments (John Horrigan & Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 19 Apr 2006) PDF
Internet Unwired (Michiel Hegener, On the Internet, Sep-Oct 1997)
Internetworking (Michael Fitzgerald, MIT Technology Review, Apr 2004)
Internet 0 (Neil Gershenfeld et al., MIT)
The Interplanetary Network Progress Report
(Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech)
IPN - InterPlaNetary Internet Project (Internet Society)

Issues Affecting Internet Use in Afghanistan and Developing Countries in the Middle East (Elham Ghashghai & Rosalind Lewis, RAND, 2002)
ItrainOnline (International Development Research Centre, Ottawa)
ITU Telecommunication Development Sector Home Page (ITU-D)
Jon Kleinberg's Homepage (Cornell University)
Journal of Networks (Academy Publisher)
KnowNet Initiative | The Knowledge-Networking Initiative for Human Development
LastMile Communications (UK)
Learn TCP/IP... (Charles C. Botsford)
Lessons for the Future Internet: Learning from the Past (Michael M. Roberts, EDUCAUSE Review 41(4):16-25, Jul-Aug 2006)
Light Reading - The Global Site For Optical Networking
Linktionary.com | Networking Defined and Hyperlinked
(Tom Sheldon)
Making Cooltown Real (Hewlett-Packard)
Mars Network- Gateway to the Mars Frontier
(Doug Abraham, JPL)
Measuring Impacts of the Internet in the Developing World (John A. Daly, iMP, May 1999)
MIND Lab (Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Laboratory, University of Maryland)
Mtandao Afrika (MAf) Internet Challenge
(SchoolNet Africa)
Municipal broadband and wireless projects map (CNET News.com)
NASA Telecommunications and Mission Operations Directorate (Shirley Wolff, JPL)
-- Deep Space Network Home Page
National Indian Telecommunications Institute
(Santa Fe, New Mexico)
The National Public Telecomputing Network
Native Networking: Telecommunications and Information Technology in Indian Country (Benton Foundation)
The Need for an International Charter
(Martin Bangemann, 8 Sep 1997)
Netcensus.org - Measuring & Mapping Cyberspace
NetCorps Canada International

NetFuture: Technology and Human Responsibility
(ed. Steve Talbott, The Nature Institute)
NET Institute | Networks, Electronic Commerce, and Telecommunications (New York University)
Netlab (Caltech Networking Lab)
NetStumbler.com (W. Slavin)
Networked Media of the Future (EC Networked Media Task Force, Brussels, 16 Oct 2007) PDF
Network Information Centers (Yahoo)
Networking in Developing Nations (Larry Press)
Network Protocol Suite Directory Index
(Javvin Company, Saratoga, California)
Networks and the GII Guide (Caslon Analytics)
Network Science (Charles B. Duke et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2006)
Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC)
Network World Fusion
Next Generation Networks (Business Communications Review)
NGEN - New Generation Education Network
NodeDB.com - The Wireless Node Database Project (Sydney, Australia)
NRM Changelinks: Using the Internet for Environment/Development (Will Allen, Natural Resource Management Programme, Massey University)
Nuffic/CIRAN, Centre for International Research and Advisory Networks
The OceanStore Project (UC Berkeley)
OECD: DSTI: Information and Communications Policy
(OECD Directorate of Science Technology and Industry)
The Official BBS FAQ (Claire Walters)
The Official Bluetooth SIG Website
OneWebDay - 22 September (dir. Susan Crawford & Mary Hodder et al.)

Online Education: What Can It Deliver? (Special Report, Development Gateway Foundation, Washington, DC, Apr 2006)
Open Access and the Developing World (BioMed Central)
Open Economies (Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
O'Reilly Network (O'Reilly & Associates, Sebastopol, California)
O'Reilly Network: Wireless DevCenter
Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford)
The Parable of the Hare and the Tortoise: Small Worlds, Diversity, and System Performance (David Lazer& Allan Friedman, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 25 Oct 2005) PDF
Pastry - A scalable, decentralized, self-organizing and fault-tolerant substrate for peer-to-peer applications (Peter Druschel & Antony Rowstron)
People's Network Online (UK)
The People's Network: A Turning Point for Public Libraries
(Peter Brophy, Resource UK, Dec 2002)
The People's Network: Evaluation Summary (Ned Hardie-Boys, Big Lottery Fund, Nov 2004) PDF
PlaNetwork Journal: Source Code for Global Citizenship
(James Fournier et al., San Francisco)
Practically Networked Home
RADIANT Research & Development in Advanced Network Technology
(Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Readiness for the Networked World: A Guide for Developing Countries
Recommendations for Setting Up a Society Web Site
(Scholarly Societies Project)
RedHUCyT (OAS Office of Science and Technology)
ROADNet | Real-time Observatories, Applications, and Data management Network (University of California at San Diego)
The Role of Ontologies in Teaching and Learning
(Ruth Wilson, JISC, Aug 2004)
Rural Areas and the Internet (Peter Bell et al., Pew Internet, 17 Feb 2004) PDF
Rural Development and Universal Access
(International Telecommunication Union)
SciDev.net (Science and Development Network)
SD Webworks - SD Gateway (Sustainable Development Gateway)
SearchNetworking.com (TechTarget, Needham, Massachusetts)
Semantic Web Advanced Development for Europe (SWAD-Europe)
SemanticWeb.org The Semantic Web Community Portal
Spinning the Web: Setting Up WWW Servers (James Powell)

Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World: A Report to the OCLC Membership (Cathy De Rosa et al., Online Computer Library Center, Dublin, Ohio, Oct 2007)
Smart Mobs - The Next Social Revolution (Howard Rheingold)
Smart Wi-Fi (Alex Hills, Scientific American 293:4:86-94, Oct 2005)
The Sociable Media Group (MIT)
SoonR Phone Service (Martin Frid-Nielsen et al.)
SPIN: Society of Public Information Networks (UK)
Sputnik (David LaDuke et al., Mill Valley, California)
State and Federal E-Government in the United States
(Darrell M. West, Sep 2001)
The State of Broadband 2013: Universalizing Broadband (Broadband Commission for Digital Development, Geneva, Sep 2013) PDF
State of the Internet: USIC's Report on Use & Threats in 1999
(United States Internet Council)
State of the Internet 2000 (U.S. Internet Council, 1 Sep 2000)
Sustainable Development Networking Programme (UNDP)
Tapestry: Fault-resilient Wide-area Location and Routing
(Ben Y. Zhao et al., UC Berkeley)
Telecommons Development Group - Connecting People to People | Home
Telework and the New Workplace of the 21st Century (William M. Rodgers III et al., U.S. Department of Labor, 2001)
10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance Home Page
10 Gigabit Ethernet Technology Overview White Paper
(10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance, May 2002)
TEN Technology Empowerment Network (Technology Pioneers)
TERENA Guide to Network Resource Tools
Thin-Clients Networks (Kerry Fraser)
3G Newsroom | 3G News
Through the Network (of Networks) - the fifth estate (webcast of Inaugural Lecture by William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute, 15 Oct 2007)
TimBL's blog | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs (Tim Berners-Lee)
Time Domain Corp. : Technology Overview
TinyOS Community Forum (Berkeley WEBS)
TWUF - The Wireless University Forum (UK)

UCLA World Internet Report (UCLA Center for Communication Policy)
UKLIGHT - Optical Networking Research
Unclogging the Pipeline: A Critical Look at Internet Economics and Bandwidth Constraints (Eric Zimits, iWord)
UNDP Human Development Index vs Internet Hosts/Capita
UNESCO and the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)
UNESCO Observatory on the Information Society
UNESCO WebWorld | Infoethics Congresses
UNICT United Nations Information and Communication Technologies Task Force
Universal Access to E-Mail (RAND, 1995)
Universal Service (ALA Office for Information Technology Policy)
USAID Leyland Initiative: Africa GII Gateway
UWC Developers Forum (United World Colleges)
VeriSign (InterNIC, Network Solutions)
Virtual HyperGlossary
Virtual Private Networks (Tom Dunigan)

VPN All-in-One Guide (Robbie Harrell et al., SearchNetworking.com)
VPN Insider -- Superguide to Virtual Private Networks
VPNlabs (Phil McGarr)
WACC World Association for Christian Communication
A Web site with a view -- The Third World on First Monday (ed. Eduardo Villanueva Mansilla, First Monday Special Issue #8, 2007)
Web 2.0: Building the New Library (Paul Miller, Ariadne Issue 45, Oct 2005)
What Is Bluetooth (Michael Juntao Yuan, O'Reilly MacDevCenter.com, 18 Nov 2005)
What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software (Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Network, 30 Sep 2005)
What is WiFi? (ScamBusters.org)
WiderNet Project (University of Iowa)
Wi-Fi Alliance
Wi-Fi: Frequently asked questions
(CBC News Online, 7 Mar 2006)
Wi-Fi Networking News (Glenn Fleishman)
Wi-Fi Planet | The Source for Wi-Fi Business and Technology
The Wi-Fi Technology Forum - WLAN Wireless Networks News - Internet Roaming Resources (Wi-Fi Alliance)
Wi-Fi Woes (Peter Dizikes, Consumer Reports WebWatch, 16 May 2005)
WiMAX Forum (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access)
WiMedia Alliance
WINKsite: Mobile Community... (Wireless Ink, Cold Spring Harbor, New York)
WiPeer - Serverless Peer to Peer Collaboration (Roy Fiedman et al., Technion, Haifa)
The Wireless Developer Network
Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
Wireless Net DesignLine (ed. Jack Shandle, CMP Media)
Wireless Networking Backgrounder (Practically Networked)
Wireless Networking in the Developing World (Limehouse Book Sprint Team, Jan 2006)
Wireless Networking Mini-Tutorial (WKMN Training, San Francisco)
Wireless Web
World Employment Report 2001: Life at Work in the Information Economy (International Labour Office)
World Information Society Report 2006 (International Telecommunication Union/UN Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Aug 2006) PDF
World Information Society Report 2007: Beyond WSIS (ITU/UNCTAD, Geneva, May 2007) PDF
World Internet Project (WIP)
World Links for Development (WorLD)
The World of Data We're Creating on the Internet (GOOD Infographic, 11 Oct 2010)
World Telecom Development Conference 2002
(ITU, Istanbul, 18-27 Mar 2002)
WSIS | World Summit on the Information Society (Geneva 2003 - Tunis 2005)
-- Geneva 2003
-- WSIS-Online (Community Platform)
YearlyKos Convention (dir. Gina Cooper et al., Netroots Arts and Education Initiative)
ZigBee Alliance
ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 Resource Center (PaloWireless)

See also Internet Access and Service (below) and The Digital Divide, Education and the Internet, Social & Economic Policy and Development, and Web Weaving


Internet Access and Service

Why should we have to wait while a computer connects to the Internet by making a phone call?
Tim Berners-Lee

Access to Broadband Networks (Charles B. Goldfarb, CRS Report for Congress, 29 Jun 2006, updated) PDF
Access to Broadband Networks: The Net Neutrality Debate (Angele A. Gilroy, Congressional Research Service, 2 Jun 2014) PDF
Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights (American Library Association)
Access to Information and Privacy Homepage (Justice Canada)
Accountability of Providers (Anton H. Vedder) PDF
Advanced Telecommunications in Rural America: The Challenge of Bringing Broadband Service to All Americans (NTIA/RUS, 26 Apr 2000) PDF
Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide (TravelPost.com, US)
Alliance for Digital Inclusion (Citizens Online, UK)
America Online - Why AOL Sucks (James Egelhof)
AOL Foundation
AOL Watch
APdirectory.com Wireless Access Point Directory
The Australian ISP Directory (Michelle Muir, St. Kilda, Victoria)
Bandwidth Meter Speed Test (CNET)
Bandwidth Place
Bandwidth Speed Tests (Eric A. Arnold)
Beeline Bandwidth Test (NL)
The Best Place... (Free USA ISPs)
Best Practices for Online Service Providers
(Electronic Frontier Foundation)
Boardwatch Directory of Internet Service Providers
Boardwatch Nationwide ISP Access Survey
British Columbia Internet Association
Broadband Genie (UK)
The Canadian Association of Internet Providers - CAIP
Capitalizing on Access: Access 2006 Library Conference
(Ottawa, Ontario, 11-14 Oct 2006)
Citizens Online: Universal Internet Access (John Fisher et al., UK)
CNET's Ultimate ISP Guide
Common Information Environment (Paul Miller et al., UK)
Counting on the Internet (John B. Horrigan & Lee Rainie, Pew Internet, 29 Dec 2002) PDF

Digital Delusions: Issues in Broadband Access Pricing
(Lisa Carver, Gilbert & Tobin, Jan 1998)
TheDirectory of Internet Service/Access Providers & BBSes
-- TheDirectory Search Engine
The Directory of Internet Service Providers, Web Hosting Companies & BBSes
DSL Speed Test
Economics of the Internet (Nicholas Economides, NET Institute, 2 Jan 2007)
The Economics of the Internet Backbone (Nicholas Economides, AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies, Oct 2004) PDF
ECTA - European Competitive Telecommunications Association (Wokingham, UK)
802.11Hotspots.com Directory of Wi-Fi Access Points
The Ever-Shifting Internet Population: A New Look at Internet Access and the Digital Divide (Amanda Lenhart et al., Pew Internet Project, 16 Apr 2003)
FAST Protocols for Ultrascale Networks (Caltech Netlab)
FCC 97-157 Report & Order on Universal Service
The FCC, Internet Service Providers and Access Charges
Fight for the Future (Tiffiniy Cheng & Holmes Wilson et al.)
Focus on AOL (Sharon Gillson, About.com)
Freeinternetservices.com Homepage Portal
GetAnISP.com ISP Directory (US)
High-Speed Services for Internet Access: Status as of December 31, 2005 (FCC Industry Analysis and Technological Division, Wireline Competition Bureau, Washington, DC, Jul 2006) PDF
Home Internet Providers (Vina Hinton, US_
HomeSchool Family Network
The HotSpot Haven Wi-Fi Hotspots Directory
(Noah Rosenblatt et al., HotSpot Wireless)
How Will the Fight over Public ISPs and Net Neutrality Play Out? (Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American, 18 Feb 2015)
HTTrack Website Copier - Offline Browser (FW, Xavier Roche et al., Caen, France)
The Importance of the Internet and Public Support for Network Neutrality: National Survey Results (Mark Cooper & Ben Scott, Consumer Federation of America, Jan 2006) PDF
Information Access Challenges in the Blogspace (Gilad Mishne, International Workshop on Intelligent Information Access, 2006) PDF
International E-Mail Accessibility - World Map
(Olivier M. J. Crepin-Leblond)

Internet Access in the UK (National Statistics Online, 23 Aug 2006)
Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms: 1994-2000
(Anne Cattagni & Elizabeth Farris, NCES, 9 May 2001)
Internet Access in U.S. Public Schools and Classrooms: 1994-2001
(Anne Kleiner & Elizabeth Farris, NCES, 17 Sep 2002)
Internet Access Providers Around the World
(NetAccess Worldwide, Benoit Lips et al.)
The Internet Alliance (Industry Trade Association)
Internet Connection Speedometer (McAfee Security)
Internet Connection Testing Center (Computers4SURE Speed Test)
Internet Research -- Matrix.net
Internet Access Providers Free Access Meta-List (B. J. Herbison)
Internet Access Providers Meta-List (B. J. Herbison)
Internet Access -- A Right? A Privilege? (The Progress Report)
Internet Service Providers - A Global View (Gábor Szabó)
Internet Service Providers Resources (Jeff MacKie-Mason)
Internet Weather Report (Jon S. Stevens)

ISP-Planet - Resources and Information for ISPs and Internet Access Providers (Ted Stevenson et al., Darien, Connecticut)
ISP Resources Channel (Internet.com)
JiWire.com - Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder, Product Reviews, and Industry News
Keeping the Internet Neutral?: Christopher S. Yoo and Timothy Wu Debate (Christopher Yoo & Tim Wu, Vanderbilt Public Law Research Paper, 28 Dec 2006)
The List -- The Definitive ISP Buyer's Guide
Local Access Pricing and E-Commerce (OECD)
Locale Website Archive (Martin Aignesberger, Attnang-Puchheim, Austria)
Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality (Tim Berners-Lee, Scientific American 303:6:80-85, Dec 2010; posted 22 Nov 2010)
MIDS Internet Weather Report (IWR)
-- Canada
Modem Speed Test Page
MSN Internet Speed Test
The Myth of Network Neutrality and What We Should Do About It (Robert W. Hahn & Robert E. Litan, AEI-Brookings Joint Center, Washington, DC, Nov 2006) PDF
myWIFIzone Hotspot Management Software for Windows
The Net @ Risk (Bill Moyers, Moyers on America, PBS, 18 Oct 2006)
Net Neutrality: Background and Issues (Angele A. Gilroy, CRS Report for Congress, 22 Dec 2006) PDF
"Net Neutrality," Non-Discrimination and Digital Distribution of Content Through the Internet (Nicholas Economides, Net Institute, Mar 2007) PDF
Network Neutrality and Industry Structure (George S. Ford et al., Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Policy Studies, Apr 2006) PDF
NetZero Free Internet Access
The Never-Was-Neutral Net and Why Informed End Users Can End the Net Neutrality Debates (Douglas A. Hass, Social Science Research Network, 15 Jan 2007)
The Next Generation of Access: OpenURL and Metasearch
(NISO Workshops, Washington, DC, 29-30 Oct 2003)
NGEN - New Generation Education Network
Older adults and internet use (Kathryn Zickuhr & Mary Madden, Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 6 Jun 2012)
Optimum Online Speed Check
Providers of Commercial Internet Access (POCIA)
ProxyTrack (HTTrack Website Copier)
PURLs - Persistent Uniform Resource Locators
(OCLC Research)

Russ Haynal's ISP Page
Slouching Towards Mediocrity: Unintended Consequences of Net Neutrality Regulation (Robert E. Litan & Hal J. Singer, Social Science Research Network, 1 Nov 2006)
Speed Test (Bandwidth Place)
Survey of International INTERNET Connectivity
(Anthony Villasenor)
Technology Liberation Front (Sonia Arrison et al.)
TeleTruth: Alliance for Customers' Telecommunications Rights
(New Networks Institute, New York)
Tor: Anonymity and Access to Services Despite Censorship (Paul Syverson et al., EDUCAUSE Live!, 10 Jul 2007)
Totally Free Internet Service from BlueLight.com
-- Local Access Numbers
The UC Berkeley/Stanford Recovery-Oriented Computing (ROC) Project
UK Online Centres (Ufi)
UltraList: The ISP List of Lists
Understanding the Audience: Research Study Conducted for the Common Information (CIE) Group (MORI Social Research Institute, 17 Jan 2005) PDF
Universal Service Administrative Company (US)
USIIA Home Page (US Internet Industry Association)
U.S. Impact Studies (University of Washington Information School)
Voice over Internet Protocol (International Engineering Consortium)
Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (U.S. Federal Communications Commission)
VoIPWatch.com - Voice Over Internet Protocol Watch (Jeff Pulver et al.)
Washington Internet Project (Internet Telecom Project, Arlington, Virginia)
Webaroo (Rakesh Mathur et al., Sunnyvale, California)
Web ProForum Tutorial: Internet Access (IEC)
Web ProForum Tutorials: Broadband Access and Services
WiFi411 - Global Online WiFi HotSpot Location Directory
Wireless Internet Access (Data Memo by John Horrigan, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 25 Feb 2007) PDF
Wireless Technology and Spectrum Demand: Advanced Wireless Services (Linda K. Moore, CRS Report for Congress, 20 Jan 2006) PDF
Wireless Internet Use (John Horrigan, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 22 Jul 2009)
WLANA Wireless LAN Association (US)
WomensNet.Net Full Service ISP & Internet Portal
YourSpeed (J. C. Kessels)
ZDNet 1997 ISP Survey: Rating the Top Internet Service Providers
Zeal.com - Internet - Service Providers (ISPs)

See also Broadband, The Digital Divide, Freedom of Expression and Access, Home Connectivity and Electronics, Internet Connectivity, Networking and Development (above), and Telecommunity (Canada)

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