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DESCRIPTION: The fourth of six pages on Education (which together conclude twelve pages of internet-based resources on Man, one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in higher education and issues in education (including the history and philosophy of education). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in the social sciences in general (including anthropology and human evolution), the study of human culture and society (including traditions), the study of language and sociology (including population and demography), political science and economics, social and economic policy and development, the humanities, and to other resources in education (general and literacy; primary and secondary education, and student resources; teacher resources, distance learning and homeschooling, and special education; technology in education; education and the internet).

KEYWORDS: higher education; post-secondary education; college; university; history of education; philosophy of education; character education

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  1. Social Sciences
    Social Science Education
    Human Evolution

  2. Human Culture and Society
    First Peoples
    Political Science
    Policy and Development

  3. Humanities

  4. Education
    Primary and Secondary Education
    Student Resources
    Teacher Resources
    Distance Learning & Homeschooling
    Special Education
    Higher Education
    Issues in Education
    Technology in Education
    Education and the Internet

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Primary & Secondary Education
Student Resources
Teacher Resources
Distance Learning & Homeschooling
Special Education
Higher Education
Issues in Education
Technology in Education
Education and the Internet
Critical Thinking


Higher Education -- College and University

AAHE: The American Association for Higher Education
Academe Online
Academia.edu (Richard Price, Oxford)
Academicbots (BotSpot)
-- Academic Bots Search
Academic Careers Online
Academic Conferences International
The Academic Culture and the IT Culture: Their Effect on Teaching and Scholarship (Edward L. Ayers, EDUCAUSE Review 39:6:48-62, Nov-Dec 2004)
Academic Earth (Richard Ludlow et al.)
Academic Exchange Quarterly (Rapid Intellect Group)
Academici: The Virtual Academy (UK)
Academic Web Logs (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
AcademyOne Navigating Education (David K. Moldoff et al., West Chester, Pennyslvania)
@cademyonline (International Association for Management Education)
ACEnet | American Council on Education (David Ward et al.)
Accreditation Fraud, Abuse, and Related Problems
(U.S. Network for Education Information)
Accredited U.S. and Canadian Colleges and Universities
(Information Please)
The African Virtual University (United Nations)
AfterHigh (ThinkQuest)
AHERO | African Higher Education Research Online (Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of the Western Cape, South Africa)
All About College
American Association of University Professors
AnyCollege.com College Search Engine (US)

A+ College Financial Planning (Shelly R. Plumb et al.)
Apply4Admissions.com College Admissions & Financial Aid
Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication: An Exploration of Faculty Values and Needs in Seven Disciplines (Diane Harley et al., Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley, Jan 2010)
Association of American Colleges and Universities
Association of American Universities (Washington, DC)
Back to College: Resources for Re-entry Students
The Big Blue: Information Skills for Students
(Final Report, Jul 2002)
The Black Collegian Online - Career Site for Students and Professionals of Color
BrainMass - 24/7 Academic Help
Braintrack University Index
British Canadian International Education (Cliff Dedynski & Nazmina, UK)
British Higher Education (Study Overseas Ltd., UK)
Business Schools & Colleges (Florian Linke)
BusinessSchools.com - The Business School & Program Directory
Buzzle.com Education and Higher Learning
Campus & Online Learning (Kaplan Higher Education)
CampusHealthandSafety.org (EDC Center for College Health and Safety, Newton, Massachusetts)
Campus Program: University and College Resources
CampusTours: Virtual College Tours
Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation
The Canadian Federation of Students
Canadian Universities Index Map
Canadian University Info (Info Guide)

Career Education Advisor
Career Education: Business, Fashion, Technology, and Art Institutes
Career.edu Job board for the academic and research community
CareerJournal.com (The Wall Street Journal)
CASA | Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (Ottawa)
CAUT | Canadian Association of University Teachers
The Center for All Collegiate Information
Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis (Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California)
Center for Higher Education Policy Studies
(University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Center for International Higher Education
(dir. Philip G. Altbach, Boston College)
Center for Studies in Higher Education (University of California at Berkeley)
CHEA Database of Institutions Accredited By Recognized United States Accrediting Organizations (Council for Higher Education Accreditation)
The Chronicle of Higher Education
College and University Feed Directory (Peterson's, Lawrenceville, New Jersey)
College and University Home Pages - Alphabetical Listing
(James Forest, Higher Education Resource Hub)
College and University Research & Reference Page
College and University Search - Degree and College Searches Online
The College Board
CollegeConfidential.com College Admissions, Search, and Financial Aid (US)
CollegeEdge Home Page (SNAP)
College Finder: College Search Engine
CollegeGathering.com, a Student Guide...
CollegeHints.com Online Education & Distance Learning
FRONTLINE: College, Inc. (John Maggio & Martin Smith et al., PBS, 4 May 2010)
College Is Possible (American Council on Education)
College Journal (The Wall Street Journal)
College Navigator (US National Center for Education Statistics)
CollegeNET - Online College Applications and Free Financial Aid Search
College News Online
College Open Textbooks (Foothill Global Access, Los Altos Hills, California)
College Opportunities On-Line (COOL), Electronic Directory of Postsecondary Institutions (IPEDS)

CollegePrep-101: Helping Students Prepare for College
College Profiles
CollegeRecruiter.com (Steven Rothberg et al.)
College Results Online (The Education Trust, Washington, DC)
Colleges and Schools -- Education-Portal.com (Aurelian Turcesco, Folsom)
Colleges, College Scholarships and Financial Aid Page
(Dan Rosenfield, American Educational Guidance Center)
College Search, College Tours at CollegeSurfing.com
CollegeSearchEngine.net (Kansas City, Missouri)
CollegeSource - College Catalogs Online
CollegeStudent.com: Your Local Online Campus Community
College Student Life (Karen Hart)
College Student Survival Guide
Confronting the Evolving Safety and Security Challenge at Colleges and Universities (Oren R. Griffin, Pierce Law Review 5(3):413-32, Apr 2007) PDF
Continuing Education (RAND)
Council of American Overseas Research Centers (Washington, DC)
Council on Undergraduate Research (Washington, DC)
The Course Source (UK)
CQ Home Page (The College Quarterly)
CUP.ca - Canadian University Press
The Debt-Free Graduate - Financial Advice for Students
(Murray Baker, Vancouver, B.C.)
DegreeDirectory.org (Aurelian Turcescu, Folsom)
Destination University (Samanthi Jayatileke)

DfES Higher Education Gateway (UK Department for Education and Skills)
Directory of Technical Colleges & Vocational Tech Schools (US)
Direct Textbook | Find Cheap New & Used College Textbooks
(Salem, Oregon)
Diversity University Collaboratory (Educational CyberPlayGround)
DiversityWeb - A Resource Hub for Higher Education
(Association of American Colleges & Universities)
Doceo | Angles on Learning and Teaching at College, University and Professional Levels (James S. Atherton)
Doctorate Degree Programs | PhD Admissions (UK)
Dr. Mom's Guide to College (Kerry S. Kilburn)
Ed-Cast: The Higher Education Podcast Repository (Margaret Maag & Ray Schroeder et al., University of Illinois at Springfield)
Educating for a Complex World: Integrative Learning and Interdisciplinary Studies (William H. Newell, Liberal Education 96:4, Fall 2010)
Educating Your Children: Life Planner (Quicken.ca)
Education and Higher Learning: Teaching Methods and Theories (Buzzle.com)
Education Online Search -- An Online Directory Of Career Education, College, School, and University Info (US and Canada, ed. Darren Fisher)
Education Planner (American Education Services, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
Educations.com - Find your education abroad (Stockholm)
Education under attack: A global study on targeted political and military violence against education staff, students, teachers, union and government officials, and institutions (Brendan O'Mally, UNESCO, 27 Apr 2007) PDF
The EduResources Portal -- A Gateway to Higher Education Instructional Resources
EduResources Weblog -- Higher Education Resources Online
EThOS: Electronic Theses Online Service (British Library)
European Association for International Education (Amsterdam)
European Centre for Higher Education (UNESCO, Bucharest)
Europe Unit (UK)
Exchange (UK)
FastWeb Scholarship and College Searches
FinAid! The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid (Mark Kantrowitz)
Financing Higher Education (KnowledgeFirst)
FIRE - Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (Philadelphia)
FORA.tv - Videos Covering Today's Top Social, Political, and Tech Issues (Brian Gruber et al., San Francisco)
The Forum for the Future of Higher Education (EDUCAUSE)
Framing New Terrain: Older Adults and Higher Education (American Council on Education, 10 Oct 2007) PDF
-- New Report Explores Ways to Expand Postsecondary Access for Older Adults (ACE Press Release, 15 Oct 2007)
FreSch! The Free Scholarship Search Service (Laura DiFiore)
Frizzy University Network (FUN) Home Page
The Futures Project: Policy for Higher Education in a Changing World
Gap Year (Gordon James Bennell)
Get Recruited by Colleges and Universities (Dan Rosenfield et al., American Educational Guidance Center)
The Global Campus: A Collection of Resources for Learning and Teaching

The Global State of Higher Education and the Rise of Private Finance (Ryan Hahn, Institute for Higher Education, Washington, DC, 7 Aug 2007) PDF
GradSource.com | Graduate School and Grad Studies Program Information (EI Group, Victoria, BC)
Graduate Planet (UK)
GraduateResumes.com (Steven Zussino)
Graduate School Information (Education Directories Unlimited)
Great Teaching (University of Toronto)
Guaranteed Scholarships and Financial Aid (Susan E. Lawrence, American Educational Guidance Center)
The HEATH Resource Center: The National Clearinghouse on Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities (American Council on Education)
Helping Teens Succeed (Deborah Insel et al.)
HERO Higher Education & Research Opportunities in the United Kingdom
HESA | Higher Education Statistics Agency (UK)
HigherEdInfo.org (US National Information Center for Higher Education Policymaking and Analysis)
HigherEdJobs.com (Chicago, Illinois)
Higher Education (CBC News In Depth)
Higher Education (NISS Directory of Networked Resources)
The Higher Education Academy (UK)
Higher Education Research Institute
(University of California, Los Angeles)
Higher Education Resource Hub (James Forest)
The History of the Ideas of a University (David Dowling et al., University of Northern British Columbia)
How Religious Are America's College and University Professors? (Neil Gross & Solon Simmons, Harvard University, 5 Oct 2006) PDF
The Ideas of a University: Questions List (UNBC)
iMahal: The Portal for Success and Learning
Impact of Transformative Interdisciplinary Research Graduate Education (IGERT) - Workshop Report (US National Science Foundation, May 2008
The Impending Demise of the University (Don Tapscott, Edge, 2009)
The Influence of Academic Values on Scholarly Publication and Communication Practices (Diane Harley et al., Center for Studies in Higher Education, University of California at Berkeley, Sep 2006)
Inside Higher Ed (Kathlene Collins et al.)
The Institute for Higher Education Policy (Washington, DC)
The Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (UK)

Interdisciplinary Research (Division of Research, Wayne University, Detroit, Michigan)
International Association of Universities (UNESCO)
Internet University Online Campus
IPEDS | Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
(US National Center for Education Statistics)
The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (New York)
JustColleges.com - The Complete College Portal
The Knowledge Economy and Postsecondary Education: Report of a Workshop (ed. Patricia A. Graham & Nevzer Stacey, NRC Center for Education, 3 Dec 2001)
League for Innovation in the Community College
(Mission Viejo, California)
LearnHigher - Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
(Liverpool Hope University College)
The Learning Alliance for Higher Education (Robert Zemsky et al., West Chester, Pennsylvania)
Learning Communities and Student Success in Postsecondary Education: A Background Paper (Derek V. Price & Malisa Lee, MDRC, Dec 2005) PDF
Learning Index (James S. Atherton)
Learning Network: Doorway to the Virtual U Campus
Learning Without Limits: An Agenda for the Office of Postsecondary Education (U.S. Dept. of Education)
Lecturesonline.org (Joshua Kim)
Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific (United World Colleges)
-- Pearson Magic Forum
Liberal Education (Association of American Colleges and Universities)
Liberal Education Resources (Association of American Colleges and Universities)
Library Services: What Every New Graduate Student Should Know (Lehigh University Libraries)
Lingua Franca: The Review of Academic Life
LTSN Learning and Teaching Support Network (UK)
Managing the Internationalisation of Post-Secondary Education (OECD/Norway Forum on Trade in Educational Services, 3-4 Nov 2003)
Match College - College Search and Degree Information (Koko Mouchian, US)
Measuring Up | The National Report Card on Higher Education (National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, San Jose, California)
Mendeley | Academic software for research papers
MIR FacultyOnline (Monument Information Resource)
My College Guide (Cynthia Klenke)

NAICU - National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (Washington, DC)
National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (Washington, DC)
National Campus Compact (US)
The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education (US)
National Clearinghouse on Academic Worklife (University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women)
National Institute on Postsecondary Education, Libraries, and Lifelong Learning (U.S. Department of Education)
National Learning Communities Project (US)
NCCTE - The National Centers for Career and Technical Education
(Ohio State University, Columbus)
Network for Cooperative Learning in Higher Education (Jim Cooper)
New Modes of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education, European Commission, Oct 2014) PDF
The New York Times -- College Times
Next Step Magazine: For High School Students Who Want More
NextStepU - College Planning
The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education
On-Line College Degree Programs
Online College Education Network - OCEN
Online Degree Directory (Education World)
Online Degrees
Online Degrees, Financial Aid, and Scholarships (Dan Rosenfield, Lafayette, Louisiana)
Online Distant Universities
OPE Campus Security Statistics Search Page
(Office of Postsecondary Education, USDEd)
Open Content and the Emerging Global Meta-University (Charles M. Vest, EDUCAUSE Review 41:3:18-30, May-Jun 2006)
OPE | Office of Postsecondary Education
(U.S. Department of Education)
Open Learning Agency (British Columbia)
Open Research Online (Open University)
The Open University (UK)
Partial List of Colleges and Universities on the Net
(Educational CyberPlayGround)
PEPNet: The Postsecondary Education Programs Network (US)
PHDforum.eu Index
Plan Ahead, the Online Magazine of the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)
Portals in Higher Education (Michael Looney & Peter Lyman, Educause Review, Jul-Aug 2000) PDF
Postsecondary Educational Institutions and Programs Accredited by Accrediting Agencies and State Approval Agencies Recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education (Office of Postsecondary Education, US Department of Education)
Preparing for the Revolution: Information Technology and the Future of the Research University (U.S. National Research Council, 2002)
The Princeton Review
Privatizing the University -- The New Tragedy of the Commons (James Robert Brown, Science 290(5497):1701, 1 Dec 2000)
Professors Who Blog (Andrew R. Cline, Rhetorica Network)
The Project on the Future of Higher Education
Pronetos | Professor's Network (Chris Blanchard et al., Albion, Idaho)
Quest University Canada (Squamish, British Columbia)
-- Library

Rapid Intellect Group
RDN - The Resource Discovery Network
Reclaiming the Legacy: In Defense of Liberal Education
(Denis Doyle, CBE, May 2000)
Reducing Inequality in Higher Education: Where do We Go From Here? (Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Cornell Higher Education Research Institute, 14 Sep 2005) PDF
Resources for Graduate Students (Robert S. Butters)
The Sakai Project (Joseph Hardin et al.)
Scholarships.com: Free College Scholarship Search & Financial Aid Information (Highland Park, Illinois)
ScholarStuff.com - Higher Education (John Hammell)
Scholar Universe (San Diego)
SchoolSoup: Scholarships, Colleges, Student Loans and Financial Aids (US)
Search For Schools, Colleges and Libraries
(US Nat'l Center for Education Statistics)
The Semester - Study Tips for College Students
SmartSchoolFinder.com (US)
Society for Values in Higher Education (Portland State University, Portland, Oregon)
Spirituality in Higher Education: A National Study of College Students' Search for Meaning and Purpose (Alexander & Helen S. Astin et al., University of California at Los Angeles)
SRN Express (Scholarship Resource Network)
State Colleges and Universities, American Association of
(AASCU, Washington, DC)
Student Achievement and University Classes: Effects of Attendance, Size, Peers, and Teachers (Pedro Martins & Ian Walker, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Dec 2006) PDF
Student Advantage: Academic Research Engine
Syllabus Technology for Higher Education
Teaching and Learning Online @ CSU, Sacramento
Theses Canada Portal (Library and Archives Canada)
Think Education (CASA)
Toward A Science of Learning (Diana Chapman Walsh, Views, Inside Higher Ed, 14 Feb 2011)
The UK Higher Education Archives Hub
U 101 College Search: Directory of Colleges, Universities, and Online Education in North America
The Union Institute: The Learner-Centered International University (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Universities and Colleges
United Kingdom Education
United World Colleges Home Page

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC): The Virtual University
(Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona)
Universities Worldwide: Homepage (Klaus Förster)
University Business (US)
University Channel (Princeton University)
University of the People (UN Alliance for Information and Communication Technology and Development)
University of Victoria On-line Community
UnivSource.com | Higher Education in the United States of America & Canada
UniXL Online University Education (Peter Fiasco)
URMA | Magazines (University Research Magazine Association)
U.S.News Colleges and Careers Center (.edu)
US Universities
Virtual U
Vocational Schools - Business, Trade and Technical (US, ed. Brian Chang)
The "Weariness of the Flesh": Reflections on the Life of the Mind in an Era of Abundance (Paul B. Gandel et al., EDUCAUSE Review 39:2:40-51, Mar-Apr 2004)
Weblogs in Higher Education (Ken Smith, Indiana University)
WebGURU: Guide for Undergraduate Research (NSF/Northeastern University)
Web Portals and Higher Education: Technologies to Make IT Personal
(Richard N. Katz and Associates, 2002)
White Paper on University Governance
(University of Oxford, 1 Jun 2006)
Why Professors Believe Weird Things: Sex, Race, and the Trials of the New Left (Norman Levitt, Skeptic 6.3 (1998); repr eSkeptic 8 Jan 2014)
Wide Open Education (OEDb, Honolulu)
Wingspread Declaration on Religion and Public Life: Engaging Higher Education (Society for Values in Higher Education, 5 May 2006) PDF
Women In Higher Education
World University Rankings 2011-2012 (Times Higher Education)
World University Service Homepage
World University Service of Canada
Worldwide Universities Network (WUN)
Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation
(S. Joseph Levine)
Yahoo! Higher Education

See also Academic Libraries, Critical Thinking, and Women and Learning


Issues in Education

The AIB/NCSE Evolution List Server Network
Americans' Views of Political Bias in the Academy and Academic Freedom (Neil Gross & Solon Simons, American Association of University Professors, 22 May 2006) PDF
The Bridge Project: Strengthening K-16 Transition Policies
CACE - Center for the Analysis of Commercialism in Education
Cafe Progressive: Education, Politics, Community, Resources
(J. Todd Chas)
Campaign For Learning (London)
The Canadian Learning Institute (International Reform Monitor)
The Center for Academic Integrity (Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University)
The Center for Commercial-Free Public Education
The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement (Washington, DC)
Center for Educational Priorities
The Center for Education Reform (Jeanne Allen et al.)
Center on Education Policy (US public school education)
Center on Reinventing Public Education (University of Washington)
CEPAN (Canadian Educational Policy and Information Network)
Character Development Group (Philip Fitch Vincent et al., Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
Character Education (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Character Education & Character Leadership Curriculum for High School (Joseph M. Hoedel, Williamston, Michigan)
Character Education at the Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character at Boston University
Character Education - Free Resources for Teachers
The Character Education Page (Craig A. Cunningham)
The Character Education Partnership (Washington, DC)
Character Education Resources
Choices for the 21st Century Education Project: A Program of the Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies at Brown University

Citizens For Educational Freedom (US)
Class Size and Student Achievement (Ronald G. Ehrenberg et al., Psychological Science in the Public Interest 2:2:1-30, May 2001) PDF
CollegeValues.org | Journal of College & Character
Commercialism in Education Research Unit
(Alex Molnar et al., Arizona State Univ)
Communities For Quality Education (Washington, DC)
Community of Caring
The Condition of Education (US National Center for Education Statistics)
Consortium for Policy Research in Education (US)
Critical Education Issues (California School Boards Association)
CSR Class Size Research Consortium (California)
Diversity University Collaboratory (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Educational Equity Center at AED (New York)
Education and Human Resources (OECD)
Education and Lifelong Learning (NII Virtual Library)
Education for All (UNESCO)
Education for All : Country Reports (The EFA 2000 Assessment)
Education Next: A Journal of Opinion and Research
(Hoover Institution, Stanford University)
Education Policy Analysis Archives (Arizona State Univ)
Education Reform and Computers: The Connection
(Andy Carvin, EdWeb)

Emerging Answers: Research Findings on Programs to Reduce Teen Pregnancy (Douglas Kirby, National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, 30 May 2001)
Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education
(ed. Paulo Ghiraldelli Jr & Michael A. Peters et al.)
The "Faculty Bias" Studies: Science or Propaganda? (John B. Lee, American Federation of Teachers, Nov 2006) PDF
From Knowledge to Wisdom: Assessment and Prospects after Three Decades (Nicholas Maxwell, Integral Review 9:2:76-112, 2013) PDF
-- Abstract (UCL Discovery)
The God decision: Is it wrong to teach children about God? (Michael Ruse, Aeon Magazine, 3 February 2014)
Guidelines for Teaching About Religion in K-12 Public Schools in the United States (Diane L. Moore et al., American Academy of Religion, Apr 2010) PDF
History of American Education Web Project (Robert N. Barger)
The History of Education Site (Henk van Setten, U Nijmegen)
The History of the Ideas of a University (David Dowling et al., UNBC)
The Ideas of a University: Questions List (UNBC)
In Character - A Journal of Everyday Virtues
(John Templeton Foundation)
The Institute for Higher Education Policy
International Center for Character Education
(University of San Diego)
International Journal for Educational Integrity (ed. Helen Marsden et al., University of South Australia, Adelaide)
The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
Internet Resources: Education Policy (CUL Lehman Library)
The Irascible Professor: Irreverent Commentary on the State of Education in America Today (Mark H. Shapiro)
Is the Academy a Liberal Hegemony?: The Political Orientations and Educational Values of Professors (John F. Zipp & Rudy Fenwick, Public Opinion Quarterly 70(3):304-26, Fall 2006)
Journal of Philosophy and History of Education
Jurassic Theology: The Education and Religion Page
(David Colquhoun, University College, London)
The Kindness Crewsade - Service Learning Project
Laws of Life Essay Contest (John Templeton Foundation)
The Learning Partnership (Toronto, Ontario)
Lifelong Learning and Human Capital (OECD Policy Brief, Jul 2007) PDF

MAINstream Coalition (Moderate Alliance of Informed Neighbors, Prairie Village, Kansas)
Making the university safe for intellectual life in the 21st century (Steve Fuller, University of Warwick)
Master of many trades: Anyone can learn to be a polymath (Robert Twigger, Aeon Magazine, 4 Nov 2013)
MAXIMize the Moment (Ethics Resource Center)
The Merrow Report on PBS and NPR (John Merrow)
Minority On-Line Information Service (MOLIS)
Multiculturalism & Diversity Education Training (National MultiCultural Institute, Washington, DC)
Multicultural Pavilion - Resources and Dialogues for Equity in Education (Paul C. Gorski)
National Coalition for Equity in Education (US)
NEA: Issues (US National Education Association)
Project Appleseed: The [US] National Campaign for Public School Improvement
Reclaiming the Legacy: In Defense of Liberal Education
(Denis Doyle, CBE, May 2000)
REfuel.org.uk | Religious Education in the Classroom
(Culham Institute, Oxford)
Religion and Public Schools (U.S. Department of Education)
Religious Education Online (UK)
RE online - Religious Education online (UK)
SCOPE Scientific Controversies On-Line: Partnerships in Education
Search Institute (Peter Benson et al., Minneapolis)
The Secular Homeschool Community
Short-Changing Our Future: America's Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish Approach to Supporting Tomorrow's Scientists (Michael J. Biercuk, Progressive Policy Institute, 10 Oct 2008) PDF
The Social and Political Views of American Professors (Neil Gross & Solon Simmons, Harvard University/George Mason University, 24 Sep 2007) PDF
Society for the Advancement of Excellence in Education
(Kelowna, British Columbia)
Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence (Search Institute)
A Teacher's Guide to Religion in the Public Schools
(Charles C. Haynes, First Amendment Center)
Teaching about Religion: Worldview Education
(Paul Geisert & Mynga Futrell)
The Textbook League (ed. William J. Bennetta)
A Travesty of an Education (Dana Hunter, Rosetta Stones, Scientific American Blog Network, 13 Mar 2014)
Treatment of Biological Evolution, Earth History, and Cosmology in State K-12 Science Standards (Lawrence S. Lerner, Actionbioscience.org, Oct 2000)
Values: Making Choices for Life (ThinkQuest)
The Virtues Project - Moral & Spiritual Development & Education
(Linda Kavelin Popov et al., Salt Spring Island, BC)
Why I am not canceling class tomorrow (Alexander Coward, ed. Ben Christopher, Cal Alumni Association, UC Berkeley, 21 Nov 2013)

See also Creationism, Critical Thinking, The Digital Divide, Freedom of Expression and Access, Humanities, and Science Education

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