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Navigating the Net, Wandering the Web

DESCRIPTION: The first of three pages comprising the "binnacle" of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources about the Internet in general, including starting points and guides. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources about the World-Wide Web in particular (including navigation tools and resource guides), and links to resources for finding and evaluating new sites.

KEYWORDS: internet; net; guide; cyberspace; global network; information retrieval; on-line access

Then the bowsprit got mixed with the rudder sometimes...

Lewis Carroll (The Hunting of the Snark)

Stopped and drifting, stopped and drifting,
The little red boat is stopped and drifting...

Felix, mate of the CCGS Quadra (Ocean Station Papa)
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Holding the Helm: The Internet

Starting Out
Travel Guides
Spinning in Cyberspace: The Web

Tools for Travelling: Maps and Metaphors
Into the Deeps: Internet Resources
The Farther Shore: Travellers' Tales

New Sites -- Primary Sources
Other Sources


Holding the Helm: The Internet

Starting Out
Travel Guides

Canadian Internet Project (Charles Zamaria & Fred Fletcher et al., Ryerson University, Toronto)
CIRA.ca - Canadian Internet Registration Authority
CMC Information Sources (The December List)
EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet - Table of Contents
First Monday
Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU)
Global Internet Policy Initiative (Center for Democracy and Technology)
Hypothes.is | The Internet, peer reviewed (Dan Whaley et al.)
IANA Home Page (The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority)
ICANN | Home Page (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
-- Accredited Registrars
IETF Home Page (The Internet Engineering Task Force)
-- IETF Journal
-- IESG (The Internet Engineering Steering Group)

Information About the Internet (AFCN)
International Journal of Internet Science (ed. Ulf-Dietrich Reips & Uwe Matzat et al.)
Inter-Links Internet Access (Rob Kabacoff)
Internet Architecture Board Home Page (ISOC)
Internet Learner's Page (Larry Schankman)
Internet Measurement Research Group (IMRG)
Internet News Weblog (Gwen Harris)
The Internet Report (IETF)
Internet Research Task Force (ISOC)
Internet Scout Project
-- UK Mirror
Internet Societal Task Force (ISOC)
The Internet Society (ISOC)
-- Discussion Groups
-- Local Chapters
-- ISOC Chapter News
-- Member Briefings
-- Members Section Login

Internet Software Consortium (ISC)
The Internet Studies Page (ANU)
Internet Technical Group (Sandia National Laboratories)
Interplanetary Internet (SpaceRef)
IPN - InterPlaNetary Internet Project (Internet Society)
Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency (NCDNHC)
PFIR - People For Internet Responsibility
Public Interest Registry
Request for Comments (RFC) Editor Homepage
Search Internet (Internet Sleuth)
Webnames.ca (John Demco et al.)
Web Science: Studying the Internet to Protect Our Future (Nigel Shadbolt & Tim Berners-Lee, 'Web Science Emerges,' Scientific American 299:4:76, Oct 2008)
What is the Internet, Anyway?
(John S. Quatermain & Smoot Carl-Mitchell, MIDS)
WIPO Internet Domain Study
World Internet Project (Sweden)

See also Internet Connectivity, Telecommunity, and Women and the Internet

About - Internet/Online
Alan Sondheim: Internet Philosophy and Psychology
All About The Internet: Code of Conduct (ISOC)
AntiNet Archive - Critical Views of the Net (Blake Ferris)
An Atlas of Cyberspaces (Martin Dodge)
-- European Mirror
The attention economy: What is the real cost of your online attention? (Tom Chatfield, Aeon Magazine, 7 Oct 2013)
Avoiding Information Overload: Knowledge Management on the Internet
(Adam Bostock, UK Joint Information Systems Committee, Jun 2002)
The Bergen County Internet Tutor (Jay Gerard)
The Berkman Center for Internet & Society
(Harvard Law School)
Budapest Open Access Initiative (Open Society Institute)
Buzzle.com Computers and the Internet
The Center for the Digital Future (Jeffrey I. Cole et al., USC Annenberg)
Center for Internet Studies (University of Washington)
CompletePlanet - Directory Internet
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia (ed. Brent Baccala)
Cybermind: An Electronic Mailing List about Cyberspace
CyberSmartNow - Internet Glossary (Ruben Flores)
Cyberspace: Its Impact on the Conventional Way of Doing and Thinking About Research (Delroy L. Cornick)

Digital Librarian: Internet
EIF Online | European Internet Federation
End of Paying for Information on the Net? (Knowledge@Emory, 10 Oct 2007)
Evaluation of the New gTLDs: Policy and Legal Issues
(ICANN, 10 Jul 2004)
Facts & Stats on the Internet Economy
(Cisco Systems Government Affairs)
First Monday: Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet
(ed. Edward J. Valauskas et al., Denmark)
The Future of the Internet (Susannah Fox et al., Pew Internet & American Life Project, 9 Jan 2005)
The Future of the Internet II (Janna Anderson & Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 24 Sep 2006)
The Future of the Internet III (Lee Rainie & Janna Anderson, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 14 Dec 2008)
-- The World In 2020: The Mobile Device Will Be The Primary Connection Tool To The Internet (Mobile Libraries, 27 Jul 2009)
Geniusfind Computers and Internet
The Geography of Cyberspace Directory (Martin Dodge)
-- European Mirror
Geometry.net | Internet
Getting Serious Online (Pew Internet & American Life Project, 3 Mar 2002)
Glossary of Internet Terms
Hobbes' Internet World (Robert H'obbes' Zakon)
Internet - How Much Information? (Peter Lyman & Hal R. Varian, et al.)
ICONnect - FamiliesConnect - The Cybersite for Parents & Kids
iDay - International Internet Day
I2T: Internet Information Technologies (Jason R. Fink)

INCORE - Internet Content Rating for Europe
INET 2000 Proceedings (Internet Society)
INET 2002 (Arlington, 18-21 Jun 2002)
INET/IGC 2004, Strengthening the Internet: Building an Open and Trusted Internet (Barcelona, 10-14 May 2004)
Inside the Internet Home Page
Internet (The English Server)
The Internet (Oxford LAS)
Internet (PowerLinks)
Internet (ResearchIndex)
Internet (Ron MacKinnon)
Internet (UCSB InfoSurf)
Internet (UCSD)
The Internet (Whole Internet Catalog)
Internet (Yahoo)

The Internet and Daily Life (Deborah Fallows, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 11 Aug 2004) PDF
Internet and Networking (Galaxy)
The Internet as an Academic Research Tool
(Oliver Baptiste et al., Sept. 1996)
The Internet as a Research Tool: Dispelling the Myths
(14th Computers and Writing Conference, May 1998)
Internet Content Rating Association
Internet.Designerz.com Internet Intelligence
The Internet Dictionary Project (Tyler Chambers)
Internet Domain Survey (Internet Software Consortium)
The Internet Economy Indicators
-- Measuring the Internet Economy (Andrew Whinston et al., Jan 2001) PDF
Internet Experts (Marcus P. Zillman)
The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms (Howard S. Hoffman)
Internet Home Index Page (Education CyberPlayGround)
The Internet Index Home Page (Win Tresse)
Internet Information (University at Albany Libraries)
Internet Information Center (US National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
The Internet Information Desk (Groton Public Schools)
The Internet: Is It Changing the Way Canadians Spend Their Time?
(Ben Veenhof, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Aug 2006)

Internet Links (Erik Max Francis)
Internet Terms Dictionary
Internet Issues and Training Links (Microfusion, Australia)
Internet Navigation and the Domain Name System (Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC)
Internet Now!
Internet: An Overview of Key Technology Policy Issues Affecting Its Use and Growth (Marcia S. Smith et al., U.S. Library of Congress Congressional Research Service, 13 Apr 2005) PDF
Internet Related Databases @ Internets
Internet Research -- Matrix.net
Internet Resources (US National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
The Internet's Growing Role in Life's Major Moments (John Horrigan & Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 19 Apr 2006) PDF
Internet Trends (Tony Rutkowski)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Internet
Is the Future of the Internet the Future of Knowledge? (Webcast of panel discussion with Lawrence M. Sanger & Andrew Keen, Oxford Internet Institute, 27 May 2008)
ISOC Geneva
It's all about the Internet (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Internet Topics
Life Online: Teens and technology and the world to come (Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 23 Mar 2006) PDF

LinkMaster Search: INTERNET
Links2Go: Internet
LivingInternet.com (Bill Stewart)
Matisse's Glossary of Internet Terms (Matisse Enzer)
The mentality of Homo interneticus (Michael H. Goldhaber, First Monday 9:6, 7 Jun 2004)
NetAction Internet Resources
The Net - Internet News (John Walker, Hamilton, Ontario)
Online Information Exhibition and Conference (London)
-- Online Information Blog
ONLINE Insider (Marydee Ojala)
Open Directory - Computers: Internet
Overture Research
Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford)
Pew Internet and American Life Project
The Psychology of Cyberspace (John Suler)
Public Interest Registry (Edward G. Viltz et al., Reston, Virginia)
Research Central : About the Internet (Amer Neely)

Resource Central - Internet Resources
RSACi (Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet)
Second Int'l Harvard Conference on Internet & Society (26-29 May 1998)
SelectSurf -- Internet
Signposts in Cyberspace: The Domain Name System and Internet Navigation (Roger Levien et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 31 Mar 2005)
Slider Search - Internet
Trouble on the Internet (David L. Margulius, InfoWorld 46:40-48, 24 Nov 2003) PDF
UCLA World Internet Report (UCLA Center for Communication Policy)
United States Internet Council (USIC, Washington, DC)
WebGEMS: Internet
Weblinks / Internet (Sheffield College)
WebNet Journal: Internet Technologies, Applications & Issues
What good is information?: The problem with too much information (Dougald Hine, Aeon Magazine, 6 Mar 2014)
What Is...A Tour (How the Internet Works)
Why the Internet is the way it is (and why it will be very different in ten years) (webcast by David Clark, Oxford University, 28 Apr 2006)
The World of Data We're Creating on the Internet (GOOD Infographic, 11 Oct 2010)
Yahoo! Research Labs (Gary Flake et al.)
Zeal.com - Internet & Computers- Internet

See also History of the Internet, Telecommunity (Global), Timelines, and The World-Wide Web


Starting Out

Internet Help

All About The Internet - A Weekly Column for Beginners
(Konrad Roeder)
Andy's Internet Primer for Journalists (Andy Riga)
Becoming WebWise (BBC)
Beginners Central
Beginners' Central, a Users Guide to the Intenet
Beginners.co.uk Tutorials (Visualsoft UK)
The Beginner's Guide to the Internet (Patrick J. Suarez) $
A Beginner's Guide to URLs (NCSA)
Best Information on the Net - Internet Training (O'Keefe Library)
Coaching Kids for the Internet (Gail Junion-Metz & Ray E. Metz)
CompletePlanet - Internet Tutorials
Computer Training Tutorials: Lessons on Using Computers and the Web (Chris Rippel)
Concow Computer Chronicles

The Crest Internet Index
CyberSmart! Curriculum
CyberStrategy Initiative: Empowering Citizens through the Web
(John Pike, Federation of American Scientists)
CyberU - Internet Basics (Southern Regional High School)
The Daily Internet Word
Dave's Beginners Guide to the Internet (Dave Kristula)
Explore the Internet (Shaun D. Black)
Explore the Internet Now (Larry Schankman)
Family Adventures on the Internet (Lisa Toulon, LT Technologies)
FAQ Finder: Internet (Frequently Asked Questions)
FAQs by Category: Internet (Oxford LAS)

FAQs by Category: News-Answers (Oxford LAS)
Gateway to the Internet (UIowa)
Getting Started on the Internet (Gene Gotimer, PortInfo)
Getting Started on the Web
Homo Ludens (Rob van Son)
ICONnect (American Library Association)
-- Online Courses
I C You See
Information for New and Home Users (CERT Coordination Center)
The Internet (CSU Computer Competence)
Internet-101: The Television Show (Marcus P. Zillman)

Internet Basics (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)
Internet DEN (Digital Education Network)
Internet Exploration Starting Points
Internet for Beginners (Jessica Spinosa, BellaOnline)
Internet for Beginners - Home Page (Gwen Schertel, About.com)
Internet Hot Links (MCLI)
Internet Information Center
Internet Instructor (Sue Welsh, RDN)
Internet Newbies Help, Info, Assistance (Experts Exchange)
The Internet Pearls Index

Internet Points-of-Interest
Internet Tour (Global Village)
Internet Tutorials (Laura Cohen)
Internet Tutorial - What Is the Internet?
Introduction to the Internet (ANU)
Introduction to the Internet (Hitmill.com)
Introduction to the Internet (U of Michigan)
Introduction to the Internet for Teachers (Nicole Yankelovich)
K.I.D.S. (Kids Identifying and Discovering Sites)
-- Scout Mirror
Learning with the World (Tom March)
LearnItOnline Home Page (ZDNet) $

Learn the Net (Julian Sher, JournalismNet)
Learn the Net: An Internet Guide and Tutorial
Links to Learning
Make the Link Workshop (Thomas P. Copley)
The ModemJunkie's Portal (Leonard Grossman)
NASA's Internet Tutorial
Nerds 2.0.1 (Andrew Adamson, EXN.ca)
Newbie Central (Nancy Moy)
Newbie Dome - Beginner's Guide to the Internet...
Newbie Information

Newbie Service of ISOC Geneva : Home Page
Newbie No More
Newbie dot Org
Newbies Anonymous: A Newcomer's Guide to the Internet
Newbie Service of ISOC Geneva : Home Page
Newbie's Guide Home Page
Newbie-U: New User University
Online Education via Tramline Tours (Kim Foley)
RoadMap Internet Tutorial (Patrick Crispen)
Rob's Tutorial & Links For Newbies
Self-Paced Internet Tutorial

The Source: Big Wide World Connections (Mary Long)
The Starting Line (Tom Smerk)
Starting Points (Larry Schankman)
Start Squad Kids' Portal (State Library of North Carolina)
Surfing the Internet (John P. Oliver)
Surf School (Yahoo!)
Surf University
TechKnow (PBS Kids)
Telecom Internet Tutorial
Tune in the Net Workshop (Thomas P. Copley)

Understanding Computers and the Internet (Harvard Extension School's Computer Science E-1)
Unpacking "I Don't Want It" -- why novices and non-users don't use the Internet (R. Michelle Green, First Monday, Sep 2006)
Using and Understanding the Internet (PBS)
Walt Howe's Internet Learning Center
WebNovice Online Home Page (ed. J. T. Ebner)
The Web Starting Page
WebWise - The BBC's Beginner's Guide to the Internet
Welcome to the Web (Mark Warner, UK)
WiredGuide - A Beginner's Guide to Computing and the Internet
Yahoo! How-To: A Tutorial for Web Surfers
Yahoo! Internet Beginner's Guides
YIL: Surf School (Yahoo! Internet Life)
ZDNet: Quick Start 2000
Zeal.com - Internet - Beginner Information & Tutorials

See also Education and the Internet and The Farther Shore


Internet Help

Ask Dr. Internet (Pietro Di Miceli)
Ask the Surf Guru (Yahoo Internet Life)
Computer & Internet Help (Lawrence Goetz)
Computer Help (JournalismNet)
Experts Exchange
Folks Online
Getting Connected: Your Home and the Internet (BobVila.com)
Getting Started on the Internet (Help Web)
Heinemann Internet Help Subject Guide
Help Center (The-Inter.Net)
The Helpdesk on the Internet

The Internet?
Internet Help (University at Albany Libraries)
Internet Help (ZDNet)
Internet Help and Tips (Arthur Bouchard, Suite 101)
The Internet Help Desk (Amy L. Ward)
Internet Help Page (Bucks & Hunterdon Counties)
Internet Service Provider Help (CCI)
Internet Survival
KnowPost.com: Computers & Internet Channel
Life on the Internet: Quick Tips

NetHelp International $
Nettaxi Citizen Resource Center
Newbie Help Link (Netlinks)
Newbies & Nitwits (WebSeed)
Newbie-U's Web Stadium: Home of Web 101
Sympatico Help - Learn about the Internet
Using and Understanding the Internet: Beginners' Guide
(Life on the Internet, PBS Online Edition)
Using the Internet (SOFWeb Project)
World Wide Web Help Index (Lancaster University)
Yahoo! Help Central

See also Home Computing: Help and Technical Support


Travel Guides

A1 Internet Education
About the Internet (Heriot-Watt)
About-the-web Internet Guide (Garth Catterall-Heart)
Absolutely Internet!
Aether Madness: An Offbeat Guide to the Online World
The Amazing Internet Guide
The AT&T Learning Network Community Guide
The Busy Person's Guide to Internet
Caslon Analytics Guides
The Complete Internet Guide and Web Tutorial (Microsoft)
Country Net (Marty Gallanter )
Curling Up to Uniform Resource Locators (Eric S. Theise)

CyberTimes Navigator: A Selective Guide to the Internet
(Rich Meislin, New York Times)
Disney's Internet Guide (DIG)
Docuticker's GreyGuide (Gary Price et al., eds.)
Economist.com | Library | Internet Guide (The Economist)
The Essential Internet Online Home Page
Explore the Internet (Amdahl)
E-Z SURF Guide
First Pointers for a Women's Guide to the Internet (Michele Evard)
GHI - Info Center (Global Horizons International)
Guides and Tutorials (Inter-Links)

Guides, Research & FAQs (Neil Randall)
Guides to the Internet (Educational Online Sources)
Guides to the Internet (FIS, U of Toronto)
Guides to the Internet - Connecting Canadians
Guide to the Internet (EFF)
Guide to the Internet (Meng Wong)
Guide to Internet Information Sources for Australian Journalists
(Belinda Weaver, OzGuide)
Guiding Children Through Cyberspace -- URLs (Carolyn Caywood)
Henk's Internet Technology Pages (Henk Drenth)
How the Internet Works (Global Internet Policy Initiative)
Incredible Internet Guy (Ken Leebow)
Infopeople - How To (Guides)
InfoPlexx - The Internet Kiosk
The Internaut's Page

inSites - Internet (iGuide)
The Internet (LivingInternet)
Internet 101 (Impact Online)
Internet 101 (Phill Vanderschaegen)
Internet 101 (Scott Cottingham)
Internet and WWW (CTC K-12 Gateways)
Internet as Place (Margaret Riel)
Internet Connections | Guides to the Internet (McREL)
Internet Exploration Guide for Teachers
Internet Field Guide (Steve Foote)

The Internet for Teachers (Karen Walkowiak)
The Internet Glossary
Internet Guide (Government of Canada)
Internet Guide (MCI)
Internet Guide (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)
The Internet Guide (U of Toronto TIG Demo)
Internet Guides (Joe Barker, UC Berkeley Library Web)
Internet Guides (Neil Enns)
Internet Guides (UTLink)
Internet Guides: Introductory Documents/Tutorials

Internet Handouts (UT Austin)
Internet Indexes, Guides, Utilities, and Culture (Robert Teeter)
Internet Information (Planet Earth)
Internet Library Mellow Pages (Dale Copps)
Internet Manuals (Open Learning Agency)
Internet MiniGuides (Marcus P. Zillman)
Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers (George Cassutto)
Internet Reference Center (Laura Cohen)
Internet Reference Guide
Internet Tips and Tricks (John Makulowich)
Internet Trail Guide (Tom Giebel)

Internet Web Text: Guides to the Net (John December)
A Journalist's Guide to the Internet (Christopher Callahan)
JournoList: Using the Internet (John Morrish)
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - About the Internet and Graphics
Library and Internet Guides and Tutorials
(Bush Library, Hamline University)
Life on the Internet
-- PBS Online Edition
-- TV Schedule
Los Angeles Times Internet Academy
Lycos Internet Guide

Maggie's Guide to the Internet for the K-12 Community
Making the Best Use of Internet to Enhance Student Learning
(Frank Odasz)
Microsoft Library - General Internet Information
Navigating the Internet (Melissa Lee Price)
Navigating the Net: Frequently Asked Questions (Delphi)
Navigator: A Selective Guide to the Internet
(Rich Meislin, New York Times)
Nerd World : INTERNET
NetGuide: InternetGuide (Michelle Schoenung)
Netiquette Home Page

Netizens Netbook
NetLearn: Internet Learning Resources Directory
(Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen)
Netlinks Online Cyberspace Guide
Netscape Guide
The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette (Arlene Rinaldi)
Network User's Guide (ArtsEdge)
The New Athenaeum: Internet Resource Guides Developed by Libraries (Robert J. Tiess)
NiceKids.Net Internet and Computer Ethics
NSTA Webwatchers' Web Guides (US National Science Teachers Association)
Online Manuals: Internet (Nicholas Reynolds)
OTRiCS - On the Road in CyberSpace (Jon Newton)
The Parents' Guide to the Information Superhighway

Parents Guide to the Internet
Penn Library-Internet
Point Communications -- Internet
Polaris Internet Guide (Richard Beddingfield)
Research Central - User Guides (Amer Neely)
The ResPool Internet Guide (Robert J. Tiess)
STIMULUS: Internet 101
The Teacher and Student Guide to Netiquette (Joni Turville)
The Teachers' Internet Use Guide (Lorraine Sherry et al.)
Teachersweb Internet Guide
TeenSites.com - A Field Guide to the New Digital Landscape
(Center for Media Education, 2001)
Telecom Internet Tutorial - Advanced

TWIG - The Windows Internet Guide
UF Libraries: Navigating the Internet
UK Internet Guide
Unofficial Internet Book List
Useful Internet Guide
Using the Internet (Bowling Green)
Web ProForum Tutorials (International Engineering Consortium)
Webmonkey Guides: Net Nuts and Bolts
World Link (Linda C. Joseph)
WorldWide Guide to Internet
Xplore - A Guide to the Internet
Your Guide to the Internet (Southam NMC)

See also Internet Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes

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