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Gopher Space

Delving and Dwelling in Burrow and Branch

DESCRIPTION: This is the forecastle or gopher page of The Telson Spur.

KEYWORDS: Gopher; Jughead; Veronica

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  1. General

  2. Ground Gophers

  3. Tree Gophers

  4. Gopher Search: Archie's Friends



All the Gopher Servers in the World (UMN)
Canadian Gophers
EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet - Gophers and Friends
Floodgap Gopher
Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy
Gopher (John Goerzen)
Gopher (UCSD InfoPath)
Gopher Jewels
Gopher Jewels (Galaxy)

The Gopher Manifesto (Bjorn Karger)
Gopher Sites (Sandi Goldman)
Gopherspace (Oxford LAS)
Internet Now: Gopher Menu
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Gopher
Life on the Internet: Gopher (Berit Erickson)
-- PBS Online Guide
W&L Gopher (John Doyle)
-- What's New


Ground Gophers

Explore Internet Resources (W&L Gopher)
Internet Assistance
Internet Companion
Internet Cyberspace Related Gopher Jewels (Galaxy)
Internet Global NIS Gopher
Internet Outbound Gopher
Internet Society Gopher
Internet Teasers
Marvel Gopher (Library of Congress)
The Matrix (Information about the Global Networks)
The Matrix Gopher
Merit Gopher
MindVox Internet Help Collection
STIS Gopher
Tools for Internet Exploration
Venturing into the Internet
Wiretap Gopher


Tree Gophers

ANU Subject Gopher
BUBL Subject Tree Gopher
CIESIN InfoServer Gopher
Eurogopher Subject Tree (SUNET)
Gopher Jewels: A List of Gophers with Subject Trees (Galaxy)
Internet Resources by Topic (Mitch Sprague)
LC Marvel Subject Gopher
MSU Gopher Trees Gopher
Netlink Server (W&L Gopher)
RiceInfo Gopher

SUNet Subject Trees Gopher
TAMU Gopher (Browse Information by Subject)
UAB Interdex Gopher
UB2 Sources by Subject Gopher (Lund)
UCSB Resources by Subject Gopher
UCSC InfoSlug Gopher (The Researcher)
UMich Clearinghouse Gopher
USC Gophers by Subject
UT-LANIC Subject Access to Academic Resources
(Latin American Network Information Center)
UWaterloo Gopher


Gopher Search: Archie's Friends

Anonymous FTP (UIUC Gopher)
Anonymous FTP (UMN Gopher)
Archie (UCSD InfoPath Gopher)
Find Gopher Jewel Entries (Galaxy)
Finding Gopher Resources (W&L Gopher)
Gopher Jewels: Internet Resources by Type (Galaxy)
Gopher Searches (Internet Now)
Gopher Searching (Karen Campbell)
Jughead (U of Utah)
KnowAbout Search
Search Gopher Space (EINet)
Searching Gopherspace (Inter-Links)
Veronica (UCSD InfoPath)
Veronica (UNR Gopher Menu)

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