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The Way of the Spirit

DESCRIPTION: The fifth of fifteen pages on Values (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is one of two comprising a list of links to women's resources on-line. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to other resources related to the development of human rights and responsibilities (including civil rights, disability resources, ideology and political belief, and social justice), and to resources related to issues of security, public (peace and justice) and private (freedom).

KEYWORDS: authority; empowerment; freedom; girls; ideology; politics; power; rights; women; girls education; women and learning; women in science; women in technology; women in computing; women and the internet

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  1. Human Rights and Responsibilities
    Disability Resources
    Ideology and Political Belief
    Social Justice: Freedom and Security

  2. Hera: Women and Woman
    Mnemosyne: Women and Learning
    Athena: Women in Science and Technology
    Pronoia: Women in Computing
    Arachne: Women and the Internet

  3. Public Security
    Law and Justice
    Crime and Criminal Justice
    Corporate Crime and Accountability
    Civil Peace and Security
    Global Peace and Security
    International Law
    Global Trade Policy and Economic Security
    Space Policy and Security
    Intelligence and Security

  4. Freedom of Expression and Access
    Censorship and Free Speech
    Copyright and Intellectual Property
    Public Access and Private Security
    Hackers and Hacktivism
    Noise (Net Abuse, Junk Mail, and Spam)

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Women's Resources
Women and Learning
Women in Science and Technology
Women in Computing
Women and the Internet


Mnemosyne: Women and Learning

Prison should not frighten us. When you decide to be a writer, a scholar or an artist, you take on the burden of fighting for the word, for love and for beauty.
Alia Shuaib

American Association of University Women
-- The AAUW Report: How Schools Shortchange Girls (1992)
-- Links of Interest
Apparel Exports and Education: How Developing Nations Encourage Women's Schooling (William C. Gruben & Darryl McLeod, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Economic Letter 1:3, Mar 2006)
BellaOnline: Education
Bridging the Gender Gap: Opportunities and Challenges (Tara Vishwanath et al., Pakistan Country Gender Assessment, World Bank, Oct 2005) PDF
Center for the Education of Women (University of Michigan)
Caltech Women's Center
Canadian Women's Internet Directory : Education
Chora: Community for Emerging Feminist Scholars (Vancouver, BC)
Class Dismissed: Malala's Story (Adam B. Ellick, The New York Times, 9 Oct 2012; 2009 documentary by Ellick)
Cross-National Patterns of Gender Differences in Mathematcs: A Meta-Analysis (Nicole M. Else-Quest et al., APA Psychological Bulletin 136(1):103-127, Jan 2010) PDF
Dads and Daughters Home Page
Distinguished Women -- Field of Endeavor Index
(Danuta Bois)
The Domain of Patriarchy on the Internet (Robert Sheaffer)
EducatingJane.com (Dawn Welch et al.)
Emory Women Writers Resource Project
(dir. Sheila Cavanagh)

Expect the Best from a Girl
FAWE Forum for African Women Educationalists
Feminist Philosophers
GAP Online (Girls Are Powerful)
Gender Equity in the Academic Labor Market: An Analysis of Academic Disciplines (Paul D. Umbach, American Educational Research Association, Apr 2006) PDF
GenderWatchers (International Gender Organization)
Girl Power! Campaign Homepage (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)
Girl power: The impact of girls' education on HIV and sexual behaviour (James Hargreaves & Tania Boler, ActionAid International, 15 Aug 2006) PDF
Girls & Greenery (Human-Environment Research Laboratory, UIUC)
Girls Count
Girls' Education (NEA International)
The Girls' Pipeline to Power
Girlstart - Smart from the start!
IAPH - International Association of Women Philosophers
IFUW - International Federation of University Women (Geneva)
Institute for Feminist Theory and Research (University of Liverpool)
Malala Yousafzai's Blog
-- Malala Yousafzai BBC Blog
-- Malala Yousafzai (Profile, BBC News, 11 Jul 2013)
-- Malala takes her fight for education to UN (Al Jazeera English, 12 Jul 2013)
-- Malala Yousafzai speech in full (BBC News, YouTube)
Margit Stange Support Committee
Myra Sadker Advocates for Gender Equity

National Clearinghouse on Academic Worklife (University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women)
National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (US)
Noema: Women in Philosophy
Nrrdgrrl! (Amelia E. Wilson)
On Campus with Women (Association of American Colleges and Universities)
The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls - South Africa
(The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation)
Pencilbox Magazine - The Online Resource for College Women
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University
Raising a Daughter (Valerie Zilinsky)
Scholar & Feminist Online (ed. David Hopson & Janet Jakobsen, Barnard Center for Research on Women, New York)
Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada
Skepchicks, International (Rebecca Watson et al., Boston)
SOSIG: Women and Philosophy
State of the World's Mothers 2005: The Power and Promise of Girls' Education (Save the Children, Westport, Connecticut)
SWAP (The Society for Women's Advancement in Philosophy)
Swat: Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl (Malala Yousafzai) (BBC Urdu blog)
SWIP: The Society for Women in Philosophy
Thirdspace: The Site for Emerging Feminist Scholars (ed. Jenéa Tallantire & Kim Snowden et al., Chora, Vancouver, BC)
The Traveling School | Education and Adventure for Young Women
Trends in Educational Equity of Girls & Women: 2004 (US National Center for Education Statistics, 19 Nov 2004)
Western Association of Women Historians (US)
The Wizards in the Tower (Pamela L. Gay, Star Stryder, 22 Sep 2007)
Women (College and University Research & Reference)
Women Explorers Timeline (National Geographic)
Women In Higher Education
Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology
(WISEST, University of Alberta)
Women Nobel Prize Laureates (Nobel Prize Internet Archive)
Women Scholars Worldwide (Susan J. Bandy)
Women's Equity Resource Center - Women's Educational Equity Act (US)
Women's Issues Network (Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences)


Athena: Women in Science and Technology

Hypatia: Women in Science
Themis: Women in Technology

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)
Applying a Gender Lens to Science, Technology and Innovation (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, New York & Geneval, 2011) PDF
Archives of Women in Science and Engineering
(Tanya L. Zanish, Iowa State University)
Autodesk - Design Your Future - Math, Science, and Technology for Girls
AWiSE - Association for Women In Science and Engineering (UK)
AWSEM - Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
Barriers to Women in Academic Science and Engineering (Henry Etzkowitz et al.)
Best Online Resources for Women and Minorities in Science and Technology (Bonnie Bracey, Educational CyberPlayGround)
Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering (Donna E. Shalala et al., National Academies, Washington, DC, 18 Sep 2006)
Canadian Women's Internet Directory : Science_and_Technology
The CareerWISE Project at Arizona State University
CCWEST Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science and Technology
Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the Stars (film by Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges, 22 Jan 2006)
Commission on the Advancement of Women and Minorities in Science, Engineering, and Technology Development (CAWMSET, US National Science Foundation)
Diary of an Astronaut (Claudie Haigneré, BBC Space)
The Douglass Project (Rutgers University)
Dr. Shellie (blog)
Federation of Medical Women of Canada
Female Frontiers (NASA)

FeMiNa - Computers & Science
Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Discussion Group (coord. Jennifer Krauel)
Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia (Laura Quilter)
-- Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia Listserves
GirlsTech: Girls, Science, and Technology
GST Gateway | Gender, Science and Technology Gateway
(Women in Global Science and Technology, Canada)
The History of Women & Science, Health, & Technology Gopher
Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science
(Donna Milgram et al.)
IWASM - The International Women's Air & Space Museum
JAMWA - Journal of American Medical Women's Association
Math/Science Network - Expanding Your Horizons in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
Medical Women's Federation (UK)

The Medical Women's International Association
MentorNet: The National Electronic Industrial Mentoring Network for Women in Engineering and Science (US)
The Minerva Research Foundation (Princeton, New Jersey)
Museum of Women in Science & Technology (Amazon City)
National Girls Collaborative Project: Advancing the Agenda in Gender Equity for STEM (US)
National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals
Organizations Encouraging Women in Science and Engineering
(Gaelyn Davidson & Linda C. Skidmore, NRC)
Past Notable Women of Computing & Mathematics (TAP)
Profiles of Women at JPL
Rocket Launch Activity: 3...2...1...Blastoff! (Girl Scouts)
Sally Ride Science (Sally Ride et al., San Diego, California)
Sally Ride Science Festivals (Sally Ride Science, San Diego, California)
SA WISE Association of South African Women in Science and Engineering
Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
SOSIG: Women, Science and Technology

Telementoring Young Women in Science, Engineering and Computing (EDC/CCT Telementoring Project)
Through the Glass Wall: Computer Software for Mathematical Empowerment
Tommorow's Girl (Cheryl Hershey)
Top 100 women: science and medicine (The Guardian, 8 Mar 2011)
To Recruit and Advance: Women Students and Faculty in Science and Engineering (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2006)
UKRC Home (UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology)
UK Resource Centre for Women in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology)
Urban MAST Home Page (Women and Minorities in MAth, Science, and Technology)
Ursula Franklin, Interview with (Tapestry, with Mary Hynes, CBC Radio One, 4 Feb 2007)
Virtual Take Our Daughters to Work Day (Women of NASA)
Voices of Girls (AEL)
Voices on the Web
WattWorks - Idea Forum for Girls and Science Programs
(Cheryl Hershey)
Weaving Gender Equity into Math Reform (TERC)
The WISE Initiative - Women in Science & Engineering
(Committee on Institutional Cooperation, US)
WISE (Women Into Science and Engineering) in Northern Ireland
WISE (Women Into Science and Engineering) in Wales
WISE Campaign (Women Into Science, Engineering and Construction, UK)
Women and Medicine (Lesley Hall)
Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering
(Ellen Spertus)
Women in Aerospace (Alexandria, Virginia)
Women in Engineering and Science Program
(National Research Council, Canada)

Women in Global Science and Technology: WIGSAT
Women in Science and Computing (Staci Schoenfeld)
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE, University of Calgary)
Women in Science and Medicine (World Book)
Women in Science, Engineering and Technology
(SET Unit, UK Department of Trade and Industry)
Women in Sciences and Engineering (Kristina Lerman)
Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Radio Stories (WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Albany, New York)
Women in Science, Technology, Trades and Engineering (UBC)
Women International Space Simulation for Exploration - WISE
Women in Weather (Donna M. Dubberke)
Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering (US National Science Foundation)
Women of NASA (Tish Krieg)
Women Physicians: 1850s - 1970s (Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia)
Women-Related Science/Technology Sites (Joan Korenman, UMBC)
Women's Outreach Initiative (Elvia Thompson, NASA)
WSET - Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology
(Letty D. C. Allen & Madhu D. K. Bhabuta)

See also Science and Technology and Science Studies


Hypatia: Women in Science

The stars belong to everyone.
Helen Sawyer Hogg [See Note below]

AAS Committee on the Status of Women
(Kathryn N. Mead, CSWA)
Achieving Gender Equity in Science Classrooms
Achieving XXcellence in Science: Role of Professional Societies in Advancing Women in Science: Proceedings of a Workshop, AXXS 2002 (ed. Sally Shaywitz & Jong-on Hahm, US National Research Council, 2004)
Alberta Women's Science Network (Calgary)
Amanda W. Peet
Am I a woman scientist? (blog)
A New Universe to Explore: Careers in Astronomy (AAS)
Association for Women Geoscientists - AWG
Association for Women Geoscientists Gopher Server
Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
Association for Women in Science
The Astrogirl Homepage (Debbie Schermerhorn, Colorado Springs)
An astronomical murder? [Hypatia] (Ari Belenskiy, Astronomy & Geophysics 51:2:9-13, Apr 2010)
Astropixie (Amanda Bauer)
AstroPlace Pros - Women in Astronomy (Brian D. Kane)
A Babe In the Universe: Adventures in Space/Time and Everything (blog by Louise Riofrio)
Bad chemistry (review of the play about Rosalind Franklin and the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA, "Photograph 51" (2010) by Anna Ziegler; Mary Beth Aberlin, The Scientist, 11 Nov 2010)
Beyond Emmy and Sophie: Resources for Learning about Women in Math (Evelyn Lamb, Roots of Unity, Scientific American Blog Network, 14 Oct 2014)
Black Geoscientists (Ta-Shana Taylor)
CAGIS - Canadian Association for Girls In Science
(Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko et al.)
Can we declare victory for women in their participation in science? Not yet (Marie-Clair Shanahan, Guest Blog, Scientific American, 29 Mar 2011)
Careers In Science: Women In Research
(NIH Office of Science Education)
Color Math Pink (Lynette Long)
Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics
(Nina Byers et al., UCLA)

CSWA Women in Astronomy (Lisa M. Frattare, CSWA)
CSWP Internet Resources for Women Scientists
(Tineke Thio)
CWP - Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics
(Betty Anderson & Nina Byers)
Cynthia Lanius' Homepage
Dinochick (ReBecca K. Hunt)
Dinochick Blogs
Double X Science
-- DoubleXScience (DoubleXSci) on Twitter
Einstein's Wife: The Life of Mileva Maric Einstein
(Geraldine Hilton et al., PBS, 21 Oct 2003)
Eugenie C. Scott | What Inspired You?
(Eugenie C. Scott, Spiked Online)
Eugenie Scott Toils in Defense of Evolution (Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, Newsmaker Interview, Science 324(5932):1250-51, 5 Jun 2009)
European Women in Mathematics (Helsinki)
Exploring Your Future in Math & Science
(Andrew Frank-Loron et al.)
Faraday's Cage is where you put Schroedinger's Cat (blog by Cherish Bauer-Reich)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 19 Jan 2012)
Female Physicists Worldwide Fight Sexist Stereotypes (Clara Moskowitz, Voices, Scientific American Blog Network, 3 Sep 2014)
FemaleScienceProfessor (blog)
Feminist Anthropology (Angela Bratton)
Fem-Phys Gateway: The Feminist Physicist's Gateway to the Internet (Allison Nies)
Galaxy Girl (Barb)
The Gazette (Committee on the Status of Women in Physics, APS)
Gender and Science Digital Library
Gender-based Systematics in HST Proposal Selection (I. Neill Reid, arXiv:1409.3528 [astro-ph.IM], 11 Sep 2014)
-- Hubble Telescope Time Preferentially Goes to Men (Clara Moskowitz, Scientific American, 19 Sep 2014)
Gender Equity for Mathematics and Science
(GEMS Conference, 1993)
Girls & Science (Mary McCreadie & Charlotte Babicki)

Girls and Women in Science (Beloit College)
Girls Science Network
The Global Perspective of Space and Deep-sea Explorer Kathryn Sullivan (Hannah Waters, Culturing Science, Scientific American Blog Network, 16 Oct 2014)
Gone in 2014: Remembering 10 Notable Women in Science (Maia Weinstock, Voices, Scientific American Blog Network, 29 Dec 2014)
Great Science for Girls (Educational Equity Center at AED, New York)
G.U.R.L.S, G.E.R.L.S, G.I.R.L.S (Cheryl Hershey)
Harassment in Science, Replicated (Christie Aschwandenaug, New York Times, 11 Aug 2014)
Helen Sawyer Hogg, 1905-1993 (Marlene Cummins)
Higgs hunter will be CERN's first female director (Davide Castelvecchi, Nature News & Comment, 4 Nov 2014)
The History of Women in Astronomy (Sally Stephens)
History of Women in Astronomy (Barry's Web Page)
Hypatia, Ancient Alexandria’s Great Female Scholar (Sarah Zielinski, Smithsonian Magazine, 15 Mar 2010)
Hypatia and the Clash of Civilizations in Late Antiquity (Evaggelos Valianatos, Op-Ed, Truthout, 19 Sep 2010)
Hypatia of Alexandria (Alexandria on the Web)
Hypatia of Alexandria (Howard A. Landman)
The Hypatia Institute (Allison Nies)
The Inimitable Caroline (J. Donal Fernie, Marginalia, American Scientist 95(6):486-8, Nov-Dec 2007)
Internet for Girls World Wide Web Resource List
(Donna Woodka)
Internet Resources for Women Biologists (Susan L. Forsburg, In Situ, HMS Beagle 33, 26 Jun 1998)
Islamic Women in Science (Farkhonda Hassan, Science 290(5489):55, 6 Oct 2000)
IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics
(Paris, 7-9 Mar 2002)
Janna Levin (Barnard College of Columbia University, New York)
Lake Afton Public Observatory: Women in Astronomy
Links2Go: Women in Science
Living the Scientific Life; or Scientist, Interrupted

Marie Curie and The Science of Radioactivity
(American Institute of Physics)
The Mary Lasker Papers (Profiles in Science, US National Library of Medicine)
Mathematics, Live: A Conversation with Evelyn Boyd Granville (Evelyn Lamb, Roots of Unity, Scientific American Blog Network, 5 Sep 2014)
The Measure of a Woman: An interview with social scientist Carol Tavris (Michael Shermer, Skeptic 7:1, 1999; eSkeptic, 11 Feb 2011)
Moms in Science Home Page (Ann Giammona)
National Physical Science Consortium: Graduate Fellowships in the Physical Sciences (US)
A Natural Scientist (blog)
NOVA | Rosalind Franklin and the Secret of Photo 51
(Gary Glassman, PBS, 22 Apr 2003)
On being a scientist and a woman (blog)
Past Notable Women of Mathematics (TAP)
Physics Needs Women (PhysicsWeb, Mar 2002)
Pre-School Science Skills (EducatingJane.com)
Rosalind Franklin (Spartacus Educational, UK)
Rosalind Franklin: Dark Lady of DNA, by Brenda Maddox
(NPR interview, 6 Oct 2002)
The Rosalind Franklin Papers (Profiles in Science, US National Library of Medicine)
Sally Ride Science Club (Sally Ride Science, San Diego, California)
Sara Seager
-- Sara Seager | Facebook
-- Sara Seager (ProfSaraSeager) on Twitter
Sara Seager: So Many Exoplanets... So Few Women Scientists (The Blog, Huffington Post, 14 Jan 2013)
Sciencegeekgirl (Stephanie, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Science Media Beset with Gender Gaps (Curtis Brainard, Voices, Scientific American Blog Network, 21 Aug 2014)
She Figures 2006: Women and Science, Statistics and Indicators (Johannes Klumpers et al., Women and Science Unit, European Commission, 2006) PDF
6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism (Jane J. Lee, National Geographic, 19 May 2013)
Solar Week 2000 (YPOP)
Star Stryder (Pamela L. Gay)
-- Review (Blog Life, Physics World, 1 May 2008)
Star Wimin (Dawn E. Jenkins)
Staying Competitive: Patching America's Leaky Pipeline in the Sciences (Marc Goulden et al., Center for American Progress, 10 Nov 2009)
-- Family versus science (Edyta Zielinska, The Scientist, 11 Nov 2009)
Survey of Academic Field Experiences (SAFE): Trainees Report Harassment and Assault (Kathryn B. H. Clancy et al., PLOS ONE, 16 Jul 2014)
Swimming against the unseen tide (Amy Bug, Physics World, 2 Aug 2010)
Swim with Dragons: Women in Science - Western Australia
Ten Historic Female Scientists You Should Know (Sarah Zielinski, Smithsonian Magazine, 20 Sep 2011)
10-Year-Old Canadian Girl [Kathryn Gray, Birdton, New Brunswick] Spots Supernova (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 5 Jan 2011)
This Happened: Science Online is no more (DNLee, The Urban Scientist, Scientific American Blog Network, 10 Oct 2014)
Throwing Einstein for a Loop: Profile of Fotini Markopoulou Kalamara (Amanda Gefter, Scientific American 287:6:40-41, Dec 2002)
Tiziana Di Matteo, Homepage of (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh)

TrowelBlazers (Brenda Hasset et al.)
TWOWS, Third World Organization for Women in Science
Under the Microscope (Feminist Press)
Was Hypatia of Alexandria a Scientist? (filem review of Agora (Alejandro Amenabar & Mateo Gil, Spain, 9 Oct 2009) by S. James Killings, eSkeptic, 28 Jul 2010)
Web Sites for Girls and Young Women
(Carl Wozniak, NMU Seaborg Center)
Who's Who of Women and the Environment (United Nations Environment Programme)
Why are there so few women in science? (intro. Nancy J. Lane, Nature Debates, 9 Sep 1999)
Why Women Shy Away from Careers in Science and Math (About.com, 7 Apr 2005)
WiP Women in Physics (Purdue University)
WiRES Women in Religion, Ethics, and the Sciences
The Woman Astronomer (ed. Debra L. Davis)
Women and Minorities in Science (UIUC)
Woman & Science Statistics and Indicators
(EUROPA - European Commission)
Women Exploring the Oceans (Deborah K. Smith et al., Woods Hole)
Women for Science (InterAcademy Council, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, 20 Jun 2006)
Women in Astronomy (Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Toronto)
Women in Astronomy (Geoffrey Marcy & Lynda Williams, CSWA)
Women in Astronomy: A Bibliography (Jean Louis Trudel et al.)
Women in Astronomy: An Introductory Resource Guide to Materials in English (Andrew Fraknoi, Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
Women in Astronomy Resource Page (Jennifer L. Hoffman, UC Berkeley Astronomy)
Women in Astronomy 2009: Meeting the Challenges of an Increasingly Diverse Workforce (College Park, Maryland, 21-23 Oct 2009)
Women in Biology Internet Launch Page (Susan L. Forsburg)
Women in Mathematics (Canadian Mathematical Society)
Women in Mathematics (WIM) at UMCP
Women in Physics (Howard Georgi, Harvard High Energy Theory Group)
Women in Physics (Rachel Ivie & Katie Stowe, AIP, 2000)

Women in Physics Group (Institute of Physics)
Women in Physics: The IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics, Paris, 7-9 Mar 2002 (ed. Beverly Karplus Hartline & Dongqi Li, AIP Conference Proceedings 628, American Institute of Physics, 10 Sep 2002)
Women in Physics: 2nd IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics, Rio de Janeiro, 23-25 May 2005 (ed. Beverly Karplus Hartline & Ariel Michelman-Ribeiro, AIP Conference Proceedings 795, American Institute of Physics, 17 Oct 2005)
Women in Science (Encarta Schoolhouse)
Women in Science (Michigan State University)
Women in Science (Online University)
Women in Science (San Diego Supercomputer Center)
Women in Science (ThinkQuest)
Women in Science (UBC)
Women in Science Careers Page (NIH Office of Science Education)
Women in Science Internet Resources
Women in Science Interview Series (UW-Madison Oral History Project)
Women in Science Links (Luisa M. Rebull)
Women in Science: The Price of Success
(Maureen Fallon et al.)
Women in the Sciences (Science Tracer Bullet - Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
Women Life Scientists Units (American Physiological Society)
Women Mathematicians (L. Riddle, Agnes Scott College)
Women's Adventures in Science (iWasWondering.org, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC)
Women, Science, and Society (Sandra Harding, Science 281(5383):1599, 11 Sep 1998)
Women scientists talk about evolution (Matthew Cobb, Why Evolution Is True, 24 Nov 2011)
Women's Science Forum (Megan Donahue et al., STScI)
WWWomen: Science
Yahoo! Science:People:Women
Young women can prosper in science (Sumitra Rajagopalan, CBC News Viewpoint, 20 Mar 2006)

See also Science Education and Astronomy Education

Note: The quotation above is from the title of Dr. Hogg's book, The Stars Belong to Everyone (1976). (I had originally misquoted this as "The stars are for everyone." Perhaps I was thinking, in counterpoint, of what Arthur C. Clarke wrote at the close of Childhood's End: "The stars are not for men.") Dr. Hogg's inspiration was a song by Buddy De Sylva & Lew Brown, 'The Best Things in Life are Free' (1927):

The moon belongs to everyone,
The best things in life are free,
The stars belong to everyone,
They gleam there for you and me.


Themis: Women in Technology

Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.
Hedwig Kiesler (Hedy Lamarr, "the most beautiful woman in the world")

Amelia Earhart, 1897-1937 (Ellen's Place)
The American Experience | Fly Girls (PBS, 1998, 1999)
Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology
(Palo Alto, California)
Canadian Women in Communications (Toronto)
Center for Women & Information Technology
(dir. Joan Korenman, UMBC)
Changing the Face of Medicine (US National Library of Medicine)
Club Girl Tech
CRPC GirlTECH Home Page
CWIA's Technology Page (Canadian Women's Internet Association)
DigitalEve Canada
DigitalEve Vancouver (Adele McAlear et al.)
Engineer Girl Home (National Academy of Engineering, US)
The First Frequency Hopping Inventor [Hedy Lamarr]
FIT Home Page (Females in Information Technology)

Geekgrl (Attrition.org)
Girls Go Tech - A Girl Scout Initiative
(Girl Scouts of America)
GirlTECH (Hilena Vargas, Rice University)
High Flyers: Canadian Women in Aviation
(Canadian Aviation Museum)
A History of Women in Radiology
(Beverly A. Spirit & Sarah S. Donaldson)
The Institute for Women and Technology
The International Archive of Women in Architecture
(J. Gunter, Virginia)
Inventive Women (Toronto)
NAE Celebration of Women in Engineering
(National Academy of Engineering)
Nanogirl (Gina "Nanogirl" Miller)
NCGS: Girls and Technology (National Coalition of Girls' Schools)
NCWIT- National Center for Women & Information Technology (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Official Amelia Earhart Website
One Life: Amelia Earhart (National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution)
Promoting Women in Construction (The Centre for the Built Environment, UK)
The Society of Women Engineers
-- SWE Homepage for High School Students (Linda Santelices)
Supporting Diversity: Minorities and Women in Engineering
(The Ethics Center for Engineering and Science)

SWIFT-Supporting Women in InFormation Technology
Technology (PWOTW Resource Network)
Technology & Internet at Women.com
Tech-Savvy: Educating Girls in the New Computer Age
(AAUW Educational Foundation)
Web-sters' Net-Work: Women in Info Technology
(Jerome P. McDonough)
WEPAN | Women in Engineering ProActive Network
(Purdue University)
-- WEPAN Knowledge Center - Resources for Women in STEM
What you can do to help GRRLS get into technology!
(Bonnie Bracey, Educational CyberPlayGround)
Wired News Tech Report: Women in Tech (Lycos News)
WISE | Women International Space Simulation for Exploration
WITI Campus - Women in Technology International
A Woman's Place (Kari Sable)
Women and Girls in Technology (WGIT)
Women and Technology (The Women's Resource Project)

Women In Aviation and Space History
(Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)
Women In Aviation Resource Center (Henry M. Holden)
Women in Biotechnology: A Personal Perspective
(H. Stewart Parker, HMS Beagle 117, 21 Dec 2001)
Women in Engineering and Computer Science
(University of Victoria)
Women In Engineering Organization (Tufts University)
Women in Information Technology (Win IT)
Women in Mining
Women In Nuclear Global (John Graham)
Women in Technology (Amy Goodloe)
Women in Technology Project (Vermont Technical College)
Women in Trades & Technology National Network
Women Inventors (Inventors Online Museum)
Women Inventors Project
Women Inventors Project
Women of Color in Technology
WomenTechWorld.org (Women's Technician Club)

See also History of Medicine and Technology


Pronoia: Women in Computing

Association for Women in Computing (AWC)
Backyard Project Home Page
BellaOnline: Computers
CC4G - Computer Clubs for Girls (London)
Changing Girls' Attitudes Towards Computers in the Classroom (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Completing the Circuit: Computer Scientist Lynn Conway
(Paul Wallich, Profile, Scientific American 283:6:38-43, Dec 2000)
The Computer Lady - Tips & Trouble Shooting for Computer Problems
(Elizabeth Boston)
Computers and the Internet for Women (Denise Osted)
Computer Science-in-a-Box: Unplug Your Curriculum (NCWIT)
Computer Wonder Women (Bonnie Bracey, Educational CyberPlayGround)
Computing (PWOTW Resource Network)
Computing Research Association Women's Committee
(Status of Women in Computer Science and Engineering)
Computing: Women's Studies Database
(University of Maryland)
CRA-W Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research
Database on Women in Computing (Women's Studies, University of Maryland)
FACT Home Page (Females Active in Computer Technology)

Geekgirl Talk
Getting Girls Interested in Computers (Cynthia Lanius)
GirlGeeks - The Source for Women in Computing
Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, Palo Alto)
Groups Relating to Women in Computer Science/Computing (TAP)
LinuxChix.Org (Deb Richardson)
Lynn Conway
Past Notable Women of Computing (TAP)
Resources and Information for Women Planning to Major in Computer Science (Julie Rajzer)
See Jane Compute (blog)
The Systers Home Page (Anita Borg)
TAP: The Ada Project

TAP Junior
Web Review of Websites on Women and Computer Technology (Julie M. Albright)
WICS - Women in Computer Science (Jennifer Anderson)
Women and Computer Science (Ellen Spertus, MIT)
Women: Computing and Networking (Christine Gressley)
Women in Computer Visual Arts, Effects, and Animation
(Kellie-Bea Rainey)
The Women in Computing Academic Resource (WCAR) List (Judi Clark)
Women in Computing and Engineering (Sara Callahan)
Women in Computing Newsletter
Women Undergrads in Computer Science (Kiri Wagstaff)
WWWomen: Computers
Y2K for Women (Karen Anderson)

See also History of Computers


Arachne: Women and the Internet

The spider, who works minutely and slowly, weaves a giant image of herself and becomes a mighty huntress in time.
Robert Grudin

African American Women on the Web WebRing
Afro-Techies Mailing List
Ask MissInformation: Personal Internet Advice for Women on the Web (Jayne Lytel)
Assessing Access for Women
(Scarlet Pollock & Jo Sutton, Women'space, May 1997)
Canadian Women's Internet Association
Canadian Women's Internet Directory : Internet
Computers and the Internet: Listening to Girls' Voices
(Dorothy Ellen Wilcox, Thesis, May 1996
Connecting Girls on the Web (Linda Coupal)
Consultation on Women, Communication Rights and the Internet
CWIA's Internet Help for Women (Canadian Women's Internet Association)
Cybergirls Worldwide (Toyo Takakuwa)

Cybergrrl Tech Tips (Women's Connection Online)
The CyberMom Dot Com: A Home on the Net for Moms with Modems
Digital Divide Resources (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Divas Ring
Emily Way
Feminist Empowerment Through the Internet (L. McCulley & P. Patterson, Feminist Collections, Winter 1996)
First Pointers for a Women's Guide to the Internet
(Michele Evard)
gURLwURLd (TechGrrlz)
indieGURL.com - Your Guide to Cool Girl Sites on the Web!
It's a Woman's World Wide Web (Anne Rickert & Anya Sacharow, Aug 2000) PDF
Ms-Geek Dot Net (Eve Penza)
Net Chick Clubhouse
The Net Effect: Girls and New Media (Whitney Roban, Girl Scout Research Institute, Girl Scouts of the USA, 2002) PDF
Net Insider | Aliza Sherman

NetWomen (Dolphin)
SFWoW (San Francisco Women on the Web)
Showcase - Active Women on the Web (Ann-Bettina Schmitz)
Silicon Salley (Emily Hofstetter & Candice Nelms)
SOW: Spiderwoman on the Web
Susan Dennis - Where the Girls Are
Take Back the Net (Carol Leon-Yun Wang)
Tank Grrl's wURLd - Main Station (Margaret McFee)
Techbabes (Thea Partridge)
Technology & Internet at Women.com
Virtual Sisterhood
VNS Matrix

Webgrrls International: Women on the Web
-- Alaska
-- Aotearoa/New Zealand
-- Cape Town, South Africa
-- Hong Kong
-- Japan
-- London (UK)
-- Montreal
-- Ottawa
-- Seattle
-- Silicon Valley
-- Sydney, Australia
-- Toronto
-- Vancouver

Web Mistress Web Ring
Web Weavers (Jan Setzer)
Web Women (Elise Caitlin, Suite 101)
WHOA! Women Halting Online Abuse (Lynda Hinkle)
Wired Woman
Wired Woman | The Society
Wired Woman Vancouver
Women & the Net (Beatrice's Web Guide)
Women-Digital Resources and Marketing Tips
(Rebecca Game)

Women-Networking.com (Holly Valero)
Women's Internet and World Wide Web Information Sites
(Staci Schoenfeld)
The Women's Internet Conference
(Ottawa, 18-21 Oct 1997)
Women's Internet Council
WomensNet.Net Full Service ISP & Internet Portal
Womenspace: Women's Internet Campaign
Women's Studies and the Net Effect!
(Lynne Alice, Feminist Collections, Winter 1996)
Women, the World Wide Web, and Issues of Privacy
(L. R. Shade, Feminist Collections, Winter 1996)
WoodkaWeb (Donna Woodka)

See also History of the Internet

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