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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources for Family, including seniors, retirement, issues of death and grieving, and companion animals. The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure, Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: ageing; seniors; retirement; death; grief; companion animals; companions; pets

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Family (cont.)

Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers


Out from the mob with its furious pace
Into the cool, quiet reaches of space;
Rid of Society's glittering chains,
Fleeing a prison and finding the plains;
Far from the clangor of murderous cars,
Losing the limelight, but gaining...the stars!
John L. Stoddard

Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young ...
Albus Dumbledore (J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 2003)

For elder abuse, see Domestic Abuse and Family Violence.

AARP Webplace | Home Page
(American Association of Retired Persons)
-- AARP Radio
-- AARP Research Center
-- AARP Research | Baby Boomers Envision Their Retirement
Access America for Seniors
AgeInfo (UK Centre for Policy on Ageing)
Ageing and Welfare Systems: What Have we Learned? A Comparative EU-US Perspective (Centre d'Etudes Prospectives et d'Informations Internationales, Brussels, 24-25 Jan 2003)
AgeLine Database (AARP)
-- Using AgeLine in the Classroom (Donna Konradi)
AgeLine: Journal Title List (AARP)
AgeNet Eldercare Network
Age of Reason
-- Seniors On-Line Home Page
-- Seniors Canada
AgeSource International (AARP)
Aging and Culture (MSU EMuseum)
Aging Everywhere (global map, AARP)
Aging Parents and Elder Care
The Aging Process (Harold Rubin)
Aging, Subjective Experience, and Cognitive Control: Dramatic False Remembering by Older Adults (Larry L. Jacoby et al., Journal of Experimental Psychology 134:2:131-48, 2005) PDF
Alliance for Aging Research (US)
Assisted Living Directory: Facilities Information & Senior Care (US)
Assisted Senior Living: The Senior Living Assistance and Caregiver's Network (Ken Teegardin, US)
Available Jones - Employment Agency for Retired People
(Jo Manhart et al., Columbia, Missouri)
Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (University of Western Ontario)
Canadian Women's Internet Directory : Older_Women
Care.com Senior Care Resource Directory - National Resources (US)
CaregiverList.com (US)
CaregiverZone | The Site for Caregivers and Seniors
Caring for the Elderly: Is There Any Answer to Rising Health Costs? (Alliance for Health Reform, Washington, DC, 26 Sep 2005)
Center for Aging and Diversity (Institute on Aging, University of North Carolina)
Center for Retirement Research (Boston College)
Center on an Aging Society (Georgetown University)
Channel #65plus Home Page

The CoolGrandma.com Online Community
Cost Overdose: Growth in Drug Spending for the Elderly, 1992-2010
(Families USA, Jul 2000)
CyberSeniors.org - Connecting Seniors to the World at Their Fingertips
(Elizabeth Isele et al.)
Earth's Elders Foundation (Jerry Friedman et al., South Kent Connecticut)
Elder Abuse (Marci Stocks, The Elderly Place)
Elder Abuse - General Information about Elder Abuse
(California Registry)
Elder Abuse in the United States (Catherine C. McNamee & Mary B. Murphy, National Institute of Justice NIJ Journal No. 255, Nov 2006)
Elder Abuse Prevention and Treatment Resources Page
(US Administration on Aging)
Elder Abuse Prevention Links (Elder Aduse Prevention, California)
Elderhostel: Adventures in Lifelong Learning
Elderhostel Notebook (Jim Olson)
-- Elderhostel Notebook Reviews
Elder Living Resources
Elderluxe - Luxury for the Elite Elder (Patrick Conboy et al., Chicago)
Elder Mistreatment: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation in an Aging America
(ed. Richard J. Bonnie & Robert B. Wallace, US National Research Council, 2002)
Elder Rights (Global Action on Aging)
ElderWeb Online Eldercare Sourcebook
(Karen Stevenson Brown)
Empire Homecare Resources, Inc.
Eons.com | 50 plus everything... (Jeff Taylor et al.)
Experience Works - Senior Workforce Solutions
(Andrea J. Wooten et al., Arlington, Virginia)
Federal Superannuates National Association (Canada)
55CommunityGuide.com (Robert Fowler et al., Retirement Media, Duluth, Georgia)
50plus.com (Canadian Association of Retired Persons)
50plus Expeditions: Adventure Travel for People Over 50
FiftyPlus Fitness Association - Senior Fitness and Health (50Plus.org)

Friendly4Seniors Web Sites
Generations CanConnect - Index
Geriatric Nursing Resources for Care of Older Adults
(American Nurses Association)
Gerontology (Ray Jones, UF Smathers Libraries)
Gerontology Links (Theresa Serant)
Global Action on Aging (New York)
Global Aging and the Sustainability of Public Pension Systems: An Assessment of Reform Efforts in Twelve Developed Countries (James C. Capretta, Center for Strategic & International Studies, Washington, DC, 3 Jan 2007) PDF
Global Aging Program (AARP)
Global Demography of Aging (David E. Bloom et al., Harvard School of Public Health)
Go60.com - Seniors Aging Well, Wisely and Successfully
GrandmaBetty.com (Betty Fox)
Grandparents Homepage
Growing Older, Working Longer: The New Face of Retirement (Monica Townsen, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 26 Oct 2006) PDF
HealthandAge.com (Novartis Foundation for Gerontology)
Health Canada's Aging and Seniors Web Resource
Healthy Aging for Older Adults (US National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion)
Helen Hamlyn Research Center (UK)
Help the Aged Canada (Ottawa)
Help Age International (London)
HomeHealthDelivery Incontinence Products (Kevin DuBois)

iGrandparents Home Page
Infoaging.org (American Federation for Aging Research)
International and Regional Organizations and Networks Concerned With Aging (AARP)
International Longevity Center - USA (New York)
International Longevity Centre - UK (London)
Internet Resources for the Aging (Mid-America Congress on Aging)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Seniors Issues
Lesson Plans on Aging Issues (Ithaca College Gerontology Institute)
Liberal Task Force on Seniors - Report (Liberal Party of Canada Caucus Task Force on Seniors, Feb 2004) PDF
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Seniors
Living to 100 and Beyond Monograph (Robert J. Johansen et al., Proceedings of Symposium held 12-14 Jan 2005, Lake Buena Vista, Florida; Society of Actuaries, Schaumburg, Illinois)
Long-term Effects of Cognitive Training on Everyday Functional Outcomes in Older Adults (Sherry L. Willis et al., Journal of the American Medical Association 296(23):2805-14, 20 Dec 2006)
Metaplus Seniors (John Lewell)
Microsoft Seniors and Technology
Modern Maturity Magazine, Web Edition (AARP)
Modern Senior Products LLC (Donna A. Menner et al., Chandler, Arizona)
MSN Seniors Community
MySeniorCare - Senior Housing, Home Care & Elderly Health
National Advisory Council on Aging (Ottawa)
National Advisory Council on Aging (US National Institute on Aging)
The National Center for Women and Retirement Research (US)
National Institute on Aging (U.S. National Institutes of Health)
National Center on Elder Abuse (US)
The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study (US)

Never Say Die (Scientific American Frontiers, PBS)
NIHSeniorHealth: Health Information for Older Adults
(U.S. National Institutes of Health)
Nursebot Project: Robotic Assistants for the Elderly
(Carnegie Mellon/University of Pittsburgh)
Nursing Home Abuse (National Association to Stop Nursing Home Abuse, Houston, Texas)
Older adults and internet use (Kathryn Zickuhr & Mary Madden, Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 6 Jun 2012)
Older Wiser Wired Initiative (AARP, Washington, DC)
Open Directory - Society: Seniors
Organizations of Seniors Around the World (AARP)
Osteofit Home
Osteoporosis, Women's Health, and the Search for an Osteoporosis Cure
Periodicals for Seniors From Around the World (AARP)
REACHnet: Reliable Elder Access to Care for Health on the Net
(Michael Weiner, Johns Hopkins University)
Research Into Ageing
Resource Central - Seniors
The Resource Directory for Older People
(National Institute on Aging)
Retired Living - Straight Talk (Martin K. Bayne)
Retired Teachers Net
Retired Worker (Sarah Welstead & Max Stocker)
Retired Worker Canada (Sarah Welstead & Max Stocker)
Retirement (CBC News Indepth)
The Retirement Expectations of Middle-Aged Individuals (Deborah A. Cobb-Clark & Steven Stillman, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Nov 2006) PDF
The Retirement Net
RetirementToday.com - "Enjoy Your Retirment"

Retire.Net (Michael Phillips, US)
RetireWeb Home Page (Scott Parkinson)
Routes to Learning Canada (formerly Elderhostel Canada)
TheRubins.com (Allan & Harold Rubin)
SAGE Crossroads - Science of Aging Crossroads
(Alliance for Aging Research/AAAS)
Search Society - Family - Seniors (Internet Sleuth)
Secrets of Aging (Boston Museum of Science)
Senior Center Directory (Retirement Media Inc.)
Senior Community Guide (Robert Fowler et al., Retirement Media, Duluth, Georgia)
Senior Homes and Senior Care (SeniorHomes.com, Seattle, Washington)
Senior-Inet Home Page
SeniorLaw Home Page (David Goldfarb)
Senior Living & Assisted Living Info (SeniorLiving.org)
SeniorNet: Home Page
Seniors (CBC News In Depth)
Seniors Computer Information Project Home Page
Seniors Databases @ Internets
Seniors Directory (Carepoint)

Seniors' Health (Sympatico)
Seniors Information Resource Center
-- Australia and New Zealand
-- Canada
-- United Kingdom
Seniors-Site.com (Walter J. Cheney)
Senior Summer School | The Education Vacation
Seniors Wellness - Information for Seniors and Their Caregivers
Senior Women Web (Tam Martinides Gray)
Senior World Online for Active Seniors in the Digital Age (US)

Senior World Tours - Active Travel for Mature Adults
Social Gerontology & the Aging Revolution (Michael C. Kearl)
The Social Security Debate, Now and Then (Edwin Amenta, ASA Contexts, American Sociological Association, Summer 2006) PDF
Social Security Online (U.S. Social Security Administration)
SOSIG: Older People
Staying alive: Is a long life necessarily a good life? (Rhys Southan, Aeon Magazine, 8 Jul 2013)
Superannuation Directorate
Teens Teaching Internet Skills (TTIS)
Third Age
UK Study into the Abuse and Neglect of Older People: Prevalence Survey Report (Madeline O'Keefe et al., Comic Relief and the Department of Health, London, Jun 2007) PDF
UNC Institute on Aging (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
US Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities (Aaron Nemerow, Chicago)
Veteran Affairs Canada Web Site
Walking the World - Outdoor Adventures for People 50 and Over
WBS Doorway - Sixty Plus
Web Resources on Elder Abuse (SeniorLaw)
We Can Do Better: Lessons Learned for Protecting Older Persons in Disasters (Mary Jo Gibson & Michele Hayunga, AARP Public Policy Institute, Washington, DC, May 2006)
Wired Seniors (Susannah Fox et al., Pew Internet Report, 9 Sep 2001)
Yahoo! Seniors' Guide

See also Freedom and Security, Health Care, and Living with Disease and Dysfunction

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Death, Dying, and Grief

Great God! if what I dimly see,
In this small section of mankind,
Of pain and want and misery,
Can thus bring anguish to my mind,

How canst Thou view the awful whole,
As our ensanguined planet rolls
From unknown source to unknown goal
Its freight of suffering human souls?

John L. Stoddard

"Spirit, nearing yon dark portal
At the limit of thy human state,
Fear not thou the hidden purpose
Of that Power which alone is great,
Nor the myriad world, His shadow,
Nor the silent Opener of the Gate."
Alfred Tennyson

Under the wide and starry sky,
Dig the grave and let me lie.
Glad did I live and gladly die,
And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you grave for me:
Here he lies where he longed to be;
Home is the sailor, home from sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Life is a great surprise. I do not see why death should not be an even greater one.
John Shade (Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire, 1962)

In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! we are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory, Farewell!
Aragorn Evenstar (J. R. R. Tolkien, The Return of the King)


AllKidsGrieve.org | A Resource for Teachers, Parents, Counselors and Other Caring Adults (Abby Wolk)
ALT.SUPPORT.GRIEF - A Grief Support Usenet Newsgroup
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Approaching Death: Improving Care at the End of Life
(ed. Marilyn J. Field & Christine K. Cassel, IoM, 1997)
Assisted suicide (CBC News Indepth)
Association for Death Education and Counseling (Northbrook, Illinois)
BC Bereavement Helpline : Toll Free 1-8777-779-2223
Bereaved Families Online Support Center
British Columbia Hospice Palliative Care Association (Vancouver)
Bruderhof Grief Companion - Take Time to Grieve (Johann Christoph Arnold et al., Bruderhof Communities)
CanadaWills.com (Chuck Blanaru)
The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA)
The Case of Robert and Tracy Latimer (Rudy Krutzen, RobertLatimer.ca)
The Center for Advanced Illness Coordinated Care (CoordinatedCare.net)
Children Coping with Grief and Dying (Lee Anne Phillips)
Children Grieve: A Resource for Teachers, Parents and Counselors
(Abby Wolk, AllKidsGrieve.org)
Children's Grief and Loss Issues (Linda Goldman)
Circle of Daughters, Inc. (Day Cummings)
Community of Daughters (Karyn Iler)
The Compassionate Friends, Inc.
Compassion in Dying Federation (Portland, Oregon)
Coping with Death and Grief (Connect for Kids)
CreateYourOwnFuneral.com (Stephanie West Allen)

Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Links to Resources (Thomas S. Golden)
The Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of British Columbia (Vancouver)
David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages
Death and Dying (Trudy M. Weathersby, About.com)
Death and Dying Grief Support
The Death Cafe: Death has become too sanitised (Clare Davies, Aeon Magazine, 11 Sep 2013)
Death: An Inquiry Into Man's Mortal Weakness
(Beth Abraham et al., ThinkQuest)
The death of my father (Julian Baggini, Aeon Magazine, 5 Jul 2013)
Death with Dignity National Center
Depression Central (Ivan Goldberg)
Don't Fear the Reaper (Tapestry, with Mary Hynes, 22 May 2011)
Dying Well: Defining Wellness through the End of Life (Ira Byock)
Dying with Dignity (Canada)
Endless fun: Virtual afterlives will transform humanity (Michael Graziano, Aeon Magazine, 18 Dec 2013)
End of Life Decisions (British Medical Journal Collected Resources)
The End of Life: Exploring Death in America (NPR)
EOL/Palliative Care Educational Resources (American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine)
End of Life / Palliative Education Resource Center (EPERC, Medical College of Wisconsin)
The EPEC Project: Education for Physicians on End-of-Life Care
(American Medical Association)
EPERC | End of Life/Palliative Education Resource Center
(Medical College of Wisconsin)
Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Canada (Mollie Dunsmuir & Marlisa Tiedemann, Library of Parliament, Feb 1992, revised 23 Feb 2006)
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of BC
Euthanasia World Directory (ERGO, Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization)
Exit (Chris Docker, Euthanasia.org)

Family Video Links (Barbara Strachan, Victoria, BC)
Farewell Foundation for the Right to Die (New Westminster, B.C.)
Final Exit Network (US)
Final independence: Why is death denied to the terminally ill? (Jeanne Erdmann, Aeon Magazine, 15 Dec 2014)
Funeral Consumers Alliance: A Federation of Nonprofit Consumer Information Societies (US)
Funerals: A Consumer Guide (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)
Funeralwise Funeral Information Resource
The good death: What is a good death in a secular age? (Mary Talbot, Aeon Magazine, 25 Sep 2014)
Grief and Loss Resource Centre (Charlene Elizabeth Fairchild)
Grief and Recovery - Grief Support for Young Widows and Widowers
(Gary & Kathy Young)
Grief in a Family Context (Kathleen R. Gilbert)
Grief Links (Grief Inc.)
GriefNet: Bereavement Resources (Brook Noel et al.)
-- GriefNet UK
Grief Support on the World Wide Web (Patricia L. Frost)

GriefTalk (Bill Webster)
Growth House: Guide to Death, Dying, Grief, Bereavement, and End of Life Resources (Growth House, Inc.)
HALOS (Helping All Loved Ones Survive) Homicide Survivors Support Group
Healing Hearts - Grief Resolution and Grief Support
(Linda Hardy & Fran Kirkham)
The Hemlock Society USA
Hospice Foundation of America - Home Page
Hospice Net - Death and Dying, Caregiving and Grief
Hygeia Foundation, Inc. (Michael R. Berman)
I'd rather be dissected: Why would I donate my body to science? (Brooke Borel, Aeon Magazine, 4 Oct 2013)
Improving End of Life Care: Why Has It Been So Difficult? (ed. Bruce Jennings et al., The Hastings Center, Garrison, New York, Dec 2005) PDF
In the Mix | Dealing with Death (PBS)
International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care
The International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc. (IANDS)
International Association for Suicide Prevention
International Observatory on End of Life Care (UK)
Into the Light (Melvin Morse, Tacoma, Washington)
JCB End of Life Focus Area (ed. Kerry Bowman, University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics)
Journey of Hearts: A Healing Place in CyberSpace
(Kirsti A. Dyer)
Julie's Place: A Web Site for Bereaved Siblings

KidsAid (GriefNet)
KidsPeace | The National Center for Kids Overcoming Crisis (US)
Last Acts Campaign to Improve End-of-Life Care
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Death Topics
Life after death: My paranormal pursuit of life after death (Jesse Bering, Aeon Magazine, 13 Nov 2013)
Lightning Strike Pet-Loss Support Page
Mapping levels of palliative care development: a global view (Michael Wright et al., International Observatory on End of Life Care, Lancaster University, Nov 2006) PDF
Matters of Spirituality at the End of Life in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (Mary R. Robinson et al., Pediatrics 118(3):e719, Sep 2006)
Memorial Society of British Columbia (Parksville)
Memorial Spaceflights (Space Services Inc., Houston, Texas)
M.I.S.S. - Mothers in Sympathy and Support
(Joanne Cacciatore et al.)
Mortal remains: The good funeral (Thomas Lynch, Aeon Magazine, 25 Jan 2013)
MSN Survivors Community
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (US)
Not nothing: How much should we worry about death? (Stephen Cave, Aeon Magazine, 25 Jul 2014)
On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying (Bill Moyers, PBS)
Pearson's Post (Patricia Pearson)
Physician-Assisted Suicide: Ethical Topic in Medicine
(University of Washington School of Medicine)
Physics and the Immortality of the Soul (Sean M. Carroll, Guest Blog, Scientific American, 23 May 2011; cross-posted on Cosmic Variance)
Prevent Suicide | Suicide Prevention Centers & Suicide Prevention Hotlines (ed. Matt Stone)
Private Matters - Online Estate and End of Life Planning
(Martin Hubbard, Victoria, BC)
PTSD Alliance (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Remembering.ca (Canada.com Network)
Rights of the Dead (Kirsten Rabe Smolensky, University of Arizona, Sep 2006)
The Ring of Death
RobertLatimer.net (Robert Latimer)

The Sacred Side of Death (Michael Dowd, Metanexus, 9 Aug 2012)
Saltspring Hospice (Saltspring Island, BC)
SA\VE - Suicide Awareness \ Voices of Education - Home Page
(Tom Arsenault)
Self-help Grief Resources (Mental Health Net)
Shades of Grief: When Does Mourning Become a Mental Illness? [Complicated Grief Disorder] (Virginia Hughes, Scientific American 304:6:34-5, 7 Jun 2011)
Shermer in Seminary School: God, religion, and the afterlife (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 24 Apr 2012)
The Sibling Connection (Pleasant Gill White)
Sociology of Death and Dying (Michael Kearl)
The Steven Vincent Foundation (New York)
The Sting of Death: Why We Yearn for Eternity (Charles Taylor, Commonweal 134:17, 12 Oct 2007)
Suicide Prevention (World Health Organization)
Talking To Children About Death (Hospice Net)
TowardTomorrow.com (Brook Noel)
Twinless Twins Support Group
The Ultimate Mystery (Bishop John Shelby Spong, interviewed by Mary Hynes, Tapestry, CBC Radio, 1 Nov 2009)
The Ultimate Mystery (Tapestry, with Mary Hynes interviewing John Shelby Spong on Eternal Life, and a documentary by Dan Falk; CBC, 13 Feb 2011)
The Undiscovered Country (Robert Dorit, Marginalia, American Scientist 95(5):398-401, Sep-Oct 2007)
Voluntary Euthanasia Society (London)
WEBster's Death, Dying and Grief Guide (Kathi Webster)
What Science Really Says About the Soul (Stephen Cave, eSkeptic, 20 Mar 2013)
Widowed without Warning (Joanne Shortley-Lalonde)
World Federation of Right to Die Societies
Yahoo! Health - Grief
Young Widows and Widowers (Lisa Iannucci)
Zeal.com - Personal - Death & Dying

See also Living with Disease and Dysfunction


Fellow Travellers

For whales in captivity, see Cetacea; for apes, see Primates; and for wildlife, see Wildlife Biodiversity and Conservation.

AAHA Hospital Locator (US/Canada)
Acme Pet - A PETsMART.com Community
Adopt a Greyhound (The Greyhound Project)
AKC - The American Kennel Club Online
All For Animals
Allpets: Comprehensive Pet Magazine and Encyclopedia
(ed. Marva Marrow)
Altweb - Alternatives to Animal Testing on the Web (Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing)
American Pet Association
Anesthesia in Exotic Animals (Christian J. Wenker, The Internet Journal of Anesthesiology 2N3, 1 Jul 1998)
Animal Advocates Society of British Columbia (Judy Stone et al.)
Animaland (ASPCA)
AnimalAttraction.com | Where Pet Lovers Meet
(Dan Cohen, Washington, DC)
Animal Channel | Home Page (US Humane Society)
Animal Communicators, Directory of (Penelope Smith, Animaltalk)
Animal Concerns Community (EnviroLink Network)
Animal Doc Com | A project of the UGA Vet School
Animal Legal & Historical Center (ed. David Favre & Rebecca Walsh, Michigan State University College of Law)
Animal Liberation Front
Animal Network

Animal Planet Bird Guide
Animal Poison Hotline (NSAL/PROSAR) $
Animal Rights (Mesia Quartano, About.com)
Animals | Bored Panda
The Animals Voice: The Online Network for Animals
Animaltalk (Penelope Smith)
Animal Welfare and the Treaty of Amsterdam (European Cetacean Bycatch Campaign)
-- Treaty of Amsterdam Amending the Treaty on European Union, the Treaties Establishing the European Communities and Related Acts (EUR-Lex, Official Journal C 340, 10 Nov 1997)
Animal Welfare, Companion Animals and Veterinary Science - Selected Internet Resources (Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
Animal Welfare Disaster/Emergency Response Resources (Petfinder.com)
Animal Welfare Information Center (USDA)
Animal Welfare Institute (Washington, DC)
API - The Animal Protection Institute (Sacramento, California)
Ask Dog Lady
Ask The Vet
Ask the Vet! (Daniel Wasmund)
ASPCA - The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
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The Aviary - Companion Birds
AVMA Online (American Veterinary Medical Association)
-- AVMA Care for Pets Home Page
Bark Busters Home Dog Training (Englewood, Colorado)
B.C. Humane Education Society

BC SPCA - British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Beauteous Beasts: Animal aesthetics (Emily Anthes, Aeon Magazine, 25 Mar 2013)
Beautiful World Living Environments (John Creviston, Brentwood Bay, BC)
The Bengal Cat (International Bengal Cat Society, Huntersville, North Carolina)
The Berner Ring Web Page (Colin Mackrory & Andrew S. Miller)
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The Bird Gallery (Alan Jordan)
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The Busy Person's Guide to Pets
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Canadian Tennessee Walking Horse Page
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Cats (Bill Eastburn, About.com)

Cats All Over The Web
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Cat Writers' Association: Home Page
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Citizen Canine: A Voice for Dog Owners in Greater Victoria
(Colin Carson et al., Victoria, BC)
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C.L.A.W.s to the Rescue - Cool Lifesaving Animals Worldwide
(Ilyssa Zibelli et al., ThinkQuest)
Cocker Spaniel Rescue of BC (Carol J. Jackson et al., Cloverdale)
Comparison of systematic reviews of animal trials with clinical trials (Pablo Peretl et al., British Medical Journal, 16 Dec 2006) PDF
The Complete Hamster Site (Lorraine Hill)
CompuPET (US)
Consultant: A Diagnostic Support System for Veterinary Medicine (Maurice E. White)
Crating Your Dog (Cindy Tittle Moore)
Creatures Great and Small (Pat & Ken Parton, Victoria, BC)
CYABC Online! Home Page (Citizens Yell for Accountability, B.C.)
Dairy's Dark Side (Mercy For Animals)
Date My Pet: Online Dating for Pet Lovers and Their Pets
(Robert Yau et al.)
Defenders of Animals (Dennis & Patricia A. Tabella)
Delta Society: The Human-Animal Health Connection
(dir. Jan Fisher et al., Renton, Washington)
Desmond Hague - Disturbing Vancouver Elevator Video Shows Dog Abuse (The Huffington Post B.C., 22 Aug 2014)
-- Vancouver man repeatedly hits dog in elevator! Ban Des Hague... (Care2 News Network)
Digital Angel
Digital Dog (Sapir Weiss)
Digital Librarian: Pets
The Dire Wolf Project (National American Alsatian Breeder's Association)
Dog Behavior and Training (Brandy Lyle, Suite 101)

Dog Breed Directory (Animal Planet)
The Dogbreeder Network
Dog Breed Information and Breeder Listing (Sharon Maguire)
Dog Breed Rescuers (UK)
Dog Breeds & Dog Pictures
Dog Fancy On-Line
DogFriendly.com - Pet Travel Guides and City Guides for Dog/Pet Owners (Canada and US)
Dog genetics spur scientific spat (Ewen Callaway, Nature News & Comment, 18 Jun 2013)
Doggie Door to Canine Behavior
-- The Puppy Place
Dog Owner's Guide to the Internet
DogPark: Off-leash, On-line
The Dog Rescue Email List Webpage (Pam Bishop et al.)
Dogs (Gene R. Sower, About.com)
Dogs-Care.com | Dogs Care, Breeds Training
Dogs In British Columbia Web Ring & E-Mail List Home Page
-- Site List
Dogs in Canada
Dogs: ThePoop.com
Dogster (Ted Rheingold et al.)
Dog World Magazine Online
Eileen Goes to the Dogs (Eileen Reidinger)

The Elephant Sanctuary, Tennessee (Carol Buckley et al.)
Equestrian Global Information Links
EquineRescue.com (Equine Rescue Information)
EthologicalEthics.org | Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals/Citizens for Responsible Animal Behavior Studies (Marc Bekoff & Jane Goodall et al.)
European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods
(Commission of the European Communities)
EU survey on Farm Animal Welfare (University of Bologna)
Everything Pets
The Evolution of House Cats (Carlos A. Driscoll et al., 'The Taming of the Cat,' Scientific American 300:6:68-75, Jun 2009)
Exotic Animals: Care and Conservation (Jennie McNary)
Fanciers Breeder Referral List (Barbara C. French)
Feline Home Pages and Other
Finches With Wishes (dir. Mary Wilson)
Foundation for Biomedical Research
Free the Elephants and Orcas in Captivity [Editorial] (Scientific American 310:3:10, 1 Mar 2014)
Friends of Tina
FriskyPet (Friskies)
Georgina Cyr, Animal Communicator (Port Alberni, B.C.)
Gerbil Links (Ehrenfried)
Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace
GreatCanine.com (Brandon Blum, Scottsdale, Arizona)
Greyhound Pets Inc.

Greyhound Pets of America (Jim Jeffers & Kari Morrison Young)
Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 1996)
Healthy Pets (American Animal Hospital Association)
Hedgehogs Under the Hedgerow
HHPCC Homepage
Holy Cows: How PETA twists religion to push animal 'rights'
(Center for Consumer Freedom, 22 Aug 2005)
The Horse (American Museum of Natural History)
Horse Country (Kristine Carroll)
The Horse Interactive | Your Guide to Equine Health Care
Horses (Jayne Pedigo, About.com)
Horses and Horse Information
House Breaking, Peeing and Pooping Questions
How to Love Your Dog: A Kid's Guide to Dog Care (Janet Wall)
HugABull! (Vancouver, British Columbia)
The Humane Society of the United States
HumaneTeen (Humane Society of the United States)
Humanimalia - a journal of human/animal interface studies (DePauw University)

If a cat could talk (David Wood, Aeon Magazine, 24 Jul 2013)
Information for Dog Owners: Approved Drugs and Related Information (Center for Veterinary Medicine, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
Information Resources on the Care and Welfare of Cats (Daniel Scholfield & Kristina M. Adams, USDA Animal Welfare Information Center, Apr 2007)
Information Resources on the Care and Welfare of Horses (ed. Cristin Swords, USDA Animal Welfare Information Center, Nov 2006)
Information Resources on the Care and Welfare of Rodents (Richard L. Crawford, USDA Animal Welfare Information Center, Dec 2006)
International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing
International & Foreign Animal Law Research Guide (Georgetown Law Library)
The International Cat Association (Harlingen, Texas)
International Fund for Animal Welfare (Yarmouthport, Massachusetts)
International Guide Dog Federation (UK)
International K-9 Search & Rescue Services for Missing People and Pets
Internet Bernese Mountain Dog Consortium (IBMDC) PandaSite
Internet for Veterinary Medicine (Laurian Williamson, Intute Virtual Training Suite)
InterVet Veterinary Hospital
IPL Pathfinder: Choosing a Dog or Puppy
(Julie Lawton, Internet Public Library)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Pets
Island Dogz Rescue (Gem Zolciak et al., Vancouver Island, BC)
Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre (Jeff Lederman et al., Salt Spring Island, BC)
iVillage.com: Pet Channel
Jason Gaverick Matheny
Just say "NO" to Onions (Wendy Wallner)
Katrina's Animal Rescue (Kim Woodard et al., Nature, PBS, 20 Nov 2005)
The kindness of beasts: Animal morality (Mark Rowlands, Aeon Magazine, 24 Oct 2012)
Kingsnake.com | The Internet Portal for the Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist
-- Kingsnake Canada
K9Web: Resources for the Dog World (Liza Lee Miller)

Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resources
Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.
Labrador Retriever Home Page (Lowell Ackerman)
League Against Cruel Sports (London)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Pets Topics
LlamaWeb (Dale Graham)
LoveUnleashed.com | The Dating Site for Dog Lovers
(Trish Pitzel et al., Vancouver, BC)
LTSN Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine (UK Learning and Teaching Support Network)
Maddie's Fund - The Pet Rescue Foundation
(Richard Avanzino et al.)
Mary J. Getten, Animal Communicator (Eastsound, Washington)
MEDLINEplus: Pets and Pet Health
Meow-Aid No-Kill Cat Shelter (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
The Merck Veterinary Manual
Mercy For Animals Canada (Toronto, Ontario)
Mercy towards animals: Vegetarian and vegan ethics (Kapil Komireddi, Aeon Magazine, 26 Jun 2013)
Monkey Business - A BUAV Undercover Investigation (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, 4 Oct 2006)
Mutt Magazine - A Celebration of Mixed Breeds
National Animal Disease Center (NADC Home Page, USDA)
Nature: Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History
(Allison Argo, PBS, 5 Nov 2006)
Nature | Dogs That Changed the World (Corinna Faith, PBS, 22/29 Apr 2007)
Nature | Extraordinary Cats (PBS, 1999)
Nature | Extraordinary Dogs (Allison Argo & Hildy Rubin, PBS, 1997)
Nature | Horse and Rider (Tom Simon et al., PBS, 2003)

NC3Rs - National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (Medical Research Council, London)
NetPets (US)
NetVet Veterinary Resources (Ken Boschert)
New Harvest - Advancing Meat Substitutes (Jason Gaverick Matheny et al.)
Noah's Wish: Rescuing and Sheltering Animals in Disasters
(Placerville, California)
The Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter (Angelika & Peter Langen et al., Smithers, BC)
NOVA | Dogs and More Dogs (Noel Buckner & Rob Whittlesey, PBS, 3 Feb 2004)
NOVA | Dogs Decoded (Dan Child, PBS, 9 Nov 2010)
NOVA Online | Animal Hospital
NSTA Position Statement: Responsible Use of Live Animals and Dissection in the Science Classroom (US National Science Teachers Association)
Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2006)
OIE | World Organisation for Animal Health (Paris)
One Hundred of the Worst Animal Cruelty Cases (The Humane Society of the United States, 18 Apr 2007)
One Voice (Nantes)
Open Directory - Recreation: Pets
Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (Burnaby, BC)
Paws Ahead K-9 Sports Centre & Doggy Daycare (Burnaby, BC)
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Pet Adoption (Alicia Drnek, About.com)
The Pet Arthropod Page (Stephen W. Bullington)
Pet Care Tips: Emergency Pet Preparedness (ASPCA)
PetCat Front Door
The Pet Channel
Pet Columns (College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois)
Pet Consumer Report Online Magazine
Wireless Pet Containment Systems (Shari Preiss)
PetEducation.com (Race Foster & Marty Smith)
Petfinder.com | Animal Emergency Response Network
(Tucson, Arizona)
PetHarbor.com | National Animal Search Engine
(Huntington Beach, California)

PetLynx - The SuperNET for Pets and People (Calgary)
Pet Net Canada (Deborah G. Dallison)
PetNet Selectapet (Denise Humphries)
Pet ownership and human health: a brief review of evidence and issues (June McNicholas et al., British Medical Journal 331:1252-4, 26 Nov 2005) PDF
Pets (Humane Society of the United Staes)
Pets... (TheLinks)
Petsearchers Canada (Surrey, BC)
PETS 911 (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Pet-Vet: Home Page (Lowell Ackerman)
Pet Warehouse: Mail Order Catalog for Pet Supplies
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (Neal Barnard et al., The PCRM Foundation, Washington, DC)

Pit Bull Project (Seattle Pit Bull Rescue Group)
Pit Bull Rescue Central (Robert Chesser, Columbia, Missouri)
The Pit Bull Site (Mansfield, Massachusetts)
PitBulls on the Web (Veronique Chesser, Independence, Missouri)
Pit Pony
Plum Creek
The Police Dog Home Page (Bob Eden & Gord Ney)
Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Labortory Animals (Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare, US National Institutes of Health)
Purebred Dogs (Nancy McMillan, Suite 101)
Purina Dogs - Breed Selector
A raccoon of my own: taming a raccoon (Lauren Slater, Aeon Magazine, 31 Oct 2012)
The Ragdoll Connection Network
Raincity Dogs: A Guide for Vancouver Dogs
(Jennifer Ross-Tolton et al.)
Rainforest Reptile Refuge Society (Langley, BC)
Randomised controlled trial of animal facilitated therapy with dolphins in the treatment of depression (Christian Antonioli & Michael A. Reveley, British Medical Journal 331:1231-4, 26 Nov 2005) PDF
RAVS | Rural Area Veterinary Services (HSUS, Gaithersburg, Maryland)
Renting with Pets: The Online Resource for Rental Managers and Pet Owners (Humane Society US)
Resources for pet owners (Intute Health and Life Sciences)
Revealed No Country For Animals (documentary hosted by Kevin Newman, Globlal National, 28 Jul 2010'
Rhodesian Ridgeback Home Page
Rhodesians (J. J. Murphy)
Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary
(Scott & Heidi Riddle, Arkansas)
Ring of Labradors Webring
Rondivills Kennels (Richmond, BC)

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
(RSPCA Web Site)
RPD (rec.pets.dogs) FAQ Homepage
-- Breed FAQ Homepage (Cindy Tittle Moore)
SammyBird.com - Online Guide to Pet Birds and Companion Parrots
Search Recreation - Animals, Pets and Zoos (Internet Sleuth)
Search Society - Animal Rights (Internet Sleuth)
Search Veterinary/Zoology (Internet Sleuth)
The Seeing Eye
Sled Dog Task Force (Terry Lake et al., Government of British Columbia, 25 Mar 2011) PDF
SPCA Chilliwack (BC)
SPCA - Parksville, Qualicum Beach and District Branch (BC)
Story of Fritz (The Fritz Online, Salt Spring Island, B.C.)
Strictly Pet Supplies (Palatine, Illinois)
Study WEB: Animals & Pets - Companion Animals

Super K9 (Brandon Roe)
The Tame Beast
Terrestrial Animal Health Code (OIE, World Organisation for Animal Health)
Tina (The Elephant Sanctuary)
To Have or Not To Have a Pet for Better Health? (Leena K. Koivusilta & Ansa Ojanlatva, PLoS ONE 1(1):e109, 20 Dec 2006)
The Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive
(North Carolina State University)
Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary (Deborah D'Alessandro et al.)
TravelPets Online Directory to Pet Friendly Hotels
Trends in Humane Giving: New Survey Caps Nine-Year Analysis Showing Increasing Support for Charities That Do Not Fund Animal Experiments: A report from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM Foundation, Washington, DC, Autumn 2005)
TUAPA (Taichung Universal Animal Protection Association)
Taichung PAWS (Taichung People Animals Welfare Society)
UVic Feral Rabbit Rescue
Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue (VOKRA, Vancouver, BC)
VetCentric - Veterinary Medicine Online
Veterinarians without Borders / Vétérinaires sans Frontières - Canada
(VWB/VSF-Canada, Guelph, Ontario)
Veterinary Anatomy Instruction Web Sites (College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota)
Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams (Nokomis, Florida)
Veterinary Medical Info--Dogs & Cats (Katherine James, Suite 101)
Veterinary Medicine (Scott Nimmo, About.com)
Veterinary Medicine Resources (Andrea Dinkelman, Iowa State University, Ames)
VETGATE: The UK's Gateway to High Quality Internet Resources in Animal Health
VetInfo - Veterinary Medical Information for Dogs and Cats
(Michael Richards)
VetPulse.tv - Veterinary Videos & Blog for the Profession (Glasgow, Scotland)
Vet On-Line - The International Journal of Veterinary Medicine
VetPetPartners E-Mail List

Vicki Cleaver's Ultimate WWW Cat Homepage
Victoria Adoptables (Carol Broad, Victoria, BC)
Vizsla Canada Home Page
The Vizsla Dog Web Ring
Vizsla Home Page (Ingle & Mead)
WAVA World Association for Voice of Animals
wFIDO - Western Federation of Individuals and Dog Organizations
What is My Dog Type? - DNA Dog Breed Test Kit (Shari Preiss)
What's Really in Pet Food (Jean Hofve et al., Animal Protection Institute, Sacramento, California, 5 Apr 2007)
Wild ARC - Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (BC Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Victoria)
Wild Charm Bengals (Shannon Tara, Salt Spring Island, BC)
Wildlife Care Center (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
William Wegman World
Wireless Pet Containment Systems (Shari Preiss)
Wolf Rescue Center (Darlene Kobobel)
WOOF! It's a Dog's Life (Matthew Margolis, PBS)
Working Dogs Cyberzine (Colorado Springs)
Working Pit Bull (Diane Jessup, Olympia, Washington)
World Animal Net
World Parrot Refuge (Wendy Huntbatch & Horst Neumann et al., FLOPRS, Coombs, BC)
WWW Select-a-Dog
Yahoo! Dogs:Breeds
Zeal.com - Recreation - Pets
Zoocheck Canada Inc.

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