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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources for Family, including children and parents. The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure, Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: family; home; children; kids; parents; parenting

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Local Information

Global Community
Regional Administration and Information

Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
[Up] Global News

World News
Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
Science News
Space News
Sky and Weather

The Sky
Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data
Weather Equipment
[Up] Reference

Special Topics
Books On-line
Encyclopaedias On-line
Time and Times

Child Safety
Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers
[Up] Life and Leisure

Food and Drink
Consumer Services
Health and Medicine
Home and Garden
Home Computing

Help and Technical Support
Antivirus Resources
Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
GNU/Linux and Open Source
Microsoft Windows
Internet Connectivity
History of Personal Computing
Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes
[Up] Internet Forums

Mailing Lists

Web Rings
Web Weaving

Hypertext and HTML
Web Style: Writing for the Web



Thanks to "family values," when it comes to freedom and personal choice, the wheels are off the bus in America. And let's face it: it was a pretty short bus to begin with.

Rick Mercer

AdvoKids (Office of the Child, Youth & Family Advocate of British Columbia)
Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links: Family
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
BC Ministry for Children and Families: Alphabetical Index
BellaOnline: Family
The Book Of Daniel (Jack Kenny et al., NBC.com, 6 Jan 2006)
Buzzle.com Children and Family
Casey Journalism Center on Children & Families (Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland, College Park)
Child & Family Canada
Child and Family News (Tufts University)
City Family Magazine
CM: Canadian Review of Materials
Common Sense Media: Entertainment choices for kids and families
(San Francisco)
The Cridge Centre for the Family (Victoria, British Columbia)
CYFERNet - Children, Youth and Families Education and Research Network
Dads and Daughters Home Page
Disney Family
DivorceCare Divorce Recovery Support Groups
The Divorce Page
Divorce Source: A Legal Resource for Divorce, Custody, Alimony, and Support

Easy Internet for Families (Tia Leschke)
Facts for Families (AACAP)
Families of the '90s (LeVere Russell, Suite 101)
Family - About.com
Family and Parenting Databases @ Internets
Family at Women.com
The Family Center (Bristol, Connecticut)
Family Circle
Family.com (Disney)
Family Connections: Directory of Family Literacy Projects Across Canada
The Family Corner (Amanda Formaro)
Family Economics and Nutrition Review (Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, USDA)
FamilyEdge (Knowledge Kids Network)
Family Education Network
FamilyFirst Newsletter Online (WorldVillage)

Family Focus
Family-Friendly Sites Directory
Family Fun House
FamilyFun Magazine
Family Fun Ring
The Family Fun Zone
Family Internet
Family Internet (Barbara J. Feldman, About.com)
FamilyIs - FamilyIs.com
Family Kids ... The Family Beat
FamilyNet NetBooks $

The Family Network of CPRN (Canadian Policy Research Network)
FamilyPC on the Web (ZDNet)
The Family Place
Family Planet
A Family Resource Center
Family Resource Online
Family Resources Network
Family's Corner (Saad Medleg)
Family Service America (FSANet)
Family Therapy - Links (David Pocock)
Family Therapy Resources on the World Wide Web (Bruce Hart)

Family Therapy Websites (Allyn & Bacon)
Family Time
Family Time: The Practical Art of Nurturing (HomeArts)
Family Village: A Global Community of Disability-Related Resources
FamilyWebFiles Home
The Family Web Guide (ed. Randy Hicks)
Familywide.com - Internet for the Whole Family
Family Wonder
Findout's Family & Relationships Library
Flying Solo (Jan L. Warner & Jan Collins Stucker)
FRONT Inc. - Family Rights Organization's National Taskforce
The F.U.N. Place - Families United on the Net
Generations Online
Geniusfind Home and Family

Global Reproductive Health Forum (Harvard School of Public Health)
Global Sitters Home Page
Harvard Family Research Project
Home & Family (Eye on the Web)
ICONnect - FamiliesConnect - The Cybersite for Parents & Kids
ICRI - The International Child Resource Institute
The Internet and the Family (Annenberg Public Policy Center)
The Internet and the Family 2000: The View from Parents, The View from Kids (Joseph Turow & Lilach Nir, May 2000) PDF
Jewish Family and Life!'s InterfaithFamily.com
LIBISMA, Library for the Interdisciplinary Study of Marriage
(International Academy of Marital Spirituality)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Families
MSNBC Family Bulletin Board

My Virtual Reference Desk - Family Matters (Bob Drudge)
National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families (US)
Open Directory - Home: Family
Open Q - The Electronic Magazine for All the Family
PATH: A catalyst for global health (Seattle, Washington)
Public Choices, Private Decisions: Sexual and Reproductive Health and the Millennium Development Goals (Stan Bernstein with Charlotte Juul Hansen, UN Millennium Project, 2006)
Reproductive Health (BioMed Central)
Reproductive Health Gateway (Health Information and Publications Network, John Hopkins University)
ReproLine (Reproductive Health Online)
Research Forum on Children, Families, and the New Federalism
Resources for Individual and Family Studies (Rebecca C. Knight, University of Delaware)
Rural Families Speak (University of Minnesota)
Search Society - Family (Internet Sleuth)
SearchtheWeb.com - Home & Family
Sexual and reproductive health: a matter of life and death (Anna Glasier et al., The Lancet 368:1595-1607, 1 Nov 2006)
Simply Family
The Singles Center Home Page

SOSIG: Children and Families
Stepfamily Association of America
Steve and Ruth Bennett's Family Surfboard
Study WEB: Family Science
TAGFAM -- Families of the Gifted and Talented (Valorie King)
The Teel Family Web Site
Theresa's Chain of Links (Theresa Serant)
United Through Reading (Family Literacy Foundation)
Vanier Institute of the Family (Nepean, Ontario)
We Are Family Foundation (Nile Rodgers et al.)
The WholeFamily Center (Ellen Weinberger-Horowitz)
Working Families On-Line: The AFL-CIO Internet Community
Working Moms' Internet Refuge | Family
ZDNet At Home
Zeal.com - Personal - Family

See also Domestic Abuse and Family Violence, Family Health, Home and Garden, and Living with Disease and Dysfunction


Kids (Children and Youth)

For games, see Entertainment.

ABC News4Kids
Aboriginal Youth Network
About Teen Health
Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By (Elaine Lindy)
Access Place Kids (ed. Bryce W. Westover)
ACEKids Cool Kids Stuff (David Ersenstein)
Activities for Kids
Activity Village - Keeping Kids Busy (UK)
ADOL: Adolescence Directory on Line (Center for Adolescent and Family Studies, University of Indiana)
Adolescent Adulthood
Adolescent Angst (Priory Healthcare, UK, 2005) PDF
Afterschool.gov: Web Sites for Kids and Teens
ALFY - The Web Portal for Kids

Alice's Virtual Restaurant - Kids' Menu (Alice Kehoe)
Allen's Guide: Kids and Teens Summer Camps and Travel Progams
All Kids (Elaine B. & David K. Forth, UK)
Amazing Kids! Webspace
Amazing Planet HomeBase (Tim Hamlett & Robert Umbehant)
AOL Search Kids Only
Archkidecture - Architecture for Children
Arthur: The World's Most Famous Aardvark (PBS Kids)
Ask for Kids
Art Kids Rule!
A to Z Kids Stuff Home Page
The AWArds: Awesome WebSites Evaluated By Kids...For Kids!
(K1-5, Ruth Small & Marilyn Arnone)
Babloo Kids Portal
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
Bing & Bong's Tiny Planets (Childrens Televsion Workshop)
BlackDog - The Site for Kids! (PreK-8)
Bonus.com: The SuperSite for Kids
The BookHive: Your Guide to Children's Literature & Books
Boys & Girls Clubs of America (Atlanta)
Brainevent.com (Matt Cibula et al.)

Bridging the Child Divide (Odd de Presno, Kidlink)
Bubble Town
Canada World Youth
Canadian Association for Adolescent Health (Montreal)
The Canadian Kids Page
Canadian Kids on the Net (Ray Rasmussen)
The Candie's Foundation
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Cartoonist Jay Hosler (Clan Apis and The Sandwalk Adventures, etc.)
CBC.ca/kids (CBC, Ottawa)
CBC 4 Kids (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
ChannelOne.com : One Step Ahead
Charlie's Playhouse: Evolution for Kids (Kate Miller et al., Pawtucket, Rhode Island)
ChildFun Early Childhood Education Center
Childnet International

Child.net Online Guide to Youth and Children Resources
Children, Adolescents, and the Internet (ed. Patricia Greenfield & Zheng Yan, APA Developmental Psychology 42:3, Apr 2006)
Children on the Internet (Liz Bryson)
Children's Corner (Saad Medleg)
Children's Databases @ Internets
Children's Express
Children's Gardening (Diane Relf)
Children in the Garden (The Garden Helper)
Childrens Links & Pages
Children's Literature $
Children's Literature -- Fairrosa Cyber Library
(Roxanne Hsu Feldman)
Children's Literature Web Guide (David K. Brown)

Children's Messages to the World
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, Indiana)
The Children's Museum of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia)
The Children's Room (Jim Zola, High Point Public Library)
Children's Software Revue
CIA's Homepage for Kids (US Central Intelligence Agency)
The Cinderella Project (Heather MacKenzie & Cheryl Otto et al., Vancouver, BC)
Club Penguin (Kelowna, BC)
The Cool Page for Queer Teens (Scott Bidstrup)
Cool Planet for Kids (Oxfam GB)
Cool Safe Links for Kids, Parents, and Teachers (Terry Hand)
Cosmic Blobs (Solidworks, Concord, Massachusetts)
Crazy Bone - Online Games and Fun Stuff for Kids of All Ages!
CRN HomePage (Child Research Net, Japan)
CTW - Children's Television Workshop

CYKE Cyber Knowledge & Emotion
DeafPlanet.com (Mark J. W. Bishop et al., Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf)
Degrassi: The Next Generation
Dig - The Archaeology Magazine for Kids!
Digital Childhood: Electronic Media and Technology Use Among Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers (Elizabeth A. Vandewater et al., Pediatrics 119(5):e1006-15, 5 May 2007)
Digital Librarian: Children's Resources
The DinoPals Page (The People for Peace Project)
Disney.com - Kids Island
Disney's Internet Guide (DIG)
The Dream Factory
EachToy Home
EcoKids Online (Earth Day Canada)
E-Teen Community
European Youth Portal (Europa)
Everything Cool Magazine
EverythingTeen.com Teen Community
FableVision Place
Face The Issue
Family Kids ... The Family Beat

Faze Teen Magazine
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Kids and Youth Educational Page
FEMA for Kids (U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency)
4every1 Kids Portal
For the Kids (JournalismNet)
For Kids Only (CLN)
4-H Children's Garden
Frontline: The Merchants of Cool: A Report on the Creators & Marketers of Popular Culture for Teenagers (PBS, 2001)
Fun Felt for Kids (Karen Clark, The Story Teller)
The Future of Children
Galactic Galaxy
Garden Forever for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities

The Garden Gnome - Kids' Page (Irene Menge)
Gardening for Kids! (D. Goetsch)
Gardening with Kids (Amazingmoms.com)
Gardening with Kids (Van Dyck's)
Gator Gardening for Kids
Geniusfind Kids
GeoTeen.com: Interactive Resources for Teens
Getting Real! (Kidsites 3000)
Ghetto Kids
Gifted Children Monthly (James Alvino & Arthur Lipper)
Global Gang
Global Youth Action Network

GoOseHead Teen Entertainment Network
Greater Victoria Public Library Youth Page (Victoria, BC)
GreatKids Network
Great Web Sites for Kids (American Library Association)
GridClub Learning Centre (UK)
The Growing Gardener
GuruNet Kids
Habbo Hotel (Sulake Canada)
HarrisKidZone (Harris Poll)
The Headbone Zone (Archie McPhee)
Health4Kids (Health Canada)
Heritage OnLine - K-12 Resources for Kids
ICONnect - KidsConnect (American Association of School Librarians)
Imbee Social Networking and Blogging for Kids
(Jeanette Symons, San Francisco)

In the Mix: Reality Television for Teens (PBS Online)
The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth & Media
(NORDICOM, Goteborg University, Sweden)
International Kids & Teens Penpal Club (Kids' Media Club)
International Kids Club
The International Youth Foundation
The Internet at Play: Child Users of Public Internet Connections (Christian Sandvig, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Jul 2006)
Internet Resources for Children (Blythe Bennett, ERIC)
Internet Teens
IPL Kidspace (Internet Public Library)
IPL Teen Division
IPL Youth Division
IPL Youth Division: Dewey Decimal Collection
Ithaki for Kids Metasearch
Ivy's Search Engine Resources for Kids
The Jewish Children's Website Guide
Joan of Arcadia (Barbara Hall et al., CBS)
JoanofArcadia.com (Ted Weiland)
Joan of Arcadia Online
Jolly Time Kids Club
JrSummit: Ambassadors of a New Digital Culture
Judy Blume's Official Web Site

Junior Skeptic (Skeptics Society)
Just For Kids (Jaya Aronnilakkara)
Just for Kids (PLCMC, Charlotte, NC)
Just for Kids - Children's Bookstore (Susan & Joel Finkle)
Just For Kids Who Love Books (Alan L. Brown)
It's My Life (PBS Kids)
K12 Web Sites for Children (Tracy Marks)
KATS - Kids Adjusting Through Support
Kevin's Playroom (UK)
KidBibs International Information Literacy (Joyce Melton Pages)
KidFu (Chris Rettstatt et al.)
KIDiddles: Lullabies and Other Songs for Children
(Kerry Kluytmans et al.)
Kid Info

Kid Info (Linda Guterba)
Kidlink: Global Networking for Youth through the age of 15
Kidnews.com Homepage (ed. Tara Davis)
KidPub WWW Publishing
Kid-Safe Sites: Website for Kids of All Ages
Kids' Almanac: On-Line Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help (Information Please)
Kids and Community (American Planning Association)
Kids and the Web (Gabriel R. Gancarz)
KidsCamps - Camp Directory
Kids Care for Kids

Kids' Castle (Smithsonian Magazine)
The Kid's Channel
Kid's Channel (UK)
KidsClick! Web Search for Kids by Librarians
-- Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
KidsClick! Worlds of Web Searching
Kidscomet (G. Giersdorf)
KidsCom: Play Smart, Stay Safe and Have Fun!
Kids Cooking Corner (LightLiving.com)
Kids Creation Zone Magazine

Kids Did This! Hotlist
Kids Do Care (Sympatico)
The Kid's Domain (Kaboose Network)
KidSearch! The Web Guide for Kids (BVSD)
Kids Express: The Students' Point of View (ThinkQuest Junior)
Kids Fishing Information and Fun (In-Fisherman)
Kids Freebies (Rhetta Gillespie)
Kids Freeware - Free Software and Internet Services for Kids
KidsGardening! (US National Gardening Association)
Kids Gardening Resources (Texas Aggie-Horticulture)
Kids Go Wild (Wildlife Conservation Society)
A Kid's Guide to Adoption (KidsHealth)
Kids' Health (BBC Health)
Kids Help Phone (Canada), 1-800-668-6868
KidsHub.org (Schmidel & Wojcik)
Kids Idea Site

Kids' International Peace Museum
Kidsite of the Week (Bill Bickel)
The Kids' Korner Network (Debbi Miller Gutierrez)
Kids Korner Radio (Aaron & Evan Samuel)
Kids Link (Colin Anthony Stone)
KidsLinks (Alison M. Henry)
Kids Links (Linda Baker)
Kids' Links! (Women.com Networks)
Kids.Net.au - Search Engine Just for Kids...
KidsNook.com - The Search Engine for Kids
Kids of the Web

Kids123.com A World of Fun and Learning for K-8
Kids Online - Fun, Entertainment, Education
Kids Online Magazine - Kids Writing and Art
Kids Online - The Online Place for Internet Kids
(Tommy Michael Barnard)
Kids Only Playground
The Kids on the Web (Brendan Kehoe)
KidSource OnLine
KidSpace (Canadian Space Agency)
KidSpace | Canadian Space E-Library
(Canadian Space Agency)
Kids Page (Carolyn Bierworth)
Kids Pages for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (US)
Kids Philosophy Slam (John Davis, Lanesboro, Maine)
Kids' Planet (Defenders of Wildlife)
KidsPost (WashingtonPost.com)
KidSpots Archives

KidsPsych (American Psychological Association)
Kidsregen.org (Rodale Institute)
Kids Report - An Online Newspaper for Kids, by Kids
Kids' Space
Kid's Stuff
Kids Stuff (The Exploratorium)
Kid Stuff (Wayne Dawe, Suite 101)
KidStar Online
The Kidstime Club
Kids Together (Colleen Tomko)
Kid's Tools for Searching the Internet (Jerry Kuntz)
Kids' Turn Central

Kids Valley Garden (Louise Larabie)
KidsVancouver.com: What Shall We Do Today?
Kids Web Index
Kids Web Sites (Joe Reeder, The Super Start Project)
Kids Websites (Vancouver Island Regional Library)
Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
(Paul Coddington)
KIDS Working for Children with Special Needs (UK)
The Kids Zone Magazine (Jason T. Shoenberg & Astrea M. Fall)
Kidtools: Home Page
Kid Web

The Kidz Kingdom (K-3)
Kidzone (Karen Anelay, NZ)
The Kid Zone (Simon & Schuster)
The Kidz Page
KinderGARDEN (Tina Waliczek, Texas Aggie-Horticulture)
Kinder Korner (Victoria Smith)
Learning Curve
Let's Talk About ME! (Interactive Girl)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Kids
LinkMaster Search: KIDS
Links für Kinder
Little Planet Times
Living with Parents
Lots 'o Links for Kids (Child Find Canada)

Lycos Kids Guide
LycosZone Home
Magical Kingdom
MAGIC - Media Activities and Good Ideas by, with and for Children (UNICEF)
MEL: Children's Resources
(Patrick Persons, Michigan Electronic Library)
Michigan 4-H Children's Garden at MSU
MindZone - A Mental Health Site for Teens
(The Annenberg Foundation)
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Home Page (Fred Rogers, PBS)
Monster Exchange
MOOSE Crossing (Amy Bruckman)
The Mouse Club
MSN Kids
My First Garden: Gardening FUNdamentals
NASA Is My Playground
NASA Kids (Becky Bray & Patrick Meyer)
NASA Kids' Club (U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
National Association for Gifted Children (Washington, DC)
National Center for Early Development & Learning
(University of North Carolina)
The National Youth & Student Peace Coalition (US Student Association)
Neopets! Virtual Pet Site
NGAkids - The National Gallery of Art Kids' Page (Donna Mann)
The Odyssey: World Trek for Service and Education

One Day Foundation
OneKey - Guaranteed Error Free/Kid Safe Search Engine - Education Online
123 Kidz Area (Cindy Ziegler & Randy Crossman)
Online Children's Songs (Boowa & Kwala)
Open Directory - Home: Kids
OutProud - Resources for Queer and Questioning Youth
(San Rafael, California)
OWLkids Online
Paw Island Entertainment, Inc. Responsible Entertainment for Kids
PBS Kids
Peace Corps Kids World
PencilNews - News for Kids
Planet G-hop
Planet Zoom (Sean O'Brien)
The play deficit: Children are suffering a severe deficit of play (Peter Gray, Aeon Magazine, 18 Sep 2013)

Prongo.com for Kids
PurpleMountain.com - The News Source for Kids
RenegadePress.com (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Resource Central - Kids
Rick Hansen Kids Site
RingWorld: Arts and Humanities | Children (Webring)
Robin Whirlybird on her Rotorcraft Adventures (NASA)
Roots & Shoots (The Jane Goodall Institute)
Safe and Great Sites for Students and Kids
Satindolly's Rainbow Room of Kid's Links
Scholastic Kids
Scholastic News Zone
Science Kids
Scribbles Kids Art (Gladys Jimenez)
Searching with Kids - Kids Search Engines (Susan Brown)

Search Society - Family - Kids (Internet Sleuth)
Search Tools for Kids (PLCMC, Charlotte, NC)
SelectSurf -- Kids
Services for Children: Guide to Government of Canada Services for Children and Their Families
Sesame Workshop
SETIKids! (J. Ronald Smith)
SexualityandU.ca (Robert Reid et al., Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada)
SIRS Web Guide: Just for Kids
TheSite.org (YouthNet UK)
Sites by Kids (Don Shults, About.com)
The Sites made for Kids Portal (Tom Jaros)
Small Planet: Links for Kids
Smork | For Kids Who Surf (Sandra Antoniani et al.)
SNOW Kids (Special Needs Opportunities Windows)

Software for Girls (SuperKids)
SOSIG: Young People
Space-Kids (Carolyn V. Drumsta)
SpaceKids.com (Space.com)
SpaceKids - Space Science for Kids (NASA)
Spank! Youth Culture Online
Starship Search!
StoryPlace - The Children's Digital Library
Study WEB: Family Science - Kids Links
Surfing the Net with Kids (Barbara J. Feldman)
Surfin' Kids (Scholastic Canada)
SurfMonkey Kids Channel

Teenage Life Online (Pew Internet Project, Jun 2001)
Teen Content Creators and Consumers (Amanda Lenhard & Mary Madden, Pew Internet & American Life Project, Washington, DC, 2 Nov 2005) PDF
Teenfront: The Teen Site on the Web
TeenHome (UK)
Teen Hoopla: An Internet Guide for Teens (YALSA)
TeenInk: A Magazine Written by Teens for Teens
Teen Librarian (UK)
The TeenSite Network
Teens Online
TeenOutReach.com (Christopher Ukardi)
TeenPaths - Help for Troubled and Difficult Teens and Their Families
TeenSites.com - A Field Guide to the New Digital Landscape
(Center for Media Education, 2001)
Teen Talk (US)
TeenTalk International (Peg Nusbaum)
Teen Web
TeenWire (Planned Parenthood Federation of America)
TheTeenZone.com (Ryder Kessler et al.)

Theodore Tugboat
THINK - Teenage Health Interactive Network
TIME For Kids
Timerock Fossil Fun
Toontown Online (Disney)
Top Children
TUKIDS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations
-- Canada Region
Turtle Tracks: A Native Youth Newsletter
TVO Web Kids (TVOntario TVOKids.com)
Tweenland.com | Safe Virtual Community for Tweens
(Anthony Zinnanti, Valencia, California)
UCIS: The Ultimate Children's Internet Sites
The Ultimate Disney Link Page

UNICEF Kids' Global Village Game
U Seek U Find - Search Engine for Families and Kids
US Government Agencies' Home Pages for Kids (CIA)
The Void (CBC, Ottawa)
Warner Bros. Kids Page
Webfreebees.net - Free Kids Stuff
The Web Kangaroo (Martin Beek)
WebKids Family-Friendly Children's Edu-tainment Sites
Web-Pop Portal - Safe Access to the Web
Webtime Stories (Kendra Sheldon)
Wee Ones: Families Growing Together (3-8)
Whyville (Mark Dinan, Pasadena)
WKCD - What Kids Can Do | Powerful Learning with a Public Purpose
World Book - Just for Kids (World Book Encyclopedia)
World Kids Network, Inc.
The World of Curious George®

World Parliament of Children (UNESCO)
World Scouting
The World through Children's Eyes
WorldVillage Kidz
World Wide Web Pages (Discovery Zone)
WOW Children's Museum (World of Wonder)
Yahoo! Kids
YALSA | Young Adult Library Services Association
(American Library Association)
Year Out Group (UK)
Youngandhealthy.ca (Canadian Association for Adolescent Health)
YoungBiz - The Teen's Guide to Business, Careers, Investing, and Entrepreneurship
Young Canadians in a Wired World (Media Awareness Network)
Young People and News: A Report from the Joan Sorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy (Thomas E. Patterson, Harvard University, 10 Jul 2007) PDF
Young People in Changing Societies - The MONEE Project
(UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre)
Young People's Zone (Rev. A. B. Walden)
Youth - Activism - Engagement - Participation: Good practices and essential strategies for impact (Amnesty International USA, Washington, DC, 21 Aug 2006)
Youth Ambassador Magazine
Youth Development Collaborative Project (Morino Institute)

Youth Information Ireland
Youthline USA - A Kid's Connection to the World
YouthNOISE (Save the Children Federation)
Youth Options B.C.
YouthPath (Government of Canada)
Youth Radio
Youth Resource Network of Canada
Youth Without Frontiers (Slovakia)
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Zillions Online (Consumer Reports for Kids)
ZParadise.com - Where Kids go to express their feelings
ZuZu! (Beck Underwood)
Zybercat's Domain

See also Children's Literature, Child Safety, Education, Entertainment, and Recreation


Parents and Parenting

Were you able to fathom my soul and its longing the way you penetrate the Heavens, Sire, I feel certain you would not complain of me, as you did in your last letter; because you would see and assure yourself how much I should like, if only it were possible, to receive your letters every day and also to send you one every day, esteeming this the greatest satisfaction that I could give to and take from you, until it pleases God that we may once again delight in each other's presence.
Maria Celeste (Virginia, from a letter to her father, Galileo, 5 Nov 1633)

ABC's of Parenting (ParenthoodWeb)
AboutOurKids.org (New York University Child Study Center)
Academy of BreastFeeding Medicine
ACEKids Parents Page (David Ersenstein)
Adopt: Adoption Assistance, Information & Support
(Adoption Resources)
Adoptees, Birthparents, Adoptive Parents (Susan Lawlor)
Adopting.com - Internet Adoption Resources
The Adoption Guide - Advocacy for Adopting Families
(Mary Lib Mooney)
The Adoption History Project (Ellen Herman, University of Oregon)
Adoption Network Law Center
Adoption Online Connection
Adoption World (Joe Mazzafro)
Adoptive Families Magazine
AdoptNet - Support for Adoptive Families
(US National Adoption Center)
AdoptUSKids (US National Adoption Center, Philadelphia)
The Alan Guttmacher Institute (New York)
All About Parents
All the Baby Names (David Perez)
AllMom.com (HerPlanet Network)
All Parents (Elaine B. & David K. Forth, UK)

AmazingPregnancy.com - TTC and Pregnancy Guide
Am-I-Pregnant.com: Advice on Pregnancy and Tests for Potential and Pregnant Mothers
AtParent.com (HerPlanet Network)
AupairConnect - Worldwide Database
Baby (TheLinks)
The Baby and Child Place Parenting Home Page
BabyCenter (Johnson & Johnson)
The Baby Corner (Elizabeth Geiger et al.)
BabyLounge... for expectant and new parents
Baby's Story
Babyvibe (ed. Lisa Foeste, Vancouver, BC)
BabyZone: Family Planning, Pregnancy and Parenting
Bandwidth Moms - Moms Helping Moms Helping Kids
"Because I Love You" (BILY Home Page)
BirthNet World Wide Family Registry
BlackSingleMoms.com (Roney Smith)

Brain,Child - The Magazine for Thinking Mothers
Breastfeeding Resources (Marie.org)
CanadianBabies.ca (Sara Bingham et al.)
Canadian Parents Online
Canadian Women's Internet Directory : Mothers
Carefinder.Com - Nationwide Child Care Guide and Preschool Directory (US)
Center for Successful Fathering
Child Care Aware
The Child Care Nutrition Resource System (USDA)
ChildCareOne: The Global Child Care Portal
Child Care Parent/Provider Information Network
ChildCare Resources - Childcare Resource and Referral Network
Child Development Institute - Parenting Information

Child Magazine
Childswork Childsplay
CNN Programs: Parenting Today
Connect for Kids: Guidance for Grown-ups
The CoolGrandma.com Online Community
CWIA's Motherhood Page (Canadian Women's Internet Association)
The CyberMom Dot Com: A Home on the Net for Moms with Modems
TheDabblingMum.com (Alyice Edrich)
Dadmag.com: Fathers and Dads Online Magazine
Dadsite of the Month (Bill Bickel)
Day care in Canada (CBC News Indepth, 24 Feb 2006)
Digital Librarian: Parenting
Dr. Plain Talk - Plain Talk for Parents on Child Health and Parenting
Early Childhood Education and Care Policy in Canada
(OECD, 26 Oct 2004)
ECAP: Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative
(University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
ECRP: Early Childhood Research & Practice
EdGate.com: Parents

Educarer World of Infants (Phyllis Porter)
Embracing Motherhood: Mother, Family and Parenting Self-Help...
(Beth Waldron)
Equal Access? Appropriate and affordable child care for every child (Kate Stanley et al., Institute for Public Policy Research, London, Jun 2006) PDF
F.A.C.T. (Fathers Are Capable Too)
FamilyEducation.com | Learning Network Parent Channel
The Family Room Online Pregnancy and Parenting Magazine
FamilySeek (WorldVillage)
Fathers First Online
The Father's Web (Chris Stafford)
Father's World | A Community for Men Who Value Fathering
(David Drucker)
F.E.M.A.L.E. (Formerly Employed Mothers At the Leading Edge)
Fertility Forum: Infertility and Fertility Help and Information Website
FitPregnancy (Fitness Online)
For Kids Sake! Radio (host Beth Friend)
4 Work At Home Mothers

Foster Care Children
Gates Institute | The Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)
Giving Birth in Canada: The Costs (Canadian Institute for Health Information, Ottawa, 2006) PDF
Giving Birth in Canada: A Regional Profile (Canadian Institute for Health Information, Ottawa, 2004) PDF
Giving Birth in Canada: Providers of Maternity and Infant Care (Canadian Institute for Health Information, Ottawa, 2004) PDF
Grand Parent Again
Grandparents Homepage
Guiding Children Through Cyberspace -- URLs (Carolyn Caywood)
Helping Your Child (U.S. Department of Education)
Hip Mama Parenting Community
(How) Does the Sexual Orientation of Parents Matter? (Judith Stacey & Timothy J. Biblarz, American Sociological Review 66:159-83, Apr 2001) PDF
How to Raise Your Children Bilingually (JuniorLinguist.com)
Human Equality Action & Resource Team (HEART)
I Am Your Child Foundation

Infertility Center (Women's Health Interactive)
Infertility Digest
The Infertility Portal
Info4Parents (Children's Rights Council)
IntegraMed Fertility Dictionary (IntegraMed America, Purchase, New York)
International Adoption News (Ellen Fitzenrider et al., Norfolk, Virginia)
International Centre for Birth Defects
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
The Jobs for Moms Resource Center Home Page (Nancy Collamer)
Jumpstart for Parents (Texas Education Network)
Kathy's Adoptees & BirthParents Page
Kathy's Essential Information for Parents
Kidbits: An Online Resource for Parents (Stephen D. Schneider)

Kids & Media @ The New Millennium (Kaiser Family Foundation Online)
KidSource OnLine
KinderSigns (Dianne Ryan)
KinderStart - Because Kids Don't Come With Instructions!
KinderToday.com (KinderStart.com)
The Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace for Parents and Kids
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Kids - Parents
List of Adoption Listservs
Midlife Mommies (Rita Kennen)
Mommy Club - Canadian Moms Groups (Michelle Davies & Tanis Burbridge, Calgary)
The Mommy Times - The Mom to Mom Support Community on the Web
Mom Seek - The Search Engine for Moms (BabyLounge)
Moms Help Moms

Moms Online - Home Page
Mom's Work at Home Site: Home Business Opportunities and Ideas
(Home-Based Working Moms, Austin, Texas)
MomsZine (Paula Moir et al.)
Mother & Baby (ed. Stephanie Neuman)
Motherhood SIG (coord. Amy White, American Mensa)
Mothering Magazine
Mothers Are Women/Homebase Magazine
Mothers At Home
Motherstuff (Dwan Tape)
MUMS: National Parent-to-Parent Network
My Parents Page (Carolyn Bierworth)
NACC Birthcenters Website (National Association of Childbearing Centers)
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse (US)
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (US)

National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (US)
National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (US)
The National Parenting Center (US)
Natural Child Project (Jan & Jason Hunt)
Net-Mom Home Page (Jean Armour Polly)
-- West Coast Mirror
NewParentalk (Sherwood Fleming)
Newsweek's Parents' Guide to Children's Software
Ninemonths.com.au | Australia's Online Guide to Pregnancy
NPIN: National Parent Information Network (ERIC)
OBFocus : High Risk Pregnancy and Perinatal Care Journal
Online Birth Center (Donna Dolezal Zelzer)

Parentalk (Steve Chalke et al., UK)
ParentCenter: Parenting, Learning, Health, and Family Fun
Parent Council®, Reviews from
Parenting Adolescents
Parenting Coalition International
Parenting Newsletter (ed. Ovic Etruiste)
Parenting of K-6 Children (Kimberly Keith, About.com)
Parenting Perspective! - Parent News
Parenting Resources for the 21st Century
Parenting Science (Gwen Dewar)
Parenting without Pressure (Teresa Langston et al.)
Parenting Your Parents (Iowa Public Television)
TheParentReport.com - Parenting Resource & Community
-- The Parent Report Radio Show Online (host, Joanne Wilson)

Parents and Children Together Online
Parents and Parenting (Angela Connelly, Suite 101)
The Parents' Guide to the Information Superhighway
Parents Guide to the Internet
The Parent's Guide to the Internet
Parents Guide to Kids TV (PBS)
Parents Helping Parents
Parents' Journal of School Related Issues
Parents Leadership Institute (Patty Wipfler et al., Palo Alto)
ParentSmart.com -- The Best Search Engine for Parents

Parents of Murdered Children
Parents Online
Parent Soup (iVillage.com)
Parents Place: The Parenting Community
ParentStages.com (Kimberly-Clark Corporation)
Parents Television Council (US)
Parents Without Partners Online Home Page
ParentsWeb Newsletter
Parent Talk (Scholastic W3)
ParentWorks.com Advice for Parents of Children 5-10 Years
Parent Zone
PBS Parents

PEP: Parents, Educators, and Publishers (Anne Bubnic)
A Place of Our Own: Homepage (PBS Series)
Planet One Parent: The Lone Parent Lifeline
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada
Planned Parenthood On Line: A Guide To Healthy Sexuality
The Pocket Parent®: Advice for Families
Practical Parenting (Andy Gill)
Pregnancy & Childbirth Information - Childbirth.org
Pregnancy at Women.com: Advice, Community and Information
Pregnancy Center (MayoClinic.com)
Pregnancy - Helping You Through Your Pregnancy
Pregnancy.org (Marie Franks et al.)
Pregnancy Today Online
Pregnancy Weekly e-Newsletter and Website for Expecting Parents
The Pregnancy Zone
Rainbow Kids Bulletin Boards

Raising a Daughter (Valerie Zilinsky)
Raising Hell : A New Genre in Parenting
Reproductive Health Outlook (RHO Home)
Resources on Parenting & Internet Filtering
Responsible Single Fathers
The Robyn's Nest (Robyn Mulder)
Safeguarding the Rights and Well-Being of Birthparents in the Adoption Process (Susan Smith, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, New York, 19 Nov 2006)
SavvyMom.ca (Sarah Morgenstern, Toronto)
Search Society - Family - Parents (Internet Sleuth)
Single Parent Central - The Online Resource for Single Parent Families
The Single Parent Project Resource Project
Single Parent Resource Center
SingleRose.com - Resource for Single Mothers
Slowlane.com | The Online Resource for Stay At Home Dads
Spilt Milk
The Stork Site

Study WEB: Family Science & Parenting
Sweetmama.ca (Sweetspot.ca)
Talking With Kids About Tough Issues
Teenage Parent - Life in the Fast Lane Home
(Idaho Public Television)
TeenWire (Planned Parenthood Federation of America)
Third World Summit on Media for Children (11-15 March 2001)
The Toy Box E-Magazine
Tufts University Child & Family WebGuide
Tyler for Life Foundation - A Parent's Resource on Newborn Screening
(Dallas & Tera Mize)
UrbanMoms.ca: The Voice of Canadian Moms
WAHM.com The Online Magazine for Work at Home Moms
Wee Ones Home Page
Westcoast Moms (Lara Leontowich et al., West Coast Moms' Network, Vancouver)
With Child Without Alcohol
Working for Working Parents: The Evolution of Maternity and Parental Benefits in Canada (Shelley Phipps, IRPP Choices 12:2, May 2006) PDF
Working Moms' Internet Refuge

See also Bullying and Youth Violence, Child Safety, Family Health, and Women's Health

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