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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources on internet forums (including electronic journals and magazines and e-mail in general). The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure, Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: blog; e-journal; e-magazine; e-mail; e-zine; weblog; zine

[Up] [Down] List of Contents
Local Information

Global Community
Regional Administration and Information

Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
[Up] Global News

World News
Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
Science News
Space News
Sky and Weather

The Sky
Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data
Weather Equipment
[Up] Reference

Special Topics
Books On-line
Encyclopaedias On-line
Time and Times

Child Safety
Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers
[Up] Life and Leisure

Food and Drink
Consumer Services
Health and Medicine
Home and Garden
Home Computing

Help and Technical Support
Antivirus Resources
Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
GNU/Linux and Open Source
Microsoft Windows
Internet Connectivity
History of Personal Computing
Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes
[Up] Internet Forums

Mailing Lists

Web Rings
Web Weaving

Hypertext and HTML
Web Style: Writing for the Web

Internet Forums (cont.)


E-Journals and E-Magazines

Selected E-Journals and E-Magazines
RSS and Weblogs

See also relevant field node for on-line periodicals in a specific field.

About - Talk About Newsletters (About.com)
Academic Journal Policy Database (University of Cincinnati)
Analysis of data on scholarly journals publishing
(Research Information Network, UK)
ArticleFinder (Infotrieve Online)
Articleteller - The Free Article Directory (Toronto)
AskMagpie Magazines
The B&R Samizdat Express (Richard Seltzer)
Blackwell Online Journals Information
Canadian Electronic Scholarly Network (CESN)
The CIC Electronic Journals Collection
Collection Management and Scholarly Electronic Publishing Resource (C. J. Armstrong)
Consortium approach to e-resource sharing -- a case study (Y. M. Patil & K. P. Savanur, Proceedings Fifth Conference of the Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture - AFITA 2006 157-69, Bangalore, India; E-LIS, 16 Mar 2007)
CUP Journals Online (Cambridge UP)
Directories of Electronic Journals (HyperJournal)
Directory of Electronic Health Sciences Journals (Adam Clark)
Directory of Open Access Journals (Lund University)
-- DOAJ Index (Eric Lease Morgan)

Economics of Open Access (Catherine Zandonella, The Scientist, 22 Aug 2003)
The Economics of Open-Access Journals (Mark J. McCabe & Christopher M. Snyder, Social Science Research Network, May 2006)
Economics of scientific and biomedical journals (Haekyung Jeon-Slaughter et al., First Monday 10:3, Mar 2005)
EESI-View Help (London)
EEVL | EEVL's Ejournal Search Engines
EEVL's Ejournal Search Engines
eFeeds(sm):Web Feeds from Electronic Journals (Gerry McKiernan)
E-Journal Archiving and Preservation Workshop
(British Library, 27 Mar 2007)
Ejournal SiteGuide : A MetaSource (UBC)
Electronic Journal Miner
Electronic Journals (CRUISE)
Electronic Journals (UW Libraries Information Gateway)
Electronic Journals (U of Waterloo Library)
Electronic Journals (Virtual Library)
Electronic journals and news groups (El.pub - Interactive Electronic Publishing R & D News and Resources)
Electronic Journals from Institute of Physics Publishing
Electronic Journals Library (University of Regensburg, Germany)
Electronic Journals: A Selected Resource Guide
(Otto Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden)
Electronic Journals with an RSS Feed (University of Saskatchewan Library)
Electronic Journals with RSS Feeds (University of Nevada, Reno)
Electronic Journal User Study (Michael Keller et al., Stanford University Libraries)
Electronic Publishing and Scholarly Communication on the Internet
(Leslie K. W. Chan)
Electronic Scholarly Journals: A Review of Technical Issues in Digital Environment (Golnessa Galyani Moghaddam & Shalini R. Urs, Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences 44(2)235-45, Winter 2006)
Electronic Scientific, Technical and Medical Journal Publishing and Its Implications: Proceedings of a Symposium (Laura Abate et al., US National Research Council, 2004)
Electronic Texts Journals Newsletters Magazines and Collections (NCSU)
E-Mail Zines Listing (Tom Kuiper)

ESP: Electronic Scholarly Publishing
Exact Editions
EzineDepot.net Ezine and Newsletter Directory
The Ezine Directory
E-zine Master Index (Gary Christensen)
eZiner - Ezine and Newsletter Directory
eZines Database (Otis Gospodnetic)
eZineSearch Online e-Magazine Database
EzineSeek - Email Newsletter Directory
EzineUniversity (Kate Schultz)
Faith-Science News (Jack Haas, American Scientific Affiliation)
FindArticles.com - A LookSmart Service
Finding Articles Online (Mary Ellen Bates, SearchEngineWatch, 14 Feb 2006)
Free Electronic Journals (Leiden University)
Free Internet Access to Traditional Journals (Thomas J. Walker, American Scientist 86(5):463-71, Sep-Oct 1998)
Fulltext Sources Online (Information Today, Inc.) $
Future e-access to the primary literature (Nature web debate)

HighBeam Research (Chicago)
HighWire Press -- Free Online Full-text Articles
How electronic publishing changes the production and distribution of scholarly journals? (Golnessa Galyani Moghaddam, Journal of Information Management 42(4):459-64, 2005; E-LIS, 5 Jan 2007)
HyperJournal Contents Page
Hypertext/media Magazines & Newspapers
ICAAP - International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication (Athabasca University)
IDEAL - International Digital Electronic Access Library (Academic Press)
iEntry - The Internet's Newsletter Network
Impact of Electronic Journals (Stephen P. Harter, 1996)
Infotrieve Online eContent
Inkpot's Zine Scene
Internet Resources Newsletter (Heriot-Watt, UK)
Internet Resources: Zines, Magazines, Electronic Zines, E-Zines Links Index (Kirk W. Smith, CWGH)
IPL Reading Room Serials

JAKE -- Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment
Jan Szczepanski's lists of OA-journals
(University of Skövde)
JEP - The Journal of Electronic Publishing (University of Michigan)
John Labovitz's E-Zine List
Journals and Newspapers (The English Server)
Journals in the Time of Google (Lee C. Van Orsdel & Kathleen Born, Library Journal, 15 Apr 2006)
JSTOR (Journal Storage)
LANL Research Library: Electronic Journals
Links2Go: E-Zines
LivRe! Portal to free access journals on the Internet (CNEN, Brazilian National Nuclear Energy Commission, Rio de Janeiro)
Locally Controlled Scholarly Publishing via the Internet: The Guild Model
(Rob King et al., Indiana University)
Magatopia.com - Free Online Magazines
MagazinesAtoZ.com Magazines Online
Magazines On-line (Microfusion, Australia)
MagPortal.com - Magazine Article Search Engine
MovableType Personal Publishing System

Net.Journal Directory (Hermograph Press)
NewJour: New Journals and Newsletters on the Internet
(Announcement List)
Newsletter Directory (Paul Knapp)
Newsletters about Health, Politics, and the Internet
(Silver Hammer Publishing)
OJOSE.com | Scientific Search Engine (Online JOurnal Search Engine)
OJR: Online Journalism Review (USC Annenberg)
Online Electronic Journals (USC Science Library)
Online Journals (Best Information on the Net)
Online Journals (BL Net)
The Open Access Bibliography: Liberating Scholarly Literature with E-Prints and Open Access Journals (Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Association of Research Libraries, 2005)
The Open Access Bibliography: Liberating Scholarly Literature with E-Prints and Open Access Journals (Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Association of Research Libraries, 2005) PDF
Open Access Journals (Bobby Graham, National Library of Australia, Canberra, 14 Jul 2006) PDF
Open Access Journals Bibliography (Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Digital Scholarship)
Open Access Webliography (Adrian K. Ho & Charles W. Bailey Jr.)
Open J-Gate (Informatics India, Bangalore)
Oxford Journals Online Archives (Oxford University Press)
Peeters Online Journals (Belgium)
Periodicals.net (ed. Nuchine Nobari)
-- Search E-Journals
Pioneering Internet Publishers and Publications
(Rod Amis, Suite 101)
Preservation and Long-Term Access to Scholarly Electronic Journals (Thomas Girke, Thesis, 2006; ALIA e-prints, 14 May 2007)
Pricing and Publishing Models of Electronic Journals (Golnessa Galyani Moghaddam, SRELS - Journal of Information Management 43(4):375-90, Dec 2006)
Project Muse (Johns Hopkins University)

Publications on the Web: Journals, Magazines, and Newsletters Collection (CIT Information Resource Guides)
Publication Village Internet Resource of Online Publications
Public Library of Science: Home
PubList: The Internet Directory of Publications
ReadWriteWeb - Web Apps, Web Technology Trends, Social Networking & Social Media (Richard MacManus, New Zealand)
The Research Impact of Open Access Journal Articles (Yasar Tonta et al., Proceedings ELPUB 2007, pp 1-11; E-LIS, 30 Apr 2007)
ResearchNow Berkeley Electronic Press Portal
Review and analysis of the CLIR e-Journal Archiving survey (Maggie Jones, JISC, 7 Mar 2007)
Rutgers Research & Reference Gateway: Electronic Journals
Scholarly Journals Distributed via the World-Wide Web
Search for Computer, Engineering, and Business Publications
Search Full-Text US Internet Government Periodicals
(Paul A. Arrigo & Dee Barker)
Statistics of Open Access Journals (Franco Toni, E-LIS, 22 Dec 2006)
Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information
(Marian Dworaczek, U of Saskatchewan)
Tod Kuipers' E-Mail Zines Listing
URMA | Magazines (University Research Magazine Association)
Virtual Journals in Science and Technology (American Institute of Physics/American Physical Society)
Web Access to Traditionally Published Journals
(Thomas J. Walker, University of Florida)

Web / Magazines - webreference.com
Webscribe - Interactive Subscriptions on the Internet (UK)
Wired Source: Web Zines
World Ezine Library
Yahoo - Internet:Newsletters
Yahoo - Magazines:Computers:Internet
Zine Scene -- The Best of the Online Zines
Zines, E-zine, Magazines: The Book of Zines (Chip Rowe)
Zines, Webzines, and Zine Resources
(Robin Ward, About.com)
ZineZone Home
Zinos - eZine Digest (ed. Elizabeth Mauer et al.)

See also Documentation and E-Text


Selected E-Journals and E-Magazines

Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
(Dimitris Kannellopoulos, Vancouver, BC)
Aeon Magazine | the digital magazine of ideas and culture
Ape Culture
The Atlantic Online | Atlantic Unbound Archive
(The Atlantic Monthly)
AweQuest.Net - The Mind and Beyond....
Blogs in Education (University of Houston)
Borderlands E-Journal: New Spaces in the Humanities
(ed. Anthony Burke et al., Australia)
Brain Pickings
Canoe -- Canadian Online Explorer
Cercles (ed. Philippe Romanski et al.)
Channel Zero
Clamor Magazine (ed. Jen Angel & Jason Kucsma et al., Bowling Green, Ohio)
Cogsum: Cogito Ergo Sum (ed. Timothy K. Maloy)
CovertAction Quarterly on the Web
CTheory: An international journal of theory, technology and culture (ed. Arthur & Marilouise Kroke)
Cu Digest (Computer Underground Digest, Jim Thomas)
Cultivate Interactive

The Daily Green: The consumer's guide to the green revolution (Deborah Jones Barrow et al., Hearst Magazines)
Digital Web Magazine
Disinformation (ed. Alex Burns)
Disobey | Content for the Discontented
(Kevin Hemenway et al.)
Do the Math | Using physics and estimation to assess energy, growth, options (Tom Murphy)
Edge (ed. John Brockman)
EGR - Entropy Gradient Reversals (Christopher Locke)
The eJournal (Patrick Jennings)
The El-Baron: The Authoritative Guide to Digital Living in the 21st Century
Electronic Green Journal (UCLA Library)
EncycloZine (ed. Alan & Lucy Richmond)
Ex Libris -- An E-Zine for Librarians and Information Junkies
(ed. Marylaine Block)
Exploratorium Magazine Online
Exquisite Corpse - A Journal of Letters and Life
(ed. Andrei Codrescu)
Failure Magazine (ed. J. Zasky)

Feed Magazine (Steven Johnson)
First Monday: Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet
(ed. Edward J. Valauskas et al., Denmark)
The Flying Inkpot
From the Window (ed. Hero Joy Nightingale)
Gadfly Online (ed. Jayson Whitehead)
The Globalist - Daily online magazine on the global economy, politics and culture (Washington, DC)
Global Museum
Global Views and Voices: Articles, Debates, and Personal Testimony from the World Today (ed. Anthony Barnett et al., Alexander Street Press/openDemocracy)
Grist Magazine (Chip Giller et al., Seattle)
Gristmill: The Environmental News Blog
(Grist Magazine, Seattle)
G21 - The World's Magazine
Here-Now4U - Online Magazine
HotWired: Net Surf Central
h2so4 magazine (ed. Jill Stauffer, San Francisco)
The Idler: A Web Periodical
Increase and Diffusion (Smithsonian Institution)
In the Dark: A blog about the Universe, and all that surrounds it (Peter Coles)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 19 Apr 2012)
Inditer dot Com
Intellectual Capital

InterFace Magazine
Journal E : Real Stories From Planet Earth
Journal of Research Practice: Innovations and Challenges in Multiple Domains (ICAAP)
Jupiter Sky (ed. Todd Christopher et al.)
Killing the Buddha: A Heretic's Bible (Jeff Sharlet & Peter Manseau)
Leonardo On-Line (International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology)
LiP Magazine Home Page
Living Gently Quarterly (ed. Keith C. Heidorn, Victoria, B.C.)
Media Visions Journal (Ken Freed)
MercatorNet (ed. Michael Cook et al., Melbourne)
The Metaball
Mind Numbing Magazine (GeekCulture.com)
The Monthly Aspectarian (Guy Spiro et al., Lightworks)
The MoJo Wire -- Interactive Exposés and Politics
MuseLetter - a monthly exploration of cultural renewal
(Richard Heinberg, Santa Rosa, California)
The Nation (US)
NCT Web Magazine
Nebula@NobleWORLD (ed. Samar Habib)
Nerve Magazine
The OakNet News (Phil Tanny)

OneWorld Magazine
Online Journal
Open Spaces Magazine
Orion: The Magazine of Culture, Creativity & Change
(Orion Society, Great Barrington, Massachusetts)
Plastic: Recycling the Web in Real Time
The Pocket Home Page (George & Tad Dillon)
Prospect Magazine (UK)
Push Magazine
Rabble.ca (Judy Rebick et al.)
RAND Review (The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California)
Rice Bowl Journals: An Asian Online Journal Community
Rivers of Thought (ed. Olcay Cirit)
Romenesko's MediaNews (Jim Romenesko, Poynter.org)
Salon dot Com a Cyber Community
Salon Magazine

Search Insider: Info (LEO)
Shift Magazine
Ship of Fools: The Magazine of Christian Unrest
(Simon Jenkins & Stephen Goddard, et al.)
The Smart Set (ed. Jason Wilson et al., Drexel University)
SodaMail.com Free Hobby and Family Newsletters
(Merle O'Brien, Petaluma, California)
Spiked Online (London)
SpringerPlus, a SpringerOpen Journal
Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web - Home Page
The Stick (TTI)
Tabloia: True Tabloid Tales for the Sophisticated Pseudo-Intellectual (Chris Wisnia)
Theory & Event (Project Muse, JHU)
Think: Opinion, Ideas and Commentary (Monte Kersell)
Thinking Magazine (Marc Perkel)
21st, The VXM Network
24 Hours In Cyberspace
Vagabond Pages (William Markiewicz)

VAGUEpolitix (PBS Online)
Viewzone Magazine
Wake Up Magazine Online (UK)
Websight Magazine: WebGuide
Web Review
Web Surfers Digest Interactive Guide to the WWW and Beyond...
Whispers Online Magazine for Women (ed. Lorenz Plourde)
The Whole Wired Word: A Smart Magazine for Readers
World On the Web: A Daily Webzine (EcoScience Associates, Laramie, Wyoming)
Yahoo! Internet Life
YearZero Magazine (ed. Adam Porter, UK)
Zine in Time (Jenny C. Milton)
ZuZu! (Beck Underwood)

See also Internet Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes


RSS and Weblogs

The ability to put my thoughts on (virtual) paper and put them where people can read and respond to them has been marvelous, even if most people haven't agreed with them. (Posthumous post, 4 January 2008)
U.S. Army Major Andrew Olmsted (killed in action near Sadiya, Iraq, 3 January 2008)

AAAUnite (American Anthropological Association)
The AAO Weblog (Jack Ciesielski, The Analyst's Accounting Observer, Baltimore)
The Academic Blog Portal (AcademicBlogs.org)
Academic Librarian: On Libraries, Rhetoric, Poetry, History, & Moral Philosophy (Wayne Bivens-Tatum, Princeton University)
Academic Web Logs (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
Achenblog (Joel Achen, Washington Post)
Ackoff Center Weblog (ACASA)
ACRLog (Association of College & Research Libraries)
Active Library (Mahendra Patel, Gujarat)
Active Web Reader (DeskShare, Melville, New York)
Advanced Nanotechnology (Blogspot.com)
Adventures in Ethics and Science (Janet D. Stemwedel)
Aetiology (Tara C. Smith)
Afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution and Science (ScienceBlogs)
Age of Embodiment: What follows Modernism
(Karl Schroeder)
The Agonist (Sean Paul Kelley)
AideRSS (Waterloo, Ontario)
All Points Blog (Directions Magazine)
Altair VI: David S. F. Portree's Blog
American Thinker (ed. Thomas Lifson et al.)
Am I a woman scientist?
Andrew Olmsted
Andrew Tobias - Money and Other Subjects (Miami, Florida)
Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth
Anonymity and Self-Disclosure on Weblogs (Hua Qian & Craig R. Scott, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 12(4), Jul 2007)
Anousheh Ansari Space Blog (X PRIZE Foundation)
Anthropogen (Spence Woodard, California)
Antimatter | Life in a puzzling universe (blog, Cormac O'Raifeartaigh, Waterford Institute of Technology)
Argento's Front Stoop Archives (Mike Argento, York, Pennsylvania)
ArmsControlWonk | An Arms Control Weblog (Jeffrey Lewis)
Ars Mathematica (Walt Pohl & Robbie Mouat, Seattle)
Art Education 2.0: Using New Technology in Art Classrooms (Craig Roland)
arxiv.org Joins the Blogosphere! (Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 24 Aug 2005)
The Ask.com Blog
Ask Doctor Vector (Matthew John Wedel, UC Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley, California)
ASTech News: News from the Associated Science and Technology Libraries (Cornell University)
AstroBetter -- Tips and Tricks for Professional Astronomers (Kelly Cruz & Jane Rigby et al.)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 24 Jan 2013)
Astroblog (Ian Musgrave, Adelaide)
Astro Diary: Cloud Watching in Kerry (James Butler)
Astronomy Blog (Stuart, UK)
Astroengine.com - Space science views and opinions (ed. Ian O'Neill)
The Astronomist (Alexander B. Fry)
Astronomy Down Under - Down Under, Looking Up (Wilson Afonso, Melbourne)
Astronomy Online Blog (Ricky Leon Murphy)
Astronomy Online (Stuart Goldman, Sky & Telescope)
Astropixie (Amanda Bauer)
Astroprof's Page
AstroWright (Jason T. Wright, Penn State)
Asymptotia (Clifford V. Johnson)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, Jul 2007)
The Audience for Political Blogs: New Research on Blog Readership (Joseph Graf, Institute for Policy, Democracy & the Internet, Washington, DC, Oct 2006) PDF
Aunty Spam's Net Patrol
Avian Flu - What we need to know (Silviu Dochia)
Aviation News and Aviation Jobs (Flight Global, UK)
AWOL - The Ancient World Online (Charles Jones)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Weblog)
A Babe In the Universe: Adventures in Space/Time and Everything (Louise Riofrio)
Back of the Pack (CBC fitness blog, Peter Hadzipetros, CBC News Online)
Backreaction (Sabine Hossenfelder & Stefan Scherer)
Back to Iraq 2.0 (Christopher Allbritton)
Bad Astronomy Blog (Phil Plait)
Bartholomew's Notes on Religion (Richard Bartholomew)
The Baseline Scenario: What happened to the global economy and what we can do about it (blog, Simon Johnson & James Kwak)
BBC Blog Network (British Broadcasting Corporation)
The Becker-Posner Blog (Gary Becker & Richard Posner)
The Beginner's Guide to RSS (Australia)
Behaviors of the Blogosphere: Understanding the Scale, Composition and Activities of Weblog Audiences (comScore Networks, Aug 2005) PDF
Bene Diction Blogs On
Best of the Web Blogs (Best of the Web Blog Directory)
Between the Lines (Dan Farber & David Berlind et al., ZDNet.com)
Beyond Apollo: plans for the manned exploration of space from the age of Apollo, 1959-1979 (David S. F. Portree, Flagstaff, Arizona)
Beyond Earth (Gunjan Gupta, Austin, Texas)
B-Feeds: Web Feeds for Books and Monographs (CyberStacks)
The Big Picture (Barry Ritholtz)
Big List of Blog Search Engines (AriPaparo.com)
Biochemical Soul (Daniel D. Brown)
The Bioethics Web Log (American Journal of Bioethics)
Biology & Palaeontology Qs & As (UK)
Biology in Science Fiction (Peggy, US)
Biology News Net (Michael Imbeault, Quebec)
BioMed Central blog
Biopeer: The Blog for the Global Life Sciences Research Community
Biosingularity (Derya Unutmaz, Vanderbilt University, Nashville)
BiotechConnection.com (Canada)
The Bite Stuff (Jaime A. Headden)
Bit-player: An amateur's outlook on computing and mathematics (Brian Hayes, Durham, North Carolina)
Blabble - Thought Parsing $
Black Geoscientists (Ta-Shana Taylor)
Blastfeed (Patrick Ferran et al., Paris)
BLEWS: Using Blogs to Provide Context for News Articles (Michael Gamon et al., American Association for Artificial Intelligence, Apr 2008)
blivet (Hal B. Rager)
Blizg - The Blog Resource (L. Brandon Stone et al.)
The Blog (The Huffington Post)
Blogabond.com - Travel Blogs, Maps and Resources for World Travelers (Jason Kester)
The Blog - Another Tool in Your Arsenal (Janet Peros, Law Library Resource Xchange, New York, 15 Jan 2007)
Blogarama - The Blog Directory (UK)
A Blog Around The Clock (Bora Zivkovic, Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
BlogBackupOnline (Techrigy, Pittsford, New York)
BlogBib: An Annotated Bibliography on Weblog and Blogging, with a Focus on Library/Librarian Blogs... (Susan Herzog, Connecticut State University)
BlogBib: Articles & Interviews About Blogs (Susan Herzog)
BlogBridge Blog Reader (Pito Salas et al.)
BlogCatalog.com (Jacob Gower, Franklin, Tennessee)
Blog Consulting & Professional Blogging: A View from the Isle
(Tris Hussey, Salt Spring Island, BC)
Blogcount.com (Phil Wolff, Oakland, California)
Blogcritics.org (Eric Olsen et al.)
Blogdex - The Weblog Diffusion Index (Cameron Marlow, MIT)
Blog Flux Blog Directory (Ahmed Farooq, Toronto)
Blog for Change (Ben Rattray et al., Change.org, San Francisco)
Bloggapedia.com - Directory (Laura Dawson et al., Brooklyn)
Blogger & Podcaster (magazine ed. Anne Saita, US)
Blogger News Network...The Breaking News Source of the Blogosphere (Robert Hayes, Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Blogger's Code of Conduct (Blogging Wikia)
The Bloggers' FAQ: Freedom of Information Act
(Electronic Frontier Foundation, San Francisco)
Bloggers: A portrait of the internet's new storytellers (Amanda Lenhart & Susannah Fox, Pew Internet, 19 Jul 2006)
The Bloggers' Rights Blog
Blogging about Incredible Blogs (Ken Leebow, Atlanta)
Blogging arxiv (Henry Farrell, Crooked Timber, 24 Aug 2005)
Blogging Canadians (ed. Trevor May, Vancouver)
Blogging for Dollars: Giving Rise to the Professional Blogger
(Meg Hourihan, O'Reilly Network, 12 Aug 2002)

Blogging for physics (Sean Carroll, Physics World, Jan 2007)
The Blogging Geyser (Jeffrey Henning, Perseus Development Corp., 2005)
The Blogging Iceberg (Jeffrey Henning, Perseus Development Corp., 2004)
Blogging Libraries Wiki (Amanda Etches-Johnson, McMaster University Library)
Blogging Practices: An Analytical Framework (Jan Schmidt, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 12(4), Jul 2007)
The Blogging Revolution: Government in the Age of Web 2.0 (David C. Wyld, IBM Center for the Business of Government, Washington, DC, 2007) PDF
Blogging Wikia (Wikia Inc., St. Petersburg, Florida)
BlogHarbor Blog Hosting
The Blog Herald (Duncan Riley, Bunbury, Washington)
BlogJet Weblog Client for Windows (Dmitry Chestnykh)
BlogJunction (Web Junction)
Bloglet (Monsur Hossein)
Bloglines | Free, Web-Based News Aggregator
-- Bloglines OpenID
BlogMarks.net (Benoit Fleury, Toulouse)
BlogMatics - Free Blog Hosting for news and journals
Blog Navigator (Stardock, Livonia, Mississippi)
Blog on the Lillypad (Jeri Massi)
Blogosphere News: Blog News from Bloggers, for Bloggers
Blogossary: The Blogosphere's Dictionary (Telian Adlam)
The Blog Post
BlogPulse: Automated Trend Discovery for Weblogs
The Blog Realm: News Sources, Searching with Daypop, and Content Management (Greg R. Notess, Online 26:5, Sep-Oct 2002)
BlogRolling Link Manager
BlogRunner Portal
Blog Safer: The Anoniblogging Wiki (David Weekly, anoniblog)
Blogs and Social Media Forum (UK)
Blogsavvy | Professional Blog Consultant... (James Farmer, Melbourne, Virgin Islands)
BlogsCanada.ca | Canada's Blog Site (James Elve, Waterford, Ontario)
BlogScholar Academic Blogging Portal (Chris Brauer, Canada)
Blog Search Engine (Loren Baker, Search Engine Journal, Queenstown, Maryland)
Blogs: A Global Conversation (James Torio, Masters Thesis, Syracuse Universe, 2005) PDF
BlogSieve.com Advanced Feed Processing for Adtom, RDF and RSS (Odin Metatech, Santa Monica, California)
Blogs in the Yahoo! Directory
Blogs: A New Force in Physics? (Joshua Roebke, Seed Magazine, 1 Oct 2005)
Blogsnow: What Blogs Link To (Andreas Wacker)
Blogs of War: A Review of Alternative Sources for Iraq War Information (Paul S. Piper & Miguel Ramos, Information Today Searcher 13:2, Feb 2005)
Blogspotting (Stephen Baker & Heather Green, BusinessWeek Online)
The Blog Starter (Scott Chow)
Blogster - Free blog, social network, and image hosting (Blogster.com)
BlogStreet: Who's in your Neighbourhood?
BlogTalkRadio (Phoneymblog, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey)
BlogTracker - Blog Statistics and Hit Counter (IceRocket.com, Dallas)
BlogTree.com - Weblog Genealogy
Blog Versus Print: Have Blogs Replaced Newspapers and Should We Care? (Martin Kaplan et al., webcast, USC, 31 Jul 2006)
Blogwise - Blog Directory and Weblog Research
(Sven Latham et al.)
Blogwithoutalibrary.net (Amanda Etches-Johnson)
BlogZinger (Henry Houh, Lexington, Massachusetts)

Bloogz The Blogs Search Engine
Blowback (Brian Lamb)
Blue Collar Scientist (Anchorage, Alaska)
The Bluetooth Weblog
Bob's World of Astronomy (Robert Naeye, Sky & Telescope)
Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
(Mark Frauenfelder)
Book Blogs @ Writer's Café
BookNews (Gary Frost, FutureoftheBook.com)
The Book of Trogool (Elizabeth Brown et al.)
BookSurfer BlogSpot: Books & Related Internet Resources (UK)
Bors Blog (Matt Bors, Portland, Oregon)
BottomFeeder - Cross-platform RSS/Atom News Aggregator
(Cincom Systems, Cincinnati)
Brain Waves: Neurons, Bits & Genes (Zack Lynch, Corante)
Breaking News Blog
Britannica Blog (Encyclopaedia Britannica, Chicago)
The Bubble Chamber | Where history and philosophy of science meet society and public policy (Science Policy Working Group, University of Toronto)
Burnham's Beat: Articles on Software Technology and Investing (Bill Burnham)
BushCo: A repository of truth about the BushCo cabal
(Marc Murison, Wheaton, Maryland)
BuzzMachine (Jeff Jarvis)
Calculated Risk: Finance and Economics (Tanta)
CamWorld: Thinking Outside the Box (Cameron Barrett)
CanadianBabies.ca (Sara Bingham et al.)
Canadian Cynic (Waterloo, Ontario)
Canadian Electronic Reserves (Mark Leggott et al.)
Cardhouse Weblog
Carnival of the Infosciences (PBwiki, San Bruno, California)
The Carpetbagger Report: Reality-Based Commentary, Analysis, and Tirades on Politics in America (Steve Benen, Essex Junction, Vermont)
Catalogablog (David Bigwood, Houston, Texas)
Catalogue of Organisms (Christopher Taylor)
Catherin Gregory's Web - Letters and Thoughts Page
CBC Inside Media (CBC News)
Celebrating Sagan: Remembering Carl Sagan & His Contributions to Humanity (Greg Tamblyn et al.)
Centauri Dreams: Imagining and Planning Interstellar Exploration
(Paul Gilster)
CentreBlog (Iain T. Benson, Centre for Cultural Renewal, Ottawa)

Cerberus: A three-headed Canadian political watchdog (Toronto)
Charles LeBlanc Political ADHD Activist
(Fredericton, New Brunswick)
Chemical blogspace (Research Group for Molecular Informatics, Cologne)
Chemistry Blogs (WWW Chemistry Guide)
Chemistry World blog
Chemists Without Borders (Jean-Claude Bradley et al.)
Chip Berlet (Political Research Associates, Boston)
Chris Lintott's Universe (US)
Chris Mooney (Chris C. Mooney, The Blog, The Huffington Post)
Christina's LIS Rant (Christina Pikas)
Christine's Background Independence
(Christine C. Dantas, Brazil)
Citizen Scientist (Christine Terry)
CLA Blogs (Canadian Library Association)
Clamor: The Revolution of Everyday Life (Clamor Magazine)
Cleantech Collective
Clearing the Fog (PoppieAzul)
Clear Skies On Demand - An Astronomy Blog
(Math Heijen, London)
Climate Change and Environment Blog (Heidi Cullen, Forecast Earth, The Weather Channel)
Climate Change Blog (Ricky Rood)
Climate Change Denial (George Marshall, Climate Outreach & Information Network, Oxford)
Climate Change: The Next Generation (Tenney Naumer, Brazil)
Climate Etc. (Judith A. Curry)
Climate Feedback (Olive Heffernan et al., Nature, London)
ClimatePolicy (American Meteorological Society)
Climate Progress: An Insider's View of Climate Science, Politics and Solutions (ed. Joseph Romm, Center for American Progress Action Fund)
Climate Science Watch (Rick Piltz et al.)
ClimateSpin (Robert Jacob)
Cocktail Party Physics: Physics With a Twist (Jennifer Ouellette, Scientific American Blog Network)
Collaborative Reference Work in the Blogosphere (Jeffrey Pomerantz, Reference Services Review 34(2):200-212, Jul 2006)
©ollectanea: Collected Perspectives on copyright (Center for Intellectual Property, University of Maryland University College, Adelphi)
College and University Feed Directory (Peterson's, Lawrenceville, New Jersey)
Collider Blog: Commentary on Research at the Tevatron and the LHC (Michael Schmitt)
Colony Worlds (Darnell Clayton)
Colossal | An art, design, and visual culture blog. (Christopher Jobson)
The Coming Influenza Pandemic? (Dave Shea)
Committee to Protect Bloggers
Communication Agents Initiative - Official Home Page
(Robin Good)
Community Broadband Networks (Al Bonnyman)
The Complete Guide to Web Logs (Peter Scott)
CompleteRSS: Find and Subscribe to RSS Feeds
(CompleteKey Corporation)
ComplexityBlog.com - Science, Engineering, and Philosophy of Complexity & Adaptive Systems (Aaron Bramson)
-- Review (Physics World, 2 Feb 2010)
Computational Approaches to Analyzing Weblogs (AAAI Spring Symposia, Stanford University, 27-29 Mar 2006)
Computational Complexity (Lance Fortnow & Bill Gasarch)
Concurring Opinions: The Law, the Universe, and Everything
(Daniel J. Solove et al., US)
Confessions of a Science Librarian (John Dupuis)
Conflict in Iraq | Iraq War Weblog (WBUR, Boston)
Constructing the Digital Universe (Larry Sanger's Blog)
Consumer Reports on Safety (Don Mays & Caroline Mayer, Consumer Reports)
Consumer Savvy Tips (Max Anderson et al., Boone, North Carolina)
Consumer Tips and Reports (Max Anderson, Boone, North Carolina)
Corante Blogs: Notable & Quotable (Hylton Jolliffe)
Correlations (Wired Science, PBS)
Cosmic Diary (Mariana Barrosa et al.)
Cosmic Log (Alan Boyle, MSNBC)
Cosmic Variance: random samplings from a universe of ideas
(Sean Carroll et al.)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, Feb 2007)
Cosmos4U: Breaking News for sky afficionados (Daniel Fischer)
Create a Blog (Ask Bob Rankin)
CreatureCast: The Unexpected World of Animals (blog by Casey Dunn and students, Brown University)
-- Creature cast (Lauren Urban, The Scientist, 26 Mar 2010)
Credit Card Tips, Etc. (Max Anderson & Jessica Hunter, Boone, North Carolina)
CR4 (GlobalSpec.com)
CR4 Nano Technology Blog (GlobalSpec.com)
The Critical Mass Podcast: A Healthy Dose of Skepticism (Lloyd Macalpine etn al., Australia)
Critical Reflections (Tim van Gelder, Austhink)
Critical Thinking (anon.)
Crooked Timber (Ted Barlow et al.)
Crowlspace | A Deep Future view (Adam Crowl)
C. S. Lewis Blog (HarperCollins)
The Culture of Chemistry (Michelle Frankl, Bryn Mawr)
The Curious Wavefunction: Musings on chemistry and the history and philosophy of science (Ashutosh Jogalekar, Scientific American Blog Network)
Current Awareness Happenings on the Internet
(Marcus P. Zillman)
CyberJournalist.net: Iraq Conflict Coverage Weblog

The Daily Galaxy: News from Planet Earth & Beyond (Casey Kazan)
Daily Kos: Political analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation (Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, San Francisco)
Daily SearchCast - Search Engine News Via Podcast (Danny Sullivan)
Damn Interesting (Alan Bellows et al.)
Dancho Danchev - Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge!
The Daou Report (Peter Daou)
Dark Christianity: Exploring and Exposing Dominationist Christianity (Theocracy Watch)
Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media (Matthew Hurst, Microsoft)
David Davies' Weblog
David's Blog: On Science and Everything
(David Ewing Duncan)
Daypop - A Current Events/Weblog/News Search Engine
Daypop Top Weblog Posts
Daypop Top Weblogs
DC's Improbable Science (David Colquhoun)
DealBook Blog (ed. Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times)
Death Penalty Information (Amnesty International)
Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories and Controlled Demolition (debunking911.com)
Declan Butler, reporter (Paris)
DeepSpace (Blogging NASA's Johns Space Center with Mark Carreau)
Deep Web Research Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Marcus P. Zillman)
Defenders of Reason: A skeptical look at the world, because critical thinking is not optional (Lloyd Macalpine, Australia)
Deibert (Ronald J. Deibert, The Citizen Lab, University of Toronto)
Deltoid (Tim Lambert)
Democracy Project (Winfield J. C. Myers et al.)
Denialism Blog (Mark & Chris Hoofnagle)
Depth Reporting (Mark Schaver, Louisville, Kentucky)
De Rerum Natura (Reed A. Cartwright)
DeSmogBlog | Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science (Jim Hoggan et al., Vancouver, BC)
025.431: The Dewey blog
Diary of Saad Eskander, Director of the Iraq National Library and Archive (Baghdad)
Digital Archives for Science & Engineering Resources (DASER) Blog (American Society for Information Science & Technology)
Digital Curation Blog (Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh)
DigitalKoans (Charles W. Bailey, Jr.)
DigitizationBlog (Mark Jordan, Simon Fraser University)
Dinochick Blogs (ReBecca K. Hunt)
DinoGoss (Matt Martyniuk, San Diego)
Directory Resources Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Virtual Private Library)
Dirty Skies: Experiences in Urban Backyard Astronomy
(Rob Kosinski, Seminole, Florida)
The Discovery Enterprise (Ralph Buttigieg Chamberland & Alex Michael Bonnici)
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Thoughts From the Interface of Science, Religion, Law and Culture (Ed Brayton)
The Dispersal of Darwin (Michael D. Barton, Montana State University, Bozeman)
Disruptive Science: Brave New WorldViews (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University, Ames)
DIY Librarian (Tara E. Murray, Pennsylvania State University)
Doc Ott Main (Mark E. Ott, Jackson Community College, Missouri)
Doc Searls Weblog
Do the Math | Using physics and estimation to assess energy, growth, options (Tom Murphy)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 18 Jul 2013)
Don Hopkins' RadiOMatic BlogUTron
Dose (Hugh Mcguire, Montreal)
Dot Earth - Climate Change and Sustainability
(Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times Blog)
Drexelbioscience Blog (ed. Peggy Dominy et al., Drexel University, Philadelphia)
Drexelchemistry Blog (ed. Peggy Dominy et al., Drexel University, Philadelphia)
Drexelmath Blog (ed. Peggy Dominy et al., Drexel University, Philadelphia)
Drexelphysics Blog (ed. Peggy Dominy et al., Drexel University, Philadelphia)
Dr. Shellie
DrWeb's Domain (San Diego)
Dr. Zach's blog (Zachary Moore, Dallas)
Duae Quartunciae (Sylas, Newcastle, Australia)
DV Guru (Digital Video Guru, Weblogs, Inc., New York)
Dynamics of Cats (Steinn Sigurosson)

The Early Years Blog: Resources and conversation on PreK to 2 science (NSTA Science and Children)
Earth as a Classroom (Haughton-Mars Project Team Blogs)
Eatonweb Portal
Economic Blog Links (National Association for Business Economics, Washington, DC)
Edge Perspectives (John Hagel)
Ed Tech Dev
EdTechPost: Technologies for Learning, Thinking & Collaborating (Scott Leslie)
Edublog News
The Edublog Weblog Awards (Incsub)
The educated blogger: Using Weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom (David Huffaker, First Monday 9:6, 7 Jun 2004)
Educational Bloggers' Network (eBN, San Francisco)
Educational Feeds Directory (FeedForAll)
Educational Weblogs (Albert Delgado)
The Education Librarian Weblog (Anna Lewis)
EducationState: the education news blog (UK)
Edufilter (David Tosh & Ben Werdmuller)
EduResources Weblog -- Higher Education Resources Online
Effect Measure (ed. "Revere", New York)
EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers (Electronic Frontier Foundation, San Francisco)
802.11b Networking News
Ektopos | Online Philosophy Community (Matthew S. Mullins)

Electronic Journals with an RSS Feed (University of Saskatchewan Library)
ELEMENT List - The Best Science Links on the Web
11th Hour Action (The 11th Hour blogs)
E-mail, tech policy and more (John R. Levine, Trumansburg, New York)
The Emergence of the Progressive Blogosphere: A New Force in American Politics (Chris Bowers & Matthew Stoller, New Politics Institute, 10 Aug 2005)
Empire Notes (Rahul Mahajan)
Empirical Zeal (blog ed. Aatish Bhatia, Wired Science)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 21 Nov 2013)
The End of Cyberspace (Alex Soojung-Kim Pang)
The End of Free, Chronicling Free to Fee and Beyond
ENewsBar (FW)
Engaging Thought... A Journal of Open & Lively Discussion on Society (Nicholas Velastegui et al., US)
Engineering Resources (Andy Wheeler & Jay Bhatt)
EngLib: For the Scitech Librarian (Catherine Levallée-Welch)
Entropy Bound (Peter Steinberg, New York)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, 30 May 2008)
Environmental Journalism Now (Tom Yulsman, Center for Environmental Journalism, University of Colorado)
Environmental News Bits (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
Environment Blog (New Scientist)
Ephilosopher | Philosophy News, Research, and Discussion
(Shannon La Duke, East Greenwich, RI)
The Epicurean Dealmaker
EPIDEMIca // H5N1 (M-J Milloy)
ePrintBlog (Guy Aron, Melbourne)
Ergoblog (Lindsay Buroker, Edmonds, Washington)
ERV Endogenous RetroVirus (blog, Abigail Smith)
Eschaton (Atrios)
Estimate of the Situation™ 2008 (Adam Korbitz)
Everyday Scientist (John Foster)
Everything In The Universe (Norman Sperling)
Evo.Sphere (blog by Steve Schafersman et al., Texas Freedom Network, Houston Chronicle)
Evolutionary Christianity Community Blog (Michael Dowd)
EvolutionBlog (Jason Rosenhouse)
The Evolution List (Cornell University)
The Evolution Project (Josh Rosenau & Rachel Robson)
Evolution Research (John Latter, UK)
Evolve or Die: Countering the Thrusts and Parries of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (Bill Rozell, Carmichael, California)
Evolving Collective Intelligence (Tom Atlee)
Evolving Thoughts (John S. Wilkins)
Excursion Set (Richard Easther)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 19 Jun 2014)
Experimental Philosophy (Adam Feltz et al.)
Exploring Our Matrix (James F. McGrath, Butler University, Indianapolis)
Faint Fuzzy Observations (Steve Waldee, San Jose, California)
Faithful Progressive
A Family in Baghdad (Raisa Jarrar)
Faraday's Cage is where you put Schroedinger's Cat (blog by Cherish Bauer-Reich)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 19 Jan 2012)
Far Future Calling (Alex Michael Bonnici et al.)
Fast Blog Finder (G-Lock Software, Auckland)
FeedBlitz RSS and Blog to Email Service
(Sudbury, Massachusetts)
FeedBurner (Dick Costolo et al., Chicago)
FeedButton | Uncluttering Blogs & simplifying RSS Feeds
(Feed Adder)
Feed Digest : Mix, convert, and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds (Peter Cooper)
Feed-Directory.com | A complete directory of syndicated feeds
(Dennis Pallett)
FeedForAll RSS Feed Creation Tool
Feed43 (Feed For Free) : Convert any web page to news feed on the fly
Feedity - Create RSS for any web page
Feedmarker (Bruno Bornsztein)
Feedster RSS Search Engine (Scott Rafer et al.)
FeedSweep (Howell Developments)
Feminist Blogs
Feminist Philosophers
A Few Things Ill Considered: A layman's take on the science of Global Warming featuring a guide on How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic (Coby Beck)
FindingBlog.com - Blog Directory
Finding News Faster (Genie Tyburski, The Virtual Chase, 6 Jan 2005)
The Findory Blogory: A Personalized Weblog Reader
(Greg Linden)
FindYourHope.com RSS Feed Directory (Jennifer Wardwell, Chesterfield, Virginia)
Firedoglake (Christy Hardin Smith)
Flags and Lollipos: Bioninformatics & Genomics News and Views (The Ghastly Fop, Edinburgh)
Flutterby! - Notes from the Fringe (Dan Lyke et al.)
Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog (Elisa Mason)
Fractals of Change: Weblogs (Tom Evslin)
Framing Science (Matthew C. Nisbet)
Frankenstein Journal: An Irregular Pseudoblog for Both Cultures (Chris Lawson)
The FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) Blog (William Denton, Toronto)
Freedom of Information Act Blog (UK)
Free Gilad Shalit
Free Science and Video Lectures Online! (Peteris Krumins, Riga, Latvia)
Freethought Blogs
FreeThought.ca (Wayne Chu et al., Calgary)
The Free West (Die Welt.de)
Friends:Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University Library)
F-Secure : News from the Lab (Mikko Hypponen et al., Data Fellows, Helsinki)
The Future of Life (David Tow)
FutureParadigm.com | In Search of the Paradigm Shift
(Alexander S. Bosika)
FuturePundit (Randall Parker)
FutureWire - futurism and emerging technology
(Brian Pomeroy, Philadelphia)

Gadgets, Google, and SEO (Matt Cutts, Google)
Galactic Interactions (Rob Knop)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, 3 Sep 2007)
Galaxy Girl (Barb)
Galileo's Pendulum (Matthew Francis)
Garden Blogs Directory (DigInDirt.com)
Garden Blogs - Subterranean Homepage News
(The Providence Journal)
Geeked on Goddard (NASA Goddard SFC)
Genealogy Librarian News (Tom Jay Kemp)
Gene Expression (Razib)
GEOcosmoHISTORY (Gregory A. Good)
Geology News (FeedBurner)
Geology News (Hobart M. King, Geology.com)
GeoRSS : Geographically Encoded Objects for RSS feeds
Getblogs.com Blog Search Engine (Paul Short, Whitby, Ontario)
GetReligion (Terry Mattingly et al.)
Gigablast Blog Search
Gizmodo, the Gadgets Weblog (Nick Denton, New York)
Glenn Greenwald (Salon.com)
Global Development: Views from the Center (Nancy Birdsall et al., Center for Global Development, Washington, DC)
Global Voices Online (Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School)
Globe of Blogs
Google Base Blog
Google Blog (Larry Page)
Google Blogoscoped (Philipp Lenssen, Aachen, Germany)
Google Blog Search
Google Earth Blog (Frank Taylor)
Google LatLong Blog (Google Earth and Maps)
Google Librarian Central
Google Maps Mania
Google Weblog
Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon | Grand strategy and geopolitics from the perspective of the Pacific Northwest (J. N. Nielsen)
-- Grand Strategy Annex
Grasping Reality with Both Hands (The Semi-Daily Journal of Economist J. Bradford DeLong, UC Berkeley)
The Great Beyond (Daniel Cressey, Nature)
Greg's Blog (Greg Palast)
Grenouille Bouillie (Christophe de Dinechin, France)
Groklaw (ed. Pamela Jones)
Guardian Unlimited | The Weblog
Guide: Using Blogs in Economics (Paul Ayres & Bahgesh Sachania, Economics Network, Jan 2007)
Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents
(Reporters Without Borders, Sep 2005)
Hard To Do Any Worse: The Intersection of Law, Politics, Science, Terror and Tech (Observer)
Healing Iraq: Daily news and comments on the situation in post Saddam Iraq by an Iraqi dentist (Zeyad)
Heavy Trash (Los Angeles)
Henry's Webiocosm Blog
High Class Blogs
The History Carnival (coord. Sharon Howard)
The History of Weblogs (Dave Winer)
Hit & Run (Reason Magazine)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Official Earth Edition
(Douglas Adams et al., h2g2, BBC Online)
HMNH | Hairy Museum of Natural History (Matt Celeskey & Ray Troll, Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Honeyblog (Thorsten Holz et al.)
Honeyguide Web Log (Raphael Carter)
HoodedHawk (John S. Boswell)
Horatio Algeranon's Anonymusing Tales
House Of Labor (TPMCafe)
The Housing Bubble Blog (Ben Jones)
Howling At A Waning Moon (Bob Whitson)
How to Blog Safely (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 6 Apr 2005)
How to Search in Feedster (Jessica Baumgart, Feedster)
How to Start a Blog (Mike Wallagher et al.)
How to Use the New Google Web Search RSS Feeds (Marshall Kirkpatrick, ReadWriteWeb, 30 Oct 2008)
Hugg (Graham Hill, New York)
Humanitarian.info (Paul Currion)
Humans in the Cosmos (Neil Paul Cummins, UK)
Hurricane Climate (James Elsner, Florida State University)
IAU General Assembly 2006, Prague (Thomas Marquart)
If:book (Institute for the Future of the Book)
IFTF's Future Now: Emerging technologies and their social implications (Institute for the Future, Palo Alto)
If We Assume (blog, James Davenport)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 25 Oct 2012)
I Hate Pat Robertson - Monitoring the Religious Right
(Mike Schafer, Grand Rapids, Michigan)

iMechanica | Web of Mechanics and Mechanicians
(Harvard University)
Info Aggregator
Infodoodads - Tools for Finding Information on the Internet
Infomistress (Tracey Friesen)
info NeoGnostic (Chris Armstrong)
Information Access Challenges in the Blogspace (Gilad Mishne, International Workshop on Intelligent Information Access, 2006) PDF
Information Law Weblog (Paul Pedley, UK)
Information Literacy meets Web 2.0 (Peter Godwin)
Information Literacy Weblog (Sheila Webber)
Information Overload (John Williams, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Information Research Weblog (ed. Tom Wilson, InformationR.net)
Information Technology News and Commentary (ITnews Weblog)
InfoSciPhi (Chadwick Seagraves, Marian College, Indianapolis)
InfoToday Blog (Information Today)
In My Kitchen Garden (Susan, Windridge Farm, Missouri)
InsideBlogging - The Blog Consulting Company
(Darren Barefoot & Jeremy Wright)
Inside the CBC: The official blog of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Tod Maffin, Port Moody, BC)
Inside Google Book Search (Google Inc.)
Inspiring Science
Intelligence & Security analysis (Intellisec, Center for the Study of Intelligence and Security, Rome)
International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media
(Boulder, Colorado, 26-28 Mar 2007)
International News and Problems with the News Media's RSS Feeds (Susan D. Moeller et al., International Center for Media and the Public Agenda, University of Maryland, 2007)
Internet Alerts Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Virtual Private Library)
The Internet Courses: Weblogs (Laurel Anne Clyde, University of Iceland)
Internet Experts (Marcus P. Zillman)
Internet News Weblog (Gwen Harris)
The Internet Patrol (Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy)
Internet Scout Weblog
The Intersection (Chris C. Mooney)
In This Moment: An Uncommon Blog of Hope and Politics
(Diane Silver, Lawrence, Kansas)
Into the Blogosphere (University of Minnesota)

An Introduction to Feeds (Jessica Baumgart, Feedster, Inc.)
The Inverse Square Blog (Thomas Levenson)
In the Water: A closer look at life on Planet Earth
(Pranjal Tiwari)
In Women We Trust (Mary Clare Hunt)
Io9. Strung out on science fiction (blog ed. Annalee Newitz et al.)
IPANDAnet (Information Professionals' Alliance on Natural Disasters and Accidents)
The IPL's Blog List (Internet Public Library)
Irving Wladawsky-Berger
iSeeiSay (P. G. Secondino)
ISKO UK (International Society for Knowledge Organization, London)
The Islamic Threat (The Christian Middle Eastern Americans Council)
The Island of Doubt: Shipwrecked in a Sea of Certainty (James Hrynyshyn)
It's all good (OCLC, Online Computer Library Center)
It's Getting Hot In Here (Youth Climate Movement)
It's Only A Theory: A blog devoted to general philosophy of science (ed. Gabriele Contessa, Carleton University, Ottawa)
Ivan Semeniuk's Embedded Universe: Reports from a journalist working among astronomers (Journalist in Residence, Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Toronto)
IW News - International Weblogs (ed. David Forrest, Innovation Watch)
IWS Documented News Daily Postings (Stuart Basefsky, Institute for Workplace Studies, Cornell University)
The Jawa Report (Rusty Shackleford et al.)
Jerz's Literacy Weblog: Online and Offline Literacy
(Dennis G. Jerz)
JForum - Java Forum Software
Jimwich (Jim Leftwich)
John Battelle's Searchblog
John Hawks Anthropology Weblog (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Jonathan's Weblog (Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems)
Jurassic Theology: The Education and Religion Page
(David Colquhoun, University College, London)
JURIST's Paper Chase (Bernard Hibbitts et al.)
Just a Bump in the Beltway (Melanie Mattson)
Just in Time (Justin Hall)
Just A Theory - good and bad science in the mainstream media (UK)
-- Review (Physics World, 1 Apr 2010)
Kairosnews | A Weblog for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy (ed. Charles Lowe et al.)
Kambiz Kamrani's blog (Anthropology.net)
Keats' telescope (George Wilkinson)
Kelso's Corner (Nathaniel Vaugn Kelso, KelsoCartography.com)
The Kept-Up Academic Librarian (Steven Bell, Philadelphia University)
Kevin Sites Blog
The Killing Train (Justin Podur)
Kinja, the Weblog Guide (New York)
KIPlog - Knowledge is Power: A Weblog Exploring the Repository of All Human Knowledge (Paul McCann, Evanston, Illinois)
The Kirk Report (Charles E. Kirk)
Kottke.org - Home of Fine Hypertext Products (Jason Kottke)
Lab Notes (Sharon Begley, Newsweek)
Laelaps (blog of Brian Switek)
Land of the Dead: Exploring ancient worlds and the plants and animals that lived in them (Dan Chure et al.)
Language Log (Mark Liberman & Geoffrey Pullum et al., Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania)
LANL Research Library: RSS Feeds
Larry Kellogg's Radio Weblog
Laser Web (Yan Feng et al.)

The Laughing Librarian (Brian Smith)
Launchings (David Bressoud)
Law Librarian Blog (ed. Joe Hodnicki & Ron Jones et al., Law Professor Blogs Network)
LawLibTech: A Conversation on Law Library Technology and Knowledge Management (Cindy L. Chick)
Law Professor Blogs Network (Paul L. Caron et al.)
Law Weblogs- Blawgs: A Pathfinder (Lynn Lehart, UA School of Law, Akron, Ohio)
The Leaky Cauldron: A Harry Potter Weblog
Leaves on the Line (Andrew Jaffe, Imperial College London)
Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog (Brian R. Leiter, UT Austin)
LemonYello (H. A. Halpet)
Libel in the Blogosphere: Some Preliminary Thoughts (Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Berkman Center for Internet & Society, University of Tennessee, 20 Apr 2006)
Librarian Blogs and Sites Internet Directory
(Evan Williams, San Francisco)
Librarian.net (Jessamyn West)
Libraries for Dummies
Librarians Matter (Kathryn Greenhill, Fremantle, Western Australia)
Library Blogs, Lists, Newsletters & Wikis (College of the Mainland, Texas City, Texas)
Library clips
Library Garden (ed. Peter Bromberge et al., New Jersey)
Library Juice: On the intersection of libraries, politics, and culture (Rory Litwin, Duluth)
Library of Congress Blog (Matt Raymond)
Library School Weblog (Erica Olsen)
Library Stuff - Brought to You Daily by Steven M. Cohen
Library Videos- the best of... (Nancy Dowd)
Library Weblogs (LibDex, ed. Peter Scott)
Library Zen (Garrett Hungerford)
LibWorm: Librarianship RSS Search and Current Awareness (Frankie Dolan & David Rothman)
Lies.com (John Callender, Santa Monica, California)
Life After the Oil Crash (Matt Savinar)
Life and Physics (Jonathan Butterworth, University College London)
Life at the SETI Institue (blog)
Lifeboat Foundation Blog (Minden, Nevada)
Life in Bush's America (Marq Bar, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia)
Life, Unbounded: Discussion and news about planets, exoplanets, and astrobiology (Scientific American Blog Network)
Light Years (CNN.com Blogs)
Lions, Tigers, and Blogs - Oh MY! (Jessy Wilkins, AIIM E-DOC Magazine, May 2006)
LISFeeds.com Librarian RSS Feeds
(Blake T. Carver & Steven M. Cohen)
ListGarden RSS Feed Generator (Software Garden, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts)
LITA Blog (Library and Information Technology Association)
The LitBlog Co-op (Mark Sarvas et al.)
Living Code: Biology & Information (Richard Gayle, Corante)
Living in Europe Blogzine
Living the Scientific Life; or Scientist, Interrupted
The Long View (John J. Reilly)
The Loom: Life, Past and Future (Carl Zimmer, Corante)
Lorcan Dempsey's Weblog
Lost Remote TV Weblog
LS Blogs- Blog Directory
Lunar News Network

Machines Like Us | Science at the speed of thought
The Mahablog (Barbara O'Brien)
Mahalo.ne.Trash (blog, John Asher Johnson)
MainlyMartian (Oliver Morton)
Majority Report Radio (Janeane Garofalo & Sam Sedar)
Making Light (Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden)
Making the university safe for intellectual life in the 21st century (Steve Fuller, University of Warwick)
March of the Fossil Penguins (blog written by Daniel Ksepka)
MaryKayCult (EauDeJane, Ventura, California)
Mashable! - The Social Networking Blog (Peter Cashmore)
Mass (Carl Brannen)
Massless (Chris Wetherell)
Mathemagenic (Lilia Efimova, Enschede, Netherlands)
Mblog (Matthew Good)
The Media Drop (US)
Media Dystopia (Ottawa)
MediaShift (Mark Glaser et al., PBS)
MediaWatchWatch (UK)
Medical and Health RSS News By MedWorm
(Frankie Dolan & David Rothman)
Medical Feeds (EMS Central)
Megan's Blog (UK)
Memeorandum (Palo Alto, California)
MesoBlog.org | Information about Mesothelioma (Sara Wilson, Sunnyvale, California)
The Mesopotamian (Alaa, Iraq)
Metadata : The Virtua iPortal (VLTS)
MetaFilter | Community Weblog
Metalingo: A Weblog (David Kir)
Michael Geist's Blog (Law Bytes, etc., Ottawa)
Michio Kaku (MySpace)
Michael Hanlon's Science blog: From The Cutting Edge (London Daily Mail Online)
Middle East in Crisis: Frontline blogs (CBC News In Depth, 17 Jul 2006, updated)
The Middleman
Mike Brown's Planets (Caltech)
Mike the Mad Biologist (Boston)
Minding the Planet (Nova Spivack)
Mini-Microsoft (San Francisco)
Mixed States (Jeff Hodges)
MmIT - The Multimedia and Information Technology Group
(CILIP, London)
Mobile Libraries
Mobile Phone Blog (Phil Yerkes & John Calian, Movaya Wireless, Seattle)
ModBlog (David Gorman & Mike Pacific, St. Louis, Missouri)
Moira's Info Lit Blog (Moira Bent, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Money Blog Network
Monkey Girl (Edward Holmes)
Moore's Lore: New Technology (Dana Blankenhorn, Corante)
Multiple Ranking Strategies for Opinion Retrieval in Blogs (Gilad Mishne, University of Amsterdam, 2006 TREC Blog Track) PDF
Music of the Spheres (FlyingSinger)

My-OpEd (Robert H. Linnell, Lebanon, New Hampshire)
NASA Blogs
National Geographic Education Blog
National Health Informatics Collection (University of Central Lancashire Library)
A Natural Scientist (Jenny F.)
Nature Blogs
The Nature of Reality: The physics of nothing, everything, and all things in between (NOVA's Physics Blog)
Nautilus (Nature Publishing Group, London)
The n-Category Café (John Baez et al., UT Austin)
NCC Interfaith Relations (Shanta Premawardhana, National Council of Churches USA)
Nerac Blog (NERAC, Tolland, Connecticut)
Nerdlaw Blog
"Net Rage": A Study of Blogs and Usability
(Catalyst Group, New York, 11 Jul 2005)
New APPS: Art, Politics, Philosophy, Science (Jeff Bell et al.)
New Communications Blogzine (New Communications Forum, Middle Grove, New York)
New Humanist Blog (Paul Sims, New Humanist Magazine, London)
Newton's Binomium (Ricardo Azevedo, Houston)
The Next Hurrah
Next Big Future
Nexus 6 (Adelaide, Australia)
Nick Sagan Online
Nightlight Blog (Robert Camp, San Juan Capistrano)
NodalPoint.org | A bioinformatics weblog
(Gregory Tyrelle, Australia)
Northern Polemics
No Sé Nada (Kevin Vranes)
Not A Blog (George R. R. Martin)
Notes from the Biomass: A Bioinformatics Blog
(Roland Krause)
Not Even Wrong (Peter Woit, Columbia University)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, May 2007)
NS2: Niche Social Network Sites (Friends: Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services and SciTechNet)
OA Librarian: Open access resources by and for librarians
Observing the Sky: Your Skyblog for Astronomical Observations
(Jay Brausch et al.)
Of Particular Significance | Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 21 Feb 2013)
Old Hickory's Weblog (B. Miller)
Olduvai George
OLITA RSS Toolkit (Ontario Library and Information Technology Association)
Om Malik on Broadband (New York)
On Christina's Radar (Christina Pikas)
On being a scientist and a woman
One Big Library (Dan Chudnov)
One New Thing (Lynette Reville, Queensland)
On Google Scholar (T. J. Sondermann)
Online Information Blog (Online Information Exhibition and Conference, London)
ONLINE Insider (Marydee Ojala)
Only In It For The Gold (Michael Tobis)
Open Access Archivangelism: Maximizing Research Impact by Maximizing Research Access (University of Southampton)
Open Access News (ed. Peter Suber)
Open and Shut? (Richard Poynder, UK)
Open Culture (ed. Dan Colman)
Open Knowledge (Chris Rasch)
Open Mind (Tamino)
Open Mind: Open Source (Joe Brockmeier, Corante)
Open NASA Collaborative Blog
The Open Rights Group (London)
Open Secrets: A blog about freedom of information
(Martin Rosenbaum, BBC News)
Open Source (Dana Blankenhorn, ZDNet.com)
Open Source Politics (US)
Open Stacks (Gregory S. Schwartz)
Opinmind (Santa Clara, California)
Open Thinking and Digital Pedagogy: Rants & Resources from an Open Educator (Alex Couros, Faculty of Education, University of Regina)
Ourmedia (J. D. Lasica & Marc Canter et al.)
Out of My Gord (blog by Gord Hotchkiss)
Overcoming Bias (Future of Humanity Institute)
Over Two-Hundred Education & Science Blogs (Richard Hake, Indiana University, 29 Mar 2009) PDF
Palaeoblog (Michael J. Ryan)
Paleoanthro Weblog (Wesley Elsberry, San Diego)
Paleo Errata: Odd Comments on Vertebrate Paleontology and Related Subjects (Jeffrey W. Martz)
Palomar Skies (ed. Scott Kardel, Palomar Observatory)
The Panda's Thumb (Andrea Bottaro et al.)
Particle Physics at Discovery's Horizon (US LHC Blog)
Peak Energy: Peak Oil, Global Warming, Viridian Solutions (blog)
Personal Spaceflight (Jeff Foust)

Peter Scott's Library Blog
PFblogs.org (Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator)
Pharma Marketing Blog Gateway (John Mack, Pharmaceutical Marketing Network, Newtown, Pennsylvania)
Pharyngula (Paul Z. Myers)
Phil Bradley's Blog
Philosophers' Carnival (Richard Chappell et al.)
Philosophical Weblogs (David Chalmers)
Philosophy, et cetera (Richard Chappell)
Philosophy of Biology Blog (coord. Michael Sprague et al.)
Philosophy of Genetics
Philosophy of Information (Luciano Floridi, University of Oxford)
Philosophy of Science Portal
Philosophy Talk: The Blog (John Perry & Ken Taylor et al.)
Phlog - Mobile Photo Blogging
The Physics arXiv Blog
PhysicsFocus (Institute of Physics)
-- Institute of Physics launches new blog (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 3 Apr 2013)
Physics Information Fluency (Pat Viele, Ithaca, New York)
Physics Frontline (American Physical Society)
Physics World Blog (Insitute of Physics)
PhysOrg Weblog: Science and Technology Blog
The Pinocchio Theory (Steven Shaviro)
Pipes: Rewire the web (Yahoo!)
The Planetary Society Weblog (Emily Lakdawalla)
The PlaNetwork Journal Blog (James Fournier et al., San Francisco)
PlasticBag.org (Tom Coates)
PLOS Blogs Network (Public Library of Science)
Pluck RSS Feed of the Day (Dave Panos & Andrew Busey et al.)
Pluck RSS Reader (Austin, Texas)
Poetshome.com (Jason McIntosh)
The Positive Futurist (Dick Pelletier)
The Power of the Blog (David Secko, The Scientist 19:15:37, 1 Aug 2005)
Preposterous Universe (Sean Carroll)
PrivacyClue (Ray Everett-Church)
Pro-Bloggers Association (Professional Bloggers Association)
Professor Olsen @ Large (blog by Bruce Osen, Los Angeles)
Professors Who Blog (Andrew R. Cline, Rhetorica Network)
Progressive Bloggers (Wayne Chu et al., Canada)
Project Lyceum (SourceForge.net)
Prometheus: The Science Policy Weblog (Roger Pielke Jr., Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Colorado at Boulder)
The Proper Study Of Mankind: A Blog on Evolution, Philosophy and Human Nature (Dan Jones)
Pro-science (Kristjan Wager)
PSD Blog - Private Sector Development Blog (World Bank)
Public Library Association Blog (American Library Association)
Publisher's Guide to RSS (Yahoo!)

QuackTrack : World's Largest Browsable Blog Index
A Quantum Diaries Survivor (Tommas Dorigo)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, Mar 2007)
QuantumLimit.com | Permanent Human Settlement of the Earth, Space and Ocean Frontiers (Dennis Chamberland's Science and Exploration Today)
The Quantum Pontiff (Dave Bacon, Pasadena)
Quark Soup (David Appell, Portland, Oregon)
The Questionable Authority (Mike Dunford, University of Hawaii, Manoa)
QuestionAuthority (Digital Reference Education Initiative)
Quirks & Quarks Blog (Bob McDonald, CBC Radio)
Rabett Run: Dropping Along the Bunny Trail (Eli Rabett)
Radio UserLand
RapidFeeds | Create RSS Feeds and Publish News Feeds
A Reader's Guide to Geoblogs (Adena Schutzberg, Directions Magazine, 7 Dec 2006)
Reading Copy (AbeBooks)
RealClimate (Gavin A. Schmidt et al.)
Really Simple Syndication (RSS Advisory Board)
Rebecca's Pocket (Rebecca Blood)
Recently Changed Weblogs (Salon Radio Community Server)
Recursivity (blog by Jeffrey O. Shallit, University of Waterloo)
Red State Rabble: A skeptic's dispatches from the flyover zone (Pat Hayes)
Reflecting, Writing, and Responding: Reasons Students Blog (Carie Windham, EDUCAUSE Learning Inititiative, May 2007) PDF
The Reflection Cafe: A Platform for Thought and Humanity
(ed. Engin I. Erdem)
Reference Notes (Gerard McKiernan)
Relapsed Catholic Religion Blog (Kathy Shaidle)
Religion News Blog (Apologetics Index)
Religious Freaks: One man's quest against religious idiocy (Gasmonso)
Religious Right Watch (Scott Isebrand et al.)
Resonaances: Particle theory blog (Jester, CERN)
Resources of the Week: Global RSS Feeds (ed. Shirl Kennedy, ResourceShelf, 16 Aug 2007)
Respectful Insolence (Christopher Mims, New York)
Responsible Nanotechnology (Center for Responsible Nanotechnology)
Retraction Watch | Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process (Ivan Oransky & Adam Marcus)
-- Why write a blog about retractions? (Ivan Oransky & Adam Marcus, Retraction Watch, 3 Aug 2010)
Reuters Newsblogs
The Revolution Will Be Televised (Josh Wolf)
The Right Rev. David Giuliano (Moderator, United Church of Canada)
Robot Explorers: plans for the scientific exploration of space, 1957-present (David S. F. Portree, Flagstaff, Arizona)
Robotica Exotica: Musings about robots, autonomous vehicles, and technology (Hugh Elkaim, UC Santa Cruz)
Robot Wisdom Weblog (Jorn Barger)
Rob's Blog (Rob Kall)
Rocketboom Video Blog (Andrew Michael Baron et al., New York)
RocketNews - Breaking News and Weblog Search Engine
Rocky Mountain Progressive Network (J. B. Holston et al., Denver, Colorado)
Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends
The Role of RSS in Science Publishing: Syndication and Annotation on the Web (Tony Hammond et al., D-Lib Magazine 10:12, Dec 2004)
The Rough Guide to Evolution (Mark Pallen)
RSS Bandit (Torsten Rendelmann, Weissensberg, Germany)
RSS Compendium (Peter Scott)
RSS Creator (David Walker, California State University San Marcos)
RSS -- Crossing into the Mainstream (Joshua Grossnicle et al., Yahoo!, Oct 2005) PDF
RSS Digest (Peter Cooper)
RSS: Dynamic Search Navigation (SurfWax LookAhead)
RSS Feed (BBC News)
RSS4Lib: Innovative ways libraries use RSS
(Ken Varnum, Tufts University)
RSS Locator (Iomation, Morgan, Utah)
RSS Mix RSS Aggregator
RSS Network (Plympton, Massachusetts)
RSS News Channels (Intute)
RSS News Feeds for Law (The Virtual Chase)
RSS - A Primer for Publishers and Content Providers
(M. Moffat, EEVL)
RSS Readers (RSS Compendium)
RSS(sm): Rich Site Services (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University)
RSS Rules
RSS Software
RSS Specifications (NotePage, Inc.)
The RSS Weblog: Really Simple Syndication News & Resources
(Harold Check)
RSS: Your Gateway To News & Blog Content (Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Watch, 2 Apr 2003)

RSS: Gateway to News and Blog Content, Part 2 (Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Watch, 23 Apr 2003)
RustyBudget: Blogger & Publisher Management & Organizational Tool (Barry Schwartz et al., RustyBrick, Suffern, New York)
The Ruth Group (San Rafael, California)
Salt Spring Island BC (David Blair)
Sandwalk: Strolling with a Skeptical Biochemist
(Laurence A. Moran, University of Toronto)
SarahAskew (blog by Sarah Kendrew)
Saving Hubble (David Gaynes)
SavvyMom.ca (Sarah Morgenstern, Toronto)
Schneier on Security (Bruce Schneier)
Scholarly Communication in Engineering (Engineering Libraries Division, American Society for Engineering Education)
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog (Charles W. Bailey, Jr.)
The Scholarly Kitchen: What's Hot and Cooking in Scholarly Publishing (Society for Scholarly Publishing)
Scholars & Rogues (Sam Smith et al.)
Scholarship 2.0
SchoolBlogs : SchoolBlog News
SciAm Observations: A blog from the editors of Scientific American
The Science Advisory Board (BioInformatics, Inc., Arlington, Virginia)
Science After Sunclipse (Blake Stacey)
Science and Engineering News (University of Calgary)
Science and politics of global climate change
(Andrew Dessler, Texas A&M)
Science Based Medicine (Steven Novella et al.)
Sciencebase Science Blog (David Bradley)
Science Blog
Science Blogs (New York)
The Science Creative Quarterly (ed. David Ng, University of British Columbia)
Science Forum - Scientific Discussion and Debate (Phoenix)
Sciencegeekgirl (Stephanie, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Science Librarian at Penn State (John Meier)
The Science Library (Joe Kraus, University of Denver)
Science Library Pad
Science Matters (Don Howard, University of Notre Dame)
Science Progress : Science and Technology Policy (ed. Jonathan Moreno et al., Center for American Progress, Washington, DC)
Science Resources (SUNY at Albany)
The Scientific Activist: Reporting from the Crossroads of Science and Politics (Nick Anthis, Oxford)
Scientific Blogging (Institute Of Navigation, Fairfax, Virginia)
Scientific Computing World
Scientopia science blogging community
SciGuy (Eric Berger, Houston Chronicle)
SciObs - The Sciencebase Blog
The (sci-tech) Library Question (Randy Reichardt & Geoff Harder)
SciTechNet: Science and Technology Social Networking Services (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University, Ames)
Scripting News (Dave Winer)
Search Engine Blog (Peter Da Vanzo)
Search Engine Land (Danny Sullivan et al.)
Search Engines: Weblog search engines
(Phil Bradley, Ariadne 36, 30 Jul 2003)
Search Engine Watch Blog (Danny Sullivan et al.)
Search 4 RSS: The RSS Search Engine (Vishal Parikh)
Search-Science (MSN Spaces)
Secrecy News (FAS Project on Government Secrecy)
Seeds of Change (Heiner Benking's Blog)
See Jane Compute
SeekingAlpha.com | Network of Stockmarket and Personal Finance Blogs (David Jackson et al.)
Semantic Blogging: Spreading the Semantic Web Meme
(Steve Cayzer, Apr 2004)
Sentient Developments: Transhumanist Perspectives on Science, Philosophy, History, and the Future of Intelligent Life (George P. Dvorsky)
Serious RSS Fishing Holes (Shirl Kennedy, ResourceShelf Resources of the Week, 19 Apr 2007)
Seth Shostak (Huffington Post)
SETIblog (William Edmondson, University of Birmingham)
7 Things You Should Know About RSS (Educause Learning Initiative, Boulder, Colorado, Apr 2007) PDF
Shades of Green: A Green Technology Blog (Jack Lundee)
SharpReader RSS Aggregator (Luke Hutteman)
The Shifted Librarian (Jenny Levine)
Shiny Blue Grasshopper (Kelly Holmes)
Shireen (weblog by Shireen Gangal, Mumbai)
Shtetl-Optimized (Scott Aaronson, University of Waterloo)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, Apr 2007)
Sifry's Alerts (David Sifry, San Francisco)
SiteLines - Ideas About Web Searching (Rita Vine)
SiT: In Search of Quality (David Carter-Tod)
65 Red Roses: Thoughts on Living with CF (Eva Dien Brine Markvoort, 1984-2010)

Skeptical Science: Examining Global Warming Skepticism (John Cook, University of Queensland)
Skepical Software Tools (Time Farley)
-- Introducing SkepticBlog (Steven Novella)
Skeptico: Critical Thinking for an Irrational World
(Richard Rockley)
Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point (Rupert Sheldrake et al., Associations for Skeptical Investigations, London)
Smashing Magazine (Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz)
Snarfer RSS Reader (Snarfware)
Societas (ed. Thom Haslam)
Software Testing and Quality Assurance RSS Feed (Hung Nguyen et al., LogiGear, Foster City, California)
Something Similar (Jeff Hodges)
Sorting Out Science (Sam Wise)
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Help Blog (SEA-EAT)
The Space (Parvinder Jain)
Space Blog (New Scientist)
SpaceBlogger.com (Bruce Moomaw, SpaceDaily)
Space Cynics (Shubber Ali)
The Space Elevator Blog (Ted Semon, Chicago)
Space Exploration's Journal
Space Politics (Jeff Foust)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 30 Jan 2014)
Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy (SSAFE blog)
-- New Space Solar Power Organization Announced (SSAFE Press Release, 10 Oct 2007)
-- The Renaissance of Space Based Solar Power (Alex Michael Bonnici, The Discovery Enterprise, 20 Oct 2007)
Space Solar Power: a public discussion (Space Frontier Foundation)
The SpaceWriter's Ramblings (Carolyn Collins Petersen)
Spam Daily News (Rio de Janeiro)
The Spam Diaries (Edward Falk, Mountain View, California)
Spamhuntress (Ann Elisabeth Nordbø, Norway)
Spam Kings Blog (Brian McWilliams)
Spamroll (Michael Gracie, Denver)
The Spam Weblog (Jason McCabe Calacanis & Brian Alvey, New York)
Speakwire RSS Newsfeeds (UK)
Sphere (Tony Conrad et al., Sphere Software Corporation, Columbia, Maryland)
Sphere: A New Approach to Blog Search
(Chris Sherman, SearchDay, 25 Apr 2006)
Spot Blog (Scott Draves, San Francisco)
Spy Blog: Watching Them, Watching Us (UK Public CCTV Surveillance Regulation Campaign)
The Spy Who Billed Me: Outsourcing the War on Terror
(R. J. Hillhouse)
Stand Down: The Left-Right Blog Opposing an Invasion of Iraq
Star Stryder (Pamela L. Gay)
-- Review (Blog Life, Physics World, 1 May 2008)
Starts With A Bang (Ethan Siegel, Portland, Oregon)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 27 Oct 2011)
The State of Blogging (Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, Jan 2005)
State of the Blogosphere (Technorati)
Statistics Resources Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Marcus P. Zillman)
The Stephen Baxter Sequence (Time Traveler)
Stephen's Web (Stephen Downes, Moncton)
Stoat: Taking science by the throat... (William P. Connolley)
StopSpamAlliance.org (APEC, etc.)
Strange Paths: Physics, computation, philosophy (mod. xantox)
Stranger Fruit (John M. Lynch, Arizona State University)
StrategicThoughts.com (David Schreck on Politics in BC)
StructuredBlogging.org (PubSub)
Student Blogging (EFF Bloggers' FAQ)
A Study of Blog Search (Gilad Mishne & Maarten de Rijke, 28th European Conference on Information Retrieval, Apr 2006) PDF
Stupid Evil Bastard (Les Jenkins, Canton, Mississippi)
Sudan - News and Analysis (Eric Reeves)
Summit for the Future blog (Club of Amsterdam)
Sunbeams From Cucumbers (Steve Reuland, Aurora, Colorado)
Talis RSS Feed (Birmingham, England)
Talking Points Memo (Joshua Micah Marshall)
TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime
Talk Reason
Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology (Michael Stephens)
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front (Keith Dawson)
TeacherLingo - Teacher Blog Community
Tech Blogs on ZDNet (CNET Networks, San Francisco)
TechCrunch: Tracking Web 2.0 (Michael Arrington, Manhattan Beach, California)
Techdirt (Michael Masnick et al., Foster City, California)
Techdo Forum and Blog
TechEssence.Info (Roy Tennant, Sonoma)
Technology Integration in the Classroom (George Couros)
Technology Liberation Front (Sonia Arrison et al.)
Technorati Blog Finder
Technorati: Search the World Live Web (David Sifry)
TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home (David Rothman, Alexandria, Virginia)
Tetrapod Zoology (Darren Naish, UK)
TextBlog - The Blog Search Engine - Blog Analysis
(Steven Skiena et al., SUNY)
TFP (The Final Phase)
That's Mathematics! | diversions, distractions, and math (Nate Eldredge)
Theoretical Atlas (Jeffrey Morton)
Theoretical Librarian (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University)

Thingamablog (SourceForge)
Thinking about the Future (Paul Miller)
Think Progress (American Majority Fund)
13.7: Cosmos And Culture (NPR blog)
Thoughts from Kansas (Josh Rosenau, University of Kansas)
3L Epiphany: A Taxonomy of Legal Blogs (Ian Best, Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University)
3quarksdaily (ed. S. Abbas Raza et al.)
Through the Looking Glass (Charles Dodgson)
ticTOCs Project: Journal TOC RSS Feeds (Table of Contents service)
-- News from ticTOCs (blog from Roddy MacLeod)
TierneyLab: Putting Ideas in Science to the Test (John Tierney, New York Times Blog)
TimBL's blog | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs (Tim Berners-Lee)
Time Travel Portal : An Open Discussion on Time Travel
Today in Astronomy (Lunar Mark, Emmaus, Pennsylvania)
TomDispatch (Tom Engelhardt)
To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond (Larry Russell Kellogg)
Tom's Astronomy Blog (US)
Top five science blogs (Declan Butler, Nature, 5 Jul 2006)
Top 100 Education Blogs (OEDb, Honolulu)
Top 25 Librarian Bloggers, By the Numbers (OEDb)
Transitions: The Evolution of Life (Afarensis)
Transterrestrial Musings (Rand Simberg)
Tsunami Blogs (CBC News Indepth)
Tumblr Tumblelogs (David Karp, New York)
21Publish Cooperative Publishing
20six Weblog Services (UK)
2020 Science: Providing a clear perspective on developing science and technology responsibly (Andrew Maynard)
2RSS.com RSS Directory, Software & Articles
UBC Google Scholar Blog (Dean Giustini, University of British Columbia)
The UnCapitalist Journal: Commentary and Perspective on International Economy, Trade, Corporations, Labor, Poverty, & Social Justice (Orem, Utah)
Uncertain Principles (Chad Orzel)
Unclaimed Territory (Glenn Greenwald)
Uncle Rod's Astro Blog (Rod Mollise)
Under The Same Sun
Undivided Looking: Comments on physics and theology (Aron Wall)
A Unified Theory of Search, Social Networking, Structured Blogging, RSS and the Active Web (Bill Burnham, Burnham's Beat, 18 Jan 2006)
Universal Acid
UnmannedSpaceflight.com (Doug Ellison et al.)
UN Pulse (Dag Hammarskjöld Library Reference Weblog)
Unredacted: The National Security Archive, Unedited and Uncensored
Unscrewing The Inscrutable (Brent Rasmussen, Goodyear, Arizona)
Unstruct.org - Unstructured Information Management
(Mikael Thorson & Magnus Stensmo)
UrbanMoms.ca: The Voice of Canadian Moms
Urchin RSS Aggregator
Useful Chemistry (David Bradley et al.)
U.S. Food Policy (blog by Parke Wilde, Tufts University)
U.S. Government RSS Library (FirstGov.gov)
U.S. Intellectual History (Tim Lacy)
USS Clueless -- Voyages of a Restless Mind (S. Denbeste)
Vavatch Orbital (Adrian Hon)
VFXblog: Blogging the world of visual effects in films (Ian Failes)
Videoblog and Vlog Directory (Videoblogging Universe)
VideoBlogging (Yahoo! Groups)
VideoBlogging.info (Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen et al.)
Virtual Religion Weblog (Mahlon H. Smith)
Visualizing Economics (Catherine Mulbrandon)
Vive le Canada (ed. Susan Thompson)
VLOGDIR The Videoblog Directory (Michael Sullivan, Poughkeepsie, NY)
Vlogmap.org | Vlog Map | Video Blog Map
A Voyage to Arcturus (Jay Manifold)
Walking Paper (Aaron Schmidt)
The Wall of Separation: Official Weblog of AU.org (Americans United for Separation of Church and State)
Wall Street Journal Blogs (The Wall Street Journal, Princeton, New Jersey)
Wanderings of a Student Librarian (Joy Weese Moll)
Warblogging.com (George Paine)
Warblogs:cc (Christopher Allbritton et al.)
The War on Spam (Dougal Campbell)
Warping History: Analytical Methods in Historical Cartography (John W. Hessler, Washington, DC)
Warren Kinsella (Canada)
Way-Out Forever Pattern (Shane Ross)

Weblogg-ed: The read/write web in the classroom (Will Richardson, Flemington, New Jersey)
The Weblog Review
Weblogs (LISWiki)
Web Logs and Blogging (Caslon Analytics)
Weblogs.Com Home
Weblogs Compendium (Northern Lights)
Weblogs in Higher Education (Ken Smith, Indiana University)
Weblogs: Their Use and Application in Science and Technology Libraries (Randy Reichardt & Geoffrey Harder, Science & Technology Libraries, 25(3):105-16, 5 Apr 2005) PDF
A Weblog Webliography (Kairosnews)
Webosphere : Internet, RSS, web 2.0 (Matthew Mullenweg, WordPress)
Web Search Guide Canada (Gwen Harris)
Web 2.0 Blog (Dion Hinchcliffe)
Well-Bred Insolence: Forming Planets…and Opinions (Duncan Forgan)
We're not Afraid! (London)
What are RSS Feeds? (UCSC Science & Engineering Library)
What's New at the Internet Archive
What next for Semantic Blogging? (Steve Cayzer, HP Laboratories Bristol, 31 Oct 2006) PDF
WheatBlog App: An Open Source Content Management System (CMS) for Blogs (Sourceforge)
Where is Raed? (Iraqi blog, Baghdad)
Wi-Fi Networking News (Glenn Fleishman)
Wigblog - Things Internet and Otherwise (Richard Wiggins)
WikyBlog - A Wiki / Blog Hybrid
Windows Live Academic Search Blog
WIRED Blogs (Wired Magazine)
WonderCafe (United Church of Canada)
Wonkette: The D.C. Gossip (ed. Alex Pareene)
Wood s Lot (Mark Woods)
The World Almanac
WorldChanging: Another World Is Here (ed. Alex Steffen et al.)
Wordblog: Journalism in a changing world (UK)
WordPress | Blog Tool and Weblog Platform
(FW, Matthew Mullenweg, Houston)
World History Blog (Evan Williams, San Francisco)
World Science
WorldWithoutOil.org (US)
Writing for the Web (Crawford Kilian, Capilano College)
Wunder Blog (Jeff Masters, The Weather Undergound)
Xanga.com - The Weblog Community
(Marc Ginsburg et al., New York)
WWE 2006 | 3rd Annual Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem: Aggregation, Analysis and Dynamics (Edinburgh, 23 May 2006)
WWW 2004 Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem: Aggregation, Analysis and Dynamics (New York, 18 May 2004)
WWW 2005 Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem: Aggregation, Analysis and Dynamics (Chiba, Japan, 10 May 2005)
xFruits - Compose your information system
XPLANE | Xblog (The Visual Thinking Weblog)
Yahoo! Developer Network blog
Yahoo! Search Blog
Year Without God (Ryan J. Bell)
-- A Year Without God: A Former Pastor's Journey Into Atheism (Ryan J. Bell, Huffington Post, 31 Dec 2013)
You Grow Girl: Gardening for the People
(Gayla Trail, Toronto)
The Young Liberals (Chris Bilal et al., US)
Young Liberals (Young Liberals WorldWide)
ZapTXT (San Francisco)
Zetoc (University of Manchester)
Zinken (ed. Jorgen Holm)
ZNet Blogs



Anonymous Remailer FAQ (André Bacard)
A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email (Kaitlin Duck Sherwood)
Andrew Starr's [Unofficial] Eudora Site
Best Free E-Mail Sites on the Web (Starting Page)
Bloomba Search-based Email Client (Stata Laboratories, Inc., Palo Alto)
Brightmail Inc.
Bushmail Network - HF & Wireless Communication (Africa)
Can e-mail be saved? (Paul Boutin, InfoWorld, 16 Apr 2004)
CertifiedMail.com Secure One-Click Email
The Complete Guide to E-mail (John Fried, Inc. Magazine, Oct 2005)
Conducting Research Surveys via E-mail and the Web
(Matthias Schonlau et al., RAND, 2001)
Dear Emily Postnews (Brad Templeton)
DigBig - Long URLs shortened (Willco)
eFax Messenger Plus: eMail Attachments Made Easy (HotSend)
EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet - Electronic Mail
Electronic Mail (LivingInternet)

Electronic Mail Resources (Bobbi A. Kerlin)
The Electronic Small World Project
(James Moody, Ohio State University)
Email (Heinz Tschabitscher, About.com)
The Email Abuse FAQ (W. D. Baseley)
E-Mail Addresses, How to Find (Masha Boitchouk)
Email Address Harvesting and the Effectiveness of Anti-Spam Filters (U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC, 28 Nov 2005) PDF
Email Classroom Exchange (ECE)
E-Mail Directories (Community Learning Directories)
eMailman (Andrew Starr)
E-mail, tech policy and more (John R. Levine, Trumansburg, New York)
The Emergency Email Network
EmoticonUniverse.com - Expressing Emotion in Email Correspondence
ePALS Classroom Exchange
Eudora FAQs & Links (Peter J. Beim)

Eudora Place (Qualcomm)
Eudora Pro Email Updaters
Eudora Web-Mail
Eudora-Win Listserver Archive
Everything by Email Web Page (Gerald E. Boyd)
FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
(David Alex Lamb, Queen's University)
Firetrust E-Mail Security (Nick Bolton et al., Christchurch, New Zealand)
Form for Finding People's E-Mail Addresses (Hugh Chou)
Free Email Address Directory (Edwin Hayward)
Free Email Providers Guide (FEPG.net)
Free E-mail Services/Forwarding/Accounts (Simon Taylor)

Gaggle.net Free Filtered E-mail for Schools
Getting Rid of "Spam" and Other E-mail Pests (Randy Cassingham)
Gmail (Google)
Gmane -- Mail To News And Back Again (Lars Ingebrigtsen, Oslo)
GoogleMail - Asynch. Google Access (CapeScience)
HandyBits Voice Mail for Kids
HandyBits Voice Mail for Windows
The History of Electronic Mail (Tom Van Vleck)
Hotmail Popper (FW, Boolean Dream)
The IMAP Collection (Internet Message Access Protocol)
InquireMail.com - The Best Way to Search and Surf the Net by Email
The Internet Courses: Electronic Mail (Laurel Anne Clyde, University of Iceland)
International E-mail Accessibility (Olivier M. J. Crepin-Leblond)
-- Internetology
-- World Map
Internet Exchange Messaging Server
(International Messaging Associates)
Internet Mail Consortium
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Electronic Mail

Life on the Internet: Electronic Mail (Berit Erickson)
-- PBS Online Guide
List of Free Email Providers and Free E-mail Software
Lycos Email & Free SMS (Lycos Europe)
Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS)
Mail Abuse Protection System (Paul Vixie)
Mail2Web Gateway
Mary Houten-Kemp's Everything E-Mail
MESA MetaEmailSearch Agent (Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann & Mario Schomburg)
Neill Online - The Internet Gateway (Robert W. Neill, Jr.)
Newbie-U's E-Mail Exchange: Home of E-Mail 101
ORBS (Open Relay Behaviour-modification System)
OURFAX - Free World Wide Email to Fax Service

Permanent E-Mail Address & E-Mail Forwarding Providers
(Net Directories Inc.)
Podmailer (zSlide)
A Primer on Electronic Communication (Eszter Hargittai, Inside Higher Ed, 28 Nov 2006)
Quik-Free.com: The Free Resource Directory: E-Mail Accounts
Reading Email Headers (Ken Lucke)
Remailer List (Ralph Levien)
Rhythms of social interaction: messaging within a massive online network (Scott Golder et al., cs/0611137, 27 Nov 2006)
RoboBraille - Braille and Speech Through Email (Robobraille Consortium, Kalundborg, Denmark)
Sam's Email Guide (SurfingSam)
Sending E-Mail Using SMS (Text Messaging) (ResourceShelf, 28 Feb 2007)
Small World Project (Duncan J. Watts et al., Columbia University)
Spamnix - Block Spam in Eudora
StealthMessage - Free Email Privacy with Encryption Software
Stop Spam: Email Area (Ken Lucke)
The Student E-mail Directory (Jeff Edelman)
SwitchEmail--FREE Email Forwarding--Home Page
The Text Email Newsletter (TEN) Standard (Headstar, Caterham, UK)
Twitter (Obvious Corp., San Francisco)
Twitter Search
Ultimate E-mail
Unsolicited Email Resource Center (Seattle Labs)
Using E-mail (Bowling Green)

Using E-Mail to the Max -- Business Quality E-Mail (Paul J. Krupin)
Video-Express Video Streaming Email (Imagemind)
Virtual Free E-Mail Directories
Webcat's Ultimate Guide to Electronic Mail
(Alicia Dougherty, ZDNet)
Website-By-Email (Sun Zoom Spark)
Wild ID - Totally Free Digital ID
Wizzard Software VoicE-mail Users Center
World Email Directory (WED)
Yahoo - Communications and Networking:Electronic Mail
Zeal.com - Internet - Email

See also Finding People and Noise (Net Abuse, Junk Mail, and Spam)

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