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DESCRIPTION: The fifth of six pages on Education (which together conclude twelve pages of internet-based resources on Man, one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in technology in education. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in the social sciences in general (including anthropology and human evolution), the study of human culture and society (including traditions), the study of language and sociology (including population and demography), political science and economics, social and economic policy and development, the humanities, and to other resources in education (general and literacy; primary and secondary education, and student resources; teacher resources, distance learning and homeschooling, and special education; higher education and issues in education, including the history and philosophy of education; education and the internet).

KEYWORDS: computer literacy; computer learning; educational technology; edtech; elearning; e-learning; electronic learning; instructive technology; learning technology

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  1. Social Sciences
    Social Science Education
    Human Evolution

  2. Human Culture and Society
    First Peoples
    Political Science
    Policy and Development

  3. Humanities

  4. Education
    Primary and Secondary Education
    Student Resources
    Teacher Resources
    Distance Learning & Homeschooling
    Special Education
    Higher Education
    Issues in Education
    Technology in Education
    Education and the Internet

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Primary & Secondary Education
Student Resources
Teacher Resources
Distance Learning & Homeschooling
Special Education
Higher Education
Issues in Education
Technology in Education
Education and the Internet
Critical Thinking


Technology in Education

AACE Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
Academia - Tutor (Einstein Network)
Access and Choice: The Future of Distributed Learning in B.C.
ACT Center Home Page (Adaptive Computing Technology)
Adaptech | Computer Technologies for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities in Canada
Advanced Distributed Learning (Robert A. Wisher & Michael W. Freeman et al.)
Apple Learning Interchange | Educational Technology
Art Education 2.0: Using New Technology in Art Classrooms (Craig Roland)
Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education (Arun Tripathi)
ASCILITE Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (Adelaide)
Ask Gleason (Gleason Sackman, Classroom Connect)
Assistive Technology Educational Network (ATEN) of Florida
Association for Educational Communications and Technology (Bloomington, Indiana)
Asynchronous Learning Network (The Sloan Consortium)
AT&T Cable in Education Resources
BC Ministry of Education, Skills and Training (BC EST)
-- Computer Education and Career Opportunities in British Columbia
Beginners.co.uk Tutorials (Visualsoft UK)
Buddy System Project Home Page (Tammy Payton et al.)

Cable in the Classroom
The Campus Computing Project (dir. Kenneth Green, Encino, California)
Campus Technology: Education Technology for Higher Education
(1105 Media Inc., Chatsworth, California)
Canadian Electronic Scholarly Network (CESN)
Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology (CNIE, Ottawa)
Canandaigua Academy Library - Educational Technology
(Michael Nyerges)
CARET Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology (ISTE)
CAST: Center for Applied Special Technology
CAST: Resources (Center for Applied Special Technology)
CAST: Telecommunications Study
Catalyst (UWired)
CCNMTL: Project Portfolio: Internet Broadcasts
(Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning)
Center for Academic Transformation
(Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Center for Digital Education (Folsom, California)
Center for Educational Technologies (Wheeling Jesuit University, Wheeling, West Virginia)
Center for Highly Interactive Education in Computing
(University of Michigan)
Center for Image Processing in Education
Center for New Discoveries in Learning - Home Page

Center for Responsible Use of Information Technologies (CATE)
Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use
(Nancy E. Willard et al.)
Center for Technology in Education (Johns Hopkins University)
-- Electronic Learning Community Login
Centre for Curriculum, Transfer & Technology (C2T2.ca)
Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (Jane Hart et al., Wincanton, Somerset)
CergoS Computer Ergonomics for Elementary School
(Inger M. Williams)
The Changing Faces of Virtual Education
(ed. Glen Farrell, Commonwealth of Learning, Jul 2001)
Children and Computer Technology (ed. Richard E. Behrman, The Future of Children 10:2, Fall/Winter 2000)
Choices for the 21st Century Education Project: A Program of the Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies at Brown University
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Technology
The Classroom of the Future
The Collaborative Electronic Learning Project
Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet)
Computer and Internet Use by Students in 2003 (Matthew DeBell & Chris Chapman, U.S. Department of Education, 5 Sep 2006)
Computer Clubhouse Network

Computer Curriculum Corporation
Computer Lab Curriculum, K-6 (Theresa Hall)
Computer Learning Foundation Home Page
Computers and Student Learning (Thomas Fuchs & Ludger Woessmann, University of Munich, Oct 2004) PDF
Computers and Student Learning: Bivariate and Multivariate Evidence on the Availability and Use of Computers at Home and at School (Thomas Fuchs & Ludger Woessmann, CESifo, University of Munich, Nov 2004) PDF
-- Social Science Research Network
Computers for Learning (U.S. General Services Administration)
Computers for Schools (Canada)
-- British Columbia
Computers for Schools (US)
Computers in Education: A Brief History
(T.H.E. Journal Online)
The Computer Teacher's Resource Page (Jane Allison)
Computer Writing and Research Lab (University of Texas at Austin)
Confronting Technology (ed. Lowell Monke)
Connected University (Classroom Connect)
Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Homepage
Converge Magazine

CPB -- Education Resources (Corporation for Public Broadcasting)
The CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media (US)
CREN | Corporation for Research and Educational Networking
CRITE - Centre for Research in IT in Education
(Trinity College, Dublin)
Critical Resources In Teaching with Technology
(Paula Mathieu & Ken McAllister)
CTER White Papers on Technology Issues for Educators - Curriculum, Technology, & Education Reform (ed. Bertram C. Bruce & Nicholas C. Burbules, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
C2T2 Educational Technology Home
CyberSmart! (K-8)
CyberSmart Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets
CyberStrategy Initiative: Empowering Citizens through the Web
(John Pike, Federation of American Scientists)
David Davies' Weblog
Dear Parents (Edmark)
The Development of Virtual Education: A Global Perspective
(ed. Glen M. Farrell, Commonwealth of Learning, 1999)
Digital Bridges
Digital Childhood: Electronic Media and Technology Use Among Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers (Elizabeth A. Vandewater et al., Pediatrics 119(5):e1006-15, 5 May 2007)
Digital Edge Learning Interchange (Apple)
The Digital Equity Tool Kit (ed. Joy Wallace, US National Institute for Community Innovations)
Early Childhood Technology Literacy Project
(Bonny Chambers & Dara Feldman)
Early Connections - Technology in Early Childhood Education (Northwest Educational Technology Consortium)
ECAR Study of Students and Information Technology, 2005: Convenience, Connection, Control, and Learning (Robert B. Kvavik & Judith B. Caruso, ECAR Research Study, Vol. 6, EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research, 2005) PDF

EDC On-Line (Education Development Center, Inc.)
-- The EDC Center for Children and Technology
ED Office of Educational Technology (U.S. Dept. of Education)
Ed Tech - Cycle of Improved Practice (C2T2)
Ed Tech Dev
EDTECH Discussion List
EdTechPost: Technologies for Learning, Thinking & Collaborating (Scott Leslie)
Ed Tech Tools & Resources (C2T2)
EdTechUK (Josie Fraser)
Educational Computing & Technology
Educational Computing Department (Learning@Web.Sites)
Educational Software Directory (Knowplay)
Educational Technology & Society
Educational Technology Expert Panel (OERI)
Educational Technology: Media for Inquiry, Communication, Construction, and Expression (Bertram C. Bruce & James A. Levin, Journal of Educational Computing Research 17(1):79-102, 1997)
Educational Technology Resource
Educational Technology Review: International Forum on Educational Technology Issues & Applications (AACE)

Educational Technology Teacher Resource Page
(Alita K. Robertson)
Educational Technology VL (Daniel K. Schneider)
Educational Technology: Computer Literacy for Educators
(Joan Berger)
Education & Computer Connection (Doris Ann Hill)
The Education Arcade | The Future of Videogames in Education
(Henry Jenkis III et al.)
Education Reform and Computers: The Connection
(Andy Carvin, EdWeb)
Education Technology (Benton Foundation)
Education with New Technologies: Networked Learning Community
An Educator's Guide to School Networks
The Educator's Palm - Home
EDUCAUSE: Transforming Education Through Information Technologies
EDUCOM: Transforming Education Through Information Technology

EduConnect Inc.
EduTools Homepage (WCET, Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications)
Edutopia (The George Lucas Educational Foundation)
EdWeb: Exploring Technology and School Reform (Andy Carvin)
The eGranary Digital Library (dir. Cliff Missen & Michael McNulty, WiderNet Project, University of Iowa)
EJEL, Electronic Journal of eLearning
eLearning Africa (International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training)
e-Learning Alert (Jerry Bowles)
e-Learning Centre (Jane Knight et al., UK)
eLearningEuropa.info (European Commission)
e-Learning: Putting a World Class Education at the Fingertips of All Children (The National Educational Technology Plan, U.S. Dept. of Education, 15 Dec 2000) PDF
eLearning Reviews (Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning)
eLearningSpace - Helping Youth to Learn and Earn
eLearn Magazine: Education and Technology in Perspective (ACM)
Electric Teacher (Cathy Chamberlain)
Electronic Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Educators
Electronic Emissary (College of William & Mary)
The Electronic Hallway
Electronic Journal for the Integration of Technology in Education
(Idaho State University)
Electronic Learning Communities (Georgia Tech)

Electronic Learning Forum (mod. Gregory Ulmer)
Electronic School: The School Technology Authority
Embedded Systems Tutorial -- Robotics, Electronics Technology Education (Joe D. Reeder)
The Encyclopedia of Educational Technology (ed. Bob Hoffman et al., San Diego State University)
EOT-PACI Education Outreach and Training Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
eSchool News Online
Europortfolio (EIfEL, European Institute for E-Learning)
EvaluTech (Southern Regional Education Board)
Exploring the Future of Learning (ThinkQuest)
The Family Center on Technology and Disability (US)
Fool's Gold: A Critical Look at Computers in Childhood
(Alliance for Childhood)
From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal
(ed. Jamie McKenzie)
Futurelab (UK)
The Future of Networking Technologies for Learning Index
The Futures Channel: Connecting Learning to the Real World
(Steve Heard et al.)
Future Trends in Computing (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Gakkos (NEC Global Network Class)
GEC Computers in the Classroom (Doug Peterson, Greater Essex County, Ontario)

GenWired: A Longitudinal Study of Youth and Technology
(Context-Based Research Group)
GLOBE Tech Online Course (Johns Hopkins University)
Harnessing the power of video games for learning (National Summit on Educational Games, Federation of American Scientists, 2006) PDF
Hi-CE (Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education) Palm Pages (University of Michigan)
The History Lab (Dennis Harper et al., TIELab)
Horizon Project (New Media Consortium, Austin, Texas)
Horizon Site (James L. Morrison et al.)
How the Information Highway can Transform Education
(Kim H. Veltman, Oct 1994)
HP Telementor Program (Hewlett Packard)
IBM Special Needs Home Page
ICON - Innovation Curriculum Online Network
ICONnect - KidsConnect (American Association of School Librarians)
IEEE Computer Society Learning Technology Task Force
(Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers)
IITTL - Institute for the Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning (University of North Texas)
IJET: International Journal of Educational Technology
-- Australian Mirror
ILT Institute for Learning Technologies (Columbia University)
ILT Web Site (Internet Learning Trust, UK)
The Impact of Computers and Technology on Student Learning: A Selective Bibliography (David P. Dillard, Net-Gold, 21 Nov 2006)
The Impact of Technology (McREL)

Infobits (Carolyn Kotlas, Institute for Academic Technology)
Info Lounge - Center for Computer Games Research
(IT University, Copenhagen)
Information Technologies Guide for Teachers
(Massey University, New Zealand)
The Institute for the Advancement of Emerging Technologies in Education (Applachia Educational Laboratory)
Institute for Personal Robots in Education
(Georgia Tech/Bryn Mawr College)
Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education
The Instructional Technology Concourse Project
Instructional Technology Connections (Martin Ryder)
Instructional Technology WebConference (Utah State University)
Integrating Technology in the Adult Literacy Education Classroom (ALRI)
The Integration of Technology Across the Middle School Curriculum: Lesson Plans and Projects (Pine River Middle School)
Intel Education
Intel® Education - An Innovation Odyssey - Story Index
Interactive Educational Multimedia
InterActive Education: Teaching and Learning in the Information Age
(University of Bristol)
International Education Daily - International Collegiality and Free and Open Technology
International Forum of Educational Technology & Society
International Schools CyberFair
International Telementor Center
Internet Resources (SAS inSchool)
InterWise eLearning Company
Ithaka (Kevin Guthrie et al., New Orleans)
Ithaka, An Introduction to (Kevin Guthrie, ARL Bimonthly Report 236:1-5, Oct 2004)
InTime | Integrating New Technologies Into the Methods of Education
IPCT-J (Interpersonal Computing and Technology Journal) Index Page
ISTE International Society for Technology in Education
IT Career Resources (Kathleen Kotwica et al., CIO Magazine)
IT Journal (UVa)
It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, but How You Play the Game: The Role of Virtual Worlds in Education: Annotated Bibliography (Sharon Stoerger, School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University)

JALN Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101 (Jan Smith)
JISCinfoNet | Strategic Approaches to Information and Learning Systems for Education (UK)
JISC - The Joint Information Systems Committee (UK)
Journal of IT Education
Journal of Special Education Technology E-journal
(Council for Exceptional Children)
JTHS Instructional Technology (Joliet Township High School District 204, Joliet, Illinois)
K12OS.org - K12Linux in Schools Project
K12LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project for Schools - K12Linux
K-12 School Networking Conference
K-12 Technology: The Fraser Report (Kerry Fraser)
Kairosnews | A Weblog for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy (ed. Charles Lowe et al.)
Kids and Computers (Don Sleeth)
Kindersite Project (Joel Josephson & Ziv Avidor et al.)
Kids' Vid: Video Production for Students
(ALTec, Lawrence, Kansas)
Knowledge Media Institute (Open University, London)
Knowledge Media Lab (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Learning)
Krell Institute (Ames, Iowa)
The Learning Connection: Schools in the Information Age
(Christopher Conte et al.)
The Learning Federation (US)
Learning Resources and Technology
Learning Technologies (UK)
The Learning Technologies Channel (NASA)
Learning Technologies for Teachers Homepage
(Science and Mathematics Education Centre, Curtin University)
Learning Technologies in Schools (SOFWeb)
Learning Technologies Media Library (Imperial County Office of Education, California)
Learning Technology Research Institute
(London Metropolitan University)
Learning Through Remixing (Webcast mod. Henry Jenkins, MIT World, 28 Apr 2007)
LearningTimes Network: Online Conferences and Learning Communities
Learning With Laptops (Laurie & Fred Bartels)
Learning without Barriers / Technology without Borders
(MIT World)
Learning with Technology: Evidence That Technology Can, and Does, Support Learning (James M. Marshall, Cable in the Classroom, May 2002) PDF
Libraries & the Internet Toolkit (American Library Association)

LinuxForKids (Chris Ellec)
Linux in Education
Linux In Education Portal (Jonathan Hughes)
Linux Solutions for Education (Les Richardson)
LiteracyTech: Using Computers & the Internet in Adult Literacy Instruction
LT Technologies (Lisa Toulon)
Making Educational Software Accessible
(Tom Wlodkowski et al., WGBH)
Mechatronics & Robotics Engineering (Melissa Yu, Electrical Engineering Schools)
Media X (Stanford University)
Meridian: A Middle School Computer Technologies Journal
Millennium Project - Information Technology and Education
(Academy for Educational Development)
MINDS (Multimedia Instructional Network Delivery System)
M-learning Project (Ultralab, UK)
Mrs. Hall's Computer Classroom (Debra Jean Hall)
Multicultural Pavilion: EdTech & Digital Divide
(Paul C. Gorski)
MultiMedia Schools Magazine: A Practical Journal of Technology for Education
NASA Classroom of the Future
NASA Glenn Learning Technologies Project
(NASA Glenn Research Center)
NASA Learning Technologies (NASA Ames Research Center)
National Center for Technology Planning
(Larry S. Anderson et al., Mississippi State)

National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators (US)
National Educational Computing Association (US)
National Information and Learning Technologies Association (UK)
National Study of the Effectiveness of Educational Technology Interventions (EDTech)
NECTAS - National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System (US)
NETC - Northwest Educational Technology Consortium (NWREL)
NetDay Compass: Your Guide to the World of Ed Tech Resources
NetLinkS: Collaborative Professional Development for Networked Learner Support (UK)
NETS National Educational Technology Standards (ISTE)
New to Technology: Tips for Getting Started Using Technology in the Classroom (Intel Education)
NickNacks Telecollaborate!
NITLE (National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education, New York)
North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium (Naperville, Illinois)
NSBA Technology + Learning Conference
(Nat'l School Boards Association, US)
ObservETory on Educational Technology (Jane Massy et al.)
OCBE Technology Centre (Brendon White)
Office of Learning Technologies (Human Resources Development Canada)
OFSET Organization for Free Software in Education and Teaching
-- Freeduc Catalog

One Laptop per Child - OLPC (Nicholas Negroponte et al., Cambridge, Massachusetts)
OPB: The Open Book Project
Open Source Educational Foundation
Open Thinking and Digital Pedagogy: Rants & Resources from an Open Educator (Alex Couros, Faculty of Education, University of Regina)
Open Vault: WGBH Media Library and Archives (PBS)
Out2Teach.com (Evan Russo & Marshal Roch)
Paperless Classroom (Stephanie Sorrell)
Partnership in Global Learning (PGL)
PBS TeacherLine
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods (Visual-Literacy.org)
Per Scholas
Phil's Place - Education and Technology (Philip Hess)
Pitsco Guide to Technology Education
Planet Innovation
Practical Strategies for Teaching Computer-Mediated Classes
(Brent Muirhead, Ed at a Distance 15:5, May 2001)

Preparing to Teach with Technology (Mary Hatwood Futrell)
PT3 (Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology)
PT3 Digital Equity Portal
The Read In! (Jane Coffey, Read In Foundation)
Reinventing Schools: The Technology Is Now!
(U.S. National Academy of Sciences, 1995)
Resource Centre for Academic Technology (University of Toronto)
Resources for Technology Coordinators
Responsible Netizen (Nancy Willard et al.)
RETA Rural Education Technology Alliance (US)
Richardson Technology (Les Richardson)
RIPPLES: Research in Presentation Production for Learning Electronically
The Role of Books, Libraries, Technology, and Culture in Children's Lives: An International Study (Allison Druin, University of Maryland, 30 Apr 2004) PDF
Safeguarding the Wired Schoolhouse
(Consortium for School Networking)
School Center: Web-based Tools for Technology Coordinators

SchoolForge Link Management (Les Richardson)
SchoolTech Exposition & Conference - Educational Technology for K-12 Schools
SchoolTechNews.com Technology News for K-12 School Families
SEEDS: Cultivating Educational Technology in British Columbia
(Griff Richards & Donna Lowe, BCIT)
SEUL/edu Application Index (Les Richardson)
SEUL/edu Homepage (Simple End User Linux)
7 Things You Should Know About... (EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative)
SITE -- Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
SiT: In Search of Quality (David Carter-Tod)
Society for Applied Learning Technology - SALT
Software and Web Accessibility Guidelines
(Geoff Freed et al., PIVoT Project)
Standard Deviants TV (PBS)
StRUT - Students Recycling Used Technology
Student Guide to Evaluating Information Technology on Campus
(Educause, Boulder, Colorado)
The Super Start Project (Joe Reeder)
Syllabus Technology for Higher Education

Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers (Tammy Worcester)
The TeacherLaptop Foundation (Alpharetta, Georgia)
Teachers' Tools for the 21st Century
(Becky Smerdon & Stephanie Cronen, NCES, 8 Sep 2000)
Teaching Inclusively Using Technology (TechDis, JISC)
Teaching History with Technology (Cary Academy, Cary, NC)
Teaching History With Technology (EdTechTeacher)
Teaching, Learning and Computing: Computer Technology and Instructional Reform (CRITO, 1998)
Teaching with Electronic Technology
(Michael L. Hall, University of Maryland)
Teaching with Technology (Bobbi A. Kerlin)
Teaching with Technology at the Museum of Science (K-8)
Teach With Movies
Tech Corps (Gary Beach et al., US)
Techies.com (ZDNet Careers)
Tech4Learning, Inc (David Wagner et al.)
TechKnowLogia: International Journal of Technologies for the Advancement of Knowledge and Learning
Technologies for Learning (The NODE)
Technology and Higher Education Statistics, Surveys, and Reports
(CIT Information Resource Guides)

Technology & Learning on ScienceMaster.com
Technology Coordinator Discussion Forum
Technology Coordinator Resources (Craig Nansen)
The Technology Coordinator's Web Site
Technology Counts 2001: The New Divides (Education Week)
Technology Directors' Resource Clearinghouse
Technology Education Resources
(Joe Reeder, The Super Start Project)
Technology for Students with Disabilities (ITTE)
Technology for Teachers (Donna Hendry)
Technology in Education, How Teachers Can Use Technology in School (Guide to Online Schools)
Technology in Education: 170 Ideas and Resources for Teachers (Virginia Seale, AEL Inc.)
Technology Infusion (dir. Patrick J. Greene, FGCU)
Technology Integration (Edutopia)
Technology Integration (Lee's Summit, Missouri)
Technology Integration in the Classroom: A WebLog
(George Couros)
The Technology Source (ed. James L. Morrison, Michigan Virtual University)
Technology Student Association
Technology Teaching Concepts (Judi Wolf)
TechNews for Teachers
Tech Teachers' Digital Filing Cabinet (Meghan Ormiston)
TeLearn (Open Archive in Technology Enhanced Learning)

TeleCampus (TeleEducation NB)
TeleLearning Network of Centres of Excellence
The Ten Best Web Sites for Educational Technology
(Jamie McKenzie, From Now On)
T.H.E. Journal Online: Technological Horizons in Education
Thinkport (Maryland)
Thoth's for Learning (Peter Smith & Vic Lewis)
Threshold: Exploring the Future of Education
(Cable in the Classroom)
TIDES | Teaching, Images & Digital Experiences (Steen Library, Stephen F. Austin State University)
TL Infobits (UNC-Chapel Hill Information Technology Services)
TLITE at SFU (Teaching & Learning In an Information Technology Environment)
Tools for Teachers (Visions Technology)
Top 100 Wired Schools (FamilyPC Magazine)
Turner Learning (Turner Broadcasting)
2010 Kids & Family Readiing Report: Turning the Page in the Digital Age ((Scholastic, Sep 2010) PDF
21st Century Schoolhouse: A Support Site for the Classroom Teacher
(Barry Morris)
UMUC-Bell Atlantic Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology
Union Institute Research Engine -- Online Education Resources
Using Digital Images in Teaching and Learning: Perspectives from Liberal Arts Institutions (David Green, Academic Commons, 30 Oct 2006)
Using technology in teaching and learning: Resources to help you navigate a digital world (Bryan Alexander, C&RL News 68:2, Feb 2007)

U.S. Kids Compute! - Computer Literacy Campaign
Virtual Learning Resources Center (Michael Bell)
Virtual Public Library - Instructional Media Center
(Bonnie Tenenbaum)
VirtualTeacher Newsletter
Visible Knowledge Project (Georgetown University)
Walden Media (Boston)
Weaving a Secure Web Around Education: A Guide to Technology Standards and Security (US National Forum on Education Statistics)
Web Portals and Higher Education: Technologies to Make IT Personal
(Richard N. Katz and Associates, 2002)
White Papers on Technology Issues for Educators (CTER, UIUC)
WiderNet Project (University of Iowa)
The Wired Classroom at the CBC (Canada)
Wired Source: Education
The World Computer Exchange (WorldTechCorps)
World Links for Development (WorLD)
Zero to Six: Electronic Media in the Lives of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers (Victoria J. Rideout et al., Kaiser Family Foundation, Fall 2003)

See also The Digital Divide, Home Computing, Home Connectivity and Electronics, Technological Change and Development, and Technology Education

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