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DESCRIPTION: The third of four pages on the Earth (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in the study of earth history (including plate tectonics, palaeogeography, and palaeoclimatology). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in the earth sciences in general and the solid earth sciences in particular (including geophysics and geology), to resources in the fluid earth sciences (including oceanography, meteorology, and climatology), and to resources in geography (including cartography, GPS, and polar studies).

KEYWORDS: earth history; geohistory; historical geology; plate tectonics; palaeogeography; palaeoclimatology; Quaternary

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  1. Earth Sciences
    Earth Science Education
    Atmosphere and Oceans

  2. Earth History
    Geochronology and the Geologic Time Scale
    The Early Earth and Precambrian Geology
    Plate Tectonics and Palaeogeography
    Climate Change and Palaeoclimatology
    Quaternary Geology

  3. Geography
    Global Positioning System (GPS)
    Polar Studies

Earth as a Planet The Moon Earthquakes Weather Sites Satellite Images Climate Data


Earth History

Geochronology and the Geologic Time Scale
The Early Earth and Precambrian Geology
Plate Tectonics and Palaeogeography
Climate Change and Palaeoclimatology
Quaternary Geology

ADU Web Site: Chicxulub Impact Crater Provides Clues to Earth's History (Virgil L. Sharpton, Earth in Space, Dec. 1995)
Albertiana (IUGS Subcommission on Triassic Stratigraphy)
All about Upper Triassic (Links for Palaeobotanists)
American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
Atmospheric Biomarkers and their Evolution over Geological Timescales (Lisa Kaltenegger et al., astro-ph/0512053, 2 Dec 2005)
NOVA | Australia: First 4 Billion Years (host Richard Smith, PBS, 10 Apr - 1 May 2013)
Bedout: A Possible End-Permian Impact Crater Offshore Northwestern Australia (Luann Becker et al.)
Biological Effects of Gamma-Ray Bursts: distances for severe damage on the biota (Douglas Galante & Jorge Ernesto Horvath, astro-ph/0512013, 1 Dec 2005, revised)
Catastrophism (Philip R. Burns)
The Chicxulub Debate (Gerta Keller et al., Nov 2003-Jan 2004)
Chicxulub Impact Crater (V. L. Sharpton, Earth in Space, Dec. 1995)
Chicxulub Impact Event (David A. Kring, LPL Space Imagery Center)
The Chicxulub Seismic Experiment (John Brittan)
Scientific Drilling Project (Jaime Urrutia Fucugauchi et al., ICDP - International Continental Scientific Drilling Program)
CHRONOS: An Interactive Network Of Data and Tools for Earth System History (Alsace Lorraine Bordeaux, France)
CIAR Earth System Evolution Program
(Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)
Climatic and Biogeochemical Effects of a Galactic Gamma-Ray Burst
(Adrian L. Melott et al., astro-ph/0503625, 29 Mar 2005, revised)
Creating the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth
(American Museum of Natural History)
The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Interval in Badlands National Park, South Dakota (Philip W. Stoffer et al., USGS, 2001) PDF
Deep Time : A History of the Earth - Interactive Infographic (Jamie Brightmore)
Devonian Ocean Simulator (Christian Darkin)
A Diamond's Deep History (PBS Nature)
The Dinosaurs Got a Warning Shot (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 31 Aug 2010)
Douglas Henderson's Earth History Illustrations
The Earth -- for physicists (John Baez, Physics World, 31 Jul 2009)
Earth History (Christopher R. Scotese, PALEOMAP Project)

Earth History in Its Broadest Possible Context (Walter Alvarez, 97th Annual Faculty Research Lectures, UC Berkeley, 29 Apr 2010)
Earth History Resources (Ron Thomas & Carl Wozniak, NMU Seaborg Center)
Earth, Life, & Time Program (UMD course, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., et al.)
EarthTrips: A Virtual Journey into Earth History (Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, New York)
Education Resources for Paleontology (USGS)
Epic of Evolution: Life, the Earth, and the Cosmos
(Course 210A, Washington University in St. Louis)
Eternity Canyon! History of the Earth (Alex Balistreri et al., ThinkQuest)
Extensional Tectonics Working Group/Triassic-Jurassic Working Group at Rutgers (Roy W. Schlische & Martha Oliver Withjack et al.)
The Fall and Rise of Catastrophism (Trevor Palmer, 25 April 1996)
Friends of the Triassic Mailing List (Jeffrey W. Martz)
Gaia - The Living Earth (M. Alan Kazlev)
Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Earth: Exploration of Atmospheric, Biological, Climatic and Biogeochemical Effects (Brian C. Thomas et al., astro-ph/0505472, 23 May 2005)
Gamma-ray bursts and terrestrial planetary atmospheres (Brian C. Thomas & Adrian L. Melott, astro-ph/0601711, 31 Jan 2006, revised)
Geobiology Laboratory (Stephen J. Mojzsis et al., University of Colorado, Boulder)
Geodiversitas (Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris)
The Geological Evolution of the Earth (Handprint : Geoevolution)
Geological History (Fossils of Nova Scotia)
Geologic History of the Moon (Don Wilhelms, US Geological Survey Professional Paper 1348, 1987; PDF, 2004)
Geologic Time: The Story of a Changing Earth (Smithsonian)
Geology 256/301 - Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (UBC)

The Geology of the Grand Canyon (Bob Ribokas)
A geoneutrino experiment at Homestake (Nikolai Tolich et al., physics/0607230, 25 Jul 2006)
Global Stratotype Sections and Points (GSSPs), Overview of
(Jim Ogg, International Commission on Stratigraphy)
Gondwana | Outback Gondwana Foundation (Eromanga, Queensland)
Historical Geology (Pamela J. W. Gore, Geology 102, Georgia Perimeter College)
If We Had No Moon (Bernard Foing, Astrobiology Magazine, 29 Oct 2007)
Illinois Geological History (Northern Illinois University)
International Commission on Stratigraphy (International Union of Geological Sciences)
An Introduction and Virtual Geologic Field Trip to the Permian Reef Complex, Guadalupe and Delaware Mountains, New Mexico-West Texas (Peter Scholle)
James Lovelock reflects on Gaia's legacy (Philip Ball, Nature News & Comment, 9 Apr 2014)
Joe's Paleomag Home Page (Joe Meert, Indiana State University)
Kara-Kul Structure, Tajikistan (NASA Earth Observatory)
Links2Go: Earth History
Mineral fodder: How life transformed the planet (Robert Hazen, Aeon Magazine, 24 Jun 2014)
Nordic Center for Earth Evolution (Danish National Research Foundation)
Northwest Origins: An Introduction to the Geologic History of Washington State (Catherine L. Townsend & John T. Figge, Burke Museum, University of Washington, Oct 2002)
NOVA | Magnetic Storm (David Sington et al., PBS, 18 Nov 2003)
An Online Guide to Sequence Stratigraphy
(U of Georgia Stratigraphy Lab)
Origins of Niagara Falls - A Geological History
Our Ancient Island (T. G. Obear, Courtenay & District Museum and Paleontology Centre)
PAGES - Past Global Changes (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme)
Palaios (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
The Paleolimnology Home Page
Paleomagnetics Laboratory (Caltech)
Paleomagnetism: Magnetic Domains to Geologic Terranes, Electronic Edition
(Robert F. Butler, 1998)

Palaeos Earth: The Earth (M. Alan Kazlev et al.)
A paradigmatic model of Earth's magnetic field reversals
(Frank Stefani et al., physics/0601011, 3 Jan 2006)
Pliocene Quick Guide (Jonathan Adams)
Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia
Rocking the Parks: Geological Stories of the National Parks
(Richard B. Alley)
SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
-- Data Archive
Snowball Earth (Paul F. Hoffman et al.)
Spectral Evolution of an Earth-Like Planet (Lisa Kaltenegger et al., astro-ph/0609398, 14 Sep 2006)
-- Astronomers Reveal First Alien I.D. Chart
(CfA Press Release 06-25, 14 Sep 2006)
Stanford Sed Group (Sedimentary Research Group)
This Dynamic Planet: World Map of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Impact Craters, and Plate Tectonics (Tom Simkin et al., Smithsonian Institution)
Triassic-Jurassic Working Group (Paul E. Olsen et al., Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
UCMP Geology (Colleen Whitney et al., UCMP)
USGS Bedform Sedimentology Studies

See also NEOs, SB Impact, and Astroblemes and Palaeobiology


Geochronology and the Geologic Time Scale

Accuracy of Fossils and Dating Methods (Michael Benton, Actionbioscience.org, Jan 2001)
Age Conversion Table for Different Time Scales (Wuchang Wei)
The Ancient Bristlecone Pine (Leonard Miller et al.)
Association for Tree-Ring Research (Germany)
Berkeley Geochronology Center (UC Berkeley)
BGS Education - A Geological Timechart
(British Geological Survey)
Bibliography of Dendrochronology (Henri D. Grissino-Mayer)
Britain's Rocky Past (BBC Interactive Time Line)
Catholic Encyclopedia: Antiquity of the World (Lukas Waagen, 1912)
Cenozoic Time Scale (Phillip Bigelow)
Convert Cenozoic-Mesozoic Timescales (ODSN)
CRONUS-EU | Cosmic-Ray PrOduced NUclide Systematics on Earth Project (CRONUS-Earth)
CRONUS-US | Cosmic-Ray PrOduced NUclide Systematics on Earth Project (CRONUS-Earth)
Dalhousie Fission Track Research Laboratory (Halifax)
Dating Applications (Wolfgang Siebel, University of Tübingen) PDF
Dating Rocks & Fossils (Museum Victoria, Australia)
Dendrochronology Species Database (Henri D. Grissino-Mayer)
Dr. Bob's Geologic Time Page
Earth History Timeline (Mike Young, Westfield State College)
Earth's Age and the Cosmic Calendar (David Bressan, History of Geology, Scientific American Blog Network, 13 Nov 2014)
Earth's Timeline (MSNBC Interactive)
Evolutionary and Geological Timelines (Niel Brandt)
Exploring Geologic Time with PaleoZoo
Fossils, Rocks, and Time Online (Lucy E. Edwards & John Pojeta Jr., USGS)

Geography and Environment Timeline (GEsource)
Geologic Age (USGS Learning Web)
Geological Time (Earth Science Australia)
Geological Time (Virtual Fossil Museum)
Geological Time Scale
Geological Time Scale (Andrew MacRae)
-- Source (University of Calgary)
The Geological Time-Scale (M. Alan Kazlev)
Geological Time Systems (Solid Earth and Environment Grid, CSIRO)
Geologic Time (Enchanted Learning Software)
Geologic Time (ETE Team, NASA Classroom of the Future)
Geologic Time (Glen J. Kuban)
Geologic Timelines (Ron Thomas & Carl Wozniak, NMU Seaborg Center)
Geologic Time Online (William L. Newman, USGS)
Geologic Time Scale (Extinctions Fossil Company)
Geologic Time Scale (Geological Society of America)

The Geologic Timescale (Greg Corwin)
Geologic Time Scale (Hobart M. King, Geology.com)
Geologic Time Scale (PSU)
The Geologic Time Scale (UCMP)
The Geologic Time Scale (USGS)
Geologic time scale (Wikipedia)
Geologic Time Scale Metaphor Lab: A Unique Science Inquiry
(R. Hays Cummins, Miami University)
Geologic Time Scales (PaleoZoo)
Geologic Time: The Story of a Changing Earth (Smithsonian)
Geologic Time Table (GEsource)
Geology & Christianity: The Age of Rocks or The Rock of Ages?
(Steven H. Schimmrich, 1995)
Geology and Geologic Time (UCMP)
Geometry.net | Radiometric Dating
GeoWhen Database (International Commission on Stratigraphy)
Glossary of Dendrochronology (Henri D. Grissino-Mayer)
GSC Geochronology Laboratory (Geological Survey of Canada)

How Old is the Earth? Who Knows? (Jennifer Ouellette, Guest Blog, Cocktail Party Physics, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Sep 2011)
IPS Official Statement on the Ancient Age of the Earth and Universe (International Planetarium Society)
Its All About Time and Place: A Chronology of Events, Places, Ecological and Societal Impacts (Gary D. Sharp)
Nature's Time Machine - Ice Core Timeline
(Peter Tyson, 'Stories in the Ice,' PBS Nova Warnings from the Ice)
Noble Gas Isotope Lab (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami)
Ordovician.cn (ISOS, Subcommission on Ordovician Stratigraphy)
Prehistoric Time Line (National Geographic)
Radioisotope Dating
Radiometric Dating (Ben Waggoner, University of Central Arkansas, 2 Dec 2003)
The Record of Time: An Introduction to the World of Fossils and Dating Methods (Dennis O'Neil, Palomar College)
Resources on Isotopes (Carol Kendall et al., USGS Isotope Tracers Project)
The Reston Chlorofluorocarbon Laboratory (USGS, Reston, Virginia)
Simplified Geological Timescale (Mikko Haaramo)
Stratigraphic Information System (International Commission on Stratigraphy)
The Talk.Origins Archive: The Age of the Earth FAQs
Through the Anthropocene Looking Glass (Christina Agapakis, Oscillator, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Jul 2017)
Timeline of a Pale Blue Dot (Catherin Gregory)
Tritium/Helium-3 Dating Home (USGS)
UBC Geocronology Laboratory (University of British Columbia)
UCMP Web Time Machine
The Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages (Henri D. Grissino-Mayer)
Understanding Geologic Time (Jim Kurpius et al., UCMP)
What the Earth Knows (Robert B. Laughlin, The American Scholar (Summer 2010)
What is Geologic Time? (USGS/NPS)

See also Timelines


The Early Earth and Precambrian Geology

An alternative hypothesis for the origin of the Moon (Robert J. de Meijer & W. van Westrenen, arXiv:1001.4243v1 [astro-ph.EP], 24 Jan 2010)
Ancient Green and Purple Sulfur Bacteria (Jochen Brocks et al., Nature, 6 Oct 2005) PDF
The ancient heritage of water ice in the solar system (L. Ilsedore Cleeves et al., arXiv:1409.7398 [astro-ph.SR], 25 Sep 2014)
-- Earth has water older than the Sun (Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News & Comment, 26 Sep 2014)
-- Primordial Origins of (Some) of Earth's Water (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 29 Sep 2014)
Asteroid (21) Lutetia as a remnant of Earth's precursor planetesimals (P. Vernazza et al., Icarus 216 (2011) 650-59) PDF
-- Lutetia: a Rare Survivor from the Birth of the Earth (ESO Science Release eso1144, 11 Nov 2011)
-- An Asteroid to Rule Them All (Emily Poore, Sky & Telescope News, 10 Apr 2014)
-- Digging into the Late Heavy Bombardment (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 11 Apr 2014)
Asteroids wreaked havoc on early Earth (Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News & Comment, 30 Jul 2014)
Atmospheric Mass Loss During Planet Formation: The Importance of Planetesimal Impacts (Hilke Schlichting et al., arXiv:1406.6435 [astro-ph.EP], 25 Jun 2014, revised)
-- Atmospheric Turmoil on the Early Earth (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams,4 Dec 2014)
Building a Habitable Earth (Simon Mitton, Astrobiology Magazine European Edition, Spring 2007)
-- Nothing Says "Early Earth Was Cool" Like World's Oldest Diamonds (David Biello, Scientific American, 22 Aug 2007)
Clues on the importance of comets in the origin and evolution of the atmospheres of Titan and Earth (Josep M. Trigo-Rodriquez & F. Javier Martin-Torres, arXiv:1102.4198v1 [astro-ph.EP], 21 Feb 2011)
-- Why Earth and Titan Share Twin Atmospheres (Physics arXiv Blog, Technology Review, 23 Feb 2011)
Common source for Earth and Moon water (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 9 May 2013)
Compositional Balancing Before Moon Formation (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 22 Feb 2008)
A Cool Early Earth (John W. Valley et al., Geology 30:351-4, 2002)
A Cool Early Earth? (John W. Valley, Scientific American 293:4:58-65, Oct 2005)
Did Earth's oceans come from comets? (ESA Herschel, 5 Oct 2011)
-- Space Observatory Provides Clues to Creation of Earth's Oceans (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release, 5 Oct 2011)
-- Earth's Oceans: A Cometary Source After All? (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 6 Oct 2011)
-- Comet Water for a Parched Earth (Shweta Krishnan, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 7 Oct 2011)
Did the Moon Come From Earth? (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 27 Mar 2012)
Earth and Moon: Sharing a Drink (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 9 May 2013)
Earth's Hazy Past (Henry Bortman, Astrobiology Magazine, 19 Feb 2007)
Earth's Oldest and Biggest Crater [Vredefort] Yields New Secrets (Becky Oskin, LiveScience, 28 Apr 2014; Scientific American, 29 Apr 2014)
Earth's oldest impact crater found in Greenland (Andy Coghlan, New Scientist, 29 Jun 2012)
Earth Took A Multibillion-year Beating (Nadia Drake, Science News, 25 Apr 2012)
Evidence for Iron-Rich Ancient Ocean Changes View of Earth's Early History (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11-182, 7 Sep 2011)
Evolution of the Early Atmospheres of Venus, Earth, and Mars (David Catling, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 10 Jul 2006)
The First Ice Age (Kristin Leutwyler, Scientific American Explorations, 1 Nov 1999)
A Fix for the "Faint Young Sun" (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 18 Jul 2013)
Geochemistry of U and Th and its Influence on the Origin and Evolution of the Crust of Earth and the Biological Evolution (Xuezhao Bao & Ali Zhang, arXiv:0706.1089 [physics.geo-ph], 7 Jun 2007, revised)
The Geological Evolution of the Earth (Handprint : Geoevolution)
Give-and-Take Origin for Earth's Water? (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope, 2 Jan 2014)
Habitat of early life: Solar X-ray and UV radiation at Earth's surface 4-3.5 billion years ago (I. Cnossen et al., astro-ph/0702529, 20 Feb 2007)
High-Resolution Simulations of a Moon-Forming Impact and Post-Impact Evolution (Keiichi Wada et al., astro-ph/0601094, 5 Jan 2006)
Initiation of clement surface conditions on the early Earth
(Norman H. Sleep et al., PNAS 98:3666-72, 2001)
An Internal Source for Earth's Water? (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 23 Dec 2014)
Neutron Moderation in the Oklo Natural Reactor and the Time Variation of alpha (Steve K. Lamoreaux, nucl-th/0309048, 18 Sep 2003, revised)
New constraints on the delivery of cometary water and nitrogen to Earth from the 15N/14N isotopic ratio (Damien Hutsemekers et al., arXiv:0906.5221v1 [astro-ph.EP], 29 Jun 2009)
-- Comets Seeded Earth's Early Atmosphere (physics arXiv blog, Technology Review, 1 Jul 2009)
New Contender For Earth's Oldest Rocks (Sid Perkins, Science News 174:8;12, 11 Oct 2008)
New Record [4.374 bp] for Oldest Earth Rock (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 28 Feb 2014)
A New Wrinkle in Ancient Ocean Chemistry (UCR Newsroom, University of California at Riverside, 29 Oct 2009)
NOVA | Origins, with Neil deGrasse Tyson
(PBS, 28-29 Sep 2004)
Oklo (CRPG)
Oldest Known Rock on Earth Discovered: Bedrock in Canada is 4.28 billion years ago (NSF Press Release 08-165, 25 Sep 2008)
Origin of the Earth and Moon (H. J. Melosh, Lunar & Planetary Laboratory)

The Origin of Methane (and Oil) in the Crust of the Earth
(Thomas Gold, 1993)
Origin of the Moon (Online University)
The Origin of the Moon (William K. Hartmann & Donald R. Davis, Planetary Sciences Institute, 1975)
Origin of the Ocean on the Earth: Early Evolution of Water D/H in a Hydrogen-rich Atmosphere (Hidenori Genda & Masahiro Ikoma, arXiv:0709.2025v1 [astro-ph], 13 Sep 2007)
Outgassing of Ordinary Chondritic Material and Some of its Implications for the Chemistry of Asteroids, Planets, and Satellites (Laura Schaefer & Bruce Fegley, Jr, astro-ph/0606671, 27 Jun 2006)
Oxygen fluctuations stalled life on Earth (Jane Qiu, Nature News & Comment, 11 Jul cor 14 Jul 2014)
Potential of Ozone Formation by the Smog Mechanism to shield the surface of the Early Earth from UV radiation? (John Lee Grenfell et al., astro-ph/0609219, 8 Sep 2006)
The Precambrian (Allen G. Collins & Ben Waggoner, UCMP)
The Precambrian Period (Exploring Time With PaleoZoo)
The Precambrian (Pamela J. W. Gore)
The Precambrian Eon (M. Alan Kazlev)
Precambrian Geology (Warren Huff)
Precambrian Time (Eternity Canyon, ThinkQuest)
Primeval Precipitation: What Fossil Imprints of Rain Reveal about Early Earth (David Biello, Scientific American, 28 Mar 2012)
-- Fossilized raindrops dampen theory of ancient warming (Tim Wogan, Physics World, 30 Mar 2012)
Rosetta fuels debate on origin of Earth's oceans (ESA, 10 Dec 2014)
-- Earth's Water Likely Not From Comets (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope, 10 Dec 2014)
-- Asteroids, not comets, gave Earth most of its water (Ken Croswell, Physics World, 10 Dec 2014)
Snowball Earth (Paul F. Hoffman & Daniel P. Schrag, Scientific American, Jan 2000)
Solar System Processes Underlying Planetary Formation, Geodynamics, and the Georeactor (J. Marvin Herndon, astro-ph/0602232, 10 Feb 2006)
Squeezing and Heating Rock to Scope Out How Metallic Iron Dribbled to the Center of the Earth (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 7 Jul 2005)
Terrestrial planetary dynamics: a view from U, Th geochemistry
(Xuezhao Bao, astro-ph/0606468, 20 Jun 2006)
U solubility in the core of Earth (Xuezhao Bao & Richard A. Secco, astro-ph/0606634, 26 Jun 2006)
Western Australian Isotope Science Research Centre - Zircon Analysis
Zircons Are Forever (John W. Valley et al., University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Plate Tectonics and Palaeogeography

Afar Rift Consortium (UK)
An Animated Tectonic History of Western North America and Southern California (Tanya Atwater Homepage)
BATHOLITHS Continental Dynamics Project (Mihae Ducea et al., University of Arizona)
BATHOLITHS Project (Earth & Ocean Sciences, University of British Columbia)
-- Review of "Environmental Assessment of the Batholiths Marine Seismic Survey, Inland Waterways and Near-Offshore, Central Coast of British Columbia" (C. Salgado Kent & R. McCauley, Living Oceans Society, Sointula, BC, Oct 2006) PDF
Birth of an Ocean: The Evolution of Ethiopia's Afar Depression (Eitan Haddock, Scientific American 299:4:60, Oct 2008)
Cambrian True Polar Wander (Joseph L. Kirschvin et al.)
Computational Geodynamics Research Group at Caltech
(Michael Gurnis et al.)
Digital Tectonic Activity Map (Geodynamics Branch, NASA Lab for Terrestrial Physics)
Discovering Plate Boundaries (Dale S. Sawyer, Rice University)
Do super-Earths have geology suited to life? (Eric Hand, Nature News, 19 Oct 2007)
Dynamic Earth (Rob Butler, Leeds University)
EarthScope Project: Exploring the Structure and Evolution of the North American Continent (Greg van der Vink et al., National Science Foundation, Washington, DC)
Earth's Interior & Plate Tectonics (Rosanna L. Hamilton)
-- LANL Mirror
Evidence for Plate Tectonics (Digital Library Earth Science Education)
Evolution of Normal Fault Systems During Progressive Deformation (H. Robert Burger, Smith College)
Extensional Tectonics Working Group/Triassic-Jurassic Working Group at Rutgers (Roy W. Schlische & Martha Oliver Withjack et al.)
Geological Evolution (British Antarctic Survey)
Geologic Journey II (Nick Eyles et al., The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, CBC-TV, 2010)
Geology: Plate Tectonics (W. Brian Simison, UCMP)
Geometry.net | Paleogeography
GeoPRISMS (Geodynamic Processes at Rifting and Subducting Margins)
Global Paleogeographic Views of Earth History - Late Precambrian to Recent (Ron Blakey, Northern Arizona University)
Global Tectonic Activity Map of the Earth: Tectonism and Volcanism of the Last One Million Years (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Oct 2002) PDF
Happy Birthday Plate Tectonics! (David Bressan, History of Geology, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Sep 2014)
Inevitability of Plate Tectonics on Super-Earths (Diana Valencia et al., arXiv:0710.0699v1 [astro-ph], 3 Oct 2007)
Moving Continents: Images of Continental Drift
(Monte & Nancy Hieb, Plant Fossils of West Virginia)
Nearctica - Paleontology - Paleogeography and Plate Tectonics

Observing the Cascadia Subduction Zone in Action
(Herb Dragert et al., Pacific Geoscience Centre)
ODSN Plate Tectonic Reconstruction Service
(Ocean Drilling Stratigraphic Network)
On the Move... Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
(James Chi & Lillian Gipson, NASA Earth Science Enterprise)
The Origin of the Ocean Floor (Peter B. Kelemen, 'The Origin of the Lan Under the Sea,' Scientific American 300:2:52-7, Feb 2009
Palaeos Earth: Paleogeography (M. Alan Kazlev et al.)
The Paleogeographic Atlas Project (University of Chicago)
Paleogeography Through Geologic Time
(Ron Blakey, Northern Arizona University)
Paleomagnetic Data at NGDC (U.S. National Physical Data Center)
The PALEOMAP Project Home Page (Christopher R. Scotese)
Paleoseismic Research in the Pacific Northwest -- Snohomish Delta (Joanne Bourgeois & Samuel Y. Johnson, GSA Bulletin 113:482-94, 2001)
Plate Motion Calculator
Plate Motions and Crustal Deformation (Charles DeMets, 1995)
Plates of The World: Plate Tectonic Map
The PLATES Project: Plate Tectonic Reconstructions at UTIG
(University of Texas Institute for Geophysics)
A Plate Tectonic Primer (Lynn S. Fichter)
Plate Tectonics (Joseph S. Giamportone & Walter G. W. Booker)
Plate Tectonics (NASA's Observatorium)

Plate Tectonics (Southern California Integrated GPS Network Education Module)
Plate Tectonics and the Evolution of Climate
(Norman H. Sleep, 1995)
Plate Tectonics Animations (USGS)
Plate Tectonics, the Cause of Earthquakes
(J. Louie, Nevada Seismological Lab)
Plate Tectonics - Earth Like a Puzzle
(Nan Crigui, Scripps Institution)
Plate Tectonics: Piecing Together the Earth
(Megan Thomas & Kristi Carver)
Plate Tectonics World Ocean Floors (PlateTectonics.com)
PLUME Project (Plume-Lithosphere Undersea Melt Experiment)
-- Scientists Locate Deep Origins of "Hawaiian Hotspot" (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-232, 3 Dec 2007)
Puget Lowland Paleoseismology (USGS)
Puzzles of the Earth (Cheong Kai Lin et al., ThinkQuest)
The rapid drift of the Indian tectonic plate (Prakash Kumar et al., Nature 449:894-7, 18 Oct 2007)
-- Speedy continental collision explained (Geoff Brumfiel, Nature News, 17 Oct 2007)
-- Hot Rod Continent (Phil Berardelli, ScienceNOW Daily News, 17 Oct 2007)
Regional Paleogeographic Views of Earth History
(Ron Blakey, Northern Arizona University)
Scientists Discover Layer of Liquified Molten Rock in Earth's Mantle (US National Science Foundation, Press Release 13-045, 20 Mar 2013)
Seabed samples cast doubt on earthquake risk for Pacific Northwest (Mark Zastrow, Nature News & Comment, 4 Aug 2014)
The Seduction of Subduction (Dana Hunter, En Tequila Es Verdad, 23 Jun 2011; Rosetta Stones, Scientific American, 20 Mar 2014)
Stratigraphy and Sedimentology on the Colorado Plateau
(Ron Blakey, Northern Arizona University)
A Tapestry of Time and Terrain: The Union of Two Maps - Geology and Topography (USGS)
Tectonics Special Research Centre (University of Western Australia)
This Dynamic Planet (USGS)
This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics
(W. Jacquelyne Kious & Robert I. Tilling, USGS)
UMN Structure and Tectonics Research Group
(University of Minnesota, Ypsilanti)
Webquest: Plate Tectonics
What on Earth is Plate Tectonics? (USGS)
Writing to Support the Theory of Plate Tectonics (Sabina F. Thomas & William A. Prothero, Earth Exploration Toolbook, Sep 2008)

See also Geography


Climate Change and Palaeoclimatology

Abrupt Climate Change (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University)
Abrupt Climate Change: Inevitable Surprises (National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC)
Abrupt Climate Change: Inevitable Surprises (Richard Alley et al., NRC Committee on Abrupt Climate Change, Nat'l Academy Press, Washington DC, 2002)
Abrupt Climate Change: A Paleo Perspective
(NOAA Paleoclimatology Program)
ACEX | Arctic Coring Expedition (ECORD)
Ancient "Snowball Earth" Melted Fast Due to Methane (John Roach, National Geographic News, 28 May 2008)
Ancient Catastrophic Drought Leads to Question: How Severe Can Climate Change Become? (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11039, 24 Feb 2011)
Ancient "Hyperthermals" a Guide to Anticipated Climate Changes (Scripps News Release 1147, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 16 Mar 2011)
-- Scripps: Warming more common than thought (Gary Robbins, Science Quest, San Diego Union-Tribune, 16 Mar 2011)
Ancient ocean currents may have changed pace and intensity of ice ages (US National Science Foundation Press Release 14-081, 26 Jun 2014)
Andrew J. Weaver (Climate Modelling Group, UVic)
ANDRILL | Antarctic Geological Drilling (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Antarctic Icebergs Play a Previously Unknown Role in Global Carbon Cycle, Climate (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11-059, 25 Mar 2011)
Back to the future? Past global warming period [PETM] echoes today's (US National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release 14-171, 15 Dec 2014)
The Cenozoic Arctic Ocean (Editor's Summary, Nature, 1 Jun 2006)
Climate and Biota of the Early Paleogene 2006: Searching the Past for Clues to the Future (Abstracts from CBEP 2006, Bilbao, 12-20 Jun 2006) PDF
Climate Central: Why Climate Change Matters (Paul A. Hanle et al., Princeton & Palo Alto)
Climate Change (American Museum of Natural History)
Climate Change (NSF Special Report, US National Science Foundation Update, 1 May 2009)
Climate Change Briefing
Climate Change Education: Understanding and Teaching the Science Behind Global Climate Change (National Center for Science Education)
-- Evolution advocate turns to climate (Susan Young, Nature News & Comment, 16 Jan 2012)
-- NCSE Picks Fight Against Climate Science Deniers (Kevin Zelnio, EvoEcoLab, Scientific American Blog Network, 16 Jan 2012)
Climate changes of the past 1 000 and 10 000 years in the Canadian Arctic (Konrad Gajewski, Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology, University of Ottawa, 1999)
Climate Change Teacher Workshop -- Summer 1999
(Wright Center for Science Education)
Climate History (Christopher R. Scotese)
Climate Library (ClimateDeal.org)
Climate of the Past: An Interactive Open Access Journal (European Geosciences Union)
The Climate of the Pliocene: Simulating Earth's Last Great Warm Period (Mark A. Chandler, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 1997)
Climate Record From Bottom of Russian Lake Shows Arctic Was Warmer Millions of Years Ago (US National Science Foundation Press Release 13-082, 9 May 2013)
Climate Science: Major New Discoveries (World Resources Institute)
Climate TimeLine Information Tool: Exploring Weather & Climate Change Through the Powers of 10 (US National Geophysical Data Center)
Climatewire (E&E News, repr. Scientific American)
Climatic and Biogeochemical Effects of a Galactic Gamma-Ray Burst
(Adrian L. Melott et al., astro-ph/0503625, 29 Mar 2005, revised)
CLIVAR | An International Research Programme on Climate Variability and Predictability (World Climate Research Programme)
-- UCAR Mirror
Coral Paleoclimatology (Heather Benway, NOAA)
Dark Snow Project (Jason E. Box et al., Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland)
Data Access & Data Submission (World Data Center for Paleoclimatology)
Data Sources (RealClimate)
Dear Colleague Letter: Climate Change Education (Wanda E. Ward, Acting Assistant Director for Education and Human Resources, US National Science Foundation NSF 09-058, 1 Jul 2009)
Deep Core Complete (Peter Rejcek, Antarctic Sun, 31 Jan 2011)
Diatom Paleolimnology Data Cooperative Home Page
(Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia)
Direct north-south synchronization of abrupt climate change record in ice cores using Beryllium 10 (G. M. Raisbeck et al., Climate of the Past 3:541-7, 7 Sep 2007)
Earth Is Warmer Today Than During 70 to 80 Percent of the Past 11,300 Years (US National Science Foundation Press Release 13-037, 7 Mar 2013)
Earth: The Operators' Manual (Richard B. Alley, 18 Apr 2011)
-- EARTH: The Operators' Manual (host, Richard B. Alley, PBS, 10 Apr 2011)
Earth Science Pages: Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography
(Paul D. Farrar)
Earth's Climate Past and Future (William F. Ruddiman, 2001)
Earth's Future (an open access AGU journal)
Earth's Hot Past: Prologue to Future Climate? (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11-006, with video interview with Jeff Kiehl, 13 Jan 2011)
Earth Systems History (Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island)
Envisioning Climate Change Using a Global Climate Model (Betsy Youngman et al., Earth Exploration Toolbook, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College)
EPICA | European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica
(Alfred Wegener Institute)
EPICA | European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica
(European Science Foundation)
Evidence found for planet-cooling asteroid (Nicola Jones, Nature News & Comment, 2 Sep 2013)
Evolution of Earliest Horses Driven by Climate Change (US National Science Foundation Press Release 12-037, 23 Feb 2012)
-- First Horses Shrunk by Warming Climate (Katherine Harmon, Scientific American, 23 Feb 2012)
-- Sifrhippus, the First Horse, Got Even Tinier as the Planet Heated Up (James Gorman, New York Times, 23 Feb 2012)
The First Ice Age (Kristin Lelutwyler, Scientific American Explorations, 1 Nov 1999)
400 PPM: Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere Reaches Prehistoric Levels (David Biello, Observations, Scientific American Blog Network, 9 May 2013)
Galactic dust cooling Earth?: Controversial climate claim exonerates carbon dioxide (Tom Clarke, Nature, 8 Jul 2003)
Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Earth: Exploration of Atmospheric, Biological, Climatic and Biogeochemical Effects (Brian C. Thomas et al., astro-ph/0505472, 23 May 2005)
Geometry.net | Climate Change
GeoSystems: Probing Earth's Deep-Time Climate and Linked Systems (University of Oklahoma)
Getting the Science Right: Teaching Climate Change in the Classroom (Minda Berbeco, California Classroom Science, Dec 2012)
Giant Global "Chimney" Could Alter Climate Change (Kevin Schultz, Scientific American, 17 Jul 2014)
Global Climate Change: The Perspective from the Fossil Record (Videos from the Climate Forum in Cleveland, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Oct 2008)
Global Climate Change: Selective List of Online Resources
(Wil Burns, Pacific Institute)
Global Ice Age Climate Patterns Influenced by Bering Strait (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-003, 10 Jan 2010)

Here Comes the Heat (Alanna Mitchell, The Walrus 4:2:32-41, Mar 2007)
How did the Sun affect the climate when life evolved on the Earth? (Christoffer Karoff & H. Svensmark, arXiv:1003.6043v1 [astro-ph.SR], 31 Mar 2010)
-- A Solution to the Faint Young Sun Paradox (Physics arXiv Blog, Technology Review, 2 Apr 2010)
How Sunlight Controls Climate (David Biello, Scientific American, 31 Aug 2009)
Hundreds of sea-floor methane plumes spotted by sonar (Sid Perkins, Nature News & Comment, 24 Aug 2014)
Ice, coal and ancient rainforests (Howard Falcon-Lang, Planet Earth, Autumn 2004)
Ice Core Paleoclimatology Research Group (Byrd Polar Research Center)
Ice Cores from Greenland Unlock Ancient Climate Secret (Daniel Glick, The Daily Climate, Scientific American, 25 Apr 2011)
Ice Cores Yield Rich History of Climate Change (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11-022, 1 Feb 2011)
Ice-Free Arctic in Pliocene, Last Time CO2 Levels above 400 PPM (Stephanie Page Ogburn, ClimateWire, Scientific American, 10 May 2013)
Impact from the Deep (Peter D. Ward, Scientific American 295:4:64-71, Oct 2006)
Increasing greenhouse gases linked to rains over Africa thousands of years ago (US National Science Foundation Press Release 14-165, 4 Dec 2014)
Increased terrestrial methane cycling at the Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum (Richard D. Pancost et al., Nature 449:332-5, 20 Sep 2007; abstract)
-- Ancient British bog provides clue to global warming (Bristol University Press Release, 19 Sep 2007)
-- Bog helps build climate insights (Richard Black, BBC News, 19 Sep 2007)
Introduction to Global Change (University of Michigan)
Introduction to Paleoclimatology (NOAA Paleoclimatology Program)
Islands in the sky: the impact of Pleistocene climate cycles on biodiversity (Allan J. Baker, Journal of Biology 7:9:32, 3 Nov 2008)
Its All About Time and Place: A Chronology of Events, Places, Ecological and Societal Impacts (Gary D. Sharp)
Journal of Paleolimnology
The Keeling Curve (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
-- As CO2 Concentrations Near Ominous Benchmark, Daily Updates Begin: Scientific American (Stephanie Paige Ogburn, ClimateWire, Scientific American, 24 Apr 2013)
Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology
(Konrad Gajewski et al., University of Ottawa)
Large Ice-Age Mammal Extinctions: Humans and Climate the Culprits (US National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release 11-235, 2 Nov 2011)
Magnetic Records of Climate Change
(Richard L. Reynolds & John W. King, 1995)
Microfossils (NASA Earth Observatory)
The Milky Way's Spiral Arms and Ice Age Epochs on Earth
(Nir Shaviv)
MIT Center for Global Change Science
A Move Is Afoot to Keep Climate Science Out of Classrooms (Eugenie C. Scott & Minda Berbeco, Scientific American, 26 Sep 2013)
NASA Study Goes to Earth's Core for Climate Insights (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2011-074, 9 Mar 2011)
National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) on Climate
(Bern, Switzerland)
NEEM - North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling (University of Copenhagen)
-- Analysis of Greenland Ice Cores Adds to Historical Record and May Provide Glimpse into Climate's Future (US National Science Foundation Press Release 13-008, 24 Jan 2013)
New constraints on the gas age-ice age difference along the EPICA ice cores, 0-50 kyr (L. Loulergue et al., Climate of the Past 3:527-40, 28 Aug 2007) PDF
-- Even more T/CO2 lags (William M. Connelley, Stoat, 13 Mar 2007)
-- There goes another one... (Eli Rabett, Rabett Run, 21 Sep 2007)
-- New constraints on the gas age-ice age difference along the EPICA ice cores, 0-50 kyr (William M. Connelley, Stoat, 24 Sep 2007)
Next ice age on ice? (Philip Ball, Nature Science Update, 23 Aug 2002)
NGDC/Paleoclimatology - Data Resources
NOAA Paleoclimatology (National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, North Carolina)
-- European Mirror
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program - Educational Outreach
North American Drought: A Paleo Perspective
(NOAA Paleoclimatology Program)
North American Pollen Database: Modern Pollen Data
(WDC for Paleoclimatology)

Northern Hemisphere Sensitivity to Sea Surface Temperature Change (Dorothy M. Peteet, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 1997)
North Meets South? Glaciers Move Together in Far-flung Regions (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-177, 24 Sep 2009)
NOVA | Secrets Beneath the Ice (Gary Hochman et al., PBS, 28 Dec 2010)
PAGES - Past Global Changes (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme)
Palaeoclimate (Links for Palaeobotanists)
Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM): Tethyan margin records (Robert P. Speijer, Bremen University)
Paleoclimate (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
Paleoclimatic Evidence That Future Sea Level Rise Could Be Larger and Faster Than Commonly Believed (Jonathan T. Overpeck et al., Paleoclimatology/Paleoceanography II Paper No. 239-14, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, 19 Oct 2005)
Paleoclimatic Gopher Server
Paleoclimate, Greenhouse Warming, El Niño & Climate Change
(R. Hays Cummins, Miami University)
Paleoclimatology (Holli Riebeek, NASA Earth Observatory, 28 Jun 2005)
Paleoclimatology and Climate System Dynamics
(Jonathan T. Overpeck, 1995)
Paleoclimatology and Climatology Resources
(Steven Baum, Texas A&M Oceanography)
Paleoclimatology: A Record from the Deep (NASA Earth Observatory)
Paleoheliosphere versus PaleoLISM (Priscilla C. Frisch, Introduction to P. C. Frisch, ed., Solar Journey, 2006; astro-ph/0601356, 17 Jan 2006)
A Paleo Perspective... on Global Warming (NOAA)
Paleo Perspectives (NOAA Paleoclimatology Program)
Paleo Perspectives on Climate Change (P2C2) (US National Science Foundation Program Solicitation NSF 13-576)
Paleotempestology Resource Center (NOAA)
Phanerozoic Climates Research Project
Placing late Neanderthals in a climatic context (P. C. Tzedakis et al., Nature 449:206-8, 13 Sep 2007; abstract)
-- Neanderthals 'not killed by climate change' (Michael Hopkin, Nature, 12 Sep 2007)
-- Maybe climate change didn't kill off the Neandertals (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 13 Sep 2007)
Plate Tectonics and the Evolution of Climate
(Norman H. Sleep, 1995)
Radiocarbon-based circulation age of the world oceans (Katsumi Matsumoto, Journal of Geophysical Research, 11 Sep 2007) PDF
Rapid Climate Change (Spencer Weart, The Discovery of Global Warming, 2003, Feb 2013)
Sachs Lab Homepage (Julian P. Sachs et al., University of Washington)
Scientists Find Signs of "Snowball Earth" Amidst Early Animal Evolution (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-037, 4 Mar 2010)
Sea-floor Sediments Illuminate 53 Million Years of Climate History (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-089, 1 May 2009)
SEARCH Project | A Study of Environmental Arctic Change
(dir. Jamie Morison, University of Washington)
SEARCH : Study of Environmental Arctic Change (ARCUS, Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S., Fairbanks, Alaska)
Snowball Earth (Paul F. Hoffman & Daniel P. Schrag, Scientific American, Jan 2000)
A Solar-Cycle Climate Trigger (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 1 Sep 2009)
Solar Cycle Linked to Global Climate (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-139, 16 Jul 2009)
Solar Resonant Diffusion Waves as a Driver of Terrestrial Climate Change (Robert Ehrlich, astro-ph/0701117, 4 Jan 2007)
The Source of Europe's Mild Climate (Richard Seager, American Scientist 94(4):334-41, Jul-Aug 2006)
Stepping into the Arena of Climate Change Education (Mary Ann McGarry, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 29 Aug 2013)
Stirring It Up: North Pacific Circulation Was Radically Changed by Past Post-Glacial Warming (video interview with Axel Timmermann, US National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release 10-115, 9 Jul 2010)
Study Finds Ancient Warming Greened Antarctica (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release, 17 Jun 2012)
Sulfur dioxide initiates global climate change in four ways (Peter L. Ward, Thin Solid Films 517:11, 30 Jan 2009) PDF
The Sun-Climate Question: Is There a Real Connection?
(George C. Reid, 1995)
The Sun's Journey Through the Local Interstellar Medium: The PaleoLISM and Paleoheliosphere (Priscilla Chapman Frisch & J. D. Slavin, astro-ph/0606743, 30 Jun 2006)
Surface Temperature Reconstructions for the Last 2,000 Years (Gerald R. North et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 22 Jun 2006)
-- Report in Brief PDF
-- Webcast of briefing (Gerald R. North & Harold J. Haynes, 22 Jun 2006)
Teaching Climate Change: Lessons from the Past (Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota)
Testing the link between terrestrial climate change and Galactic spiral structure (Adrian L. Melott & Andrew C. Overholt, arXiv:0906.2777v1 [astro-ph.GA], 15 Jun 2009)
-- Galactic link to climate change in doubt (Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World, 25 Jun 2009)
Through the Looking Glass: Scientists Peer into Antarctica's Past to See Future Climate (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-068, 29 Apr 2010)
UMass Climate System Research Center (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Unaami Arctic Data Collection: Quantifying Arctic Change Across Multiple Disciplines (SEARCH Project Office, NOAA)
U.S. Ice Drilling Program
The vanishing groves: Bristlcone pines (Ross Andersen, Aeon Magazine, 16 Oct 2012)
Variability in the Earth Climate System: Decadal and Longer Timescales (David Schimel & Elizabeth Sulzman, 1995)
Voices for Climate Change Education (National Center for Science Education)
The weirdest millennium (Stefan Rahmstorf, RealClimate, 29 May 2007)
-- Curve manipulation - lesson 2 (Stefan Rahmstorf, RealClimate, 14 Jun 2007)
What Thawed the Last Ice Age? (David Biello, Scientific American, 4 Apr 2012)
When the Sea Saved Humanity (interactive version of the article by Curtis W. Marean, Scientific American, Aug 2010)
Wildfire responses to abrupt climate change in North America (J. R. Marlon et al., PNAS, 3 Feb 2009)
-- Beware Earth-shattering headlines (Jeff Hecht, New Scientist 2694:24, 4 Feb 2009)
World Data Centers Ice Core Gateway
Yahoo! Climate Change
Yale Project on Climate Change Communication (dir. Anthony Leiserowitz, New Haven, Connecticut)

See also Global Change and Quaternary Geology


Quaternary Geology

Absence of Cooling in New Zealand and the Adjacent Ocean During the Younger Dryas Chronozone (Timothy T. Barrows et al., Science 318(5847):86-9, 5 Oct 2007; summary)
-- A Global Cold Snap That Wasn't (Matt Kaplan, ScienceNOW Daily News, 4 Oct 2007)
ADVANCE-10K Project (CRU)
The Alaska Quaternary Center (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
The American Quaternary Association
Analysis of Speed of Greenland Glaciers Gives New Insight for Rising Sea Level (US National Science Foundation Press Release 12-088, 4 May 2012)
The Ancient Bristlecone Pine (Leonard Miller et al.)
Ancient Lakes of the Sahara (Kevin White & David J. Mattingly, American Scientist 94(1):58-65, Jan-Feb 2006)
Antarctic ice core sheds new light on how the last ice age ended (US National Science Foundation Press Release 13-142, 15 Aug 2013)
The Anthropogenic Greenhouse Era Began Thousdands of Years Ago (William F. Ruddiman, Climatic Change 61(3):261-93, 2003) PDF
Are we now living in the Anthropocene? (Jan Zalasiewicz et al., GSA Today 18:2:4-8, Feb 2008)
Atmospheric CO2 Concentration from 60 to 20 Kyr BP from the Taylor Dome Ice Core, Antarctica (A. Indermuhle et al., Geophysical Research Letters 27(5):735-8, 1 Mar 2000)
Climate Change Tree Atlas of Eastern USA
(Anantha M. Prasad & Louis R. Iverson, USDA Forest Service)
Cosmic Dust in Terrestrial Ice (Andreas Wolhtmann, Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, 28 Jul 2006)
A Dictionary of Quaternary Acronyms and Abbreviations
(Alwynne B. Beaudoin)
The Earth as an extrasolar planet: The vegetation spectral signature today and during the last Quaternary climatic extrema (Luc Arnold et al., arXiv:0901.1214v1 [astro-ph], 9 Jan 2009)
Environmental Catastrophes and Recoveries in the Holocene - Conference Abstracts (Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK, 29 Aug - 2 Sep 2002)
Estimating Temperature and Precipitation at the Last Glacial Maximum (William W. Hargrove & Jonathan Adams)
The Eurasian Arctic During the Last Ice Age (Martin J. Siegert et al., American Scientist 90(1):32-9, Jan-Feb 2002)
Evidence from central Mexico supporting the Younger Dryas extraterrestrial impact hypothesis (Isabel Israde-Alcantar et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 1 Mar 2012)
-- New Clovis Comet Clues from Mexico (Analysis by Irene Klotz, Discovery News, 14 Mar 2012)
Geodynamics: Global Change (Pacific Geoscience Centre)
Geometry.net | Quaternary Studies
The Glacial Lake Agassiz (Warren Upham, 1895)
Glaciers and the Glacial Ages (Wesley Wright)
Glaciology Group at the Niels Bohr Institute (Copenhagen)

Global Ice Age Climate Patterns Influenced by Bering Strait (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-003, 10 Jan 2010)
Global Ice-Core Research (INEEL Ice-Core Project Project Office)
Global Palaeovegetation Maps (Jonathan Adams)
Global Scale Temperature Patterns and Climate Forcing Over the Past Six Centuries (Michael E. Mann et al., Nature 392:779-87, 23 Apr 1998)
Global Temperature Patterns in Past Centuries: An Interactive Presentation (Michael E. Mann et al., Earth Interactions, 1998)
The Great Climate Flip-flop
(William Calvin, The Atlantic Monthly, Jan 1998)
Ice Age Ends Smashingly: Did a comet blow up over eastern Canada? (Sid Perkins, Science News 171:22:339, 2 Jun 2007)
Ice Age Environments (ES course syllabus, James S. Aber)
Ice Ages (Illinois State Museum)
Ice Core Contributions to Global Change Research
(Ice Core Working Group)
Illustrated Glossary of Alpine Glacial Landforms
(Karen A. Lemke & Linda Freeman)
The Imprint of Tsunami in Quaternary Coastal Sediments of Southeastern Australia (R. W. Young et al.)
INQUA - International Union for Quaternary Research
(University of Dublin)
INQUA - Commission on Glaciation (Aarhus University)
INQUA Norway (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

The Institute for Ice Age Studies (Randall White et al.)
International Union for Quaternary Research Archives (Nicola Jones, Nature Newsblog, INQUA, Cairns, Jul-Aug 2007)
Irish Quaternary Association (University of Dublin)
Lake Agassiz: Child of Ice (Don McCollor, University of North Dakota)
The Midwestern U.S. at 16,000 Years Ago
(Illinois State Museum)
A Multimedia History of Glacier Bay (Judy Laue et al.)
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program - Glaciation and Ice Ages
NOAA Paleo Global Warming Home
NOVA | Mystery of the Megaflood (Ben Fox et al., PBS, 20 Sep 2005)
NOVA Online | Cracking the Ice Age (PBS)
NOVA Online | Warnings from the Ice
Numerical modelling of the Eurasian High Arctic Ice Sheet (Daniel Howell et al., Glacial Geology and Geomorphology, 1999) PDF
The Paleoclimates from Arctic Lakes and Estuaries (PALE)
Paleoenvironmental records of postglacial climate change in the Prairie ecozone (Alwynne B. Beaudoin et al., May 1997)
The Pleistocene (Ben Waggoner et al., UCMP)

The Pleistocene Epoch, or "Ice Age" (Exploring Time With PaleoZoo)
Plenty of Ink: Giant ice-age torrent busted the strait of Dover, left an island that would be England (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 19 Jul 2007)
Prehistoric currents brought icebergs to Florida (Mark Zastrow, Nature News & Comment, 12 Oct 2014)
Quaternary Environments (Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island)
Quaternary Environments Network (Jonathan Adams)
-- UK Mirror
Quaternary Geology at Colby College (Robert E. Nelson)
Quaternary Bibliography - Insects (QBIB, P. C. Buckland et al.)
Quaternary Entomology Laboratory (Allan C. Ashworth & Donald P. Schwert, NDSU)
Quaternary Faults and Fold Database of the United States (USGS)
Tropical Glaciology Group (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Quaternary Listserver Archive
The Quaternary Page (Kent Holden)
Quaternary Palaeoenvironments Group (QPG, Cambridge University)
The Quaternary Period (M. Alan Kazlev)
The Quaternary Pointer Page (Tom Meijer)

Quaternary Research Association (UK)
Quaternary Research at the Department of Geology, UW-Madison (University of Wisconsin)
Quaternary Research Center (University of Washington)
Quaternary Research Group, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of Wales (Aberystwyth)
Quaternary Studies: An Interdisciplinary Program (Rutgers University)
Quaternary TL Surveys - A Guide to Thermoluminescence Date Measurement
QUEEN Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North
Rainfall and Drought in Equatorial East Africa during the Past 1,100 Years (D. Verschuren et al., Nature 403:410-14, 27 Jan 2000)
Society to End the Holocene Myth (Christina L. Hulbe)
Sudden climate changes in the recent geological record
(Jonathan Adams, ORNL)
A test of the overdue-glaciation hypothesis (William F. Ruddiman et al., Quaternary Science Reviews 24:1-10, 2005) PDF
The Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages (Henri D. Grissino-Mayer)
Virtually the Ice Age (Creswell Heritage Trust, UK)
WAIS Divide Ice Core Project (University of New Hampshire)
-- Antarctic Ice Core Contains Unrivaled Detail of Past Climate (US National Science Foundation Press Release 13-017, 5 Feb 2013)
WAIS The West Antarctic Ice Sheet Initiative: A Multidisciplinary Study of Rapid Climate Change and Future Sea Level (NASA)
Welcome to the Anthropocene
The World of Ice Age Paleoecology (Scott A. Elias, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research)
Younger Dry-as dust? (Gavin A. Schmidt, RealClimate, 24 Oct 2007)
Zooarchaeology Home Page
(Frank J. Dirrigl Jr. & Barry W. Baker)

See also Global Change

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