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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a group of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is the third of three comprising a list of links to on-line resources giving information about telecommunity: information infrastructure; The Grid, Internet2, & NGI; networking & development; internet access & service; the digital divide; and broadband. The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure, Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: community; telecommunity; digital divide; broadband; high-speed internet

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Global Community
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Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
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General Resources
Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Service
The Digital Divide


The Digital Divide

I think there is a Mercedes divide: I'd like to have one; I can't afford one.
Michael Powell (Chairman of the U.S. FCC under George W. Bush)

I think that kind of pompous, arrogant, misguided, short-sighted thinking has no place in a modern, contemporary Canada where we want to ensure that every single citizen has an opportunity to achieve his or her full potential and everybody has a chance to get on-line.
Brian Tobin (Industry Minister Canada, 26 June 2001)

All the elaborate mechanisms of communication we have devised have not ennobled, nor brought closer, individual men to men. The means exist. It is Faustus who remains a man.
Loren Eiseley

AC4 Association of Christian Community Computer Centers
Addressing the Digital Divide with IPv6-enabled Broadband Power Line Communications (Jordi Palet, Internet Society, 5 May 2003)
All About The Digital Divide (Donna Howell, About.com)
American Indians and the Digital Divide
(Nat'l Congress of American Indians)
BBC News | Information Rich Information Poor | Bridging the Digital Divide
BC Digital Divide (Vancouver)
The Bellanet Initiative: Global Development Connections
Benton Foundation Homepage
Beyond Access (Laura Stanley, 2001) PDF
Beyond Access: Understanding the Digital Divide
(Andy Carvin, 19 May 2000)
Bridges.org, Spanning the International Digital Divide
(dir. Teresa Peters)
Bridging the Child Divide (Odd de Presno, Kidlink)
Bridging The Digital Divide: First You Need the Bridge
(Jonathan Peizer, MediaChannel Op-Ed, 21 Jun 2000)
Bridging the Digital Divide: The Impact of Race on Computer Access and Internet Use (Thomas P. Novak & Donna L. Hoffman, Project 2000, 2 Feb 1998)
Bridging the Digital Divide: Thinking About Community Technology
(Josh Senyak & Albert Fong, TechSoup Special Report, 30 Nov 2000)
Bringing a Nation Online: The Importance of Federal Leadership (Leslie Harris & Associates, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights / Leadership Conference Education Fund, Jul 2002)
Byte Back

Bytes for All (Frederik Noronha & Partha Pratim Sarker et al.)
Center to Bridge Digital Divide (Washington State University)
Children, The Digital Divide, and Federal Policy
(Kaiser Family Foundation)
Closing the Digital Divide (Sandy Berger, Compu-KISS Newspaper Column)
Closing the Digital Divide (U.S. Department of Commerce)
Closing the Equity Gap in Technology Access and Use: A Practical Guide for K-12 Educators (Northwest Educational Technology Consortium)
The Committee of the Democratization of IT (Rodrigo Bagio, Brazil)
Computer Clubhouse Network
Computers In Our Future (California)
Connecting the UK: The Digital Strategy (Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, UK Cabinet Office, Mar 2005) PDF
Consumer Federation of America: Open Access to Broadband Services
Contentbank.org | The Community Content Bank
Creating Open Access to the Broadband Internet
(Consumer Federation of America, Dec 1999)
Cybrarian Project (UK Dept for Education and Skills)
Deepening the Digital Divide: The War on Universal Service
(Center for Media Education)
The Digital Disconnect: The Widening Gap between Internet-savvy Students and Their Schools (Douglas Levin & Sousan Arafeh, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 14 Aug 2002)
The Digital Divide (Adam Marchick et al., Stanford University)
Digital Divide (Australian Development Gateway)
The Digital Divide (Becta ICT Research Network)
The Digital Divide (Educational CyberPlayGround)
The Digital Divide (Microsoft Classroom Teacher Network)
Digital Divide (prod. David Bolt, PBS, Spring 2000)
Digital Divide (ResponsibilityInc.com)

Digital Divide (Resources)
The Digital Divide (UC Atlas of Global Inequality, University of California, Santa Cruz)
Digital Divide and Digital Equity (Educational CyberPlayGround)
The Digital Divide Campaign (ed. Helena Earnshaw, OneWorld.net)
Digital Divide Data (Cambodia)
The Digital Divide Guide to Digital Opportunities: Measuring Infostates for Development (ed. George Sciadas, Orbicom, University of Quebec at Montreal, Nov 2005) PDF
The Digital Divide in 2025 (BT report, UK, Dec 2004) PDF
DIGITALDIVIDE List (mod. Andy Carvin)
Digital Divide Network (Andy Carvin et al., Benton Foundation)
Digital Divide Research (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
Digital Divide Resources (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Digital Divide's New Frontier (Children's Partnership Study)
Digital Divide Solutions (Arizona State University)
Digital Divides Profile (Caslon Analytics)
Digital Divide Statistics (Internet Public Policy Network)
Digital Divide Web Resources (U.S. Department of Education)
Digital Divisions (Susannah Fox, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 5 Oct 2005) PDF
The Digital Empowerment Campaign (US)
The Digital Equity Tool Kit (ed. Joy Wallace, US National Institute for Community Innovations)
Digital Opportunity Channel (Benton Foundation)
Digital Promise Project
Digital Strategy (UK)
Disconnected, Disadvantaged, and Disenfranchised: Explorations in the Digital Divide (Mark N. Cooper, Consumer Federation of America, 11 Oct 2000) PDF
Disseminating health information in developing countries: The role of the internet (Tessa Tan-Torres Edejer, WHO, British Medical Journal 321 (7264): 797-800, 30 Sep 2000)

Distance Education and the Digital Divide (Kristin Hirst, About.com)
DOT Force (Digital Opportunity Task Force)
The Dual Digital Divide: The Information Highway in Canada
(Andrew Reddick et al., Public Interest Advocacy Centre, 2000)
-- Text Version
EA Tech Policy Center - Digital Divide (Empower America)
ED Technology Digital Divide
E-inclusion.org (Alfonso Molina et al.)
E-Mail for All Outreach Campaign
The E-Rate and the Digital Divide: A Preliminary Analysis from the Integrated Studies of Educational Technology (Michael J. Puma et al., Urban Institute, Washington, DC, 2000) PDF
-- Urban Institute Mirror
E-Rate ... the FCC's Informal Education Page
E-rate Hotline
Ethnicity in the Electronic Age: Looking at the Internet Through Multicultural Lens (Thomas Tseng, AccessWorldWide Cultural Access Group, Jan 2001)
The Ever-Shifting Internet Population: A New Look at Internet Access and the Digital Divide (Amanda Lenhart et al., Pew Internet Project, 16 Apr 2003)
The Evolution of the Digital Divide: Examining the Relationship of Race to Internet Access and Usage Over Time (Donnal L. Hoffman & Thomas P. Novak, eLab, 18 May 1999) PDF
The Evolution of the Digital Divide: How Gaps in Internet Access May Impact Electronic Commerce (Donna L. Hoffman et al., eLab, JCMC 5(3), Mar 2000)

Falling Through the Net (NTIA)
Falling Through the Net (July 1995)
Falling Through the Net II (July 1998)
Falling Through the Net III (July 1999)
Falling Through the Net IV: Toward Digital Inclusion (Oct 2000) PDF
The FCC, Internet Service Providers and Access Charges
FCC 96-488: Access Charge Reform & IS/IAP use of the PSTN
(US Federal Communications Commission)
FCC 97-157 Report & Order on Universal Service
Federal Retrenchment on the Digital Divide: Potential National Impact
(Norris Dickard, Benton Foundation Policy Brief #1, 18 Mar 2002)
Fight for the Future (Tiffiniy Cheng & Holmes Wilson et al.)
Finding the Digital Divide (Alcide L. Honore, Web of Politics, Duke U)
Follow the E-Rate Debate (Benton Foundation)
Foundations and the Digital Divide (Jonathan Peizer, TechSoup Special Report, 31 Jul 2000)
From Access to Outcomes: Raising the Aspirations for Technology Initiatives in Low-Income Communities (Morino Institute, Jul 2001)

From the Global Digital Divide to the Global Digital Opportunity: Proposals Submitted to the G-8 Kyushu-Okinawa Summit 2000 (Tokyo, 19 Jul 2000) PDF
Frontiers of Educational Technology: Bridging the Digital Divides
(Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, 6 Mar 2002)
Geekcorps: The World Wide Web for the Whole Wide World
Global Digital Divide Initiative (World Economic Forum)
Global Internet Policy Initiative (Center for Democracy and Technology)
Global Technology Corps (U.S. Department of State)
The Growing Digital Divide: Implications for an Open Research Agenda (Donna L. Hoffman & Thomas P. Novak, eLab, 29 Nov 1999) PDF
The Growing Digital Divide in Access for People with Disabilities: Overcoming Barriers to Participation in the Digital Economy (Cynthia D. Waddell, May 1999)
Help Us Help Foundation (Oracle Corporation)
High-Speed Services for Internet Access: Status as of December 31, 2005 (FCC Industry Analysis and Technological Division, Wireline Competition Bureau, Washington, DC, Jul 2006) PDF
High Technology and Low-Income Communities: Prospects for the Positive Use of Advanced Information Technology (ed. Donald A. Schön et al., MIT Colloquium, Spring 1996)
HomeNetToo Project (Linda A. Jackson et al., MSU)
How Access Benefits Children (NTIA)
IAMCR and ICA Symposium on the Digital Divide
(15-17 Nov 2001, Austin, Texas)
International E-Mail Accessibility - World Map
(Olivier M. J. Crepin-Leblond)
Internet Access -- A Right? A Privilege? (The Progress Report)

The Internet is for Everyone (Vint Cerf, ISOC, 7 April 1999)
LINC Project (Low Income Networking and Communications)
-- Organizers' Online Toolkit
Losing Ground Bit by Bit: Low-Income Communities in the Information Age (Benton Foundation, 1998)
Making New Technologies Work for Human Development
(UNDP Human Development Report 2001)
Multicultural Pavilion: EdTech & Digital Divide
(Paul C. Gorski)
A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use of the Internet (NTIA, 2002)
NetCorps Canada International
NetDay Digital Divide Initiative: Bridging the Digital Divide
OneNetNow - Bridging the Digital Divide
Online Policy Group
Open Access - A Panacea? Science, Society, Democracy, Digital Divide (Ulrich Herb, Saarland University and State Library, Saarbruecken, Germany, 3 Nov 2008)
Open Economies (Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
Open Knowledge Workspace
PowerUP: Bridging the Digital Divide
PT3 Digital Equity Portal (U.S. Dept. of Education)
Public Library Internet Services: Impacts on the Digital Divide
(Information Use Management & Policy Institute, 28 Mar 2001)
Reconceptualizing the Digital Divide (Mark Warschauer, First Monday 7:7, Jul 2002)
Rural Development and Universal Access
(International Telecommunication Union)
SEED Connectivity Grant Program (Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development)
Shaping the Destiny of Native American People by Ending the Digital Divide: A Look at the Nation's Tribal Colleges and Universities (Thomas Davis & Mark Trebian, EDUCAUSE Review, Jan-Feb 2001) PDF
The Simputer
A Survey of the Impact of the Internet on Interest Groups
(Emily Tang & Bryan Looper, Web of Politics, Duke U)

Technology Counts 2001: The New Divides (Education Week)
TEK | Time Equals Knowledge (Saman Amarasinghe & Libby Levison)
Telecommunications: Characteristics and Choices of Internet Users
(U.S. General Accounting Office, Feb 2001)
Telecommunications/Information Technology - Policy Information Pipeline (RESNA Technical Assistance Project)
Toward Equality of Access: The Role of Public Libraries in Addressing the Digital Divide (Pew Internet, 25 Feb 2004) PDF
Tracking the Dual Digital Divide (EKOS Research Associates, Summer 2002) PDF
UNITeS: United Nations Information Technology Services (UN Volunteers)
Universal Access to E-Mail (RAND, 1995)
Universal Service (ALA Office for Information Technology Policy)
Universal Service Homepage (FCC)
Unveiling the Digital Divide (ed. George Sciadas, Statistics Canada, 1 Oct 2002) PDF
V.I.I. Universal Service Forum
(Milton Mueller, Virtual Institute of Information)
World Employment Report 2001: Life at Work in the Information Economy (International Labour Office)
World Telecom Development Conference 2002
(ITU, Istanbul, 18-27 Mar 2002)
World University Service Homepage
World University Service of Canada
Yahoo! News: Technology Full Coverage - Digital Divide
Yahoo! Science, Technology, and Society: Digital Divide

See also Internet Access and Service, Networking and Development, Freedom of Expression and Access, Social & Economic Policy and Development, Technology in Education, and Telecommunity (Canada)


The Battle for Broadband

You'll see optical grow in backbones and at some of the edges. But the last mile? That's just a pipe dream.
Dave Zatloukal (VP Network Services for Hughes Network Systems, quoted in BusinessWeek, 25 Jun 2001)

Access to Broadband Networks (Charles B. Goldfarb, CRS Report for Congress, 29 Jun 2006, updated) PDF
Access to Broadband Networks: The Net Neutrality Debate (Angele A. Gilroy, Congressional Research Service, 2 Jun 2014) PDF
Access to What? First Mile Issues for Rural Broadband
(Richard Civille et al., NRC Canada, Jan 2001)
ADSLguide (UK)
Advanced Telecommunications in Rural America: The Challenge of Bringing Broadband Service to All Americans (NTIA/RUS, 26 Apr 2000) PDF
ATM & TCP via Satellite (Broadband Satellite Database, CSHCN)
The ATM Forum (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
AusBUG (Australian Broadband Users Group)
AusForum Broadband Community Forum
Australia - Broadband Infrastructure - Downloadable Web Reports
(Paul Budde Communication)
Australian National Broadband Strategy (DCITA, Australian Government, Mar 2004)
Australia's Broadband Connectivity: The Broadband Advisory Group's Report to Government (DCITA, Australian Government, Jan 2003)
Bandwidth Meter Speed Test(CNET)
Bandwidth Place
Bandwidth Speed Tests (Eric A. Arnold)
BCNET: Developing BC's Advanced Networks
Beeline Bandwidth Test (NL)
Beyond Connectedness: TSACC Report on Broadband Access (ed. Keith Knightson, Telecommunications Standards Advisory Council of Canada, 2001) PDF
BPL Today (Broadband over Power Lines)
Breaking the Chains: Unlicensed Spectrum as a Last-Mile Broadband Solution (James H. Johnston & J. H. Snider, New America Foundation, Jun 2003) PDF
Bring Us Broadband! (NetAction)
Broadband Access (IMS EcomCity)

Broadband Access Business Models in Canada
(SECOR, 26 Jan 2001)
Broadband Adoption at Home: A Pew Internet Project Data Memo (18 May 2003)
Broadband Adoption in the United States: Growing but Slowing (John Horrigan, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 24 Sep 2005) PDF
Broadband and Economic Development: A Municipal Case Study from Florida (George S. Ford & Thomas M. Koutsky, Applied Economic Studies, Apr 2005) PDF
Broadband and the Future of the Internet (Veronica L. Breckheimer & Kevin Taglang, The Digital Beat, 20 Aug 1999)
Broadband and Unbundling Regulations in OECD Countries (Scott Wallsten, AEI-Brookings Joint Center, Washington, DC, Jun 2006)
Broadband: Are You Exposed? (Judi Clark, NetAction)
Broadband Australia and New Zealand (Adrian Sobotta)
Broadband Blues (Economist, 21 Jun 2001)
Broadband Bob Report (CATV CyberLab)
Broadband: Breaking the Barriers (CNET News.com, 26-29 Jul 2004)
Broadband: Bringing Home the Bits (Nat'l Academy Press, Washington, DC, 2002)
Broadband Britain (ZDNet UK)
Broadband Cable: The Open-Access Debate
(Robert Jacobson, NetAction)
Broadband Daily: Headlines
The Broadband Difference: How online Americans' behavior changes with high-speed Internet connections at home (Pew Internet & American Life Project, 23 Jun 2002)
Broadband Editorials (2Wire Learning Center)
Broadband Expert (Richard Patterson)
The Broadband Fact Book (Internet Innovation Alliance, Apr 2007) PDF
Broadband for Scotland

Broadband Genie (UK)
The Broadband Guide
-- Broadband Guide News
Broadband Home Central (Sandy Teger & Dave Waks, Morris Plains, New Jersey)
Broadband Infrastructure (Services, Networks and Facilities)
(Vassilios Mimis et al., 15 Dec 2000)
Broadband Magazine (UK) T1 required
BroadbandMarket Canada
Broadband News (NewsTrove.com)
Broadband Over Power Line (BPL) and Amateur Radio (ARRLWeb)
Broadband over Power Lines (Radio Amateurs of Canada)
Broadband over Powerlines: Regulatory and Policy Issues (Patricia Moloney Figliola, CRS Report for Congress, 3 May 2006, updated) PDF
Broadband Penetration in EU: The Haves and the Have Nots (European Competitive Telecommunications Association, Brussels, 6 Sep 2006) PDF
Broadband Power Line Tutorial (James A. Stenger, WAVE Report)
Broadband Reality Check II: The Truth Behind America's Digital Decline (S. Derek Turner, Free Press, Northampton, Massachusetts, Aug 2006) PDF
BroadbandReports.com (Newton, New Jersey)
Broadband Resources and Links (Center for Media Education)
The Broadband Revolution - Communications at a Crossroads (Center for Media Education)
Broadband Satellite Database
(Michael Hadjitheodosiou, CSHCN)
Broadband Speed Checker (UK)
Broadband Speed Test (ADSLguide, UK)
Broadband Stakeholder Group (UK)
Broadband-Television.com Guide to Broadband TV and Radio Broadcasts
-- Live and On-demand Broadband TV Broadcasts from Canada
BroadbandTV (Shahrzad Rafati et al., BroadbandTV Corporation, Vancouver)
Broadband Use by Rural Small Businesses (Stephen B. Pociask, U.S. Small Business Administration, Dec 2005) PDF
Broadband Week Online

Broadband Wireless Exchange Magazine
The Broadest Broadband (Paul W. Shumate, Jr., Scientific American, Oct 1999)
Browse Best - A Complete Guide to High Speed Internet Access
The Burden of Network Neutrality Mandates on Rural Broadband Deployment (George S. Ford et al., Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Public Policy Studies, Jul 2006) PDF
Cable Access Debate (Excite@Home)
The Cable Addicts Broadband Lounge
Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide (Navas Group)
Cable Modem Info Center
Cable or DSL? (MadnessPC, 5 Apr 2001)
The Case for Broadband Access (Ashely Stephenson)
Cities brace for broadband war (Jim Hu & Marguerite Reardon, CNET News.com, 2 May 2005)

CommsDesign - Design Centers - Broadband Design
Communications Engineering & Design - Home Page
Community-based Broadband Telecommunications Infrastructure (Blacksburg Electronic Village, Mar 2000) PDF
Community Broadband Network (UK)
Community Broadband Networks (Al Bonnyman)
Community Wireless Internet Access (UK)
Connecting People: The Truth About Municipal Broadband
(Harold Feld et al., Free Press, Apr 2005)
Connecting Scotland: Our Broadband Future (Scottish Executive)
Connectivity Works Inc. (Mike Newman et al., Sidney, BC)
Consumer Federation of America: Open Access to Broadband Services
The COOK Report on Internet (COOK Report 9:12, Mar 2001) PDF
Creating Open Access to the Broadband Internet (Consumer Federation of America, Dec 1999) PDF
CyberAtlas: Broadband
Defending the Internet Revolution in the Broadband Era: When Doing Nothing is Doing Harm (François Bar et al., E-conomy Project, Aug 1999)
Digital Delusions: Issues in Broadband Access Pricing
(Lisa Carver, Gilbert & Tobin, Jan 1998)

DirecPC - For Your Home
-- Bell ExpressVu (Canada)
DSL: Broadband by Phone (George T. Hawley, Scientific American, Oct 1999)
DSL Forum (Fremont, California)
DSL Forum Public Area
DSL LIFE: The Consumer's Guide to xDSL Technology
DSL Lookup Service (2Wire.com)
DSL Resource Center (2Wire Learning Center)
DSL Speed Test
Dublin as a World Class e-City (Chris Horn et al., 17 Dec 2001) PDF
EarthLink Satellite (DirecPC)
E-Communications Household Survey (Special Eurobarometer 249, European Commission, Jul 2006) PDF
Economists' Statement on U.S. Broadband Policy (Elizabeth E. Bailey et al., AEI-Brookings Joint Center, Mar 2006)
FCC - Broadband (U.S. Federal Communications Commission)
The FCC's Notice of Inquiry Concerning High-Speed Internet Access Over Cable and Other Facilities (FCC Cable Services Bureau)

FCC Issues Report on the Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Capability to All Americans (CC Docket No. 98-146) (28 Jan 1999)
FCC Issues Report on the Availability of High-speed and Advanced Telecommunications Services (3 Aug 2000)
-- Deployment of Advanced Telecommunications Capability: Second Report (Aug 2000) PDF
FCC Releases Report on the Availability of High-Speed and Advanced Telecommunications Capability: Report on High-Speed and Advanced Telecommunications Services Shows Nearly Ten Million Subscribers (7 Feb 2002)
-- Third Report (6 Feb 2002) PDF
The FeedRoom
Fight for the Future (Tiffiniy Cheng & Holmes Wilson et al.)
Final Report on Inventory of Broadband Internet Services Available in Municipal Jurisdictions (Industry Canada, Jan 2001) PDF
The First Mile of Connectivity
(ed. Don Richardson & Lynnita Paisley, FAO)
FreeDSL (Broadband Digital Group)
The Future of Broadband (Special Advertising Section of Business Week, 25 Jun 2001)
The Future of Wireless Broadband Local Access (IEC) $

Getspeed.com Guide to High Speed Internet Service
Gilat-To-Home (GTH) High Speed Satellite Internet
Glossary of Broadband Terms (BrowseBest.com)
Gulf Islands Wireless Network Ltd. (Bill Wadsworth et al., Mayne Island)
High Speed Access Options for Internet Beginners
(Gwen Schertel, About.com)
High-Speed Data Races Home (David D. Clark, Scientific American, Oct 1999)
High-speed on the Information Highway: Broadband in Canada
(B. Veenhof et al., Statistics Canada, 23 Sep 2003)
HighSpeedPlus - The Alternative for Cable Access
High-Speed Services for Internet Access: Status as of December 31, 2002 (FCC News, Jun 2003) PDF
High-Speed Services for Internet Access: Status as of June 30, 2005 (U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Apr 2006) PDF
Home Broadband Adoption in Rural America (John Horrigan & Katherine Murray, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 26 Feb 2006)
Home Broadband Adoption 2006 (John B. Horrigan, Pew Internet, 28 May 2006) PDF
Home Broadband Adoption 2007 (Data Memo by John B. Horrigan & Aaron Smith, Pew Internet & American Life Project, Jun 2007) PDF
How The Bells Stole America's Digital Future
(Bruce Kushnick, New Networks Institute)
How Will the Fight over Public ISPs and Net Neutrality Play Out? (Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American, 18 Feb 2015)
The Impact of Video Service Regulation on the Construction of Broadband Networks to Low-Income Households (George S. Ford et al., Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Public Policy Studies, Sep 2005) PDF
Innovative Bandwidth Arrangements for the Australian Education and Training Sector (Ross Kelso, CIRCIT @ RMIT, Aug 2001)
-- Summary
The Intelligent Wireless Web: The Next Generation Web
Internet Connection Speedometer (McAfee Security)
Internet Connection Testing Center (Computers4SURE Speed Test)
Internet Innovation Alliance (Larry Irving & Bruce P. Mehlman et al., Washington, DC)
Internet Protocols over Satellite (IPoS) WG (CSHCN)
Internet Unwired (Michiel Hegener, On the Internet, Sep-Oct 1997)

The Internet via Cable (Milo Medin & Jay Rolls, Scientific American, Oct 1999)
The Light at the End of the Pipe (P. William Bane & Stephen P. Bradley, Scientific American, Oct 1999)
LMDS: Broadband Wireless Access (John Skoro, Scientific American, Oct 1999)
Localizing the Internet: Five Ways Public Ownership Solves the U.S. Broadband Problem (Becca Vargo Daggett, Institute for Local Self Reliance, Minneapolis, Jan 2007) PDF
Lunar Broadband Internet TV Directory
Modem Speed Test Page
MSN Internet Speed Test
Multicast (ResearchIndex)
Municipal broadband and wireless projects map (CNET News.com)
Municipal Provision of Wireless Internet (US Federal Trade Commission, Sep 2006) PDF
MuniWireless.com | Reports on Municipal Wireless and Broadband Projects (Esme Vos)
The Myth of Broadband (John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine, 31 May 2001)
National Broadband Task Force (Industry Canada)
The Net @ Risk (Bill Moyers, Moyers on America, PBS, 18 Oct 2006)
Network Neutrality and Industry Structure (George S. Ford et al., Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal & Economic Policy Studies, Apr 2006) PDF
New ICO - Press Office
The New National Dream: Networking the Nation for Broadband Access (Report of the National Broadband Task Force, Industry Canada, 18 Jun 2001)
New Zealand - High-speed Internet and Broadband Services - Downloadable Web Reports (Paul Budde Communication)
Next Generation Broadband Satellite Communication Systems
(Satchandi Verma & Eric Wiswell, TRW)
The Next Internet: Broadband Infrastructure and Transformative Applications (CANARIE, 19 Jan 2001) PDF

NoGatekeepers.org (Leslie Harris and Associates)
NOIE - National Bandwidth Inquiry (Australia)
NOW - Network of the World
NTCA Members Internet/Broadband Survey Report (US National Telephone Cooperative Association, Nov 2000) PDF
OECD Broadband Statistics (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris)
Om Malik on Broadband (New York)
Online News (John Horrigan, Pew Internet & American Life Project Report, 22 Mar 2006) PDF
OnSat Portal Page
-- OnSat Canada Inc.
OpenNET Coalition
Optimum Online Speed Check
The Portable Internet (ITU Internet Reports, Sep 2004)
Principles for an Open Broadband Future: A Public Knowledge White Paper (Public Knowledge, Washington, DC, 6 Jul 2005)
The Promise of Broadband Access (Paul Flatin, Policy.com, 22 Jun 2000)
Promoting Broadband Through Network Diversity (Christopher S. Yoo, Vanderbilt University, 6 Feb 2006) PDF
Providing Ubiquitous Gigabit Networks in the United States (IEEE-USA Committee on Communications and Information Policy, 14 Mar 2005) PDF
PUBNET Free Wireless Internet Access
(Public Networks Australia)
Quick guide: Broadband (BBC News, 29 Jun 2006)
Rural and Remote Broadband Access (Background Report to the National Broadband Task Force, Industry Canada, 12 Apr 2001) PDF
Rural Broadband Coalition (Scott Lindsay et al., Washington, DC)
Rural Broadband Initiative (Wilton, Maine)
Rural Broadband Interest Group (UK)
Salt Spring Internet (Barbara McCully)
Satellite Broadband News (NewsTrove.com)

Satellite Signals - Broadband Satellite and Dish Pointing
(Eric Johnston)
Satellites: The Strategic High Ground (Robert P. Norcross, Scientific American, Oct 1999)
Security for Cable Networks
Slashdot:Feature: The Broadband Wars
Social Economic Impact of Broadband in Rural Communities: A Preliminary Brief (Draft for Industry Canada, Community Information Technology Institute, Apr 2001) PDF
Song of the Open Road: Building a Broadband Network for the Twenty-first Century (Gary O. Larson & Jeff Chester, CME)
SpeedGuide.net PC Performance Resources
Speed Matters: Affordable High Speed Internet for All (Communications Workers of America, Washington, DC, Oct 2006) PDF
Speed Matters: High Speed Internet for All (Communications Workers of America, Washington, DC)
Speed Test (Bandwidth Place)
Speedy Internet Spreads Slowly (Christopher Stern, Washington Post, 14 Feb 2002)
Spotlight on DSL (Cahners In-Stat Group)
Spread Spectrum Techniques (Jack Glas)
The Spread Spectrum, Wireless and RF Gateway: SSS Online

Sprint Broadband Direct
StarBand Two-way Satellite Internet Service
The State Broadband Index: An Assessment of State Policies Impacting Broadband Deployment and Demand (Michael Kende et al., TechNet, 2003) PDF
The State of Broadband 2013: Universalizing Broadband (Broadband Commission for Digital Development, Geneva, Sep 2013) PDF
Sympatico HSE Speed Test
Tap the Power: Broadband Internet Access (Arden Rice, Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau, Nov 2006)
Telco Lies and the Truth About Municipal Broadband Networks
(Ben Scott & Frannie Wellings, Free Press, Apr 2005)
Telecrisis: How Regulation Stifles High-Speed Internet Access
(ed. Sonia Arrison, Pacific Research Institute, Jan 2003)
Teledesic Internet-in-the-Sky Newsroom
TELUS High Speed (ADSL)
10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance Home Page
10 Gigabit Ethernet Technology Overview White Paper
(10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance, May 2002)
3Com Broadband Product Page
Trends and Impact of Broadband in the Latino Community (Elisa E. Macias & Einat Temkin, Tomas Riviera Policy Institute, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Oct 2005) PDF
Trends 2006: Making Progress With Broadband (National Trends Carrier Association, Whippany, New Jersey, 2006) PDF
2Wire.com: Your DSL and Broadband Resource Center
UK Broadband Internet Access
Ultrawideband (QuickStudy by Russell Kay, Computerworld, 10 Apr 2006)
Unclogging the Pipeline: A Critical Look at Internet Economics and Bandwidth Constraints (Eric Zimits, iWord)
UWBWG Ultra Wide Band Working Group
WaveRider: The World's Wireless Web Company

Web ProForum Tutorials: Broadband Access and Services
-- Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
-- Extending ADSL to Remote DLC Locations
-- Cable Modems
-- Fiber-Optic Technology
-- Optical Access
Web ProForum Tutorials: Wireless
-- Wireless Broadband Modems
Whirlpool - Australian Broadband News
Wi-Fi Everywhere: Universal Broadband Access as Antitrust and Telecommunications Policy (Hannibal Travis, American University Law Review 55:6, Aug 2006)
Wi-Fi Powered WLAN: When Built, Who Will Use It? Exploring Predictors of Wireless Internet Adoption in the Workplace (Ran Wei, Journal of Computer Mediated-Communication 12(1), Oct 2006)
WiMAX Forum (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access)
Wireless Communications Association International (Washington, DC)
Wireless Internet Access (Data Memo by John Horrigan, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 25 Feb 2007) PDF
Wireless Internet Use (John Horrigan, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 22 Jul 2009)
Yahoo! Communications and Networking:Broadband
Yahoo! News Full Coverage:High-Speed Internet Access

YourSpeed (J. C. Kessels)
ZD Net AnchorDesk: Fast Access
ZDNet: Broadband Guide
ZDNet: Broadband Special Report -- PC Magazine PC Labs
ZDNet: Help & How-To: Broadband
ZDNet: Help & How-To: Broadband Superguide
ZDNet: Help & How-To: Cable Modem Guide
ZDNet: Help & How-To: DSL Superguide
ZDNet: Help & How-To: How Satellite Communication Works
ZDNet: Help & How-To: Satellite Superguide
ZDNN Special Report: World Wide Whoosh!
ZDTV | SG Broadband (SuperGuide)

See also The Grid, Internet2, and NGI and Home Connectivity and Electronics

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