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The Necessary Universe

DESCRIPTION: The third of three pages on Physics (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in physical cosmology (including relativity). The coordinate page, with a common header and List of Contents, contains links to resources in the physical sciences in general (including chemistry) physics in particular.

KEYWORDS: nature; cosmology; cosmos; relativity; space-time; universe

The Lord created me the beginning of his works,
before all else that he made, long ago.
Alone, I was fashioned in times long past,
at the beginning, long before earth itself.

Proverbs 8:22-3 (New English Bible)

Fair are others: none beholds Thee;
But thy voice sounds low and tender
Like the fairest, for it folds thee
From the sight, that liquid splendour;
And all feel, yet see thee never,--
As I feel now, lost for ever!

Percy Bysshe Shelley
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  1. Physical Sciences

  2. Relativity and Cosmology

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Physical Sciences (cont.)



Relativity and Cosmology

I want to emphasize there is a Hubble constant!
Allan Sandage

Cosmology is often wrong, but it is never in doubt.
Lev Davidovich Landau

Oh! let us never, never doubt
What nobody is sure about!
Hilaire Belloc

For history of cosmology, see History and Philosophy of Astronomy and Cosmology

AAARGH! - Ann Arbor Area Relativity Group Home Page
The ABC's of Distances (Edward L. Wright)
About Cosmology... (David Wands, RCG Portsmouth)
About the nature of dark matter and dark energy and a model of cosmology that may solve the cosmic coincidence problem (Isaac Cohen, 2 Apr 2003)
Absence of Singularity in Loop Quantum Cosmology (Martin Bojowald, arXiv:gr-qc/0102069v1, 14 Feb 2001)
The Accelerating Universe, Inflation, & Dark Energy
(Ta-Pei Cheng, 7 Dec 2001)
Acceleration Anomaly (John D. Anderson et al., Physical Review Letters 81:2858-61, 28 Aug 1998)
ACIGA | Australian Consortium for Interferometric Gravitational Astronomy
ACS Ultra Deep Field (HST Advanced Camera for Surveys)
ACT - The Atacama Cosmology Telescope (Angelica de Oliveira-Costa, University of Pennsylvania)
Adam Riess (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Advanced Topics in Cosmology: A Pedagogical Introduction
(T. Padmanabhan, astro-ph/0602117, 6 Feb 2006)
AEGIS - All-wavelength Extended Groth strip International Survey (University of California, Santa Cruz)
AEI Relativity Links (Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam)
After Years of Effort, Dark Energy Still Puzzles Scientists (Dennis Overbye, New York Times, 3 Jun 2008)
Alignment of quasar polarizations with large-scale structures (Damien Hutsemekers et al., arXiv:1409.6098 [astro-ph.GA], 22 Sep 2014)
-- Spooky Alignment of Quasars Across Billions of Light-years (ESO Science Release eso1438, 19 Nov 2014)
ALMA observations of SPT-discovered, strongly lensed, dusty, star forming galaxies (Yashar D. Hezaveh et al., ESO release, 3 Mar 2013) PDF
ALMA redshifts of millimeter-selected galaxies from the SPT Survey: The redshift distribution of dusty star-forming galaxies (Axel Weiss et al., ESO release, 4 Mar 2013) PDF
ALMA Rewrites History of Universe's Stellar Baby Boom (ESO Science Release eso1313, 13 Mar 2013)
An ALMA Survey of Submillimeter Galaxies in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South: Source Catalog and Multiplicity (Jaqueline A. Hodge et al., ESO Science Paper, 3 Apr 2013) PDF
-- Pinpointing the most fertile galaxies in the universe (MPIA Science Release 2013-04, 17 Apr 2013)
-- ALMA Pinpoints Early Galaxies at Record Speed (ESO Science Release eso1318, 17 Apr 2013)
Al's Cosmic Comic Home Page (Al Schroeder)
An Alternative to Compactification (Lisa Randall & Raman Sundrum, hep-th/9906064, 8 Jun 1999)
An alternative to dark matter: do braneworld effects hold the key?
(Supratik Pal, astro-ph/0512494, 20 Dec 2005)
Amina Helmi's Homepage (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Groningen)
AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) Detector
AMS - LNS Home Page (Laboratory for Nuclear Science)
Analog models of General Relativity (Workshop, Rio de Janeiro, 16-20 Oct 2000)
-- USA Mirror (St. Louis)
Analysis of the apparent lack of power in the cosmic microwave background anisotropy at large angular scales (Amir Hajian, astro-ph/0702723, 27 Feb 2007)
Analytic Gravitational-Force Calculations for Models of the Kuiper Belt, with Application to the Pioneer Anomaly (Michael Martin Nieto, astro-ph/0506281, 13 Jun 2005, revised)

Ancient gas [ULAS J1120+0641] sheds light on universe's first billion years (Ken Croswell, Physics World, 5 Dec 2012)
An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time (Andrew Fraknoi et al., The Universe in the Classroom No. 56, Fall 2001)
-- American Astronomical Society PDF
-- Astronomical Society of the Pacific PDF
Andrei Linde (Stanford University)
Angelica de Oliveira-Costa (University of Pennsylvania)
Angelica's Library: Saskatoon Home Page (Angelica de Oliveira-Costa)
The angular size of the Cepheid L Car: a comparison of the interferometric and surface brightness techniques (Pierre Kervella et al., Astrophys J. L113-16, 2004; astro-ph/0402244, 11 Feb 2004)
Another look at the Pioneer anomaly (Erhard Scholz, astro-ph/0701132, 5 Jan 2007, revised)
Anthropic Coincidences (Al Schroeder)
Anthropic Coincidences (Stephen M. Barr, First Things 114:17-23, Jun-Jul 2001)
The Anthropic Principle (Daniel J. Berger)
The Anthropic Principle (Michael A. Corey)
Anthropic-principle.com (Nick Bostrom)
Anti-De Sitter Space and Holography (Edward Witten, hep-th/9802150, 20 Feb 2005, revised)
Antimatter from Microscopic Black Holes (R. G. Daghigh & J. I. Kapusta, astro-ph/0604439, 20 Apr 2006)
Antimatter in the Milky Way (Cosimo Bambi & A. D. Dolgov, astro-ph/0702350, 13 Feb 2007)
Antimatter: Mirror of the Universe (CERN)
Antony Lewis' Home Page (UK)
Apeiron: Studies in Infinite Nature
ApPEC (Astroparticle Physics European Coordination)
Approaches to Understanding Cosmic Acceleration (Alessandra Silvestri & Mark Trodden, Reports on Progress in Physics 72(9):096901, Sep 2009; arXiv:0904.0024 [astro-ph.CO], 1 Apr 2009, revised)
APSIS - an Artificial Planetary System in Space to probe extra-dimensional gravity and MOND (Varun Sahni & Yuri Shtanov, gr-qc/0606063, 14 Jun 2006, revised)
Araucaria Project (Chile/US/EU)
The Araucaria Project. The Distance to the Sculptor Galaxy NGC 247 from Near-Infrared Photometry of Cepheid Variables (W. Gieren et al., arXiv:0905.2699v1 [astro-ph.CO], 16 May 2009)
-- The Dusty Disc of NGC 247 (eso1107 Photo Release, 2 Mar 2011)
Are Parallel Universes Unscientific Nonsense? Insider Tips for Criticizing the Multiverse (Max Tegmark, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 4 February 2014)
Are Physical Constants Really Constant? (John D. Barrow & John K. Webb, Scientific American, 15 Jan 2012)
Are we far from testing general relativity with the transiting extrasolar planet HD 209458b `Osiris'? (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0505107, 20 May 2005, revised)
Are you confident about that? (Philip Ball, Nature, 7 Dec 2005)
Arif Babul (UVic Astronomy, University of Victoria, BC)
ARISE - Advance Radio Interferometry between Space and Earth (JPL)
The Arrow of Time (David Layzer, Scientific American 233:6:56-69, Dec 1975) PDF
Asking the big questions in London (James Dacey, Physics World Blog, 22 Jul 2009)
ASPERA (AStroParticle ERAnet, EU)
ASTRO 1109: The Birth of the Universe (Pat Viele, Cornell University Library Guides)
AstroGravS: Astrophysical Gravitational-Wave Sources Archive
(NASA Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics)
Astronomers Spot Rare Arc From Hefty Galaxy Cluster [IDCS J1426.5+3508] (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2012-187, 26 Jun 2012)
Astronomy and Cosmology (D. Mazeika)
Astronomy and Cosmology (Hopkins Philosophy Pages)
Astronomy and Cosmology (Paul Readly)
Astronomy and Cosmology (PPARC Science, UK)

Astronomy and Cosmology: The Description, Origin, and Development of the Universe (Nicholas M. Short, Sr., et al., NASA Remote Sensing Tutorial, Section 20)
Astronomy News & Links / Cosmology (Susanne Weimer)
Astronomy Tutorial: The Big Bang
Astronomy 250: Introduction to Cosmology (Martin White, UIUC)
Astroparticle Physics (UCLA)
Astroparticle Physics at Chicago (University of Chicago)
Astrophysical Production of Microscopic Black Holes in a Low Planck-scale World (Aurelien Barrau et al., astro-ph/0505436, 20 May 2005)
Astrophysics and Cosmology at OSU (Ohio State University)
The AstroPhysics List (Frank E. Reed)
Astrophysics of Wormholes (N. S. Kardashev et al., astro-ph/0610441, 15 Oct 2006, revised)
Astrophysics Science Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
(Greenbelt, Maryland)
(A)symmetric Tachyon Rolling in de Sitter Spacetime: An universe devoid of Planck density (Harvendra Singh, 15 Aug 2005)
The Asymptotic Safety Scenario in Quantum Gravity (Max Niedermaier & Martin Reuter, Living Reviews in Relativity 9:5, 2006)
The Atacama Cosmology Telescope (Arthur Kosowsky, astro-ph/0402234, 10 Feb 2004)
An Atlas of The Universe (Richard Powell, New Milton, UK)
Australasian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation
Australian International Gravitational Research Centre (Gravity Wave Group, University of Western Australia)
A Babe In the Universe: Adventures in Space/Time and Everything (blog by Louise Riofrio)
Background Information on Lorentz/CPT Violation (Alan Kostelecky)
Background Radiation (Level 5 Extragalactic Articles)
Baryogenesis through split Higgsogenesis (Sacha Davidson et al., arXiv:1307.6218 [hep-ph], 23 Jul 2013)
Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations in 21cm Emission: A Probe of Dark Energy out to High Redshifts (Stuart Wyithe et al., arXiv:0709.2955v1 [astro-ph], 19 Sep 2007)
The Basic Rules of the Universe (Pascale Ehrenfreund, The Great Alien Debate IV, Astrobiology Magazine, 18 Dec 2006)
BBC Online: Horizon, From Here to Infinity (BBC, 28 Jan 1999)
Before the Beginning (Helen Matsos, Interview with Sir Martin Rees, Part 2, Astrobiology Magazine, 5 Jan 2005)
Ben Wandelt's Group (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Berkeley Cosmology Group (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Betting Against Gravitational Waves: Q&A with Cosmologist Neil Turok (Clara Moskowitz, Scientific American, 23 Sep 2014)
Beyond: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science (Paul Davies, dir., et al., Arizona State University)
Beyond Einstein: From the Big Bang to Black Holes
(LHEA, NASA Goddard SFC)
The BHCOSMO: Simulating black hole and galaxy formation along cosmic time (Tiziana Di Matteo, Carnegie Mellon University)
BICEP: Robinson Gravitational Wave Background Telescope (Caltech Observational Cosmology Group)
-- BICEP2 Public Web Pages and News Releases
-- BICEP2 2014 Results Release (17 Mar 2014)
-- Gravitational waves: have US scientists heard echoes of the big bang? (Stuart Clark, The Guardian, 14 Mar 2014)
-- Primordial Gravitational Waves? (Philip Gibbs, viXra log, 15 Mar 2017)
-- Key Signature of the Big Bang's Origin Discovered (Alan MacRobert, News from Sky & Telescope, 16 Mar 2014, updated)
-- First Direct Evidence of Big Bang Inflation (Camille Carlisle, News from Sky & Telescope, 17 Mar 2014)
-- First Direct Evidence of Cosmic Inflation (CfA Release No. 2014-5, 17 Mar 2014)
-- First Direct Evidence of Inflation and Primordial Gravitational Waves (Cynthia Eller, Caltech News, 17 Mar 2014)
-- When gravity rocked the universe (Discover, University of Minnesota, 17 Mar 2014)
-- New evidence supports Stanford physicist's theory of how universe began (Stanford Report, 17 Mar 2014)
-- Cosmologists Report Evidence for Cosmic Inflation (Susan Brown, UC San Diego, 17 Mar 2014)
-- NASA Technology Views Birth of the Universe (Whitney Clavin, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2014-082, 17 Mar 2017)
-- Gravitational Waves from Big Bang Detected (Clara Moskowitz, Scientific American, 17 Mar 2014)
-- Space Ripples Reveal Big Bang's Smoking Gun (Dennis Overbye, New York Times, 17 Mar 2014)
-- "first direct evidence of cosmic inflation" BICEP2 results (Philip Gibbs, viXra log, 17 Mar 2014)
-- Telescope captures view of gravitational waves (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 17 Mar 2014)
-- How astronomers saw gravitational waves from the Big Bang (Ron Cowen, Interview with John Kovac, Nature News & Comment, 17 Mar 2017)
-- BICEP2 finds first direct evidence of cosmic inflation (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 17 Mar 2017)
-- Good Morning, Inflation! Hello, Multiverse! (Max Tegmark, The Blog, Huffington Post, 17 Mar 2014)
-- BICEP2 Makes Waves in Cosmology: Now What? (Max Tegmark, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 18 Mar 2014)
-- Neil Turok urges caution on BICEP2 results (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 18 Mar 2014)
-- Physics Week in Review (BICEP2 Edition): March 22, 2014 (Jennifer Ouellette, Cocktail Party Physics, Scientific American Blog Network, 22 Mar 2014)
-- Multiverse Controversy Heats Up over Gravitational Waves (Clara Moskowitz, Scientific American, 31 Mar 2014)
-- BICEP2's findings trigger new kind of 'inflation' (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World Blog, 30 Apr 2014)
-- Gravitational wave discovery faces scrutiny (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 16 May 2014)
-- Backlash to Big Bang Discovery Gathers Steam (Michael D. Lemonick, Scientific American, 21 May 2014)
-- 'No evidence for or against gravitational waves' (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 29 May 2014)
-- Big Bang Inflation Evidence Inconclusive (Camille M. Carlisle, Sky & Telescope, 2 Jun 2014)
-- Big Bang finding challenged (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 3 Jun 2014)
-- Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble (Paul Steinhardt, Nature News & Comment, 3 Jun 2014)
-- Theorists Weigh in on BICEP2 (Focus, Physics 7, 65, 19 Jun 2014)
-- Gravitational-wave team admits findings could amount to dust (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 20 Jun 2014)
-- Gravitational waves discovery now officially dead (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 30 Jan 2015)
-- BICEP2 and Planck joint study: Gravitational waves remain elusive (US National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release 15-008, 30 Jan 2015)
-- Cosmic inflation's 'smoking gun' goes up in smoke (Maggie McKee, New Scientist, 4 Feb 2015)
-- Trail of dust and gravitational waves tracked in arXiv papers (Richard Van Noorden, Nature News & Comment, 4 Feb 2015)
The Big Bang (Emad Iskander)
The Big Bang (Mike Guidry)
The Big Bang: Cosmological Kaleidoscope (Marke Kudka)
The Big Bang (The Open University)
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis: The Strong Force meets the Weak Anthropic Principle (J. MacDonald & D. J. Mullan, arXiv:0904.1807v1 [astro-ph.CO], 11 Apr 2009)
-- Universe May Not Be "Fine-Tuned" for Life (Physics arXiv Blog, 15 Apr 2009)
Big Bang or Big Bounce?: New Theory on the Universe's Birth (Martin Bojowald, 'Follow the Bouncing Universe,' Scientific American 299:4:44, Oct 2008)
Big Bang ruled out as origin of lithium-6 (Hamish Johnstone, Physics World, 2 Sep 2014)
Big Bang Science (PPARC Science, UK)
Big Bang Science (RAL)
Big Bang Secrets Swirling in a Fluid Universe (Natalie Wachover, Quanta Magazine, 12 Feb 2014; repr. Scientific American, 21 Feb 2014)

Big Bang Theory (Ann Gile et al.)
The Big History of the Universe, Stars, Planet Earth (Craig Benjamin, Big History Lecture 2, World Affairs Council of West Michigan, 2 Nov 2010; uploaded to YouTube, 3 Nov 2010)
The birth of a galaxy -- III. Propelling reionization with the faintest galaxies (John H. Wise et al., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 11 Aug 2014)
-- Dwarf Galaxies Packed a Mighty Punch (Shannon Hallo, Sky & Telescope, 23 Jul 2014)
The black hole final state (Gary T. Horowitz & Juan Maldacena, Journal of High Energy Physics, JHEP02(2004)008, 2004; hep-th/0310281, 30 Oct 2003, revised)
Black hole fireworks: quantum-gravity effects outside the horizon spark black to white hole tunneling (Hal M. Haggard & Carlo Rovelli, arXiv:1407.0989 [gr-qc], 3 Jul 2014, revised)
-- Quantum bounce could make black holes explode (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 17 Jul 2014
Black Holes (Superstringtheory.com)
Black Holes and Mysteries of the Cosmos (René Nusse)
Black holes at accelerators (Steven B. Giddings, hep-th/0205027, 2 May 2002, revised)
Black Holes at the LHC (Savas Dimopoulos & Greg Landsberg, Physical Review Letters 87:161602, 2001; hep-ph/0106295, 27 Jun 2001)
Black Holes FAQ (Tedd Bunn, Berkeley Cosmology Group)
Black Holes from Cosmic Rays: Probes of Extra Dimensions and New Limits on TeV-Scale Gravity (Luis A. Anchordoqui et al., Physical Review D 65:124027, 2002; hep-ph/0112247, 19 Dec 2001, revised)
Black holes: from stars to galaxies (I. Felix Mirabel, astro-ph/0612188, 7 Dec 2006)
Black Holes: Gravity's Relentless Pull (Roeland van der Marel et al., Space Telescope Science Institute)
Black Holes, Time Warps, and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
(Dan Watson, Astronomy 102, University of Rochester)
Black Holes, Wormholes, and Gravitational Collapse (Seungjoon Hyun et al., arXiv:0705.2301v1 [gr-qc], 16 May 2007)
BLAST, Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimetre Telescope
(INAOE, Mexico)
BLAST, Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope
(Mark Devlin et al.)
BLAST - A telescope in a balloon gondola
(Canadian Space Agency)
A Bold Critic of the Big Bang's "Smoking Gun" (Interview with David Spergel by Peter Byrne, Quanta Magazine, 3 Jul 2014, repr. Scientific American, 24 Jul 2014)
Bolshoi: Cosmological Simulations (University of California High-Performance AstroComputing Center)
BOOMERanG (Balloon Observations of Millimetric Extragalactic Radiation and Geophysics) Experiment Home Page (Rome)
BOOMERanG Home Page (UCSB)
BOSS: Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (Berkeley Cosmology Group)
-- Dark Energy's Elusive Signature (Larry Klaes, Centauri Dreams, 6 Oct 2009)
-- Survey gets a grip on dark energy (Jonathan Amos, BBC News, 30 Mar 2012)
-- Dark Energy BOSSes Around the Universe (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 12 Apr 2012)
BOSS: Dark Energy and the Geometry of Space (SDSS-III)
-- Quasars Track Expanding Universe (Shannon Hall, Sky & Telescope News, 8 Apr 2014)
BOSS: A Ruler to Measure Them All (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope, 8 Jan 2015)
Bound on the Dark Matter Density in the Solar System from Planetary Motions (J.-M. Frere et al., astro-ph/0701542, 18 Jan 2007)
Brane Inflation : String Theory viewed from the Cosmos (S.-H. Henry Tye, arXiv:hep-th/0610221, 19 Oct 2006, revised)
Braneworlds (Ruth Durrer, hep-th/0507006, 1 Jul 2005)
Brave New Universe: Illuminating the Darkest Secrets of the Cosmos
(Paul Halpern & Paul Wesson, US National Academy Press, 2006)
Brian's Views on Time Travel and Interdimensional Voyages (Brian Bosak)
A Brief History of Relativity
(Stephen Hawking, Time Magazine, 3 Jan 2000)
A Briefer History of Time (Eric Schulman)
A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes
(Stephen Hawking, 1 Apr 1988, updated 1996)
Caltech Observational Cosmology Group
Caltech TAPIR (Theoretical Astrophysics and Relativity) Group
Cambridge Cosmology
Cambridge Relativity Group

Canada-France Redshift Survey (Simon Lilly et al.)
Canadian Computational Cosmology Consortium
(University of Victoria)
The Canadian Network for Observational Cosmology
(Ray Carlberg et al.)
A candidate redshift z ~ 10 galaxy and rapid changes in that population at an age of 500 Myr (R. J. Bouwens et al., arXiv:0912.4263v5 [astro-ph.CO], 22 Dec 2009; revised, 23 Jan 2011)
A candidate redshift z < 10 galaxy [UDFj-39546284] and rapid changes in that population at an age of 500 Myr (Richard J. Bowens et al., Nature, 27 Jan 2011) PDF
-- NASA's Hubble Finds Most Distant Galaxy Candidate Ever Seen in Universe (NASA press release, 26 Jan 2011)
-- Astronomers find most distant galaxy candidate yet seen (Astronomy News, 26 Jan 2011)
-- Olden Gaze: Galaxy in Hubble Image May Be the Most Distant Object Ever Seen (John Matson, Scientific American, 26 Jan 2011)
-- A Galaxy when Galaxies Were Young (Jessica Kloss, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 27 Jan 2011)
Can Minor Planets be Used to Assess Gravity in the Outer Solar System? (Gary L. Page et al., astro-ph/0504367, 17 Apr 2005, revised)
Can MOND take a bullet? Analytical comparisons of three versions of MOND beyond spherical symmetry (Garry W. Angus et al., astro-ph/0606216, 9 Jun 2006)
Can the Pioneer anomaly be induced by velocity-dependent forces? Tests in the outer regions of solar system with planetary dynamics (Lorenzo Iorio, arXiv:0806.3011v2 [gr-qc], 18 Jun 2008, revised)
Can the Pioneer anomaly be of gravitational origin? (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0610050, 10 Oct 2006)
Can we escape from the big rip in the achronal cosmic future?
(Artyom Yurov, astro-ph/0503433, 20 Mar 2005)
CAPMAP (Center for Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago)
Cardiff Relativity Group Home Page
The Case for Parallel Universes (Alexander Vilenkin & Max Tegmark, Scientific American Blog, 19 Jul 2011)
CAST Cern Axion Solar Telescope
CAT HomePage (Cosmic Anisotropy Telescope, MRAO)
CCRG: Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)
CDMS Collaboration (Cryogenic Dark Matter Search)
CDMS (Cryogenic Dark Matter Search) at Stanford (Cabrera Group)
Celestial Roots (JPL Stars and Galaxies)
Censorship of Chronological Violations (Hunter Monroe, gr-qc/0607134, 31 Jul 2006)
Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics (New York University)
Center for Cosmology at UCI (University of California, Irvine)
Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy
(University of Texas at Brownsville)
Center for Gravitational Wave Physics (Institute for Gravitational Physics and Geometry, Penn State University)
Center for Theoretical Astrophysics at UIUC
Centre for Theoretical Cosmology (University of Cambridge)
A Century of Cosmology (Edward L. Wright, astro-ph/0603750, 28 Mar 2006)
CERCA | Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio)
CfA Redshift Catalogue (John P. Huchra)
CFHLS - The Canada France Hawaii Legacy Survey
CFHTLS-SL2S (Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey)
Chandra Cluster Cosmology Project III: Cosmological Parameter Constraints (A. Vikhlinin et al., Astrophysical Journal, Feb 2009; preprint, 13 Nov 2008) PDF
-- Dark Energy Found Stifling Growth in Universe (NASA Press Release, 16 Dec 2008)
-- Dark Energy: Yes, It's Real -- and Overwhelming (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 18 Dec 2008)
The Chandra Deep Protocluster Survey: Ly-alpha Blobs are powered by heating, not cooling (James E. Geach et al.,arXiv:0904.0452 [astro-ph.CO], 3 Apr 2009, revised)
Chaplygin gas may prevent big trip (Jose A. Jimenez Madrid, astro-ph/0512117, 5 Dec 2005, revised)
Chaplygin traversable wormholes (Francisco S. N. Lobo, gr-qc/0511003, 1 Nov 2005, revised)
The Characterization of the Gamma-Ray Signal from the Central Milky Way: A Compelling Case for Annihilating Dark Matter (Tansu Daylan et al., arXiv:1402.6703 [astro-ph.HE], 26 Feb 2014)
-- Dark Matter Spotted in the Milky Way? (Shannon Hall, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 25 Mar 2014)
The Characterization of the Gamma-Ray Signal from the Central Milky Way: A Compelling Case for Annihilating Dark Matter (Tansu Daylan et al., arXiv:1402.6703 [astro-ph.HE], 26 Feb 2014)
CHIME - The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (UBC Physics & Astronomy)
Church Group Home Page: Observational Cosmology at Millimeter Wavelengths (Sarah Church et al., Stanford University)
CIAR Program in Cosmology and Gravity
(Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)
'c' is the speed of light, isn't it? (George F. R. Ellis & Jean-Philippe Uzan, astro-ph/0305099, 27 May 2003, revised)
Claustrophobic Physics: An Introduction to the Theory of Relativity and Poincaré Symmetry (R. Paul Bickerstaff, University of Idaho)
Closing in on dark matter (Dan Hooper, interviewed by James Dacey, Physics World, 16 Jun 2011)
Closing in on the Hydrogen Reionization Edge at z<7.2 with Deep HST/STIS CCD Parallels (Rogier A. Windhorst et al., Arizona State University)
CLUES - Constrained Local UniversE Simulations (Mario Abadi et al.)
The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in the Data Release 10 and 11 galaxy samples (Lauren Anderson et al., arXiv:1312.4877 [astro-ph.CO], 17 Dec 2013)
-- New Cosmic Distance Measurement Points the Way to Elusive Dark Energy: Scientific American (Clara Moskowitz, Scientific American, 8 Jan 2014)
Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble (CLASH): An Overview (Marc Postman et al., arXiv:1106.3328v1 [astro-ph.CO], 16 Jun 2011)
-- Ambitious Hubble Survey Obtaining New Dark Matter Census (NASA, 13 Oct 2011)

CMB Anisotropy on the Web (Tarun Souradeep)
CMB Astrophysics Research Program | Smoot Group
(George Smoot et al., Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Lab)
CMB Experiments @ Princeton (Princeton Experimental CMB Group)
CMBNet (Cosmic Microwave Background Network in Europe)
CMB Polarization: What and Why (Wayne Hu)
CMB Resources Page (Anthony J. Banday)
CMB Server - Cosmic Microwave Background Theory at Berkeley
(Joe Silk et al., CfPA)
COBE Home Page
COBRAS/SAMBA - CBR Anisotropy Satellite (Smoot Group)
Coincidence of Universe age in $\Lambda$CDM and Milne cosmologies (M. Kutschera & Michal Dyrda, astro-ph/0605175, 8 May 2006)
The Cold Spot in the Cosmic Microwave Background: the Shadow of a Supervoid (Istvan Szapudi et al., arXiv:1406.3622 [astro-ph.CO], 15 Jun 2014)
-- Shadow of a Supervoid (Maria Temming, Sky & Telescope, 24 Jun 2014)
Color Technique for Finding High Redshift Galaxies (Chuck Steidel)
Combined analysis of the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect and cosmological implications (Tommaso Giannantonio et al., arXiv:0801.4380 [astro-ph], 29 Jan 2008, revised)
A comment on the new non-conventional gravitational mechanism proposed by Jaekel and Reynaud to accommodate the Pioneer anomaly (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0611081, 14 Nov 2006, revised)
CompletePlanet - Directory Cosmology
Computational capacity of the universe (Seth Lloyd, Physical Review Letters 88:23, art. 237901Z, 10 Jun 2002; quant-ph/0110141, 24 Oct 2001)
Computational Cosmology and the NSF Technology Grid
(Dave Snyder, Feb 1998)
Computational Field Theory at Columbia
Computational Creationism (Brian Hayes, Computing Science, American Scientist 87:5, Sep-Oct 1999)
Computing the Cosmos (Alexander Hellemans & Madhusree Mukerjee, IEEE Spectrum, Aug 2004)
Concentric circles in WMAP data may provide evidence of violent pre-Big-Bang activity (V. G. Gurzadyan & R. Penrose, arXiv:1011.3706v1 [astro-ph.CO], 16 Nov 2010)
-- Penrose claims to have glimpsed universe before Big Bang (Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World, 19 Nov 2010)
-- More on the low variance circles in CMB sky (V. G. Gurzadyan & R. Penrose, arXiv:1012.1486v1 [astro-ph.CO], 7 Dec 2010)
-- Penrose strikes back in war of the cosmos (James Dacey, Physics World Blog, 8 Dec 2010)
-- No Evidence of Time before Big Bang (Edwin Cartlidge, Scientific American, 10 Dec 2010)
Concept Paper: Time and Universe (Richard T. W. Arthur)
Confirmation of general relativity on large scales from weak lensing and galaxy velocities (Reinabelle Reyes et al., arXiv:1003.2185v1 [astro-ph.CO], 10 Mar 2010)
-- Einstein passes cosmic test (Zeeya Merali, Nature News, 10 Mar 2010)
-- Study validates general relativity on cosmic scale, existence of dark matter (Robert Sanders, UC Berkeley Press Release, 10 Mar 2010)
--Galaxy study backs general relativity (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 10 Mar 2010)
Conformally symmetric traversable wormholes (Christian G. Boehmer et al., arXiv:0708.1537v1 [gr-qc], 11 Aug 2007)
Connecting Quarks with the Cosmos: Eleven Science Questions for the New Century (NAS Board on Physics and Astronomy, 9 Jan 2001)
Constraining the Topology of the Universe
(Neil J. Cornish et al., 8 Oct 2003)
Constraints and Signatures in Particle Cosmology
(Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 26 Jun 2007)
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-- New-found Galaxies May Be Farthest Back In Time And Space Yet [13.2 by] (Ron Cowen, Science News, 3 Jan 2010)
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-- The Measurement That Would Reveal The Universe As A Computer Simulation (Physics arXiv Blog, Technology Review, 10 Oct 2012)
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Cosmic accidents: 10 lucky breaks for humanity (Stephen Battersby et al., New Scientist 2779, 29 Sep 2010)
The Cosmic Background Imager (Caltech)
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The Cosmic Coincidence as a Temporal Selection Effect Produced by the Age Distribution of Terrestrial Planets in the Universe (Charles H. Lineweaver & Chas A. Egan, astro-ph/0703429, 16 Mar 2007)
The Cosmic Distance Scale (Maggie Masetti, HEASARC)
The Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) -- Overview (Nick Scoville et al., astro-ph/0612305, 12 Dec 2006)
The Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS): Subaru Observations of the HST COSMOS Field (Y. Taniguchi et al., astro-ph/0612295, 12 Dec 2006)
Cosmic Growth History and Expansion History (Eric V. Linder, astro-ph/0507263, 11 Jul 2005, revised)
A cosmic hall of mirrors (Jean-Pierre Luminet, physics/0509171, 21 Sep 2005)

Cosmic Inflation and Big Bang Ripples: In-Depth Report (Scientific American, 18 Mar 2014)
The Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment (James Bock et al., astro-ph/0510587, 19 Oct 2005)
The Cosmic Microwave Background (Douglas Scott, UBC)
A Cosmic Microwave Background Feature Consistent with a Cosmic Texture (M. Cruz et al., Science, 25 Oct 2007; abstract)
-- Crystallizing the Early Cosmos (Phil Berardelli, ScienceNOW Daily News, 25 Oct 2007)
-- Did the early universe have "texture"? (Bob Swarup, Physics World, 30 Oct 2007)
Cosmic Mystery Tour (Cosmos in a Computer)
Cosmic Natural Selection (Leonard Susskind, hep-th/0407266, 29 Jul 2004)
Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (James C. Green et al., University of Colorado, Boulder)
Cosmic Questions (AAAS)
Cosmic Rebirth (Ron Cowen, Science News 178:13:10, 18 Dec 2010)
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Cosmic Superstrings Revisited (Joseph Polchinski, arXiv:hep-th/0410082, 8 Oct 2004, revised)
Cosmic Variance: random samplings from a universe of ideas
(Sean Carroll et al.)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, Feb 2007)
Cosmic Vision: Space Science for Europe 2015-2025 (Giovanni Bignami et al., BR-247, European Space Agency, Oct 2005) PDF
Cosmic Vision 2015-2025: Fundamental Laws
(ESA Science & Technology, 7 Feb 2006)
Cosmic Vision 2015 - 2025: The Universe (ESA Science & Technology, 14 Feb 2006)
CosmicVoyage.org Virtual Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
The Cosmic Web (Robert A. Simcoe, American Scientist 92(1):30-37, Jan-Feb 2004)
CosmoCoffee Forum (ArXiv)
Cosmographic Values Index (James Q. Jacobs)
Cosmography of the Local Universe (Helene M. Courtois et al., arXiv:1306.0091 [astro-ph.CO], 1 Jun 2013)
-- Cosmography of the Local Universe (Helene M. Courtois et al., IRFU, Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe)
-- A Detailed Video Map of the Nearby Universe (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 12 Jun 2013)
-- Cosmic Cartography: Here Is Your (Local) Universe (Caleb A. Scharf, Life, Unbounded, Scientific American Blog Network, 17 Jun 2013)
The Cosmological Constant (Joanne Cohn)
Cosmological Constraints from Strong Gravitational Lensing in Cluster of Galaxies (Eric Jullo et al., Science, 20 Aug 2010; HST release) PDF
-- A New Twist on Dark Energy (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 20 Aug 2010)
Cosmological Evolution of Hessence Dark Energy and Avoidance of the Big Rip (Hao Wei & Rong-Gen Cai, astro-ph/0509328, 13 Sep 2005, revised)
Cosmological Fads and Fallacies (Edward L. Wright)
The cosmological Lithium problem outside the Galaxy: the Sagitarrius globular cluster M54 (A. Mucciarelli et al., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society; ESO preprint, 28 Jul 2014) PDF
-- This Star Cluster Is Not What It Seems (ESO Photo Release eso1428, 10 Sep 2014
Cosmological parameters from a million photometric redshifts of SDSS LRGs (Chris Blake et al., astro-ph/0605303, 12 May 2006)
The Cosmological Parameters 2005 (Ofer Lahav & Andrew R. Liddle, astro-ph/0601168, 9 Jan 2006)
Cosmological Probes of Dark Energy (2001 Workshop on Dark Energy, Center for Cosmological Physics, University of Chicago, 13-16 Dec 2001)
Cosmology (Jack Troeger)
Cosmology (Nick Strobel, Astronomy Notes)
-- Contents
Cosmology (Syracuse SETI Module)
Cosmology and Astrophysics (Umeet Singh)
Cosmology and Cosmythology (Victor J. Stenger)

Cosmology and Extragalactic Astronomy (Copenhagen)
Cosmology and Galaxy Formation Group (Massimo Ricotti et al., University of Maryland)
Cosmology and Life (Mario Livio, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 4 Sep 2006)
Cosmology and Theology (John Leslie)
Cosmology at the Beginning of a New Millennium (Ronald Ebert, Skeptic Magazine 8:3, Jul-Sep 2000; addendum, 26 Aug 2002)
Cosmology@Home (Benjamin D. Wandelt et al., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois)
-- Home computers to help researchers better understand universe (James E. Kloeppel, UIUC News Bureau, 24 Oct 2007)
Cosmology at Low Frequencies: The 21 cm Transition and the High-Redshift Universe (Steven Furlanetto et al., astro-ph/0608032, 1 Aug 2006, revised)
Cosmology at UBC (University of British Columbia)
Cosmology Calculators (NED)
Cosmology FAQ (sci.astro)
Cosmology from quantum potential (Ahmed Farag Ali & Saurya Das, arXiv:1404.3093 [gr-qc], 11 Apr 2014, revised)
Cosmology Groups Around the World (NMSU Numerical Cosmology Group)
Cosmology Group, University of Kansas
Cosmology Group, University of Kentucky
Cosmology in the News (J. Cohn)
Cosmology in the Solar System: Pioneer effect is not cosmological
(Marc Lachieze-Ray, gr-qc/0701021, 2 Jan 2007)
Cosmology in South Africa (George F. R. Ellis)
Cosmology: Latest News Stories (NewsTrove.com)
Cosmology Links (Andrew Hamilton)
Cosmology Links (Net Advance)
Cosmology of the Local Group (George Lake)
Cosmology on the Web (Andreas Albrecht, UC Davis Cosmology Group)

Cosmology Pages (Douglas Scott)
Cosmology: A Research Briefing (Marc Davis et al., NAS, 1995)
Cosmology Resources on the Web (Jonathan Moore)
The Cosmology Survey Multi-Cycle Treasury Program (Sandra Faber & Harry Ferguson et al.)
-- New Hubble treasury project to survey first third of cosmic time (Tim Stephens, UC Santa Cruz Press Release, 15 Mar 2010)
-- New Hubble treasury project to survey first third of cosmic time, study dark energy (Robert Sanders & Tim Stephens, UC Berkeley Press Release, 15 Mar 2010)
Cosmology with Supernovae: The High-Z Supernova Search High-Z SN Search
Cosmology with torsion - an alternative to cosmic inflation (Nikodem J. Poplawski, arXiv:1007.0587v1 [astro-ph.CO], 4 Jul 2010)
CosmoNet: Accelerated cosmological parameter estimation using Neural Networks (Michael Bridges, Cavendish Astrophysics, University of Cambridge)
COSMOS (Cosmological Evolution Survey)
Cosmos in a Computer (NCSA Science Expo)
Cosmos in a Computer Map
Cosmowave Data Analysis Tools for Cosmology (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii)
Could the Pioneer anomaly have a gravitational origin?
(Kjell Tangen, gr-qc/0602089, 22 Feb 2006)
Could Simple Experiments Reveal the Quantum Nature of Spacetime? (George Musser, Observations, Scientific American Blog Network, 2 Feb 2012)
Countdown to Planck (Jester, Resonaances, 5 Jul 2007)
Crash Course in the Higgs (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 8 Oct 2013)
Creatable Universes (Joan Josep Ferrando et al., arXiv:0705.1049 [gr-qc], 8 May 2007, revised)
CRESST Home Page (Cryogenic Rare Event Search with Superconducting Thermometers, Gran Sasso)
A Crisis in Fundamental Physics (Lee Smolin, NYAS Update Unbound, Jan-Feb 2006)
Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) - CfPA (Berkeley)
Crypto-baryonic Dark Matter (Colin David Froggatt & H. B. Nielsen, astro-ph/0508513, 24 Aug 2005)
C-ship: Relativistic ray traced images (John Walker)
Current B-mode Projects (Sky & Telescope, 12 Jul 2013)
Current Observational Constraints on Cosmic Doomsday
(Yun Wang et al., astro-ph/0409264, 11 Sep 2004)
A Cyclic Model of the Universe (Paul J. Steinhardt & Neil Turok, Science 296(5572):1436-9 (24 May 2002)
A Cyclic Universe (Paul Steindhardt, Seed, 2 Jul 2007)
Cyclic Universe and Infinite Past (Paul H. Frampton, arXiv:0705.2730v1 [astro-ph], 18 May 2007)
DAMA (DArk MAtter) Experiment at LNGS (Gran Sasso)
The Dark Age of the Universe (Jordi Miralda-Escude, arXiv:astro-ph/0307396, 22 Jul 2003)
The Dark Ages of the Universe (Abraham Loeb, Scientific American 295:5:46-53, Nov 2006)
A Dark Core in Abell 520 (Andisheh Mahdavi et al., arXiv:0706.3048v1 [astro-ph], 21 Jun 2007)
-- Abell 520: Dark Matter Mystery Deepens in Cosmic "Train Wreck" (Chandra Photo Album, 16 Aug 2007)
-- Cosmic 'train wreck' defies dark matter theories (Stephen Battersby, New Scientist, 16 Aug 2007)
-- Galactic Collision Challenges Dark Matter Theories (Phil Berardelli, ScienceNOW Daily News, 17 Aug 2007)
Dark Cosmology Centre (University of Copenhagen)
Dark energy (Robert R. Caldwell, Physics World 17:5:37-42, May 2004)
Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe (Eric V. Linder, Resource Letter for AAPT/AJP, arXiv:0705.4102v1 [astro-ph], 28 May 2007)
Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe (Joshua Frieman et al., arXiv:0803.0982v1 [astro-ph], 7 Mar 2008)
Dark energy and the future fate of the Universe (Yungui Gong & Yuan-Zhong Zhang, gr-qc/0508053, 12 Aug 2005, revised)
Dark Energy and the Preposterous Universe (Sean M. Carroll, Sky & Telescope 109:3:32-9, Mar 2005) PDF
Dark Energy and Stabilization of Extra Dimensions (Brian R. Greene & Janna Levin, arXiv:0707.1062v1 [hep-th], 7 Jul 2007)
-- Is dark energy lurking in hidden spatial dimensions? (Stephen Battersby, New Scientist, 13 Jul 2007)
Dark Energy: The Biggest Mystery in the Universe (Richard Panek, Smithsonian, Apr 2010)
Dark energy - dark matter - and black holes: The music of the universe
(Peter L. Biermann, astro-ph/0510024, 2 Oct 2005)
Dark Energy Detected with Supervoids and Superclusters (Benjamin R. Granett et al., arXiv:0805.2974 [astro-ph], 20 May 2008, revised)
Dark energy: how the paradigm shifted (Lucy Calder & Ofer Lahav, Physics World, 2 Jun 2010)
Dark Energy in the Accelerating Universe
(Paul Preuss, SNAP Brochure)
Dark Energy: Mystery of the Millennium (T. Padmanabhan, astro-ph/0603114, 5 Mar 2006, revised)
Dark Energy Stars (George Chapline, Proceedings of the Texas Conference on Relativistic Astrophysics, Stanford, 17 Dec 2004; astro-ph/0503200, 8 Mar 2005)
The Dark Energy Survey (DES Plone, Fermilab)
Darker Side of the Universe (T. Padmanabhan, astro-ph/0510492, 17 Oct 2005)
Dark Matter (Bell Laboratories)
Dark Matter (CfPA)
Dark Matter (Robert Bradbury)
Dark Matter and Dark Energy: Summary and Future Directions
(Jonathan R. Ellis, 10 Apr 2003)
Dark Matter and Dark Energy Update (Robert Naeye, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 9 Jan 2010)
Dark Matter and the MAGIC telescope (Fabio Zandanel, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, 12 Jul 2007)
Dark Matter as a Trigger for Periodic Comet Impacts (Lisa Randall & Matthew Reece, arXiv:1403.0576 [astro-ph.GA], 3 Mar 2014)
-- Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs? (Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News & Comment, 07 Mar 2014)
-- Did dark matter help kill off the dinosaurs? (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 11 Mar 2014)
Dark Matter Candidates from Particle Physics and Methods of Detection (Jonathan L. Feng, Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics 48:495-545, Aug 2010; arXiv:1003.0904 [astro-ph.CO], 4 Mar 2010, revised)
Dark Matter Comes to Light (Richard J. Massey & Lars Lindberg Christensen, Sightings, American Scientist 95(3):257-9, May-Jun 2007)
Dark Matter, Cosmology, and Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
(Jonathan Dursi)
Dark matter could be light (Philip Ball, Nature Science Update, 17 Mar 2004)
Dark Matter Exists (Sean Carroll et al., Cosmic Variance, 21 Aug 2006)
Dark Matter from a gas of wormholes (Alex A. Kirillov & E. P. Savelova, arXiv:0707.1081v1 [astro-ph], 7 Jul 2007)

Dark Matter Links (Net Advance)
Dark Matter Not a Done Deal? (Phil Berardelli, ScienceNOW Daily News, 31 Oct 2007)
Dark Matter Symposium 2001 (STScI)
Dark matter talks (Tommaso Dorigo, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, 3 Jul 2007)
Dark Matter Telescope (LSST)
Dark Matter Tools Workgroup (Rick Gaitskell et al., UC Berkeley)
Dark Matter 2002 | Sources and Detection of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe (5th International UCLA Symposium, Marina del Rey, California, 20-22 Feb 2002)
The Dark Side of the Universe (Scientific American Frontiers, with Alan Alda, PBS, 22 Jun 2004)
Dark Worlds: A Journey to a Universe of Unseen Matter (Jonathan Feng & Mark Trodden, Scientific American 303:5:38-45, 4 Nov 2010)
Dartmouth Cosmology Group (Robert R. Caldwell & Marcelo Gleiser et al., Dartmouth College Theoretical Cosmology, Gravitation and Field Theory Group)
DASI Home Page (Degree Angular Scale Interferometer)
David Deutsch
The day the universe froze (David F. Salisbury, Exploration, Vanderbilt's Online Research Magazine, 8 May 2009)
The DEEP (Deep Extragalactic Evolutionary Probe) Project
(Sandra M. Faber et al.)
The DEEP2 Redshift Survey (Marc Davis et al.)
Deepest Infrared View of the Universe (Marijn Franx & Ivo Labbé, ESO Press Release 23/02, 11 Dec 2002)
Deep exploits -- the search for dark matter (Matin Durrani, Physics World Blog, 7 Jun 2010)
-- Multimedia Channel
Deep Extragalactic Surveys around the Ecliptic Poles with AKARI (ASTRO-F) (Hideo Matsuhara et al., astro-ph/0605589, 23 May 2006)
Deep Lens Survey (Bell Labs)
Delving into extra dimensions (Henrik Melbeus & Tommy Ohlsson, Physics World, 6 Sep 2012)
DEMON: a Proposal for a Satellite-Borne Experiment to study Dark Matter and Dark Energy (The Alpbach-Graz collaboration, astro-ph/0606010, 31 May 2006)
A Designer Universe? (Steven Weinberg, Conference on Cosmic Design of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC, Apr 1999)
Destiny: A Candidate Architecture Study For the NASA/DOE Joint Dark Energy Mission (Jon Morse et al., Arizona State University)
Detection of B-mode Polarization in the Cosmic Microwave Background with Data from the South Pole Telescope (Duncan Hanson et al., arXiv:1307.5830 [astro-ph.CO], 22 Jul 2013)
-- Polarization detected in Big Bang's echo (Eugenie Samuel Reich, Nature News & Comment, 24 Jul 2013)
-- B-mode polarization spotted in cosmic microwave background (Jon Cartwright, Physics World, 25 Jul 2013)
-- Seeking the Cosmic Dawn (Shari Balouchi, Sky & Telescope, 31 Jul 2013)
Detection of a Dipole in the Handedness of Spiral Galaxies with Redshifts z ~ 0.04 (Michael J. Longo, arXiv:1104.2815v1 [astro-ph.CO], 14 Apr 2011)
-- The universe may have been born spinning, according to new findings on the symmetry of the cosmos (University of Michigan News Service, 7 Jul 2011)
Detection of the effect of cosmological large-scale structure on the orientation of galaxies (Ignacio Tujillo et al., astro-ph/0511680, 23 Nov 2005, revised)
Detection of Galaxy Cluster Motions with the Kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect (Nick Hand et al.,arXiv:1203.4219v1 [astro-ph.CO], 19 Mar 2012)
-- Galaxy cluster motion seen for the first time (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 13 Jul 2012)
Detection of An Unidentified Emission Line in the Stacked X-ray spectrum of Galaxy Clusters (Esra Bulbul et al., arXiv:1402.2301 [astro-ph.CO], 10 Feb 2014)
-- Mysterious X-rays Might Hint at Dark Matter (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope, 8 Jul 2014)
Determination of the Cosmic Distance Scale from Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect and Chandra X-ray Measurements of High Redshift Galaxy Clusters (Massimiliano Bonamente et al., astro-ph/0512349, 13 Dec 2005, revised)
Determining the Extragalactic Distance Scale
(Diane Dutkevitch, Northwestern University)
Did our cosmos exist before the big bang? (Anil Ananthaswamy, New Scientist 2686, 10 Dec 2008)
Did the Universe Have a Beginning? (Tom Van Flandern, Meta Research)
A Digital Copy of the Universe, Encrypted (Natalie Wolchover, Quanta Magazine, 2 Oct 2013; Scientific American 4 Oct 2013)
Dimming Supernovae by Axions (John Terning et al.)
Direct cosmological simulations of the growth of black holes and galaxies (Tiziana Di Matteo et al., arXiv:0705.2269v1 [astro-ph], 16 May 2007)
A direct empirical proof of the existence of dark matter (Douglas Clowe et al., astro-ph/0608407, 19 Aug 2006)
A direct measurement of the relativistic expansion velocity of gamma-ray burst fireballs (Emilio Molinari et al., arXiv:astro-ph/0612607, 20 Dec 2006, revised)
Discovering dark matter (Robert P. Crease, Physics World, 2 Jun 2010)
Discovery of a New Galactic Center Excess Consistent with Upscattered Starlight (Kevork N. Abazajian et al., arXiv:1410.6168 [astro-ph.HE], 22 Oct 2014)
-- Fresh hints of dark matter at Milky Way's core (Michael Slezak, New Scientist, 27 Oct 20140)
-- Evidence Builds for Dark Matter Explosions at the Milky Way's Core (Clara Moskowitz, Scientific American, 28 Oct 2014)
Discovery of a Quadruple Lens in CANDELS with a Record Lens Redshift z=1.53 (Arjen van der Wel et al., arXiv:1309.2826 [astro-ph.CO], 11 Sep 2013)
-- Astronomers discover furthest gravitational lens (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 18 Oct 2013)
Discovery of an Unusual Optical Transient with the Hubble Space Telescope (Kyle Barbary et al., arXiv:0809.1648 [astro-ph], 10 Sep 2008)
Discretizing Gravity in Warped Spacetime (Lisa Randall et al., hep-th/0507102, 11 Jul 2005, revised)
Dispatches from the May 2011 Dark Matter Symposium at the Space Telescope Science Institute (John Matson, Scientific American, 2 Jun 2011)
The Distance Scale to Gamma-Ray Bursts Great Debate in 1995
Distant Galaxies and Cosmological Models (Edward J. Barlow)
Distributed Sources, Accelerated Universe, Consciousness and Quantum Entanglement (Evgeny Novikov, nlin/0511040, 20 Nov 2005, revised)
Disturbing Implications of a Cosmological Contant
(Lisa Dyson et al., Preprint, 1 Aug 2002)
Do Black Holes End up as Quark Stars? (R. K. Thakur, astro-ph/0702671, 25 Feb 2007)
Do black holes radiate? (Adam D. Helfer, arXiv:gr-qc/0304042v1, 9 Apr 2003)
Does Cassini allow to measure relativistic orbital effects in the Saturnian system of natural satellites? (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0605111, 19 May 2006)
Does Dark Energy Really Exist? (Timothy Clifton & Pedro G. Ferreira, Scientific American 300:4:48-55, Apr 2009)
Does the speed of light change in time? (Vladimir A. Dzuba, School of Physics at UNSW, Sydney)
Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?(Sean M. Carroll, Scientific American 298:6:48-57, Jun 2008)
Does Our Universe Live Inside a Wormhole? (Phil Berardelli, ScienceNOW, 9 Apr 2010)
Does Unruh radiation accelerate the universe? A novel approach to dark energy (Hongsheng Zhang & Zong-Hong Zhu, astro-ph/0607531, 24 Jul 2006)
Do Naked Singularities Break the Rules of Physics? (Pankaj S. Joshi, 'Naked Singularities,' Scientific American 300:2:36-43, Feb 2009)
Do SNe Ia Provide Direct Evidence for Past Deceleration of the Universe? (Michael S. Turner & Adam Riess, 4 Jun 2001)
Do We Have Evidence for New Physics in the Sky? (Laura Mersini-Houghton, hep-th/0510101, 12 Oct 2005)
Drake Equation for the Multiverse: From the String Landscape to Complex Life (Marcelo Gleiser, arXiv:1002.1651v1 [hep-th], 8 Feb 2010)
--The Drake Equation for the Multiverse (arXiv blog, Technology Review, 10 Feb 2010)
Dr. DarkMatter (Greg Bothun)
DUNE: The Dark Universe Explorer (Alexandre Refregier et al., astro-ph/0610062, 3 Oct 2006)
Durham Extragalactic Astronomy
The Durham/UKST Survey
Dusty starburst galaxies in the early universe as revealed by gravitational lensing (Joaquin D. Vieira et al., ESO release, 1 Mar 2013) PDF
Dwarf Galaxies and the Cosmic Web (Alejandro Benitez-Llambay et al., University of Victoria)
Dwarf Galaxies and the Cosmic Web (Alejandro Benitez-Llambay et al., arXiv:1211.0536 [astro-ph.CO], 2 Nov 2012)
-- Cosmic Web Weeds Dwarf Galaxies (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 13 Nov 2012)
The Earliest Black Holes (Shweta Krishnan, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 17 Jun 2011)
Early Universe Explorer [Chao-Lin Kuo] Looks for Answers (Interview by Peter Byrne, Quanta Magazine, 3 Jul 2014, repr. Scientific American, 11 Jul 2014)
Echoes from the Big Bang (Robert R. Caldwell & Marc Kamionkowski, Scientific American 274:1:38-43, Jan 2001) PDF
The ECLAIRs micro-satellite mission for gamma-ray burst multi-wavelength observations (S. Schanne et al., astro-ph/0601184, 9 Jan 2006)
-- An eclipsing binary distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud accurate to 2 per cent (G. Pietrzynski et al., ESO preprint, 4 Mar 2013) PDF
-- Measuring the Universe More Accurately Than Ever Before (ESO Science Release eso1311, 6 Mar 2013)
Effective equations for isotropic quantum cosmology including matter (Martin Bojowald et al., arXiv:0706.1057v1 [gr-qc], 7 Jun 2007)
Effect of Primordial Black Holes on the Cosmic Microwave Background and Cosmological Parameter Estimates (Massimo Ricotti et al., arXiv:0709.0524v1 [astro-ph], 4 Sep 2007)
-- Did the big bang spawn trillions of black holes? (David Shiga, New Scientist, 19 Sep 2007)
EGO - European Gravitational Observatory (Pisa)
Einstein@Home (Bruce Allen et al., UWM LIGO Scientific Collaboration Group)
The Einstein formula: E_0=mc^2 "Isn't the Lord laughing?" (Lev B. Okun, arXiv:0808.0437 [physics.hist-ph], 4 Aug 2008)
Einstein Light: A Brief Illumination of Relativity
(Joe Wolfe et al., U of New South Wales)
Einstein's Relativity (Nick Strobel, Astronomy Notes)
-- Contents
Einstein's Theory of Relativity Class (Gabriel Lombardi)

Einstein's Unfinished Symphony
(J. Madeleine Nash, Time Magazine, 3 Jan 2000)
Einstein's Unfinished Symphony (Marcia Bartusiak, WGBH Forum Network, Boston, 10 Mar 2004)
Einstein's Unfinished Symphony: Listening to the Sounds of Space-Time (Marcia Bartusiak, 2000)
ELAIS | European Large-Area ISO Survey
(Imperial College Astrophysics)
Elementary Physics in the Cellular Automaton Universe (Robert Kurucz, astro-ph/0605467, 18 May 2006, revised)
Elementary Relativistic Physics (Greg Goebel)
Embracing the Dark Side (Ron Cowen, Science News Online 173:5:74, 2 Feb 2008)
Emergence of a 4D World from Causal Quantum Gravity (Jan Amborn et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 93:131301, 24 Sep 2004; arXiv:hep-th/0404156, 21 Apr 2004, revised)
-- Deriving Dimensions (Adrian Cho, Physical Review Focus, 28 Sep 2004)
The Emergence of Spacetime, or, Quantum Gravity on Your Desktop (Renate Loll, Classical and Quantum Gravity 25:11:114006, 7 Jun 2008; arXiv:0711.0273 [gr-qc], 2 Nov 2007, revised 16 Apr 2008)
ENACS: ESO Nearby Abell Cluster Survey (Peter Katgert & Alain Mazure)
Encyclopedia of Cosmology (Erich Holtmann, LBNL)
The Endless Universe: Introduction to the Cyclic Universe
(Paul J. Steinhardt, Actionbioscience.org, May 2002)
The End of Cosmology? (Lawrence M. Krauss & Robert J. Scherrer, Scientific American 298:3:46-53, Mar 2008)
The End of Time: A Talk with Julian Barbour
(John Brockman, Edge 60, 16 Aug 1999)
The end of the world at the Large Hadron Collider? (Michael E. Peskin, Physics 1:14, 18 Aug 2008)
The Energy Transfer Process in Planetary Flybys (John D. Anderson et al., astro-ph/0608087, 3 Aug 2006, revised)
The Eöt-Wash Group: Laboratory Tests of Gravitational Physics (UW)
Epic of Evolution: Life, the Earth, and the Cosmos
(Course 210A, Washington University in St. Louis)
The Equivalence Principle (Patrick Barry, Science@NASA, 18 May 2007)
Eric Linder, Science Resources from (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Escape of black holes from the brane (Antonino Flachi & Takahiro Tanaka, hep-th/0506145, 17 Jun 2005)
Escaping from the black hole? (E. Babichev et al., hep-th/0604075, 10 Apr 2006)
The ESO Slice Project (Alberto Cappi)
Essays on Cosmology and Big Bang Theory (Sten Odenwald)
Essential Links to Matters of Relativity and Cosmology (Henk van Elst)
Evaporation induced traversability of the Einstein--Rosen wormhole
(Serguei Krasnikov, gr-qc/0507079, 18 Jul 2005, revised)
Evidence for the accelerated expansion of the universe from weak lensing tomography with COSMOS (Tim Schrabback et al., ESO, 23 Mar 2010) PDF
-- Hubble confirms cosmic acceleration with weak lensing (Hubble News Release heic 1005)
-- Hubble Survey Confirms Dark Energy's Clout (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 25 Mar 2010)
Event Horizon Telescope (Shep Doeleman et al.)
-- Testing the No-Hair Theorem with Event Horizon Telescope Observations of Sagittarius A* (Avery E. Broderick et al., arXiv:1311.5564 [astro-ph.HE], 21 Nov 2013)
-- Time Travel: Installing an Atomic Clock at 15,000 Feet (Seth Fletcher, Dark Star Diaries, Scientific American Blog Network, 10 Jun 2014)
Evidence for an axion-like particle from PKS 1222+216? (F. Tavecchio et al., arXiv:1202.6529v1 [astro-ph.HE], 29 Feb 2012)
-- Distant Galaxies Hint at Exotic Physics (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 7 Mar 2012)
Evidence for a Population of High-Redshift Submillimeter Galaxies from Interferometric Imaging (Joshua D. Younger et al., arXiv:0708.1020v1 [astro-ph], 7 Aug 2007)
Evidence for spatial variation of the fine structure constant (John K. Webb et al., arXiv:1008.3907v1 [astro-ph.CO], 23 Aug 2010)
-- Growing Up Fast in the Cosmos (Phil Berardelli, ScienceNOW Daily News, 10 Aug 2007)
Evidence of the gravitomagnetic field of Mars
(Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0606092, 21 Jun 2006)
The Evolution and Development of the Universe (Clement Vidal et al., Special Issue of the First International Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe, 2008; arXiv:0912.5508 [physics.gen-ph], 30 Dec 2009, revised)
Evolution and Structure of the Universe (Projects in Scientific Computing, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
Evolution of gravitational orbits in the expanding universe (Mauro Sereno & Ph. Jetzer, astro-ph/0703121, 6 Mar 2007)
Exactly solvable model of wormhole supported by phantom energy
(Oleg B. Zaslavskii, gr-qc/0508057, 13 Aug 2005)
Excursion Set (Richard Easther)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 19 Jun 2014)
An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything (A. Garrett Lisi, 6 Nov 2007)
-- Garrett Lisi Responds to Criticism of his Proposed Unified Theory of Physics (Observations, Scientific American Blog, 4 may 2011)
Euclid Consortium | A space mission to map the Dark Universe (ESA)
Euclid: Mapping the Geometry of the Dark Universe (NASA)
The Existence of Godel, Einstein and de Sitter Universes (Timothy Clifton & John D. Barrow, gr-qc/0511076, 14 Nov 2005, revised)

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An Explicit Embedding of Gravity and the Standard Model in E8 (A. Garrett Lisi, arXiv:1006.4908v1 [gr-qc], 25 Jun 2010)
-- Garrett Lisi's New E8 Paper (Tommaso Dorigo, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, 28 Jun 2010)
Exploding star reveals origins of Universe's dust (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 9 Jul 2014)
Explore the Universe (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC)
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Exploring Gravity (Mariusz Kovler)
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-- Reuters, AP, Telegraph, etc: Giant near-void found in universe. Hardly any stars, not even much dark energy. Experts flummoxed (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 24 Aug 2007)
-- Colossal void may spell trouble for cosmology (Amanda Gefter, New Scientist Space Blog, 29 Aug 2007)
Faith and Reason - Cosmology (PBS Online)
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Fast cosmological parameter estimation using neural networks
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Fat gravity particle gives clues to dark energy (Zeeya Merali, Nature News & Comment, 10 Sep 2013)
Fermi Detects Cosmic Fog (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 6 Nov 2012)
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-- Is Fermi Seeing Dark Matter? (Ivan Semeniuk's Embedded Universe, Sky & Telescope, 28 Oct 2009)
Fermilab Theoretical Astrophysics Group
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-- Have galactic 'radio loops' been mistaken for B-mode polarization? (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 10 Apr 2014)
The FIRBACK Survey: Probing the Cosmic Infrared Background with a Deep Survey (IAS, Orsay, France)
-- US Mirror (Hervé Dole, University of Arizona)
The First Detailed Full Sky Picture of the Oldest Light in the Universe
(WMAP, 11 Feb 2003)
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First Light (Abraham Loeb, astro-ph/0603360, 14 Mar 2006)
First Principles of Cosmology (Eric V. Linder, 1997)
First Result from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station: Precision Measurement of the Positron Fraction in Primary Cosmic Rays of 0.5-350 GeV (M. Aguilar et al., PhysRevLett.110.141102, 5 Apr 2013) PDF
-- First result from the AMS experiment (CERN press office, Geneva, 30 Mar 2013)
-- Viewpoint: Positrons Galore (Stephane Coutu, Physics 6:40 (3 Apr 2013)
-- First results of AMS-02 (Resonaances, 3 Apr 2013)
-- Possible Dark Matter Signal? (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 3 Apr 2013)
-- AMS confirms positron excess (Michael Banks, Physics World, 4 Apr 2013)
-- Dark matter may be source of exotic space particles, physicist says (Joel Achenbach, The Washington Post, 3 Apr 2013)
-- Homing in on Dark Matter (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 16 Apr 2013)
First results from the LUX dark matter experiment at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (LUX Collaboration, arXiv:1310.8214 [astro-ph.CO], 30 Oct 2013)
-- Two Blows for Popular Dark Matter Model (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 30 Oct 2013)
-- LUX dark-matter search comes up empty (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 31 Oct 2013)
The First Stars in the Universe and Cosmic Reionization (Rennan Barkana, arXiv:astro-ph/0608450, 21 Aug 2006)
Fitness of the Cosmos for Life: Biochemistry and Fine-Tuning
(Harvard University, 12-13 Oct 2003)
The 5D Space-Time-Matter Consortium (Paul S. Wesson et al.)
Flavor of the Ray: Neutrino Measurement May Help Solve Mystery of Matter's Domination over Antimatter (John Matson, Scientific American, 8 Mar 2012)
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Foundations of Cosmological Thought
(J. C. Evans, George Mason University)
Four Keys to Cosmology (Special Report ed. George Musser, Scientific American 290:2:42-75, Feb 2004)
The Fourth Dimension - Hypercube's Home Page (Eric Saltsman)
FQXi: Foundational Questions in Physics & Cosmology
(Max Tegmark et al.)
-- The Foundational Questions Institute (Anthony Aguirre, Cosmic Variance, 28 Mar 2007)
-- Science and no Religion in Reykjavik! (Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 29 Jul 2007)
Frank J.Tipler's Web Page
Freedman, Wendy L., 'The Expansion Rate and Size of the Universe'
(Scientific American Magnificent Cosmos, March 1998)
Frequently Asked Questions in Cosmology (Edward L. Wright)
Fresh hint of dark matter seen in neutrino search (Lisa Grossman, New Scientist 2958, 25 Feb 2014)
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(Andrei Linde et al., gr-qc/9306035, 29 Jun 1993, revised)
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FTL Neutrinos: Closing In on a Solution (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 24 Feb 2012)
Fundamental Physics With Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (Center for Cosmology, UC Irvine, 23-25 Mar 2006)
Fundamental Values (guest post by Louise Riofrio, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, 14 Oct 2007)
-- Exhibit 1: Hot Young Sun (Louise Riofrio, A Babe in the Universe, 23 Oct 2007)
-- Exhibit 2: Lunar Anomaly (Louise Riofrio, ibid., 24 Oct 2007)
-- Exhibit 3: Supernovae (Louise Riofrio, ibid., 25 Oct 2007)
Further Adventures in Cosmology (Robert Caldwell, Dartmouth Cosmology Group)
Further Evidence for Cosmological Evolution of the Fine Structure Constant (John K. Webb et al., Phys.Rev.Lett. 87 (2001) 091301; astro-ph/0012539, 29 Dec 2000, revised)

FUSE: Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Home Page
FUSE GI Home Page
Future state of the Universe (Mariusz P. Dabrowski, astro-ph/0606574, 22 Jun 2006)
The fuzzball proposal for black holes (Kostas Skenderis & Marika Taylor, arXiv:0804.0552 [hep-th], 3 Apr 2008, revised)
GaBoDS: The Garching-Bonn Deep Survey V. Data release of the ESO Deep-Public-Survey (Hendrik Hildebrandt et al., astro-ph/0509882, 29 Sep 2005, revised)
Galactic Halos are Einstein Clusters of WIMPs (Kayll Lake, gr-qc/0607057, 14 Jul 2006, revised)
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Galactic Surf: Cosmology (Edouard Reny)
Galactic Surf: Relativity (Edouard Reny)
Galaxies and Cosmology at the MPIA (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy)
Galaxies, Quasars & Cosmology (Mike Merrifield, PH308, Southampton U)
Galaxy Clusters & the Hubble Constant : Chandra Independently Determines Hubble Constant (Chandra Photo Album, 8 Aug 2006)
Galaxy formation: Cosmic dawn (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment 497:7451, 29 May 2013)
-- Faint Portraits of First Galaxies Shed Light on Cosmic Dawn (Scientific American, 29 May 2013)
Galaxy Formation In The Reionization Epoch As Hinted By Wide Field Camera 3 Observations Of The Hubble Ultra Deep Field (Haojing Yan et al., arXiv:0910.0077 [astro-ph.CO], 1 Oct 2009, revised)
Galaxy Hunters (Ron Cowen, National Geographic 203:2:2-29, Feb 2003)
The Galaxy Song (Eric Idle, from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, 1983)
Galaxy Zoo (Kate Land et al., University of Oxford)
-- Galaxy Zoo Blog
-- See new galaxies -- without leaving your chair (Michael Hopkin, Nature, 11 Jul 2007)
-- Galaxy Zoo! (Risa Wechsler, Cosmic Variance, 12 Jul 2007)
-- Eyeballing the universe (Chris Lintott & Kate Land, Physics World, 1 Sep 2008)
-- Review of Galaxy Zoo 2 (Web life, Physics World, 5 Jan 2010)
-- Galaxy Zoo: Citizen-Science Research Helps Astronomers (Jennifer Pinkowski, Time, 28 Mar 2010)
Galaxy Zoo Mergers
Gamma-ray bursts as a probe of the very high redshift universe (Donald Q. Lamb & Daniel E. Reichart, Astrophysical Journal 536:1-18, 10 Jun 2000) PDF
Gamma-ray burst supernovae as standardizable candles (Zach Cano, arXiv:1407.2589 [astro-ph.HE], 9 Jul 2014)
-- GRBs: A New Standard Candle? (Shannon Hall, Sky & Telescope, 11 Aug 2014)
Garrett Lisi on his theory of everything (Video on TED.com, filmed Feb 2008, posted Oct 2008)
Gasoline Simulation Gallery (James Wadsley)
GC3 and Cosmic Voyage (Frank Summers et al.)
GC3 Computational Cosmology at MIT
GC3 Home Page - Grand Challenge Cosmology Consortium
(Michael Norman)
Gemini Deep Deep Survey (Gemini Observatory)
A general class of braneworld wormholes (Francisco S. N. Lobo, gr-qc/0701133, 24 Jan 2007, revised)
General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Magnetically Choked Accretion Flows around Black Holes (Jonathan C. McKinney et al., arXiv:1201.4163 [astro-ph.HE], 19 Jan 2012, revised)
-- Star-Shredder's Brief Pulse (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 2 Aug 2012)
General Relativity (Werner Benger)

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (arXiv.org e-Print Archive)
General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (Los Alamos e-Print Server)
General Relativity around the World (NCSA)
General Relativity Golden Oldies (ed. Andrzej Krasinksi & Charles Hellaby)
General Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology WWW sites
General Relativity Group (University of Southampton)
The General Relativity Group at the University of Chicago
General Relativity Resolves Galactic Rotation Without Exotic Dark Matter (Fred I. Coppertstock & S. Tieu, astro-ph/0507619, 26 Jul 2005)
General Relativity Tutorial (John Baez)
General Relativity: A Very Weird World (Nymbus)
Generating Electromagnetic Waves from Gravity Waves in Cosmology (Peter A. Hogan & S. O'Farrell, arXiv:0905.2834v1 [gr-qc], 18 May 2009)
-- How gravitational waves could generate radio signals (physics arXiv blog, Technology Review, 20 May 2009)
Genesis, Cosmology, and Evolution (Hillel Goldberg, Jewish Action 60:4, Summer 2000) PDF
Geometry.net | Relativity
Geocentrism reexamined (Jeremy Goodman, Physical Review D 52(4):1821-7, 15 Mar 1995; arXiv:astro-ph/9506068v1, 9 Jun 1995)
George F. R. Ellis (University of Cape Town)
GEO 600 (Hannover)
-- Our world may be a giant hologram (Marcus Chown, New Scientist 2691, 15 Jan 2009)
Ghostly Light From Dead Galaxies (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope, 30 Oct 2014)
Ghosts of the Future: First Giant Structures of the Universe (CfA Press Release No. 2010-20, 13 Oct 2010)
Giant Galaxy String Defies Models of How Universe Evolved
(NASA Top Story, 7 Jan 2004)
A Glimpse of the Very Early Universal Web: The VLT Maps Extremely Distant Galaxies (ESO Press Release 11/01, 18 May 2001)
God, Humanity and the Cosmos Online
(ed. Christopher Southgate, Counterbalance Foundation)
The Golden Age of Cosmology (R. Mark Elowitz, Las Cruces, New Mexico)
GOODS: The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (ESO)
GOODS: The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (STScI)
-- CADC Clone of the GOODS Data
Graduate Level Course Notes and Tutorial Papers Related to General Relativity (Chris Hillman)
Grand Challenge Alliance (NCSA)
Graphical timeline of our universe (Wikipedia)
Gravitational Astronomy (The Gravity Discovery Centre, Gingin, Western Australia)
Gravitational Lenses (Jodrell Bank)
Gravitational Lenses: Making the invisible detectable (Pamela L. Gay, Star Stryder, 27 Jun 2007)
A Gravitationally Lensed Supernova? [PS1-10afx] (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 23 Apr 2013)
Gravitational redshift of galaxies in clusters as predicted by general relativity (Rodoslaw Wojtak, Nature 477:567-9, 29 Sep 2011)
-- A New Confirmation of General Relativity (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 28 Sep 2011)
-- Galaxy clusters back general relativity (Jon Cartwright, Physics World, 28 Sep 2011)
Gravitational solution to the Pioneer 10/11 anomaly (J. R. Brownstein & J. W. Moffat, gr-qc/0511026, 6 Nov 2005, revised)
Gravitational Waves from Light Cosmic Strings: Backgrounds and Bursts with Large Loops (Craig J. Hogan, astro-ph/0605567, 22 May 2006, revised)
Gravitational Wave Sources May Be "Closer" Than We Think (Asghar Qadir, arXiv:0903.0252v1 [astro-ph.GA], 2 Mar 2009)
Gravitational Waves Reveal the Universe before the Big Bang: An Interview with Physicist Gabriele Veneziano (George Musser, Critical Opalescence, Scientific American Blog Network, 3 Apr 2014)
Gravity Links (Net Advance)
Gravity Probe B News (Marshall SFC Space News)
Gravity Probe B: The Relativity Mission (Francis Everitt et al., Stanford University)
-- Post Flight Analysis -- Final Report (Preface & Executive Summary, Mar 2007) PDF

Gravity Discovery Centre (Perth, Western Australia)
Gravity's effect on time confirmed (Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World, 17 Feb 2010)
Gravity's Relentless Pull: An interactive, multimedia website about black holes for Education and Public Outreach (Roeland van der Marel et al., astro-ph/0606601, 23 Jun 2006)
The Great Cosmic Battle (Fred Adams & Greg Laughlin, ASP Mercury, Jan-Feb 2000)
The Great Cosmic Roller-Coaster Ride (Cliff Burgess & Fernando Quevedo, Scientific American 297:5:52-9, Nov 2007)
Great Debates in Astronomy (Robert Nemiroff & Jerry Bonnell)
GREAT08 PASCAL Challenge (GRavitational lEnsing Accuracy Testing 2008)
GREAT 10: Image Analysis Competitions for Cosmological Lensing (GRavitational lEnsing Accuracy Testing)
-- So You Think You Can Solve a Cosmology Puzzle? (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2010-407, 6 Dec 2010)
Green Bank Telescope Enables "Intensity Mapping" to Shed Light on Mysteries of Dark Energy (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-124, 21 Jul 2010)
GRG Society (International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation)
Guelph-Waterloo Astrophysics & Gravitation (Michael L. Balogh et al., University of Waterloo)
A Guide to Books on Relativity Theory (Chris Hillman)
The Habitable Epoch of the Early Universe (Abraham Loeb, arXiv:1312.0613 [astro-ph.CO], 2 Dec 2013, revised)
-- Habitability Around Ancient Stars (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 4 February 2014)
Halton Arp, The Website of (Halton C. Arp, MPA-Garching)
Hawaii SCUBA Observations (L. L. Cowie)
Hawking radiation mimicked in the lab (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 12 Oct 2014)
The HEALPix Homepage (Krzyszt M. Górski et al., Hierachical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelisation)
HEAT - High Energy Antimatter Telescope (Stéphane Coufu)
Henry Tye's Research Group (Henry S.-H. Tye et al., Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics, Cornell University)
Herschel-ATLAS and ALMA: HATLAS J142935.3-002836, a lensed major merger at redshift 1.027 (Hugo Messias, arXiv:1406.4859 [astro-ph.GA], 18 Jun 2014)
-- Best View Yet of Merging Galaxies in Distant Universe (ESO Science Release eso1426, 26 Aug 2014)
Herschel Measures Dark Matter for Star-Forming Galaxies (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2011-057, 16 Feb 2011)
The Higgs Boson at Last? (Scientific American In-Depth Reports, 8 Oct 2013)
Higgsogenesis (Geraldine Servant & Sean Tulin, arXiv:1304.3464 [hep-ph], 11 Apr 2013, revised)
-- 'Higgsogenesis' proposed to explain dark matter (Eugenie Samuel Reich, Nature News & Comment, 4 Oct 2013)
High Energy Colliders as Black Hole Factories: The End of Short Distance Physics (Steven B. Giddings & Scott Thomas, Physical Review D 65:056010, 2002; hep-ph/0106219, 19 Jun 2001, revised)
High Redshift Supernova Search: Home Page of the Supernova Cosmology Project (Saul Perlmutter, LBNL)
The History and Fate of the Universe Chart (UniverseAdventure.org)
History Events in An Inflationary Big Bang Cosmology (Niel Brandt)
History of the Universe Chart PDF
The History of the Universe: From Big Bang to Big Blah (Scientific American Slideshows, 20 Feb 2012)
The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less
(Eric Schulman, AIR 3:1:27, Jan-Feb 1997)
The Hole Picture: Growth of Black Holes and Galaxies Linked from an Early Age (John Matson, Scientific American, 17 Jun 2011)
Holographic description of quantum black hole on a computer (Masanori Hanada et al., arXiv:1311.5607 [hep-th], 21 Nov 2013)
Holographic Discreteness of Inflationary Perturbations
(Craig J. Hogan, Physical Review D66:023521, 2 Jan 2002)
The holographic principle (Raphael Bousso, Reviews of Modern Physics 74:825-74, 12 Mar 2002, revised)
HOP | Hubble Origins Probe (Holland Ford et al., Johns Hopkins University)
How did it all begin? (Max Tegmark, astro-ph/0508429, 20 Aug 2005)
How far are we from the quantum theory of gravity?
(Lee Smolin, arXiv.org, 20 Mar 2003; updated)
How JWST can measure First Light, Reionization and Galaxy Assembly
(Rogier A. Windhorst et al., astro-ph/0506253, 11 Jun 2005)
How Many Universes Do There Need To Be? (Douglas Scott & J. P. Zibin, astro-ph/0605709, 29 May 2006)
How stable is the photon? (Julian Heeck, arXiv:1304.2821 [hep-ph], 10 Apr 2013, revised 11 Jul 2013)
-- Big Bang Light Reveals Minimum Lifetime of Photons (Claire Ely, Scientific American, 29 Jul 2013)
How unlikely is a doomsday catastrophe? (Max Tegmark & Nick Bostrom, astro-ph/0512204, 8 Dec 2005, revised)
How Will the Universe End? (Jim Holt, Egghead, Slate, 4-5 Mar 2004)
How was the Hubble sequence 6 Gyrs ago? (Rodney Delgano-Serrano et al., arXiv:0906.2805 [astro-ph.CO], 15 Jun 2009, revised)
HPCC GROUP University of Washington

HST/ACS Ultra Deep Field (STScI)
HST and the Distant Universe (Science with HST II, Paris, Dec 1995)
HST Deep Field Data (The Electronic Universe Project)
The Hubble Constant and the Expanding Universe (Wendy Freedman, American Scientist 91(1):36-43, Jan-Feb 2003)
The Hubble Deep Field (CADC)
The Hubble Deep Field (Harry Ferguson, STScI)
The Hubble Diagram to z=6.3 with Swift Gamma Ray Bursts (Bradley Scaefer, Louisiana State University, 11 Jan 2006)
Hubble Goes Deep(est) Again (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 16 Dec 2009)
Hubble Goes to the eXtreme to Assemble Farthest Ever View of the Universe (HubbleSite NewsCenter News Release No. STScI-2012-37, 25 Sep 2012)
-- Hubble Goes Deep -- eXtremely Deep (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 26 Sep 2012)
Hubble's Constant and the Age of the Universe
(Martin V. Zombeck, MathCad)
The Hubble sequence: just a vestige of merger events? (Francois Hammer et al., arXiv:0903.3962 [astro-ph.CO], 23 Mar 2009, revised)
HubbleSite - NewsCenter - Cosmology
HubbleSite - Universe
The Hubble Space Telescope Key Project on the Extragalactic Distance Scale (Wendy L. Freedman et al.)
The Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HubbleSite)
The Hubble Ultra Deep Field (Steven V. W. Beckwith et al., astro-ph/0607632, 27 Jul 2006)
HyperSpace at QMW (Stephen P. Braham)
HyperSpace at UBC (Stephen P. Braham)
HyperSpace at UNB (Stephen P. Braham)
Hyperspheres, Hyperspace, and the Fourth Spatial Dimension
(Michael R. Feltz)
Ian's Cosmic Matters Page

IAU Commission 47: Cosmology
Icarus Research: Wormhole Physics (Michel T. Talbot)
ICC Institute for Computational Cosmology (University of Durham)
iCosmo (Initiative for Cosmology)
IDCS J1426.5+3508: Cosmological implications of a massive, strong lensing cluster at Z = 1.75 (Anthony H. Gonzalez et al., arXiv:1205.3788v1 [astro-ph.CO], 16 May 2012)
-- Impossibly Aligned Galaxies (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 6 Jul 2012)
ILC Cosmology (Jonathan L. Feng, hep-ph/0509309, 27 Sep 2005)
The Illustris Simulation: Towards a predictive theory of galaxy formation (Mark Vogelsberger et al., MIT)
-- Model Universe recreates evolution of the cosmos (Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News & Comment, 7 May 2014)
-- Best Model Yet for Cosmic Evolution (Shannon Hall, Sky & Telescope, 7 May 2014)
-- A Virtual Universe (video, Scientific American, 9 May 2014)
Imaging an Event Horizon: submm-VLBI of a Super Massive Black Hole (Sheperd Doeleman et al., arXiv:0906.3899v1 [astro-ph.CO], 21 Jun 2009)
Imp (James Wadsley)
The impact of the errors in the inclinations on the recent LAGEOS-LAGEOS II Lense-Thirring test (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0607031, 7 Jul 2006)
The impact of the new Earth gravity model EIGEN-CG03C on the measurement of the Lense-Thirring effect with some existing Earth satellites (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0505106, 20 May 2005, revised)
IM Pegasi: Guide star of the Gravity Probe - B Mission
(Norbert Bartel, York University)
Imprint of primordial monster star found (Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News & Comment, 21 Aug 2014)
An Imprint of Super-Structures on the Microwave Background due to the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe Effect (Benjamin R. Granett et al., arXiv:0805.3695 [astro-ph], 25 May 2008, revised)
The Improbable Universe (Pamela L. Gay, Star Stryder, 24 Oct 2007)
Imprints of a Primordial Preferred Direction on the Microwave Background (Lotty Ackerman et al., arXiv:astro-ph/0701357, 7 Mar 2007, revised)
-- Anatomy of a Paper: Part I, Inspiration (Sean M. Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 30 Jul 2007)
-- Anatomy of a Paper: Part II, Calculation (ibid., 30 Jul 2007)
-- Anatomy of a Paper: Part III, Culmination (ibid., 31 Jul 2007)
Inconstant Constants (John D. Barrow & John K. Webb, Scientific American 292:6:56-63, Jun 2005)
In the Dark: A blog about the Universe, and all that surrounds it (Peter Coles)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 19 Apr 2012)
In the dark: On dark matter (Alexander B. Fry, Aeon Magazine, 13 Apr 2013)
Indication for Primordial Anisotropies in the Neutrino Background from WMAP and SDSS (Roberto Trotta & Alessandro Melchiorri, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95:011305 (2005); astro-ph/0412066, 2 Dec 2004, revised 7 Jul 2005)
-- PDF (22 May 2005)
Indication of a Cosmological Variation of the Proton-Electron Mass Ratio Based on Laboratory Measurement and Reanalysis of H2 Spectra (E. Reinhold et al., Physical Review Letters 96:151101-4, 21 Apr 2006) PDF
Induced current and redefinition of electric and magnetic fields from non-compact Kaluza-Klein theory: An experimental signature of the fifth dimension (Tomas Liko, hep-th/0505049, 5 May 2006)
In an expanding universe, what doesn't expand?
(Richard H. Price, gr-qc/0508052, 12 Aug 2005)
Infant galaxy offers tantalizing peek at early Universe (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 12 Apr 2012)
Inflationary Cosmology (Andrei Linde, arXiv:0705.0164 [hep-th], 2 May 2007, revised)
Inflationary Cosmology: Is Our Universe Part of a Multiverse? (Alan H. Guth, Isaac Newton lecture 2009, Institute of Physics, 13 Oct 2009)
Inflation, Quantum Cosmology and the Anthropic Principle (Andrei Linde in J. D. Barrow et al. (eds), Science and Ultimate Reality: From Quantum to Cosmos (CUP, 2003))
Information in the Holographic Universe (Jacob D. Bekenstein, Scientific American 289:2:58-65, Aug 2003)
Information-preserving black holes still do not preserve baryon number and other effective global quantum numbers (Dejan Stojkovic et al., gr-qc/0604072, 17 Apr 2006)
The Infrared Glow of First Stars (Ruben Salvaterra et al., astro-ph/0512403, 15 Dec 2005)
In the Hunt for Dark Matter, Promises to Keep? (Jennifer Quillette, Quanta Magazine, 18 Jul 2013)
In the Matrix (Martin Rees, Edge 116, 19 May 2003)
Inside the big-bang machine (Alan Boyle, Cosmic Log, 20 Jun 2007)
Inside Black Holes (Andrew J. S. Hamilton, JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder)
Inside Einstein's Universe (NASA-Smithsonian Universe Forum)
Insights into Dark Energy: Interplay Between Theory and Observation
(Rachel Bean et al., astro-ph/0510059, 3 Oct 2005)
Institute for Gravitational Physics & Geometry
(Pennsylvania State University)
Institute for Gravitational Research (Glasgow)
Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation (University of Portsmouth)
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-- Triple Collision in Infant Galaxy (Emily Poore, Sky & Telescope, 2 Dec 2013)
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International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics / Group G9
International Gravitational Event Collaboration
International Society for the Advanced Study of Spacetime
The International Society for the Study of Time
-- Kronoscope: Journal for the Study of Time (Brill Academic Publishers) $
-- StudyOfTime Mailing List (Koen DePryck)
Introduction to Black Holes (Cambridge Relativity)
An Introduction to the Cosmic Microwave Background (Wayne Hu)
Introduction to Cosmology Web Site (David N. Spergel et al., WMAP)
Introduction to Dark Energy and Dark Matter (Paul H. Frampton, talk at 40th Rencontre de Moriond, La Thuile, Italy, 5-12 Mar 2005; astro-ph/0506676, 28 Jun 2005)
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Iorio's "high-precision measurement" of frame-dragging with the Mars Global Surveyor (Kris Krogh, astro-ph/0701653, 23 Jan 2007)
IPS Official Statement on the Ancient Age of the Earth and Universe (International Planetarium Society)
The IRAS PSC Redshift Survey (Theoretical Cosmology Group, Durham)
The IRAS PSCz Redshift Survey (Will Saunders & Will Sutherland, et al.)
Is the accelerated expansion evidence of a forthcoming change of signature on the brane? (Marc Mars et al., arXiv:0710.0820 [gr-qc], 3 Oct 2007, revised; Physical Review D 77:2, 11 Jan 2008)
Is All the Universe from Nothing? (Richard Yonck, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 22 May 2014)
Is cosmic expansion of the universe accelerating? (D. C. Choudhury, astro-ph/0607646, 28 Jul 2006)
Is Cosmic Speed-Up Due to New Gravitational Physics?
(Sean M. Carroll, 22 Jun 2003, revised)
Is it possible to consider Dark Energy and Dark Matter as a same and unique Dark Fluid? (Alexandre Arbey, astro-ph/0506732, 29 Jun 2005)
Is Nature Unnatural? (Natalie Wochover, Simons Science News, 24 May 2013)
-- New Physics Complications Lend Support to Multiverse Hypothesis: Scientific American
Is Our Universe Decaying at an Astronomical Rate? (Don N. Page, hep-th/0612137, 14 Dec 2006)
Is Our Universe Likely to Decay within 20 Billion Years? (Don N. Page, hep-th/0610079, 9 Oct 2006)
Is Our Universe Natural? (Sean M. Carroll, hep-th/0512148, 13 Dec 2005)
Is physics watching over us? (Philip Ball, Nature, 13 Aug 2002)
Is Reality Digital or Analog? Essays (FQXi Community)
Is "the theory of everything" merely the ultimate ensemble theory?
(Max Tegmark, Annals of Physics 270(1):1-51, 20 Nov 1998)
Is there a human link to dark energy? (David Shiga, New Scientist Space Blog, 20 Sep 2007)
Is There Really A Cosmological Crisis? (Rich Shaffer, Skeptic, 1995)
Is the universe saddle shaped? (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 19 Sep 2013)
It's Never Too Late For Matter (Lawrence M. Krauss & Robert J. Scherrer, astro-ph/0702207, 7 Feb 2007)

Janna Levin (Barnard College of Columbia University, New York)
JEDI | Joint Efficient Dark-energy Investigation
(Yun Wang et al., University of Oklahoma)
Jillian's Guide to Gravitational Waves (Jillian Bornak)
Jim Geach (Astrophysics Group, McGill University)
A joint analysis of Planck and BICEP2 B modes including dust polarization uncertainty (Michael J. Mortonson & Uros Seljak, arXiv:1405.5857 [astro-ph.CO], 22 May 2014)
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Journal of Cosmology (ed. Rudolf Schild)
Julian Barbour
Julian Borrill's Homepage
Just What Was Einstein's Theory of Relativity? (Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal, 27 Nov 2005)
Kavli-CERCA Conference on the Future of Cosmology
(Case Western Reserve University, 10-12 Oct 2003)
-- Kavli-CERCA Video Archive (9-13 Oct 2003)
The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics (University of Chicago)
A Keck Survey for Gravitationally Lensed Lyα Emitters in the Redshift Range 8.5 < z < 10.4: New Constraints on the Contribution of Low-Luminosity Sources to Cosmic Reonization (Daniel P. Stark et al., Astrophysical Journal 663:10-28, 1 Jul 2007) PDF
-- Astronomers Find Most Distant Known Galaxies (W. M. Keck Observatory Newsletter 4:5, Jul 2007)
-- Baby galaxies sighted at dawn of universe (David Shiga, New Scientist, 10 Jul 2007)
-- Astronomers claim galaxy record (Jonathan Amos, BBC, 11 Jul 2007)
Kim Coble's Links and References (University of Chicago)
Kim Griest (UCSD)
A Lab Experiment to Test Spacetime Distortion (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 18 Sep 2012)
LAMBDA - Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data
(NASA Goddard SFC)
LAMBDA - Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data
(NASA Goddard SFC)
The Landscape: A Talk with Leonard Susskind
(John Brockman, Edge, 2003)
[Laniakea] Earth's new address: 'Solar System, Milky Way, Laniakea' (Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News & Comment, 3 Sep 2014)
-- Laniakea: Our home supercluster (Nature Video, YouTube, 3 Sep 2014)
-- Laniakea: Our Home Supercluster (Camille M. Carlisle, Sky & Telescope, 3 Sep 2014)
-- Laniakea: Milky Way's Address in the Cosmos (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 4 Sep 2014)
A Large Mass Hierarchy from a Small Extra Dimension (Lisa Randall & Raman Sundrum, hep-ph/9905221, 4 May 1999)
The Large Scale Structure Homepage (Lars L. Christensen)
The large-scale structure of the Universe (Volker Springel et al., astro-ph/060456, 27 Apr 2006)
Lars Lindberg Christensen's Bookmarks
The Las Campanas Redshift Survey (Huan Lin)
A late-accelerating universe with no dark energy -- and no big bang
(Richard A. Brown et al., gr-qc/0508116, 28 Aug 2005)
Late light reveals what space is made of (Anil Ananthaswamy, New Scientist 271, 12 Aug 2009)
Latest Declamations about the Arrow of Time (Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 11 Jun 2007)
The Lazarus Project (John Baker et al., Numerical Relativity at UT Brownville)
The LCA Simulated Cluster Archive
Leading Light: What Would Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos Mean for Physics? (Charles Q. Choi, Scientific American, 13 Oct 2011)
Leaves on the Line (Andrew Jaffe, Imperial College London)
Lectures on Cosmic Inflation and its Potential Stringy Realizations (Cliff P. Burgess arXiv:0708.2865v1 [hep-th], 21 Aug 2007)
Lectures on string/brane cosmology (Fernando Quevedo, arXiv:hep-th/0210292v1, 30 Oct 2002)
Lee Smolin
-- Time Reborn (Peter Woit, Not Even Wrong, 23 Apr 2013)
The Lense-Thirring effect and the Pioneer anomaly: Solar System tests (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0608105, 23 Aug 2006, revised)
Lessons Learned from the Pioneers 10/11 for a Mission to Test the Pioneer Anomaly (Slava G. Turyshev et al., astro-ph/0409264, 30 Sep 2004)
Level 5: A Knowledgebase for Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology
(Barry F. Madore et al., NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database)
Leverhulme Collaboration (Cambridge Leverhulme Quantitative Cosmology, UK)
LHCb - Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment
Life can go on forever (Philip Ball, Nature Science Update, 27 May 2002)
The Lifetime of the Universe (Don N. Page, hep-th/0510003, 30 Sep 2005, revised)
Life, The Universe, and Nothing: Life and Death in an Ever-Expanding Universe (Lawrence M. Krauss & Glenn D. Starkman, astro-ph/9902189, 12 Feb 1999;Astrophys. J. 531:22-30, 2000)
The Light Cone - An Illuminating Introduction to Relativity
(Roberto B. Salgado)
Light Curve Properties of Supernovae Associated With Gamma-ray Bursts (Xue Li & Jens Hjorth, arXiv:1407.3506 [astro-ph.HE], 13 Jul 2014)
Lighting the Universe with Filaments (Liang Gao & Tom Theuns, Science 317(5844):1527-30, 14 Sep 2007; abstract)
-- First Dance With Dark Matter (Phil Berardelli, ScienceNOW Daily News, 13 Sep 2007)
-- Stringy 'filaments' could have produced first stars (Jon Cartwright, Physics World, 13 Sep 2007)
-- Warm dark matter solves mystery of giant black holes (Stephen Battersby, New Scientist, 13 Sep 2007)
-- Explanation of Dark Matter Might Lie in Origin of Stars (Ker Than, SPACE.com, 13 Sep 2007)
-- Oldest stars may shed light on dark matter, researchers report in Science (EurekAlert, 13 Sep 2007)
-- Study sheds new light on early star formation in the Universe (Durham University Press Release, 17 Sep 2007)
-- Was dark matter hot or cold? (Daniel Cressey, The Great Beyond, 17 Sep 2007)

LIGO Hanford Observatory (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory)
LIGO Laboratory Home Page
LIGO Listens for Gravitational Echoes of the Birth of the Universe (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-154, 19 Aug 2009)
-- New Limits on the Big Bang (Alan MacRobert, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 19 Aug 2009)
LIGO Livingston Observatory Home Page
LIGO Scientific Collaboration
-- Einstein's Messengers, LIGO Documentary (US National Science Foundation)
LIGO Scientific Collaboration Group (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
The Limits of Quintessence (R. R. Caldwell & Eric V. Linder, astro-ph/0505494, 24 May 2005)
Limits on the time variation of the electromagnetic fine-structure constant in the low energy limit from absorption lines in the spectra of distant quasars (Raghunathan Srianand et al., Phys.Rev.Lett. 92 (2004) 121302; astro-ph/0402177, 8 Feb 2004)
Linde, Andrei, 'The Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe'
(Scientific American Magnificent Cosmos, March 1998)
LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) Home Page
LISA and its Challenges (Daniele Bortoluzzi, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, 29 Jul 2007)
LISA Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (ESA Science)
Lisa Randall (Harvard University)
The lithium isotopic ratio in very metal-poor stars (Karin Lind et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics 554 A96, 10 Jun 2013)
-- Universe's Lithium Problem A Bit Better (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 17 Jun 2013)
Lithium synthesis in microquasar accretion (Fabio Iocco & Miguel Pato, arXiv:1206.0736v1 [astro-ph.CO], 4 Jun 2012)
-- The Universe's Lost Lithium (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 15 Jun 2012)
Living in the Multiverse (Steven Weinberg, Opening Talk at the Symposium "Expectations of a Final Theory" at Trinity College, Cambridge, 2 Sep 2005; hep-th/0511037, 3 Nov 2005)
Living Reviews in Relativity (Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam)
Living in a Void: Testing the Copernican Principle with Distant Supernovae (Timothy Clifton et al., Physical Review Letters 101, Paper No. 131302, 26 Sep 2008; arXiv:0807.1443 [astro-ph], 9 Jul 2008, revised)
Locally Localized Gravity (Andreas Karch & Lisa Randall, hep-th/0011156, 16 Nov 2000, revised)
Logarithmic timeline (Wikipedia)
The Logic and Beauty of Cosmological Natural Selection (Larence Rifkin, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 10 Jun 2014)
The long-distance thinker [Martin Bojowald] (Quirin Schiermeier, Nature 433:12, 6 Jan 2005)
Loop Quantum Cosmology (Martin Bojowald, Living Reviews in Relativity 8:11, 2005)
Loop Quantum Cosmology (Martin Bojowald, Living Reviews in Relativity 11:4, 2 Jul 2008)
Loop Quantum Dynamics of the Schwarzschild Interior (Christian G. Boehmer & Kevin Vandersloot, arXiv:0709.2129 [gr-qc], 13 Sep 2007, revised)
-- Black holes may harbour their own universes (Mason Inman, New Scientist, 31 Oct 2007)
The Lopsided Universe, with Frank Close (BBC Radio 4, Jul 2002)
Low-energy quantum gravity leads to another picture of the universe
(Michael A. Ivanov, astro-ph/0505310, 14 May 2005, revised)
Low frequency radio astronomy from the moon: cosmic reionization and more (Chris Carilli et al., astro-ph/0702070, 2 Feb 2007)
The Low Frequency Sensitivity to Gravitational Waves for ASTROD (Antonio Pulido Paton & Wei-Tou Ni, arXiv:0704.3333v1 [astro-ph], 25 Apr 2007)
LSST (Large-aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope) Observatory
(Dark Matter Telescope)
LUX Dark Matter (Large Underground Xenon dark matter experiment, Stanford Underground Research Facility, Brown University)
Lyman-alpha Forest Tomography of the z>2 Cosmic Web (Khee-Gan Lee, arXiv:1410.5598 [astro-ph.CO], 21 Oct 2014)
Lyman Page's Home Page (Lyman A. Page, Princeton University)
MACHO Project Home Page (MA Compact Halo Objects)
Mach's Principle and a Variable Speed of Light (Alexander Unzicker, gr-qc/0511038, 8 Nov 2005)
Magnetically Driven Jets in the Kerr Metric (John F. Hawley & Julian H. Krolik, astro-ph/0512227, 8 Dec 2005, revised)
Making Sense of Modern Cosmology (P. James E. Peebles, Scientific American 284:1:54-5, Jan 2001)
The Man Who Put the "Big" in "Big Bang": Alan Guth on Inflation (Davide Castelvecchi, Interview with Alan Guth, Degrees of Freedom, Scientific American Blog Network, 6 Dec 2011)
The Many Worlds (Everett) Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
(Michael Clive Price, HedWeb, Feb 1995)
Many worlds in one (Jaume Garriga & Alexander Vilenkin, Physical Review D64:043511, 26 Jul 2001)
The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: The Theory of the Universal Wave Function (Hugh Everett, III, Jan 1956) PDF
The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett (Peter Byrne, Scientific American 297:6:98-105, Dec 2007)
Many-Worlds Quantum Theory (Tony Smith)
A Map of the Universe (J. Richard Gott III et al., 20 Oct 2003)
-- Logarithmic Maps of the Universe (J. Richard Gott III & Mario Juric)
Martin White: Working Home Page
Mass (blog by Carl Brannen)
Massive Black Holes Information Center - VLBI Imaging
(Jim Ulvestad, ARISE)
The Massive Pulsar PSR J1614-2230: Linking Quantum Chromodynamics, Gamma-ray Bursts, and Gravitational Wave Astronomy (Feryal Ozel et al., arXiv:1010.5790v1 [astro-ph.HE], 27 Oct 2010)

The Mathematical Universe (Max Tegmark, arXiv:0704.0646 [gr-qc], 5 Apr 2007, revised)
-- Another Theory of Everything (Christophe de Dinechin, Grenouille Bouillie, 15 May 2007)
-- The Mathematical Universe (Sabine Hossenfelder, Back Reaction, 11 Oct 2007)
A mature cluster with X-ray emission at z=2.07 (Raphael Gobat et al., ESO, 24 Feb 2011) PDF
-- The Most Distant Mature Galaxy Cluster (ESO Science Release eso1108, 9 Mar 2011)
MAXIMA (Millimeter Anisotropy eXperiment IMaging Array, CfPA)
Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik
Max Tegmark (MIT)
Max Tegmark's Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis Center
-- Experiments
Maybe black holes don't really exist (George Chapline, Guest Blog, Scientific American, 28 Jul 2011)
The Meaning of Einstein's Equation (John C. Baez & Emory F. Bunn, gr-qc/0103044, 13 Mar 2001, revised)
Measurement of Gravitomagnetic and Acceleration Fields Around Rotating Superconductors (Martin Tajmar et al., gr-qc/0610015, 4 Oct 2006, revised)
Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam (T. Adam et al., the OPERA Collaboration, arXiv:1109.4897v1 [hep-ex], 22 Sep 2011)
-- Particles Found to Travel Faster than Speed of Light (Geoff Brumfiel & Nature magazine, Scientific American, 22 Sep 2011)
-- On Neutrinos and the Speed of Light (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 23 Sep 2011)
-- OPERA experiment reports anomaly in flight time of neutrinos from CERN to Gran Sasso (CERN Press Release, 23 Sep 2011)
-- Do neutrinos move faster than the speed of light? (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 23 Sep 2011)
-- Faster-than-light neutrinos show science in action (Kelly Oakes, Basic Space, Scientific American Blog, 23 Sep 2011)
-- The SN 1987A Experiment (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 24 Sep 2011)
Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the ICARUS detector at the CNGS beam (M. Antonello et al., arXiv:1203.3433v1 [hep-ex], 15 Mar 2012)
-- Not So Fast: Independent Measurement Shows Neutrinos Don't Exceed Speed of Light (John Matson, Observations, Scientific American Blog Network, 16 Mar 2012)
-- Have superluminal claims been put to rest? (Dens Milne, Physics World Blog, 2 Apr 2012)
-- Embattled 'Faster-than-Light' Neutrino Experiment Leaders Step Down (Eugenie Samuel Reich, Scientific American, 2 Apr 2012)
The measure of cosmological parameters
(Wendy L. Freedman, 1 Feb 2002)
The Measure Problem in Cosmology (G. W. Gibbons & Neil Turok, Physical Review D 77:6, Paper No. 063516, Mar 2008; preprint at arXiv:hep-th/0609095, 13 Sep 2006, revised)
Measuring Cosmic Distances with Stellar Heart Beats
(ESO Press Release 25/04, 29 Oct 2004)
Measuring the Hubble Constant (Ian Smail, University of Durham)
Measuring the Small-Scale Power Spectrum of Cosmic Density Fluctuations Through 21 cm Tomography Prior to the Epoch of Structure Formation (Abraham Loeb et al., astro-ph/0312134, 4 Dec 2003, revised)
Message in the Sky (Stephen D. H. Hsu & A. Zee, physics/0510102, 11 Oct 2005, revised)
MeV Dark Matter: Has It Been Detected? (Celine Boehm et al., 25 Sep 2003, revised)
Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Five-Year Data (arXiv, Mar 2008)
-- A New Day in Precision Cosmology (Alan MacRobert, Sky & Telescope, 11 Mar 2008)
The microwave background temperature at the redshift of 2.33771 (R. Srianand et al., Nature 408(6815):931-5, 21 Dec 2000; astro-ph/0012222, 11 Dec 2000)
The Milky Way, Schrodinger's Cat and You (Puragra Gunathakurta, Keck Astronomy Lecture, 7 Sep 2005) MP3
Millennium Simulation (Volker Springel et al., MPA Galaxy Formation Group, Garching)
Mining Circumgalactic Baryons in the Low-Redshift Universe (Cameron Jia Liang & Hsiao-Wen Chen, arXiv:1402.3602 [astro-ph.CO], 14 Feb 2014)
-- Fingerprinting the Circumgalactic Medium (Shannon Hall, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 4 Mar 2014)
MIPS GTO Cosmological Surveys (Hervé Dole, University of Arizona)
Misconceptions about the Big Bang (Charles H. Lineweaver & Tamara M. Davis, Scientific American 292:3:36-45, Mar 2005)
A model for the Pioneer Anomaly (Antonio F. Ranada & Alfredo Tiemblo, gr-qc/0602003, 1 Feb 2006)
Modelling the Pioneer anomaly as modified inertia (Mike E. McCulloch, astro-ph/0612599, 20 Dec 2006)
Modern Cosmology and the Building Blocks of the Universe (Mark Trodden, University of Pennsylvania, Penn Alumni Weekend Lecture, 15 May 2010)
Modern Cosmology for Non-Specialists
(Astronomy A01 Syllabus, Northwestern U)
Modern Cosmology: Science or Folktale? (Michael J. Disney, Macroscope, American Scientist 95(5):383-5, Sep-Oct 2007)
Modern Relativity (David Waite)
Modified Newtonian Dynamics and the Physics Aesthetic
(Pamela Bingcang)
Modifying gravity with the Aether: an alternative to Dark Matter
(T. G. Zlosnik et al., astro-ph/0607411, 18 Jul 2006)
MOND Discussion Forum (John Meyer)
MOND effects in the inner solar system (Mordehai Milgrom, arXiv:0906.4817v1 [astro-ph.CO], 25 Jun 2009)
-- Phantom menace to dark matter theory (Marcus Chown, New Scientist 2716, 8 Jul 2009)
MOND habitats within the solar system (Jacob Bekenstein & Joao Magueijo, astro-ph/0602266, 12 Feb 2006)
The MOND Pages (Stacy S. McGaugh)
Most distant object in the universe [GRB 090423] spotted (Rachel Courtland, New Scientist, 27 Apr 2009, updated)
The Most Luminous z~9-10 Galaxy Candidates yet Found: The Luminosity Function, Cosmic Star-Formation Rate, and the First Mass Density Estimate at 500 Myr (P. A. Oesch et al., arXiv:1309.2280 [astro-ph.CO], 9 Sep 2013, revised)
-- Galaxies Trace Early Cosmic History (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 10 Jan 2014)
Mysteries of Deep Space - History of the Universe Timeline
Mysterious Objects at the Edge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (Dauna Coulter & Tony Phillips, NASA Science, 16 Mar 2012)
MSAM/TopHat High Altitude Scientific Balloons Measuring the Anisotropy of the CMB
Much Ado about Nothing (Michael Shermer, Scientific American, 27 Apr 2012)
MultiDark: Multimessenger Approach to Dark Matter Detection (Marenostrum Numerical Cosmology Project, Barcelona)
-- MultiDark Database (German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory)
Multiversal Journeys (Encino, California)
The Multiverse Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (Raphael Bousso & Leonard Susskind, arXiv:1105.3796v1 [hep-th], 19 May 2011)
Multiverses and Cosmology: Philosophical Issues (W. R. Stoeger et al., astro-ph/0407329, 16 Jul 2004, revised)
The Mysteries of Mass (Gordon Kane, Scientific American 293:1:40-48, Jul 2005)
Mysterious Cosmic 'Dark Flow' Tracked Deeper into Universe (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center News Release, 10 Mar 2010)
The Mystery of the Missing Light (Maria Temming, Sky & Telescope, 16 Jul 2014)
The Myth of the Beginning of Time (Gabriele Veneziano, Scientific American 290:5:54-65, May 2004)

The NASA-DOE Joint Dark Energy Mission (JDEM): A Dark Energy Science Investigation (Office of High Energy Physics, U.S. Department of Energy) PDF
NASA Great Observatories Find Candidate for Most Distant Galaxy Yet Known (HubbleSite News Release No. STScI-2012-36, 15 Nov 2012)
NASA Releases Stunning Images of Our Infant Universe (NASA Imagine the Universe News, 12 Feb 2003)
NASA's Beyond Einstein Program: An Architecture for Implementation (Charles F. Kennel & Joseph H. Rothenberg et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2007)
-- 'Beyond Einstein' Research Should Begin With Mission To Study Dark Energy (NAS Press Release, 5 Sep 2007)
-- Dark energy and the lingering half-death, half-life of a NASA mission axed, then un-axed (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 6 Sep 2007)
NASA Science Strategic Roadmap: Universe Exploration: From the Big Bang to Life (SpaceRef.com, 26 May 2005)
NASA's Origins Program (JPL)
-- Origins Missions
The Nature of the Universe Debate in 1998
The n-Category Café (John Baez et al., UT Austin)
NCSA Cosmology (US National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
NCSA/LCA-Potsdam-WashU International Numerical Relativity Group
-- Potsdam Mirror
Necessary and sufficient conditions for big bangs, bounces, crunches, rips, sudden singularities, and extremality events (Celine Cattoe & Matt Visser, gr-qc/0508045, 11 Aug 2005, revised)
NED Cosmology Reviews (NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database)
Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial (Edward L. Wright)
Neighboring Valley in the String Landscape (Louis J. Clavelli, hep-ph/0607029, 3 Jul 2006)
New "Bigs" in cosmology (Artyom V. Yurov et al., astro-ph/0606529, 21 Jun 2006)
New calculations support dark-matter discovery by DAMA, say physicists (Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World, 12 Jan 2015)
New Constraints on Neutrino Velocities (Andrew G. Cohen & Sheldon L. Glashow, arXiv:1109.6562v1 [hep-ph], 299 Sep 2011)
A New Cosmogony (Edward Fredkin, 1992)
New Ekpyrotic Cosmology (Evgeny I. Buchbinder et al., hep-th/0702154, 20 Feb 2007, revised)
New Gamma-Ray Burst Smashes Cosmic Distance Record (Francis Reddy, NASA Swift, 28 Apr 2009)
New Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries of Type Ia Supernovae at z > 1: Narrowing Constraints on the Early Behavior of Dark Energy (Adam G. Riess et al., astro-ph/0611572, 17 Nov 2006)
A new measurement of the bulk flow of X-ray luminous clusters of galaxies (Alexander Kashlinksy et al., arXiv:0910.4958v3 [astro-ph.CO], 26 Oct 2009, revised)
-- Mysterious 'dark flow' at the edge of the universe (Colin Stuart, physicsworld.com, 15 Mar 2010)
A New Method for Measuring Extragalactic Distances (Yuzuru Yoshii et al., arXiv:1403.1693 [astro-ph.CO], 7 Mar 2014)
-- A New Galactic Yardstick (Shannon Hall, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 2 Apr 2014)
New model of expanding Universe (Philip Ball, Nature Science Update, 2 Feb 2001)
New Proof from Oxford: Parallel Universes Exist (Rebecca Sato, The Daily Galaxy, 25 Sep 2007)
-- David Deutsch on Parallel Universes - sci.physics.research (W. Edwin Clark et al., 25 Sep 2007)
-- David Deutsch on Parallel Universes (W. Edwin Clark et al., Physics Forums, 26 Sep 2007)
Newsgroup: alt.sci.time-travel
Newsgroup: sci.physics.relativity
-- Relativity FAQ

New Telescope Strategy Could Resolve Dark Matter Mystery (Clara Moskowitz, SPACE.com, Scientific American, 7 Jun 2013)
New Windows on the Structure and Evolution of the Universe (COSSC)
A Next Generation Microlensing Survey of the LMC: An NOAO Long Term Survey with the MOSAIC Imager on the Blanco 4 meter telescope (The SuperMACHO Team)
Niel Brandt's Home Page
Nine-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Final Maps and Results (C. L. Bennett et al., arXiv:1212.5225 [astro-ph.CO], 20 Dec 2013)
The NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey
NOAO Fundamental Plane Survey (Michael J. Hudson et al.)
No evidence for anomalously low variance circles on the sky (Adam Moss et al., arXiv:1012.1305v1 [astro-ph.CO], 6 Dec 2010)
No realistic wormholes from ghost-free scalar-tensor phantom dark energy (Kirill A. Bronnikove et al., gr-qc/0612032, 5 Dec 2006)
Nothing is Negligible: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing (Michael Shermer, eSkeptic, 11 Jul 2012)
No time like the present (Philip Ball, Nature Science Update, 30 Oct 2002)
Not Only Because of Theory: Dyson, Eddington and the Competing Myths of the 1919 Eclipse Expedition (Daniel Kennefick, arXiv:0709.0685 [physics.hist-ph], 5 Sep 2007, revised)
NOVA | Big Bang Machine (Joseph McMaster et al., PBS, 14 Jan 2015)
NOVA | Einstein's Big Idea (Gary Johnstone, PBS, 11 Oct 2005)
NOVA | The Fabric of the Cosmos, with Brian Greene (PBS, 2-23 Nov 2011)
NOVA Online | Runaway Universe (11 Nov 2000)
NOVA Online | Time Travel (12 Oct 1999)
NOVA | Origins, with Neil deGrasse Tyson
(PBS, 28-29 Sep 2004)
NOVA | Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives (Louise Lockwood, PBS, 21 Oct 2008)
No Way Back: Maximizing survival time below the Schwarzschild event horizon (Geraint F. Lewis & Juliana Kwan, arXiv:0705.1029v1 [physics.ed-ph], 8 May 2007)
NSF-funded Telescopes in Antarctica and Chile Discover Bursts of Star Formation in the Early Universe (US National Science Foundation Press Release 13-041, 13 Mar 2013)
Numerical Relativity at U T Brownsville (University of Texas)
Observable Signatures of a Black Hole Ejected by Gravitational Radiation Recoil in a Galaxy Merger (Abraham Loeb, astro-ph/0703722, 28 Mar 2007, revised)
Observational and Experimental Evidence Bearing on General Relativity (Chris Hillman)
Observational Bounds on Cosmic Doomsday (Renata Kallosh et al., astro-ph/0307185, 10 Jul 2003)
Observational Cosmology (R. Mark Elowitz)
Observational Cosmology in the Timbie Group
(Peter Timbie et al., U of Wisconsin-Madison)
Observational Cosmology Laboratory (Jonathan Gardner et al., NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Observational Evidence for Extra Dimensions from Dark Matter (Bo Qin et al., astro-ph/0508572, 26 Aug 2005)
Observational Evidence for Two Cosmological Predictions Made by Bit-String Physics (H. Pierre Noyes, SLAC-PUB-8779, Mar 2001)
Observational Evidence from Supernovae for an Accelerating Universe and a Cosmological Constant (Adam G. Riess et al., Astronomical Journal 116:1009-38, 15 May 1998)
Observational Extragalactic Astronomy & Cosmology (Durham)
An Observational Test for the Anthropic Origin of the Cosmological Constant (Abraham Loeb, astro-ph/0604242, 11 Apr 2006)
Observations Supporting the Existence of an Intrinsic Magnetic Moment Inside the Central Compact Object Within the Quasar Q0957+561 (Rudolph E. Schild et al., astro-ph/0505518, 25 May 2005, revised)
Observing the Beginning of Time (Craig J. Hogan, American Scientist 90(5):420-27, Sep-Oct 2002)
Observing the Geometry of Warped Compactification via Cosmic Inflation (Gary Shiu & Bret Underwood, hep-th/0610151, 12 Oct 2006)
Observing the Multiverse with Cosmic Wakes (Matthew Kleban et al., arXiv:1109.3473v1 [astro-ph.CO], 15 Sep 2011)
-- How to spot a multiverse (Jon Cartwright, Physics World, 4 Oct 2011)
The Oldest Light in the Universe (NASA, 11 Feb 2003)
On Constructing Baby Universes and Black Holes (Tanmay Vachaspati, arXiv:0705.2048v1 [gr-qc], 15 May 2007)
On Cyclic Universes (Paul H. Frampton, astro-ph/0612243, 9 Dec 2006)
1E 0657-56: NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter
(Chandra Photo Album, 21 Aug 2006)
On the accretion of phantom energy onto wormholes (Pedro F. Gonzalez-Diaz, astro-ph/0510771, 27 Oct 2005)
On The 5D Extra-Force according to Basini-Capozziello-Leon Formalism and five important features: Kar-Sinha Gravitational Bending of Light, Chung-Freese Superluminal Behaviour, Maartens-Clarkson Black Strings, Experimental measures of Extra Dimensions on board International Space Station(ISS) and the existence of the Particle $Z$ due to a Higher Dimensional spacetime (Fernando Rego Loup, gr-qc/0603106, 28 Mar 2006, revised)
On globally static and stationary cosmologies with or without a cosmological constant and the Dark Energy problem (Thomas Buchert, gr-qc/0509124, 30 Sep 2005)
On gravitational-wave spectroscopy of massive black holes with the space interferometer LISA (Emanuele Berti et al., gr-qc/0512160, 29 Dec 2005)
On Inflation in String Theory (Renata Kellosh, arXiv:hep-th/0702059, 8 Feb 2007, revised)
On a macroscopic traversable spacewarp in practice (Mohammad Mansouryar, gr-qc/0511086, 16 Nov 2005, revised)
On the origin of chemical elements (Kelly Oakes, Basic Space, Scientific American Blog, 2 Aug 2011)
On the Origins of Life and the Universe: An Afternoon with 2006 Nobel Laureates Craig Mello and John Mather (webcast, John W. Kluge Center, Library of Congress, 27 Jul 2007)
On the perspectives of testing the Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati gravity model with the outer planets of the Solar System (Lorenzo Iorio & Giuseppe Giudice, gr-qc/0510105, 25 Oct 2005, revised)
On a recently proposed metric linear extension of general relativity to explain the Pioneer anomaly (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0608068, 13 Aug 2006)
On Schizophrenic Experiences of the Neutron or Why We Should Believe in the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Theory (Lev Vaidman, quant-ph/9609006, 7 Sep 1996)
On the similarity of Information Energy to Dark Energy (M. Paul Gough et al., astro-ph/0603084, 3 Mar 2006, revised)
Open Directory - Science: Astronomy: Cosmology
The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE)
The Optimal Cosmic Epoch for Precision Cosmology (Abraham Loeb, arXiv:1203.2622 [astro-ph.CO], 12 Mar 2012, revised)
-- Losing Our Cosmology (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 23 May 2012)
Options for a nondedicated mission to test the Pioneer anomaly (Dario Izzo & Andreas Rathke, astro-ph/0504634, 28 Apr 2005, revised)
The Origin, History, Evolution & Future of the Universe (Space.com, Oct 2011)
The Origin of the Hubble Sequence in Lambda-CDM Cosmology (Andrew J. Benson & Nick Devereux, arXiv:0911.4480 [astro-ph.CO], 23 Nov 2009, revised)
The Origin of Matter (James M. Cline, American Scientist 92(2):148-57, Mar-Apr 2004)
The origin of the matter-antimatter asymmetry (Michael Dine & Alexander Kusenko, Reviews of Modern Physics 76:1-30, 2004)
Origins (BBC Science & Nature)
Origins Project (Lawrence Krauss et al., Arizona State University)
Origins Education Forum (NASA/STScI)
Origins: Emerging Modern Universe (NASA's Origins Program)

The Origins Institute (Ralph Pudritz et al., McMaster University)
The Origins of Structure in the Universe (Report of the NRC-NSERC Long Range Planning Panel, Herzberg Institute for Astronomy)
-- CASCA Mirror
Origins of the Universe (Neil deGrasse Tyson, WGBH Forum Network, Boston, 12 Sep 2004)
Our Cosmic Patch (Helen Matsos, Interview with Sir Martin Rees, Part 1, Astrobiology Magazine, 3 Jan 2005)
Our Cosmic Self-Esteem (Helen Matsos, Interview with Sir Martin Rees, Part3, Astrobiology Magazine, 10 Jan 2005)
An Overview of Gravitational-Wave Sources (Curt Cutler & Kip S. Thorne, gr-qc/0204090, 30 Apr 2002)
Pair Creation Constrains Superluminal Neutrino Propagation (Andrew G. Cohen & Sheldon L. Glashow, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 181803, 27 Oct 2011)
PAMELA - A Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics (P. Picozza et al., astro-ph/0608697, 31 Aug 2006, revised)
PAMELA Space Mission - a Payload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics (Piergiorgio Picozza & Arkady M. Galper et al., Italian National Institute for Research in Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, Bologna)
-- In the dark about dark matter (Jon Cartwright, Physics World Blog)
The PANS Project (Adam Riess et al., Probing Acceleration Now with Supernovae, Space Telescope Science Institute)
Parallel Universes (David Deutsch)
Parallel Universes (Max Tegmark)
Parallel Universes (Max Tegmark in J. D. Barrow et al. (eds), Science and Ultimate Reality: From Quantum to Cosmos (CUP, 2003)) PDF
Parallel Universes (Max Tegmark, Scientific American 288:5:40-51, May 2003)
Parallel universes, the Matrix, and superintelligence (Michio Kaku, interviewed by Amara D. Angelica, KurzweilAI.net, 26 Jun 2003)
The Parkes Pulsar Timing Array (R. N. Manchester, astro-ph/0604288, 13 Apr 2006)
Peebles, P. James E., et al., 'The Evolution of the Universe'
(Scientific American Magnificent Cosmos, March 1998)
Penn Astrophysics & Cosmology
Perihelion precession and deflection of light in gravitational field of wormholes (Vladimir Strokov & S. Repin, arXiv:0709.3286v1 [gr-qc], 20 Sep 2007)
Phantom Energy and Cosmic Doomsday (Robert R. Caldwell et al., 25 Feb 2003)
Phantom energy traversable wormholes (Francisco Lobo et al., gr-qc/0502099, 23 Feb 2005, revised)
Phase Information and the Evolution of Cosmological Density Perturbations
(Lung-Yih Chiang & Peter Coles)
PHENIX: A Physics Experiment at RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Phobos Experiment at RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Brookhaven National Laboratory)
The PHOBOS Perspective on Discoveries at RHIC (B. B. Back et al., nucl-ex/0410022, 15 Oct 2004, revised)
Photometric Redshifts (Stephen Gwyn)
The Physical World as a Virtual Reality (Brian Whitworth, arXiv:0801.0337v2 [cs.OH], 2 Jan 2008, revised)
Physicists Simulate the End of Time in a Maryland Lab (George Musser, Scientific American Blog, 28 Jul 2011)
Physics 410/510 Observational Cosmology (Greg Bothun)
Physics and Cosmology: Topic Index
(Robert Russell, Counterbalance)
The Physics of Microwave Background Anisotropies (Wayne Hu)
Physics of the Universe (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
The Pioneer Anomaly (The Planetary Society)
Pioneer anomaly: a drift in the proper time of the spacecraft (Vikram H. Zaveri, arXiv:0709.3690v1 [math-ph], 24 Sep 2007)
The Pioneer Anomaly: Effect, New Data and New Investigation (Slava G. Turyshev, American Physical Society Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri, 13 Apr 2008) PDF
-- Preliminary thermal modeling accounts for some (but not all) of the Pioneer Anomaly (Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society Blog, 17 Apr 2008)
The Pioneer Anomaly - Frequently Asked Questions
(Bruce Betts, The Planetary Society)
Pioneer anomaly? Gravitational pull due to the Kuiper belt (Jose A. de Diego et al., astro-ph/0503368, 16 Mar 2005, revised)
The Pioneer Anomaly in the Light of New Data (Slava G. Turyshev & Viktor T. Toth, arXiv:0906.0399v1 [gr-qc], 2 Jun 2009)
The Pioneer Anomaly Investigation at ISSI
(International Space Science Institute)
Pioneer anomaly: What can we learn from LISA? (Denis Defrere & Andreas Rathke, gr-qc/0509021, 7 Sep 2005)
PIQUE Homepage (Princeton CMB)
Pittsburgh Relativity Group Home Page
Planck (ESA Science & Technology)

Planck (COBRAS/SAMBA), The Home Page of
(Jan Tauber, ESA Astrophysics)
Planck (NASA Mission Pages)
-- Planck's First Glimpse at the Universe (17 Sep 2009)
Planck (U.S. Planck Mission Home)
Planckian Birth of the Quantum de Sitter Universe (Jan Ambjorn et al., Physical Review Letters 100:091304, 7 Mar 2008; arXiv:0712.2485v1 [hep-th], 17 Dec 2007)
Planck - In a Nutshell (ESA Astrophysics)
Planck Intermediate Results. IX. Detection of the Galactic haze with Planck (Planck Collaboration, arXiv:1208.5483 [astro-ph.GA], 27 Aug 2012)
-- Dark-matter hope fades in microwave haze (Colin Stuart, Physics World, 10 Sep 2012)
-- Milky Way Blew Bubbles (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 14 Sep 2012)
Planck intermediate results. XXX. The angular power spectrum of polarized dust emission at intermediate and high Galactic latitudes (Planck Collaboration, arXiv:1409.5738 [astro-ph.CO], 19 Sep 2014)
-- BICEP2 gravitational wave result bites the dust thanks to new Planck data (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 22 Sep 2014)
-- Dust Makes Cosmic Inflation Signal Iffy (Camille M. Carlisle, Sky & Telescope, 24 Sep 2014)
-- Planck offers another glimpse of the early universe (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 4 Dec 2014)
Planck perspectives (Peter Coles, Physics World, 8 Jan 2014)
Planck Publications (Planck Collaboration, ESA)
-- Planck Mission Explores the History of Our Universe (JPL News Release, 5 Feb 2015)
-- Planck Upholds Standard Cosmology (Camille M. Carlisle, Sky & Telescope, 10 Feb 2015)
Planck Published Papers (ESO)
-- Planck Legacy Archive
-- IPAC Planck Home Page (NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive)
Planck reveals an almost perfect Universe (ESO Space Science, 21 Mar 2013)
PLANCK reveals the Universe's First Light (CITA News Release, 21 Mar 2013)
-- Planck: Best Map Yet of Cosmic Creation (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 21 Mar 2013)
-- Planck reveals 'almost perfect' universe (Michael Banks, Physics World, 21 Mar 2013)
-- Planck Satellite Shows Image of Infant Universe (Dennis Overbye, New York Times, 21 Mar 2013)
-- What The Entire Universe Is Made Of, Thanks to Planck! (Ethan Siegel, Starts With A Bang, 21 Mar 2013)
The Planck Scale (Sabine Hossenfelder, Backreaction, 5 Jul 2007)
Planck Science Team Home (ESA)
Planck 2013 results. XX. Cosmology from Sunyaev-Zeldovich cluster counts (Planck Collaboration, arXiv:1303.5080 [astro-ph.CO], 20 Mar 2013)
-- Planck 2013 results. XXIX. Planck catalogue of Sunyaev-Zeldovich sources (Planck Collaboration,arXiv:1303.5089 [astro-ph.CO], 20 Mar 2013)
-- Mystery of the Missing Galaxy Clusters (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 31 Jan 2014)
Planck unveils the Universe -- now and then (ESA Space Science News Release, 5 Jul 2010)
-- Planck telescope reveals ancient cosmic light (Jonathan Amos, BBC News, 5 Jul 2010)
-- Planck captures the universe coming to life (James Dacey, Physics World, 5 Jul 2010)
-- Planck's View of the Universe (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 7 Jul 2010)
Planet Science: Big Bang (New Scientist)
Popular Science Links on General Relativity (AEI)
Popular Science Relativity Websites (Chris Hillman)
A Population of Fast Radio Bursts at Cosmological Distances (Dan Thornton et al., arXiv:1307.1628 [astro-ph.HE], 5 Jul 2013)
-- Mystery Signals from Space (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 4 Jul 2013)
-- Radio Bursts Discovered From Beyond our Galaxy (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2013-216, 8 Jul 2013)
-- A Brilliant Flash, Then Nothing: New "Fast Radio Bursts" Mystify Astronomers (Lee Billings, Scientific American, 9 Jul 2013)
A Possible Solution for the Problem of Time in Quantum Cosmology
(Stuart Kauffman & Lee Smolin, Edge 10, 20 Mar 1997)
Possible observational windows for quantum effects from black holes (Steven B. Giddings, arXiv:1406.7001 [hep-th], 26 Jun 2014, revised)
Post-Swift Gamma-ray Burst Science and Capabilities Needed to EXIST (Jonathan E. Grindlay, astro-ph/0605112, 4 May 2006)
Potential solar axion signatures in X-ray observations with the XMM-Newton observatory (George W. Fraser et al.,arXiv:1403.2436 [astro-ph.HE], 10 Mar 2014, revised)
-- Dark Matter from the Sun? (Peter Coles, In the Dark, 16 Oct 2014)
-- Physicists see potential dark matter from the Sun (Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News & Comment, 17 Oct 2014)
The Pre-Big Bang Scenario in String Cosmology (Maurizio Gasperini & Gabriele Veneziano, Physics Reports 373(1-2):1-212 (Jan 2003)
Predicted and Observed Evolution in the Mean Properties of Type Ia Supernovae with Redshift (D. Andrew Howell et al., arXiv:astro-ph/0701912v2, 31 Jan 2007, revised 1 Aug 2007; The Astrophysical Journal 667:L37-L40, 20 Sep 2007)
-- Type 1a Supernovae: A Non-Standard Candle (Pamela L. Gay, Star Stryder, 3 Oct 2007)
-- Supernovae not what they used to be (April Kemick, University of Toronto Press Release, 4 Oct 2007)
-- Supernovas losing 'wattage,' say astronomers (CBC News, 4 Oct 2007)
Preposterous Universe (Sean Carroll)
Primordial Black Holes as a Probe of Cosmology and High Energy Physics (Bernard J. Carr, astro-ph/0310838, 29 Oct 2003)
Prince of darkness (Alex Murphy, interviewed by James Dacey, Physics World, 13 Oct 2009)
-- Into the darkness (James Dacey, Physics World Blog, 14 Oct 2009)
Princeton Cosmology (Princeton University)
Princeton MAT Homepage (Mobile Anisotropy Telescope)
A probable stellar solution to the cosmological lithium descrepancy
(A. J. Korn et al., Nature 442:657-9, 10 Aug 2006)
Probing Quantum Gravity using Photons from a Mkn 501 Flare Observed by MAGIC (J. Albert et al., arXiv:0708.2889v1 [astro-ph], 21 Aug 2007)
-- Probing quantum gravity using photons from a flare of the active galactic nucleus Markarian 501 observed by the MAGIC telescope (J. Albert et al., arXiv:0708.2889 [astro-ph], 21 Aug 2007, revised)
-- MAGIC's observation of Gamma Ray bursts (Sabine Hossenfelder, Backreaction, 26 Aug 2007)
The problem of what exists (P. C. W. Davies, astro-ph/0602420, 20 Feb 2006)
A Problem with the Clustering of Recent Measures of the Distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud (Bradley E. Schaefer, arXiv:0709.4531v1 [astro-ph], 28 Sep 2007)
Production of antimatter in the galaxy (Pierre Salati, astro-ph/0601602, 26 Jan 2006)
Professional Resources for Gravitation Researchers (Chris Hillman)
Progress in Lunar Laser Ranging Tests of Relativistic Gravity (James G. Williams et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 93:261101, 2004; gr-qc/0411113, 24 Nov 2004, revised)
Project Deeprange: A Deep Wide Area I-Band Survey
(Marc Postman et al.)
Prospects for direct detection of primordial gravitational waves (Sirichai Chongchitnan & George Efstathiou, astro-ph/0602594, 27 Feb 2006)
QCD and Standard Model (Net Advance of Physics)
Qgravity.org: Quantum Gravity, Physics and Philosophy (Lee Smolin)
QUaD - QUEST at DASI (Sarah Church et al., Stanford University)
The quantum black hole in 2+1 dimensions (B. Ram & J. Shirley, gr-qc/0604074, 18 Apr 2006)
Quantum Black Holes (Bernard J. Carr & Steven B. Giddings, Scientific American 292:5:48-55, May 2005)
Quantum Cosmology (Cambridge Relativity)
Quantum evaporation of a naked singularity (Rituparno Goswami et al., arXiv:gr-qc/0506129, 28 Jun 2005, revised)
Quantum Field Theory (Net Advance)
The quantum game of life (Pablo Arrighi & Jonathan Grattage, Physics World, 31 May 2012)
Quantum Gravity in 2+1 Dimensions: The Case of a Closed Universe (Steven Carlip, Living Rev. Relativity 8 (2005), 1
Quantum gravity: The search for quantum gravity (Sidney Perkowitz, Aeon Magazine, 11 Nov 2014)
Quantum Nature of the Big Bang (Abhay Ashtekar et al., gr-qc/0602086, 22 Feb 2006)
Quantum Near Horizon Geometry of Black 0-Brane (Yoshifumi Hyakutake, arXiv:1311.7526 [hep-th], 29 Nov 2013)
Quantum Phenomena Modeled by Interactions between Many Classical Worlds (Michael J. W. Hall et al., Phys. Rev. X 4, 041013, 23 Oct 2014; abstract)
-- A quantum world arising from many ordinary ones (Alexandra Witze, Nature News & Comment, 24 Oct 2014)
Quantum Universe: The Revolution in 21st-Century Particle Physics
(Persis Drell et al., High Energy Physics Advisory Panel, Jun 2004)
-- Quantum UniverseReport (Interactions)
The Quantum Zoo: A Tourist's Guide to the Neverending Universe
(Marcus Chown, Joseph Henry Press, Washington, DC, 2006)
Quark Gluon Plasma an Color Glass Condensate at RHIC? The perspective from the BRAHMS experiment (I. Arsene et al., BRAHMS collaboration, nucl-ex/0410020, 14 Oct 2004)
Quark quartet [Zc(3900)] opens fresh vista on matter (Devin Powell, Nature News & Comment, 18 Jun 2013)
-- Particle Containing 4 Quarks Is Confirmed for First Time (Scientific American, 19 Jun 2013)
-- 'Charged charmonium' confounds particle physicists (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 18 Jun 2013)
Quasar [UM 287] shines a bright light on cosmic web (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 23 Jan 2014)
-- Lighting Up the Cosmic Web (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 27 Jan 2014)
Quintessence (Robert R. Caldwell & Paul J. Steinhardt, PhysicsWeb, Nov 2000)
Rachel Bean (Cornell University)
Radiation Transport Around Kerr Black Holes (Jeremy D. Schnittman, astro-ph/0601406, 18 Jan 2006)
Radiatively-Driven Cosmology in the Cellular Automaton Universe
(Robert Kurucz, astro-ph/0605469, 18 May 2006, revised)
A Rapidly Star-forming Galaxy 680 Million Years After the Big Bang at z=7.51 (Steven L. Finkelstein et al., Nature 520:524-7, 23 Oct 2013) PDF
-- Abstract
-- Farthest confirmed galaxy is a prolific star creator (Ken Croswell, Physics World, 23 Oct 2013)
-- Galaxy Found in Hubble Survey Has Farthest Confirmed Distance (HubbleSite NewsCenter Release No. STScI-2013-39, 23 Oct 2013)
-- A Galaxy Near Cosmic Dawn (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 25 Oct 2013)
The Real Message in the Sky (Douglas Scott & J. P. Zibin, physics/0511135, 15 Nov 2005)
Recent Developments in String Theory and Applications to Black Holes
(Amanda W. Peet, May 2001)
Reconstructed Density and Velocity Fields from the 2MASS Redshift Survey (Pirin Erdogdu et al., astro-ph/0610005, 29 Sep 2006)
A Recycled Universe (J.R. Minkel, with George Musser, Scientific American Explore!, 11 Feb 2002)
"Relative State" Formulation of Quantum Mechanics (Hugh Everett III, Reviews of Modern Physics 29(3):454-62, Jul 1957)
Relativistic Effects in Extrasolar Planetary Systems (Fred C. Adams & Gregory Laughlin, astro-ph/0611861, 28 Nov 2006)
Relativistic Reference Frames for Astrometry and Navigation in the Solar System (Sergei Kopeikin, astro-ph/0610022, 1 Oct 2006)
Relativity (Andy Gregory et al.)
Relativity and Black Hole Links (Andrew Hamilton)

Relativity and FTL Travel Homepage (Jason W. Hinson)
Relativity at the centenary (Clifford M. Will, Physics World, Jan 2005)
Relativity Calculator (Robert Gagnon, 1728 Software Systems)
Relativity on the World Wide Web (Chris Hillman & John Baez)
Relativity's new revolution (David Appell, Physics World, 6 Oct 2011)
Relativity: The Special and General Theory (Albert Einstein, 1920)
Relativity: The Special and General Theory. A Popular Exposition
(Albert Einstein, 1917; tr. Robert W. Lawson, 1920)
Relativity tests by complementary rotating Michelson-Morley experiments (Holger Mueller et al., arXiv:0706.2031v1 [physics.class-ph], 14 Jun 2007)
Relativity Tutorial (Edward L. Wright)
Relativity Tutorial (Science & Spirit)
Relativity Tutorials (Chris Hillman)
Relativity Visualization Websites (Chris Hillman)
Relaxing to Three Dimensions (Andreas Karch & Lisa Randall, hep-th/0506053, 6 Jun 2005, revised)
REM observations of GRB 060418 and GRB 060607A: the onset of the afterglow and the initial fireball Lorentz factor determination (Emilio Molinari et al., Astronomy & Astrophysics 469:L13-L16, 12 Jun 2007) PDF
Renate Loll (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University)
Report of the Dark Energy Task Force (Andreas Albrecht et al., astro-ph/0609591, 20 Sep 2006)
Resolving Pioneers' anomaly (Qasem Exirifard, arXiv:0708.0662v1 [gr-qc], 6 Aug 2007)
Resource Book on Dark Energy: Contributions from the Snowmass 2001 Workshop on the Future of Particle Physics (Jun-Jul 2001, ed. Eric Lander)
Results from the High-Z Supernova Search Team (Alexei V. Filippenko & Adam G. Riess, Physics Reports 207:31-44, 1 Jul 1998)
Results from the ULTRA experiment in the framework of the EUSO project (G. Agnetta et al., astro-ph/0602151, 7 Feb 2006)
Rethinking Einstein: The end of space-time (Anil Ananthaswamy, New Scientist 2772, 9 Aug 2010)
Retroduction, Multiverse Hypotheses and Their Testability
(William R. Stoeger, astro-ph/0602356, 16 Feb 2006)
The Return of the Phoenix Universe (Jean-Luc Lehners et al., arXiv:0910.0834v1 [hep-th], 5 Oct 2009)
The Return of a Static Universe and the End of Cosmology (Lawrence M. Krauss & Robert J. Scherrer, arXiv:0704.0221 [astro-ph], 2 Apr 2007, updated)
Review of Astrophysics & Cosmology (George Smoot)
The Revival of Cosmic Strings (Mairi Sakellariadou, hep-th/0510227, 26 Oct 2005, revised)
Roberto Trotta (Oxford University)
Robust Weak-lensing Mass Calibration of Planck Galaxy Clusters (Anja von der Linden et al., arXiv:1402.2670 [astro-ph.CO], 11 Feb 2014)
-- Missing galaxy mass found (Eugenie Samuel Reich, Nature News & Comment, Nature 506:274-5, 20 Feb 2014)
Rocky's Home Page (Edward W. Kolb)
Row reignites over distance of Pleiades star cluster (Mark Zastrow, Nature News & Comment, 28 Aug 2014)
-- Resolving the Pleiades Distance Problem (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope, 28 Aug 2014)
-- Pleiades distance debate resolved, say radio astronomers (Tim Wogan, Physics World, 29 Aug 2014)
Rubin, Vera, 'Dark Matter in the Universe'
(Scientific American Magnificent Cosmos, March 1998)
Santa Cruz Theoretical Cosmology Group
Scalar Field Models: From the Pioneer Anomaly to Astrophysical Constraints (Jorge Paramos, astro-ph/0505337, 17 May 2005)
Scalar perturbations and the possible self-destruction of the phantom menace (Julio Cesar Fabris & S. V. B. Goncalves, astro-ph/0603171, 7 Mar 2006)
Scalar potential model of the Pioneer Anomaly (John C. Hodge, astro-ph/0612567, 20 Dec 2006)
Scale of the Universe (Zoomable graphic)
The Scale of the Universe Great Debate in 1996
The Scale of the Universe (Cary & Michael Huang)
-- An Interactive Scale of Everything in the Universe (Kalliopi Monoyios, Symbiartic, Scientific American Blog Network, 28 Mar 2013)

Schrödinger's Rabbits: The Many Worlds of Quantum
(Colin Bruce, Joseph Henry Press, 2004)
Scientific alternatives to the anthropic principle (Lee Smolin, hep-th/0407213, 26 Jul 2004, revised)
Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life (Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 31 Oct - 4 Nov 2008)
Scientific Movies (Bernd Lehle et al.)
The Scientific Programme of Planck (The Planck Collaboration, astro-ph/0604069, 4 Apr 2006)
Scott C. Chapman, The Homepage of (Caltech Astronomy)
SCP High Redshift Cluster Search (Supernova Cosmology Project)
Search for An Annual Modulation in Three Years of CoGeNT Dark Matter Detector Data (C. E. Aalseth et al., arXiv:1401.3295 [astro-ph.CO], 14 Jan 2014)
-- CoGeNT gives further backing to annual dark-matter variation (Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World, 20 Jan 2014)
Search Escalates for Key to Why Matter Exists (Natalie Wolchover, Quanta Magazine, 15 Oct 2013; Scientific American, 23 Oct 2013)
Searches for Cosmic Antimatter (Diego Casadei, astro-ph/0405417, 21 May 2004, revised)
A search for the analogue to Cherenkov radiation by high energy neutrinos at superluminal speeds in ICARUS (ICARUS Collaboration, 17 Oct 2011, revised)
A search for concentric circles in the 7-year WMAP temperature sky maps (Ingunn Kathrine Wehus & H. K. Eriksen, arXiv:1012.1268v1 [astro-ph.CO], 6 Dec 2010)
The Search for Frame-Dragging by Neutron Stars and Black Holes
(Sharon Morsink, Matters of Gravity, Spring 1998)
The search for gravitational waves (Tommaso Dorigo, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, 2 Jul 2007)
The Search for the Missing Baryons at Low Redshift (Joel N. Bregman, arXiv:0706.1787v1 [astro-ph], 12 Jun 2007)
Searching For the Golden Spike: Is there any hope of experimentally testing quantum gravity? (Kate Becker, Foundational Questions Institute, 18 Jan 2008) PDF
Searching for Inflation in Simple String Theory Models: An Astrophysical Perspective (Mark P. Hertzberg et al., arXiv:0709.0002 [astro-ph], 3 Sep 2007, revised)
-- Can string theory accommodate inflation? (David Shiga, New Scientist, 11 Sep 2007)
The Second Superstring Revolution (John H. Schwarz)
Secular increase of the Astronomical Unit and perihelion precessions as tests of the Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati multi-dimensional braneworld scenario (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0508047, 11 Aug 2005)
Seeing the Invisible -- Astronomers Pin Down Dark Matter Distribution
(ed. Alan F. Heavens, 11 Dec 2001)
Seeing Relativity: Relativistic Optics at the ANU (A. C. Searle et al.)
Self sustained phantom wormholes in semi-classical gravity (Remo Garattini & Francisco S. N. Lobo, arXiv:gr-qc/0701020, 2 Jan 2007, revised)
Self Sustained Traversable Wormholes? (Remo Garattini, gr-qc/0501105, 31 Jan 2005)
Self sustained traversable wormholes and the equation of state (Remo Garattini, gr-qc/0701019, 2 Jan 2007)
Semilocal String Formation (Julian Borrill)
Serious Blow to Dark Matter Theories? (ESO Science Release eso1217, 18 Apr 2012)
-- Kinematical and chemical vertical structure of the Galactic thick disk II. A lack of dark matter in the solar neighborhood (C. Moni Bidin, AJ preprint) PDF
Seven-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Sky Maps, Systematic Errors, and Basic Results (N. Jarosik et al., arXiv:1001.4744 [astro-ph.CO], 26 Jan 2010) PDF
-- WMAP Refines "Precision Cosmology" (Alan MacRobert, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 14 Feb 2010)
SHADES: SCUBA Half Degree Extragalactic Survey
(James Dunlop et al.)
The Shapley - Curtis Debate in 1920
Shiva WWW Server (UCT Cosmology Group)
Silicon Detector Results from the First Five-Tower Run of CDMS II (CDMS Collaboration, arXiv:1304.3706 [astro-ph.CO], 12 Apr 2013, revised)
-- More mess with dark matter detection (Resonaances, 16 Apr 2013)
A Simple Varying-alpha Cosmology (Havard B. Sandvik et al., Phys.Rev.Lett. 88 (2002) 031302; astro-ph/0107512, 26 Jul 2001, revised)
Simulating the joint evolution of quasars, galaxies and their large-scale distribution (Volker Springel et al., astro-ph/0504097, 5 Apr 2005, revised)
Simulation of a Gravitational Lens (Jim Lovell)
Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 10 Dec 2013)
A single low-energy, iron-poor supernova as the source of metals in the star SMSS J 031300.36-670839.3 (Stefan C. Keller et al., rXiv:1402.1517 [astro-ph.SR], 6 Feb 2014)
-- The Purest Star Tells an Ancient Tale (Shannon Hall, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 20 Feb 2014)
6dF Galaxy Survey (Matthew Colless)
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Sloan Digital Sky Survey SkyServer
Small, dark, and heavy: But is it a black hole? (Matt Visser et al., arXiv:0902.0346 [gr-qc], 2 Feb 2009, revised)
Smolin vs. Susskind: The Anthropic Principle (Leonard Susskind & Lee Smolin, Edge 145, 18 Aug 2004)
Smoot Astrophysics Research Program (George F. Smoot)
SNAP (SuperNova/Acceleration Probe) Homepage (Michael Levi, LBL)
"Soft bang" instead of "big bang": model of an inflationary universe without singularities and with eternal physical past time (Eckhard Rebhan, astro-ph/0602515, 23 Feb 2006)
Solar System planetary orbital motions and dark matter
(Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0602095, 23 Feb 2006)
Solutions to the tethered galaxy problem in an expanding universe and the observation of receding blueshifted objects (Tamara M. Davis et al., American Journal of Physics 71(4):358-64, Apr 2003; astro-ph/0104349, 21 Apr 2001, revised)
Some notes on the Big Trip (Pedro F. Gonzalez-Diaz, arXiv:hep-th/0607137, 20 Jul 2006)
Some Scientifically Inaccurate Claims Concerning Cosmology and Relativity (Chris Hillman)
Sounding out the Big Bang (Craig J. Hogan, Physics World, Jun 2007)
The Sound of the Big Bang (John G. Kramer, University of Washington)
The Sounds of Spacetime (Craig J. Hogan, American Scientist 94(6):534-41, Nov-Dec 2006)
The sources of the Cosmic Infrared Background (G. Lagache et al., astro-ph/0509556, 19 Sep 2005)
Southampton General Relativity Group GR Explorer
(University of Southampton)
The South Pole Telescope at the Center for Cosmological Physics
(University of Chicago)
Space and Time Warps (Stephen W. Hawking)
Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) Home Page
The Space Interferometry Mission: Taking the Measure of the Universe
(Deane Peterson et al., SISWG Final Report, 5 Apr 1996)

Spacetime Ripples on the Horizon? (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 7 Dec 2012)
Spacetime Splashes: Catching the Wave in Einstein's Equations
Space Time Travel -- Relativity Visualized (Ute Kraus & Corvin Zahn, Physics Education Group, Hildesheim University)
Spacetime Wrinkles (NCSA)
SpaceWarps (a Zooniverse project)
Special Relativity (David Waite)
Special relativity aces time trial (Alexandra Witze, Nature News & Comment, 19 Sep 2014)
Special Relativity theory made intuitive (Sylvain Poirier)
Special Relativity: Why Can't You Go Faster Than Light? An Essay by W. Daniel Hillis (Edge 49, 25 Jan 1999)
Special relativity passes key test (Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World News, 28 Oct 2009)
Spectroscopic confirmation of a galaxy [UDFy-38135539] at redshift z=8.6 (Matthew D. Lehnert et al., Nature, 21 Oct 2010) PDF
-- Clearing the Cosmic Fog: The Most Distant Galaxy Ever Measured (ESO Science Release eso1041, 20 Oct 2010)
-- Cosmology's Distance Record Shattered (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 21 Oct 2010)
Spectroscopic Confirmation of z~7 LBGS: Probing the Earliest Galaxies and the Epoch of Reonizization (L. Pentericci et al., arXiv:1107.1376v1, 7 Jul 2011) PDF
-- Distant Galaxies Reveal The Clearing of the Cosmic Fog (ESO Science Release eso1138, 12 Oct 2011)
The spectroscopically confirmed huge cosmic structure at z=0.55 (Masayuki Tanaka et al., Letter, Astronomy & Astrophysics 505:2:L9-L12, 15 Sep 2009)
-- Shedding Light on the Cosmic Skeleton (ESO 41/09 - Science Release, 3 Nov 2009)
The speed of the 'bullet' in the merging galaxy cluster 1E0657-56 (Volker Springel & Glennys Farrar, arXiv:astro-ph/0703232, 12 Mar 2007)
The Speed of Light - A Limit on Principle? (Laro Schatzer)
SPIDR, The Spectroscopy and Photometry of the IGMs Diffuse Radiation
(Supriya Chakrabarti et al., Boston University)
Spiral Galaxies Exist -- But Why? (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 16 Feb 2010)
Spontaneous Inflation and the Origin of the Arrow of Time (Sean M. Carroll & Jennifer Chen, arXiv:hep-th/0410270v1, 27 Oct 2004)
Springtide-induced magnification of Earth mantle resonance causes tectonics and conceals universality of physics at all scales (Mensur Omerbashich, physics/0608026, 2 Aug 2006)
Stability of phantom wormholes (Francisco S. N. Lobo, gr-qc/0506001, 31 May 2005)
Stable dark energy stars (Francisco Lobo, gr-qc/0508115, 28 Aug 2005, revised)
Stalking the Shadow Universe (Dennis Overbye, New York Times, 16 Jul 2014) [Video]
Star Consciousness: An Alternative to Dark Matter (Gregory L. Matloff, British Interplanetary Society, London, 2011; ed Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 13 Jun 2012)
StarDate Online | News | Size/Age of the Universe
STAR: The STAR Collaboration (Relativistic Ion Collider, Brookhaven National Laboratory)
The Starwomb Project: Monad to Nomad (Daniel Wolf Savin et al. & Barbara Yontz)
-- Columbia Researches Shed Light on Birth of the First Stars (Columbia University Research News, 1 Jul 2010)
--A Star Is Born ... But How? (US National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release 10-111, 1 Jul 2010)
Status and Perspectives of Dark Matter Searches (Jodi Cooley, astro-ph/0607621, 27 Jul 2006)
Steinhardt, Paul J.
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking Fan Site
The Stephen Hawking Page (Nick Donaldson)
Stephen Hawking's Universe - Home (PBS Online)
Strictly Speaking (webcast of lecture by Stephen W. Hawking, UC Berkeley, 13 Mar 2007)
String Theory and Cosmology (Patricia Schwarz)
String Theory and Pre-big bang Cosmology (Maurizio Gasperini & G. Veneziano, hep-th/0703055, 6 Mar 2007)
Structure and Evolution of the Universe (Goddard SFC CGRO)

Structure Formation with Cosmic Strings (Tom Abel et al.)
The Structure of the Multiverse (David Deutsch, arXiv:quant-ph/0104033v1, 6 Apr 2001)
Studying the WHIM Content of the Galaxy Large-Scale Structures along the Line of Sight to H 2356-309 (L. Zappacosta et al., arXiv:1004.5359v1 [astro-ph.CO], 29 Apr 2010)
-- X-ray Discovery Points to Location of Missing Matter (Janet Anderson & Megan Watzke, NASA/Chandra, 11 May 2010)
-- Last "Missing" Normal Matter Is Found (Alan MacRobert, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 14 May 2010)
Study of the anomalous acceleration of Pioneer 10 and 11 (John D. Anderson et al., gr-qc/0104064, 19 Apr 2001, revised)
The Study of the Pioneer Anomaly: New Data and Objectives for New Investigation (Slava G. Turyshev et al., gr-qc/0512121, 21 Dec 2005)
Superclusters and Large Scale Structure - Norris Redshift Surveys
(Wallace Sargent, Caltech)
SuperCosmology (Renata Kallosh & Sergey Prokushkin, arXiv:hep-th/0403060, 4 Mar 2004, revised)
-- SuperCosmology Package
Supergravity, Dark Energy and the Fate of the Universe (Renata Kallosh et al., Physical Review D66:123503, 21 Aug 2002)
Super-Kamiokande at UC Irvine
Super-Kamiokande Official Home Page (Kamioka Observatory)
Super-Kamiokande: U.S. Collaboration Home Page
(R. J. Wilkes & H. G. Berns)
-- Japanese Mirror
Super-K at Boston U.
Superluminal Light Propagation (Dr. Lijun Wang's Home Page)
-- Gain-assisted superluminal light propagation (Lijun Wang et al., Nature, 406:227-9, 20 Jul 2000)
Superluminal Neutrinos at OPERA Confront Pion Decay Kinematics (Ramanath Cowsik et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 251801, 16 Dec 2011)
-- Pions don't want to decay into faster-than-light neutrinos, study finds (Diana Lutz, News release, Washington University in St. Louis, 23 Dec 2011)
-- New Work on FTL Neutrinos (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 28 Dec 2011)
Supernova Cosmology Project (SNAP)
SuperNova Legacy Survey
Superstring Cosmology (James E. Lidsey et al., Physics Reports 337(4-5):343-492, Oct 2000)
Supersymmetry Links (Net Advance)
Supervoids and Superclusters: Exploring Dark Energy and Dark Matter in the Universe (Cosmowave)
Support for temporally varying behavior of the Pioneer anomaly from the extended Pioneer 10 and 11 Doppler data sets (Slava G. Turyshev et al., arXiv:1107.2886v1 [gr-qc], 14 Jul 2011)
-- Pioneer Anomaly on the Verge of Solution (The Planetary Society, 22 Jul 2011)
Support for the thermal origin of the Pioneer anomaly (Slava G. Turyshev et al., arXiv:1204.2507v1 [gr-qc], 11 Apr 2012)
-- Exotic explanation for Pioneer anomaly ruled out (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 16 Apr 2012)
-- Pioneer Anomaly Solved! (Bruce Betts, The Planetary Society Blog, 19 Apr 2012)
-- Study Finds Heat is Source of 'Pioneer Anomaly' (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release, 17 Jul 2012)
-- Resolving the Pioneer Anomaly (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 18 Jul 2012)
Surfer-Physicist Garrett Lisi Offers Alternative to String Theory—and Academia (John Horgan, Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network, 20 Oct 2014)
Surprises from General Relativity: "Swimming" in Spacetime (Eduardo Gueron, Adventures in Curved Spacetime, Scientific American 301:2:38-45, Aug 2009)
SUSY Dark Matter/Interactive Direct Detection Limit Plotter
(Rick Gaitskell & Vuk Mandic, UC Berkeley)
Swinburne Cosmology & Galaxy Formation Group
(Melbourne, Australia)
SWIRE: The SIRTF Wide-area Infrared Extragalactic Survey
TAMA Project (NAO Mitaka, Japan)
Tau, Time and the Universe (Richard T. W. Arthur et al.)
Teaching of Evolution (AAS Press Release, American Astronomical Society, 20 Sep 2005)
Teaching of Evolution and Cosmology, AAPT Statement on
(American Association of Physics Teachers, 24 Apr 2005)
Telescope Spectrophotometric and Absolute Flux Calibration, and National Security Applications, Using a Tunable Laser on a Satellite (Justin Albert et al., astro-ph/0604339, 16 Apr 2006)
The Ten Big Questions: Big Bang Theory (Geoffrey Klempner)
Tensor Detection Severely Constrains Axion Dark Matter (David J. E. Marsh et al., arXiv:1403.4216 [astro-ph.CO], 17 Mar 2014)
-- Gravitational-wave finding causes 'spring cleaning' in physics (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 21 Mar 2014; Scientific American, 24 Mar 2014)
Tensors and Relativity (Peter Dunsby)
-- Gravity Probe B: Relatively Important? (Shweta Krishnan, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 6 May 2011)
Testing Einstein in Space: The Gravity Probe B Mission (MPEG-4 streaming video of lecture & discussion by Francis Everitt, Stanford University, 18 May 2006)
Testing the elements of the Big Bang (Kenneth Nollett, Physics World, 3 Aug 2007)
Testing general relativity and probing the merger history of massive black holes with LISA (Emanuele Berti et al., gr-qc/0504017, 5 Apr 2005, revised)
Testing Gravity in the Outer Solar System: Results from Trans-Neptunian Objects (John F. Wallin et al., arXiv:0705.3408v1 [astro-ph], 23 May 2007)
Testing Relativity at High Energies Using Spaceborne Detectors
(Floyd W. Stecker, astro-ph/0606641, 27 Jun 2006)
Testing string theory with inflation (Tommas Dorigo, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, 5 Jul 2007)
Test of the Pioneer anomaly with the Voyager 2 radio-ranging distance measurements to Uranus and Neptune (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0608127, 29 Aug 2006)
Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology (University of Chicago)
Theoretical construction of stable traversable wormholes (Peter K. F. Kuhfittig, arXiv:0903.3423v1 [gr-qc], 19 Mar 2009)
Theoretical Cosmology Group, Durham (Carlos S. Frenk et al.)
Theoretical Cosmology Resources Webpage (Robert R. Caldwell, Dartmouth)
Theories of the dark side (Jeff Forshaw, Physics World, 10 Jul 2014)
The Theory of Elementary Waves (Stephen Speicher)

Theory of Everything (Max Tegmark)
Thin-shell wormholes associated with global cosmic strings (Cecilia Bejarano et al., gr-qc/0610123, 25 Oct 2006, revised)
The 3D power spectrum of galaxies from the SDSS
(Max Tegmark et al., 27 Oct 2003, revised)
A 3% Solution: Determination of the Hubble Constant with The Hubble Space Telescope and Wide Field Camera (Adam G. Riess et al., Astrophysical J 730:119, 1 Apr 2011; on-line, 9 Mar 2011) PDF
-- NASA's Hubble Rules Out One Alternative to Dark Energy (HubbleSite News Release STSCI-2011-08, 14 Mar 2011)
-- New Study Gives Dark Energy A Boost (Ron Cowen, Science News, 16 Mar 2011)
-- Best-yet Value for Universe's Expansion (Jessica Kloss Sky & Telescope News Blog, 21 Mar 2011)
3 Theories That Might Blow Up the Big Bang (Adam Frank, Discover Magazine, 25 Mar 2008)
Throwing Einstein for a Loop: Profile of Fotini Markopoulou Kalamara
(Amanda Gefter, Scientific American 287:6:40-41, Dec 2002)
Tim@Vishnu (Tim Gebbie)
Time is T + 500,000,000 years Stars - Go, Galaxies - GoKeck, De-ionization is underway (Pamela L. Gay, StarStryder, 10 Jul 2007)
Timeline of the Big Bang (Wikipedia)
Time Travel (Steve Preston)
Time Travel and Einstein (Umeet Singh)
Time Travel in Flatland? (Patricia Schwarz)
Time Travel Portal : An Open Discussion on Time Travel
Time Travel Research Center
Time Travel Simulation Resolves "Grandfather Paradox" (Lee Billings, Scientific American, 2 Sep 2014)
Tiziana Di Matteo, Homepage of (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh)
Tom's Home of the First Star (Tom Abel)
Tom's Primordial Gas Chemistry Page (Tom Abel)
Tom's Radiative Transfer in Cosmology Page (Tom Abel)
Topical Group in Gravitation (American Physical Society)
-- Matters of Gravity Newsletter
Topological Defects in Cosmology
(Robert Caldwell, University of Cambridge GR Group)
Top 10: Weirdest cosmology theories (Stephen Battersby, NewScientist.com, 9 Aug 2006)
A Tour of CMB Physics (Wayne Hu, IAS)
Toward the End of Time (Emil J. Martinec et al., arXiv:hep-th/0603104, 14 Mar 2006, revised; Journal of High Energy Physics 2006:8, 16 Aug 2006)
Toward an Understanding of Foreground Emission in the BICEP2 Region (Raphael Flauger et al., arXiv:1405.7351 [astro-ph.CO], 28 May 2014)
The "Toy Universe" Program (Victor J. Stenger)
Transient Observers and Variable Constants, or Repelling the Invasion of the Boltzmann's Brains (Steven Carlip, hep-th/0703115, 12 Mar 2007)
Trans-Planckian Redshifts and the Substance of the Space-Time River
(Ted Jacobson, Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 136:1-17, 1999)
Traversable wormholes: minimum violation of null energy condition revisited (Oleg B. Zaslavskii, arXiv:0707.1487v1 [astro-ph], 10 Jul 2007)

Trends in Space Astronomy and Cosmic Vision 2015-2025
(Catherine Turon et al., astro-ph/0510809, 28 Oct 2005)
Trust but verify: The case for astrophysical black holes
(Scott A. Hughes, hep-ph/0511217, 17 Nov 2005, rev.)
Turnaround in Cyclic Cosmology (Lauris Baum & Paul H. Frampton, hep-th/0610213, 18 Oct 2006, revised)
21st Century Science - Key Concepts for the 21st Century (Peter Coles et al.)
21 cm radiation - a new probe of variation in the fine structure constant (Rishi Khatri & Benjamin D. Wandelt, astro-ph/0701752, 25 Jan 2007, revised)
The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey (Matthew Colless)
-- Fly-through of the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey (Swinburne Centre)
The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: The power spectrum and the matter content of the universe (William J. Percival et al., 15 May 2001)
The 2df QSO Redshift Survey (2QZ)
2 Futures Can Explain Time's Mysterious Past (Lee Billings, Scientific American, 8 Dec 2014)
2008 The Nature of Time Winning Essays (FQXi Community)
Type Ia Supernova Discoveries at z>1 From the Hubble Space Telescope: Evidence for Past Deceleration and Constraints on Dark Energy Evolution (Adam G. Riess et al., astro-ph/0402512, 23 Feb 2004, revised)
UC Davis Cosmology Group (University of California at Davis)
UCLA ZEPLIN Dark Matter Search Project
UCR Neutrino Physics Program (Gordon VanDalen)
UK Dark Matter Collaboration (RAL Particle Physics)
UKIDSS | The UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey
(Steve Warren, UK Infrared Telescope)
The UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey (Omar Almaini et al., UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey)
The Ultra Deep Field (Leonid Borovskiy et al., HST)
Ultra Deep Field - High Level Science Products (CADC)
Ultramassive: As Big As It Gets (Charles Petit, Science News 174:9:18, 25 Oct 2008)
The unbearable lightness of being: CDMS versus XENON (Mads T. Frandsen et al., arXiv:1304.6066 [hep-ph], 22 Apr 2013)
-- Are CDMS and XENON both right about dark matter? (Hamish Johnston, Physics World Blog, 25 Apr 2013)
Understanding Origins (Origins Education Forum)
An unidentified line in X-ray spectra of the Andromeda galaxy and Perseus galaxy cluster (Alexey Boyarsky et al., arXiv:1402.4119 [astro-ph.CO], 17 Feb 2014)
A unified model for AGN feedback in cosmological simulations of structure formation (Debora Sijacki et al., arXiv:0705.2238v1 [astro-ph], 15 May 2007)
The Uniqueness of the World (Luis J. Boya, physics/0512263, 29 Dec 2005)
The unique universe (Lee Smolin, Physics World, 2 Jun 2009)
The Universal Dark Matter (Robert K. Soberman & Maurice Dubin, astro-ph/0609500, 18 Sep 2006)
The Universe Adventure (R. Michael Barnett et al., LBNL)
The Universe Around Us: An Integrative View of Science and Cosmology
(George Ellis, University of Cape Town)
Universe: Cosmology 101 (WMAP)
Universe! An Educational Forum
Universe Exploration: From the Big Bang to Life
(NASA, 20 May 2005)
Universe! - Explore: Beyond the Big Bang
Universe Forum (NASA/Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
Universe in a Box: Formation of Large-Scale Structure
(Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics)
Universe is a computer (Philip Ball, Nature Science Update, 3 Jun 2002)
Universe is Still Missing its Lithium (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 5 Sep 2012)
The Universe Made Simple: Interview with Brian Greene
(Bradley Jay, Atlantic Unbound, 20 May 2004)
Universe or Multiverse? (John Templeton Foundation)
The universe out of a monopole in the laboratory?
(Nobuyuki Sakai et al., gr-qc/0602084, 21 Feb 2006)
The Universe's Invisible Hand (Christopher J. Conselice, Scientific American 296:2:34-41, Feb 2007)
A Universe without expansion (Christof Wetterich, arXiv:1303.6878 [astro-ph.CO], 27 Mar 2013, revised)
-- Cosmologist claims Universe may not be expanding (Jon Cartwright, Nature News & Comment, 16 Jul 2013)
University of Portsmouth: Relativity and Cosmology Group
Unusual Features of Our Place In the Universe That Have Obvious Anthropic Explanations (Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 7 Aug 2007)
Upper limits on density of dark matter in Solar system (Iosif Khriplovich & E. V. Pitjeva, astro-ph/0601422, 19 Jan 2006)
The Ups and Downs of the Hubble Constant (G. A. Tammann, astro-ph/0512584, 23 Dec 2005)
Usenet Relativity FAQ
Using globular clusters to test gravity in the weak acceleration regime (Riccardo Scarpa et al., arXiv:0707.2459v1 [astro-ph], 17 Jul 2007)
Using quasars as standard clocks for measuring cosmological redshift (De-Chang Dai et al., arXiv:1204.5191v1 [astro-ph.CO], 23 Apr 2012)
-- Quasars shine a new light on cosmic distances (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World, 4 May 2012)
UTC Cosmology Group (George F. R. Ellis et al.)
Utilizing Minor Planets to Assess the Gravitational Field in the Outer Solar System (Gary L. Page et al., astro-ph/0504367, 17 Apr 2005, revised)
The vacuum energy crisis (Alexander Vilenkin, astro-ph/0605242, 9 May 2006)
Vacuum Energy: Myths and Reality (Grigory E. Volovik, gr-qc/0604062, 14 Apr 2006, revised)
VADER - A Satellite Mission Concept For High Precision Dark Energy Studies (Rene Fassbender et al., astro-ph/0606688, 28 Jun 2006)
Variable Speed of Light Cosmology: An Alternative to Inflation (John W. Moffat, 16 Aug 2002, revised)
Variation of fundamental constants of nature? (Wim Ubachs, LCVU, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
VC3: Victoria Computational Cosmology Conference (UVic, 21-25 Aug 2000)
Via Aristotle, Leibnitz and Mach to a Fractal D=2 Universe (D. F. Roscoe, astro-ph/0609432, 15 Sep 2006)
Via Lactea : A Milky Way dark matter halo simulated with over 200 million particles (Jürg Diemand, UCO/Lick Observatory)
Violence in the Cosmos: Explosive Processes and the Evolution of the Universe (Mike Guidry)

The Virgo Consortium (ICC, Durham Astrophysics)
The Virgo Project (EGO)
Visualising the Universe (Stuart Gill et al., Swinburne University of Technology, 2001)
viXra log (Philip Gibbs)
VLT Images - Cosmology (ESO Very Large Telescope)
Void Statistics in Large Galaxy Redshift Surveys: Does Halo Occupation of Field Galaxies Depend on Environment? (Jeremy L. Tinker et al., arXiv:0707.3445v1 [astro-ph], 23 Jul 2007)
-- Dark Matter is Missing From Cosmic Voids (Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today, 17 Aug 2008)
-- SDSS News Release, 17 Aug 2008)
Waiting for the Revolution (Peter Byrne, interview with David J. Gross, Simons Science News, 24 May 2013)
Was There a Decelerating Past for the Universe?
(Moncy V. John, astro-ph/0509509, 16 Sep 2005)
Wayne Hu's HomePage
Weighing in on Einstein's Gravity (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 25 Apr 2013)
Welcome to the Universe (Boston Museum of Science)
What did we learn from studying acoustic black holes?
(Renaud Parentani, gr-qc/0204079, 26 Apr 2002)
What do the orbital motions of the outer planets of the Solar System tell us about the Pioneer anomaly? (Lorenzo Iorio, gr-qc/0601055, 14 Jan 2006, revised)
What Do We Make of The Big Bang? (Alan Guth et al., Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon, 17 Apr 2014)
What Do We Really Know About Cosmic Acceleration? (Charles Shapiro & Michael S. Turner, astro-ph/0512586, 23 Dec 2005)
What Do You Mean, The Universe Is Flat? (Part I) (Davide Castelvecchi, Degrees of Freedom, Scientific American Blog, 25 Jul 2011)
What Do You Mean, the Universe Is Flat? Part II: In Which We Actually Answer the Question (Davide Castelvecchi, Degrees of Freedom, Scientific American Blog, 31 Jul 2011)
What is the nature of the dark universe? (Catherine Heymans, Physics World, 3 Oct 2013)
What is Theoretical Cosmology? (J. Cohn & Martin White)
What is the Role of Neutrinos in Shaping the Universe?
(Lawrence M. Krauss, astro-ph/0605378, 16 May 2006)
What is time? (Adam Frank, Physics World, 24 Oct 2013)
What Is the Ultimate Fate of the Universe? (Molly Read, Observational Cosmology Group, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
What makes the universe tick? (Michael Brooks, New Scientist 2683, 19 Nov 2008)
What We Know about Black Holes (Matthew Francis, Guest Blog, Scientific American, 2 Sep 2011)
What's the Matter? The Search for Clues in Our Cold, Dark Univerrse (Jonathan Feng, Pagels Memorial Public Lecture, Aspen Center for Physics, 14 Jul 2010)
When Will We Find Dark Matter? (Interview with Stefan Funk, ed. Clara Moskowitz, Scientific American, 16 May 2014)
Where are all the gravastars? Limits upon the gravastar model from accreting black holes (Avery E. Broderick & Ramesh Narayan, gr-qc/0701154, 29 Jan 2007)
Whispers from the Cosmos Map (NCSA Science Expo)
Why Comparable? A Multiverse Explanation of the Dark Matter-Baryon Coincidence (Raphael Bousso & Lawrence Hall, arXiv:1304.6407 [hep-th], 23 Apr 2013, revised)
Why the cosmological constant is small and positive (Paul J. Steinhardt & Neil Turok, astro-ph/0605173, 6 May 2006)
Why Cosmologists Believe the Universe is Accelerating (Michael S. Turner, 3 Apr 1999; in J. C. Niemeyer & J. W. Truran (eds), Type Ia Supernovae: Theory and Cosmology (CUP, 2000), 29-31)
Why do we Still Believe in Newton's Law ? Facts, Myths and Methods in Gravitational Physics (Alexander Unzicker, gr-qc/0702009, 1 Feb 2007)
Why is the CMB fluctuation level 10^{-5}? (Max Tegmark & Martin Rees, Astrophysical Journal 499(2):526-32, 1 Jun 1998)
Why is the Past Different from the Future? The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time (Sean Carroll et al., Colloquium, Jun 2007)
Why is the sky dark at night?
Why the Many-Worlds Formulation of Quantum Mechanics Is Probably Correct (Sean Carroll, Preposterous Universe, 30 Jun 2014)
What Remains to Be Discovered? (1) Cosmology, with Bob May
(BBC Radio 4, 1 Jan 2003)
WMAP (Carlo Giunti & Marco Laveder, Neutrino Unbound)
WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) Home Page
(Charles Bennett et al., NASA Goddard SFC)
WMAP Haze: Directly Observing Dark Matter? (Michael McNeil Forbes & Ariel R. Zhitnitsky, arXiv:0802.3830v1 [astro-ph], 26 Feb 2008)
WMAP Microwave Emission Interpreted as Dark Matter Annihilation in the Inner Galaxy (Douglas P. Finkbeiner, arXiv:astro-ph/0409027, 2 Sep 2004, revised & superseded)
WOMBAT Wavelength-Oriented Microwave Background Analysis Team
(Douglas Finkbeiner & Eric Gawiser)
World-making with extended gravity black holes for cosmic natural selection in the multiverse scenario (Aurelien Barrau, gr-qc/0612045, 7 Dec 2006)
The Worldwide Web of GR
Wormholes and Time Travel? Not Likely (Leonard Susskind, gr-qc/0503097, 23 Mar 2005, revised)
Wormholes as Black Hole Foils (Thibault Damour & Sergey N. Solodukhin, arXiv:0704.2667v1 [gr-qc], 20 Apr 2007)
Wormholes in the accelerating universe (Pedro F. Gonzalez-Diaz & Prado Martin-Moruno, arXiv:0704.1731 [astro-ph], 13 Apr 2007)
WUGRAV Washington University Gravity Group (Clifford Will et al.)
XDF Project - eXtreme Deep Field (Garth Illingworth et al., UCO/Lick Observatory, University of California Santa Cruz)
-- Exploring the XDF--The Hubble eXtreme Deep Field (Mat Kaplan Blog, The Planetary Society, 9 Oct 2012)
X-RED: A Satellite Mission Concept To Detect Early Universe Gamma Ray Bursts (Mirko Krumpe et al., astro-ph/0511310, 10 Nov 2005)
Yahoo! - Relativity
Yilmaz Cancels Newton (Charles W. Misner, gr-qc/9504050, 28 Apr 1995, revised)
-- Refutation of C. W. Misner's claims in his article 'Yilmaz Cancels Newton' (C. O. Alley et al., gr-qc/9506082, 30 Jun 1995)
Yun Wang (Theoretical Cosmology, University of Oklahoma)

See also Bioastronomy and the SETI Debate, Galaxies and the Milky Way, Post-MS and Stellar Endpoints, Theoretical Physics, and Timelines

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