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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources for Consumer Services. The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure (including Consumer Services), Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: buying; consumer services; family; home; leisure; living; shopping

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Local Information

Global Community
Regional Administration and Information

Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
[Up] Global News

World News
Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
Science News
Space News
Sky and Weather

The Sky
Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data
Weather Equipment
[Up] Reference

Special Topics
Books On-line
Encyclopaedias On-line
Time and Times

Child Safety
Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers
[Up] Life and Leisure

Food and Drink
Consumer Services
Health and Medicine
Home and Garden
Home Computing

Help and Technical Support
Antivirus Resources
Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
GNU/Linux and Open Source
Microsoft Windows
Internet Connectivity
History of Personal Computing
Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes
[Up] Internet Forums

Mailing Lists

Web Rings
Web Weaving

Hypertext and HTML
Web Style: Writing for the Web

Life and Leisure (cont.)


Consumer Services

For book price comparison, see Books On-line.

AARP Marketplace (American Association of Retired Persons)
AARP | Telemarketing Fraud
Access Place Electronics (ed. Bryce W. Westover)
Acses, the Ultimate Comparison Shopping Engine
Active Buyer's Guide
Active Shopper - InfoSpace.com
ActivistCash.com (ConsumerFreedom.com Network of Restaurant and Tavern Operators)
AdCracker.com (Steven Lorin McNamara)
Ad nauseam: Advertising turned anti-consumerism into a weapon (Adam Corner, Aeon Magazine, 21 Nov 2013)
AllBusiness Barter (BigVine)
The Alliance Against Fraud in Telemarketing & Electronic Commerce
(US National Consumers League)
All Things Frugal: Home of The Pennypincher E-zine and Tightwad Tidbits Daily
AltaMax Online Shopper $
AMA Health Insight: Consumer Health Information
The American Customer Satisfaction Index (University of Michigan)
The Anti-Telemarketer Source

Auction Universe
Auto Insurance Tips (Charles E. Boyd, Newmarket, Ontario)
-- Vehicle Identification Number Library
Automotive Helper
Barter.com Retail Barter
B.C. Government On-line Consumer Assistance Directory
Become: Be Smart, Be Thrifty, Just Be (Mountain View, California)
Become UK
Behind the Label
Bernard Callebaut Chocolaterie
Better Business Bureau of Mainland B.C.
Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island
Better Business Bureaus, Directory of Canadian

The Better Business Bureau System
-- BBB Alerts and News
-- BBBOnLine
-- Better Business Bureau Resource Library
BidRobot.com - eBay sniper (Charles Eglinton)
BizRate.com Marketplace
Bottom Dollar - The Shopping Search Engine
Bountii Price Search Engine
Boycott Network (Jack Koenig et al.)
BrandChannel.com (Interbrand)
Britannica.com Shopping
BuildingBrands | Brands and Brand Management
(Elmer Cagape)
BuyBlue.org (Raven Brooks et al., San Francisco)
BuyDirectory: Where Shoppers Search First
Buying a Car - Vehicle Claims History (Insurance Corporation of BC)
Buying a Star: The Facts (Kevin D. Conod, sci.astro FAQ)

Buy IT Online - Your Guide to Locating Products/Services Online
Buzzle.com eCommerce and Shopping
By the Numbers! Math for Consumers and Investors
CafePress Canada
Cairo.com Shopping Search Engine (Michael Smith, New York)
Call For Action
Canada.com | Shopping
Canadian Consumer Handbook (Strategis)
Canadian Consumer Information Gateway
Canadian Consumers' Preferences for Food Safety and Agricultural Environment Safety (Michele Veeman & Yu Li, University of Alberta, Feb 2006) PDF
Canadian Importers Database (Strategis)
Canadian Trade Index
Can I Buy a Star? (Bill McClain et al.)
CBC News In Depth: Consumers
CBC News Indepth: Consumer tips (CBC News Online)
CDIC: Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
CEDRIC - Consumer & Economic Development Research & Information Center (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Center for Auto Safety (Washington, DC)
Center for Responsible Lending: A Resource for Predatory Lending Opponents (Durham, North Carolina)
Christmas Gifts Advice (Grace Galloway, The Gift Guru)

CNET Auctions
CNet Newsletters
The Cochrane Collaboration Consumer Network (ed. Hilda Bastian)
Commercial Alert - Protecting Children and Communities from Commercialism (dir. Gary Ruskin)
Commercialism in Education Research Unit
(Alex Molnar et al., Arizona State Univ)
CompareNet (Microsoft eShop)
Competition Bureau (Government of Canada)
-- Consumer Info
Complain!com - Consumer Complaint Site
Consumer Action and Advice Ring
Consumer Action - Marketplace Education and Advocacy for the Consumer
The Consumer Action Website (US Federal Citizen Information Center)
Consumer Advocacy and Support for Homeowners Society (C.A.S.H. Society, Coquitlam, BC)
ConsumerAffairs.Com (Santa Monica)
Consumer Connection (Strategis)
Consumer Connection: The Office of Consumer Affairs
(Industry Canada)

Consumer Databases @ Internets
Consumer Education for Teens
Consumer Electronics Association
Consumer Energy Info Home (EREN)
Consumer E-News Alert (SL&B)
Consumer Federation of America
Consumer Fraud Alert Network
ConsumerFreedom | Website of the Center For Consumer Freedom
(ConsumerFreedom Network of Restaurant and Tavern Operators)
The Consumer Gateway (UK)
Consumer Guide
Consumer Guide® Automotive
Consumer Health Resources on the Internet (Healthnet)
Consumer Info About the Year 2000 Bug (Y2K)

Consumer Information (Strategis)
Consumer Information (US Federal Trade Commission)
Consumer Information Center (Pueblo, Colorado)
The Consumer Information Organization (Russell Smith)
The Consumer Information Organization's Consumer.Net
Consumer Jungle--Promoting Consumer Literacy for Young Adults
Consumer Life (CBC.ca News)
Consumer Mailing Lists Home Page (UK)
Consumer Product Ratings Reports
Consumer Project on Technology - Home Page (Ralph Nader et al.)
Consumer Protection Information (eConsumer.gov)
Consumer Reports® Online $
Consumer Reports on Safety (Don Mays & Caroline Mayer, Consumer Reports)
ConsumerREVIEW.com Consumer Product Reviews

Consumers' Association of Canada
Consumer Savvy Tips (Max Anderson et al., Boone, North Carolina)
Consumer's Choice (Consumer Resource Network)
Consumer's Choice Council (dir. Chad Dobson)
Consumers Digest Online
Consumer Services (Ministry of the Attorney General, BC)
A Consumer's Guide to E-Payments (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)
Consumers International
Consumer's Resource Handbook
(US Government Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colorado)
Consumers Union: Nonprofit Publisher of Consumer Reports
Consumer Tips and Reports (Max Anderson, Boone, North Carolina)
ConsumerWatchdog.org | The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights (US)
Consumer WebWatch (Consumers Union)
Consumer World (Edgar Dworsky)
The Co-operative Bank (UK)
Coops: Consumer Cooperative (Consumer Federation of America)
CraigsList (Craig Newmark et al., San Francisco)
CraigsList Canada
-- CraigsList Vancouver
-- CraigsList Victoria
Credit Card Tips, Etc. (Max Anderson & Jessica Hunter, Boone, North Carolina)
Credit.net - Unlimited Business Credit Reports
(InfoUSA, Omaha, Nebraska)

Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, Scams, Frauds (Les Henderson)
CSEC Home Page - World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Customer Service Assistance & Help Online (Manuel Alonso et al.)
CyberCop: Keeping Cyberspace Safe for Consumers
Cyberian Outpost, Inc.
The Daily Green: The consumer's guide to the green revolution (Deborah Jones Barrow et al., Hearst Magazines)
Data-Driven Ethics: Exploring Customer Privacy in the Information Era (Erica L. Wagner & Olga Kupriyanova, Cornell Hospitality Reports 7:10, Center for Hospitality Research, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Jun 2007)
Deal of the Day (SmartMoney.com)
DealTaker Home
deBarcode Directory of Bar Code and Universal Resource Identification
Debit Card Danger (Eric Halperin et al., Center for Responsible Lending, Durham, North Carolina, 25 Jan 2007) PDF
Deepa - Shopping Comparison
Denialists' Deck of Cards: An Illustrated Taxonomy of Rhetoric Used to Frustrate Consumer Protection Efforts (Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic, UC Berkeley School of Law, 9 Feb 2007; SSRN, 11 Feb 2007)
Dialashop.com: Online Shopping Guide (Vic Stathopoulos, Dublin)
Digital America (Consumer Electronics Association)
DigitalConsumer.org Home Page
Digital Librarian: Consumer Resources
Digital Librarian: Shopping
Direct Marketing Association - Consumer Home
The Dollar Stretcher

Do-Not-Call.com | A Consumer's Resource for Stopping Unsolicited Telemarketing Calls
Don't Buy It | PBS Kids (KCTS Television)
DoorOne - Shopping made simple (UK)
Do Travel Search Engines Deliver?: An Examination of the Leading Sites (William J. McGee, Consumer Reports WebWatch, Consumers Union, 20 Dec 2005) PDF
Driving.ca | Autos/Cars - New/Used Car Classifieds and Review
(CanWest Interactive, Hamilton, Ontario)
eBay (San Jose, California)
eBay Canada
eBay Pulse - Trends, Hot Picks, Cool Stuff
eComplaints - Speak Up!
eConsumer.gov - Cross-border eCommerce Complaints
(International Marketing Supervision Network)
Eddie Bauer (Redmond, Washington)
Education Consumers Clearinghouse
The Effect of Online Privacy Information on Purchasing Behavior: An Experimental Study (Janice Tsai et al., 6th Workshop on the Economics of Information Security, 8 Jun 2007) PDF
Elderluxe - Luxury for the Elite Elder (Patrick Conboy et al., Chicago)
eMedicine Consumer Health
An Empirical Approach to Understanding Privacy Valuation (Luc Wathieu & Allan Friedman, Harvard Business School, May 2007) PDF
ePilot [Paid to Surf]
eShop (Microsoft)
eSmarts: The Community for Bargain Shoppers
Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade
(Rob Kalin, Brooklyn, et al.)
Excite Shopping

Family Wonder
Farmer's Market Online
Federal Trade Commission Home Page (US)
Fight Back! (David Horowitz)
The Filter - Your Ultimate Music Companion (Peter Gabriel & Martin Hopkins et al., Bath, England)
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
FindGuru: Search engine for product specifications and company information (Advantage Business Media)
For Health Consumers (CAPHIS, Medical Library Association)
Freebies (Lee Seats, About.com)
Freebie Stuff Freebies (Pamela Heywood)
Free Information on Identity Theft
Freepages Home Page
The Free Site
Free Stuff Center
Froogle (Google Product Search)
Frugal Corner

The Frugal Gazette Newsletter
Frugal Moms: Live Better for Less
Funeral Consumers Alliance: A Federation of Nonprofit Consumer Information Societies (US)
Funerals: A Consumer Guide (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update (U.S. Department of Energy)
GasPriceWatch (Canada & US)
GasWars (Lower Mainland, BC)
Geniusfind Auctions
Geniusfind Free Stuff
Geniusfind Shopping
GeoShopper.com, Complete Shopping Directory
GetHuman - Advocacy for High Quality Customer Service for Consumers (Paul English et al., US)
Gizmodo, the Gadgets Weblog (Nick Denton, New York)
Global Consumption Database (The World Bank)
-- World Bank and IFC launch Global Consumption Database (World Bank Data, 11 Jun 2014)
Gómez.com eCommerce Authority
Google Catalog Search

GoTo Auctions
Green Adviser
Greendex: Survey of Sustainable Consumption (National Geographic)
The Green Guide (National Geographic)
Green Vehicle Guide (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Grocery Alerts Canada - Online Grocery Deals (Lina & Steven Zussino, Victoria)
Hammacher Schlemmer
HealthWatcher.net | Canada's Best Consumer Health Watchdog
HelpFindit Canada
Homeowner Protection Office, British Columbia, Canada
Homestore.com (Stuart Wolff et al.)
How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure (US Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information)
Hubley.com: Services for Ethical and Green Investors and Incubators
(Craig Hubley)
Icoste Shopping - Compare Prices & Price Comparison
Identity Theft (Bureau of Consumer Protection, US Federal Trade Commission)
Identity Theft Fixes (Max Anderson)
Identity Theft: Making the Known Unknowns Known (Chris Jay Hoofnagle, SSRN, 1 Mar 2007)
Identity Theft - Prevention and Victim Information
Identity Theft - A Research Review (National Institute of Justice, Washington, DC, Jul 2007)
-- Identity Theft Literature Review (Graeme R. Newman & Megan M. McNally, National Institute of Justice, Washington, DC, 27-28 Jul 2005) PDF
Identity Theft Resource Center (San Diego, California)

InfoCentre - Consumer Guides, Postal Information
(Government of Canada)
INFOLUST (Trendwatching.com)
In The Name of Cool (Solutions Research Group, Toronto)
International Directory of Alternative Dispute Resolution Providers (eConsumer.gov)
Internet Auction List
The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide
Internet Fraud Watch (The National Fraud Information Center)
Internet Resources: Shopping/Shopping Services Index
(Kirk W. Smith, CWGH)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Consumer Issues and Services
ISO - International Organization for Standardization (Geneva)
JNet Consumer News (JournalismNet)
Kelly's Korner - Freestuff, Freebies, Free Products, Samples, Downloads
Law Enforcers Target "Top 10" Online Scams
(U.S. Federal Trade Commission)
Lemon Law US (Peter Amaral)
Lifestyle Fascination
Like Visual Search (Riya, San Mateo, California)

A Lot o' Free Resources Ezine
LYCOShop - Home Page
Market Place Homepage (CBC TV)
Microsoft Passport
Mpire Shopping Service (Seattle)
MSN - The Shopping Community - Home
MSN Sidewalk
MultiCrawl Parallel Search and Free Auctions
MyCoupons Savings Central
MyRatePlan.com - The Right Service at The Right Price
(Allan Keiter et al.)
mySimon inc. - Comparison Shopping
Mystery Shopping Providers Association

NADAguides.com Vehicle Information (US)
The Nader Page (Ralph Nader)
National Consumer Law Center (US)
National Consumer Policies (EUROPA Consumer Affairs)
National Consumers League (Washington, DC)
The National Foundation for Consumer Credit (US)
National Fraud Information Center
NetFlip [Paid to Surf]
NetMarket | Name Brands at Warehouse Prices
NewsWatch: A Consumer's Guide to the News
(Center for Media and Public Affairs)
NexTag - Compare Prices Before You Buy (San Francisco)
NN/LM MAR Consumer Health Resources...
(US Nat'l Network of Libraries of Medicine)
NTIS Product Search Page (National Technical Information Service, U.S. Department of Commerce)
OECD Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce
Olympic Price Watch (Richard Taylor et al., Vancouver, BC)
Online Shopping Directory (Barnes & Noble)
Online Shopping Directory (Richard Seltzer, B&R Samizdat Express)
Oodle.com Classifieds (Craig Donato, San Mateo, California)

Open Directory - Home: Consumers
Open Directory - Shopping
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
Parents' Choice Awards (Parents' Choice Foundation)
PlanetFeedback (Pete Blackshaw et al.)
The Power of Sharing (Marnie & David Newsome)
Price Comparison Sites and Competition (JRJ Gatti, ESRC Society Today, 13 Dec 2006)
PriceFight.com - Price Comparison Shopping, Product Reviews, and Store Ratings (Austin, Texas)
PriceGrabber.com Comparison Shopping
The Price Search
PricingforYou.com: Your Online Pricing Pages (dir. Desmond Chen)
A Primer on Gasoline Prices (U.S. Department of Energy)
PrivacyFinder (Laurie Cranor et al., Carnegie Mellon Usable Privacy and Security Labs)
Privacy.net - The Consumer Information Organization
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (San Diego)
Product Liability Lawyer (Charles Brinson et al., US)
Product ReviewNet

Product Reviews by Consumers
Public Citizen (Ralph Nader et al.)
The Pulse: A Consumer's Guide to Public Opinion Data on the Web (Ruy Teixeira, Economic Policy Institute)
Quik-Free.com: A Free Resource Directory
Recalls.gov (US)
Recall Warnings (Free Recall Warnings and Alerts, Nolo, Berkeley, California)
RecordStoreReview.com (Gunnar Van Vliet et al.)
Reporter Resources (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)
A Report on the Evaluation of Criteria Sets for Assessing Health Web Sites (ConsumerWebWatch, 30 Sep 2003)
ResellerRatings.com (Scott Wainner)
Resources of the Week: Consumers...around the corner and around the world (Shirl Kennedy, ResourceShelf, 8 Mar 2007)
Responsible Shopper (Co-op America)
Restaurant Equipment World
Retrevo Consumer Electronics Reviews (Sunnyvale, California)
The Reviewboard Magazine
The Rip Off Report (BadBusinessBureau.com)
Routes to Success for Consumer Magazine Websites (Guy Consterdine, International Federation of the Periodical Press, ed. 2, May 2005) PDF
Samarin's Used Car Information (Vladimir Samarin)
SavingUMoney.com | Coupons Online...

SciBid: Online Scientific Equipment Auctions
Searching for Company Information (James Bondra)
Search Shopping (Internet Sleuth)
Search Society - Consumer Information (Internet Sleuth)
SearchtheWeb.com - Shopping
SelectScience - The Consumer Guide for Scientists
SelectSurf -- Shopping
ShopEasier (SurfWax)
Shopfind (Yahoo!)
ShopLocal.com (Seattle)
ShopNow Market (The Internet Mall)
Shopper.com Comparison Shopping (CNET)
Shoppingbots (BotSpot)
-- Shopping Bots Search
ShoppingBots and Online Shopping (Virtual Private Library)
Shop Safely Online (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)
ShopWiki (Kevin Ryan & Dwight Merriman et al., New York)
Shopzilla - Comparison shopping online (E. W. Scripps Co., Los Angeles)

Site Seeing On the Internet: A Consumer's Guide to Travel in Cyberspace (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)
Six Degrees of Reputation: The Use and Abuse of Online Review and Recommendation Systems (Shay David & Trevor Pinch, Social Science Research Network, 25 Nov 2005)
Slider Search - Shopping
Smarter SMS - Compare Prices Online at Smarter.com
(Mezi Media, Monrovia, California)
The Smart Traveler's Guide to Identity Theft (GuestDoor)
So You Want to Buy A Star? One Planetarian's Perspective (Jim Craig)
Stacey's UK FreeStuff
StartUp-TV (PlanetFeedback.com)
StoreScanner - Online and Local Comparison Shopping
(Brad Horstkotte)
Straight Goods - Canadians Informing Canadians
(Ish Theilheimer et al.)
Strong Numbers - The Blue Book for Everything
Summize - Find user and expert reviews across the web
-- Summize Blog
SustainLane - Reviews of Green and Organic Products (dir. Warren Karlenzig, San Francisco)
Telecom Pricer (US)
TeleTruth: Alliance for Customers' Telecommunications Rights
(New Networks Institute, New York)
Ten Thousand Villages (New Hamburg, Ontario)
ThomeasNet Product Search (New York)
Toy Tips Magazine (Marianne Szymanski et al.)
Tradaq Global Trading Network (BarterTrust)
-- Tradaq Canada Co.
Trovetopia (Yahoo!)
TrustE-Marketing Company Reviews Directory & Product Comparison Search Engine (UK)

20-20Consumer, Helping Consumers See Clearly
Ubarter (ITEX Corporation)
UK Consumers Complaint List
UncommonGoods: Creatively Designed and Unusual Home Accessories and Gifts
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (Northbrook, Illinois)
The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (Brooklyn, New York)
URateStuff Consumer Products & Services Review (US/Canada)
U.S. Consumer Gateway
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
U.S. PIRG Home (Public Interest Research Groups)
-- State PIRGS Working Together
Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG)
Video Overseas
Virtual Freestuff
Virtual Shopping Mall

The Visa Shopping Guide (Yahoo!)
Warning Letters (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
WebAssured.com (On-line Consumer Confidence Bureau)
Web.com Shopping Directory
WeBidz Auction Site (Yakima, Washington)
Which? (UK)
Wize.com | Consumer Research & Consumer Product Reviews (Doug Baker, Minneapolis)
Women.com Network Online Shopping
Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Tech
Zeal.com - Online Shopping
ZIA Free-Stuff Resources
Zillions Online (Consumer Reports for Kids)

See also Commerce, Help and Technical Support (Personal Computers), Money, Noise, PC Hardware, Scientific Equipment and Exploration, and Yellow Pages

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