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The Way of the Intellect

DESCRIPTION: The last of seven pages on Concepts (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in palaetiology (i.e., historical science, broadly construed). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in philosophy, to resources in science studies and the history and philosophy of science, and to resources on the dialogue of science with religion.

KEYWORDS: chronosophy; consilience; creation; deep time; epic of evolution; evolution; historicity; historiography; meme; palaetiology; process; progress; reality; revolution; temporality; time

Unless this evolutionary hypothesis is thought to be compatible with theism, the conviction that the supreme power of the universe is a personal, purposive, just and loving power will fade. The religious drive of people will lead them to bring their lives into harmony with a different kind of power.

David Ray Griffin
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  1. Philosophy

  2. Science Studies
    History and Philosophy of Science
    History and Philosophy of Mathematics
    History and Philosophy of Physics
    History/Philosophy of Astronomy/Cosmology
    History and Philosophy of Earth Sciences
    History and Philosophy of Life Sciences
    History and Philosophy of Social Sciences
    Religion and Science

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Science Studies (cont.)

Religion and Science

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Palaetiology: The Epic of Evolution

(or, The Snark's Story)

Palaetiology. Used by Whewell for the application of existing principles of cause and effect to the explanation of past phenomena.
Oxford English Dictionary

Chaos and Complexity Relativity and Cosmology Stars and Galaxies The Solar System Extrasolar Planets
Earth History History of Life Exobiology Human Evolution Archaeology
History Science Studies Future The Final Frontier SETI

Further, I pointed out [in Le Monde] what are the laws of Nature, and, without resting my reasons on any other principle, than the infinite perfections of God, I tried to demonstrate all those of which one could have any doubt, and to show that they are of such a nature that even if God had created other worlds, he could not have created any in which these laws would fail to be observed.
Réne Descartes

Darwin gave us time.
Annie Dillard

...the most terrible of mysteries, the father of them all.
Miguel de Unamuno

We should at least consider the possibility, suggested so forcibly by physics, that time is not merely an attribute of being but rather its pith and substance.
Robert Grudin

What is being asserted is that time has its own genesis and evolution.
J. T. Fraser


AAAS Evolution Resources (DoSER)
AAAS honors defenders of evolution with Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 14 Feb 2007)
AboutDarwin.com (David Leff, Eugene, Oregon)
Access Research Network Home Page
Aeon Magazine | the digital magazine of ideas and culture
Aetiology (Tara C. Smith)
AIBS Evolution Initiatives (American Institute of Biological Sciences)
The AIR Universal History Translation Project (Annals of Improbable Research)
-- The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less (Eric Schulman, AIR 3:1:27, Jan-Feb 1997)
American Teilhard Association (Wooster, Ohio)
An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time (Andrew Fraknoi et al., The Universe in the Classroom No. 56, Fall 2001)
-- American Astronomical Society PDF
-- Astronomical Society of the Pacific PDF
Anthropic Coincidences (Al Schroeder)
Anthropic Coincidences (Stephen M. Barr, First Things 114:17-23, Jun-Jul 2001)
The Anthropic Principle (Daniel J. Berger)
The Anthropic Principle (Michael A. Corey)
Anthropic-principle.com (Nick Bostrom)
The Anti-Evolutionists: William A. Dembski (Wesley R. Elsberry)
APA Council of Representatives Resolution Rejecting Intelligent Design as Scientific and Reaffirming Support for Evolutionary Theory (American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, 1 Mar 2007) PDF
Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab (AppEEL, University of Lisbon)
Are We Alone? (SETI Institute Science Radio)
Art and Evolution: a Work in Progress (Yasmin Tayag & Brent Wells, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 6 May 2014)
Arthur Peacocke and Humanity's Place in Cosmic Evolution: Key Ideas and Critical Evaluation (based on A. Peacocke, 'The Challenge and Stimulus of the Epic of Evolution to Theology,' in S. J. Dick, ed., Many Worlds (2000), pp. 89-117)
ASM Statement on the Scientific Basis for Evolution (American Society for Microbiology, 24 May 2006)
ASTE Position Statement on Teaching Biological Evolution (Association for Science Teacher Education)
Astrobiology and the Sacred: Implications of Life Beyond Earth
(Chris Impey et al., University of Arizona)
Astrobiology and the Search for Life in the Universe (Lamar Smith, chair, Full Committee Hearing, Committee on Science - U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC, 21 May 2014)
Astrobiology & SETI (National Institute for Discovery Science)
Astrobiology at NASA
-- Astrobiology Roadmap
-- Astrobiology Search
The Astrobiology Curriculum (TERC)

Astrobiology: Exploring the Living Universe...
(Astrobiology at NASA)
The Astrobiology Forum (David J. Darling)
Astrobiology: The Living Universe (Adrian Hon et al., ThinkQuest)
Astrobiology Magazine - Your Online eZine on Life in the Universe
(Helen Matsos et al., NASA)
-- European Astrobiology Magazine
Astrobiology Magazine European Edition
The Astrobiology Network: Exploring The Living Universe
(The Astrobiology Web)
Astrobiology Online (Beth Schachter, In Situ, HMS Beagle 66, 15 Nov 1999)
The Astrobiology Primer: An Outline of General Knowledge (ed. Lucas J. Mix et al., Astrobiology 6(5):735-813, 2006; astro-ph/0610926, 31 Oct 2006)
The Astrobiology Society of Britain
The Astrobiology Web | Your Online Guide to the Living Universe
ASU Cosmos (Paul Davies, Arizona State University)
BBC Education: About Time
BBC Education: Evolution Homepage
Bear Mountain Institute (Boulder, Colorado)
The Berlinski Debates (Paul D. Farrar)
Beyond: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science (Paul Davies, dir., et al., Arizona State University)
Beyond the Drake Equation (Douglas S. Jones)
Big History (Fred Spier et al., UvA Communities, University of Amsterdam)
BIGHistory (Metanexus)
Big History: The Emergence of an Interdisciplinary Science? (Fred Spier, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 33:2, 2008; repr., World History Connected 6:3)
Big History Hits the Big Time (Michael Dowd & Connie Barlow, Soulful Science, Metanexus Institute, 9 May 2012)
The Big History of Humanity (Craig Benjamin, Lecture 3 of Big History; World Affairs Council of West Michigan, 9 Nov 2010; uploaded to YouTube, 11 Nov 2010)
The Big History of the Present and Future (Craig Benjamin, Big History Lecture 4, World Affairs Council of West Michigan, 16 Nov 2010; uploaded to YouTube, 18 Nov 2010)
The Big History of the Universe, Stars, Planet Earth (Craig Benjamin, Big History Lecture 2, World Affairs Council of West Michigan, 2 Nov 2010; uploaded to YouTube, 3 Nov 2010)
Big History Project
Big Integrity Resources: Growing in Right Relationship to Reality (Michael Dowd, Evolutionary Christianity, 30 Jan 2012)
Big Questions about Big History in U.S. Schools (keynote talk given by Bob Bain at the Metanexus symposium on Teaching Big History at the Harvard Club of New York, 21 Sep 2013)
Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children (video, YouTube, 23 Aug 2012)
-- Evolution in Science Education | Bill Nye on Evolution in Science Education (Interview by Sarah Fecht, Popular Mechanics, 4 Feb 2011)
-- Bill Nye on creationism critique: I'm not attacking religion (CBS This Morning, CBS News, 28 Aug 2012)
-- Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' warns about not teaching evolution in schools (interview by Patt Morrison, 89.3 KPCC, 29 Aug 2012)
Bioastronomy (Net Advance of Physics)

Bioastronomy FAQ
Bioastronomy: Search for Extraterrestrial Life (IAU Commission 51)
Biocosm: The New Scientific Theory of Evolution: Intelligent Life is the Architect of the Universe (James N. Gardner, KurzweilAI.net, 26 Aug 2003)
-- Lecture (James N. Gardner, KurzweilAI.net, 10 Feb 2006)
Biological Evolution and the History of the Earth Are Foundations of Science (policy statement of the American Geophysical Union, adopted by Council Dec 1981, revised & reaffirmed Dec 2007)
The Bionomics Institute
Bordalier Institute: Complex Networks & Evolution
Brainstorms Forum
Brian Swimme -- Home
A Briefer History of Time (Eric Schulman)
Bruce Sanguin, Rev. (United Church of Canada, Vancouver, BC)
Can matter cycle through shapes eternally? (Devin Powell, Nature News & Comment, 4 Sep 2013)
CarlSagan.com (Ken Gibson et al., Cosmos Studios)
The Case for "Big History" (David Christian, Journal of World History 2(2):223-38, Fall 1991) PDF
Catastrophism (Philip R. Burns)
Center for the Study of Evolution & the Origin of Life (CSEOL)
Centre for Time (University of Sydney)
CFES position paper on Creationism/Intelligent Design (Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences, 2008)
Chain Letter Evolution (Daniel W. VanArsdale)
The Chance of Finding Aliens: Reevaluating the Drake Equation
(Govert Schilling, Sky & Telescope, Dec 1998)
The chaos theory of evolution (Keith Bennett, New Scientist 2782, 18 Oct 2010)
Charles Darwin (Oxford University Museum of Natural History)
Charles Darwin (Wonderland)
Charles Darwin And Evolution (ed. Hana R. Alberts, Forbes, 5 Feb 2009)
Charles Darwin - British Naturalist (Robin Chew)
The Charles Darwin Forum (Down House)
Chemical scum that dream of distant quasars (David Deutsch, Video on TED.com, Jul 2005)

ChronoZoom (Walter Alvarez, University of California Berkeley)
The Collaborative of Global and Big History (University of Southern Maine)
The Complete Work of Charles Darwin online
(dir. John van Wyhe, Cambridge)
Concept Paper: Time and Universe (Richard T. W. Arthur)
Concerning Time (Patek Philippe)
Conference on Evolutionary Patterns (Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab, University of Lisbon, 2013)
Congregational Study Guide for Evolution
(National Center for Science Education)
The Cosmic Clock : Evolution of the Universe Timeline
Cosmic Evolution - From Big Bang to Humankind (Eric Chaisson)
A Cosmic Journey from English Lit to Big History (Jaime Castner, Metanexus, 27 Feb 2013)
Cosmic Spirals: Asymmetries of Evolution from the Big Bang to the Big Crunch (Heidi Hileman)
CosmicVoyage.org Virtual Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
The Cosmic Walk (Sister Miriam Therese McGillis, adapted by Ruth Rosenhek et al.)
Cosmology and Fine-Tuning Research Program
(John Templeton Foundation)
Cosmos & Culture: Cultural Evolution in a Cosmic Context (ed. Steven J. Dick & Mark L. Lupisella, NASA SP 4802, 8 Jan 2010) PDF
Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy
(ed. Arran Gare et al., Swinburne University, Australia)
Cosmosis (Britt Thomas Griscom)
The Cosmos: A Search for Life! (Rikin Gandhi et al.)
COSMOS: A Spacetime odyssey (Ann Druyan et al., Mar- , 2014)
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson, the New Guide to the "Cosmos" (Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker, 17 Feb 2014)
-- A Successor to Sagan Reboots 'Cosmos' (Dennis Overbye, New York Times, 3 Mar 2014)
-- Q&A: Neil Degrasse Tyson, Tour Guide to the 'Cosmos' (James Rocchi, Rolling Stone Movies & TV, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Can Cosmos Get People Talking about Science Again? (Clara Moskowitz, Observations, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson, Please Speak Out about Militarization of Science! (John Horgan, Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson on Cosmos and integrating science in popular culture (Alex Jackson, Soapbox Science, Nature, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Dawn of a New Cosmos (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Cosmos Reboots (Donald Prothero, eSkeptic, 12 Mar 2014)
-- Cosmos & the Creationists: Why Some People Hate Science on Television (Steven Newton, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 10 Mar 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Facts (Steven Newton, Science League of America, NCSE League of America, 17 Mar 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Silliness (Steven Newton, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 24 Mar 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars, Episode IV: No New Hope for Creationists (Josh Rosenau, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 4 Apr 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars, Episode V: The Creationists Strike Out (Rosh Rosenau, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 8 Apr 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Tiny (Josh Rosenau, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 15 Apr 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars Episode VII: Heir to the Denialist Empire (Josh Rosenau, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 25 Apr 2014)
-- Cosmos Trek, Episode VII: The Clean Room on the Edge of Forever (Steven Newton, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 26 Apr 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars, Episode VIII: Creationist Force Rising (Josh Rosenau, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 1 May 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars, Episode IX: "The Past is Another Planet" (Josh Rosenau, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 8 May 2014)
-- Cosmos, Episode IX: Dr. Strangelove Oceans, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mass Extinctions (Steven Newton, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 9 May 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars Episode X: Specter of the Past (Josh Rosenau, Science League of America, Science League of America, NCSE, 14 May 2014)
-- Cosmos Wars, Episode XI: Vision of the Future (Josh Rosenau, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 30 May 2014)
-- Cosmos, Episode XII: It's the End of the World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine (Steven Newton, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 2 Jun 2014)
-- Three Reasons Why Cosmos Was One of the Best Things to Happen to TV: Part 1 (Steven Newton, Science League of America, NCSE Blog, 23 Jun 2014)
-- Three Reasons Why Cosmos Was One of the Best Things to Happen to TV: Part 2 (Steven Newton, Science League of America, NCSE, 2 Jul 2014)
Creation and/or Evolution Links (IDEA)
Creative Evolution Index Page (Stephen Ashworth, Oxford, UK)
Creative Tension at the Edge-of-Chaos: Towards an Evolutionary Christology (Cameron Freeman, Global Spiral, 5 Mar 2009)
A Critique of "Theistic Evolution" as a Supplementary Model of the Relationship between Darwinian Theory and Religion (Jakob Wolf, Metanexus Sophia, 3 Feb 2005)
Darwin Among the Machines; or, The Origins of [Artificial] Life
(George Dyson, Edge 21, 8 Jul 1997)
Darwin and Darwinism
Darwin and Evolution Overview (George P. Landow, The Victorian Web)

Darwin@LSE (Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, London School of Economics)
Darwin / Chicago 2009 (conference, University of Chicago, 29-31 Oct 2010)
Darwin Day (Paleontological Research Institution, Cornell University)
Darwin Day @ UTK (Carolyn Wells & Jamie Estill, University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Darwin Day: An International Celebration of Science and Humanity (Robert J. Stephens et al.)
The Darwin Digital Library (American Museum of Natural History Library, New York)
Darwinia Books
Darwiniana (John Wilkins)
Darwiniana and Evolution (Bob Patterson)
The Darwin-L Archives (Robert J. O'Hara)
Darwin Now (British Council)
-- Darwin Survey Shows International Consensus on Acceptance of Evolution (Darwin Now, British Council, London, 30 Jun 2009) PDF
The Darwin Project (David Loye et al.)
Darwin's Metaphor: Nature's Place in Victorian Culture
(Robert M. Young, 1985)
Darwin's Precursors and Influences (John Wilkins)
Darwin's Web Ring (Robyn A. Conder)
Dating the Anthropocene: Towards an empirical global history of human transformation of the terrestrial biosphere (Erle C. Ellis et al., Elementa, 3 Dec 2013)
-- How Long Have Humans Dominated the Planet? (David Biello, Scientific American, 6 Dec 2013)
Dawn Ogden Home Page
DBSR Evolution Web Page (AAAS)
Deep Change (ed. David Forrest, Innovation Watch)
Deep chill: The Global Seed Vault can anchor us in deep time (Colin Dickey, Aeon Magazine, 17 Sep 2013)
-- Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Oslo, Norway)
Deep Time, Big History, and Existential Risk (J. N. Nielsen, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 4 Oct 2013)
Deep Time Journey Network (International Big History Association)
Deep Time: The Nature of Existential Risk (Heath Rezabek, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 29 Aug 2013)
The Deniable Darwin (David Berlinski, Commentary, June 1996)
Department Position on Evolution and "Intelligent Design" (Lehigh University Department of Biological Sciences)
Discerning Purpose in Evolution (Steve McIntosh, Metanexus, 24 Sep 2012)
The Dispersal of Darwin (blog by Michael D. Barton, Montana State University, Bozeman)
Does Nature Break the Second Law of Thermodynamics? (J. Miguel Rubi, 'The Long Arm of the Second Law,' Scientific American 299:5:62-7, Nov 2008)

Drake Equation (Astrobiology)
The Drake Equation (George C. Fennell)
Drake Equation Page (R. Mark Elowitz, SEDS)
The Drake Equation (Stephen Hooper)
The Dr. Carl Sagan Honorary Site (Michael Rapp)
Dr. SETI's Starship: A Personal Journey (H. Paul Schuch)
Earth History in Its Broadest Possible Context (Walter Alvarez, 97th Annual Faculty Research Lectures, UC Berkeley, 29 Apr 2010)
Earth Literacy At Home (Larry Edwards)
Earth Literacy Companions (EarthLinks Colorado)
ECCO Web (Evolution, Complexity and COgnition Group, dir. Francis Heylighen, Free University of Brussels)
Ecsite's Position Statement on Science and Evolution (European Network of Science Centres and Museums)
Edward Manier Home Page
Elisabet Sahtouris
The Emergence of Biological Complexity
(Cambridge Templeton Consortium)
The Emergence of God (Darren Iammarino, review of Philip Clayton, Adventures in the Spirit: God, World, and Divine Action (2009), in eSkeptic, 17 Jun 2009)
The Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight: An Alphabetical Guide to the Living Universe (David J. Darling)
The end is not near: Why do we assume the future will be short? (John Schellenberg, Aeon Magazine, 10 Feb 2014)
Energy Solutions From the Perspective of Big History (William Grassie, Metanexus, 5 Apr 2012)
Entelechy: Mind & Culture (ed. Alice Andrews et al.)
Enter Evolution: Theory and History (UCMP)
Envisioning a Civilization Recovery Plan (William Grassie, Metanexus, 18 Sep 2012)
The Epic of Evolution: Cosmic Resources for Educators
(Ruth Rosenhek, Rainforest Information Centre)
Epic of Evolution: Life, the Earth, and the Cosmos
(Course 210A, Washington University in St. Louis)
The Epic of Evolution Myth (Bernt Rostrom)

Epic of Evolution Society
Evo Devo Universe Community (Clement Vidal et al.)
Evolution (Ohio University CALL Lab)
The Evolution and Development of the Universe (Clement Vidal et al., Special Issue of the First International Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe, 2008; arXiv:0912.5508 [physics.gen-ph], 30 Dec 2009, revised)
Evolution and Education (Brian Alters, NIH VideoCast of lecture, National Institute of Health, 10 May 2006) RAM
Evolution and Education (The Society for the Study of Evolution)
Evolution and Ethics: Resources On-Line (Chris MacDonald)
Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes
(ENSI/SENSI: Evolution/Nat.of Sci.Home Page)
Evolution and Philosophy (Hans-Cees A. M. Speel)
Evolution and Philosophy: A Revolution in Philosophy
(Kent Van Cleave)
Evolution and the Science and Religion Dialogue
(Audrey R. Chapman, Intro. Essay, The Epic of Evolution, Nov 1999)
Evolution as a Christian Theme (Ernan McMullin, Baylor University, 2004) PDF
Evolutionary Biology of Species and Organizations (William P. Hall, III)
Evolutionary Christianity (Michael Dowd et al.)
-- Community Blog
Evolutionary Controversies (Robyn A. Conder)
Evolutionary Creationism (Susan Schneider)
Evolutionary Life (ed. Tom Atlee, The Co-Intelligence Institute)
Evolutionary Models of Scientific Theory Change (John S. Wilkins)
Evolutionary Science and Society: Educating a New Generation (Proceedings of the American Institute of Biological Sciences/Biological Sciences Curriculum Studies Symposium, ed. Joel Cracraft & Rodger W. Bybee, National Association of Biology Teachers, Chicago, Nov 2004)
Evolutionary Spirituality: A Co-Created Guidebook and Interactive Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Spirituality (Wikia)

The Evolutionary Tales: Rhyme and Reason on Creation/Evolution
(Ronald L. Ecker)
Evolutionary Threads (Chris King)
Evolution as Artist (Thomas S. Ray)
Evolution as a Religion: A Comparison of Prophecies
(Mary Midgely, Zygon 22:2:179-94, Jun 1987)
Evolution, Complexity, Entropy, and Artificial Reality
(Thomas S. Ray)
Evolution, Creation and the Science Curriculum (Position Statement, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 1982)
-- On the Nature of Science and the Teaching of Evolution (revised Position Statement, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 2005) DOC
Evolution, Creationism and 'Intelligent Design' (Angela Cassidy with Emm Barnes, University of Manchester, Spring 2004) PDF
Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design (Oregon Department of Education, 21 Mar 2007, updated)
Evolution Education Research Centre (Brian Alters et al., Humanist Perspectives 154, Autumn 2005)
The Evolution Education Resource Center
(Ken Harding, High Ridge, Missouri)
Evolution for Idiots (Anthony T. Lawrence)
Evolution in Science Centers (ASTC Resource Center)
The Evolution Institute (Wesley Chapel, Florida)
The Evolutionist (ed. Oliver Curry)
Evolution Links (Carolyn Wells & Jamie Estill)
Evolution? Looking at the Bigger Picture of Life's Development (Gerald Schroeder, "Science and Religion: Global Perspectives," Metanexus Institute, Philadelphia, 4-8 Jun 2005) PDF
Evolution for Everyone: How to Increase Acceptance of, Interest in, and Knowledge about Evolution (David Sloan Wilson, PLoS Biology 3(12):e364, 13 Dec 2005)
Evolution: Home (PBS, 24-7 Sep 2001)
Evolution Into the Next Millennium (Charles Ostman)
Evolution Library (PBS Evolution)
Evolution of Communication Home Page
The Evolution of Culture (Daniel C. Dennett, Charles Simonyi Lecture, Oxford, 17 Feb 1999, Edge 52, 1 Apr 1999)
Evolution of Evolution - 150 Years of Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" (Special Report, US National Science Foundation, 11 Feb 2009)
The evolution of teaching evolution (Jennifer Oldham, The Hechinger Report, 7 Feb 2011)
Evolution on the Front Line (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
The Evolution Page: Evolution Education in Kansas
(Wichita State University)
The Evolution Project (Museum of the Earth, Paleontological Research Institution, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York)
Evolution Research News: The Academic Guide to Evolution News and Research (Stanley C. Spencer)
Evolution Resources (The National Academies, Washington, DC)
The Evolution Revolution (ThinkQuest)
Evolution Rocks! The Power of Deep Time & Change (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 9 Feb 2009)
Evolution's Arrow: The Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity (John Stewart, 2000)
Evolution Schools Videos (Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab, University of Lisbon)
Evolution, Science, and Society: Evolutionary Biology and the National Research Agenda (Douglas J. Futuyma et al.) PDF
Evolution, Science, and Society: A "White Paper" on Behalf of the Field of Evolutionary Biology (Douglas J. Futuyma et al.)
-- Evolutionary Biology and the National Research Agenda
Evolution: Second World Conference on the Future of Science
(Venice, 23 Sep 2006)
Evolution: Selected Papers and Commentary (Donald R.Forsdyke)

Evolution Statement (LSU Museum of Natural Science)
Evolution Statement (Australian Museum)
Evolution Study Group (Dalhousie University)
Evolution: This View of Life Magazine (ed. David Sloan Wilson et al.)
Evolution: Topic Index (Francisco Ayala)
Evolvability, Some Thoughts on (Thomas S. Ray)
Evolve: A Global Community Center for Conscious Evolution (Barbara Marx Hubbard et al., Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Santa Barbara, California)
Evolving Collective Intelligence (Tom Atlee)
An Evolving Creation (Jeremy Mohn)
EvoNet.org | A Worldwide Network for Evolutionary Biology
(San Diego Supercomputer Center)
EvoWiki | The Evolution Education Wiki (Joe aka Steinsky et al.)
EVOWOG (Evolution Working Group, University of Alabama)
exoScience - Astronomy, Exobiology, Astrophysics (David Watanabe)
Explore Big History (William Grassie, Metanexus, 25 Oct 2011)
Exploring the Origin, Extent, and Future of Life: Philosophical, Ethical, and Theological Perspectives (AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion, 2003-4)
Faith and Reason - Cosmology (PBS Online)
Faith and Reason - Evolution
Faith and Reason - History

The Fall and Rise of Catastrophism (Trevor Palmer, 25 April 1996)
Finding Our Place in the Cosmos: From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond (United States Library of Congress)
-- The Seth MacFarlane collection of the Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan archive, 1860-2004 (Library of Congress Finding Aid)
Fitness of the Cosmos for Life: Biochemistry and Fine-Tuning
(Harvard University, 12-13 Oct 2003)
Foundation of the Future - History of the Universe
Future Human Evolution Gateway (Bradley LaChance, Dallas, Texas)
The Future of Evolution (Freeman Dyson, Metanexus Bios, 13 Oct 2005)
Gaia - The Living Earth (M. Alan Kazlev)
Gaining Meaning and Purpose (Allen Tough, URAM, 1986)
Galactic Punctuated Equilibrium: How to Undermine Carter's Anthropic Argument in Astrobiology (Milan M. Cirkovic et al., arXiv:0912.4980v1 [astro-ph.EP], 30 Dec 2009; Astrobiology 9(5):491-501 (2009))
Genesis, Cosmology, and Evolution (Hillel Goldberg, Jewish Action 60:4, Summer 2000) PDF
The Genesis of Eden (Chris King)
GEOcosmoHISTORY (Gregory A. Good)
Glenn McDavid's Anthropic Principle Links
The Global View of Evolution
(Richard L. Coren, HMS Beagle 57, 25 Jun 1999)
Glorious Contingency (Michael Shermer, Metanexus, 15 Feb 2000)
Glossary of SETI Terms (Peter Coffee & Daniel Fox)
A God for Evolution (Martinez J. Hewlett, Mar 2001)
God, Humanity and the Cosmos Online
(ed. Christopher Southgate, Counterbalance Foundation)
"God in Big History" (Michael Dowd et al., International Big History Association, May-Jul 2014)
God, Strings, Emergence, and the Future of the World (Nicola Hoggard Creegan, Global Spiral, 28 May 2009)
Graduate Student Conference on Evolutionary Perspectives in the Social Sciences and Humanities (UBC, Oct. 1997)
The Great Filter - Are We Almost Past It? (Robin Hanson, 15 Sep 1998)
The Great Matrix of Being (William Grassie, Metanexus, 26 Feb 2013)
The Great Story (Connie Barlow & Michael Dowd)
The Great Story (Wikipedia)
The Great Story: Meta-Religious Essays

HAYEK-L, Archives of
Hayek Page -- The Friedrich Hayek Scholars' Page (Greg Ransom)
Historical Notes (Tony Smith)
History and Evolution (John Landon)
"The History and Philosophy of Astrobiology" (ed. David Duner et al., Special Collection, Astrobiology 12:10, Oct 2012)
History as Science (William Grassie, Metanexus, 6 Jan 2012)
History of Evolutionary Thought (W. Brian Simison, UCMP)
The history of our world in 18 minutes (TED video, Mar 2011)
History of the Universe (Hotu.org)
The History of the Universe (Philip J. Brown, UK)
A history of the universe in sound (Honor Harger, Video on TED.com, TEDSalon London 1010, filmed May 2011)
Homo sapiens: The Evolution of What We Think About Who We Are (Brian Switek, Laelaps, 11 Aug 2007)
How Did We Get Here? A Cyber Debate
(NOVA Online/Odyssey of Life)
How to Evolve Specified Complexity by Natural Means
(Matt Young, Metanexus, Feb 2002)
How You Can Support Evolution Education (NCSE)
Humanoid Histories (David Christian, Metanexus, 19 Mar 2012)
Humans in the Cosmos (blog, Neil Paul Cummins)
Human Strategies in Complexity: Philosophical Foundations for a Theory of Evolutionary Systems (Wolfgang Hofkirchner et al., Vienna)
Human Universals and Cultural Evolution on Interstellar Voyages (Cameron M. Smith, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 30 May 2014)
Hunters of Myths: Why Our Brains Love Origins (Maria Konnikova, Literally Psyched, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Apr 2012)
The Huxley File (Charles Blinderman & David Joyce)
Ian's Cosmic Matters Page
IAP Statement on the Teaching of Evolution (The InterAcademy Panel on International Issues, 21 Jun 2006) PDF
ICOM - NatHist Position Statement on Evolution (NatHist - International Committee for museums and collections of natural history, ICOM - International Council of Museums)
The Idea of Design in Nature: Science or Phenomenology? (Jakob Wolf, Global Spiral, 28 May 2009)
IDEA Online - Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Club at UCSD Home Page (Reid Hankins & Casey Luskin)

Identifying High Metallicity M Giants at Intragroup Distances with SDSS (Lauren E. Palladino et al., arXiv:1202.2152v1 [astro-ph.GA], 9 Feb 2012)
-- Rogue Stars Leaving the Galaxy (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 4 May 2012)
Implosion (Nold Egenter)
Improving Evolution Education (Kevin Padian, Geotimes, Feb 2008)
Indiana Academy of Science resolution supporting the teaching of evolution (IAS Evolution Resolution 2007-1) DOC
Institute for the Study of Complex Systems
(dir. Peter A. Corning, Palo Alto)
Institute of Physico-Chemical Problems of Evolution (dir. Georgi P. Gladyshev, Moscow)
The Institute of Time Nature Explorations
Integral Naked: Behind the Scenes with the Most Provocative Thinkers in Today's World (Ken Wilber et al.)
Intelligent design has distinctly evolutionary nature (Barbara Forrest & Paul R. Gross, with response from John G. West & Jonathan Witt, Science & Theology News, Dec 2004)
Intelligent Design Is Not Science (Australian Academy of Science Report, 24 Oct 2005)
Intelligent Design Policy: Science Education and Creationism (Geological Society of Australia, 17 Dec 2008) PDF
Intelligent Judging -- Evolution in the Classroom and the Courtroom (George J. Annas, New England Journal of Medicine 354(21):2271-81, 25 May 2006)
International Big History Association (Global Institute of Big History, Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Allendale, Michigan)
International Conference on Evolutionary Patterns (Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab, Centre for Philosophy of Science, University of Lisbon)
International Origins Conference (May 1997)
International Society for the Advanced Study of Spacetime
The International Society for the Study of Time
-- Kronoscope: Journal for the Study of Time (Brill Academic Publishers) $
-- StudyOfTime Mailing List (Koen DePryck)
IPS Official Statement on the Ancient Age of the Earth and Universe (International Planetarium Society)
Irtiqa (Salman Hameed)
ISCID - International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design
(William A. Dembski et al.)
-- PCID: Progress in Complexity, Information, and Design
Is Evolution a Secular Religion? (Michael Ruse, Perceptions in Science, Science 299(5612):1523-4, 7 Mar 2003)
Is There a Purpose in Nature? How to Navigate Between the Scylla of Mechanism and Charybdis of Teleology (Forum 2000 Workshop Papers, 22-25 Mar 1998; ed. Ivan M. Havel, Prague Sep 1998)
ISSR Statement on the Concept of 'Intelligent Design' (International Society for Science & Religion, Cambridge)
-- Leading science and theology scholars reject 'intelligent design' (Ekklesia, 7 Feb 2008)
Its All About Time and Place: A Chronology of Events, Places, Ecological and Societal Impacts (Gary D. Sharp)
Jeremy C. Ahouse's Page
Jody Wilson's Extrasolar Planet, Extraterrestrial Life, and SETI Page
John Wilkins
Journal of Evolution and Technology (ed. James Hughes, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies)
Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission

Journal of Syms Covington - Contents
Journey Of The Universe (Brian Thomas Swimme et al.)
The Kentucky Academy of Science Calls for Rejection of Attempts to Teach 'Intelligent Design' as a Scientific Theory (Western Kentucky University, 22 Dec 2005)
Kevin Padian: Investigating Evolution (discussion with Alan Jones, FORA.tv, San Francisco, 22 Nov 2008)
KLI Theory Lab (Thomas Klemm et al., Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research)
Kronopedia: The Encyclopedia of Time (International Society for the Study of Time)
Lee Smolin
-- Time Reborn (Peter Woit, Not Even Wrong, 23 Apr 2013)
Les Johnson: Big Projects and Deep Time (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 1 Nov 2013)
Life Beyond Earth, a film by Timothy Ferris (PBS, 10 Nov 1999)
Life in the Universe (Europe)
Life in the Universe: An Examination of United States and International Programs in Astrobiology (U.S. National Research Council, 29 Jul 2002)
LifeWeb: The Writings of Elisabet Sahtouris
The (Linear) Time of Our Lives (Lawrence Rifkin, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 9 Mar 2014)
Links on Evolutionary Theory and Memetics
(F. Heylighen & C. Joslyn, Principia Mathematica)
The Logic and Beauty of Cosmological Natural Selection (Larence Rifkin, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 10 Jun 2014)
The Long Result (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 11 Feb 2013)
Lost and Found (Gary D. Sharp)
The Making of a New Biophilia: Evolutionary Governance and the Modern Creation Myth (Walter Truett Anderson, Global Spiral, 4 Jun 2009)
MeaningofLife.tv (ed. Robert Wright)
Meme Central (Richard Brodie)
Meme Theorists on the Web (Dave Gross, The Lycaeum)
Memetic Algorithms' Home Page (Pablo Moscato)
Memetic Evolution (C. Joslyn & V. Turchin, Principia Cybernetica)
Memetics (Anders Sandberg)

Memetics (F. Heylighen, Principia Cybernetica)
Memetics (Marius Watz)
Memetics (Tim's Brain)
Memetics Index (Ken Kitowski)
Memetics: On a conceptual framework for cultural evolution (Hans-Cees Speel, 1996)
Memetics on the Internet (alt.memetics resources)
Memetics Sub-Page (Anders Sandberg)
Michelson Science Center (California Institute of Technology)
"A Mirror up to Nature": Cosmos, Nature, and Culture in Shakespeare (Kenneth W. Davis, Global Spiral, 27 May 2009)
A model for the emergence of cooperation, interdependence, and structure in evolving networks (Sanjay Jain & Sandeep Krishna, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98:2:543-7, 16 Jan 2001)
Models of Time (Roberto Ciumi, ed., Humana.Mente 8, 31 Jan 2009) PDF
The Myth of the Evolution of ET (Ted Peters, SETI Talks, YouTube, 7 Nov 2012)
NABT Statement on Teaching Evolution
(US Nat'l Assn of Biology Teachers)
NASA Astrobiology Institute
The NASA Astrobiology Roadmap (David J. Des Marais et al., Astrobiology 3(2):219, Summer 2003)
NASA Science Strategic Roadmap: Universe Exploration: From the Big Bang to Life (SpaceRef.com, 26 May 2005)
NASA's Origins Program (JPL)
-- Origins Science
-- Timeline of the Universe

The National Center for Science Education HomePage (NCSE)
NATURE: Forces of the Wild (PBS)
Nearctica - Evolution - History of Evolutionary Thought
A Needle in the Cosmic Haystack: Formal and Empirical Approaches to Life in the Universe (J. N. Nielsen ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 25 Jul 2014)
Nerd Wide Web EVOLUTION Resources
Net Advance of Evolution (Heidi Hileman)
Network Resources in the Historical Sciences
New Challenges for Evolution Education (In-Depth Reports, Scientific American Evolution Newsletter, 28 Feb 2011)
A New Way of Teaching Science (William Grassie, Our Common Story, Metanexus Institute, 23 May 2010)
Niel Brandt's Timelines and Scales of Measurement Page
Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny (Robert Wright)
NOVA | Evolution (PBS Online)
NOVA | Origins, with Neil deGrasse Tyson
(PBS, 28-29 Sep 2004)
NOVA | Origins: Series Overview (Julia Cort & Larry Klein et al., PBS, 28 Feb 2004)
NOVA | Where Did We Come From? (PBS, 16 Feb 2011)
NSTA Evolution Resources (National Science Teachers Association)
Observation of the Quantum Zeno Effect on a Single Solid State Spin (Janik Wolters et al., arXiv:1301.4544 [quant-ph], 19 Jan 2013)
-- Quantum paradox seen in diamond (Eugenie Samuel Reich, Nature News & Comment, 20 Aug 2013)
Observing the Beginning of Time (Craig J. Hogan, American Scientist 90(5):420-27, Sep-Oct 2002)
Of an Archive on the Moon (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 12 Dec 2014)
Official Evolution Statement, California Academy of Sciences
(Approved by Science Council, 28 Mar 2007)
Of Nature's Holism - Coevolution in Ecosystems (Laurence Evans)
Oklahoma Academy of Science Statement on Science, Religion, and Teaching Evolution (2 Nov 2007) PDF
On Darwin Day [February 12], We Honor Science and Scientists (Roy Speckhardt, The Blog, Huffington Post, 29 Jan 2014)
OneLife, a Cultural Philosophy Based on Provable Knowledge
(John Stevenson)
On the evolution of the concept of time and its implication for modern cosmology (Peter C. Aichelburg, "Science and Religion: Global Perspectives," Philadephia, 4-8 Jun 2005) PDF
Online Literature Library -- Charles Darwin
On the Teaching of Intelligent Design as Science: A Statement of Resolution (Position Paper, Tallahassee Scientific Society, 4 Jun 2007) RTF
On Time (Daedalus, Spring 2003) PDF
Open Directory - Astronomy: Extraterrestrial Life

The Optimal Cosmic Epoch for Precision Cosmology (Abraham Loeb, arXiv:1203.2622 [astro-ph.CO], 12 Mar 2012, revised)
-- Losing Our Cosmology (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 23 May 2012)
Origin of Life, Exobiology, Astrobiology: A Page of Links and More
(NASA Ames Astrochemistry Lab)
Origins (Leadership U)
Origins & Design Journal (Access Research Network)
-- Origins Research Archives
Origins Education Forum (NASA/STScI)
-- Origins Calendar Events
Origins Initiative (Lawrence Krauss, dir., et al., Arizona State University)
-- Life, the Universe, and Everything: A Conference Looks to Ultimate Origins (Review by Dan Falk of symposium on "Origins," Arizona State University, Phoenix, Apr 2009; Sky & Telescope Weekly Bulletin, 3 May 2009)
The Origins Institute (Ralph Pudritz et al., McMaster University)
Origins: Looking into Our Search for Beginnings
(Rob Semper et al., Exploratorium)
The Origins of Knowledge (Onar Åm)
Origins Project (Lawrence Krauss et al., Arizona State University)
Origins Science (NASA's Origins Program)
The Origins Umbrella (Leslie Mullen, Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Part 1, Astrobiology Magazine, 26 Jan 2005)
Our Common Story (Metanexus Institute)
Palaetiology (Robert J. O'Hara)

Parallel worlds: Can the multiverse explain human history? (Andrew Crumey, Aeon Magazine, 2 Sep 2013)
Past, Present, Future: It's About Time! (Dragonfly)
Peace Room: The Foundation for Conscious Evolution
(Barbara Marx Hubbard et al.)
Penn State Astrobiology Research Center
Peter Turlands Home Page
The Philosophy of Science, Evolution, and Scientific Creationism
(Don Lindsay)
Philosophy 333 Evolution and Creation & Liberal Studies 487 Senior Seminar in Creation and Evolution (Cal State Fullerton)
Piltdown Man (Richard Harter)
The Piltdown Plot (Charles Blinderman & David Joyce)
Planet Science: The Big Three (New Scientist)
Playing With Time (Red Hill Studios)
Position Statement on Evolution by the Department of Biology (College of New Jersey)
Position statement on evolution as a scientific theory (The Manchester Museum, University of Manchester) PDF
Principia Cybernetica Web (F. Heylighen et al.)
-- Table of Contents

Problems in Literary Study: Darwin's Entangled Bank - Web Links for Readings (William Howarth et al., Princeton University)
Public SETI Email List (SETI League)
Project Millennium: Origins (Chicago)
Purpose in Evolution (John Templeton Foundation)
The Queen of the Sciences (William Grassie, Metanexus, 5 Apr 2013)
Quest University Canada (Squamish, British Columbia)
-- Library
Radio Astrobiology (Astrobiology Magazine, 27 Mar 2006)
Radio Astrobiology (Astrobiology Magazine European Edition)
Random Designer: Created from Chaos to connect with the Creator (Richard G. Colling, Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnaise, Illinois, 2004)
-- A Random Universe (Richard G. Colling, Science & Theology News, Jan 2006) PDF
-- Can God Love Darwin Too? Evolutionists Fight the 'Godless' Rap (Sharon Begley, Newsweek, 17 Sep 2007)
A Reductionism Based Challenge to Strong Emergence (David Allan Larrabee, Global Spiral, 24 May 2007)
Repeal Creationism (Zack Kopplin et al., Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses
(Vitaly Issaev et al., ThinkQuest)
Reports of the National Center for Science Education
Resolution of the American Fisheries Society Concerning the Teaching of Alternatives to Evolution (Sep 2007) PDF
-- Education Section of the American Fisheries Society Resolution Concerning the Teaching of Alternatives to Evolution (James R. Jackson, Jan 2007) PDF
Resources for EarthLight #26 (Kurt Lauren de Boer et al.)
The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Ritualizing Big History (Connie Barlow, Metanexus, 14 Mar 2013)
Robert Maxwell Young
Roll over, Boltzmann (Jon Cartwright, Physics World, 29 May 2014)
Russian Interdisciplinary Temporology Seminar
The Sacred Balance: A Vision of Humanity's Place in Nature
(David Suzuki & Amanda McConnell, et al., CBC, Oct 2002)
-- Portal
School on Evolution (Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab, Centre for Philosophy of Science, University of Lisbon)
Science and the Human Prospect (Ronald C. Pine, 1989, 2006; online ed. 2001, 2004)
Science, Evolution, and Intelligent Design (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Science Integration Institute (Todd Duncan)
Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life (Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 31 Oct - 4 Nov 2008)
The Scientific Study of Origins? (Loren A. King)
Scott Robert Ladd's Web Site
SEAL: Society for Evolutionary Analysis in Law

Seeking Truth in a World of Competing Narratives (William Grassie, Huffington Post, 30 Apr 2012; Metanexus, 1 May 2012)
SEE | Semiosis Evolution Energy (dir. Edwina Taborsky, University of Toronto)
Selection Theory Bibliography (Gary A. Cziko & Donald T. Campbell)
Self Organizing Systems
Self-Organizing Systems and Final Causality (Joseph A. Bracken, Metanexus Sophia, 11 Aug 2005)
SETI BioAstronomy Email List (SETI League)
-- SETI Endeavor: SETI Mailing List Archive (Stephen A. Zarkos)
SETI Institute Home Page
-- Life at the SETI Institue (blog)
SETItalk List: General Discussion about SETI (TalkSpace)
SETI Science (SETI Institute)
Should Evolutionary Theory Evolve? (Bob Grant, The Scientist 24(1):24, 1 Jan 2010)
Singularity Watch (John Smart et al., Los Angeles, California)
SIS Catastrophism & Chronology Links
(Ian Tresman, Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, UK)
Society for College Science Teachers Position Statement on the Teaching of Evolution (Adopted Mar 2007) PDF
The Society for the Study of Evolution (Lawrence, Kansas)
So Bill Gates Has This Idea for a History Class ... (Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times, 5 Sep 2014)
Space.com: Search for Life
SpaceViews Special Section: Astrobiology
SporeTM Video Game (Will Wright et al., Electronic Arts Inc., Redwood City, California, Sep 2008)
-- The Official SporeTM and SporeTM Creature Creator Site
-- Sporepedia
-- SporeWiki (Wikia)
The Stanford Astrobiology Course
A statement by the Royal Society on evolution, creationism and intelligent design (The Royal Society, London, 11 Apr 2006)
Statement in Support of Evolution (Biology Department, Central Connecticut State University)
Statement in Support of Evolution (Samuel Taylor, Carnegie Museum of Natural History)
Statement of Evolution (Department of Biology, Baylor University)
Statement on creationism and intelligent design (Australian Academy of Science)
Statement on Evolution (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Baylor University)
Statement on Evolution (Saint Louis University)
Statement on Evolution (Science Museum of Minnesota)
Statement on Evolution (The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) PDF
Statement on Evolution and Education
(American Society of Naturalists, Aug 2005)
Statement on Evolution and Education
(American Society of Naturalists, 30 Jul 2010)
Statement on Science, Evolution, and Intelligent Design (Union of Concerned Scientists, 4 Sep 2007)
Statements on Evolution and Teaching Biology
(The Society for the Study of Evolution)
A Story of Cosmic Evolution (Neal McBurnett et al., Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, 11 May 2003, revised)
Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology & Biology (Michon Scott)
Structure and Evolution of the Universe
(Paul Hertz, NASA's Office of Space Science)
Stuart A. Kauffman Home Page (Santa Fe)

Suns'n'Roses: The Web of Time (Alan Richmond)
Sun's properties not 'fine-tuned' for life (Hazel Muir, New Scientist, 22 May 2008)
Symposium : The Evolution of Complexity (Brussels, 1995)
Synergy and Self-organization in the Evolution of Complex Systems
(Peter A. Corning, Systems Research 12(2):89-121, 1995)
TalkDesign.org | Critically Examining the "Intelligent Design" Movement (TalkOrigins.org)
Talk.Origins (Google Usenet Portal)
The Talk.Origins Archive
Tau, Time and the Universe (Richard T. W. Arthur et al.)
Teach Evolution and Make it Relevant (Kerry Bright, University of Montana, Missoula)
Teach evolution, not creationism! | Joint statement on creationism and evolution in schools (UK)
-- Scientists demand tougher guidelines on teaching of creationism in schools (Riazat Butt, The Guardian, 19 Sep 2011)
-- CrISIS - Creationism In Schools Isn't Science Petition (21 Apr 2011)
Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science
(Donald Kennedy et al., National Academy of Science)
Teaching the History of Nature (William Grassie, The Global Spiral, 5 Mar 2008)
Teaching of Evolution (AAS Press Release, American Astronomical Society, 20 Sep 2005)
The Teaching of Evolution (Division of Science and Mathematics, Oklahoma City Community College)
Teaching of Evolution and Cosmology, AAPT Statement on
(American Association of Physics Teachers, 24 Apr 2005)
Teaching of Evolution in Indiana - The Indiana Department of Education's Position (Memorandum, 9 Oct 2009) PDF
Teaching of Evolution: Position Statement, The Geological Society of America (Adopted in May 2001; Revised in October 2006; Revised July 2009)
Teilhard and the Texture of the Evolutionary Cosmos
(Kathleen Duffy, Metanexus Cosmos, 13 Oct 2005)
Templating Ourselves (Leslie Mullen, Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Part 2, Astrobiology Magazine, 31 Jan 2005)
Temporal Arrows in Spacetime (Friedel Weinert, Kairos 8, Dec 2013) PDF
The Temporal Aspect of the Drake Equation and SETI
(Milan M. Çircoviç, 10 Jun 2003)
Tempus Fugit: Time Flies (Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art)
The Ten Big Questions: Creation vs. Evolution (Geoffrey Klempner)
Texas Academy of Science Position Against the Inclusion of Creationism and Intelligent Design Concepts in the Science Curricula in Texas Schools PDF
Thank God for Evolution (Michael Dowd, 16 Nov 2007)
Theological Implications of an Evolving Creation - Keith Miller
(Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 45:150-60, 1993)
Theology, science and the problem of ID (Simon Barrow, Ekklesia, 2007)
The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution
(ed. John Brockman, 1995)
A Thought Experiment: Envisioning a Civilization Recovery Plan (William Grassie, Global Spiral, 4 Dec 2009)
The Three Eyes of the Universe: Immensity, Intimacy, Identity
(Larry & Jean Edwards)
Time (British Museum)
Time (Vlad Dimitrov)
Time & Time Again: How Science & Culture Shape the Past, Present, & Future (exhibit curated by Sara Schechner & David P. Wheatland, Harvard University)
Time For Everyone: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Public Time (The 2013 Ward Francillon Time Symposium and Exhibition Commemorating the Life and Works of Thomas Tompion 1639-1713, California Institute of Technology, 7-9 Nov 2013)
Timeless Universe (Srecko Sorli Nirvikar)
Time Machine (Charlie Lu)
Time Portal (Elizabeth Keller, Extreme Science)
Timesmith.net | J. T. Fraser

Time Structures (Victoria Koehler-Jones & Gustav Koehler)
Time Travel (Neil Johnson, BBC)
Time Travel Portal : An Open Discussion on Time Travel
Time Travel Research Center
Time Travel WebRing (Shawn Driscoll)
TimeTreeWeb: The Timescale of Life (Blair Hedges & Sudhir Kumar et al., The Timetree of Life)
-- New initiative traces the beginning of species' life on Earth (Penn State Live, 10 Jun 2009)
-- Timetree of Life (Astrobiology Magazine, 14 Jun 2009)
Time, with Michio Kaku (BBC Four, 26 Feb-21 Mar 2006)
Tongues of Stone (Alan Cutler, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 25 Sep 2006)
Travelling in Deep Time: La Longue Duree in Australian History (Tom Griffiths, Austalian Humanities Review, Jun 2000)
The Trouble with Darwinism (Martin Counihan, Global Spiral, 8 Oct 2009)
21st Century Science Coalition (TexasScientists.org)
UBSBS Resources: Charles Darwin
Understanding Evolution (University of California)
-- Understanding Evolution For Teachers
Understanding the intelligent design creationist movement: Its true nature and goals (Barbara C. Forrest, Center for Inquiry, Washington, DC, 29 May 2007) PDF
Understanding Origins (Origins Education Forum)
Units, Events, and Dynamics in Memetic Evolution
(Aaron Lynch, 1998)
Universal Darwinism (John O. Campbell)
Universe Exploration: From the Big Bang to Life
(NASA, 20 May 2005)
Urbanowicz on Darwin, September 1996
The Value of a Cosmic Perspective (Todd Duncan, Glimpses of Wonder, Metanexus Blog, 26 Mar 2012)
Vessel: A Science Fiction Prototype (Heath Rezabek, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 13 Dec 2013)
Visualizing Vessel (Heath Rezabek, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 3 Oct 2013)
Voices for Evolution (NCSE)
Voyages Through Time Project Description
Voyages Through Time: A High School Integrated Science Curriculum (SETI Institute)
The wait of the world: What if clock time no longer tracked the Sun? (Dava Sobel, Aeon Magazine, 22 Jul 2013)
A Walk Through Time ... From Stardust to Us
(Sid Liebes et al., Foundation for Global Community)
Was Darwin Wrong? (David Quammen & Robert Clark, National Geographic Magazine 206:5:2-35, Nov 2004)
Was Darwin Wrong? The Critics of Evolution: Book Reviews by Gert Korthof
Welcome to the Ecozoic Era (profile of Michael Dowd & Connie Barlow by Amy Hassinger, UU World 20:1, 15 Feb 2006)
What the Earth Knows (Robert B. Laughlin, The American Scholar (Summer 2010)
What is "Big History" & Why Does it Matter? (Craig Benjamin, Big History Lecture 1, World Affairs Council of West Michigan, 26 Oct 2010; uploaded to YouTube, 4 Nov 2010)
What is time? (Adam Frank, Physics World, 24 Oct 2013)
What Is Time? (M. Khan)
Why Creationism is wrong and Evolution is right (Steve Jones, The Royal Society, London, 11 Apr 2006)
Why Evolution Is True (Jerry Allen Coyne, University of Chicago)
Why Science Has Produced the Most Spiritual Idea in History (David Warmflash, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 22 Mar 2014)
World Builders (Elizabeth Anne Viau, California State University, Los Angeles)
World History in Context (David Christian, Journal of World History 14(4):437-52, Dec 2003) PDF
The World of Richard Dawkins: Evolution, Science, and Reason
(John Catalano)
Yahoo! Full Coverage:Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Yahoo! SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
"Young Earth Creationism", "Creation Science" and "Intelligent Design": A Statement by the Geological Society of London (Approved by Council 10 April, and published 11 April, 2008)
Zeuxilogy - Music and Time (Andrei Pogorilowski)

See also Chaos and Complexity, SETI: Other Roads, and Timelines

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