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DESCRIPTION: The second of four pages on the Earth (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in the fluid earth sciences (including oceanography, meteorology, and climatology). The coordinate pages, with common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in the earth sciences in general and the solid earth sciences in particular (including geophysics and geology), to resources in the study of earth history (including plate tectonics, palaeogeography, and palaeoclimatology), and to resources in geography (including cartography, GPS, and polar studies).

KEYWORDS: ocean; oceanography; atmosphere; meteorology; climate; climatology

And some in dreams assurèd were
Of the Spirit that plagued us so,
Nine fathom deep he had followed us
From the land of mist and snow.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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  1. Earth Sciences
    Earth Science Education
    Atmosphere and Oceans

  2. Earth History
    Geochronology and the Geologic Time Scale
    The Early Earth and Precambrian Geology
    Plate Tectonics and Palaeogeography
    Climate Change and Palaeoclimatology
    Quaternary Geology

  3. Geography
    Global Positioning System (GPS)
    Polar Studies

Earth as a Planet The Moon Earthquakes Weather Sites Satellite Images Climate Data

Earth Sciences (cont.)

Atmosphere and Oceans


Adam Sobel | Weather and climate
Air Sea Interaction & Climate (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Alaska Climate Research Center
Anthro.Net: Climate
Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Bering Climate and Ecosystem (NOAA)
Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC)
Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
(Environment Canada, University of Victoria)
Canadian Climate Research Network
Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (Ottawa)
Canadian Institute for Climate Studies (UVic)
Canadian SOLAS (Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study, Dalhousie University, Halifax)
CCCma - Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (UVic)
Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science (CAOS), Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Center for Climatic Research (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)
Center for Science in the Earth System (Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, University of Washington)
Changing Atmosphere Affects How Much Water Trees Need (US National Science Foundation Press Release 13-123, 10 Jul 2013)
Charting the Future of Methane Hydrate Research in the United States (Earl H. Doyle et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2004)
Climate and Atmospheric Research Directorate
(CARD, Atmospheric Environment Service, Environment Canada)
Climate and Global Dynamics Division (NCAR)
The Climate Book (Ray Pierrehumbert, University of Chicago)
Climate Discovery Teacher's Guide (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder)
Climate Dynamics at RAL

Climate Modelling Group (School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, UVic)
Climate Monitoring & Diagnostics Laboratory (NOAA)
Climate Research: CR Online
Climate Research Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UCSD)
-- CRD Gateways
Climate: Electronic Resources (American Chemical Sociey)
Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions (Earth Institute, Columbia University)
The Climate System (TESY, Columbia University)
Climatic Research Unit (University of East Anglia)
Climate-Society Reference Tool (International Research Institute for Climate Prediction)
Climatology Resources (UIUC-CoVis)
CMC, Climate and Water Information (Environment Canada)
CMOS (Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society)
The Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (Miami)
The Cryosphere Today (William Chapman, Polar Research Group, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
EXPLORES! World Headquarters (EXPloring and Learning the Operations and Resources of Environmental Satellites, Florida State University)
50+ Really Serious Scientist Sources on Climate
(Society of Environmental Journalists)
GHCC Global Hydrology and Climate Center

Global Climate Modeling (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
Global Climate Observing System (GCOS Home Page)
Global Precipitation Climatology Project (GEWEX)
Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research (UK Met Office)
High-End Climate Science: Development of Modeling and Related Computer Capabilities (Richard B. Rood et al., Report to the US Global Change Research Program, Dec 2000)
Institute of Global Environment and Society/Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (IGES/COLA)
Institute on Climate and Planets (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York)
International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP/PSC/APL-UW/US)
International Climate Research Activities (CICS)
International Pacific Research Center (University of Hawaii, Honolulu)
International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI)
Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS, University of Bergen)
JPL Air-Sea Interaction & Climate Team
Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology
(Konrad Gajewski et al., University of Ottawa)
National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) on Climate
(Bern, Switzerland)
National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NOAA)
National Data Buoy Center (NOAA)
National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC, US)
National Virtual Data System (NOAA Satellite and Information Services)
National Water and Climate Center (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service)
Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (U.S. Navy)
NCDC (U.S. National Climatic Data Center)
NCDC: Climate Research
NCDC Climate Resources
NOAA (U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

NOAA Central Library
NOAA Education Web Site
NOAA Photo Library Home Page (Janet Ward & Skip Theberge et al., NOAA Central Library)
NOAA Research (NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research)
NOAA Websites Main Page
OAR On-Line: Science with NOAA Research (Office of Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research)
Ocean and Climate (David Herring, NASA Earth Observatory)
Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) - TOPEX/Poseidon
Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) - UW/JISAO
Pacific Decadal Oscillation Index (Earth and Space Research)
Paleoclimatology and Climatology Resources
(Steven Baum, Texas A&M Oceanography)
Polar Climate and Meteorology Group (University of Colorado)
RealClimate (Gavin A. Schmidt et al.)
SOLAS (Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study)
SPARC | Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate
(World Climate Research Programme, University of Toronto)
The State of the Cryosphere (Richard L. Armstrong et al., NSIDC)
Stoat: Taking science by the throat... (blog by William P. Connolley)
Synoptic Climatology Lab (Center for Climatic Research, University of Delaware)
UCB Collections in Climatology
Washington State Climatologist, Office of (University of Washington, Seattle)
Water & Atmosphere Online (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand)
Western Regional Climate Center (Desert Research Institute, Reno)
Why global climate models do not give a realistic description of the local climate (Rasmus E. Benestad, RealClimate, 27 May 2007)
WINDandSEA: The Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Internet Locator (NOAA)
World Climate Report (Fred Palmer et al., Western Fuels Association, Inc.)
World Climate Research Programme (WMO)
World Glacier Monitoring Service (dir. Wilfried Haeberli, University of Zurich)

See also Climate Data, Climate Change and Palaeoclimatology, and Global Change



About Rainbows (Beverly T. Lynds)
ACES Home (The Altus Cumulus Electrification Study, NASA)
AERONET Sunphotometer (AErosol RObotic NETwork, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
AGU Space Physics and Aeronomy Section Home Page
AIM (Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere) Mission
(James M. Russell III et al., Hampton University)
Air Resources Laboratory Field Research Division (NOAA)
AIRS - Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
-- Overview
ALERT Meteorological Research Teams
All About Snow (National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, Colorado)
American Meteorological Society
Antarctic Meteorology Online from the British Antarctic Survey
Aqua Project Science (NASA)
Arctic methane: What's the story? (Michelle Cain, Expeditions, Scientific American Blog Network, 13 Aug 2013)
AREP (WMO Atmospheric Research and Environment Programme)
Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Record from Mauna Loa, 1958-1999
(C. D. Keeling & T. P. Whorf, 16 Aug 2000)
Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch (NASA Code SGG)
Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group (Stephen Wilson et al., University of Wollongong)
Atmospheric Halos (Les Cowley & Michael Schroeder)
Atmospheric Laser Spectroscopy Group
(Christopher R. Webster et al., JPL)
Atmospheric Optics (Les Cowley)
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program
(U.S. Department of Energy)
Atmospheric River Information Page (Physical Sciences Division, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory)
Atmospheric Science Resources (UIUC-CoVis)
Atmospheric Sciences (USGS)
Atmospheric Variables Plotting Page (NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center)
Atmospheric Visualization Collection (Keith Andrew & Jay Mace et al., US National Science Digital Library)

Aura Earth Observing Mission (NASA)
The Aurora (GEDDS)
Aurora Australis - The Southern Lights
Aurora borealis (Mats Mattson, SBGO Stockholm)
Aurora Borealis: The Northern Lights
Aurora Forecast (Geophysical Institute, Fairbanks)
-- Aurora Predictions (Custom Longitude Maps)
Aurora Galleries (SpaceWeather.com)
The Aurora: Information and Images (Poker Flat)
Auroral Activity Observation Network
Auroral Forecast (Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks)
Auroral Imaging (University of Calgary)
The Aurora Page
Aurora Particles and Imagery Page (JHU/APL)
Aurora's Northern Nights (Jan Curtis, Alaska Climate Research Center)
Auroras: Paintings in the Sky (Mish Denlinger)
AuroraWatch (Lancaster University)
AuroraWebCam.com - Aurora borealis
(Troy Birdsall & Stachu Stryzewski)
AuroresBoreales.com (Quebec)

Bad Meteorology (Alistair B. Fraser)
The Barometer: A podcast about interesting stuff from the world of atmospheric science and climate (Samuel Ilingworth et al.)
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB)
The Bentley Collection (of Snow Crystals)
Brian Rachford's Middle-Latitude Aurora Page
The British Atmospheric Data Centre
BUBL LINK: 551.5 Meteorology
Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre (Phil Meighen, Australia)
CALIPSO | Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (CNES)
CALIPSO | Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations (NASA)
C&C's Meteorology Resources
CANDAC | Canadian Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Change (Jim Drummond et al., University of Toronto)
CASA | Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (University of Massachusetts)
The Case Against Ball LIghtning (Steuart Campbell, eSkeptic, 23 Dec 2009)
Centre for Atmospheric Science (University of Cambridge, UK)
Circles of Light: The Mathematics of Rainbows
(Frederick J. Wicklin & Paul Edelman)
Climate science: The dustiest place on Earth
(Jim Giles, Nature, 13 Apr 2005)
CLIVAR Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel
The Cloud Appreciation Society (London)
Cloud Physics (Oklahoma Weather Modification Demonstration Program)
Clouds (Carl Wozniak)
Cloudsat (NASA/Colorado State University)
Cloudsat (NASA Missions)
Cloud Types Tutorial (NASA)
Colorado Lightning Resource Center (National Weather Service, Pueblo, Colorado)
Conferences/Konferenzen in Meteorology/Meteorologie
(Dennis Schulze, FU Berlin)
Contrail Education (NASA)
Contrails Project (Geohysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks)
COSMIC | Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, & Climate (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado)
Critical Issues in Weather Modification Research (Michael Garstang et al., US National Research Council, 2003)
CRYSTAL-FACE Home (The Cirrus Regional Study of Tropical Anvils and Cirrus Layers - Florida Area Cirrus Experiment, NASA)

CSA Space Science Program Web - Atmospheric Sciences
CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research
CTC Math/Science Gateway: Meteorology
DataStreme Atmosphere (American Meteorological Society)
Earth Science Pages: Meteorology (Paul D. Farrar)
Earth X-ray albedo for CXB radiation in the 1-1000 keV band (Eugene Churazov et al., astro-ph/0608252, 11 Aug 2006)
Edge of Space Sciences (Denver, Colorado)
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment (ARIC)
Extreme Ice Survey (James Balog et al.)
FAQs by Category: meteorology (Oxford LAS)
Finnish Meteorological Institute (Helsinki)
FSL's Turbulence Data Display (Experimental)
Geometry.net | Meteorology
Geospace Environment Data Display System
Giant Waves Over Iowa (Tony Phillips, Science@NASA, 11 Oct 2007)
Global Atmosphere Watch (WMO)
Global Atmosphere Watch (WMO, Tokyo)
Global Emission of Carbon Dioxide: The Contribution from Natural Sources (podcast of speech by Murry Salby, The Sydney Institute, 2 Aug 2011)
-- Planetary temperature controls CO2 levels -- not humans (JoNova, Aug 2011)
Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission
(NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center)
Global Tropospheric Experiment (GTE) Home Page (NASA)
Gopher Jewels: Meteorology (Galaxy)
GPS/MET Experiment (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado)
HAARP Home Page (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program)
Hard X-ray emission of the Earth's atmosphere: Monte Carlo simulations (Sergei Y. Sazonov et al., astro-ph/0608253, 11 Aug 2006)

HIAPER (High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research) Project Office (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado)
Hurricane: Storm Science (Miami Museum of Science)
The Hydrologic Cycle: Online Meteorology Guide (WW2010)
Iceland Aurora: Landscape and night photography from around Iceland (Tony Prower)
Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration
(E. V. Bell, II)
The InfraRed & Aeronomy Group Home Page
Institute for Meteorology, FU-Berlin
International Earth Rotation Service Special Bureau for the Atmosphere
International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (NASA)
INTEX-NA | Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment - North America (NASA Earth Science Mission)
Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry
(Carol Weldon, York University)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Meteorology/Climatology
Is it a bird, a plane, a UFO? It's a...red sprite (US National Science Foundation Discoveries, 26 Aug 2013)
The Keeling Curve (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
-- As CO2 Concentrations Near Ominous Benchmark, Daily Updates Begin: Scientific American (Stephanie Paige Ogburn, ClimateWire, Scientific American, 24 Apr 2013)
Kwajalein Ground Validation Research
Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity at the GHCC
(NASA Global Hydrology and Climate Center)
Lightning's Mirror Image ... Only Much Bigger (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-156, 23 Aug 2009)
-- 'Gigantic jets' caught on camera (James Dacey, Physics World, 26 Aug 2009)
MAMM - Methane and other greenhouse gases in the Arctic - measurements, process studies and modelling (John Pyle et al., NERC Arctic Research Programme, UK)
MegaCryometeors: Fall of Blocks/Meteors of Ice (Jesus Martinez-Frias, Centro de Astrobiologia, Madrid)
Megacryometeors: The phenomenon of abnormally large chunks of ice falling from a clear sky (blog)
Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Branch (NASA/Goddard SFC)
MetEd Home Page (Meteorology Education and Training, UCAR)

Meteorology (iGuide)
Meteorology (NISS Directory of Networked Resources)
Meteorology (SciEd)
Meteorology (Virtual Library)
Meteorology and Climatology (Galaxy)
Meteorology and Climatology (USC Researchers Resources)
Meteorology-Online (ThinkQuest)
Meteorology/Weather (Yahoo)
MODIS Atmosphere (NASA)
Montreal Weather Centre
Mount Washington Observatory
The NASA Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center
(Distributed Active Archive Center)

NASA Online VLF Receiver
NCAR: National Center for Atmospheric Research (US)
Newsgroup: sci.geo.meteorology
-- FAQ
The NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory
Northern Lights (Nordlys)
NOVA | Extreme Ice (Noel Dockstader et al., PBS, 24 Mar 2009)
NOVA | Extreme Ice (James Balog et al., PBS, 28 Dec 2011)
Observing Noctilucent Cloud
On-line Data and Reports on Acid Rain, Atmospheric Deposition and Precipitation Chemistry (Mark Niles, USGS)
Open Directory - Science: Earth Sciences: Meteorology
Optical Transient Detector (Lightning & Atmospheric Electricity Research at the GHCC, NASA)
Outer limits: Where is the border between Earth and space? (Greg Klerkx, Aeon Magazine, 1 Aug 2014)

PIXIE | Polar Ionospheric X-ray Imaging Experiment
(Michael Schulz et al., Lockheed Martin Corp.)
Planetary Atmospheres (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies)
Planetary Data System Atmospheres Discipline Node
(NASA Planetary Data System)
Polar Aura Validation Experiment (PAVE, NASA Earth Science Project Office)
Project Atmosphere Australia Online (Elimbah, Queensland)
Project Atmosphere Home Page (AMS)
Radiation in Planetary Atmospheres (Boyd Tilton, PHYS 315S, UT)
Red Sprites and Blue Jets (Matt Heavner)
Shooting the Aurora Borealis (Dick Hutchinson)
Snow Crystal Research (Electron Microscopy Unit Snow Page, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center)
SnowCrystals.com (Kenneth G. Libbrecht, Caltech)
The SNOW Research Web Page (SNOW Research Community of Practice, U.S. Army)
Sprite (Davis Daniel Sentman)

Study WEB: Meteorology
SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar)
SuperDARN, Canada (University of Saskatchewan)
Temperature Trends in the Lower Atmosphere: Steps for Understanding and Reconciling Differences (ed. Thomas R. Karl et al., U.S. Climate Change Program, 2 May 2006)
THEMIS ASI Array (U of C Auroral Imaging)
THEMIS Mission (Space Physics Research Group, UC Berkeley)
TIMED Home Page (JHU Applied Physics Laboratory)
TIMED (Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere, Energetics and Dynamics) Mission (NASA Solar Terrestrial Probes Program)
TransCom Home | The Atmospheric Tracer Transport Model Intercomparison Project (International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme)
UARC: Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory (U of Michigan)
UARS Project Guide Document (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite)
UARS Project Science Office
ULDB - NASA's Ultra-Long Duration Balloon
UMass Climate System Research Center (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Meteorology
Upper Air Observations
-- Atmospheric Soundings for Canada
UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences Home Page

Weather and Meteorology (Whole Internet Catalog)
The Weather Doctor: Exploring the Science and Poetry of Our Weather and Atmosphere (Keith C. Heidorn, Victoria, B.C.)
The Weather Unit (Collaborative Lesson Archive)
Webquest: Weather
Wind: Our Fierce Friend (Science Learning Network)
WISPAR (Winter Storms and Pacific Atmospheric Rivers, NASA)
World Meteorological Organization
WorldWide Guide to Meteorology
WW2010: The Weather World 2010 Project
WWW Servers with Atmosphere and Climate Data and Information
(NASA Global Change Master Directory)
Zeal.com - Meteorology

See also Ozone Depletion and Stratospheric Change and Sky and Weather



About Water Levels, Tides & Currents (OPSD/NOAA)
ACEX | Arctic Coring Expedition (ECORD)
Acid Maps Reveal Worst of Climate Change (David Biello, Observations, Scientific American Blog Network, 20 Nov 2014)
AIMS Remote Weather Stations (Australian Institute of Marine Science)
Alvin (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
AMNH - Black Smoker Expedition Home
(American Museum of Natural History)
Analysis of Speed of Greenland Glaciers Gives New Insight for Rising Sea Level (US National Science Foundation Press Release 12-088, 4 May 2012)
Aquarius (Medina Aquarius Program, Florida International University)
Aquarius (NASA)
Aquarius Underwater Habitat (Thomas Potts, NOAA)
Aquarius Yields NASA's First Global Map of Ocean Salinity (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2011-300, 22 Sep 2011)
Arctic Ocean Atlas Web Site (Environmental Working Group)
Arctic Ocean Sciences Board
The Arctic Ocean: So Much We Still Don't Know (Kathryn Moran & Jan Backman, Geotimes, Oct 2007)
Argo: A Global Array of Profiling Floats (UC San Diego)
The Argo Information Centre (London)
Ask the CyberScientist (U.S. Office of Naval Research)
ASLO (American Society of Limnology and Oceanography)
The Atlantis Diaries (Astrobiology Magazine, 3 May-11 Jul 2003)
Australian Institute of Marine Science
Avano, a marine and aquatic sciences OAI harvester (Institut Français de Recherche pour L'Exploitation de la Mer)
AVHRR Oceans Pathfinder (JPL)
AVISO/Altimetry - Site Map
Bastrop ISD Oceanography Links
BC Tides and Currents (Michael H. Jackson)

Beachcombers' Alert! (Curtis Ebbesmeyer, Beachcombers' and Oceanographers' International Association, Seattle)
Bedford Institute of Oceanography (DFO Maritimes Region)
-- BIO Ocean Sciences - Home Page
The Ben Franklin - Grumman/Piccard PX-15 Submersible
(Gene Carl Feldman, SeaWiFS)
'Black Smokers' WebQuest: An Internet WebQuest on Hydrothermal Vents (Uniserve Science, Australian National University, Canberra)
The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans (BBC, 2001)
-- Discovery Channel
The Bridge: Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center
(Lisa Ayers Lawrence, Virginia Institute of Marine Science)
British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC)
BUBL LINK: 551.4 Oceanography
By the Sea (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
The Café Thorium: The Home Page of Ken Buesseler's Radiochemistry Group (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)
Canadian Coast Guard World Wide Web Home Page
C&C's Oceanography Resources
Careers in Oceanography (Southampton Oceanography Centre)
Cascadia Margin Gas Hydrates (JOI Alliance Expedition 311, Integrated Ocean Drilling Program)
Center for Coastal Studies (SIO at UCSD)
Center for Ocean Solutions (Monterey, California)
Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
(NOAA National Ocean Service)
The Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence
(COSEE, Washington, DC)
Centre for Earth and Ocean Research (UVic)
Climate science: Rising tide (Nicola Jones, Nature News & Comment, 18 Sep 2013)
Climatology of Global Ocean Winds (COGOW)
Climate related sea-level variations over the past two millenia (Andrew C. Kemp et al., PNAS, 13 Jun 2011) PDF
-- 2000 Years of Sea Level (Stefan Rahmstorf, RealClimate, 20 Jun 2011)
-- Fastest Sea-Level Rise in Two Millennia Linked to Increasing Global Temperatures (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11-122, 20 Jun 2011)
CLIWOC | Climatological Database for the World's Oceans, 1750-1850 (European Union)
Coastal and Marine Geology Program Homepage
(U.S. Geological Survey)
Coastal Ocean Modeling at the USGS Woods Hole Field Center
(Rich Signell)
Coastal Oceanography from Space (JPL Air-Sea Interaction & Climate Team)
Coastal Resources Center - Coastal Links
Coastal Sensitivity to Sea-level Rise: A Focus on the Mid-Atlantic Region (U.S. Climate Change Science Program, 15 Jan 2009)
-- EPA Releases Report on Sea Level Rise (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 15 Jan 2009)
Coastal Zone Canada Association (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)

CORE - Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education
(Washington, DC)
The Coriolis Data Center
CSIRO Marine Research
Dead Zones - Special Report (Lily Whiteman, US National Science Foundation)
Deep Sea Geology (Earth Sciences at Stockholm University)
DEEP-SEA Pages (Paul Yancey, Whitman College)
The DEEPSEA Research Newsgroup
(mod. Ted Gaten, University of Leicester)
Deep Thoughts: James Cameron on the New Age of Exploration and His 11-Kilometer Dive to the Challenger Deep, Part 1 (Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American, 30 May 2013)
Did Earth's oceans come from comets? (ESA Herschel, 5 Oct 2011)
-- Space Observatory Provides Clues to Creation of Earth's Oceans (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release, 5 Oct 2011)
-- Earth's Oceans: A Cometary Source After All? (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 6 Oct 2011)
-- Comet Water for a Parched Earth (Shweta Krishnan, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 7 Oct 2011)
Discovery of Sound in the Sea (Office of Marine Programs, University of Rhode Island)
Dive and Discover: Expeditions to the Seafloor
(Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Earth, Moon and Ocean: Interaction in the Sea
(NJ NIE Project)
Earth Science Pages: Oceanography (Paul D. Farrar)
ECORD | European Consortium for Ocean Drilling
Enabling Ocean Research in the 21st Century: Implementation of a Network of Ocean Observatories (Robert S. Detrick, Jr. et al., U.S. National Research Council, 2003)
Endeavour Hydrothermal Vents Marine Protected Area
(Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
The Endeavour Observatory (John R. Delaney et al., Hydrothermal Working Group, School of Oceanography, University of Washington)
EPOCA | European Project on OCean Acidification
EurOcean (European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology)
Exploration of the Seas: Voyage into the Unknown
(John Orcutt et al., US National Research Council, 2003)
Extreme 2000: Voyage to the Deep! (University of Delaware)
Extreme 2001: A Deep-Sea Odyssey
Extreme 2002: Mission to the Abyss
Extreme 2003: To the Depths of Discovery
Extreme 2004: Exploring the Deep Frontier
Ferromanganese Nodule Analysis File
(Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Home Page
Fisheries and Oceans Canada | Pacific Region
-- Oceans Program Home Page
Fly-by QuickTime Movies of Selected Multibeam Surveys
(USGS Pacific Seafloor Mapping Project)
FOR SEA Institute of Marine Science (K-12)
Freak waves, rogue waves, extreme waves and ocean wave climate (Kristian B. Dysthe et al., University of Oslo)
Frontiers in the Sea (NPR)
Future Needs in Deep Submergence Science: Occupied and Unoccupied Vehicles in Basic Ocean Research (John A. Armstrong et al., US National Research Council, 2003
GEBCO - General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (British Oceanographic Data Centre)
GEBCO Names of Undersea Features
Geometry.net | Oceanography
Global Directory of Marine (and Freshwater) Professionals (GLODIR)
Global Near Real-Time Significant Wave Height Data Host
(Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research)
Global Ocean Observation System (GOOS Project Office Home Page)
Global Sea Level Likely to Rise as Much as 70 Feet in Future Generations (US National Science Foundation Press Release 12-051, 19 Mar 2012)
Glossary of Oceanography... (Steven K. Baum)
GODAE: Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (US Navy)
HADES (HADal Ecosystem Studies)
--Into the abyss: Scientists explore one of Earth's deepest ocean trenches (US National Science Foundation (NSF) News Update, 10 Apr 2014)
Harbor Branch Oceanographic (Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Ft. Pierce, Florida)
HarborTides.com - Tide Tables and Marine Weather (US)
High Sea Winds (QuikSCAT)
Hundreds of sea-floor methane plumes spotted by sonar (Sid Perkins, Nature News & Comment, 24 Aug 2014)
Icebergs (TAMU Ocean World)
Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs and Other Marine Calcifiers: A Guide for Future Research (Joan A. Kleypas et al., National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, Jun 2006) PDF
The Index to Marine Geological Samples - Curator's Database
(World Data Center for Marine Geology & Geophysics, Boulder)

Institute for Marine Remote Sensing (University of South Florida)
Institute of Ocean Sciences (Sidney, BC)
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (of UNESCO) - IOC
International Argo Project Home Page (Argo.net)
International Year of the Ocean - Discussion Papers (NOAA)
IODP | Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Oceanography/Hydrology
IWCO: Window on the Oceans
(Independent World Commission on the Oceans)
James Cameron on the New Age of Exploration, Part 2 (Larry Greenmeier, Scientific American, 31 May 2013)
JAMSTEC Data Site (Japan Marine Science and Technology Center)
Jean-Michel Cousteau : Ocean Adventures (PBS)
JIMO Home Page (Joint Institute for Marine Observations, Scripps/NOAA)
JPL Physical Oceanography DAAC
JPL Polar Oceanograpy Group
Just how little do we know about the ocean floor? (Jon Copley, The Conversation, repr. Scientific American, 9 Oct 2014)
Labrador Sea Deep Convection Experiment Data (Gerd Krahmann & Martin Visbeck, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University)
Life Onboard JOIDES Resolution: Photographs from ODP Leg 200 (Ocean Drilling Program)
The Link Project (NOAA/NASA)
Live From Haro Strait (Carolyn Levi et al.)
Lost City Expedition, April 21st to May 22nd 2003
(Deborah Kelley & Jeff Karson, et al.)
Making Waves (University of South Florida)
MAR: Descent to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Earthguide)

Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center
MarineBio.org (MarineBio Conservation Society)
Marine Geology: Research Beneath the Sea (USGS)
Marine Geoscience Data Link (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
MaxWave Project (Institute of Coastal Research, Geesthacht, Germany)
MBAR: Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
MI-Net: Marine Institute's Navigatable Education Topics for K-12
NASA Oceanographic Lidar Project
NASA Oceanography
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (University of Southampton/UK Natural Environment Research Council)
National Ocean Service (NOAA)
National Sea Grant Library: Digital Libraries (NOAA)
National Undersea Research Center (UNC Wilmington)
Nauticos Corporation: Deep Ocean Exploration
NCEP Reanalyses Surface Heat Flux - North Atlantic
NEEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Missions)
NeMO - The New Millennium Observatory (PMEL)
NEPTUNE Canada: Feasibility of Canadian Participation in the NEPTUNE Undersea Observatory Network (Nov 2000) PDF
NEPTUNE Canada Science Report (Workshop, Victoria, 3-4 Mar 2000) PDF

NEPTUNE: A Fiber Optic "Telescope" to Inner Space (North East Pacific Time-integrated Undersea Networked Experiments)
NEPTUNE: A Fiber-Optic "Telescope" to Inner Space (John R. Delaney & Alan D. Chave, Oceanus 42:1, 2000) PDF
NEPTUNE: A Fiber-Optic "Telescope" to Inner Space (UW Oceanography)
The NEPTUNE Project (Nancy Penrose, New Horizons Online Journal 4:11, Jan-Mar 2001)
Neptune's Web - An Oceanographic Voyage in Learning
(US Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command)
New map uncovers thousands of unseen seamounts on ocean floor (US National Science Foundation Press Release 14-133, 2 Oct 2014)
New Research Lowers Past Estimates of Sea-Level Rise (US National Science Foundation Press Release 12-048, 14 Mar 2012)
NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) Home Page
NOAA Ocean Explorer: Deep East
NOAA's National Ocean Service
The North Atlantic Oscillation (Martin Visbeck & Heidi Cullen, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
NOVA | Underwater Dream Machine (Andreas Sawall et al., PBS, 26 Dec 2006)
Nuytco Research Ltd. (Phil Nuytten et al., North Vancouver, BC)
Ocean acidification due to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide (John Raven et al., Royal Society, 30 Jun 2005) PDF
Ocean Acidification (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Ocean Acidification: The other CO2 Challenge (Ocean Acidification Network)
Ocean AdVENTure (Jon Mann et al., ThinkQuest)
Oceana | Protecting The World's Oceans (Washington, DC)
The Ocean Atlas of Hawaii (P. Flament et al., University of Hawaii)
Ocean Challenge (prod. James Cameron & Jean-Michel Cousteau)
Ocean Climate Laboratory Web Site
(Olga Baranova, U.S. National Oceanographic Data Center)
Ocean.com - Everything Ocean
Ocean Data Viewer (UNEP-WCMC)

OceanEarth: Dive related search operations exploring and preserving natural and cultural resources (California)
Ocean Drilling Program
Ocean Education (National Geographic Education)
Ocean Explorer (NOAA)
Ocean Futures Online (Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ocean Futures Society)
The Oceanic Resource Foundation
Ocean Link - Marine Science Information and Interaction
Ocean Literacy Network (College of Exploration, Potomac Falls, Virginia)
Ocean Mapping Group (University of New Brunswick, Fredericton)
Ocean Net
OCEAN98 Facts and Information (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission)
Ocean Observing (OOI, The Ocean Observatories Initiative)
-- A New Look Beneath the Waves: Ocean Observatories Initiative Gets Underway (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-183, 5 Oct 2009)
Oceanographic and Marine Organizations
(Nelson Institute of Marine Research)
Oceanography (ARInternet)
Oceanography (iGuide)
Oceanography (USC Researchers Resources)
Oceanography (Virtual Library)
Oceanography (WHOI)

Oceanography (Whole Internet Catalog)
Oceanography (Yahoo)
Oceanography at UEA (Norwich, East Anglia)
Oceanography Databases @ Internets
Oceanography: An ONR Science & Technology Focus Site
(U.S. Office of Naval Research)
Oceanography Servers (UIUC-CoVis)
Oceanography Theme Page (CLN)
Oceanography WWW Resources (Science Junction)
Ocean Planet Homepage (SeaWiFS)
OceanPortal (UNESCO)
Ocean Quest (Neptune's Web)
The Ocean Realm (J. D. Knight, Sea and Sky)
Ocean Remote Sensing (James H. Churnside et al., NOAA/ETL)
Ocean Report Guide for Educators (KIDSNET/SeaWeb)
Oceans (Project Athena)

Oceans Acidifying Faster Today Than in Past 300 Million Years (US National Science Foundation Press Release 12-041, 1 Mar 2012)
Oceans Alive! (SLN Museum of Science)
Oceans and Coasts (NOAA Education)
Ocean Science: An Interactive Open Access Journal of the European Geosciences Union
Oceans Explorations: Learning from Our Oceans (CBC Ideas)
Oceans Home | Defending our Oceans (Greenpeace International)
Oceans: An Interactive History of Ocean Science and Exploration
(Arthur C. Clarke Foundation)
Oceans North (Pew Environment Group)
Oceans: A Study via Remote Sensing
(NJ NIE Project)
Ocean Status Reports (PSARC)
Ocean Surface Topography from Space
(Jason-1/TOPEX/Poseidon, JPL)
Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason-2 (NASA)
Ocean Surface Winds (Ocean Physical Processes Team, NOAA)
Ocean Tracking Network (Michael Stokesbury et al., Dalhousie University, Halifax)
Oceanworld (Margaret Hammer et al., Texas A&M University)
OCMIP | Ocean Carbon-Cycle Model Intercomparison Project
(Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)
ODSN - Ocean Drilling Statigraphic Network
-- ODSN Bremen
-- ODSN Kiel
The O.H. Hinsdale Wave Laboratory (Oregon State University)
One Ocean Online (four-part documentary hosted by David Suzuki, The Nature of Things, Mar-Apr 2010)
ONR Science & Technology Focus: Oceanography
(U.S. Office of Naval Research)
Open Directory - Science: Earth Sciences: Oceanography

The Origin of the Ocean Floor (Peter B. Kelemen, 'The Origin of the Lan Under the Sea,' Scientific American 300:2:52-7, Feb 2009
ORI Home Page (Ocean Research Institute)
OTIS - Optimum Thermal Interpolation System (FNMOC)
Our Ocean World Syndicated Radio Show
(host Marilyn Cooley, Washington, D.C.)
Our Restless Tides (NOAA National Ocean Service)
Pacific Northwest Tides and Currents (Jeff Dairiki)
Pacific Ocean, Interactive Online Map
(MapMachine, National Geographic)
Pacific Region State of the Ocean (Ocean Status Reports, Pacific Scientific Advice Review Committee, Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Paytan Chemical Oceanography Lab (Stanford University)
Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, UK)
PETDB: Petrological Database of the Ocean Floor
(Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
Pew Institute for Ocean Science (Key Biscayne, Florida)
Physical Oceanography Topics at COAPS (Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies)
PISCO : Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (US)
Planet Ocean - DiscoverySchool.com
A Plan to Rescue the Blue Planet (Alex Rogers, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 21 Aug 2014)
Plate Tectonics World Ocean Floors (PlateTectonics.com)
PMEL CO2 - Carbon Dioxide Program (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory)
POST - Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project
(CoML, Census of Marine Life)
The Princeton Ocean Model (Princeton University)
Project Argo in the Gulf of Alaska (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Project NOPP Drifters
PSARC | Pacific Scientific Advice Review Committee
(Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Québec-Océan (Université Laval, Québec)
Queen of tides (Tom Griffiths, Aeon Magazine, 13 Dec 2012, repr 22 Aug 2013)
QuikSCAT: Ocean Surface Winds Derived from the SeaWinds Scatterometer (NOAA/NESDIS)
Radiocarbon-based circulation age of the world oceans (Katsumi Matsumoto, Journal of Geophysical Research, 11 Sep 2007) PDF
The Remarkable Ocean World (William Sean Chamberlin)
Research Ship Information and Schedules (OCEANIC)
Research Submersibles (Marine Technology Society, Columbia, Maryland)
Resources for Marine Studies (Frederick B. Getze, University of Delaware)
Rogue Wave Prediction (Nobuhito Mori)
Rogue Waves, ICMS Workshop on (International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, 12-15 Dec 2005)
ROPOS, the Remotely Operated Platform for Ocean Science
(Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility)
Satellite Oceanography Laboratory
Savage Seas Online (PBS Online)
SCAMP Homepage (Seafloor Characterization And Mapping Pods)
Scatterometer Climatology of Ocean Winds (SCOW)

Scientific American Frontiers | Beneath the Sea
(PBS, 14 May 2002)
Scientists Find "Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch" (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-159, 27 Aug 2009)
SCOR Homepage (Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)
Sea and Sky: The Sea (J. D. Knight)
Sea Change (Ruth Curry, interviewed by David Brancaccio, NOW, PBS, 9 Jan 2009)
Sea-Level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington: Past, Present, and Future (US National Research Council, 2012)
SEA - Sea Education Association (Woods Hole)
Sea Level Rise Maps and GIS Data (CReSIS, Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets, University of Kansas)
SEAPLEX - Seeking the Science of the Garbage Patch (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Sea Surface Temperature Images (MCSST Gridded Fields Display)
Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Image Archive
(James Gallagher et al.)
Sea Vent Viewer (Nicolle Rager, US National Science Foundation)
Seawater Sound Speed Calculator (Simon Richards)
SeaWeb (Washington, DC)
SeaWiFS Project (Gene Carl Feldman, GSFC)
SeaWiFS Project - SeaWiFS Ocean Color Gallery

Seawinds on QuikScat Daily Wind Report (William H. Daffer, JPL)
Selected Internet Resources: Oceanography (BARD)
SERPENT: Scientific & Environmental ROV Partnership using Existing iNdustrial Technology (Daniel Jones et al., Southampton Oceanography Centre)
Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre (Sidney, BC)
The Sound Generated by Mid-Ocean Ridge Black Smoker Hydrothermal Vents (Timothy J. Crone et al., PLoS ONE 1(1):e133, 27 Dec 2006)
Sound off: How human noise affects the ocean (Peter Brannen, Aeon Magazine, 14 Oct 2014)
Southampton Oceanography Centre (University of Southampton and Natural Environment Research Council, UK)
South Atlantic Project (Irene Gomez-Perez et al.)
SPURS (Salinity Processes in the Upper Ocean Regional Study, JPL)
State of the Pacific Ocean 2004 (Ocean Status Report 2005, Pacific Scientific Advice Review Committee, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 7 Jul 2005) PDF
State of the Pacific Ocean 2005 (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 7 Jun 2006) PDF
Study WEB: Oceanography
Sustainable Seas Expeditions (NOAA)
Taking the Ocean's Pulse (Henry Bortman, Astrobiology Magazine, 2 Apr 2007)
Temporal Variability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation at 26.5 degrees N (Stuart A. Cunningham et al., Science 317(5840):935-8, 17 Aug 2007; abstract)
-- Fickle ocean current foils climate modellers (Stephen Battersby, New Scientist, 16 Aug 2007)
-- Atlantic yields climate secrets (Richard Black, BBC News 16 Aug 2007)
-- LA Times, Reuters, BBC, etc: A trans-Atlantic line of bouys reveals big variations in the oceanic conveyor belt (Gulfstream and more) - global warming off the hook? (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 17 Aug 2007)
TheOceans.net | Ocean News and Guide (Andreas Anderson, ExplorersWeb)
Tide Predictor - US West Coast (Scripps Research Institute)
Tides Online (NOAA National Ocean Service)
UN Atlas of the Oceans
Underwater Exploration (University of Wisconsin Sea Grant)
U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy
UW School of Oceanography (University of Washington)
Vents Geology Program (PMEL)
VENTS Program (Andra Bobbitt)

VENTS Website (PMEL)
VENUS | Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea
(dir. Verena Tunnicliffe, University of Victoria)
The Voyage of the Odyssey (PBS)
Warm Ocean Causing Most Antarctic Ice Shelf Mass Loss (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2013-202, 13 Jun 2013)
WebGEMS: Oceans
WINDS: Measuring Ocean Winds from Space (JPL)
WINDS: Missions - SeaWinds on QuikSCAT (NASA/JPL)
Women Exploring the Oceans (Deborah K. Smith et al., Woods Hole)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution WWW Server
-- WHOI Gopher
World Atlas of Coral Reefs (UNEP-WCMC)
World Ocean Circulation Experiment (U.S. WOCE Home Page)
World Ocean Database and World Ocean Atlas Series
(NOAA Ocean Climate Laboratory Products)
World Wave Atlas (OCEANOR)
WorldWide Guide to Oceanography
Worldwide Ocean Optics Database (WOOD, JHU Applied Physics Lab)
WWW Servers with Oceanographic Data and Information
(NASA Global Change Master Directory)
WWW Tide/Current Predictor - Site Selection (Dean Pentcheff)
Year of the Ocean 1998 (NOAA)

See also Global Warming and ENSO

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