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The Way of the Soul

DESCRIPTION: The fourth of thirteen pages on Paths (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page and the two following list links to on-line resources for the study of September 11 and its aftermath, the long war on global terrorism, The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources for the study of oncomemes in general, and of hate and violence in particular; links to resources for the study of religious extremism and fundamentalism; links to resources for the study of pseudoscience; and links to resources for the study and practice of religion.

KEYWORDS: anger; antiterrorism; atrocity; authoritarianism; belief; brutality; cognitive dissonance; counterknowledge; counterterrorism; cruelty; deceit; evil; extremism; fanaticism; global terrorism; haram; hate; hatred; holy war; ideological pathology; ignorance; international terrorism; intolerance; jihad; mass murder; militants; 911; oncomeme; perversion; September 11; social disease; terrorism; terrorist; violence; war crime; zealotry

My brethren, by the bowels of Christ I beseech you, bethink you that you may be mistaken.

Oliver Cromwell
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  1. Dark Powers: The Pathology of Belief and Persuasion
    Hate and Violence
    Political Extremism and Terrorism
    Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism
    Pseudoscience: Content and Critique

  2. Beams of Light: Religion
    Myth and Mythology
    Religious Studies and Theology
    Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue

Dark Powers: The Pathology of Belief and Persuasion

Hate and Violence
Political Extremism and Terrorism
Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism
Pseudoscience: Content and Critique


Political Extremism and Terrorism

War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity
September 11 and Aftermath
Response: The War on Terror

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September 11 and Aftermath

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (1941)

Cry "Havoc," and let slip the dogs of war;
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.
William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar, Act 3, Scene i, ll. 273-5)

Who let the dogs out?
A. Douglas (Baha Men)

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
William Butler Yeats

[Up] For the response (i.e., the war on terrorism, including resources on global or international terrorism, emergency preparedness and response, special forces and special operations, and the global coalition against terrorism), see Response: The War on Terror, below.

ABCNEWS.com : America Attacked : Stories from September 11, 2001
ABCNEWS.com : Bin Laden's Network
Academic Info: Terrorism Studies - September 11, 2001 (Mike Madin)
Aerial Images of September 11 Disaster Locations (GlobeXplorer)
After the Attack (Open Society Institute, New York)
After the Attack: Privacy vs. Security (ZDNet News Focus)
After 11 September (Spiked Online)
Aftermath: A New York Journal (Tony Hoffman)
The Aftermath of 9/11: Effect of Intensity and Recency of Trauma on Outcome (Barbara Ganzel et al., APA Emotion 7(2):227-38, 2007) PDF
Aftermath of World Trade Center Attack
(Earth Observatory, 12 Sep 2001))
-- Visible Earth
After September 11: An Online Reader for Writers
(Eric Crump, Bedford/St. Martin's)
After Sept. 11: Perspectives from the Social Sciences
(Social Science Research Council, 2001)
Air Tragedy of September 11 -- Resources and Information
AlterNet -- 9-11

America Attacked (FindLaw Legal News)
America Attacked (Robert Longley, About.com)
America Attacked (Washington Post)
American Experience | The Center of the World (Ric Burns, New York: A Documentary Film 8, PBS, 8 Sep 2003)
America Remembers - September 11th (AmericanMemorials.com)
America's Crisis: Asian Perspectives (AsiaSource)
America's Homeland Attacked - September 11, 2001
(Political Terrorism Database)
America's Tragedy (Bigchalk)
America's Tragedy is Felt Around the World (Ryan Garland)
America's War Against Terrorism: World Trade Center/Pentagon Terrorism and the Aftermath (University of Michigan Documents Center)
America: A Tribute to Heroes (September 11 Telethon Fund)
America Under Attack (Kansas City Star)
-- Photograph of Firemen Raising the Flag PDF
America Under Attack (Nando Times Special Report)
America Under Attack - World Trade Center and Pentagon Terrorist Attacks (Kevin Elliott, About.com)

Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism & the Attacks of September 11, 2001 (Oklahoma Department of Libraries)
Arlington Remembers (Arlington Public Library)
Arlington Remembers: An Oral History of 9/11
(Arlington Public Library)
The Attack Archive (webArchivist.org)
Attack on America (BBC Special Report)
Attack on America (Boston Globe)
Attack on America (John Pike, GlobalSecurity.org)
Attack on America (MSNBC)
Attack on America (RFE/RL)
Attack on America (SiliconValley.com Special Report)
Attack on America: Explaining the Inexplicable to Your Students
Attack on America in Context - Free Resources from LexisNexis
Attack on America: Lesson Plans (NY Times LearningNetwork)
Attack on America: September 11, 2001 (U.S. Counterrorism Office)
Attack On America: Tuesday 11 September 2001 (Michael P. Sauers)

Attack on America - Western Converts to Islam Speak Out!
The Attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon: Understanding Islam for Constructive and Noble Goals (Labib Mikhail, The Spirit of Islam)
Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon: Anti-Terrorism Coalition (U.S. Department of State)
Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon: Investigation
(U.S. Department of State)
Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon: USG Responses
(U.S. Department of State)
The Avalon Project : September 11, 2001 : Attack on America
(Yale Law School)
Before Sept. 11 | The Secret History (Michael Elliott, Time Magazine, 12 Aug 2002)
Blackest September: The 2001 Terrorist Attacks on the United States
(Australian Parliamentary Library)
Book of Reflections - Tragedy Comment Form (Smithsonian Institute)
A Call to the Muslims of the World
(Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society)
Catholic Response to the Terrorist Plane Crashes in the US
(CatholicDirectory.org, UK)
Changes in Attitudes Towards War and Violence After September 11, 2001 (Nicholas L. Carnagey & Craig A. Anderson, Aggressive Behavior 33:118-29, Apr 2007) PDF
Collapse of the World Trade Center (Tim Wilkinson et al., University of Sydney)
Collapse of the World Trade Centre Towers
(G. Charles Clifton, 17 Sep 2001)

Conspiracy Theories: Uncovering the facts behind the myths of September 11th (Bob McKeown et al., The Fifth Estate, CBC, 29 Oct 2003)
Coping with a National Tragedy (National Association of School Psychologists)
Crimes Against Humanity (Ratical.org)
CSICOP Terrorist Attack HoaxWatch
C-SPAN: September 11: U.S. Response (Video Archive)
A Day of Terror (Philadelphia Inquirer)
A Day of Terror - Special Report (Canada.com)
The Days After (University of Chicago Press)
Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories and Controlled Demolition (debunking911.com)
Declaration of War, 23 Aug 1996 (Usamah bin Muhammad bin Laden, The Idler 3:165, 13 Sep 2001)
The Effects of September 11 on the Leading Search Engine (Richard W. Wiggins, First Monday 7:10, Oct 2001)
Emperor's Clothes on 9-11
Engineering and Organizational Issues Related to The World Trade Center Terrorist Attack (MCEER, SUNY at Buffalo, 2002)
EPA's Response to the World Trade Center Collapse
(U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 21 Aug 2003)
ERRI Usama bin Laden Page (Emergency Response & Research Institute)
Face to Face: Stories from the Aftermath of Infamy
(Rob Mikuriya, ITVS Interactive)
Fahrenheit 9/11 (Michael Moore, 2004)
-- Palme d'Or (Festival de Cannes, May 2004)
Final Report on 9/11 Commission Recommendations (Thomas H. Kean et al., 9/11 Public Discourse Project, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 5 Dec 2005) PDF
Flight 93 Memorial Project (U.S. National Park Service, Shanksville, Pennsylvania)
From 9/11 to Now: Lessons from the Tragedy (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11-184, 8 Sep 2011)
Google Searches Related to 9/11 Terrorist Attacks (Google Zeitgeist)
Government Releases Detailed Information on 9/11 Crashes: Complete Air-Ground Transcripts of Hijacked 9/11 Flight Recordings Declassified (Barbara Elias, ed., National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 196, 11 Aug 2006)
GriefNet Memorial

Helping Children Understand the Terrorist Attacks
(U.S. Department of Education, 14 Sep 2001)
Helping Our Children Cope (American Federation of Teachers)
Heroes of Ground Zero (Katharine English et al., PBS, 9 Sep 2002)
How Americans Used the Internet After the Terror Attack
(Pew Internet Project, 15 Sep 2001)
Immigration Benefits and Terrorism: Moving Beyond the 9/11 Staff report on Terrorist Travel (Janice L. Kephart, Center for Immigration Studies, Washington, DC, Sep 2005)
In the Aftermath of September 11: Internet-Based Resources
(Association for Death Education and Counseling)
In Defense of Freedom (20 Sep 2001)
In Memoriam: September 11, 2001 (Wikimedia Foundation)
InMemoryOfSeptember11.org - Remembering Our Lost Friends and Relatives
Inside 9/11 (National Geographic Channel, 21-22 Aug 2005)
Interactive Relief & Rescue Map of Manhattan, New York City
International Freedom Center (New York City)
The International Islamic Terrorist Network
(Nicholas Berry, CDI Terrorism Project)
International Space Station Imagery Photo-074602b1
(Frank Culbertson, Expedition Three)
ITN Special: Attack on America
It's Time to Look in the Mirror (Abdul-Lateef Abdullah, IslamForToday.com, 16 Sep 2001)

Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders: World Islamic Front Statement, 23 February 1998 (FAS Intelligence Resource Program)
Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001, December 2002 (Final Report of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, 24 Jul 2003) PDF
-- GPO Access
Kids Who Care: Coping with Crisis
Library Resources: Concerning the WTC/Pentagon Attacks
(Law Librarians)
Media Coverage of 9/11 and Its Aftermath (Terry Kiss, Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, Aug 2002)
MoveOn Peace (Eli Pariser et al.)
MuslimResource.com - A Response to the 9/11 Tragedy
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
(The 9-11 Commission)
The Nation | September 11, 2001
NetRing: American Tragedy
New York's World Trade Center: A Living Archive (Eric Darton)
9/11 (ed. Russ Kick, The Memory Hole)
9|11 (Jules & Gedeon Naudet & James Hanlon, CBS, 10 Mar 2002)
The 9/11 Commission Report: The Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (22 Jul 2004)
-- GPO Access
-- Vivísimo Clustering Engine - 911 Demo
-- 911 Commission Four Flights Monograph (Staff Report, 26 Aug 2004)
9/11 Commission Staff Report on FAA Failings (26 Aug 2004) Published on Web (ed. Barbara Elias, NSA Electronic Briefing Book No. 148, 10 Feb 2005)
9-11 Five Years Later (Associated Press, New York)
9-11: Peace & Justice (Independent Media Center)
9/11 Public Discourse Project (Christopher Kojm et al.)
9/11 Review (911review.org)
9/11: 10 Years Later (Scientific American In-Depth Reports, 6 Sep 2011)
911 - Terror Hits US (Common Dreams)
NIST and the World Trade Center (US National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NIST World Trade Center Investigation Team Calls for Improvements (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 23 Jun 2005)
NOVA Online | Why the Towers Fell (PBS, 30 Apr 2002)
NPR News: America Transformed (National Public Radio)
Official Statements on Terrorist Attack (U.S. Counterrorism Office)

One Nation, Indivisible (TIME.com Special Report)
OneWorld.net | Special Reports: After the US Terror
(ed. Daniel Nelson, 10 Oct 2001)
One Year Later: The Fiscal Impact of 9/11 on New York City
(William C. Thompson, Jr., et al., 4 Sep 2002)
One Year Later: September 11 and the Internet
(Pew Internet & American Life Project, 5 Sep 2002)
On the Hijacking of Islam (Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood, IslamForToday.com, 16 Sep 2001)
PA Sept 11 | Victim Assistance Program (The Walsh Group, Warrington, Pennsylvania)
PBS: America Responds : Coverage of Events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001
PBS Frontline | Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
(Helen Whitney & Ron Rosenbaum, 3 Sep 2002)
PBS Frontline | Looking for Answers (Martin Smith & Lowell Bergman, 11 Oct 2001)
PBS Frontline | The Man Who Knew
(Michael Kirk, 3 Oct 2002)
PBS Frontline | Target America (Michael Kirk & Peter Taylor, 4 Oct 2001)
PBS Online NewsHour -- Terrorist Attack-- September 11, 2001
PBS Online NewsHour -- Terrorist Attacks on the U.S.
Pentagon Memorial Fund (Washington, DC)
The People's Investigation of 9/11
Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero: Why It Could Happen Again (Sierra Club, San Francisco)
Post-WTC Info Page (Kevin Shrieve)
The Post-September 11 Environment: Access to Government Information (OMB Watch)
Project Rebirth: Chronicling the Rebirth of Ground Zero in New York City (Jim Whitaker et al.)
RAWA Statement on the Terrorist Attacks on the US, Sep.14, 2001

Rebuilding and Resilience: Five Years After 9/11 (ed. George Clack et al., eJournal USA, U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC, Aug 2006)
Recent Terrorism Events: Background and Context
(Congressional Quarterly)
Re:constructions | Reflections on Humanity and Media After Tragedy
(MIT Program in Comparative Media Studies)
Reflections (ed. Z. Mustapha)
Reflections on the Frightfulness of 11 September 2001
(Dan Mainguy, DANN)
Remember September 11 (NEA Health Information Network)
Remembrance Board (PBS In the Mix)
ResearchBuzz 911 Coverage
Resource List for the General Reader: Islam and the Sept. 11 Tragedy
(Michael Sells)
Resources for Teachers and Parents to Help Children Deal with the WTC Tragedy (United Federation of Teachers)
Resources in the Aftermath of the Terrorist Attack (ASCD)
Resources on the Events of 9/11 (ed. Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair, CounterPunch)
Response to Terrorism (U.S. Department of State)

Responsibility for the Terrorist Atrocities in the United States, 11 September 2001 (10 Downing Street, 4 Oct 2001)
-- FAS Intelligence Resource Program Mirror
A Review of the FBI's Handling of Intelligence Information Related to the September 11 Attacks (Nov 2004), redacted and unclassified (Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Justice, released Jun 2005) PDF
-- Full Text of Report (released 7 Jun 2005)
A Review of the FBI's Handling of Intelligence Information Related to the September 11 Attacks (Nov 2004), Unclassified Version with Ch 4 (Office of the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Justice, 19 Jun 2006)
Review of Studies of the Economic Impact of the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center (U.S. General Accounting Office, 29 May 2002) PDF
The Richard C. Rescorla Memorial Foundation (Susan Rescorla et al., Lakeside, New Jersey)
Rights and Responsibilities of Retaliation (UN Charter, Ch 7)
Rumors of War (Urban Legends Reference Pages)
Running Toward Danger: Stories Behind the Breaking News of 9/11
SAJA Reporting Tips on Covering the Aftermath of WTC & Pentagon Attacks (South Asian Journalists Association)
Salon.com Directory | World Trade Center, Pentagon Attacks
Scholars of Islam & the Tragedy of Sept. 11th
(AAR Study of Islam Section)
Search Victims of Sept. 11, 2001 Attack (Associated Press)
The Secret History of 9/11 (Terence McKenna, CBC, 10 Sep 2006)
Security Threat (Marrin Canell et al., CBC Witness, 30 Jan 2003)
September 11 (CBC News Indepth)
September 11 Attacks: Crimes Against Humanity (Human Rights Watch)
September 11: Bearing Witness to History
(National Museum of American History)
The September 11 Digital Archive (George Mason University)
-- Library of Congress Collection
September 11: Effects on My Campus 5 Years Later (National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, Washington, DC, 9 Sep 2006) PDF
September 11 Links (William M. Arkin, Center for Strategic Education)
September11News.com - September 11, 2001 News Archives
(Anthony Williams, Calgary)
September 11 Newspaper Articles Archive
September 11: One Year Later (CBC, 2 Sep 2002)
September 11: Recent Estimates of Fiscal Impact of 2001 Terrorist Attack on New York (US Government Accountability Office, Mar 2005) PDF
September Eleven: A Resource Page
The September 11 Source Books (NSA Online Readers on Terrorism, Intelligence and the Next War)
September 11 Teaching and Learning Resources (FREE, Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)
September 11 Television Archive (Internet Archive)
September 11, Terrorism, and Blowback (Douglas Kellner)

September 11th Listserv (Andy Carvin)
September Eleventh Memorial
September 11th PLUS Six: Selected Web-Based Resources and Multimedia Materials (ResourceShelf, 11 Sep 2007)
September 11th Resources (Special Libraries Association)
September 11th World Trade Center Curriculum & Resources
(Educational CyberPlayGround)
September 11, 2001 (Marshall Brain, HowStuffWorks)
September 11, 2001, The Day When All Americans Cried
(Kristen L. Hammond, EduPuppy.com)
September 11, 2001 Victims (Alex Spektor)
-- Victims List
September 11 Web Archive (MINERVA: Library of Congress)
The September 11 Web Archive (WebArchivist.org)
Sept11forEducators Listserv (James Lerman)
Sept. 11th Relief Information | U.S. Army Casualty Affairs Web Site
The Sonic Memorial Project
Sources about NY City and Pentagon Attacks (Wilfred Drew, SUNY Morrisville College LibraryLinks)
The Spectator | The Stuyvesant High School Newspaper, 2 Oct 2001 (Special Commemorative Edition from The New York Times, 20 Nov 2001) PDF
Speech & Transcript Center (Gary Price, George Washington University)
Statement by Ibn Warraq on the World Trade Center Atrocity
ST ScI Library Tragedy Links (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Surveillance for World Trade Center Disaster Health Effects Among Survivors of Collapsed and Damaged Buildings (Robert M. Brackbill et al., CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 7 Apr 2006)
Teaching & Understanding Sept 11
(Mark Hamm & Paul Leighton)
Teaching 9-11 (The Clarke Center)

Terror Hits Home (CBSNews.com)
Terror in the US | Guardian Unlimited Weblog Special
Terrorism and The Laws of War: September 11 and Its Aftermath
(Crimes of War Project)
Terrorism In Our Own Back Yard (ed. Matt Pelmear)
Terrorism in the United States Report (FBI Publications)
Terrorism in the US | Guardian Unlimited Special Report
Terrorism, Mental Health, and September 11 (Gerry Fairbrother & Sandro Galea, The Century Foundation, 7 Jul 2005)
Terrorism: Q & A | Causes of 9/11: Possible Explanations
Terrorism: September 11 and Its Aftermath
(Open Society Institute - Budapest)
Terrorist Attack - Gananda Library Page (Jacquie Henry)
The Terrorist Attack on America: Background (Foreign Affairs Magazine)
The Terrorist Attack on New York City and Washington DC on 2001-SEP-11 (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)
Terrorist Attack on the United States (Mike Madin, Academic Info)
Terrorist Attacks on America (KQED Special Coverage)
Terrorist Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon
(Frederic L. Kirgis, ASIL Insights, Sep 2001)

Terrorist Pearl Harbour (B. Raman, 12 Sep 2001)
Text: Transcripts, Statements, Speeches (Washington Post)
Time for Kids | America United
Timeline of Terror (Barbara O'Brien)
The Toll of 9/11 (Tia Ghose, The Scientist, 11 Sep 2011)
To Secure America: The 9/11 Commission's Homeland Security Recommendations (U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security, Democratic Staff, 20 Jul 2006) PDF
Tragedy in New York City (Earth Observatory, 12 Sep 2001)
-- Visible Earth
Transcript of Comments by Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson, 13 Sep 2001 (PFAW)
Tributes from Across the World 9-11-01
The True Soldiers of Allah | Muslim Americans at the Crossroads: Reflections on September 11, 2001 (Saraji Umm Zaid, IslamForToday.com, 16 Sep 2001)
Tuesday's Chronology of Terror - September 11, 2001 (CNN)
United Airlines Flight 93 Cockpit Voice Recorder Transcript (Findlaw) PDF
United We Stand (Prentice Hall School | Special Report)
-- Useful Sites (Sam Vincent Meddis)

U.S. Attack and Aftermath (Librarians' Index to the Internet)
US Attacked: How You Can Help (Lycos)
US Attacked, News, Photos, Forum, Messages
U.S. Homeland Attack, September 11, 2001
(Terrorism Research Center)
US 911 Network - Attack on America Hub (Charles C. Caro)
U.S. Under Attack (CBC News)
US Under Attack: Live Online Forum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Video of American Airlines Flight 77 (Judicial Watch, 16 May 2006)
Waking Up to Evil (Marc D. Guerra, Acton Institute, Oct 2001)
Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? -- Simple Analysis
(Zdenek P. Bazant & Yong Zhou, Sep 2001)
"Will They Fly A Plane Into Our House?": How To Talk To Children About Terrorism (Lawrence E. Shapiro) PDF
Witness and Response: September 11 Acquisitions at the Library of Congress
Witnesses to Terror: The 9/11 Hearings (Catherine Winter, American RadioWorks, Minnesota Public Radio)
Witness to Abuse: Human Rights Abuses under the Material Witness Law since September 11 (Human Rights Watch/American Civil Liberties Union, Jun 2005)
The World Mourns the Tragedy of September 11, 2001
(Electronic Deconstruction)

The World's Views on the Terror Attack (Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index)
World Trade Center (Great Buildings Online)
The World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks (Salon.com News)
World Trade Center Attack (IntellNet)
World Trade Center Destroyed: America Under Attack
(Avram Piltch, About.com)
World Trade Center, Pentagon, News and Legal Resources/Information
(ed. Sabrina I. Pacifici, Law Library Resource Xchange)
World Trade Center: Reflections on the Disaster
(ed. Matt Hoy & Dennis G. Jerz)
World Trade Center/Terrorist Crisis News
(Xpress Press Crisis Information Wire)
World Trade Center Tribute (Rob Peck)
Yahoo! News Full Coverage - Emergency and Relief Information in Wake of Terrorist Attack On U.S.
Yahoo! News Full Coverage - US Terrorism
-- Yahoo! News Search

See also Global Peace and Security and Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism, below.

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Response: The War on Terror

Countering the Threat to Civil Society
Unholy Warriors: Special Forces
Afghanistan: The Humanitarian Crisis
Iraq: A Just War?
The Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq

We are the enemy of the Taliban, the enemy of the Jihadis. We are the enemy of all fundamentalists and fanatics. We are no one's agents.
Shahalla (RAWA)

We did not know what they knew; we are only now learning. We did not know what they did not want us to know, when they raised us in the leafy suburbs.

... A world at war, once again at war. The enemy is much different, but it begins the same way, people hopefully wondering if it might be all over by Christmas. People just beginning to come to terms with the enormity of what has happened, with the inevitability of what is to come.

David Warren (Ottawa Citizen, 11 Nov 2001)

For terrorist group profiles, see Political Extremism and Terrorism, above; for cults and religious extremists, see Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism, below; for emergency preparedness and response, see also Disaster and Global Emergency; and for intelligence (including counterintelligence and information warfare), see Intelligence and Security.

Afgha.com - Site of the Afghan Resistance - Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Lessons from the Last War (ed. John Prados & Svetlana Savranskaya, The September 11th Source Books, Vol.2, NSA Electronic Briefing Book No. 57, 9 Oct 2001)
Afghanistan Liberation Organisation (ALO)
Afghanistan - Military Maps (GlobalSecurity.org)
Afghanistan Peace Association
Afghanistan Peace Organization
Afghanistan Resource Home Page (Frederick W. Kagan, West Point)
Afghanistan, the Taliban, and the US: Selected Internet Resources
(UC Berkeley Library)
Aftermath of the September 11 Attacks, Human Rights Implications
(Human Rights Watch)
After Sept. 11: New War? (Essays by Dorothy E. Denning et al., SSRC, 2001)
Air Power Against Terror: America's Conduct of Operation Enduring Freedom (Benjamin S. Lambeth, RAND Corporation, 2005, 2006)

Alternative Resources on the U.S. War Against Terrorism
(ALA International Responsibilities Task Force)
America and the War on Terror (Kaylyn H. Bowman, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC, 6 Sep 2006)
America at a Crossroads, with Robert MacNeil (prod. Leo Eaton, PBS, 15-20 Apr 2007)
America Attacked (The United States Army Homepage)
America Responds to Terrorism (Constitutional Rights Foundation)
America Responds to Terrorism (FirstGov.gov)
America's New War (AdmiNet)
America's New War (CNN.com Specials)
America's New War Against Terrorism (transcript of a Brookings Forum, 14 Sep 2001)
America's Response to Terrorism (Brookings Institution)
America's War Against Terrorism: World Trade Center/Pentagon Terrorism and the Aftermath (University of Michigan Documents Center)
Analyzing Evacuation Versus Shelter-in-Place Strategies After a Terrorist Nuclear Detonation (Lawrence M. Wein et al., Risk Analysis 30(9):1315-27, Sep 2010; pub. on-line 4 Aug 2010)
Ananova - War on terrorism
Answering the Call: Communications Lessons Learned From The Pentagon Attack (Public Safety Wireless Network Program, Jan 2002) PDF
Attack on Afghanistan | Guardian Unlimited Special Report
Attack on America - Taking Care of Your Own (U.S. DefenseLINK)

Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon: Anti-Terrorism Coalition (U.S. Department of State)
Authorization For Use Of Military Force in Response to the 9/11 Attacks (P.L. 107-40): Legislative History (Richard F. Grimmett, CRS Report for Congress, 4 Jan 2006) PDF
Bin Laden on Tape (CNN.com, 14 Dec 2001)
Bush Administration's First Memo on al-Qaeda Declassified (Barbara Elias, ed., NSA Electronic Briefing Book No. 147, 10 Feb 2001, updated 27 Sep 2006)
The Campaign against International Terrorism: Prospects after the Fall of the Taliban (Tim Youngs et al., International Affairs & Defence Section, UK House of Commons, Research Paper 01/112, 11 Dec 2001) PDF
The Campaign Against Terrorism: Key Services and Information for Canadians
The Canadian Forces Contribution to the Campaign Against Terrorism
Canadian Jewish Congress Position Paper on Canada and International Terrorism (Feb 2001, revised)
Central Intelligence Agency - The War on Terrorism
Chilling Effects of Anti-Terrorism: "National Security" Toll on Freedom of Expression (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
Citizen Warrior
CNEWS: War On Terrorism

Coordinating the War on Terrorism (Lynn E. Davis et al., RAND, 2004) PDF
The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror Operations Since 9/11 (Amy Belasco, CRS Report for Congress, 24 Apr 2006, updated) PDF
Criminal Terrorism Enforcement Since the 9/11/01 Attacks
(Special TRAC Report, 8 Dec 2003)
C-SPAN: September 11: U.S. Response (Video Archive)
Cyber Attacks During the War on Terrorism
(Institute for Security Technology Studies)
Cyber Attacks Explained (James A. Lewis, Center for Strategic & International Studies, Washington, DC, 15 Jun 2007) PDF
Dag Hammarskjöld Library Resource page on International Terrorism
A Declaration of Solidarity (Sofia Summit, 5 Oct 2001)
Declassified Key Judgments of the National Intelligence Estimate "Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the United States" dated April 2006 (Press Release, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, 26 Sep 2006) PDF
DefendAMERICA - Home Page (U.S. Department of Defense)
Detention of U.S. Citizens (Louis Fisher, CRS Report for Congress, 28 Apr 2005) PDF
Diminished Public Appetite for Military Force and Mideast Oil: Five Years Later... (Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 6 Sep 2006)
Doublespeak and the War on Terrorism (Timothy Lynch, Cato Institute, 6 Sep 2006)
11 September 2001: The Response (International Affairs & Defence Section, UK House of Commons Library, Research Paper 01/72, 3 Oct 2001) PDF
Emergency: Terrorism and War (ZNet)
Endgame for the West in Afghanistan? Explaining the Decline in Support for the War in Afghanistan in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France and Germany (Charles A. Miller, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, 17 Jun 2010)
European Union Response to World Trade Center & Pentagon Terrorist Attacks
Federation of American Scientists - America's War on Terrorism
The Fight Against Terrorism - EU Reactions (Europa External Relations)
Fighting the Long War (Quadrennial Defense Review Report, U.S. Department of Defense, 6 Feb 2006) PDF
Fighting Terrorism | Canada Site

Fighting Terrorism in Canada | Canada Site
Fighting Terrorism - UN System Responds to Threat (UN In Focus)
First Response (US Air National Guard Conflict 21)
The First World War Against Terrorism (B. Raman, SAAG, 14 Sep 2001)
The Forgotten Homeland: A Century Foundation Task Force Report (Richard A. Clarke et al., The Century Foundation, New York, 29 Jun 2006)
G8 Summit Site - The Summit - Fighting Terrrorism
(Kananaskis Summit, Jun 2002)
The Global Coalition Against Terrorism: Media Fact Sheets
(U.S. Department of State)
The Global Site | Just Peace
Global Terrorism (Brookings Institute)
Global Terrorism Resources Directories & Centers
(Mike Madin, Academic Info)
Global War on Terrorism (USAF Air War College)
Global War on Terrorism: Observations on Funding, Costs, and Future Commitments (Statement of David M. Walker before Congressional Subcommittee, U.S. Government Accountability Office, 18 Jul 2006) PDF
The Globe and Mail | War on Terror
Going to War With the Allies You Have: Allies, Counterinsurgency, and the War on Terrorism (Daniel Byman, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, Nov 2005) PDF
Hamdan v. Rumsfeld: Military Commissions in the "Global War on Terrorism" (Jennifer K. Elsea, CRS Report for Congress, 6 Jul 2006)
Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, et al. (Justice John Paul Stevens et al., U.S. Supreme Court, 29 Jun 2006)
Health Canada - Emergency Preparedness & Response
Homefront Confidential: How the War on Terrorism Affects Access to Information and the Public's Right to Know (Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Mar 2002) PDF
Homefront Confidential: How the War on Terrorism Affects Access to Information and the Public's Right to Know, Sixth Edition (ed. Lucy A. Dalglish & Gregg P. Leslie, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Arlington, Virginia, Sep 2005)
How Would the U.S. Respond to a Nightmare Cyber Attack? (Josephine Wolff, SA Forum, Scientific American, 23 Jul 2013)
ICT Database for International Terrorist Attacks
Infinite justice? (Scott Rosenberg, Salon.com News, 20 Sep 2001)
Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (U.S. Congress, Dec 2004; Free askSam Searchable Version)
The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, Initial Assessment on the Implementation of (Oversight Subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, 27 Jul 2006) PDF
International Terrorism (ICT)

International Terrorism and Political Violence Incidents
(Political Terrorism Database)
International Terrorism: Threat, Policy, and Response
(Raphael F. Perl, CRS Report for Congress, 9 Aug 2006)
International Terrorist and Guerilla Groups (SpecialOperations.com)
Iraq and the War on Terror: A collection of Frontline's reporting from 9/11 to the present (PBS)
Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO)
Journalism, Civil Liberties and the War on Terrorism
(International Federation of Journalists, May 2005)
Just Response
Kukui Roadhouse International Terrorism Review
Legislation Related to the Attack of September 11, 2001 (Thomas)
Lesser Evils (Michael Ignatieff, New York Times Magazine, 2 May 2004)
The Long Shadow of 9/11: America's Response to Terrorism (Brian Michael Jenkins & John Godges, eds., RAND Corporation, 2011) PDF
Mali: Consequences of a War (Paul Rogers, Oxford Research Group, 29 Jan 2013) PDF
Mental Health Response to Mass Violence and Terrorism: A Training Manual (SAMHSA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2004)
Muslim Charities and the War on Terror: Top Ten Concerns and Status Update (OMB Watch, Mar 2006) PDF
National Military Strategic Plan for the War on Terrorism (Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon, Washington, DC, 1 Feb 2006) PDF
NATO Issues - NATO and the Scourge of Terrorism
The New Battlefield (MSNBC)
The New Militarism, Global Terrorism, and the American University: Making Sense of the Assault on Democracy "Here, There, Somewhere" (Robert Rhoads, InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies 3:1, 8 Mar 2007) PDF
News and Information on Attack Response (White House)
The New War Against Terror (Noam Chomsky, Human Nature Review 1:37-58, 5 Nov 2001)
The 9-11 War Plus 5: Looking Back and Looking Forward at U.S.-Islamic World Relations (Peter W. Singer, Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, Sep 2006)
Office of Foreign Assets Control (U.S. Treasury)
OneWorld.net | Special Reports: US Counter-Attack
(ed. Daniel Nelson, 9 Nov 2001)

On Retaliation (ed. Z. Mustapha)
Operation Apollo (Canadian Department of National Defence)
Operation Veritas (UK Defence Today)
Operation Enduring Freedom (Andrew Leyden)
Operation Enduring Freedom (CDI Terrorism Project)
Operation Enduring Freedom (Diana Simpson, Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, Jul 2002)
Operation Enduring Freedom (John Pike, GlobalSecurity.org)
Operation Enduring Freedom (The United States Army Homepage)
Operation Enduring Freedom and the Conflict in Afghanistan: An Update (International Affiars & Defence Section, UK House of Commons Library, Research Paper 01/81, 31 Oct 2001) PDF
Past Terror Attacks and Responses (Andrew Wiese, CBC News Online, 11 Sep 2001)

Patterns of Global Terrorism (U.S. State Department Reports)
Patterns of Global Terrorism Index (U.S. State Department)
PBS Frontline | Hunting bin Laden (The Terrorist and the Superpower)
(1999, 2001)
The Peacemakers Speak (TheCommunity.com)
Powershift - Oil, Money & War (James J. Puplava, Financial Sense Online, 22 Feb 2002)
Prime Minister Blair's Statement to Parliament, 4 October 2001
(10 Downing Street)
Project Liberty
Pyrrhus on the Potomac: How America's post-9/11 wars have undermined US national security (Carl Conetta, Project on Defense Alternatives Briefing Report #18, 5 Sep 2006)
Ready.gov (U.S. Department of Homeland Security)
Recapturing Islam from the Terrorists (Abdal-Hakim Murad, IslamForToday.com, 14 September 2001)
Recent Terrorism Events: Background and Context
(Congressional Quarterly)
Regional Issues: Global Impact of Terrorism
(U.S. Bureau of South Asian Affairs)
Reporting the War on Terrorism (FACSNET)
Responding to Terrorism (CDI Terrorism Project)
The Response: After the September 11 Terrorist Attacks
(PBS Online NewsHour)
Response to Terrorism (American Embassy London)

Response to Terrorism (U.S. Department of State)
Responsibility for the Terrorist Atrocities in the United States, 11 September 2001 (10 Downing Street, 4 Oct 2001)
-- FAS Intelligence Resource Program Mirror
Reviving the Nixon Doctrine: NSA Spying, the Commander-in-Chief, and Executive Power in the War on Terror (David Cole, Washington and Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice 13:1, 2006)
Rights and Responsibilities of Retaliation (UN Charter, Ch 7)
The Role of Maritime Forces in the Anti-Terrorist War
(Nigel Brodeur, DANN, Oct 2001)
Science and Security in a Post 9/11 World: A Report Based on Regional Discussions Between the Science and Security Communities (Jacques S. Gansler & Alice P. Gast et al., Committee on a New Government-University Partnership for Science and Security, National Research Council , Washington, DC, 18 Oct 2007)
-- Webcast
The Scientific Response to Terrorism
(UK House of Commons, 6 Nov 2003)
Sending the Bureaucracy to War (David Zaring & Elena A. Baylis, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 18 Jan 2007)
September 11 and Its Aftermath: Context, Questions, Responsibility and Justice (Indymedia News Blast)
The September 11 Detainees: A Review of the Treatment of Aliens Held on Immigration Charges in Connection with the Investigation of the September 11 Attacks (U.S. Department of Justice, Apr 2003) PDF
The September 11 Source Books (NSA Online Readers on Terrorism, Intelligence and the Next War)
The Spy Who Billed Me: Outsourcing the War on Terror
(R. J. Hillhouse)
State and Local Intelligence in the War on Terrorism
(K. Jack Riley et al., RAND, 2005)
State of Readiness of the Canadian Forces: Response to the Terrorist Threat (David Pratt et al., Nov 2001)
The Straits Times Interactive - America Strikes Back
Struggle for Peace (ed. Z. Mustapha)
Studengrafist Afghan Freedom Fighters Homepage

The Sunday Times | War on Terrorism
Target: Terrorism | CBC News Special Coverage: War in the 21st Century
Terror Attacks of September 11: The War in Afghanistan
(Michael Albert & Stephen R. Shalom, ZNet, 14 Oct 2001)
Terrorism & the Domestic "War on Terror": FAIR Resources
(Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting)
Terrorism and The Laws of War: September 11and Its Aftermath
(Crimes of War Project)
Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism, Taliban and Afghanistan Links
(Tracy Marks)
Terrorism: Key Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and Recent Major Commissions and Inquiries (Richard F. Grimmett, CRS Report for Congress, 11 Aug 2004) PDF
Terrorism: Q & A | Responses to 9/11
Terrorism: The Threat and Post 9/11 Trends (Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, Aug 2002)
Terrorism: What You Need To Know About U.S. Sanctions
(U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control)
The Terrorist Threat and the Policy Response in Pakistan (Aarish Ullah Khan, SIPRI Policy Paper No. 11, 20 Sep 2005)
The Terror War (Associated Press)
Testimony on Estimated Costs of U.S. Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and of Other Activities Related to the War on Terrorism (Statement of Robert A. Sunshine before the Committee on Budget, U.S. House of Representatives, 31 Jul 2007)
Testimony on Issues in Estimating the Cost of Operations in Iraq and the War on Terrorism (Statement of Donald B. Marron before the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives, 18 Jul 2006)
This Week in the War on Terrorism (US Council on Foreign Relations)
Three Years After: Next Steps in the War on Terror
(ed. David Aaron, RAND Corporation, 2005)
Treatment of "Battlefield Detainees" in the War on Terrorism (Jennifer K. Elsea, CRS Report for Congress, 11 Apr 2002, updated)
The True Soldiers of Allah | Muslim Americans at the Crossroads: Reflections on September 11, 2001 (Saraji Umm Zaid, IslamForToday.com, 16 Sep 2001)
UnCritical thinking during the fog of war
(Carla Binion, Online Journal, 16 Feb 2001)
United Justice Terrorist Newswire - Terrorist News, Terrorism News, War on Terrorism

The U.S. Citizen-Soldier and the Global War on Terror: The National Guard Experience (Larry Minnear, Feinstein International Center, Tufts University, Somerville, Massachusetts, 24 Sep 2007) PDF
U.S. Military Operations in the Global War on Terrorism: Afghanistan, Africa, the Philippines, and Colombia (Andrew Feickert, CRS Report for Congress, 4 Feb 2005, updated)
U.S. Offensive Against Terrorism (New York Times)
U.S.-Pakistan Engagement: The War on Terrorism and Beyond (Touqir Hussain, U.S. Institute of Peace, Jul 2005)
U.S. Striking Back: The War on Terrorism (CBC News)
Wanted - Usama bin Laden (U.S. Diplomatic Security Service)
The War Against Terrorism: Useful Links (Radio Netherlands)
War & consequences: Global terrorism has increased since 9/11 attacks (Carl Conetta, Project on Defense Alternatives, 25 Sep 2006)
War in Afghanistan (Guardian Unlimited Observer)
The War in Context: Critical Perspectives on the War on Terrorism, War Against Iraq, and the Middle East Conflict (ed. Paul Woodward)
War Narratives: Framing Our Understanding of the War on Terror (Kathe Callehan et al., Public Administration Review, Sep 2004) PDF
War on Terror (BBC News Special Report)
The War on Terror and the Cold War: They're Not the Same (John Tirman, MIT Center for International Studies, Apr 2006) PDF
War On Terrorism (Center for Cooperative Research)
War on Terrorism (FBI)
War on Terrorism (Guardian Unlimited Observer)
War on Terrorism (Guerrilla News Network)
War on Terrorism (Social Criticism Review)
War on Terrorism: An American Perspective (Efreedomnews.com)
War on Terrorism - Latest News (10 Downing Street)
The War on Terrorism: USAF Counterproliferation Center
(Air War College)

The War on Terror Resource Guide (Post-Gazette News Links)
War, Peace & Security Server : Afghanistan (Canadian Forces College)
War Without Borders (The Fifth Estate, CBC, 1 Dec 2004)
The Warsaw Conference on Combating Terrorism (6 Nov 2001)
Wartimeliberty.com: Freedom and Security during War
Watch - Covering the War on Terror (WindsofChange.net)
We're not Afraid! (London)
Whatever happened to 'The War on Terror' (Neil Macdonald, Reborts from abroad, CBC News, 11 Sep 2007)
What Now? (ed. John Brockman, Edge)
Where are Terrorists to Be Tried - A Comparative Analysis of Rights Granted to Suspected Terrorists (Amos N. Guiora, Catholic University Law Review 56:2, Spring 2007)
Winning the "War on Terrorism": The Need for a Fundamentally Different Strategy (Anthony H. Cordesman, Center for Strategic & International Studies, Washington, DC, 18 Sep 2006) PDF
Wired News Tech Report: U.S. vs. Them (Lycos News)
WMD Terrorism and Usama Bin Laden (Kimberly Resch & Matthew Osborne, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, 7 Mar 2001)
World In Crisis, Media In Conflict (The Media Channel)
The Zero Dark Thirty File (Nate Jones & Lauren Harper, eds. National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 410, 17 Jan 2013)

See also Global Peace and Security, International Law, and Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism.

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