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The Contingent Universe

DESCRIPTION: The fifth of a group of pages on Astronomy (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in astronomy software. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to general resources in astronomy and astrophysics from A to L, and from M to Z, and links to resources in Observational Astronomy, the study of Stars and Galaxies, and the pursuit of Amateur Astronomy.

KEYWORDS: astronomy; astronomy programs; astronomy software; astrophysics; cosmos; space; universe

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  1. Astronomy and Astrophysics
    Astronomy Education
    Forums, Periodicals, & Societies
    Astronomy Software

  2. Observational Astronomy
    Ground Observatories
    Space Astronomy
    Astronomy Data and Sky Surveys
    Astronomical Images

  3. Stars and Galaxies
    Galaxies and the Milky Way
    Stars and the Interstellar Medium
    Galactic and Stellar Evolution
    Protostars and Star Formation
    Circumstellar Disks and Planetary Evolution
    Post-MS and Stellar Endpoints

  4. The Far Country: Amateur Astronomy
    Amateur Telescope Making
    Clubs and Societies
    Astronomy Travel

Astronomy & Astrophysics Astronomical Data The Universe Stars and Galaxies
Amateur Astronomy The Visual Sky The Solar System Earth Sciences
Space Studies Astrobiology History & Philosophy AstroNews

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Astronomy and Astrophysics

Astronomy and Astrophysics: A-E
Astronomy and Astrophysics: F-Z
Astronomy Education
Forums, Periodicals, and Societies
Astronomy Software


Astronomy Software

AAL Book and Software Reviews (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library, University of Toronto)
Airbourne Precision Imaging (David G. Iadevaia)
Alcyone Astronomical Software (Rainer Lange)
Alcyone Ephemeris
APOD (Lior Shamir)
APOD Grabber for the Mac (Maury McCown, RAILhead Design)
ARC Science Simulations Web Site (Dance of the Planets)
ASCOM: Astronomy Common Object Model
ASDS - Astronomical Software & Documentation Service
(Robert J. Hanisch et al., STScI)
-- ASDS Software Search Page
Astroart Home Page: Image Processing for Astronomical Images
(Martino Nicolini & Fabio Cavicchio)
AstroArts Inc.
AstroCalculator (Joseph Cahak)
AstroFTP List (SEDS)
Astrometrica Shareware for CCD Astrometry
(Herbert Raab, LAG)
Astromist - Palm Astronomy Software (Cyrille Thieullet)
Astronomer's Digital Clock (FW, Matt Oltersdorf)
Astronomica Home Page (Pioter Czerski)

Astronomical Software (Douglas J. Mink, SAO)
Astronomical Software (The Observatory)
Astronomical Software--A Review (Keith Shortridge, ADASS X, 2000)
Astronomical Software Wants To Be Free: A Manifesto (Benjamin J. Weiner et al., State of the Profession white paper submitted to the Astro2010 Decadal Survey, http://arxiv.org/abs/0903.3971v1, 23 May 2009)
Astronomic Clock (Reinier C. Ott, NL)
Astronomiesoftware Dings - Virtual Sky & Ephemeris Tool
(Anne Dings)
Astronomy and Astrophysics Book and Software Reviews
(Marlene Cummins, University of Toronto)
Astronomy and Related (Jürgen Giesen)
Astronomy - Free Software (Alan Sawicki)
Astronomy Freeware (Richard Just & Victoria Cheney)
Astronomy Freeware and Shareware (Bill Drennon)
Astronomy Java Applets (Rob Scharein, SFU)
Astronomy Programs (Hrvoje Horvat)
Astronomy Sight | Books & Programs
Astronomy Software (Patrick Curran, Sky Router)
Astronomy Software: Coeli
Astronomy Software Development: H-R Calc (David C. Irizarry)
Astronomy Software for PCs (Christian Nuesch)
Astronomy Software for the Pocket PC (FW, Robert Brenner)

Astronomy Software Resources (HAS)
Astronomy Software Servers (AstroWeb, NRAO)
Astronomy Software Servers (AstroWeb, STScI)
Astronomy Software Servers (AstroWeb, WWW-VL)
Astronomy Software - Southern Stars Software (SkyChart)
Astronomy Tools (Brian Casey)
Astrophysics Source Code Library: Archive
AstroSimulations (John P. Oliver)
Astro-Snap | Astronomy Imaging Software for Webcams
(Axel Canicio)
Astro Software (Sky and Telescope)
AstroTips.com | Astronomy Software and Amateur Observation Resources (Hugo D. Valentim)
AutoAPOD (Colourfull Creations for Macs)
AVIS - FITS Viewer: A Freeware Utility
(Martino Nicolini & Fabio Cavicchio)
Binary Maker (David H. Bradstreet)
CapellaSoft Astronomy Software (Greg Crinklaw)
Carina Software (Voyager)
Cartes du Ciel Sky Charts (Patrick Chevalley)
-- Sky Charts Download
Cavendish Astrophysics - Software (University of Cambridge)

The Celestial Observer (Arnold Barmettler, CalSKY.com)
Celestial WWW Software Repository (T.S. Kelso)
Celestia: A 3D Space Simulator (FW, Chris Laurel)
Chris Dolan's Java Applets
ChView: 3-D Star Maps (Jo Grant & Ben Lin)
Cinegram Media Inc (Atlas of the Solar System, RedShift, etc.)
Computational Astronomy (Joel Tohline, CiSE Portal)
Computer-Aided Astronomy (John Rogers)
Connected: Earth Views of Space and Space Views of Earth
(Patricia Reiff et al., Rice University)
Cosmology@Home (Benjamin D. Wandelt et al., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois)
-- Home computers to help researchers better understand universe (James E. Kloeppel, UIUC News Bureau, 24 Oct 2007)
CSERD Astronomy (Computational Science Education Reference Desk)
Cyanogen Productions Inc. (MaxIm DL)
CyberSky (Stephen M. Schimpf)

Dan's Astronomy Software Collection (Dan Bruton)
-- Dan's Astronomy Software (FW)
Dan's Orbiter Page (DanSteph)
The Dark Side of the Moon - Macintosh Astronomy Programs
(Perkins Observatory)
Dark Skies (Todd Daniels)
Dave Ransom Software Home Pages (David H. Ransom, Jr.)
David Chandler (Deep Space & Planet Tracker)
David Paul Green's Free Astronomy Software Site
DC-3 Dreams Software (Robert B. Denny et al., Astronomer's Control Panel/Program, etc.)
D-Data ASTRO 2001
Dean Dauger's Solar System Sim
Deepsky Astronomy Software (Steven S. Tuma, Janesville, Wisconsin)
Deep Space CCD Atlases (John C. Vickers, Back River Observatory)
Deep Space Explorer (Starry Night)
DigiDay 365 Days of StarDate

DigitalSky Voice (Astro-Physics)
-- DSV Link Bridges
The Digital Universe (Syzygy)
Disk Detective (Marc Kuchner (PI) et al., NASA)
-- NASA-Sponsored 'Disk Detective' Lets Public Search for New Planetary Nurseries - (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2014-032, 30 Jan 2014)
Distant Planets Screensaver (FW)
Distant Suns (Mike Smithwick)
-- Distant Suns Message Board (SmartGroups.com)
-- European Distant Suns (Michael Jensen)
-- The Forum Place (Larry Cloud)
-- SETI@Home Edition
dObjects, an Astronomical Database and Observing Log
(Jeff Bondono)
Download DatePicker (Calendar) AstroCalc SunUtils JavaBean

The Earth Centered Universe (David J. Lane, Nova Astronomics)
EarthWatch (Elanware, Inc.)
Educational Astronomy Software (Educational Software Directory)
The Electric Astrolabe (James E. Morrison)
Encyclopedia Galactica (FW, Javier Martinez)
The ESA/ESO/NASA Photoshop FITS Liberator (SpaceTelescope.org)
The Evening Show (The Fourth Day, Starstone Software Systems)
EventScope Portal to Remote Experience (NASA Education)
Expanding Universe: Astronomy Software
Explore the sky with Google Earth
"Eyes on the Skies" Robotic Solar Telescope Observatory
(Mike Rushford)
FITDisk Cataclysmic Variable Accretion Disk Simulator
(Florida Institute of Technology)
Flying across Galaxy Clusters with Google Earth: additional imagery from SDSS co-added data (Jiangang Hao & James Annis, arXiv:1010.6068v1 [astro-ph.CO], 28 Oct 2010)
-- Viewing Galaxy Clusters using Google Earth: SDSS and SDSS Coadded Images (Google Sites)
FMJ-Software - Home of Awave, Image Eye and StarStrider
(Markus Jönsson & Alexis Brandeker))
Fogware Publishing (Planetarium)
Fourmilab: Index Librorum Liberorum (John Walker)
-- North American Mirror
Free Virtual Galaxy Project (Jim Smith)
Galactic Surf: Astronomy Software (Edouard Reny)
Geometry.net | Astronomy Software
G-LenS: Gravitational Lensing of Distant Sources (Mark Boughen)

GraphDark (Richard Fleet, Newbury Amateur Astronomical Society)
Gravitational Simulation for Windows 95/NT, 3D OpenGL
Gravity Simulator (FW, Tony Dunn)
GrayStel Software Ltd. (GrayStel Star Atlas)
gSky Browser (HubbleSite - Explore Astronomy)
Guide to Buying Astronomical Software (Astronomy Magazine)
Hallo Northern Sky Planetarium Software Program (Han Kleijn)
Home Planet (John Walker)
HobbySpace - Offline Space Software
The Horizon Image Data Browser Package (Ray Plante)
HyperSky for Windows
Interactive Observing Tools (SkyandTelescope.com)
In2space (Palm OS)
IRAF Project (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility)
JupSat95 - Jovian Satellite Simulator for Win95 (Gary Nugent)
Jürgen Giesen's GeoAstro Applet Collection

Kagayaki Desktop-Planetarium Program (Kenichi Tanifuji, SeedsBox)
KStars | The KDE Edutainment Project
Leos Ondra's Home Page
Lightspeed Starfield Screen Saver
Links2Go: Astronomical Software
LinuxAstro Software: Astronomical Software on Linux
(Peter Teuben)
Linux for Astronomy CDROM (The Random Factory)
Lunar Occultation Workbench (Geert Ottenheijm, Dutch Occultation Association)
LunaView (Steve Massey, Australia)
Lynkeos Astronomical Image-Processing for the Mac
(FW, Sourceforge)
Maestro Headquarters
Main Sequence Software Desktop Universe
(Peter Ceravolo et al., Ottawa)
Manfred Dings (Ephemeris Tool, Virtual Sky)
Mariner 6 and 7 Image Browser (FW, Piotr A. Masek)
Mariner 9 Image Browser (FW, Piotr A. Masek)
Mariner 10 Image Browser and Reconstructor (FW, Piotr A. Masek)

Mathcad Astronomical Formulas (Martin Zombeck)
Mathematically Beautiful Screen Savers (Patrick D. Grengs II)
Matlab Astronomy Library (Eric Tittley)
MAXCLOCK Astronomical Software Clock
(FW, Udo Mark, Oberpframmern, Germany)
Meade Epoch 2000 Software
Meridian Astronomical Software (FW, Claude Duplessis)
MegaStar Sky Atlas
Messier Logging System (Luis Argüelles)
MicroMoon (Aninoquisi, Huntland, Tennessee)
The Minor Planet Observer (Brian Warner, Palmer Divide Observatory)
MoonCalc (Monzur Ahmed)
Moon Zoo (Ryan Balfanz et al.)
MPC Orbital Elements for Software Packages
MPj Equinox (SW, Microprojects)
Multimedia Astronomy (The Observatory)

Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac (MICA)
N-Body Shop (George Lake et al., University of Washington)
NexStar Resource Site (NexStar Observer List, FW for Windows, Michael Swanson)
Night Sky Observer (JupSat Pro, LunarPhase Pro)
Night Sky Observer - Astronomy Software (Gary Nugent, Dublin)
Occultation Software (David Herald et al., IOTA)
On Software in Astronomy (Sarah Kendrew, SarahAskew, 1 Mar 2010)
OpenUniverse: A Free Space Simulator (Raúl Alonso)
OrbFit Software (Andrea Milani Comparetti et al.)
Orbiter - A Free Space Flight Simulator (Martin Schweiger)
-- Orbiter (sim) - Wikipedia
OrbiterWiki (Martin Schweiger et al.)
Orbitron - Satellite Tracking System (Sebastian Stoff, Torun)
OrbitViewer (Osamu Ajiki & Ron Baalke)
OrbitViewer Invocation: Dynamic invocation of Osamu Ajiki & Ron Baalke's OrbitViewer applet for asteroids (David Benn)
OrbitViewer Invocation: Dynamic invocation of Osamu Ajiki & Ron Baalke's OrbitViewer applet for comets (David Benn)
Orrery: The Solar System in Action (Andrew Harmsworth, Cambridge)
OSXplanet Project: Live Desktop for Mac OS X
(FW, Gabriel Otte)
Palm Astronomy Software: Planisphere Star Chart
(Check-Tech Software)
Partiview Visualization Software | NVO @ Hayden Planetarium
(American Museum of Natural History)
PCs in Space (Jackson and Tull)
Perseus - Astronomy Simulation Software (ELItalia, Padua, Italy)
Phil Harrington's Star Ware (and More!) Home Page
(Philip S. Harrington)

Pises Atlas
Planet Hunters (Yale University/Zooniverse)
-- Are You Smarter Than a Computer? (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 22 Dec 2010)
Planetarium for PalmPilot
Planetarium Software (Bill Arnett)
The Planets (John Schilling, StimpSoft)
Planet's Visibility (Rainer Lange)
Pleiades Astrophoto
Pocket Star Chart
Power Age Sky Simulator Home Page (George Dragandjikov, Sofia)
Procyon Systems Astronomy Site
Programs from the AAVSO
Project Pluto (Guide CD-ROM Star Charting)
Pulsar Publishing
Raben Software & Graphics (PlanetWatch)
Rainman Software's NGCView Main Web Site

Real-Time Interactive Windows Software for Astronomical Observers (FW, Robert Sheaffer)
Recommended Astronomical Educational Software
(Stephen R. Kessell, Curtin University)
RedShift (VIVA Media)
-- Maris RedShift 3 Upgrade Page (Maris Technologies)
RegiStax Free Image Processing Software (Cor Berrevoet)
Relative Data Products (David Patte, MyStars!)
Ritchie's Astro Pages (Richard van Nieuwenhoven, Austria)
RITI | Reading Information Technology Inc. (Celestial Explorer, Lunar Map Pro)
R.J. Stekelenburg Astronomy Software
(AstroStack Image Enhancement)
Rod's Palm Astronomy Page (Rod Mollise)
SAC Databases (Saguaro Astronomy Club)
SAI Software Archive
The Salopian Web - Astronomy Software (R. M. Clarke)
Satellite Tracking (Ken Ernandes, Orbitessera)

Scientific Astronomer - Mathematica (Terry Robb)
SDSS SkyServer: Public Access to the Sloan Digital Sky Server Data (Jim Gray, Microsoft Research)
-- Personal SkyServer (Jim Gray et al., Microsoft Research)
Silicon Spaceships (FW)
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS Collection (Keith Petersen)
TheSky (Software Bisque)
SkyGazer Network (FW, John Biondo)
SkyGlobe (Villanova University)
Skyhound (Greg Crinklaw, CapellaSoft)
Sky Image Processor (John H. Simonetti, Virginia Tech)
Sky in Google Earth: The Next Frontier in Astronomical Data Discovery and Visualization(Ryan Scranton et al., arXiv:0709.0752v1 [astro-ph], 5 Sep 2007)
SKY:Lab Star Charting (Betta Technologies)
SkyMap Software Home Page (Chris Marriot)
SkyMorph Home Page (Thomas McGlynn et al., GSFC)
SkyORB VR (FW, Realtech VR)
Sky Screen Saver for Windows (John Walker)
Sky3D (Corvus Software)

SoftSeek - Astronomy Software
Software at Willmann-Bell (HyperSky, MegaStar)
Software Bisque
Software from the High Energy Astrophysics Division at CfA
(Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
SOHO Real Time Images Screen Saver
Solar Kingdom: Space Simulator and Encyclopedia
SOLEX (Aldo Vitagliano, Naples)
SourceForge: Project Info - Celestia
Southern Skies Software (SkyChart)
Spacehack: A directory of ways to participate in space exploration (Ariel Waldman et al.)
Spacelink - Tracking Elements
Space Simulator (Ipstock Jamir)
STAR Atlas:PRO Planetarium, Star Atlas & Telescope Control System (Paul Mayo, Newcastle, New South Wales)
StarCalc Home Page (Alexander E. Zavalishin)
StarDrive (Alexander Goloveshin)
StarFlight Homepage (Matthias Huebner)
StarGazer's Delight (Ruedi Schmid, Basel)
The Starlink Project (Mike Lawden)

Star Pilot, "The Universe in Your Palm"
Starry Night (New York)
-- Discussion List
-- LiveSky
-- Starry Night Downloads
-- Starry Night Technical Support
Starry Night (Bill Arnett)
Starry Night Pro
-- Index of Updates
-- Starry Night Pro FAQ
Stars & Stories (Educational Software, Wildridge)

StarStrider - The 3D-Planetarium from FMJ-Software
StatCodes -- Astronomical Software (Eric Feigelson)
Stellaris (Nick Heyworth)
Stellarium (OS, Fabien Chéreau et al.)
StimpSoft (Solscape, FW for Macintosh, John Schilling)
Super Planet Crash - Can you feel the gravity? (Stefano Meschiari)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 21 Aug 2014)
SWARM - Solar Warning and Realtime Monitor
Telescope Calculator (Matt Wier)
3-D Tour of the Solar System (Paul Schenk et al., LPI)
The Three-Dimensional Universe (Brian Tung)
Tools and Programs (Christine Kronberg, MAA)
2sky Palm Astronomy Software (Zerpec, Honolulu)
Useless Macintosh Software Applications
(John M. Schilling, Minneapolis)
USNO SA1.0 Browser (Luis Lopez)
Views of the Solar System CD-ROM (NSTA)
Viking Orbiter Image Viewer (FW, Piotr A. Masek)
Virtual Atlas of the Moon (FW, Christian Legrand & Patrick Chevalley)
The Virtual Observatory (Mikkel Steine)

Virtual Reality Worlds for Astronomy (Peter R. Saulson et al.)
Virtual Star Ltd - Home of Galaxy Collider (Robert C. Thomson)
Waldee-Wood Astronomical Software (Steve Waldee, San Jose, California)
What's the Difference (Geoffrey Bruce & Christina O'Guinn, NASA Learning Technologies)
WikiSky (Konstantin Lysenko & Sergei Goshko, Sky-Map.org, Oakville, Ontario)
Window To The Stars (Robert G. Izzard & Evert Glebbeek, astro-ph/0607611, 27 Jul 2006)
Winds of Mars with the Music of Bach (Roderick Kettlewell, Pianist)
WinEphem -- An Ephemerides Program for Windows (Mark James)
WinStars (FW, Franck Richard)
XEphem (Elwood C. Downey)
XEphem RPM's for Linux (Craig Kulesa)
Xplanet (FW, Hari Nair)
Xplns Astronomy Simulation for PC-UNIX (AstroArts)
Yahoo! - Software:Astronomy
Your Sky (John Walker)
Zephyr Services Astronomy Software

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