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The Way of the Soul

DESCRIPTION: There is a yoke that lies upon the soul, a bond between man and the gods, and a bolt or beam from out of time may flash and in an instant cleave the soul's way. It is not given to man to choose the time, but only the way. Here, on this and the two pages following, the path taken is upward; these pages comprise a list of links to on-line resources for the study and practice of religion at its highest, as man's encounter with God -- in myth, in theology, and in action. The eleventh of thirteen pages on Paths (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page contains links to resources in religion in general (including myth and mythology); the page following contains links to resources in Christianity and Islam; and the last page contains links to resources in religious studies and theology, and to resources in ecumenism and interfaith dialogue. The other coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources dealing with the dark side of faith, the pathology of belief and persuasion (Hate, Anger, Intolerance, and Deceit).

KEYWORDS: belief; religion; sacred; holy; myth; mythology; scripture; God; faith; soul

Life is doubt, and faith without doubt is nothing but death.

Miguel de Unamuno

His home is absence, and there he finds us. In the coils of absence we meet him by seeking him. God lifts ours souls to their roots in his silence.
Annie Dillard
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  1. Dark Powers: The Pathology of Belief and Persuasion
    Hate and Violence
    Political Extremism and Terrorism
    Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism
    Pseudoscience: Content and Critique

  2. Beams of Light: Religion
    Myth and Mythology
    Religious Studies and Theology
    Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue

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Beams of Light: Religion

Myth and Mythology
Religious Studies and Theology
Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue

We are led to believe a lie
When we see not thro' the eye,
Which was born in a night to perish in a night,
When the soul slept in beams of light.
William Blake

It is our function in this world to consent to the existence of the universe.
Simone Weil

The faith we live by is something that you must have before you can ask whether anything is true or not. It is basic trust. It is the acceptance of a map, a perspective, a set of standards and assumptions, an enclosing vision within which facts are placed.
Mary Midgley

For the corruption of religion and aberrations or perversions of religious faith (cults, dogmatism, extremism, fundamentalism, proselytism, religious and secular extremism, religious bigotry, religious intolerance, scriptural literalism, sectarian violence, theocracy, zeolatry, etc.), see Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism.

Academic Info: Religion - Main Index (Mike Madin)
Access to Insight: Readings in Theravada Buddhism (John Bullitt)
Adherents.com - Religion Statistics and Geography - Church Statistics
Agnostic Church Home Page (William A. Schultz)
Allfaiths Press
All Things Spiritual Directory
Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links: Religion
American Studies Web: Philosophy and Religion
Am Yisrael
Andrew Harvey, Interview with (Mary Hynes, Tapestry, CBC Radio One, 3 Jun 2007) RAM
Animism.co.uk (Graham Harvey)
Apes to Angels: An Excerpt from Evolving God: A Provocative View on the Origins of Religion, 16 Jan 2007 (Barbara J. King, Global Spiral, 12 Dec 2008)
The Atheism Web
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The Bhagavad-Gita (As It Is)
BUBL LINK: 200 Religion
BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information Network - Gateway to Buddhism
Buddhism (Mankato EMuseum)
Buddhist Resources (ARIL)
Buddhist Studies at UC Berkeley (Center for Buddhist Studies, University of California, Berkeley)
Buddhist Studies WWW VL (ed. T. Matthew Ciolek et al.)
Buddhist Tradition (Virtual Religion Index)
Buzzle.com Philosophy and Religion
Canadian Women's Internet Directory : Spirituality
The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society
The Center for Religion and Media (New York University)
Chinese Paper Gods (Anne S. Goodrich collection, C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University, New York)
Cif Belief | Comment and discussion on religion | Comment is free (The Guardian)
Click2Religion (AwsomeStories.com)
CompletePlanet - Directory Religion
Cool School Tools - Religion
The Cosmic Context: Website of Dr. Michael Conley

CyberDewey Class 200: Religion
Cyberweave - Spirituality and the Internet
(Mary Montgomery-Clifford, The Monthly Aspectarian)
The Dalai Lama of Tibet (Tenzin Gyatso)
Descriptions of Religions, Faith Groups & Ethical Systems (OCRT)
Devi: The Great Goddess (Smithsonian Institution)
Dharmakara.net (Sönam Tenzin)
DharmaNet International: Gateways to Buddhism
Digital Librarian: Religion & Philosophy
Encyclopedia of Religion and Society (ed. William H. Swatos, Jr., Hartford Institute for Religion Research, Hartford Seminary, Hartford, Connecticut, Feb 1998)
The Eos Network (Steve Cimino)
Facets of Religion -- WWW Virtual Library (Casper Voogt)
Faith & Belief (Edward Pawlicki)
Faith and the Media (Vision TV)
FaithGuides for Internet Exploration
Faith Streams (Lexington, Kentucky)
Faith Under Fire, with Lee Strobel (PAX TV)
Field Guide--Sources: Religion
The Future of Faith Bulletin Board (MSNBC)

Geometry.net | Religion
GetReligion (blog by Terry Mattingly et al.)
The God of Genesis loved a family saga (Edward Platt, Aeon Magazine, 2 Dec 2013)
Gopher Jewels: Religion and Philosophy (Galaxy)
Great Web Sites for Kids: Religions of the World
(American Library Association)
The Hindu Universe : Hindu Resource Center
Institute of Buddhist Studies (Mountain View, California)
Internet Lists Relating to Topics in Religion
Internet resources for religion and theology (Intute) PDF
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Religion and Theology
Is yoga a religion? (Erik Davis, Aeon Magazine, 3 May 2013)
Jainism: Jain Principles, Tradition and Practices
(Yashwant K. Malaiya, Colorado State University)
Jewish Communication Network
Jewish Encyclopedia, 1901-1906 (JewishEncyclopedia.com)
Jewish on the WELL (Ari Davidow)
Jewish Resources (ARIL)
Jewish Studies Internet Resources
The Jewish Virtual Library (American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise)
Jewish Woman Magazine
The Judaica Web World
Judaism and Jewish Resources (Andrew Tannenbaum)
Judaism.com Online
Kolel: The Adult Centre for Liberal Jewish Learning
(Toronto, Ontario)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Religion Topics

Links2Go: Religion
Maitrhea (Sarah Susanka)
Man Alive - CBC TV
Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion (American Museum of Natural History)
Messiahs, Inc. (Yale Landsberg)
MetaReligion (Cassiel, Mexico)
The Monthly Aspectarian (Guy Spiro et al., Lightworks)
MyJewishLearning.com | The Personal Gateway to Jewish Exploration
(Yossi Abramowitz et al.)
Mystic India
Myth and Religion (MFIRC)
My Virtual Reference Desk - Philosophy and Religion
Newsgroup: alt.religion.all-worlds
Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research
(Berkeley, California)
One Spirit Project (Debbie Ann Brett et al.)
onReligion.com - Online News About Religion and Culture
(John Rakestraw)
Open Directory - Society: Religion

Patheos | Balanced Views of Religion and Spirituality
Philosophy & Religion (Midwest Book Review)
Places of Peace and Power: The Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray
The Public God - A Forum on the Role of Religion in Public Policy (The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright, CBC Radio, 8 Apr 2014, broadcast 13 Apr 2014)
Public Religion Research Institute (Washington, DC)
Quran Browser Advanced Home Page (Richard L. Goerwitz)
Religion (Galaxy)
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Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (Bob Abernethy et al., PBS)
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(David Suiter, Boston U School of Theology)

Religion Collections Page (Blake Landor, UF Smathers Libraries)
Religion Databases @ Internets
Religion Dispatches (ed. Gary Laderman & Linell Cady et al., San Francisco)
Religion, esp. Christianity (Daniel Ellsworth, Suite 101)
Religion (VL): Facets of Religion (Armin Müller)
Religion Headlines (Religion Newswriters Association)
Religion in the News
ReligionLink (Religion Newswriters Association)
Religion News Service
Religion News Today's Daily Religion News Report
Religion Newswriters Association (Westerville, Ohio)
Religion Online Library (Religion Newswriters Association)
The Religion Portal (Wikipedia)
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Religion Sites on the World Wide Web (LSU)
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Religions of the World Websites (Ted Thornton)
Religion, Theology (NISS Directory of Networked Resources)
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The Religious Archive (Ceci Henningsson, Lysator)
Religious Atheism
The Religious Broadcasting Page (Jeffrey K. Hadden, UVa)
Religion Compass Exchanges (ed. Robert Segal)
Religious Resources on the Net (Susan Brumbaugh & Stan Taylor)

Religious Rights (MOST Clearing House, UNESCO)
Resource Central - Religion
The Revealer, a daily review of religion & the press (New York University)
RE-XS - The Religious Education Exchange Service
RingWorld: Society and Culture | Religion (Webring)
Sacred (British Library Online Gallery)
Sacred Places (Phil Hofstetter et al.)
The Sacred Site: ABC Religion Gateway (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Sakina Wisdom Earth Renewal (Chris King)
Search Society - Religion (Internet Sleuth)
The Secular Web
The Seeker's Guide to Spiritual Movements
Selected Internet Resources: Religion (BARD)
Shamash: The Jewish Internet Consortium
A SourceBook for Earth's Community of Religions (Joel Beversluis, United Communities of Spirit, 1993, 1995)

Speaking of Faith, with Krista Tippett (Minnesota Public Radio)
Spirit and Idea: Religion and Philosophy (John Adcox)
Stanford Center for Buddhist Studies (Stanford University)
Study WEB: Religion
Tapestry, with Mary Hynes (CBC Radio One)
Theology Resources (Education Index)
The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Top Ten Organized Religions of the World (Infoplease.com)
Torah on the Information Superhighway (Project Genesis)
UAB Interdex Religion Gopher
UCB Philosophy and Religion Collections
Virtual Jerusalem - The Place Where Jews Click
VisionTV: Canada's Faith Network
WebGEMS: Religion
Websites on Buddhism (Ben Tremblay)
What Is Enlightenment? (Andrew Cohen et al.)

Wiretap Religion Gopher
Wisdom Media
The Witchcraft Bibliography Project
The Witches' Voice (Wren Walker & Fritz Jung)
Women In Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal
(ed. Dina Ripsman Eylon)
World Prayers Multi-Cultural Prayer Collective
World Religions (Shun Frederick)
"World Religions" Information (U.S. Army Chaplains)
World Religions Resource (Scott David Foutz)
World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts (ed. Andrew Wilson, International Religious Foundation, 1991)
WorldWide Religious News
World Wide Worshipper (Klever Web Site - Religion)
Your Guide to Religions of the World
(Religion | BBC World Service)
Zeal.com - Culture & Issues - Religion
Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library (ed. T. Matthew Ciolek)

See also Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue


Myth and Mythology

She new now that all she would ever know of the Telling was the least hint or fragment of what there was to know. But that was all right...
Ursula K. Le Guin (from The Telling)

Aboriginal (Native American) Star Knowledge (Paula Giese)
Aeon - A Journal of Myth & Science (ed. Ev Cochrane)
American Folklore (Sandra E. Schlosser)
Ancient Egypt: The Mythology (April Arnold)
The Big Myth: How Did It All Begin? (Distant Train, Amsterdam)
The Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Other Characters of Mythology
Bulfinch's Mythology (Bob Fisher)
Bulfinch's Mythology: The Age of Fable (Bob Fisher)
Classical Mythology
Classical Mythology Directory (Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Temple University)
Creation Stories and Traditional Wisdom
Digital Librarian: Mythology
The Encyclopedia Mythica (ed. Micha F. Lindemans)

Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology (Joel Skidmore)
An Etymological Dictionary of Classical Mythology
(Elizabeth Wallis Kraemer, Oakland University)
Faerie Lore and Literature (Allen Garvin)
Fantasy Creatures (Jennifer Dawn Maddocks)
FAQs by Category: mythology (Oxford LAS)
Flights of Fancy (J. M. Edwards)
Folklore & Legends
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts (D. L. Ashliman)
Folklore, Myth and Legend (David K. Brown)
Gareth Long's Encyclopedia of Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Fabulous Beasts
The Genesis creation myth is not unique (Tim Callahan, eSkeptic, 5 Apr 2012)
The Goddess and the Green Man (Interview with Tim Ward and Tim Wilson's commentary about The Green Man, Tapestry, with Mary Hynes, CBC Radio One, 17 Jun 2007)
Greek Mythology (Archaeology-Classic.com, Magal, Israel)
Greek Mythology (J. M. Hunt)

Greek Mythology (Joel Skidmore)
Greek Mythology Galore! (ThinkQuest)
Greek Mythology Link (Carlos Parada & Maicar Förlag, Lund)
The Guide to Unbiological Species
The Hero's Journey (Alan Levine, MCLI)
History of Halloween : Myths, Monsters and Devils
(W. J. Bethancourt III)
The Holy Grail (Daniel Frayer)
Hunters of Myths: Why Our Brains Love Origins (Maria Konnikova, Literally Psyched, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Apr 2012)
Jones' Celtic Encyclopedia (Mary Jones, Philadelphia)
Joseph Campbell Foundation
Journal of Mythic Arts (The Endicott Studio, Tucson, Arizona)
JoyZine - Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime Legends

Legends (Paula Katherine Marmor)
Links2Go: Mythology and Folklore
The Little Red Riding Hood Project (Michael N. Salda et al.)
Luminara's Web of Myth-tery
The Magic Web: Mythology and Folklore (John Adcox)
Mircea Eliade: From Primitives To Zen
(hypertext, J. D. Walz, 1996; mirror, Alexey Mahotkin)
Modern Cosmology as Metaphor (Victor Mansfield)
Mother Time Home Page
Multicultural Cosmology Home Page
Myth and Legend from Ancient Times to the Space Age
(Philip R. "Pib" Burns)

MythHome Mythology Site (Robert O'Connell)
Mythical Ireland (Anthony Murphy)
Mythic World (Earthlore)
Mything Links (Kathleen Jenk)
Myth, Legend, Fable (Snaith Primary School)
Mythmedia - Mythology in Western Art (Ora Zehavi & Sonia Klinger)
MythNET - Greek Mythology (Neil Jenkins et al., Classics Unveiled)
Mythologies (Belinus Press)
Mythology (Windows to the Universe)
Mythology: Living Myths Homepage (Steve Eddy)
Mythology Madness! An Internet Hotlist on Greek Mythology
(Brenda A. Dyck)
Mythology on the Web (Richard L. Koshak)
Mythopoeic Society (San Francisco)

The Mythos: Zeus Speaks! Home Page (Kristen Froebel)
Myths and Legends (Christopher B. Siren)
Myths & Legends (Edward Pawlicki)
MYTHTEXT:Mythology Site
Native American Folklore of the Stars (Brad Snowder, Western Washington University Planetarium)
The New Mythology (Dominic Sagolla)
Newsgroup: alt.mythology
Of Gods and Men: The A-Z of Mythology and Legend
Out of the deep: Lost civilisations under the waves (Edward Platt, Aeon Magazine, 25 Jul 2013)
The Pantheon
Probert Encyclopaedia - Mythology
Realms of Myths, Legends and Folklore (Marlene Buchanan)

Resource Central - Mythology
Russian Folklore Expedition (Yelena & Sergey Minyonok)
Star Wars: The Magic of Myth (NASM)
Stories of the Dreaming
Storyteller's Sources on the Internet: Folktales and Myths
(Jim Maroon)
Tales of Wonder: Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World
(Richard Darsie)
Theoi Project: Guide to Greek Mythology & the Gods
(ed. Aaron J. Atsma, Deventer, Netherlands)
Uprooted: The roots of radical environmentalism (Sarah Pike, Aeon Magazine, 7 May 2013)
Winged Sandals (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Women in Greek Mythology (Christina Tinalee)
World Myths and Legends in Art (Minneapolis Institute of Arts)
Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Mythology and Folklore
Zeal.com - Mythology & Folklore

See also Speculative Fiction and History of Astronomy and Cosmology

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